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Kingfisher County Directories
1902 Kingfisher Business Directory

Admire Jacob V, receiver U S land office.
Admire James L, general mdse.
Agee Lee, clothing.
Allen R R, mngr Shade Produce Co.
Ambrose & Linder (A C Ambrose, E J Linder), barbers.
Amsden Lumber Co (Wichita, Kans), J W Fairleigh mngr.
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Co, Gross Longendyke agent.
Ash Milton, contractor.
Ashworth Harry, painter.
Badger & Way (David Badger. Ross R Way), hardware and agl impts.
Baines W J, agt Cameron Mill & Elevator Co.
Ball M A, livery.
Banker Bros (John A and Harry H), agl implts.
Bay Albert C. meats.
Belt Fred A, grocer.
Belt Harry E. shoes.
Binkley Walter R, grain.
Black & Harper (James W Black, Clarence R Harper), bakers and restaurant.
Blackford J L, county weigher.
Blakley & Lowry (C Perry Blakley, James H Lowry), dry goods and groceries.
Blevins Charles, mngr W U Tel Co.
Boland George, supt city water works.
Boling Frank Lr, insurance.
Bort W F Lumber Co, W F Bort pres, M C Bort sec.
Bowlan George, plumber.
BOYNTON & SMITH (Fred L Boynton, Charles W Smith), Lawyers.
Bracken Arthur E, furn and undertkr.
Bradley & Bradley (John T and John T jr), lawyers.
Brennan Vincent A, grocer.
Bright John A, general store.
Brown Frank C, bottling works.
Brown Dr Richard AV, druggist.
Brownlee Emory D, register U S land office.
Buckingham Harry, groceries, queensware, etc.
Buren & Mattingly (Wm A Buren, Wm F Mattingly), saloon.
Burgess J H, livery.
Burns J E, county clerk.
Burrus John E, loans.
BURWELL ALFRED C, Real Estate and Farm Loans.
Butts Bros Lumber Co (Augusta, Kan), E M Breckenridge agt.
Calhoon Clydus D. jeweler.
Cameron Mill and Elevator Co (Ft. Worth, Tex), W J Baines agt.
CARPENTER W H, Propr Kingfisher Hotel, the Commercial Headquarters.
Carrell Henry, restaurant.
Central Hotel, W L Reynolds propr.
Chamberlin John, restaurant.
City Pharmacy (J A Overstreet, C W Fisk, F J Bolend), druggists.
City Water and Electric Light Co, George Boland supt.
Cleaver Harvey M, saloon.
Cleaver Nathan V, District judge.
Cochrane W U, farm machinery.
Coke Henry, vet surg.
COLLINS J, Bonded Abstracter.
Conley Benjamin J, hardware.
Conner Wm E, live stock.
Corlett Henry, flour and feed.
Cornwell Lewis M, blacksmith.
Crosby Arthur J, general mdse.
Cross J C, agt Pabst Brewing Co.
Croswaith Thomas P, city clerk.
Croxton Horace L, painter.
Crum O H, barber.
Cunningham D K, lawyer.
Cunningham W O, agt Waters-Pierce Oil Co.
Batsman W P, feed yard.
Davis Mercantile Co (Edward A & Harley T), genl dry goods.
Davis & Baker, proprs Kingfisher Steam Laundry.
Dawson E, live stock.
DEANE'S HOTEL B L Deane Propr, Main opp N Court House.
Dover Harvey A, osteopath.
Ditterline & Farmer (Green Ditterline & John Farmer), restaurant.
Doorley Wm F, livery.
Doorley Mrs Frank, music teacher.
Drummond Walter G, propr St Charles Hotel.
Dunagan Mrs J R, baker.
Eaton Michael, flour and feed.
Eberman B, mngr saloon.
El Reno Mill and Elevator Co, Geo Newland mngr.
Ewing Frank J, barber.
Fairleigh J W, mngr Amsden Lumber Co.
