USGS GNIS Caddo Co. OK Towns

List of Populated Places of Caddo County, Oklahoma from the
U.S. Geological Survey

(towns incorporated and unincorporated)

Feature Name Lat/Long USGS 7.5' x 7.5' Map
Albert 351358N/0982440W Fort Cobb Dam
Alden 345831N/0983506W Alden
Alfalfa 351308N/0983625W Alfalfa
Anadarko 350421N/0981436W Anadarko East
Apache 345337N/0982156W Apache
Apache Wye 350237N/0982123W Anadarko West
Binger 351832N/0982030W Binger
Boone 345355N/0982742W Boone
Bridgeport 353247N/0982303W Bridgeport
Broxton 345909N/0982432W Boone
Carnegie 350613N/0983612W Carnegie
Cement 345555N/0980824W Cyril
Cogar 352002N/0980749W Cogar
Cyril 345347N/0981201W Cyril
Dutton 351214N/0980539W Anadarko NE
Eakly 351819N/0983327W Eakly
Fort Cobb 350552N/0982607W Fort Cobb
Gracemont 351118N/0981537W Gracemont
Hatchetville 345631N/0982637W Boone
Hinton 352817N/0982119W Hinton
Indian City 350214N/0981332W Anadarko East
Lookeba 352146N/0982200W Binger
Nowhere 350933N/0982631W Fort Cobb Dam
Pine Ridge 350054N/0982639W Fort Cobb
Sickles 352146N/0982651W Sickles
Spring Creek 351542N/0981059W Cogar
Squaretop 350431N/0981805W Anadarko West
Stecker 345727N/0981856W Apache
Swan Lake 351405N/0983057W Alfalfa
Three-Way Corner 351727N/0982442W Sickles
Washita 350610N/0982026W Anadarko West

This list is not comprehensive, but gives all the towns listed by the
Geographical Name Information Server.


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