Biographical Sketches
Biographical Sketches

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Kristin Rainey Rumble

John Rainey of Kingfisher County, Oklahoma

John RAINEY born 07 JUN 1856, Gentry County, Missouri, employed as a Farmer,  married 07 APR 1878, in Dekalb County, Missouri,  Rosa Bertha Ellen SHAFFER,  born 14 OCT 1861, Bucyrus, Crawford County,  Ohio,  died 06 AUG 1924, Enid, Garfield County, Oklahoma,  buried in 1924, Enid Cemetery, Garfield County, Oklahoma.   John died 08 MAY 1939, Enid, Garfield County, Oklahoma,  buried in Enid, Garfield County, Oklahoma.   John moved to Kingfisher County, Oklahoma about 1890 with his family. He bought property from George RAINEY, (likely Samuel S.'s son, his nephew). He owned and carried a mortgage on his home in Skeleton, Kingfisher County, 1900. He is listed in Kingfisher County, Skeleton Township in 1906 (19 North Range 5, Section 25). He lived in Hennessey in 1910, and Vernon Township, Kay County, Oklahoma in 1920. However, his probate papers (Kay County, Oklahoma) indicate land ownership in nearby Beaver County and that this is where he resided upon
his death.

Rosa is listed as Bertha in the 1880, Gentry County, Missouri Census. She is named Rosa B. for the 1900 census of Skeleton, Kingfisher Oklahoma census. Rosa D. is the way she is listed on the 1910-1920 censuses of Kingfisher and Kay Counties in Oklahoma. I assume the 'D' is an error.

I.   Edward Arthur RAINEY born JUN 1879, Gentry County, Missouri,  employed as a Barber-Owned own shop, married 25 OCT 1908, in Kingfisher County, Oklahoma,  Miretta Pearl MCKISSICK, born 30 DEC 1888, Sumner, Kansas, (daughter of Judson Grant MCKISSICK and Mary Elizabeth IRWIN) employed as a Music Teacher, died 18 MAY 1963, Miami, Dade County, Florida, buried in Memorial Park, Enid, Garfield County, Oklahoma. Edward died about 1950, Enid, Garfield County, Oklahoma, buried in about 1950, Enid Cemetery, Garfield County, Oklahoma.  

In 1910, Edward and Pearl lived in Hennessey, Kingfisher County, Oklahoma, on Oak Street--just a few homes away from his father, John. John lived on Walnut Street. By 1920, the family had moved to Bartlesville, Washington County, Oklahoma, east of Kingfisher. Edward had moved his family to Dode [Dade?] City, Florida by 1939. Edward died circa 1950. Wife,  Pearl's death certificate (Dade County, Florida, 1963) states she was a widow at the time of her death.

As recalled by my Uncle Jim Rainey, Edward moved to Florida to start up and operate an orange grove, which unfortunately was not successful. "...the land was scraggly, sandy, and full of burrs...Ed's old mule had the deepest sway-back you could imagine, but John (referring to his brother and my father) and I loved riding around on the poor old plug." He also renounced a practice in "Spiritualism" on his deathbed in Enid, Oklahoma, where he is buried in Enid Cemetery.

Social Security record of Edward Duane Rainey(Miretta's son) shows Miretta Pearl McKissick Rainey living in Kingfisher County, Oklahoma in 1936, but no location for his father, Edward Arthur Rainey.

     Though she passed away in Florida, Miretta's death record states she was removed to Memorial Park Cemetery in Enid, Garfield County, Oklahoma. Funeral services were handled by Van Orsdef, Coral Gables (Florida) Funeral Home in Enid, Oklahoma.

Social Security Application for Pearl M. McKissick Rainey(Miretta Pearl McKissick), December 8, 1942, shows her birthdate as 12-30-1888, Sumner, Kansas. She lived in Miami, Florida at the time of application and was employed by Shenandoah Candies. She lists her parents as Judson Grant McKissick and Mary Elizabeth Irwin. [She signed the application 'Pearl M. Rainey' instead of 'Miretta Pearl Rainey'].

II.  Louisa "Lula" J RAINEY born MAR 1881, Missouri,  died before 1965.   Louisa still maintained her surname as of the age of 58 - I cannot locate record of any marriage.

III. Elva Eunice RAINEY born 17 OCT 1883, Gentry County, Missouri,  married 07 JUN 1903, Albert Walter WESTLAKE, born 13 APR 1871, Sabetha, KS,  died 21 JUL 1951, Harlingen, TX.

IV.  Roderick A RAINEY born Oct 1886, Gentry County, Missouri,  married (unknown).  Roderick died before 1965.  Roderick was still living in Enid, Garfield County, Oklahoma at the time of the death of his
     father, John, in 1939.

V.   Gertrude "Girtie" M RAINEY, born AUG 1889, Missouri, married A E HAMMER, lived in Oklahoma.  Gertrude died before 1987.

VI.  Blondena "Blondie" RAINEY born JUN 1890, Sheridan, Oklahoma Territory, Oklahoma,  married Dewitt T CRAWFORD, lived in Oklahoma.   Blondena died 23 MAY 1965, Oklahoma,  buried in Enid, Garfield County, Oklahoma.

VII. Mildred L RAINEY born AUG 1896, Hennessey, Kingfisher County, Oklahoma Territory,  married L.H. BINGHAM, born Oklahoma.   Mildred died AFT 1987.   Mildred is mentioned in Glenn OSBORN's probate papers as a living sister in 1987. She was administrator of her father John's estate in 1939.

VIII. Glenn R OSBORN born about 1900,  died about 1987, Oklahoma. Glenn appeared with John and Rosa's family in the 1920 census. He may have been a relative they took in or adopted. John Rainey's will (1939, Enid, Oklahoma), names Glenn "Arnold" as a son. The 'R' middle initial comes from Glenn's own probate papers (about 1987).The "Heirs at Law" page of Glenn R. Osborne's will list the other children of John and Rosa as his brothers and sisters.

IX.  Eva G RAINEY born 1901, Oklahoma Territory, Oklahoma, died before 1965.

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