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Twin Mounds Cemetery
Mounds area Oklahoma

Twin Mounds Community and Twin Mounds Cemetery

First called Posey, town dated to 1880s and then was renamed for noted
landmark.  Citizens moved to Mounds in 1903 when R.R. bypassed town.  1905
discovery of oil nearby on Glenn farm led to boom that lasted into 1920s.
Thos. Gilcrease's allotment was nearby.  Area's first cemetery remains.
About one hundred years ago a man died on this prairie.  There was no
Mounds, Glenpool, Kiefer, and no cemetery.  "Uncle Dump" Berryhill's heart
was moved with compassion and he gave this five acres for a cemetery.  Later
he camped here with a rifle cradled across his knees and kept the oil
drillers out.
Twin Mounds was a settlement in the early 1880's.  It was named because of 
the prominent landmark, of two hills rising form the flat lands.  The 
settlement originally had a store, school and several houses.  When the 
railroad built south in 1903, it was by passed for a stop three miles 
further.  Most of the businesses and people moved to the train stop named 

The real need for the cemetery developed during the Glenn Pool oil boom, in 
1905 to 1920.

Longtime residents of the area say the cemetery was originally much larger 
than today's fenced portion.  Some graves have been moved, but they suspect 
that others may be included in the nearby pasture land.  There are some 
markers outside the fence now.

The cemetery is not kept up at all.  It lies close to Duck Creek, which makes 
it marshy at times.  Though the cemetery is still used, no one wants to 
assume the responsibility for its preservation.

This spot is now being recognized for its historical significance and is
being restored from neglect.  These dead were once as active as you and I
when they began to settle this part of the world.  We ask you enter this
spot with respect for them.
This cemetery has been listed as being in Tulsa County & Creek County depending
source one reads. I'm not sure - if you have definite information please email me
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