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September 16, 1893
As County P

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    During the period of Cherokee ownership white cattle ranchers of the Cherokee Strip Live Stock Association leased much of the Indian land for grazing. Outfits operating there until 1893 were Wiley and Dean, Wyeth Cattle Company, and McClelland Cattle Company. Later, the Miller Brothers 101 Ranch, based in Kay County, extended into the northern part of Noble County because they leased the pasture lands of the Ponca Reservation. Robert M. Bressie's Figure 3 Ranch also functioned from 1897 on land leased from the Ponca in the bend of the Arkansas River. This area and the Otoe-Missouria lands were added to Noble County in 1904 when the reservations were ended. Ranching and cattle raising have remained important economic activities in the twentieth century, especially in the northeast.
    With the 1893 land run the Outlet was divided into counties. County P became Noble County, named for John W. Noble, interior secretary in 1893. The county's area was reduced to 675 square miles when several townships were assigned to other counties, but in 1907 two townships were returned. Noble County has remained at 742.44 square miles of land and water area. The town of Perry, laid out in August 1893 by federal surveyors as the county seat and land-office town, immediately had five additions because of the horde of settlers that followed the run. Other towns were surveyed and platted, and dispersed rural settlements quickly appeared. By 1900 the county's residents came to include immigrant Bohemians (Czechs), Germans, and Germans from Russia, and their children, many of whom had come from Kansas to settle in Black Bear and Noble townships. Also in Noble Township, Edward P. McCabe created a short-lived All-Black town called Liberty near the railroad and Arnettville.


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Noble County Courthouse
300 Courthouse Drive
Perry, OK 73077
Court Clerk
Phone (580)336-5187
Noble County Clerk
Phone (405)336-5187

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