Pioneers of Guthrie
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The Logan County Genealogical Society, Inc.
Established In 1981

Early Residents Of Guthrie

Guthrie's Police Force
Joel K. Runnels (aka Joe, Joseph), formerly a deputy U.S. Marshal.
J.N. Salisbury, assistant chief of police, appointed in 1900
Jeff W. Taylor, was appointed a member of the force in 1897.
Frank R. Gatchell, was appointed 1889
Henry H. Reynolds, chief of police, was a deputy U.S. Marshall under Marshal Nix.

Early Guthrie Doctors
Ralph V. Smith, E.O. Barker, A.L. Blesh, Dr. Hiatt, Dr. Baker, J.L. Melvin, Gilbert E.
McKeeby, C. F. Cotteral, Hamill, Cahs. Smith, C.S. Petty, D.F. King, M. Vandervoort.

Early School Teachers
J.R. Campbell, Superintendent of Guthrie Schools
Board of Education
N.M. Carter, President
E.O. Barker, Vice President
F.B. Lucas, Clerk
W.M. Bronson, Treasurer
Dr. E.O. Barker, W.P. Eager, N.M. Carter, H.M. Fielding, Chas. R. Renfro, George E. Tipton, P.R. Finch, A.G. Dennis, Chas. E. Smith, J.W. Avery, John Massey, Grant Gorton.
Central School
George Stevens, A.B. Principal
Miss Etta Hikes Assist.
Mrs. Anna R. Stevens,  Miss Adele Kesler, Miss Ida W. Belt, Miss M. Lizzie Koontz, Mrs. Mary E. Ackley, Miss Leno Osborne, Miss Cora Hinchsliff
Capital School
Mrs. Julia Ryan, Principal
Miss Anna Seely, Stella Clayton, Nettie D. Norris, Jennie Seaman, Laura Brewer, Cliza Oldham, Mrs. L.A. Edle Miss Marguerite Byrne
Banner School
Miss R. Alma Carson, Principal
Mrs. Rebecca L. Mitchell, Miss Anna Hutchinson, Miss Addie M. Copeland, Miss Nelle M. Kysar, Lelia D. Collins
Lincoln School
F.C. Long, Principal
Mr. R.F. West, Miss Ella Spraings, Mr. M.W. Cunningham, Mr. J.W. Holloway, Miss Stella Mazie, Miss Dortchie Spraings, Miss Sallie Floyd, Mrs. Ella M. Jackson
Capitol Hill Annex, Miss Mae Baker

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