Farmers Home Hotel, J G Seeley, propr.
Farrington J E & Co (John E Farrington & J L Campbell) grain.
Fauble Henry, brick mnfr.
Flickinger Morton M, seeds.
Fish Wm L, loans.
Fishers Mrs Marie, baker.
First National Bank (A J Seay Pres. George Newer cashier).
Fisk Charles W, physician.
Flewelling & Cornwell, blacksmiths.
Forbes Mark S, lawyer.
Frasier C A & Co, druggists.
Free Press Publishing Co, J V Admire, pres, F L Wenner treas, C F Stephen sec.
Frisbee & Co (Andrew F Frisbee, John H Medbery), 2d-hd goods.
Gee F T, real estate.'
Gilbert House, Wm Gilbert propr.
Gilbert Wm, pianos and organs.
Gibson & Shumate (Richard F Gibson, Edgar H Shumate), real estate.
Gould Lincoln C, blacksmith.
Grand Opera House, C P Wickmiller mngr.
Gregg David S, grocer.
Haines Arthur T, grain, coal and livestock.
Hansen Otto, saloon.
Harper Wm H, confectioner.
Hart G H, tailor.
Hatch, Moore & Henderson (Thomas Hatch, Harry E Moore, W H Henderson), hardware and impts.
Havlin I N, saloon and restaurant.
Heigh L O, contractor.
Hill John C, grocer.
Hinch Marshall W, city attorney.
Hockaday E & Co (Edwin Hockaday, Edwin T Battin), hardware and farm impts.
Hotel Benedict, Mrs M Nickerson propr.
House Mrs, music teacher.
House Rev J T, pres Kingfisher College.
Howel P S, osteopath.
Humphrey Grant, general mdse.
Jackson David W, barber.
James George, contractor.
Johnson C B, flour and feed.
Jones Charles E, R R and U S Exp agt
Jones & McKinlay (Samuel S Jones, Francis R McKinlay), real estate.
Jordan Squire T, shoemaker.
Judge Miles W, pub The Kingfisher Times.
Kane A J, photographer.
Kane M J, lawyer.
Kelly W R, county sheriff.
Kerr Wm F, agt Long-Bell Lumber Co.
Kester R J, livery and bus line.
Kingfisher College, Rev J T House, Pres.
KINGFISHER COMMERCIAL CLUB, P A Belt Pres, F L Boynton Vice-Pres, J A Mann Sec.
Kingfisher Free Press The, Free Press Publishing Co.
KINGFISHER HOTEL, W H Carpenter Propr.
Kingfisher Mill and Elevator Co, J H Crabtree pres, E M Flickinger sec.
Kingfisher National Bank, L F Potter pres, G A Nelson, cashier.
Kingfisher Telephone Exchange, W J Steele mngr.
Kingfisher Times, M W Judge pub.
Lacey B D, contractor.
Laing George H, dep dist clk.
Lee Miss Anna, milliner.
Lewis Thomas M. saloon.
Lipskitz Louis, clothing.
Logan, Snow & Co (G H Logan, A L Snow, J H Stephens, F A Luder), genl dry goods.
Long-Bell Lumber Co, Wm U Kerr mngr.
Longendyke Band, Prof Herbert Simpson, leader.
Longendyke Gross, agt Anheuser-BueschBrewing Co.
Lott Bros (David C and John H),books, etc.
Lowery John H, barber.
Lyle R A, lawyer.
Lyle & Ewing (R A Lyle, Amos Ewing), ins agts.
McCartney W A, lawyer.
McClung W L, saloon.
McCracken & Eggleston (John W McCracken, James A Eggleston), confectionery.
McDaniel Benjamin F, machinist.
McEndree Wm & Co (Wm, Charles C and Harrv C McEndree), grocers.
McKinley Charles E, news depot P O
McKinley Emily, postmaster.
McLoud K, saloon.
McNaught George W, loans.
Mann J A, sec Kingfisher Commercial Club.
