Elmwood Cemetery aka Choctaw Cemetery, Choctaw, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma
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Elmwood Cemetery
aka Choctaw Cemetery
1760 N Choctaw Road
NE 23 (Hwy 62) & Choctaw Rd go S 1/2 mile.
Cemetery is maintained by the City of Choctaw
Choctaw, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma

May 23, 2002 - Daily Oklahoman Archives, The; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma -- 
Choctaw city officials recently announced a portion of Elmwood Cemetery, has been set aside where only veterans and their spouses can be buried. 
They also unveiled plans to build a $300,000 Choctaw Veterans Memorial on a site near the NE 23 Street overpass and the bypass leading to Choctaw Road.  

This cemetery is filled with loving tributes and memorials to ancestors as seen in many of the photos. The cemetery is much larger than first look indicates.

Elmwood Cemetery
Our loss is heavens gain.
They will be dearly missed and forever loved.

"Letter from Heaven"

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2002 began taking photos of this cemetery

09-01-2007  I will be taking photos of the stones in this cemetery and looking up the obits for each as I put them online on the surname page.

10-12-2007 spent the afternoon taking photos.

10-15-2007 meet the cemetery sexton today. Spent couple of hours taking photos.

10-16-2007 spent about an hour taking photos today.

12-23-2008  reorganized burials onto one page table (for now) showing name, link to obit and thumbnail of stone if I have a copy

Elmwood Cemetery History - rough file

Find A Grave shows  187 interments as of 01-19-2009

Adams, Edie Toland  09-01-2009 no stone located
Akers, Edmond

no obit dod 1929

Allen, Ellen Elizabeth

no obit dod 1940

Alsip, Kenneth & Maria Fe "Fay" (Najera)

Anderson, Annie Gallamore dod 1987
Anderson, Lona

Anthony, Jr. Jack L.

Anthony Sr., Ronald B.

Austian, Alan Lee

Baker, Michael & Glynn "Anne" (Drake)

Baker, Wilbert

Bare, Patricia Elizabeth (Straily)

Barrett, Fred Lee




dod 01-17-2009

Barron, Colby G.

Bayless, Chalice R. & Betty J.

Bayless, Thomas Robert

Bealmer, Mary Lucille dod 1987
Beardslee, Charles Russell & Vera Ophelia

his dod 1976 obit not found

Beatty, Burton W. & Cora B.

no obits his dod 1970 hers 1978

Beatty, Carolyn Marie

Beatty, Garry Don

Beatty, Harry E. & Kathryn Bernice

Beatty, Mary C wife of W. C. Beatty

Beatty, Ollie

Beatty, W. C.

Benson, Ella A have stone
Beezley, Ron no stone/funeral marker found  2009-01-10
dod 2008
b. Feb. 1, 1929 d. Nov. 30, 1966
Benson, Andrew E. (Pvt.)
b. 1844 d. 1912
Billings, Cindy Renee (Thomas)

Billings, Gary L. & Kathlene Veronica

Bishop, Jessie May dod 1989
Blankenship, Nora R. (Cogburn) dod 1995
Blasdel, Marie Tracey

Blasdel, Earl Edward

Blasdel, George Edward

Blevins, Scott Eldon & Grace (Birdwell)

Bohlander-Haglund Chancelee "Chance" Benton  obit no stone
Bomar, Harvey & Geneva (Jean)

Booker, Shirley E.

Bomgren Sr., Joel H.

Bozarth, Jr. James L. & Maria de los Angeles

his stone - none for her or obit found

Bradshaw, Donald Gene & Wendy Marie (Overs)

Bradshaw, Earl Hampton no stone/marker 2009-01-23
dod 2000
Bradshaw, Paul David

Brand, Bradley Dean no stone/marker 2009-01-09
dod 2008
Branhamm Charles Earl

Bass, Barbara Leona (Jeffers) obit no stone dod 1997
Bratton Sr., Weldon "Big Boy" Lee & Lynn

Brown, Archie no stone dod 1995
Brown, Leslie Richard & Wanda Jo (Patterson)

his obit [dod 2002] not found 02-03-2009

Bruce, William E.

Brumley, Billy G. no stone/marker 200*-01-09
Brumley, Arlion Marion "Tye

Buck, Jarrod Hunter

no stone yet 2008-12-23-08

Bucy, Noy Lee "N. L." & Lula

Butler, Halley Samuel

Byrd, Arnold L.

