Marshall County, Oklahoma

Query received June 16, 2006


Good Day, 

I am seeking information on a Charles (Charlie) Johnson. According to the 1880 Federal Census he was born in 1853 or 1858 (he and his family are listed twice) on Indian Territory (Nation) as were both his parents - at the time of the census he was living in Williamson County, Texas. The census also states that he is Black - so I am trying to see what his circumstances may have been - was he born into slavery in Indian Territory, was he a "Freedman?"  

All I know of Charles (Charlie) Johnson is what is found in the 1880 Census (Williamson & Travis Counties, TX) and a couple family stories. I do not know the names of his parents, but the 1880 census states they were both born in Indian Territory. His two daughters always said that he was a full-blooded Indian. I am not sure how believable any of this is because he died when his daughters were around 6 & 12 yrs old, and the 1880 census lists him as being Black.  

The 1880 Census also states that Charlie could not read or write English. 

He was married to a woman named Patsy Huddleson (who is listed as being a Mulatto), and they had at least 3 children: James Johnson (b.1879 - TX), Louverne Johnson (b.1884 - TX), and Mary Johnson (1892 - TX). 

I hope this information will help - if no direct linkage can be made, I would love to hear what you think Charlie's situation may have been - best educated guess. 

Any help or guidance on this matter would be highly appreciated. 

Thank you,  

Colin Hicks


Response June 22, 2006

We have no direct line for you . You can check with the Chickasaw 
genealogical research in Tishimingo. The have most of 1800 information. We looked on five civilized tribes records we had and Found Charles P Johnson age 8 . #14199, 1/3 blood, census #5939 ,page # 325 and a Charles Z. Johnson age 11, 1/8 indian #991 Census #306 page176. Federal archives in Ft Worth Texas may have record. If we can be of any more help to you we be happy to do so.. Johnson Co ,P.O. Box 338, Tishimingo Ok. 73460-0338.  580-371-3058.
Hope this might help you  I also would look for Oklahoma Indian Territory. Lawton Historical has a lot larger research and they might help you. Oklahoma City State Library may be able to help you. They have a lot of Oklahoma records before statehood.
                                                                   Best of luck  Margarette Redwine