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Rosedale Cemetery

Name Birth Death Notes Submitter
BRANDON, Essie (Wrinkle) October 24, 1894 March 30, 1986 Wife of Washington Brandon Peggy Atwood
BRANDON, James W. March 24, 1859 October 3, 1945 "Uncle Jim" Peggy Atwood
BRANDON, John Amaziah Sept. 11, 1854 Dec. 31, 1940 Son of Washington A. and Mary Forbes Brandon Peggy Atwood
BRANDON, Minnie Etter Oct. 10, 1864 Feb. 18, 1934 Wife of John A., daughter of Samuel C. Fulton Peggy Atwood
BRANDON, Washington May 15, 1890 March 8, 1927 Husband of Essie May Wrinkle Peggy Atwood
BRUNDIDGE, Jack Feb.14,1884 April 1968 1st hus.of Lillie Charlotte Smith
BRUNDIDGE, James Mitchell - - father of Jack Charlotte Smith
BRUNDIDGE, California "Callie" - - mother of Jack Charlotte Smith
BRUNDIDGE, Mary Magdeline - 1936 dau.of Lille Charlotte Smith
BURNETT, Charles Marvin Aug.11,1887 July 10,1930 son of Rufus & Harriett Sharon
CROWDER, Lorenzo J.     Mr Crowder owned a barber shop in Ada Margaret Bradley
CROWDER, Marguerite Elizabeth Fisher     Dau Margaret Bradley
ELLIOTT, W. Birdie Fisher Luster     Dau Margaret Bradley
FISHER, Emma Angeline McGuire     Mother Margaret Bradley
FISHER, Wm. Hayden     Mayor of Ada
Margaret Bradley
GOLD, Ginger (LAWSON) Dec. 23, 1949 Aug. 1, 1983 - Submitted by dau. Michelle Locke
other daughters Melissa Heitland
and Tonya Bell
GOLDEN, Murray Mack Nov.2,1901 Mar.10,1985 -
HENDRIX, J K Feb.20, 1856 Apr.17,1922 - Charlotte Smith
HENDRIX, Susan Gaddy Nov.9, 1861 Apr.16,1922 - Charlotte Smith
HIGH, Clarence Arthur Sept.8, 1881 Oct.6,1967 Husband of Anna Maud Creamer High Peggy Atwood
HIGH, Anna Maud Creamer Aug.29, 1886 May 1, 1928 Wife of Clarence Arthur High Peggy Atwood
LEWIS, Olen Deloise April 29, 1915 March 15, 1986 husband of Mabel Katrina Johnson
LEWIS, Mabel Henry July 11, 1914 March 1980 wife of Olen Katrina Johnson
LEWIS, Bobby Harold Fain August 15, 1938 August 20, 1939 son of Olen and Mabel Katrina Johnson
MORGAN, Clyde Claxton Mar.14,1909 Jan.9,1994 -
PITT, Eigh Rawlins Fisher     Dau Margaret Bradley
PITT, Herbert Claude     Mr Pitt owned a dry cleaning establishment Margaret Bradley
SPENCE, James David Oct.30,1889 June 6,1964 hus of Amey Peggy
SPENCE, Amey Leona Owens Dec.23,1891 Apr.12,1979 wife of James Peggy
SPRAGUE, Ruby Inex Morgan Apr.28,1911 Nov.19,1994 -
STEVENS, Thomas L. Mar.3,1875 May 13,1953 - Sondra
STEVENS, Linnie F. Mar.30,1882 Nov.19,1966 - Sondra