The Washington County Court House

420 S. Johnstone
Bartlesville, Ok 74003

County Clerk's Office

Phone: 918/337-2840

Records available:
Custody Records
Marriage Records
Divorce Records
Land and Property Records (Real Estate)
Probate Records
Adoptions records require a form to be filled out and submitted to Judge.

Court Clerk's Office

Phone: 918/337-2870
Felony Convictions
County Jail Records
Law Suits
Small Claims Court Records

Tax Assessor's Office

Phone: 918/337-2830
The Assessor's office has tax records from the recent past, 
    ie.: approx. 1955-Present.
The Bartlesville Library has records prior to that time.
Most of the records at the Library are not cataloged and available at this time.
Homestead Exemptions
Personal Property 
(property tax assessed property owners for their goods)
Property Tax
Minutes to County Commission Proceedings

Treasurers Office

No records


No Records

Election Board

No records

Superintendent of Schools

1100 So Jennings
Bartlesville, OK 74003
School Enumeration (Census) Records 1922-1968

Bartlesville City Courthouse

401 So. Johnstone
Bartlesville, OK 74003

Bartlesville City Clerk

City Ordinances from 1897 - Present

Resolutions 1923 - Present

Minutes to City Commission Meetings 1911 - Present

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