Mass Herman, fruit grower.
Menzies Thomas, lawyer.
Meyer & Brinckmeyer (Herman W Meyer, George D Brinckmeyer), hardware and impts.
Miles T H, dentist.
Miller C H, register of deeds.
Mitchell George W, lawyer.
Morsman Dorman J, furniture and undertaker.
Moss George D, county supt schools.
Moulden A A, painter.
Nagle Patrick S, lawyer.
Nelson G A, coashier Kingfisher National Bank.
Nicholson J P, machinist.
Nickerson Mrs M, propr Hotel Benedict.
Noffsinger Wallace W, county attorney.
Oklahoma Mill Co, W H Kinney pres, J E Ruth, sec.
Overstreet Joseph A, physician.
Pappe Richard, saloon.
Parker Rev J H (Congregational).
Patrick James S, agrl impts.
Patterson E A, grocer.
Peck George C, feed yard.
PEOPLE'S NATIONAL BANK, E Hockaday Pres, G H Logan Vice-Pres, J M Speice Cashier.
Phillips & Phillips (Abraham and Thomas F), flour and feed.
Phippen Fred J, 2nd hand goods.
Potter Ethel M, millinery.
Preston J W, florist.
Raymaker John J, meat market.
Reformer The, H C Wilson publr.
Reynolds W E, propr Central Hotel. '
Rising Herman C, photographer.
Robb James C, grain elevator,
Roberts C H, supt of schools.
Roberts Marguerite, music teacher.
Roberts & Bowman (J C Roberts, George L Bowman), lawyers.
Ruemmeli-Braun Co The, J C Cross local mngr, agts Pabst Brewing Co.
Ruth J E, see Oklahoma Mill Co.
St Charles Hotel, W G Drummond propr.
St Clair H C, real estate.
Salesman S W, painter
Sanders Spencer E, probate judge.
Schowalter A H & Co (August H Schowalter, Jacob S Eymann), lumber and coal.
Schrader Fred, painter.
Seay A J, pres First National Bank
Seeley Julius G, propr Farmers Home Hotel
Shade Produce Co, R R Allen mngr.
Share Alonzo L, phys and county coroner.
Shaw Otis D, grocer.
Shober Arthur E, racket store.
Sillman Fred G, saloons.
Simpson Stanley S, dentist.
Slater & Lewis (Noah W Slater, John W Lewis), harnessmkrs.
Sloan Eber U, physician.
Snider Albert J, blacksmith.
Sockler C E, brick mnfr.
Sockler Otto, saloon.
SPEICE J M, Cashr People's National Bank.
Spilman Edward G. lawyer.
Sprague A M. physician.
Stalmaker A E, county surveyor.
Starry Buel H, meat market.
Steele W J, mngr Telephone Exchange
Stone Ira G, physician.
Story & Andrews, meats.
Taylor Frederick, shoemaker.
Thurston Mrs N B, restaurant.
Tincher Joseph E, druggist.
True Frank A, jeweler.
United States Express Co. C E Jones agent.
U S Land Office. E D Brownlee register, J V Admire receiver.
Utterback Harvey, county treasurer.
Vandera Rev Fred (Catholic).
Von Merveldt Carl, livery.
Walton I A. real estate,
Waters-Pierce Oil Co. W O Cunningham, agent.
Webb Maurice L. printer.
Weinberger David, wines, liquors and cigars.
Wells James M, contractor.
Western Union Tel Co, Charles Blevins mngr.
Wherry Rev W A (Christian).
Whirlow Wm S, lawyer.
Whistler T P, lawyer.
Wickmiller Charles P, druggist.
Wilde John T, live stock.
Wilson Henry C, pub The Reformer.
Wilson & Johnson, billiard hall.
Wolf L & Co (Louis Wolf), dry goods.
Wood Andrew C. city marshal.
Woodrow E F, restaurant.
Woodward Rev W E (Methodist).

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