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Need information for family of James Marion BUTCHER (1835/MO-1908/OK) who married Rebecca A.DWYER(1846/IN-1913/OK) 1867 in Andrew Co. MO. Children: Mary E. married John MAY; William O. married Maud; James W. maried Lucy WELLS; Ida Belle married John SHORT; Parmelia "Ella" married Charlie WELCH and William TRIPLETT; Nellie Mae married George WILLIAMS; Grover married Naomi; and Julie E. married Alonzo "Lon" SIAR.
F. Miller
[email protected]

I am trying to find out about the BOMHOFF family which probably settled around the Okarche area, if anyone would have any information on this I would gladly appreciate it.
Eric Miller
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Query=FRENCH, Horace Nathaniel - Died abt 1900 Lived in Hennessey and pastored a church there for 25 years. Wife's name was Cathern.
Ron French
POBox 70971
Shasta Lake, CA 96079-0971
Phone (530) 275-4440
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Seek information about descendants of LeRoy P. and William Harrison PENNINGTON They emigrated to Kingfisher Co. OK. late 1800 early 1900 from Monroe Co. Ky. Leroy died Kingfisher c/a 1928 and left a will with heirs named among them was Isaac T. Reno PENNINGTON et/al. Any info or help greatly appreciated, We need their family histories to add to ours.Their father Thomas Milton PENNINGTON was my grandfather.
Tom Pennington
[email protected]

I am looking for some kind neighbor to do a lookup in the 1890 Oklahoma Territorial Census, Kingfisher County for information on the two following individuals: Andrew J. HUBBARD p.1022 and Benjamin R. HUBBARD p. 999. Much appreciated.
Rhonda Bush
[email protected]

Looking for information about the following family: Benjamin WILSON and Irene or Rena: Children: Willie MOORE? Bertie Lester Leonard (my grandfather) Lawrence and Leona (twins) The family was in Enid by 1910, but that census indicates Rena was widowed by then. Especially seek information on Benjamin. May have been born in 1856, IA. Date and location of death unknown. Relatives may still live in Kingfisher County and know the location of Rena's grave.
Everett Wilson
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Looking for any information on David WRIGHT, Ann Elizabeth married James WRIGHT they had John William WRIGHT who married Amanda Mevila WITHROW & came to Kingfisher Co. along with his son David Washington WRIGHT my grandfather. He later moved to Pawnee ,OK.
Carol Arteberry
[email protected]

A John MOHOFEY is listed in Kingfisher County and I am wondering if he is John MAHAFFEY. John might be the father of Jcob MAHAFFEY who was my g-grandfather.
J.W. was supposed to have been born in Ms. or Ala. in 1858. Possibly Okla. or Indian Territory. His grandfather and father were possibly: William and John Mahaffey. Wm. being from Tennessee. Wm. said to have gone to Okla. with Holden Ward and Indians as a butcher. Either Wm. or John may have married Indian woman named E.S. White. Mahaffeys from then on supposedly Choctaw. J.W. married Missouri Elizabeth (Lizzie) Loftin/on from Ms. My grandmother was their daughter (Eva MAHAFFEY Hamilton). J.W. had numerous children whose names I have. J.W.'s children were born in Ms., Tx., and Okla. or IT. He died at Yeager,Okla. in 1909. Jacob W. should have been 1/2 Choctaw-maybe Cherokee, too. His siblings were: Alcy ; Lizzie ; Nan ; Alex ; Vernard ; Emmet ; Ann . I would appreciate hearing from you even if we don't have an obvious connection--for future reference. Thank you. Ramona H.
Ramona Hamilton
[email protected]

NUSZ,Fred and Rachael (married) Loyal OK. Came from KS in Land Rush 1889. Brother's name Andrew NUSZ, both were farmers near Loyal area. Fred's son Walter married Ruth STUCKEY.
Ken Nusz
[email protected]

Seeking information regarding GEISMAR, Louis B. page 995 in Kingfisher census of 1890.
Werner L. Frank
[email protected]

My ggrandfather Alexander Paton GILL was born in 1841 in Belmont Co., OH married Victoria SPELMAN of Franklin Co. OH have children and moved to Warren Co., IA before the 1870 census. His wife died and he remarried my ggrandmother Cora Ella WOOD and had children. Their last child born was my grandmother Cora Ella GILL who was born 24 April 1886.
Alexander married Mary Sophia ELLENWOOD and had daughter Blanche Irene 6 Dec. 1890. Alexander died in 1899, Mary Sophia in 1896. Both died and are buried in Loyal, Kingfisher Co., OK.
Alexander filed on 160 acres on Oct. 23, 1894 Sec. 4 Twp 17 Rg 9. He got the land from a James F. GILL who filed May 7, 1892. The Loyal Cemetery is in Sec 1 of Twp 17, Rg 9 and may be where they are buried. The Federal Tract Book states he filed for Final Certificate on Dec. 14, 1901 which may have been accomplished after his death by a relative. There must have been other GILLs who settled there as there is a George A. GILL, Frank GILL, James F. along with Alexander.
Would it be possible for you to get copies of any information regarding Alexander Patton GILL? I would greatly appreciate your help. Also, since he died in Kingfisher Co., his will would have probably been probated.
Roberta Crossfield Weideman
[email protected]

