Assorted News Clippings

Harrison Orders Cattlemen
Off the Strip

Omaha Daily Bee. February 18, 1890
Omaha, Neb. 187?-1922
   St Louis Globe-Democrat:—The Cattle barons were able to retain their hold upon the Cherokee strip during Cleveland's term, but they will find that the present administration is not favorable to combines and monopolies.

St. Paul Daily Globe. February 19, 1890
Saint Paul, Minn. 1884-1896

Ordered Off the Strip.

   Washington, Feb. 18.—President Harrison has issued a proclamation ordering all cattle owners to remove their stock from the Cherokee strip by Oct.1, 1889.
Note the wrong date.

Omaha Daily Bee. February 22, 1890
Omaha, Neb. 187?-1922
Hard on Cattle Men
   St Louis, Mo Feb 21.—A dispatch from San Angelo , Texas, which lies in the midst of the cattle-producidg region of that state says the president's proclamation ousting cattlemen from the Cherokee strip wlll entail losses running up to hundreds of thousands of dollars to the stockmen of Texas, who have the lease of the large pastures of the nation at a great expense.

Omaha Daily Bee. February 23, 1890
Omaha, Neb. 187?-1922
   Kansas Citv , Mo , Feb 22.—President Hewins of the Cherokee Strip Live Stock Association said today that his company will next month take the necessary steps toward the removal of its cattle by October 1 in compliance with the presidents order.
   He does not know where they will ship , but supposes in all directions. He exhibited a letter from Chief Mayes on the subject, in which the chief says, "The Cherokees look upon this course of the administration as very unreasonable and unjust to them and without lawful authority to be dispossessed of the use and benefit of their lands is something the Cherokee nation cannot submit to under any circumstances unless forced to do so."

Mohave County Miner February 22, 1890
Mineral Park, Aizona Territory 1882-1918
   The President has issued a proclamation directing that all cattle in the Cherokee outlet be removed by the first of Oct next. There are several hundred thousand in this strip of country and the cattlemen must get out so that it can be opened for settlement.