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Native American Research Project

Native American
Research Project

The Native American Research Project is intended to provide a place where those with special interest in Native American families from Kingfisher County and surrounding areas may share their genealogical findings. These may include records of any kind, including census records, birth, marriage, and death records, and land records.

If you would like to share your research, please send your information to me at [email protected], with "NATIVE AMERICAN RESEARCH PROJECT" in the subject line. (If you send your information as an attachment, please be sure that it is in .txt format.)

submitted by Barbara Clayton

Carlisle Graduates

Source: The Cheyenne Transporter, July 12, 1886

A party of twelve of them arrived last week, five Cheyennes and six Arapahoes.  Each of the boys learned a trade while at Carlisle.  Following is the list.


Richard DAVIS --- Printer
William FLETCHER --- Harness-maker
Carl MATCHES --- Shoemaker


Julia BENT


Henry NORTH --- Printer
Casper EDSON --- Harness-maker
Arnold WOOLWORTH --- Blacksmith



Hortie STEVENS, a Wichita boy, came with the party to this Agency, when Capt. LEE furnished him transportation to pass on home.  The two printer boys, Henry NORTH and Richard DAVIS, have been seven years at Carlisle, while the rest spent five years in school.  Some of the latter expect to return when school opens September 1st.  All the children speak in favorable terms of the Carlisle school and of Capt. PRATT.

Forty-five Indian children graduated from the Carlisle school with the close of last term - Cheyennes, Arapahoes, Siouxs, Wichitas, Ottawas, Creeks, Pueblos and Oneidas.  The children were returned to their respective reservations in different parts of the United States.  Only three of the above tribes belong in this Territory, four in Arizona and New Mexico;  the latter, the Oneida, In Wisconsin.

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