Shamrock Cemetery, Shamrock, Creek County, Oklahoma
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Shamrock Cemetery
Shamrock, Creek County, Oklahoma

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The old Shamrock Cemetery is located on the old Shamrock Road between Drumright and Shamrock about 3/4 miles north of Shamrock and 1/2 mile off Hwy 16 on the west. The old Shamrock Cemetery was renovated and given to the city in it's present condition (which is very good) by Jack B. Sellers, descendant of Shamrock pioneer D. C. (Coin) Sellers and owner of the Sellers ranch, which surrounds this cemetery.

The North Shamrock Cemetery (also known as the South Drumright Cemetery) is located on the same road between Drumright and Shamrock, about halfway, on land that was also surrounded by the Sellers ranch, hence, was known for many years as the Sellers Cemetery. However, the original owner of the cemetery land was Perry Bowers, who buried the earliest permanent residents of this cemetery, as well as being buried there himself, and the owners of the Sellers ranch called this the Bowers Cemetery.

Jack B. Sellers donated this cemetery to the city of Drumright, and doubled it's size. In recent times, the City has taken to calling this the Greenlawn Cemetery. This may be the only cemetery in the country with a pumping oil well in the middle of it. 
Source history submitted by R. A. SELLERS III <[email protected]> May 2000.

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The Shamrock cemetery is about 1/2 mile west of Shamrock, turn west on the street by the green City building. Greenlawn Cemetery is located 1/2 mile west of the Shamrock Cemetery to the section line and then north approximately 3-4 miles. The cemetery is located on the west side of the road. Both cemeteries are well kept.


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