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Native American Research Project

Native American
Research Project

The Native American Research Project is intended to provide a place where those with special interest in Native American families from Kingfisher County and surrounding areas may share their genealogical findings. These may include records of any kind, including census records, birth, marriage, and death records, and land records.

If you would like to share your research, please send your information to me at [email protected], with "NATIVE AMERICAN RESEARCH PROJECT" in the subject line. (If you send your information as an attachment, please be sure that it is in .txt format.)

submitted by Barbara Clayton

Source: THE KINGFISHER TIMES, Thursday, December 22, 1927.


Lizzie TASSO and Daisy STARR motored to Concho hospital to be at the bedside of Andrew TASSO, who was down with pneumonia.

Laura STRONG has returned home from Fort Supply, where she accompanied Lizzie WHITT.

Clinton PAWPA and family have returned to Calumet after a week's visit here.

Andrew TASSO passed away at Concho hospital after being sick for some time.

Peter WHITE BEAR and family of near Watonga have decided to spend their Christmas holidays at SORE HEAD's.

Victor BUSHY HEAD and family have moved their camp outfit on COYOTE's place this week for Christmas, near Calumet.

Agnes YELLOW EYES is on the sick list but improving at this writing.

Grandpa PAWPA is out in the country visiting the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe YELLOW EYES.

Charley GOODSELL of near Watonga is spending a few days at YELLOW EYES'.

Elliott TASSO hauled the Lone Scout basketball club to Concho last Saturday, where they had a game with the Concho second team.

The funeral of Andrew TASSO was held at the Baptist Indian Mission, December 19.

Henry SKUNKNECK, Sr. and family of Calumet are visiting here this week.

Mrs. SKUNKNECK reports that the Indians around Calumet are well prepared for Christmas holidays.

Sioux TALL MEAT and his mother, Ghost Woman, are planning to attend the Christmas celebration.

John TASSO accompanied the basketball team to Concho last Saturday night.

Harry STARR made a trip to Concho last week to visit his uncle, Andrew TASSO, who was a patient there.

Forest TALL BEAR and family returned to their home at Watonga last week from Calumet.

Chief SORE HEAD and his wife, KILLING WOMAN, are ready to entertain their Christmas guests next week.

Orrin TURTLE and family attended the hand game one night last week.

Sister SIX was doing her early Christmas shopping last Saturday.

Kingfisher Lone Scout five defeated the Concho second team on their home court. The game was most exciting from start to finish and only one foul was made throughout the game by Concho, although the little Indians made a bad start.

The first quarter was a real hot one. Only one field goal was made by Concho. The next quarter they made another and also made a foul on Walter WICKS, K.L.S. forward, who made a free goal. At the end of the first half the score stood 4 and 1 in Concho's favor. As the third quarter started Raymond BUFFALO MEAT, Jr., went in in place of Chas. BURGESS, K.L.S. guard. Albert TASSO, Lone Scout center, made a first field goal from under the basket, and another from the side was made by Walter WICKS. At the final quarter Morgan WICKS, Lone Scout
captain and guard, made another from under the basket. Concho made another goal and at the last two minutes of play Morgan looped the last basket from center. This put the Lone Scouts in the lead, 9 to 6. Both teams had a good strong defense and were evenly matched. Morgan WICKS was high-point man for the team. Next game for Lone Scouts is with a Greenwood school team, next Saturday afternoon.

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