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The easiest method to quickly search ALL the OGS On-Line Records is to use the Custom Search Bar below.    Just type in a surname, town, or other key word to search ALL on-line records as well as old queries.   You may type two words and it will find when both words are in same article.  Unfortunately, it does not recognize wild cards such as * and ?.    The results will appear with links below.  You can then click to go directly to the page or article of interest.


If you prefer to browse the records, just scroll down and click on any item link below.

Administrator Records

Administrator Record - United States Court – Indian Territory
1st Division – Northeastern Area, Book A - 17 Feb 1891 to 19 Sept 1895

Bible Records

Bond Family Bible Record
Bible of Joseph R. Boone
Boone (Bird-Simonton) Bible Record
Bowden Bible Record
Bradford Family Bible Record
Family Record of Hopeful Brown and William Tyler (Married 1799)
Cooke Family Record
The Azariah P. Davis Bible
Deadmond-Wilbourn Records
Dickson-Williams Bible Record and Supplement
Fairbanks Bible Record
Galloway Bible Record
Helterbrand Family Bible Record
Hodges Family Bible Record
Ijams (Lams) Bible Record
John Jennings Family
Lewis Bible Record
Magruder-Dyer Bible Records
Morris Bible Record
Norris Monroe Main Bible Record
Petty Family Bible
Potts Bible
Rex/Recks Bible Record
Roberts Bible Record
Teeter Bible Record
Tidwell Family Bible Records
Tucker Family Record
Wall - Aldridge - Owens Bible Record
Wall – Craddock – Kent Bible Record
Walter Locke Bible
Wheeler-Smith Bible Records
Whipple Family Bible Record
Worl Bible Record


Cemeteries grouped by County alphabetically

Wares Cemetery Beard Twp., Alfalfa County, Oklahoma

Atoka County, Oklahoma Cemeteries
Sexton and Seco-McGee Cemeteries

Ebenfield Cemetery, Blaine County, OK
Tulles Cemetery, Blaine County, OK
Winnview Cemetery, Blaine County, OK

Catholic Cemetery near Hinton, Caddo County
Hinton Cemetery, Caddo County, Oklahoma

Fort Reno Military Cemetery, at old Fort Reno, Canadian County

Bohannon/Davis Plot, Choctaw County
Choctaw County Family Cemeteries
Earing Cemetery, Choctaw County
Goodwater Cemetery, Choctaw County
Roebuck Cemetery, Choctaw County
Veterans Buried at Spring Chapel Cemetery, Choctaw County

Indian Graves, Cleveland County

Adams Cemetery, Cimarron County
Bertrand Cemetery, Cimarron County
Nettleton/Taylor Cemetery, Cimarron County

Elgin Cemetery, Comanche County, Oklahoma
Geronimo Cemetery, Comanche County, Oklahoma
Letitia Cemetery, Comanche County, Oklahoma
Meers Cemetery, Comanche County, Oklahoma
Paradise Valley Baptist Cemetery, Comanche County, Oklahoma

Old Cemetery, Sapulpa, Creek County

Vicksburg Cemetery, Custer County, Oklahoma

Silver City Cemetery, Grady County

Citra Cemetery, Hughes County, Oklahoma
McBride Cemetery, Hughes County
Panther Creek Cemetery, Hughes County, Oklahoma

Kaw Indian Cemetery, Kay County

Mt. Pisgah Cemetery, Kingfisher County

Joel Moseley Grave, Jackson County

Hearrell Cemetery, Johnston County
Indian Cemetery, Johnston County

Oklahoma Graves of Military Men in Service, Logan County

Unnamed Cemetery in Love County, Oklahoma

Oak Ridge Cemetery , Murray-Garvin Co., Oklahoma

Genzer and Kuhlman Cemeteries, Oklahoma County

Ashland Cemetery, Pittsburg County
Cheadle Cemetery, Pittsburg County
Chickasaw Indian Cemetery, Pittsburg County
Choate Prairie Cemetery, Pittsburg County
Massey Cemetery, Pittsburg County
Pine Top Cemetery, Pittsburg County

Unknown Cemetery, Pushmataha County, Oklahoma

Hartville Cemetery, Texas County, Oklahoma

LAY Family Cemetery Markers

Floyd Family Cemetery Records

Roxbury Cemetery, McPherson Co., Kansas, Warranty Deed

Indian Cemetery, Lewis County, Washington

Weddle Family Death Records, Bear Creek Cemetery, Brown County, Indiana



1890 Oklahoma Territorial Census Statistics for Kingfisher, Payne and Beaver Counties

1890 Census - Indian Territory, Old Towson County, Choctaw Nation



Notes from Founding History Baptist Churches
Union Area, 1762-1812, South Carolina

Friendship Baptist Church, Choctaw Nation, I.T.

