Hart Cemetery

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Hart Cemetery, Hart, Pontotoc County

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Transcribed by Sharon Burnett Crawford

Addisons Added From "In Loving Memory"
by Stratford Roots
Permission Given by Nadine Allen

(Note From Sharon Crawford  & Nadine Allen in parentheses, also have pictures of some of the headstones)

*, no tombstone
D/S, double stone

ALFORD Effie E., 1869-1924 (Star Obit:Mrs. T.A. Alford d. 12 Aug.1924)
ALFORD, Margie Lee, dau. of T.A. & F.E.,Oct.13,1895-April 27,1915.
ALLEN, William T."Father",May 16,1836-Nov.16,1911, aged 75 yrs. 6 mos. (William was born in Ill., F:VA, M:VA.)
(son of Aaron Mott and Desdemonia (Farrington) Allen.)
ALLEN, Jerusha M. "Mother", Dec. 15, 1842 - Mar. 12, 1916 (wife of William & dau. of Albert & Elizabeth (James) Allen.
BASS, U.L. Sept. 1,1893-Jan. 23,1978.
BASS, (Malaina) "Lanie" Wright Sept. 24, 1891 - no date. D/S ((Wife of U.L. & dau. of A.J. & Amanda Catherine (Pace) Wright)
BASS, Wendell M. son of Mr. & Mrs.(Lanie Wright) U.L. Bass, June 2,1916-June 30,1917.
BROWN B.F., May 1, 1864-April 28, 1917
BROWN, B.J., Aug.20,1849-Sept.1,1914.
BROWN, John D.,"Our Beloved Daddy",Nov.8,1885-Oct.19,1942.
BURNETT, Brice,"infant son of C.T. & I.R", Dec.29,1888-Jan.9,1889. (son of Cornelius T. and Ida Rachel "Pressgrove" Burnett).
BURNETT, Cornelius E. Lee,"son of C.T & I.R.",June 6,1890-(Feb. 10, 1892). (son of Cornelius T. & Ida Rachel "Pressgrove" Burnett.)
BURNETT, Harriet Isabelle"Fulson" (*), May 12,1850-Dec. 18,1923. (dau. of Sampson & Kitta"Colbert" Fulsom.)
(No Stone) She was married at least three times, 1st John L. Davis, 2nd James Filmore, 3rd Rufus Burnett.
BURNETT Rufus M. (*), Jan. 31,1846-Nov. 1,1925. (born in KY to Cornelius S. & Nancy Burnett.)
(No Stone). On April 09, 1886 in Stonewall, Pontotoc Co. he married Harriett I. Fulson. They divorce Sept.23,1914.
BURNETT,"Two infant sons of B.F. & A.C.",July 30,1910-July 31,1911. (sons of Benjamin Franklin & Alice Gertrude "Brown" Burnett.)
C., J.W.
CLARK, Rachel T. "wife of C.D.",July 4,1850-Dec. 15,1890.
COLLINS, Dannie, "son of O.E. & A.R", March 29,1897-May 30,1897.
COLLINS, Velo L.,"wife of S.C.",Aug. 22,1895-Jan. 30,1919.
COOPER John W., M.D., Oct. 5, 1872(New Harmony, IN)-May 15, 1909
COOPER, Dale E., June 12, 1932-Sept. 20,1989 "Son".
DANIEL, Claudy A.,"son of J.E. & Zora", March 22,1904-April 1,1904.
DANIEL, Joseph Bryan,"son of J. E. & Zora", May 14,1905-July 19,1905.
DAVIS, Julia B., Aug. 12, 1898(or 1895)-July 22,1899. (dau. of Samuel C. & Linnie K. "Manton" Davis).
FLOWERS. Little Calvin son of W.L. & Annie D. Aug. 25, 1907 - Oct. 23, 1909 (Roff Newspaper, Town of Hart News...Oct. 29, 1909. Obit, The little child of Alonzo Flowers departed this life at 11 o'clock Saturday. The remains were interred in the Hart Cemetery Sunday. We extend our sincerest sympathy to the bereaved parents.)
FORTNER, Sarah Ann, "Mother", Sept.19,1885-Mar.30,1910.
