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Brock, Alfred Lee & Mildred A.

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Updated: 29 May 2017

Sunny Lane Cemetery - Del City

Sunnylane Cemetery and Funeral Home
4000 SE 29th St. Del City, OK 73115


Sunnylane Cemetery provided families with
burial services since its
founding in 1924, and funeral services since 2002.
Occupying approximately 160 acre

From I40 take the Sunny lane exit go south about 1 mile to SE 29.
The cemetery is on the SW corner and is accessed from SE 29th.


Abjion, James & Alice 12-27-1943
Achemire, Brooke Annessa


Arnold, Bernard Lyle & Barbar June (Childers)    
Ashworth, John    
Bailey, Louis E. 11-27-1941
Bannon, Catherine Pauline    
Barber, Jack 11-18- 2013  
Barnard, Elmer & Nancy Ray 10-15-1943
Barron, Weston Colby    
Benton, Betty 12-16-1938 no stone found
Blankenship, Dolph 12-29-1943  
Blundell, Henry 12-31-1946
Bomesberger, Stacey Tom    
Bouse, George W.    
Boyd, Charles T.    
Bradshaw, A. 12-05-1944  
Braunreuther, Ora Lee 11-03-1943  
Brewton, Eugene    
Brewer, Minnie F.   no stone found
Brewington, Minnie    
Brisco, Ora E.    
Brock, Alfred Lee & Mildred A.  
Brooks, Donnis Joyce

Brock, Alfred Lee & Mildred A.

Brown, Arlene 06-10-2006  
Brown, Miller E.    
Clark, Gladys (Mace)    
Clark, Maurice    
Clevenger, D. G. & Juanita Jo    
Codding, Anna Elizabeth  
Conrow, Bryan Earis & Nema Marie    
Coker, Leonard  

Coldy, S. E.    
Connor, Alfred    
Cook, Dora 02-17-1948  
Cook, Jackson Levi 07-20-1948  
Cooper, Loma Loreeta (Yoakum)   no stone
Cooper, John Wayne 08-06-1997 
Cossey, Welby  
Cribbs, Emerson "Bob" 01-07-1954no stone found
Cribbs, Mary Ann (Anderson) 04-18-1994
Cross, Marion J. & Theopa C.

Cribbs, Mary Ann (Anderson)

Cross, Shelby Suzanne 10-10-1992 image
Dice, Walter E."Gene"   no stone image found
Daniels, Velma Hosack 01-28-1975 no stone image found
DeShazo, Allard E. 03-16-2006  
Driskell, Margaret    
Dockery, Robert Eugene08-02-2005 
Dunkin, Annie V.   
Everett, V. Maxine (Riddle)  
Gathright, James E.  
Gates, Alfred  
Gifford, John Brian  
Gentry, Bill E.  
Glass, Geoge Daniel & Johnnie Gladys  no stone image found
Gooch, Marion Irene (Teeters)  
Greer, Mary J.  
Hendricks, Mollie  
Henson, Anna Belle (Crim)  
Herndon, Homer Hall & Virgie Mae  
Herndon, William Ray "Bill"  
Holmes, Randal Eugene   
Howie, Danny Samuel no stone image found
Ickman, Danny Joe  no stone image found
Ivry, Nelle M. (Mace)   
Jobe, Lewis Madison & Henrietta Queen   
Johnson, Mildred M. (Lee)  
Keel, Zachary Austin 'Zach'5/21/2002
Keen, Barbara Jean (McMillin)  
Kelley, Minnie Dollie (Tyler)  
Kennedy, Mary Jean (Steed) 01-01-2012    
Kinney Jr., Robert Alvin "Doc"


no stone image found
Mack, Jalen Bossuet 05-07-2006no stone image found
McEntire, MarvinE. & Lula Lucille (Fite)  
Marlow, Henry John09-26-1957 no stone image found
Maxwell, Floyd W. & Ola M.   
McCoy, Mary Jane  
McReynolds, Shirley Joan (Tidwell)  
Merchant, Daniel W. & Flora D.  
Miller, Floyd V.    
Moore, Charlie P.   no stone found
Molock, Emmett John & Vernie Mae  
Morgan, Lyndall (English)03-07-2012
McGlathery, Pellie "Dave"  
McNair, Orval L.  
Muse, Howard W. 01-26-1974 
Musgrave, E. Glen  
Musgrave, Maudie (Jolly)   
Parker, Joe L. 03-__-1959no stone found
Parvin, Connie  
Prather, Georgia S.  no stone found
Provine, Harold & Emma Lou (Harrison)  
Provine, Joseph A. & Maybelle (Meador)   
Rescinito, Robert Joseph06-18-2006no stone found
Robertson-Holt, Tracey  
Scroggins, Lillie Mae
12-09-1982 image
Seyedoff, Elizabeth Ann   
Simms, Rita June  
Smathers, David  
Springer, Arnold Clyde & Ruby (Hardin)04-24-1970
Springer, W. G. "Gail"  
Stemm, Claude   
Stemm, Robert M.   
Tacker, Robert   
Teeter, Alice  
Toney, June Frances01-02-1999
Wall, Carolyn  
Webb, Walter Ernest (Rev)   
Wells, William Perry  
Whitaker, Clifford L.01-11-1990
Wilson, John Edward  
Yandle, Clovis R. & Maxine (Hullett)  




Brock, Alfred Lee & Mildred A.

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