Kingfisher County Oklahoma Township Grid

Kingfisher County is laid out by Range and Township. The following table may be useful to you in determining the relative position of Land, Towns, and Townships in Kingfisher County.

  Range 9 West Range 8 West Range 7 West Range 6 West Range 6 West
Township 19 North Forest Lacey
Town of Lacey
Town of Hennessey
Sherman Skeleton
Town of Sheridan
Township 18 North River Coronado Center Union Columbia
Town of Columbia
Township 17 North Otter
Town of Loyal
Cooper Cimarron
Town of Dover
Banner Excelsior
Township 16 North Omega
Town of Omega
Reserve Kingfisher
Town of Kingfisher
Grant Logan
Township 15 North Altona
Town of Altona
Park Harrison
Town of Okarche
Lynn Downs
Town of Reeding
Town of Cashion


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