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The following are the sources from which my information comes. This project is a compilation of these resources.

Directory of Oklahoma A State Almanacs

The Oklahoma Department of Libraries

Allen Wright Memorial Library Building

200 N. E. 18th St.

Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Used with permission.

Other Books:

Expedition of Lieutenant Zebulon Montgomery Pike, 1805-07 edited by Elliott Coues, 3 Volumes; New York, Francis P. Harper, (out of print).

Thomas Nuttall's Travels Into Arkansas Territory, 1819, with Observations on the Aborigines, edited by Reuben Gold Thwaites (Early Western Travels Series); Cleveland, The Arthur H. Clark Company, (out of print).

Account of an Expedition from Pittsburgh to the Rocky Mountains, 1819-20, compiled from the notes of Major S. H. Long. T. Say and others by Edwin James, edited by Reuben Gold Thwaites (Western Travels Series); Cleveland, The Arthur H. Clark Company, (out of print).

Three Years Among the Indians and Mexicans, by Thomas James, edited by Walter B. Douglas, St. Louis, the Missouri Historical Society, (out of print).

History of the Choctaw, Chickasaw and Natchez Indians, by H. B. Cushman, 1899, Greenville, Texas, (out of print).

History of American Missions of the Heathen from Their Commencement to the Present Times, 1840, Worcester, Mass., Spooner and Howland, (out of print).

A Tour on the Prairies, by Washington Irving, 1890, (out of print).

Dragoon Campaigns to the Rocky Mountains, Being a History of the Enlistment, Organization and First Campaigns of the Regiment of United States Dragoons, by A Dragoon, 1836, New York, Wiley & Long, (out of print).

Life Among the Choctaws, by Henry C. Benson, Cincinnati, Western Methodist Book Concern, 1859, (out of print).

A Brief History of the Indian Mission Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, South, by F. M. Moore, Muskogee, Phoenix Printing Company, 1899, (out of print).

The Yankee Conscript; or, Eighteen Months in Dixie, by George Adams Fisher, Philadelphia, 1864, (out of print).

Memoirs of the Rebellion on the Border, 1863, by Wiley Britton, Chicago, 1882, (out of print).

The Undeveloped West, by J. H. Beadle, Cincinnati, 1873, (out of print).

A Quaker Among the Indians, by Thomas C. Battery, Boston, Lee &Shepard, (out of print).

Wild Life on the Plains, by Gen. George A. Custor, 1874, (out of print).

Our Red Brothers, by Lawrie Tatum, Philadelphia, John C. Winston Company, 1899, (out of print).

Historic Sketches of the Cattle Trade in the West and Southwest, by Joseph G. McCoy, 1874, (out of print).

Reed Anthoney, Cowman, by Andy Adams, New York, Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 1907, (out of print).

Dodge City, the Cowboy Capital, by Robert M. Wright, Dodge City, Kansas, published by the Author, 1913, (out of print).

Ranch Notes, by Reginald Aldridge, London, England, Longmans, Green & Company, 1884, (out of print).

Midnight and Noonday; or, The Incidental History of Southern Kansas and the Indian Territory, by G. D. Freeman, Cladwell, Kansas, published by the author, 1892, (out of print).

Oklahoma, by A. P. Jackson and E. C. Cole, Kansas City, Ramsey, Millett & Hudson, 1885, (out of print).

The Oklahoma Scout, by Theodore Baughman, Chicago, Homewood Publishing Company, (out of print).

Illustrated History of Oklahoma, by Marion Tuttle Rock, Topeka, Kansas, C. B. Hamilton & Son, publishers, 1890, (out of print).

Oklahoma Historical Chart, George Rainey, Published by Webb Publishing Company, Oklahoma City, OK., (out of print).

Geographical Handbook for Students of Oklahoma History, George Rainey, published by Webb Publishing Company, Oklahoma City, OK., (out of print).

....and many others, too numerous to mention.

Other Reference Works:

The Cherokee Nation of Indians, by Charles C. Royce, Fifth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology, pp. 121-378.

Annual Register of Indian Affairs within the Indian or Western Territory, 1835-6-7-8, by Rev. Issac McCoy.

Myths of the Cherokee, by James Mooney, Nineteenth Annual Report of Bureau of American Ethnology, Part I, pp. 3-228.

Report of the Exploration of the Red River of Louisiana, in 1852, by Captain Randolph B. Marcy (Senate Executive Document No. 54, 32nd Congress, 2nd Session).

Annual Reports of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1849 to 1850 and 1865-1875, inclusive.

Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Series I, Volumes iii, viii, xiii, xxii, xxxiv, xli, xlviii, liii..

Annual Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1861.

Calendar History of the Kiowa, by James Mooney, Seventeenth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology, Part I.

This research is dedicated to my two sets of grandparents:

Frank Cobb and Florence (Minesinger) Adams

Samuel Earl and Mary Ellen (Adair) Riddle

who taught me as a child to appreciate learning, and books. They, fearing that I would suffer from boredom, due to a physical disability, taught me to appreciate history, and learning. They also were the ones who taught me to love books. My "Grandma" Riddle, being a Cherokee Indian, was educated at the Eastern State Normal School, where she learned to be a teacher to her people. I thank her for leaving me the many history books which she kept, read, and loved, and which were instrumental in my becoming a bibliophile. I will forever owe them a dept of gratitude.

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