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WILLIAM N. LITTLEJOHN, son of Charles P. Littlejohn and Lettie Smith Littlejohn, born in South Carolina, December 22, 1845; removed with his parents from South Carolina to Texas in his youth. Enlisted in Captain H. S. Bennett’s Company, C. S. A., in 1862 at the age of 16 years, at Paris, Texas, but sworn into service on February 26, 1862. at Camp Strickler, Arkansas. This company was the escort of General Ben McCullough until he was killed at Elkhorn Tavern. It then became a part of the 15th Texas Cavalry known as Company "G." On July 8, 1862, his enlistment expired and on July 12 he again re-enlisted in Company "G," 29th Texas Cavalry. At that time the regiment had only nine companies, its Colonel being Charles DeMorse. In 1863 he was transferred to Company "K," 29th Texas Cavalry, General Gano’s brigade. In spring of 1865 the regiment being dismounted it was placed in General Walker’s Texas Division of infantry, where he served until the last of May or first of June, 1865, when the command was disbanded by general order at Hempstead, Texas, never having surrendered. After close of the Civil War he removed to Evansville, Washington County, Arkansas, and after a short time to Flint District, Cherokee Nation. He was married twice, first to Emily Adair and second to Kate Miller, both members by blood of the Cherokee Tribe. 

On Oct 24, 1884, he was appointed postmaster of a small settlement in Flint Dist., now Adair Co., called Sallisaw. Later the name was changed to Mays. It was located at the head of a stream which was name Sallisaw Creek. In 1891, he settled at Brushy, which was then only a cattle range. He was elected mayor of Sallisaw. In 1904, he became postmaster at Brushy, which by that time had become a thriving community. Wm. was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention which wrote the constitution for the new state of OK in 1907. He was the first county judge of Sequoyah Co. after statehood. He issued the first mg license.

His first wife died April 4, 1879, and his second wife preceded him to the grave only a few years. The following children were born to him by his first wife: Sarah Lettie Powell, Charles P. Littlejohn, Nancy E. Hale, all of whom survive him; by his second wife: Mary Bell Littlejohn (daughter, died 1906), Johnsie Sparks (daughter, died March 16, 1927). He died June 6, 1927, at Gordon, Adair County, Oklahoma, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Sarah Lettie Powell, and is buried at Brushy, Sequoyah County, Oklahoma. His first marriage was at a date that entitled him to citizenship in the Cherokee Nation as an intermarried white, and he was duly enrolled as such opposite Cherokee I. W. Roll No. 195. Under the Cherokee Government he was elected District Clerk of Flint District, and later Circuit Judge of Flint, Goingsnake, Tahleduah and Illinois districts, having been a practicing attorney before the Cherokee courts. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, many years, and a Master Mason in Flint Lodge No. 11 and later in Vian Lodge No. 63, of the latter he was a member at the time of his death. During the 70’s and early 80’s he was engaged in the mercantile business at Flint Court House in Flint District. In 1895 he removed to Brushy in Sequoyah District, from which place he was elected as a delegate to the constitutional convention, District No. 78. At statehood he was elected County Judge of Sequoyah County, Oklahoma, and re-elected for a second term. At expiration of second term, on account of the infirmities of age, he retired from the activities of life and made his home with his children until his death.

Johnsie Anna Littlejohn, daughter of William Nuckolls and Catherine Miller Littlejohn, was born 12 Mar 1880 in Flint Dist, Cherokee Nation, OK.   She married John Thomas Sparks in 1898 in Sallisaw.  She died  1927 in Henryetta, OK.

Lettie H. Sparks  was born 11 Dec 1903 on the banks of Brushy Creek on Brushy Mountain to John Thomas Sparks and Johnsie Anna Littlejohn.  Her grandfather, William N. Littlejohn, was county judge at that time.  She lived around the Sallisaw area until about 1916 when they moved to Henryetta.  She married Ernest Lee Stiles in 1921.  In 1943 they moved, with their 4 children, to Emmett, ID and lived there the rest of their lives. Ernest died in 1980 and  Lettie died 24 Apr 2004.  She had a big celebration for her 100th birthday.  She lived in her own home until the last 5 years when she lived in an assisted living home.  She is the mother of 4 children, Ernest Lee Jr., Gladys Lorraine (Roberts), Arlie Joe, and Sherrill Eugene.  She was one of the last of the original enrollees in the Cherokee Nation.  She was 1/8 Cherokee. 

John Thomas Sparks, son of Russell and Sarena Abigail Daughtery Sparks, was born 14 Aug 1877 in Hamilton Co. TN.  He married Johnsie Anna Littlejohn 19 Dec 1898 in Sallisaw, OK.  He served as deputy sheriff for 6 years under John E. Johnson, the 1st sheriff of Sequoyah Co. OK.  They lived in Sallisaw until 1917 when they moved to McIntosh Co.   He died in Okmulgee, OK in 1968. John's grandmother was Mahala Sparks, Louisa was his aunt, and Zelma was his daughter. They were buried at Duncan Cemetery.

Charles Posey Littlejohn and Sarah Lettie Littlejohn Powell with  a son of Calvin Brown.  This picture was given me (Clella Stiles) by Charles Littlejohn, gr grandson of William N. Littlejohn.    Charles, son of William Nuckolls and Emily Adair Littlejohn, was born 13 May 1872 in Flint Dist. Cherokee Nation, OK.  He was a clerk in the Sequoyah Co. Dist. 36 School Dist. in the year ending Jun 1915. According to the book, "Adair County History" C.P. and his family lived and farmed on the mountain east of the Greasy school, now presently, the Everette Denny farm. Later he owned the farm adjoining the Gordon store. This farm is now the Stillwell airport. Sarah "Lettie" Littlejohn, daughter of William Nuckolls and Emily Adair Littlejohn, was born 18 May 1870 in Stillwell, OK.  In 1886 she married Joseph Powell, son of John Alvin and Mary or Polly Welch Powell, who was born 15 Apr 1851 in Cherokee Co. NC.  They lived for a lot of years in the Brushy Mountain area.  Lettie Stiles remembers Joe and his big horse that he would ride by their place every day and she and her brothers would sit on the fence to watch for him.  She also remembered that they always had some orphan kids living with them. They never had any children of their own, but they raised a Ruby, Minnie, Fanny and Jean.  Jean and Minnie were sisters.  Joe died in 1927 in Adair Co. OK.  Sarah Lettie died in 1964 in Sallisaw, OK.  Both are buried in Zion cemetery in Adair Co. 



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