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Descendants of Berry L. Horsley

Third Generation

9. Nettie Horsley (Joshua Theodore , Berry L. ) was born on 11 Jan 1872 in In the Cherokee Strip. She died on 23 Nov 1926.

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Nettie married William Jackson Jarvis son of Samual Jarvis and Sarah Fultz. William was born on 12 Aug 1863 in Shelby County Illinois. He died on 12 Jul 1950 in Shawnee, Ok..

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William and Nettie had the following children:

  23 F i Living
        Living married Living.
  24 F ii Living
        Living married Living.
+ 25 F iii Living
  26 M iv Living
  27 F v Living
        Living married Living.
  28 F vi Elaine Jarvis died in Mar 1997.

Description: E0A5982AE8219F428AB56FD9624233962554
        Elaine married Living.
  29 M vii Living
  30 F viii Living
        Living married Living.
  31 M ix Living

12. Calvin Horsley (Joshua Theodore , Berry L. ) was born on 19 Sep 1873. He died on 18 Jun 1942 in Marshall Oklahoma.

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Calvin married Margaret Frances Bennett daughter of Elijah Bennett and Louisa Teter on 22 Nov 1904 in Enid Oklahoma. Margaret was born on 18 Aug 1883 in Circleville, Pendleton Co., W. Virginia. She died on 27 Sep 1959 in Enid Oklahoma.

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Calvin and Margaret had the following children:

  32 M i "John" Quinton Roosevelt Horsley was born on 6 Jun 1920 in Enid, Garfield Co., Oklahoma. He died on 13 Nov 1994 in Enid Oklahoma.

Description: C09D41AB62D4AB41B61387167F2287D2CB2A
  33 F ii Velora Mildred Horsley was born 1 on 22 Apr 1908 in Marshal Oklahoma. She was christened 2 in Social Security #: 557-12-6051. She died 3 on 20 Nov 1989 in Newhall California. She was buried 4 in SS# issued in: California. Velora was baptized 5 in Last residence ZIP: 91321.

Description: 01558DFA900B3740BB831C06D4149D0DE118

[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1 A-L, Ed. 5, Social Security DeathIndex: U.S., Date of Import: Jun 6, 1998, Internal Ref.#]

Individual: Horsley, Velora
Social Security #: 557-12-6051
SS# issued in: California

Birth date: Apr 22, 1908
Death date: Nov 20, 1989

ZIP Code of last known residence: 91321
Primary location associated with this ZIP Code:

Newhall, California
+ 34 M iii Ray Calvin Horsley
+ 35 F iv Living
  36 F v Irene Opal Horsley was born on 17 Dec 1913. She died on 25 Aug 1941.

Description: 7B7D86B888EA1548B3E37FE2E7A00D48D886
+ 37 F vi Living
+ 38 F vii Virginia "Bobby" Katherine Horsley
+ 39 F viii Living
+ 40 F ix Velva Verona Horsley

15. Lenora Horsley (Joshua Theodore , Berry L. ) was born in 1884 in Hunnewell Kansas. She died in Miles City Montana.

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Lenora married Charles Douglas "Mockingbird" Jones. Charles died in Minnesota.

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Charles and Lenora had the following children:

  41 F i Living
        Living married Gene Jewell Hannaford. Gene was born on 28 Mar 1905 in Illinois. He died in Mar 1985 in Laguna Hills Ca..

Description: D3DA4ECD27D81F46969669E2BC68185938C6
  42 M ii Living

16. Grace Horsley (Joshua Theodore , Berry L. ) was born on 19 Jan 1887 in Hunnewell Kansas. She died on 21 Nov 1971 in Shawnee Oklahoma.

Description: 8B0DC03CEB99F140B1817AA4BA840C23060E

Grace married LeRoy "Roy " Jarvis son of Samual Jarvis and Sarah Fultz. LeRoy was born on 10 Sep 1883 in Barton County Missourri. He died on 22 Jan 1946 in Shawnee, Ok.

Description: 7A40D25AF5577349AD8D6576F9EF05120272

LeRoy and Grace had the following children:

  43 F i Living

18. Louda ( Londa ) Horsley (Simeon "Uncle Simmy" , Berry L. ) was born in 1880 in Illinois. He died 1 on 27 Dec 1913 in St. Francis Hospital, Wichita Kansas.

Description: 8A163AEA73045940882444A893AA654250B4

Description: 3DB2010A691C1245B4651A17E63ADE8CAA0F

Louda married Nellie Mines daughter of Eli Gunsaulas and Eva GUNSAULUS on 19 Sep 1905 in Marshall, Ok Justice Of Peace. Nellie was born in 1883.

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Louda and Nellie had the following children:

  44 M i Living

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