Certificates and Awards

Certificates and Awards

Source: Family-Reunion.com

Create certificates to be passed out to family members. Use your imagination and try to think up as many categories as possible, so that you can recognize the largest amount of family members that you can. Possible recognition categories include these basics:

The oldest and youngest family members
Who traveled the least and greatest distances to attend
Who has attended the most consecutive reunions
Youngest grandparents
Couple with the most children or grandchildren


And now some of the categories Mister Spiffy came up with! He calls them "Mister Spiffy’s Eccentric Awards."

"Bizarre Gymnast" Award…who can do the most things with their tongue?
"Balancing Act" Award…who can stand on their hands (or head) the longest
"Historian" Award…for someone who takes pictures of people when they least expect it
"Get Up and Go" Award…the person who sleeps the latest, if it’s an overnight reunion
"Fire Dragon" Award…whoa!  What morning breath!  (Actually, it's probably not wise to award this one)
"Plant Life" Award…that one family member that they have at every family reunion who just sits there and watches everyone else have fun
"Miss Universe" Award…that one girl who wakes up in the morning looking perfect after two days of camping