Carlisle, Lucillie B. no stone found
Castor,  Michael Raye Sr. "Moose"

Climer Sr., Paul R. & Ima both obits
Coker, William A. "Bill" & Ruby
dod his 2007 have obit, no stone yet 02-01-2009


Cole, Lyle LeRoy & Betty Jo
her dod blank

Cook, Joy Arlene (Kennedy)

Cook, Raymond C.

Cook, Orval Elisha "Man" no stone yet 2008-12-23
Couch, Charlie L. & Delia Schisler no stone yet 2008-12-23
both obits
Cramer, Bert Thomas & Joyclynn Ann

no obit for either

Cramer, Gary Lynn & Sharon (White)

Cramer, Lewis Gene & Ruth Pearl (Hines) no stone - found her obit
Dan, Nettie Esther (Gharst)  obit no photo
Dann, Giles Andrew & Arvilla

Danner, Noble Douglas

Davis, Donald Lee & Beverly Louise (Dunn)

funeral markers dod 2006 & 2007

Davis, Lee & Thelma Lea (Wood)

Davis, Ella Zell & Robin Arlene & Timothy Arin

Dean, Elbert William

Dorrell, Turner Reese

Drake, Glenn A. & Patsy Darlene (Tacker)

Dugger, Robet G. & Marie

Eblen, Stanley V.

Eccles, Kent Eugene "Gene" & Ella Lea

her obit not located

Evans, Christoper David "Chris"

funeral home marker  dod 2007

Fales, Denise Rea

Farino, Frank dod 1996
Ferren, Durward E. (Don) & Lorraine P.

Fivecoat, Samuel no stone yet 2008-12-23
dod 1941
Franks, Claude E. & Doris

Fringer, James "Jim" no stone  dod 2008

Foster, Nancy Delores dod 1994
Fox, David Christian

Gandy, Hettie M. dod 1989
Gayler, Jack & Hazel Ellen (Denton) no stone yet 2008-12-23
her dod
2008; his ? not obit yet
Gibson, Kyndra Lee Jensen

Goddard, George Franklin

Gonzales, Julia Ann (Davis)

Goodmon, Albert Newton & Maureen Elizabeth (Parke)

Goldsberry, Katha

Goodson, Seth Allen

wpe22.jpg (95327 bytes)
funeral homemarker only dod 1995

Gordon, Nonnie K.

Gragert, Bill R. & Judith Ann 'Judy" (Dowell)

Graham, Carolyn Ann

no obit stone only - dod 1959

Graham, Greenville Spencer

Gravitt, Zayvre Daxx  
Gray, Doris Gwendolyn "Gwen"

Gray, Ronald Wayne

Green, Wanda June (Henry) dod 1996
Groves, Clarence W. & Leetta

Grimsley, Billy Ray (Bill)

Grimsley, Earl & Xercie Beatrice (Simpson) her obit dod 1996
Haglund-Bohlander Chancelee "Chance" Benton  obit no stone
Hale, Albert Troy

Hammond, Sarah Beth no stone yet 2008-12-23
Hatfield, Billy Lee

Hatfield, Monty Rex

Hays, Barbara Sue (Robinson)

Hazen, Richard John no stone yet 2008-12-23
Heiskell. Hubert Leon no stone yet 2008-12-23
dod 1995
Hester, Jim Monroe & Candice (Trotter) no stone yet 2008-12-23
dod 1987
Hill, Dwayne Ray no stone yet 2008-12-23
dod 1985
Hill, Gene & Kathryn Sue (Tallent)

Heath, Bobbie Floyd, Sr. & Yvonne (Jeffers)

Henderson, Roy Sam dod 2006
Holt, William S. & June
found her obit, stone has no dod for him

Houser, W. D. "Bill" and Lorene

Huston, Sam Francis & Ruth Agnes (Houser) his dod 2004
Huckleberry, James Clifford Sr. no stone yet 2008-12-23
dod 2003
Hudspeth Jr., Charles W. & Marie (Oxford)

Huff, Timothy Ellis no stone yet 2008-12-23
dod 2007
Humphrey. Ethridge M. Sr. & Lucile

her obit, not his - his dod 1962

Humphrey, Dorothy Margarett

Huston, Josh Lee  
Huston, Sam Francis & Ruth Agnes (Houser) no stone yet 2008-12-23
dod 2004
Houston, Robet Wayne dod 2004
Hunter, Arthur Ray

Hunter, Norma Jean Girod (Huston)  no found found yet 02-01-2009
Jackson, Green Wood (Dub) & Sandra Jean (Rosser)

