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Bible Records

Bible Records

Leonhardt Births, Marriages, and Deaths

submitted by Herman L. Weiland

These are from the Bible of Henry Lewis Leonhardt.
It was published by the American Bible Society in 1859.
It is presently in the possession of Gladys Trindle of Clearwater, Kansas
Daughter of Anna Leonhardt Trindle, grandaughter of Henry Lewis Leonhardt.

Charles Frederick William Leonhardt second son of John Frederic & Thecla Leonhardt was born in Grottkau, Prussia on the 18 of May 1827.
Esther L. Leonhardt the eldest dau of Griffith & Anna Lewis was born March 25, 1840.
Anna Thecla Leonhardt was born 22 of Jan 1862
Henry Lewis Leonhardt was born on the 25 Dec 1863.
Bellamy Storrer Leonhardt was born 26 of February 1866.
Florence Stella Leonhardt was born 15 September 1868
Mary Goodnow Leonhardt was born on the 24 of Dec 1870
Francis Denison Leonhardt was born on the 22 Jan 1874
Lillie Leonhardt was born on the 22 Jan 1877
John Frederic Leonhardt was born 24 Feb. 1882.

Joy Ruth Leonhardt was born on the 15 of August 1892
Henry Paul Leonhardt was born on the 31 of August 1894
Jeannette Gladness Leonhardt was born on the 6th of Sept. 1896
Anna Dora Leonhardt born on the 22nd of Jan. 1898
Mary Lorena Leonhardt born April 8th, 1901

Anna Wood Lewis was born on Lake Champlain about 1808 or 9.
Griffith Lewis was born in Pa. in 1808
our grandparents.


Charles Frederic William Leonhardt & Esther L. Lewis were married on the 18th of April 1861
Anna Thecla Leonhardt & Edward Lester Sharpe were married on the 18 of August 1883
Henry Lewis Leonhardt and Olive Martindale were married on the 27th of September 1884
Henry Lewis Leonhardt and Olive Eudora Rudy were married June 4th, 1891
John Fletcher Swingle & Florence Stella Leonhardt were married Dec. 6. 1891
J. H. Persinger and Fanny D. Leonhardt were married June 11th, 1894 at Manhatten, Ks
B. F. Rehfeld and Mary G. Leonhardt were married at Emporia, Ks. Dec 8, 1898
J. F. Leonhardt and Mildred Hurlburt were married Mar 31, 1902 at Sharon Springs, Kansas
H. L. Leonhardt and Jennie Johnston were married Jan 1, 1909 at Tyler, Texas.
H. L. Leonhardt and Emma Hobson married Sept 20, 1921 Kingfisher, Okla
Anna T. Leonhardt Sharpe and Frank Carpenter Jan 22. 1912 Stafford, Okla

Tombstone date in ( )

Lillie Leonhardt died on the 1st of February 1877.
Charles Frederic William Leonhardt departed this life September 7, 1884
Esther Leonhardt daughter of Henry Leonhardt died on the 14 of April 1886
Olive Leonhardt wife of Henry Leonhardt died on the 24 of May 1886
Frank Leonhardt died June 29, 1924
Our Mother Esther Leonhardt died on the 22 of April 1892
Stella L. Swingle died Feb 14 (12), 1907
John Frederic Leonhardt died May 8, 1964
Frances Leonhardt Persinger died November 30, 1968, buried in Memorial Park, Oklahoma City
Olive Eudora loving wife of Henry Leonhardt departed this life Dec 22nd, 1906
Jennie, wife of Henry Leonhardt died March 16. 1918
Joy Ruth Baker, Loving daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Leonhardt departed this life April 8th, 1938.
B. F. Rehfeld died July 10, 1931
J. H. Persinger died June 6 (5), 1938
Frank Carpenter died March 17 (14), 1939
Anna T. Carpenter died Sept, 16, 1941
Emma Leonhardt wife of Henry Leonhardt died July 11, 1944
Henry Lewis Leonhardt died on Aug 17, 1952 at the home of his daughter Mrs. Anna Trindle.
Mary Leonhardt Rehfeld died April 5, 1961


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