Biographical Sketches
Biographical Sketches

Thomas Allen SMITH Family
(In Kingfisher from 1900 to 1909)

Submitted by:
Stan Collum

Thomas Allen Smith was born in Conway, Faulkner County, Arkansas on January 25, 1861. He was the son of John Lee Smith and Mary Elizabeth Mabry of Conway. On November 10, 1880 he married Susan Rebecca Tiner who had been born in Water Valley, Yalobusha County, Mississippi. She was the daughter
of Louis (Lewis) Tiner and Rebecca ?, who resided in Lafayette County, Mississippi. This Smith family had ten (10) children. Unfortunately only 6 lived more than about 3 years.

The children were:

Katie Smith, b. 1882 Conway AR, d. 1885 Conway AR.
John Lynn Smith b. 1884 Conway AR, d. 1949 Texas
Margaret Lee Smith b. 1886 Conway AR, d. 1980 Wichita, KS
Oscar Allen Smith b. 1888 Conway AR, d. 1949 Abilene, TX
Myrtle Ivy Smith b. 1891 Conway AR, d. 1977 Enid, OK
Denkie Smith b. 1893 Conway AR, d. 1894 Conway, AR
Thomas Smith b. 1895 Conway AR, d. 1964 Pecos, TX
Dewey D Smith b. 1898 Conway AR, d. 1899 Conway, AR
Leona Smith b. 1900 Unknown d. 1901 Unknown (probably Oklahoma)
Perry Elzie Fling Smith b. 1903 Hugo OK, d. 1975 in Torrance CA.

I have not found these Smith's on any Oklahoma census or other Kingfisher records. Family records show they moved to Kingfisher in 1900 and moved to Roy, New Mexico in 1909. My Grandmother's obituary indicates the family lived near Omega.

The Smith's operated a restaurant in downtown Kingfisher between 1900 and 1909. My Mother showed
me the location in about 1955 (when I could have cared less) and I'm not sure where it is. It was on the west side of Highway 81and it seems like it was just north of the courthouse. Pictures I have from 1909 appear to be a cafe on one side, a bar on the other!

Two of the above Smith sisters married Holder sons in Kingifsher. Margaret Lee Smith married Fred Holder. Myrtle Ivy Smith married John Thomas Holder. Myrtle Smith and John Holder were my grandparents. Margaret Lee and Fred may have had several children born in Kingfisher.

Robert Henry Holder b. 1903
Katie Holder b. abt. 1905
Lola Holder b. abt. 1908
Helen Holder b. abt 1909

Other's born to Margaret and Fred were: Helen Holder, Gary Holder, and Ethel Holder. Most of this family resided in Wichita, KS in their adult lives.

My Grandparents had Leta McElvain Holder born in Kingfisher in 1909. Leta died in Abilene, TX in 1941. Other children born were Tommy Berkley Holder in Roy, New Mexico in 1913. She died there in 1914. My Mother Catherine Irone Holder was born in Roy NM in 1917 and died in Yukon, OK in 1995.
Frank Otis Holder born 1921 in Cisco, TX, died in 1977 in Austin, TX.

The Smith's migrated to New Mexico in 1909. About 1920, they moved to the Abilene TX area (Taylor, Jones, Eastland Counties)

John Lynn Smith married Maude ?, probably in Kingfisher. Oscar Allen Smith married Lucille ? again, probably in Kingfisher. I'd like to find the maiden names of these Smith wives!

Thomas Allen Smith died in Abilene in 1944. Susan Rebecca Tiner Smith died in Abilene in 1932. John and Oscar died in Abilene in 1949. Margaret died in Wichita in 1980. Myrtle died in Enid in 1977. Thomas died in Pecos in 1964 and Perry Elzie Fling Smith died in California in 1989.


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