Jaggers, John B. & Eula Mae both obits
Jaggers, Sandra Inez Smith

Jeffers Jr., Maurice "Bud" Retired Army PSG

Jeffers, Randy Maurice  obit no stone  dod 1994
Jenison, Quenton Boyd dod 1987
Jensen, Bill

Keen, Bill G. & Mary L.

no obit yet 2009-01-23

King, Frank E. & Jimmie C. (Whisenant)

no obit her - no dod on stone


Kinney, Louise E. (Counter)

wpe5.jpg (206983 bytes)

Kinney, Jimmie Jack no stone yet 2008-12-23
dod 2007
Kohler, Robert L. "Bob" no stone yet 2008-12-23
dod 2008
Konechney, Harry J. "Cotton" & Cis found his obit


Knight, Amelia "Ann" (Jennings

Knight, Gary W. & Dorothy Ann Holt

Lanham, Terry Mark

Lasley, Calvin D. dod 1988
Latshaw, Flora Ida (Paiz)

Lee, Arthur R. & Charlotte Lavonne (Simpson)

Lewellen, Leroy "Sonny" & A. Pearleen

Long, David & Shelley Eugenia  found her obit - nothing on him 2009-01-11
Lott, Dudley O. & Sylvia Norene (Moore)

Lowe, Elizabeth M. dod 1987
Lowe, Leon Duel & Norma (Bratton)

Lundy, Floyd Alton no stone/marker 2009-01-09
dod 2008
Maddox, Thurman F.

Marshall, Vivian "Elaine" Smith

Martinsen, Michael R. & Jacqueline

Funeral Home Marker

Masters, Elsie Faye

Maynard, Lindsey & Wilma Jean (Whisenant)

no stone yet 02-2009
found both obits

McCall, Eric dod 1992
McCool Jr., Alvin Leroy & Ola N.

McDonald, Annie Marie Hasbell

did not find obit

McKinney, Linda Kay Wilkerson (Shartzer)

McReynolds, Hugh E."Mac" & Jan Marie (Streitenberger)

Miller, John Keeney & Fannie (Westmoreland)

Mitchell, Gregory Frank no stone yet 2008-12-23
dod 2008
Mitchell, James (Jim) F * Mary Sue (Womack)

Moler, Jack Norman

Monroe, Bradley Scott

Mootassem, Pamela Jennings El

Moreland, Walter James & Vivian L. his dod 1988
Moreno, Elfida Patricia

Mosby, Thelma K. dod 1994
Murphy, Dr. Robert William "Bob" no stone yet 2008-12-23
dod 2008-12-24
Neal, Lawrence & Nellie Jeffers

Nelson, Elizabeth

Neinast, Mayme A. dod 1993
Ohmart, Christian Edward & Neomi Ruth (Hale) found both obits
Orr, James E. & Mavis M. (Higgins) both obits
Overturf, Minnie Amelia Price

Owen, Jerry Dale & Elaine obit- him not obit found for her no stone - funeral markers

Owens, Mark Louis

Owens, Robert Duane "Butch"

no obit found 12-23-2008

Parsons, James L.

Parsons, Rev. A. E. & Virginia (Smith) his obit found - she survived dod 2008
Patrick, Kenneth W. & Kathrine Allien

no obit found 12-23-2008

Patterson, James Clinton & Dorothy Laverne Green his dod 1994; hers 1981
Pearson, Ricky Art (Brother & Pearson, Debbie Ann (Sister)

no obit found 01-25-2009

Perkins, James & Monika (Ponader)

found hers - his dod 1993 not found

Pershica, Karon Denise (Leverich) her dod 1998
Peters, Robert E. "Bob" dod 1998
Petty, Vernon H. & Mary


Plaisted, Joseph

obit not found

Pollard, John J. & Laura Sue (Taylor)

Pointer, Nathan E.

Pointer, Thurman

Pool Sr., Jesse L. & Edith E.(Gharst)M Graham


found no obit for either

Pool Jr., Jesse Lee & Mary Diama

Poyner, George & Edith Geneva (Loveless) no stone yet 2009-01-10
her dod 2008
Price, Charles & Erma Mae (Spear) her dod 1998; his not found
Price, James D. dod 1988
Prosek, JoAnn Patricia

Pryor, Donald Joe & Marie

Pursell, Mildred Ruth (Cryer) no stone yet 2008-12-23
dod 2007
Redus, Bobby R & Bertha Clifton


no stone yet 2008-12-23
dod 2007
Reese, Clyde T.