GRAY, William B.,Sept.18,1853-Aug.5,1911.
GREEN Dan, Sept. 8, 1887-Sept. 22, 1972, m.July 1907
GREEN Pearl, Dec. 17, 1889-Oct. 23, 1971 D/S with
GREEN, Roy, Jan.31,1912-May 4,1921.
H., T.G.
HALL, Henrietta, dau. of G.T. & S.E., Aug. 6, 1902-Oct.4,1902.
HALL,Sarah P., wife of D., June 1,1843-Feb.18,1905.
HALPAIN, Till, Jan.7,1879-Mar.11,1916, Woodmen of the World.
HART Finis Ewing, son of J.A. & S.M., April 3, 1890-Dec. 22, 1894
HART, Finis Ewing, son of J.A. & S.M., Aug.3,1890-Dec.22,1894.
HART, Joseph, husband of S.C.,Sept.21,1823-June 13,1898.
HATCHER Joyce M., March 28, 1932-June 19, 1973
HATCHER, Drexal Eugene, May 4,1963-May 5,1963.
HAYES, Thera, dau. of N.M. & D.E., Apr.23,1910-Nov.9,1910.
HENDRICKS T.G., Sept. 14, 1865-Nov. 4, 1910
HENDRICKS, T.A., Sept.14,1865-Nov.4,1910.
HILL, Annie P., dau. J.A. & S.J., Jan.21,1894-Oct.15,1901.
GREEN, J.C. Dec.24,1918-Apr.19,1934.
JACKSON, Della M., dau. of W.N. & M.L., Dec.25,1904-Aug.19,1905.
JACKSON, Thomas J., Apr.27,1853-Jan.6,19??.
ALLEN, Jerusha M.,"Mother",Dec.15,1842-March 12,1916 aged 73 yrs.2 mos.26 das. (Jerusha, wife of William, born in IO, F: N.Y, M:VA.)
JONES Alvia May, Feb. 19, 1907-March 13, 1907
JONES. Charles Marvin, Jan.13,1905-Nov.27,1909.
JOSE, Ida Mae, Aug. 10,1866-April 8,1955.
KING, Joe, Sept.12,1832-May 13,1935.
KING, Nancy, Aug.3,1907-Feb.23,1914.
KING,Richard E.,Jan.24,1899-Mar.12,1899.
KITCHEN, Infant of G.J. & A.L., May 1,1906-Nov.1,1906.
MARTIN Elzie, young man from Arkansas who lived for a while in the home of J.C. & Ida M. Bass after 1914; buried among the Summers family group; no longer marked.
MCCARTY, James Earl, June 11,1886-Apr.27,1901.
MCCLARY, Infant son of E.O. & M.O., Apr.12,1916-Apr.16,1916.
MCGEE, L.A., Sept.25,1860-Mar.17,1935.
MCGEE, Louisa Ann, Sept.25,1865-Mar.17,1935.
MURPHEY, Clarence E., son of L.A. & M.H., Mar.28,1895-May 23,1905.
O'NEAL Lillie Myrtle, July 15, 1890-Aug. 17, 1980
O'Neal, Lou Ellen, Sept.28,1910-June 16,1914.
PIRTLE, Joe A., Sept.15,1872-Jan.20,1910, Woodmen of the World.
PIRTLE, John, son of J.A. & C.L., Dec.30,1892-Sept.13,1911, Woodmen of the World.
PIRTLE, Joseph A., 1872-1910, (husband of Katherine Davis.)
POSEY, Baby girl of C.W. & Pearl, Apr.26,1917-May 17,1917.
RAGAN Donn P., son of F. & C.A., May 2, 1888-July 19, 1899
RAGAN, Donnie P., son of F. & C.A., May 2,1888-July 19,1899 aged 11 yrs. 2 mos. 17 das.
RAGAN, Minnie A. dau. of F. & C.A., Feb.25,1895-July 27,1899 aged 4 yrs. 5 mos. 2 das.
ROBERTSON, Alice Wright, 1904(Sept.18)-1992(Mar.22) (wife of M.L.)
SCOTT, George W., 1868-1931.
SOLOMON Allie, 1890-1916 "At Rest Mother-Infant
SOUTHERLAND, Lewis J., son of J.H. & S.E., Jan.3,1901-Jan.24,1902.
SPERRY Lucille
STEVENS, Eva Bell Wright., Feb. 20,1895-April 21,1980 (wife of Ross & dau.of Andrew J. & Amanda C. (Pace) Wright.)
STEVENS, Raymond I., son of Ross & Eva, Mar.7,1915-June 13,1915.
STRADER Drew DeWayne, Jan. 20, 1976-July 14, 1991
