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Descendants of Berry L. Horsley

First Generation

1. Berry L. Horsley was born in 1823 in Kentucky. He died 1884-05-28 at Hunnewell, Kansas, Buried in Coles County Illinois

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Berry married Sarah N.. Sarah was born in 1825 in Kentucky.

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Berry and Sarah had the following children:

+ 2 M i Joshua Theodore Horsley
+ 3 M ii Simeon "Uncle Simmy" Horsley
  4 M iii William A. Horsley was born 1 in 1848 in Ill.

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  5 F iv Rosella Horsley was born in 1856 in Ill.

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  6 F v Isadore Horsley was born in 1858 in Ill.

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  7 M vi Samuel Horsley was born in 1862 in Ill.

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  8 F vii Lensatha (Sophia) Horsley was born in 1866.

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Berry's Probate
Berry's Headstone

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