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McCarty Cemetery

On June 4, 1969, Mrs. Rosetta Bolen said her father reserved 2 acres on his allotment one-fourth mile southeast of Old Jesse, in Township 12-1N-7E, for the family cemetery. However, his deed says nothing about this reservation. There are many graves that have been plowed over and lost.

Others are:

James, Levan

James, Gipson

McCarty, Somie (S.A.)---died Sept. 1935

McCarty, Sarah (Monroe) wife of Somie---died January, 1941

McCarty, Carrie, infant daughter of Somie and Sarah

McCarty, (son of Somie and Sarah)

McCarty, Rosetta mother of Somie

McCarty, Katsy

McCarty, Tom

From the mortuary records---

McCarty, Sonie A. husband of Sarah, son of J. W. (b. Oklahoma) and Kitsey Cheyohah (b. Oklahoma), and father of Rosetta Bolen, Jaunita, Rugy Louisa, Jackson, Lauren, and Joe---August 16, 1873, Oklahoma September 19, 1935

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