Lee Cruce, Lawyer, Banker, Governor of Oklahoma Territory

Lee Cruce, Lawyer, Banker and Governor of Oklahoma Territory

Lee Cruce was born at Marion, Kentucky, July 8, 1863. His education was obtained in the common schools, with one year at Marion Academy. His early life was spent on the farm. Deciding to qualify himself for the practice of law, he entered the law school of Vanderbilt University, at Nashville, Tennessee, but remained there only one year. His law studies were completed in the office of his brother, at Marion, where he engaged in the banking business. He and his brother later moved their law firm to Ardmore, Indian Territory where he became cashier of the Ardmore National Bank, 10 years later. In time he became president of that same bank. He served as regent of the University of Oklahoma from 1908 to 1911. Nominated by the democrats for governor of the state, he was elected in November, 1910, and served one full term in that office. His home became Ardmore, where he died on July 5, 1933. He is buried in Muskogee, Oklahoma..

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