Saint Johns Cemetery, Creek County, Oklahoma - Genealogy


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 Updated: 04 Sep 2011


Saint Johns Cemetery
Sapulpa, Creek County, Oklahoma

sources vary in exact location

Cemetery is located in the African-American section of Sapulpa, in the southwest part of the city. 

Cemetery is located south of Sapulpa. It is an African-American cemetery located by St. John Baptist church. There are two other African American cemeteries located in Sapulpa, Fairview and North Heights located northwest of town.

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The following information has been gathered from obituaries and submissions by family members.
If you have family buried in this cemetery, please send your information to [email protected]
I will add it to the page as soon as possible.


SURNAME Given Date Birth Date Death Comments
HOPKINS Vernon 11-10-1905 01-18-1988 obit
HOWARD Luther Sr. 01-10-1903 01-31-1991 obit