The Ridge, aka Major Ridge Cherokee Indian Leader


The leaders of the Treaty Party, in the Cherokee Nation, were The Ridge (or, as he was commonly called, Major Ridge), John Ridge (who was a son of Major Ridge) and Elias Boudinot (who was a nephew of Major Ridge). Ridge was born near Hiwassee, Georgia, about 1791. His Cherokee name signified "He who walks upon the Ridge", hence his English name. During the war of 1812, he served as Major of the Cherokee regiment in General Andrew Jackson's army in the Creek country, hence his first name became Major. He was a full blood Cherokee. He was known as a great warrior. He believed that the only way for the Cherokee to survive was to move to the West. He signed the treaty of the removal in 1826. Though he had fought for the land for many years, he became painfully aware of the futility of trying to fight the whites. He was turned on by his former friend and ally, Andrew Jackson. He was a champion of "civilization and education" among the Cherokees, and his children who were able attended the finest schools available in the east, to the Indians, of the day. He was assassinated on the same day that his son John Ridge, and nephew Elias Boudinot, were - June 22, 1839 - by the partisans of the Anti-Treaty Party.

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