Robison, Jim L. & Bettie J.

Rodgers, J. C. no stone yet 2009-01-23
dod 2008
Romero, Louie

Rodgers, Conrad & Anne

Rodgers, J. C. & Goldie June

Rogers, Dennis Ray

can not find his obit

Rogers, Loyd D . " Curly " & Mary his dod 1992
Rogers, Ray dod 2005
Rogers, Raymond Thomas

Rose, Robert "Austin"

Rowe, Kenny no stone yet 2009-01-23
dod 2008
Royston, Hubert W.& Eugenia C. no stone yet 2009-01-23
1987 & 1995 found both obits
 Rucker, Houston & Faye Ola Cassie (Bush) her obit 2009; his ??
Rudy, Eugene L. & Mary Lucill

Rudy, John Thomas

Sadler, Robert Henry

Sanders Sr., James no stone yet 2009-01-10
dod 200
Sandmann, Mike & Bonnie no stone yet 2009-01-10
dod 2008
Sands, William L.

Scroggins, Maude E. dod 1983
Shadoan, Evert B. & Esther his dod 2004
Shahan, Sam & D. Cheryl (Silkwoood)

Shelby, Donald Hugh & Patricia (Pat) Marie (Womack)

Sires, Delmar E., "Smiley", Sr. & Juanita M.

her obit not found no dod on stone

Sires, Delmar Jr. & Bobbie Jean (Heath) found hers
Skinner, Maggie

Southerland, Everett

Spencer, Jean no stone yet 2008-12-23
Spencer, William P.

Spitler, James Oliver

no obit dod 1897

Standrich, Earl A. & Geraldine "Jerri" E. (McDowell)

Steaveson, Vivian "Leila" Harvey Breedlove

Steele, Ralph E. dod 1995
Straily, Max D. & Dorothy Faye (Whisenhunt)

2009-01-11 need his obit

Street, Ronald Lynn dod 1989
Street, Willard Lee dod 1988
Streller, Steeva Dawn Gandy no stone yet 2008-12-23
Swaim, James Eugene & Carol J.

Taylor Jr., Joe Lettz & Loretta Mae

Tedford, George & Charlotte Kay (Sheffield) no stone yet 2009-01-10
her dod 2007
Terry, Gerald E.

Tescier, John Isadore & Alice May (Smith)

Thill, Mildred D.

Thompson, Carl Thomas & Ann LaRue Hefner

his dod 1974; hers not noted on stone

Thompson, Georgia May dod 1992
Troglin, James W. & Margarette Bell (McCurley)

Vanderlinde, John & his dod 1988
Varner, Billy & Judy (Pennington) no stone yet 2009-01-10
his dod 2007
Vaught, Jane G. (Goss) no stone yet 2008-12-23
dod 2008
Vinyard, Edward & Virginia Mae (Hopkins) her obit 2009
Vinyard, Phillip Ray   no stone yet 2008-12-23
Vinyard, Terry Clyde dod 1987
Walker, Eugene & Betty his obit
Walker, Mell Nevelle  
Walls, Grady Leonard & Tomma Carol (Anthony) his dod 2004 have obit - no stone
Wagnon, Charle E.& Virginia (Sanderson)

Ware, Delcina J. dod 1991
Weeden, Donnelle & Carroll, Roy C.

no dod her; his Nov 1998 found no obit

Weeden, Lee no stone yet 2009-01-23
Welch, Dolan Wayne

Wendell, Oliver

Wenzl, Stephen & Sharon Sue (Robison) no stone yet 2009-01-09
her dod 2007 nothing on him
Widmayer, Olice Blanche

Williams, Joe B. & Dorothy L.

01-27-2009 no obits found

Williamson, William C. & LaVerne Marie (Loganbill) have both obits
Wilkerson, Johnny H.  
Whitlow, Bruce C. & Marianne

no obit found 12-23-2008 for her

Whisenhunt, Hughie & Delores A.(Leboef)

Wood, Raymond C.

Woods, James & Mary his obit - no stone his dod 1955
Woods, William

Wright, David Alan

as of 12-23-2008 no obit found

Wright, Eugene Carl

Wright, Ede Renee

Ybanez, Arturo M. no stone yet 2009-01-09
Yoakum, Marion "Ted" & Ola Nadine (Williams)

Youngblood, John Orville & Helen Irene (VonElm)