Cherokee Strip Live Stock Association Brand Book



Southwest Cattle - Growers' Association


MEDICINE LODGE, KAS., March 17 & 18, '82

    The stockmen organized as the Soutwestern Cattle Growers' Association, and elected officers for the ensuing year, as follows:
    E. W. Payne, President.
    D. A. Greever, David Stith and F. B. Hunt, Vice Presidents
    W. F. Houghton, Secretary.
    W. W. Cook, Treasurer.
    The Committee on Credentials were: Messrs. R. W. Phillip, Comanche county; D. A. Greever, Cherokee Strip; F. B. Hunt, Barbour county; Wash Mussett, Indian Territory, and Werk Randolf, Camp Supply, who reported seventy-two persons for membership, and fixed the membership at $1.00.
    The following resolution was adopted by the Association:

    Resolved, That it is the sense of the stockmen and ranchmen of the Cattle Growers' Association of the Southwest, that the six-shooter is not an absolute necessity and necessary adjunct to the outfit of cowboys working on the ranges of this Association, and we deprecate its use except in extreme cases of necessity while on duty, in protecting the rights and property against Indians and outlaws. And further, we condemn the habit of carrying six-shooters by cowbows or others, especially while visiting an of the towns along the border.

    The Committee on Round-ups reported as follows.

    That the general round-up parties shall meet at several respective places named below on the 7th of May, so as to prepare to commence work on the following day under the management of captains appointed to take charge of these outfits. The ranges to be worked by these outfits take in the stretch of country lying between the North Canadian and the head of the Medicine Rivers, which is to be worked from the East to the West. This round-up party is to be divided into six separate divisions.
    The first division on the south is to meet and start from Dickey's headquarters camp, seven miles west of Fort Cantonment, under the charge of C. F. Ploughman.
    The second division to start from Ewell's headquarters camp, on Eagle Chief, under the charge of Nick Sherlock.
The third division to start from W. E. Campbell's camp on Sand Creek, under the charge of James Wilson.
    The fourth division to start from Whitney's camp on Antelope Flat, under the charge of John Mosley.
    The fifth division to start from Bratton's ranch, on Elm Creek, under the charge of Street Jones.
    The sixth division to start from the mouth of Thompson's Creek, under the charge of S. H. Farrar.
[Signed by]

Jesse Evans,
David Stith,
F. B. Hunter,
D. Greever,
L. Wilson

WM. Lindsey,
Tony Day,
C.D. Nelson,
Chas. Douglass,
Nick Sherlock.


    The Committee on Brand Book recommended that the memebrs of the Southwestern insert their brands in the Cherokee Strip Brand Book.  Adopted.

R. W. Phillips,
S. K. W. Field,
R. T. Greer


    The following resolutions were passed:
    Resolved, That all cows and calves be removed from the herd before cutting out the steers.
    Resolved, That no herds be cut out and driven off the ranges without first having been inspected for strays.
    Resolved, That we, members of the Cattle Grower's Association of the Southwest, do not think it just or our duty to go to the expense of gathering up all the cattle held by parties within the jusridiction of this Association other than those who have permanent ranches and co-operate with us.
    Resolved, That we, the Cattle Growers of teh Southwest, in convention assembled, do condemn the practice of turning cattle loose on the range without any effort to herd or take care of same, and the practice of taking cattle on hire, where such increase of stock would infringe on the rights of adjoining cattlemen, as conduct unworthy any honorable cattleman.
    Resolved, That all calves shall be branded in the marks of their dams when found on ranges not their own, and same reported and published in the county papers.

    Mr. Kirk moved that present officers of the Association be made the Finance Committee on Brand Book. Motion prevailed.
   Adjourned, to meet at Medicine Lodge, November 15th, 1882.