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Kingfisher County Directories
1903 Hennessey Business Directory

Ahlstrom, Pete, grain
Amick, R. B., mng. Long-Bell Lumber Co.
Andrew, W. H., furniture
Anthony, H. F., grain
Armantrout, W. O., photographer
Austin & Jackson, millinery
Baker, J. M., blacksmith
Baker, Mrs. Jennie, dressmaking
Baldwin, C. F., groceries
Baldwin, George, house and sign painting and papering
Ball, C. A., jeweler and news
Barnard, E. G., Poland China Hogs
Barnum, Eli, coal and oil
Bash, J. H., general merchandise
Beach, F. W., furniture
Bear & Westlake, real estate and loans
Beckner, A. L., general repair work
Berlau, M., propr., Corner Saloon
Binding & Son, groceries
Binding, R., auctioneer and loans
Black and Ellexson, butchers
Blake, W. J., stone mason
Block, G. H., lumber
Boston, J. C., feed yard
Bowen, Elmer, builder of ornamental picket fence
Bowerman, H. K., farm insurance
Bradley, E. D., physician and surgeon
Brannen, C. H. , blacksmith shop
Brewer, D. R., butcher
Brewer, Dexter, cartoonist
Brewer, Dexter, house and sign painter
Brewer, R. D. & Son, groceries
Brown, A. E., loans
Brown, Charles, blacksmith
Campbell, John, propr., O. K. Barber Shop and bath rooms
Chambers & Strong, livery
Chase, Mel, Partridge Cochin and Silver Spangled Hamburgs poultry
Clark & Liddle, proprs. Royal Restaurant
Clipper, The
Co. G. barracks
Coleman, G., propr. Broom factory
Colvin Brothers, plasterers and cistern builders
Conly, J. J. pool hall
Conly, J. J., propr., Summit Saloon
Coxson, F. W., groceries
Crabtree, H. S., carpenter
Cravatt, E. A. (colored), barber
Cullum, A. B., physician and surgeon
Cummings, Charles, baker
Curtiss, G. W., laundry
Davis & Sons, proprs., O. K. Restaurant
Dearing, M. G., carpenter
Dinkler, F. A., druggist
Douthitt, E. P., wood yard
Drummond, S. A., Pit Games poultry
Duff, Rev., propr. City Dairy
Dunn, William, Hurry Up Transfer Line
Eagle, The Daily and Weekly
Ehler, Fred, department store
Evans, Charles, house mover
Farmers and Merchants Bank
Farmers Milling Co.
Felt, J. A., postmaster
Fields, A., standard bred horses
First National Bank
Fitch, H. C., National Manufacturing Co.
Fitch, L. W., bill poster
Flummerfelt, A. & Sons, Eli Transfer Co.
Frank Elston, carpenter
Franklin & Son, blacksmiths
French Coach Horse Co.
Gaskill, R. R., patentee grain beater and cleaner
Gilroy, Ed, grain
Goodwin, Walter (colored), groceries
Gose, G. O., physician and surgeon
Gould, Ed, harness
Gray, Lee M., lawyer
Grimes, R. H., roller mill
Gundlach, Mrs. A., restaurant
Hamilton, L. B., White Wyandotte poultry
Hannon, Luke, veterinary surgeon
Harding, Jacoby & Livingston, machine shop
Harrell, M., plasterer and mason
Haselwood, R. F., veterinary surgeon
Hemphill, H., Barred Plymouth Rock poultry
Hennessey National Bank
Henry, Ed., propr., Eclipse Barber Shop and bath rooms
Herget, E., painting and papering
Herzberg & Co., dry goods
Hilbish, Z. T. & Sons, livery
Hollenbeck, G., standard bred and draft horses
Holmes, William, second hand goods
Holt, J. N., cotton gin
Humphrey, J. W., general merchandise
Humphrey, L. B., confectionery
Humphrey, Pud, ornamental sign writer
Humphreys, J. W., produce
Jacoby, J. M., blacksmith
Johnson, W. H., Mammoth Bronze Turkeys
Joiner, B. F. & Co., dry goods and groceries
Kazebeer, Mrs. P., greenhouse
Kazebeer, P., groceries
Kemper, C. H., produce
Kennoyer, M., propr., East Side Barber Shop
Kidney, O. B., live stock and cotton
Klock, C., grain
Kreps, C. M., restaurant
Lane, A. E., propr, pressed brick plant
Leonard, Earl, mgr., Central Oklahoma Telephone Co.
