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Logan County Unclaimed Original Marriage Records of LCGS

LCGS recently acquired over 10,000 UNCLAIMED original marriage applications and certificates of marriages performed in Logan County between 1898 and the 1940’s. Volunteers are preserving these important documents and the goal is to return them to the owner or owner’s descendants. All records are being scanned, placed in acid-free inserts and folders for preservation. Additional increments will be added as this on-going project proceeds.
These unclaimed original marriage records often contain more than the two basic documents (application for marriage license and marriage license/certificate). In the case of the sample above, there is also a parent’s consent form signed before Judge Mansell in Hobart, Kiowa County, Oklahoma. In addition, there is the paper copy of a telegram sent from Judge Mansell to Judge Strang in Logan County:

“37 Km.fi.k. 19-paid., 2 Exa., 1-pm.
Hobart, Okla, Dec.,22nd-09.
Judge Strang, Guthrie, Okla.
Issue marriage license for Ira F. Browning and Bethel Blakeley
Am mailing consent of father made today
J. W. Mansell, County Judge.”

Other unusual documents seen in this group of records include: consents from grandparent, consents from guardian, notes from the county attorney and the county sheriff, parent’s written refusal to consent, and consent notes written on business stationery. The original applications have the signature of the applicant, usually the groom (but occasionally the bride, a parent, the preacher, or a friend). The original certificate usually has the signatures of the witnesses, along with their general addresses, and the signature of the officiant, his title, and the location of the wedding.

Since there is an expense involved with preserving the documents, it is necessary to request $15 for each marriage record ordered to cover these costs which also include shipping and handling. Go to the ORDER FORM and follow the instructions. Note that a pedigree chart or relationship chart is required to prove connection to the bride or groom. LCGS is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization and any donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by the Internal Revenue Service.

If the above link is not working for you try the ORDER FORM in PDF format.