SUMMERS Dennis, Oct. 4, 1919-June 30, 1940(son of Ruth Summers)
SUMMERS John Scott, Nov. 24, 1915-Dec. 8, 1989(Pvt. US Army WWII)
SUMMERS Mollie M. (mother) Oct. 16, 1897-Sept. 17, 1973(wife of Oscar)
SUMMERS Mrs. M.J., May 27, 1848-Aug. 16, 1935(Malinda Jane Launius Summers, wife of Scott Calvin Summers.
SUMMERS Ruth, Oct. 2, 1887-Oct. 18, 1970(dau. of Scott Calvin & Malinda Jane Summers)
SUMMERS , Beryl, Mar.5,1921-July 10,1922.
SUMMERS , Daniel S., July 2,1885-Aug.29,1935.
SUMMERS Delbert, Jan.5,1900-Oct,1,1900.
SUMMERS , Eli, Apr.28,1883-Nov.18,1948.
SUMMERS , Ellen, Aug. 1902-Oct.1911.
SUMMERS , Grey, Apr.7,1897-Nov.7,1897.
SUMMERS Lee, 1-1900 - 12-1902.
SUMMERS Lizzie, June 19,1891-Nov.19,1906.
SUMMERS O.D., July 17,1907-Mar.25,1908.
SUMMERS Osco, "Jack", "Dad", Feb.2,1880-Nov.27,1957.
SUMMERS , Rosella, Aug.18,1914-Aug.23,1914.
SUMMERS , Scott, June 7,1837-Jan.8,1926.
SUMMERS , Warren, 11-4-1866 - 12-24-1902.
SUMMERS , Joseph, husband of Lillie, Apr.2,1872-Apr.28,1899.
SWAFFORD, Elza N., dau. of T.A. & Emma, Jan.9,1904-Sept.26,1905.
THOMPSON Nellie S., July 3, 1898-April 2, 1981(dau. of A.J. & Nettie Alice (Allen) Wright, wife of Dan Marvin Thompson)
THOMPSON, Alice,"dau. of Mr. & Mrs. D.M.", Oct. 31,1921-May 30,1923.
THOMPSON, Audra,"dau. of W.O. & D.M.", March 31,1916-May 26,1917.
THOMPSON Lloyd O.,"son of W.O. & D.M.", Oct. 23,1907-Dec. 27,1908.
THOMPSON Olga J.,"dau. of W. O. & D.M.", Feb. 2,1911-June 1,1917.
TROLLINGER, Mary...baby.
UNDERWOOD, J.B. March 15,1882-Jan. 25,1906,"Woodmen of the World" (Hart Camp No. 61, John B., son of George W. & Martha "Johnson" Underwood died at age 23 yrs. unmarried)
UNDERWOOD, George Wesley, Oct. 10, 1838 - July 16, 1918 s/s
UNDERWOOD, Martha, Jan. 8, 1857 - Oct. 2, 1941, wife of George Wesley. GGrandparents of Sharon Burnett-Crawford
USSERY, Wm. W. March 9, 1869-Dec. 30,1910,"Woodmen of the World".
WALLS William W.(Worthy) July 22, 1849-July 30, 1931
WILLIS, Ora Lavina..Dec.18, 1906-Aug. 1,1986 "Our Precious Mother". Married July 1944 to Havel Willis, dau. of Andrew and Nettie (Allen) Wright.
WILSON Brenda Bass, Jan. 12, 1915-June 24, 1980(dau. of W.L.& Malania "Wright" Bass and the wife of Ray Wilson)
WOODS Abe (no marker, gravesite near center of cemetery; he was an uncle of the daus. of A.J. and Amanda Pace Wright)
WRIGHT Ida E, Feb. 7, 1910-NDD(dau. of Ewin & Sarah Ann McGee Fortner)
WRIGHT Wilma Eldora, dau. of George & Elsie, Aug. 3, 1933-Jan. 10, 1934
WRIGHT , Albert (Bert), March 8,1901-July 24,1979 (son of A.J. & Nettie Wright) Married August 06, 1930 to Ida E. Fortner.
WRIGHT , Andrew Jackson, 1859-1936. (April 4, 1859 - July 18, 1936, son of Bennet & Lucinda (McElyea) Wright, b. AR. & bro. to Lucinda Ann Wright Burnett, my great grandmother)
WRIGHT George Wayne, Jan. 2,1938-June 11,1958
WRIGHT Nettie Alice, 1868-1937 (March 9, 1868 - Nov. 29, 1937, wife of Andrew J. Wright, dau. of William T. and Jerusha M. Allen)

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