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Updated: 19 Oct 2009

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Creek County Photos

If you have photos you would like to share, please contact me before sending.

1935 Oklahoma Honor Roll - Bristow
1935 Oklahoma Honor Roll - Depew
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1929 Drumright High School
1929 Drumright High School Annual
1935 Oklahoma Honor Roll - Drumright, Drumright
Drumright1.jpg (97115 bytes) 1960 Drumright Edison Elementary 
Basketball Team
1964 Drumright High School Annual 
jefferson-school-c1915.jpg (112265 bytes) c1915 Jefferson School, Sapulpa
SCHGRP2.jpg (51827 bytes) 1939 Jefferson Elementary School, Sapulpa 
Second Grade Class
SCHGRP3.jpg (57446 bytes) 1940  Jefferson Elementary School, Sapulpa 
Third Grade Class
SCHGRP5.jpg (37753 bytes) 1941 Jefferson Elementary School, Sapulpa
Fourth Grade Class
SCHGRP4.jpg (51122 bytes) 1942 Jefferson Elementary School, Sapulpa
Fifth Grade Class
No Photos
1943-1944 Jefferson School, Parent-Teacher Association, Sapulpa [off_site_link]
Kellyville Public Schools
1935 Kellyville High School 
Thanks Glenda
1935 Oklahoma Honor Roll - Kellyville
kellyville1939.jpg (63352 bytes) 1939 Kellyville High School 
Thanks Glenda
1940 Kellyville High School 
Thanks Glenda
No Photos
1912 Kiefer High School
First graduating class consisted of two students: 
George Henry Jennings
Gilbert Nelson Heller
kiefers1925.jpg (48568 bytes) 1925 Kiefer School
1935 Oklahoma Honor Roll - Kiefer
kiefer_school.jpg (33688 bytes)           Kiefer School - Year Unknown
moundsschool.jpg (27061 bytes)            Mounds School - Date Unknown
1935 Oklahoma Honor Roll - Mounds
Lone Prairie School House            Lone Prairie School - Date Unknown
1935 Oklahoma Honor Roll - Oilton, Oilton
1945 Olive High School
Thanks Dave
No Photos
1914 Sapulpa High School Thanks Jack
sapulpa1930.gif (127219 bytes) c1930 Sapulpa - School Name Unknown
sapulpa_hi_1933.jpg (60026 bytes) 1933 Sapulpa High School
1935 Oklahoma Honor Roll - Sapulpa
1938 Sapulpa High School -  Yearbook 
Thanks Connie
No Photos
1965 Sapulpa High School Graduating Class 
eucheemission.jpg (23795 bytes)     Euchee Mission, Sapulpa
Woodlawn School Woodlawn School, Sapulpa - the old school
SCHGRP1.jpg (39347 bytes) 1912 - 1913 
First or Second Grade Class
Old Woodlawn Elementary School, Sapulpa 
No Photos
1926 - 1961 Shamrock High School Alumni 
Thanks Gene
1935 Oklahoma Honor Roll - Shamrock

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Sapulpa Historical Museum has many many class photo's including those that were displayed on the walls of the old Sapulpa High School. Iím not aware of a list of exactly what they have.
Sapulpa Historical Museum has old school annuals for sale - contact Doris R. Yocham for more information
1960 - 1963 Sapulpa High School Annual Jerri Gantz Mahoney 1963 Graduate
1967 Kiefer School  Annual Jack Delmar 1967 Graduate
Schools list of known schools and anything else I've learned