Charles N. Haskell, Lawyer, Leader for Sequoyah Statehood Movement, State Constitutional Convention Delegate, State of Oklahoma

Charles N. Haskell

Charles N. Haskell was born in Ohio, December 13, 1861. At the age of sixteen he began to teach school, continuing for several years. While teaching, he began the study of law. After being admitted to the practice of law, he settled at Ottawa, Ohio. He also became interested in railway construction. In 1900 he settled at Muskogee. He became prominent as one of the leaders of the Sequoyah statehood movement. In 1905. The next year he was elected as a delegate to the State Constitutional Convention, in which he wielded a powerful influence. In 1907, he was nominated by the democrats as their candidate for governor and was elected and inaugurated as the first Governor of the new state. In 1912, he was an unsuccessful candidate for the democratic nomination for United States Senator. After leaving politics he became interested in the oil business. He moved to New York City, where he died on July 5, 1933. He was removed to Muskogee, Oklahoma where he is buried..

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