Biographical Sketches

Biographical Sketches

This section is devoted to biographical sketches of our KINGFISHER COUNTY families.
If you would like to submit biographical material for any of your KINGFISHER COUNTY families or family members, please send them to me at
[email protected], putting KINGFISHER BIOGRAPHIES in the subject line, and we will make arrangements for your information to appear in this section.

Please rest assured that you will retain sole ownership and copyright of all of the material, documents and/or photographs you submit and, as they are intended for the sharing of family research information with others researching the same surname, they are not to be reproduced in any form for commercial purposes.

Latest additions: George F. Ingle, Marcus L. Ingle

Subject: Submitter:
Marovia Burgess ARNOTE Lori Camper
Rev. Andrew ARNOTE, D.D. Lori Camper
Lew BONNER and
William J. Bonner
John Clark HILL and
Leslie Penn
John Fred HOLDER Family Stan Collum
George F. INGLE Bob Ingle
Marcus L. INGLE Bob Ingle
J.W. NOLTE Family Frank E. Freeman
John RAINEY Kristin Rainey Rumble
Sam RAINEY Kristin Rainey Rumble
Thomas Allen SMITH Family Stan Collum
Andrew TASSO Barbara Clayton
Calvin P. TITUS John Thompson
William Riley TOWNSEND Family Bess (Townsend) Ramey


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