Methodists in 1810

Episcopal Whirlwind Missions

Old Baptist Mission Church (near Westville, Adair County, Oklahoma)



A Partial 1900 Directory of Garfield County, Oklahoma

(The First) City Directory Of Oklahoma City, Indian Territory August 22, 1889


Families & Miscellaneous

Adairs of Scottish and Cherokee Indian Origin

Two Ancestral Tables: Dollard and Kirkley

Family Reunions, 1976:Hunter, Miller, Reames, Draper Families

Lyndon Baines Johnson, Abraham Lincoln, and Parks Family Records

Parks Family Records

An Open Letter to Descendants* of Pocahontas

Oklahoma’s Roots Are Deep:
Jesse Bird, M.D.
The HUGHES Family
Nadie Lee MEHLIN
Gerald L. PAGE

Old Timer Tales by Tony Thomas the Fiddling Sawmiller

Rose Family

The Sandage Family

From the Scrapbooks of Mrs. A.A. Hurd

Territory Tales: The Ricks Family

Thumbnail Sketches of James Manford Carselowey
(From the Cherokee District)

Tidbits from the OGS Quarterly, Taken from Volume 9, No. 4, December 1964

Tidbits from the OGS Quarterly, Taken from Volume 11, No. 3 and No, 4 December 1966

The Wagner Family in 1889 Oklahoma Run


Funeral Records

Funeral Register Books, Stickley Funeral Home of Canadian, Texas



Battle of Round Mountains, November 19, 1861

No Man's Land



Index to Oklahoma Records Printed in The OGS Quarterly - (To 1979) - by County

Index to Oklahoma Genealogical Quarterly for 1978 - by Surname

Table of Contents for the
Bulletin of the Oklahoma Genealogical Society Volume 1 - 5

Table of Contents for the
The Oklahoma Genealogical Quarterly Volume 6 - 10

Table of Contents for the
The Oklahoma Genealogical Quarterly Volume 11 - 15

Table of Contents for the
The Oklahoma Genealogical Quarterly Volume 16 - 19



Moody Family

Pond Creek Odd Fellows

Riggins - Combest



Atoka County Marriages

James Manford Carselowey Reports:
“Early Marriages in Arkansas Territory”

Caddo County, Oklahoma Marriages, Book I
September 1901 – 3 May 1905

Choctaw County, Oklahoma: Marriages Recorded, Book 1

Coal County, Oklahoma Marriages 1893 to 1912

Coombs—Sisson Marriage

Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma Marriages Book 1-A


Military Records

OGS Observes Civil War Centennial - Sixth Series
OGS Observes Civil War Centennial - Seventh Series

Roster of Bean’s Rangers
Ft. Gibson, Oklahoma
August 25 – October 31, 1832

Muster Roll of the Pickensville Grays
41st Alabama Regiment Co. C, 1862-65

Muster Roll of 23rd Regiment, Texas Cavalry, C.S.A.
Jno. Allison, Captain
A.C. Gould, Colonel

11th Census of the U.S
1890 Oklahoma and Indian Territories,
(the) Schedules Enumerating Union Veterans and Widows of Union Veterans of the Civil War



Newspaper Abstracts

Canadian Free Press Newspaper—Hemphill County, Texas

Chickasha Express, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory

Death and Obituary Notices
(Most are from Ames, Oklahoma. in South Eastern Major County, 1902-1905)

Indian Chieftain (weekly), Vinita, I.T.

Purcell - Chickasaw Nation - Indian Territory - 1887
(Advertisers list)

The Reformer - Kingfisher, Oklahoma - Feb 22 1900 - July 4 1901
(Lots of Births, Marriages and Deaths Recorded Here)

The Vindicator - Atoka, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory, 1872



(From the notes of Rev. Alan Smith Cameron, Methodist Minister, Wagoner, OK)

Obituary of a Pioneer Oklahoman
Martha Jane (Bell) Abbott


Queries from Older OGS Quarterlies

Index to Queries from older OGS Quarterlies

Surname Index of Queries from older OGS Quarterlies


Sheriffs and Marshals

Sheriffs, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, Snake District

Index to United States Marshals, 1789-1960
(Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma to 1950, and Texas)


Tax Rolls

1898 Assessment Roll
Altus Township, Greer County, Oklahoma Territory
(Jackson County Since 1907)


Research Helps

What to do when the Court House has burned...
and you are all out of marshmallows

by: Lois M. Copley

Researching Creek Indians Prior to Removal
By Jacqueline W. Hines, Mobile, AL

What Is Proof?
By Marie Garland

Research in Probate Records
Notes by Mrs. Edith S. Smith

Hunting Your Ancestors in England
Report by Mr. Darby

Abstracts of Records for Genealogical Purposes
Courtesy of The Hoosier Genealogist, Indiana Historical Society, Indianapolis, Indiana

Vital Records

Arkansas Territory Data
Cherokee Nation, Some Births and Deaths

Early Oklahoma Birth Records
This is a partial listing covering the birth records kept by Dr. Jesse Bird




Oklahoma Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 12986, Oklahoma City, OK 73157