HENLEY-Frank and Nora. Their children Colonel, Judge, Lillie, Lela, Florance, Elizabeth, Wiley, and Cicero. This family starts in Alabama to MS to Kingfisher OK, actually to Lacey Township, West of Hennessey in Kingfisher County. Any help would be much appreciated.
[email protected]

Looking for information regarding Mary Mae FALKENSTEIN b. 28 May 1897 in Kingfisher, OK. d. Jan 1970 Victoria, TX. Her father James FALKENSTEIN d. 13 July 1907. Her mother: Carrie DAVID. Siblings, James D. FALKENSTEIN B. 04 April 1899; Nellie FALKENSTEIN; Julia FALKENSTEIN; Charles FALKENSTEIN.
Mary Dorsey
[email protected]

Would like copy of obituary notice from newspaper for Jennie LEONHARDT ( Mrs. Henry Leonhardt), died 16 Mar 1918 in Kingfisher, buried in Kingfisher cemetery.
Herman L. Weiland
[email protected]

Frank HENLEY and Nora GRAHAM- These people lived in Lacey Township from 1900 to 1930's. Had 5 children living in area-Colonel, Lela(TAYLOR), Lillie(BROWN), Wiley, Judge. All are now deceased, but all had children. Looking for death certificate of Nora GRAHAM HENLEY. Died 1922 according to family, but need 1920-1925 period searched. Also need lookup on the tax records/deed book for land. Apparently lost farm in foreclosure. Info I have says, Township19 North Range 8 Field 14. Any help greatly appreciated. I've already sunk a mall some into OHS research and Vital Records. It's costly. Will trade lookup for California info.
[email protected]

NEFF, James Alexander He is in the 1890 Census, and received land from the government around that time. I would like more information on him and his family if possible. Also, anything on his children: Charles Arthur NEFF (my grandfather), Clarence Url NEFF, who lived in Kingfisher.
Kathleen Robinson
[email protected]

Looking for HENNESSEY s' that may have lived in Hennessey, Ok. I am also looking for a history of how the town got it's name or from WHOM it was named. Family gossip has it that the HENNESAYs' are related to the person that founded or the city was named for.
Stephanie Hennesay
[email protected]

I am looking for informatin on my great-great-grandfather James M. (DANCY) WINGLER. I am told he was born out of wedlock (1847) and his father's name was WINGLER. His mother married a DANCY and he took his name. Upon the death of his real father (WINGLER) he inherited some land in Kingfisher, OK and he moved to OK to claim it.( somewhere between 1903-1907) . I also heard that this land was sold back to the reservation, whatever that may tell you. I am trying to find the identity of this WINGLER and haven't had much luck.
Debbie Flannery Cardona
[email protected]

Looking for information on my grandmother's family. Her name was Mary Angelique SPENCER born 1903, her sister was named Ida. Mother was Mattie and father was William F. SPENCER in Kingfisher, OK. Mary married Howard CLINGENPEEL in 1922.
Roxanne Cole
Eugene Or
[email protected]

Searching for information on these families.
Judy Rose
[email protected]

I am trying to find out about my great-great grandfather Anthony OVERTON who founded a town called Overton in OK. He was the judge and ran the general store and his wife ran the postoffice.
Larry Greene
[email protected]

Hello, I would appreciate any information on Goldie HIBBS and Daisey WEST, both living in Altona in 1968, when their brother, George Branham died in Tulsa. Would anyone have access to "Pioneers of Kingfisher County 1889-1976 by the Kingfisher County Historical Society pub. 1976" to see if they were mentioned? Is there any list of Altona cemeteries?
Steve McDonough
[email protected]

Hi, we are trying to find my husband's ancestors who went to Kingfisher County in the late 1890s and early 1900s. I know his grandfather was there in 1901 and a few of his aunts went to Kingfisher. The surnames I am trying to reasearch are ROBERTSON and GERREN. If you have any knowledge of these two names I would appreciate anything you have. His great grandfather was Wm. ROBERTSON. His grandfather was John W. GERREN. The names of his two aunts that were born there were Della GERREN and Alma/Elma GERREN. They were in Kingfisher in the early 1900s.
Julie Gerren
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Seeking information about Dwight DOTY who settled a quarter section of land northwest of Kingfisher in April of 1892. He lived there 5 years to prove his claim. He married a woman by the name of Ada CECELIUS. He died 11/8/1923 or 33. I don't know which. I would like to know his parents, and siblings and where they came from if at all possible.
Clarice Rhodes
[email protected]

Frank DOORLY married Francis Helen MCCORMICK. She was born 1855 in Muncie,Indiana. Parents: William H.H.MCCORMICK and Emma LEONARD. Also looking for Emma's sisters Rozelle and Ida LEONARD. Any info appreciated.
Norma [Losh] Runyon
[email protected]

I am looking for JOHN C.BASS who lived in Kingfisher and Dover in the mid to late 1800's and also in 1919 to 1940. James D., Dink and Moses BASS could be his brothers. He also knew a HATCH that lived in Dover. John's wife's name was Josie WILLIAMS. Any information would help.
Lena Bass
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