Livingston, L. H., inventor
Livingston, L. H., machinist
Lowry, F. S., cement walks
Luckett, Isacc, sexton colored cemetery
Malaley & Wells, livery
Mathews, Perry, Barred Plymouth Rock poultry
Maupin, H., coach horses and Kentucky jacks
McCarthy, C. T., sprinkler
McKeever, C. T., propr. Sun Flower Poultry Farm
McKissick & Beach, musical instruments
McLenore, T., physician and surgeon
Miles, H. L., real estate and loans
Miles, L. L., dentist.
Miller, C. H. real estate and loans
Miller, Lawrence G., confectionery and soft drinks
Miller, O. D., tinner with Munch & Son
Minear, D. B., wood work and lathe
Montgomery wood work
Moore, A. M., second hand goods
Moore, W. L., lawyer
Morndorff, A. F., loans
Morrell & Henry, blacksmiths
Morris, Fate, Norman horses
Munch, F. P. & Son, hardware
Myers, J. C., Belgian hares
Myers, J. C., poultry
Needham, Mrs., dressmaking
Nicholson, M., (colored), groceries
Noland, Mrs. W. W., Black Minorcas poultry
Overton, S. R., live stock
Pain Brothers, hardware, implements and well drillers
Pain, J. D., real estate
Parks, W. W., propr., Farmers Place Saloon
Patrick & Sons (colored), blacksmiths
Perkins, Charles, justice of the peace
Potter, Ethel M., millinery
Press-Democrat, The
Ralstin, Q. H., horse and mule buyer
Ratliff, J. A., groceries and shoes
Ratzlaff, Dr. D. B.
Rector & White, physicians and surgeons
Renshaw, Ben, brick and stone mason
Renshaw, C. T., carpenter
Renshaw, Gov., brick and stone mason
Rhodes Hotel
Richardson, A. L., mgr., P. T. Walton Lumber Co.
Rogers & Wilson, groceries
Saur, G. C., druggist
Savage Hotel
Schipper, Albert, sexton cemetery
Shaud, I. G., tailor
Shaw, J. H., grain
Shearer, William R., Poland China Hogs
Sheets, K. L., jeweler and optician
Sheridan Horse Co., Percherons
Shiffert, W. J., cigar maker
Singer, M., pool hall
Smith, John, hardware
Smith, Miss Madge, stenographer
Sparks, H. W., carpenter
Spencer, Fred, brick mason
Spencer, W. S., harness shop
Steiglitz, George, propr. Merchants Bar Saloon
Steininger, Mrs., millinery
Stevens & Miller, lawyers
Stitzel, W. H., tinner with John Smith
Sturgeon, H. V., Registered Hereford cattle
Sundberg, O. O., magnetic healer
Sutherland, W. R., director Kid Band
Swim, E. E., bowling alley, confectionery and pop factory
Swim, Mrs. E. E., Light Brahma poultry
Swofford, M., dentist
Swofford, Mrs. M., millinery
Sylvester, F. P., implements
Sylvester, F. P., Registered Durham and Hereford cattle
Tate, M. M., live stock
Tyler, W., wood worker
Van Buren, J. H., English Shire horses
Van Buren, J. H., Polled Angus cattle
Van Trees, Harry, justice of the peace
Wendell, J. H., livery
West & Henderson, Mesdames, papering
Wilkins, Frederick Howard, mgr., Western Union Tel. Co.
Woods, Mrs. U. S., greenhouse
Woolsey, G. W., hardware and implements
Wylie, R. W., lawyer
Yeoman, G. H., Mammoth Bronze Turkeys
Zeigler, Elizabeth, Racket Store
Zuber, H., shoemaker

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