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Biographical Sketches

J.W. NOLTE Family
submitted by
Frank E. Freeman

My name is Frank E. Freeman and I live in San Antonio, Texas with my wife and children. I have some information on my great-great grandfather to share with you. His name was J.W. Nolte. He was born in Indiana in 1847 and died in Lacey, Kingfisher, Oklahoma in 1917. He was married to Sarah Catherine Davis (1855-1934). His parents were John Harmon Nolte (1807-1873) and Anna Marie Engel Tonnies (1807-1872).

J.W. and Sarah had eight children, one of whom was Mary Catherine (1874-1957). Mary Catherine married Joseph Wilton Roy Freeman (1873-1959) and one of their seven children was Hoy Fay Freeman (1904-1991). Hoy married Mary Inez German and of their five children the eldest was my mother - Inez Louise Freeman (1926-1997).

Now it gets a bit confusing, but Inez L. Freeman married Frank B. Freeman (not related to each other). Frank B. (1919-1994) is my father. His father and grandfather made the run in 1889 settling around the Guthrie, Oklahoma, Logan County area.

I, Frank E. Freeman, married Janie Rodriguez in 1973 and our two children are Frank J. and Cristella. If you think this information fits into your site you are welcome to use it.

Also on the information I have regarding J.W.Nolte is: "Listed as a farmer in 1880 census from Sedgwick County. Kingfisher, Cimarron Valley Cemetery: Lists as 1893 Oklahoma Pioneers. Moved to Kingfisher, Oklahoma during the free land rush in 1892. Source, Addie Nolte Spillman obit, daughter of J.W. and Sarah Nolte."


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