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Caddo County, Okla.
Populated Places

Albert 351358N - 0982440W
9 mi. N. of Ft Cobb. Post Office established Sept. 1, 1910 named for Albert Baker townsite owner. On Apri 14, 1906, a post office named Oney had been discontinued at this approximate location.
Alden 345831N - 0983506W
9 mi. S. of Carnegie. Post office from Dec. 5, 1901 to Dec. 31, 1929. named for Alden Carpenter the son of Jennie Carpenter, first Postmaster.
Alfalfa 351308N - 0983625W
formerly Boise , 7 mi. N. of Carnegie. Name changed to Alfalfa Dec, 16, 1908 named for the chief local agricultural product. Post Office discontinued on Aug. 31, 1962.
Anadarko 350421N - 0981436W
County Seat of Caddo County. Post Office established Apr. 22, 1873 name is the corruption of the Caddo word Na-da-ko, the name of one of the Caddoan tribes.
Townsite lots were sold on August 6, 1901 to lucky bidders.
Apache 345337N - 0982156W
Post Office established Sept. 3, 1901. The word Apache is probably from the Zuni word for "enemy"
Binger 351832N - 0982030W
20 mi.N NW of Anadarko. Post Office established Nov. 5, 1901. named for Binger Herman commissioner of the General Land Office 1897-1903
Was initially called Herman.
Boise 351308N - 0983625W
7 mi. N. of Carnegie.
Post Office established Feb. 3, 1902
named for John Boise of Carnegie
Name changed to Alfalfa Dec, 16, 1908
Boone 345355N - 0982742W
History of Boone township
Bridgeport 353247N - 0982303W
5 mi. N. of Hinton. Post Office established Feb. 20, 1895. Site of stage crossing of the Canadian River. name came into use because people would wait at the
site for low water so that they could cross the river
Broxton 345909N - 0982432W
7 mi. NW of Apache. Post office from Feb. 26, 1903 - Jun. 15, 1906
Carnegie 350613N - 0983612W
Post Office established Dec. 28, 1901. named to honor Andrew Carnegie by F. E. Rickey, El Reno real estate dealer, who platted the townsite.
Cement 345555N - 0980824W
Post Office established Jun. 02, 1902. named for nearby quarrying operation
Post Office established Sep. 20, 1899. name changed to Fort Cobb Oct. 31, 1902. named for the nearby site of Fort Cobb, a former military post that was named for Howell Cobb
the secretary of the treasure under President Buchanan
Cogar 352002N - 0980749W
Post office from Mar. 25, 1902 - Sep. 30, 1954. named for Nancy Cougar of Kentucky, a friend of the first postmaster
Crosby 352817N - 0982119W
Post Office established Apr. 18, 1902. named for Herbert D. Crosby, county attorney of "I County". name changed to Hinton Jul. 05, 1902
Cyril 345347N - 0981201W
Post Office established Aug. 09, 1906
named for Cyril Lookingglass, townsite owner
Eakly 351819N - 0983327W
12 mi. W. of Binger. Post Office established Mar. 25, 1902. named for Akly Montague, daughter of local resident Charles Montague. The Letter E was added by the Post Office department.
Fort Cobb 350552N - 0982607W
former Cobb Post Office established Sep. 20, 1899. name changed to Fort Cobb Oct. 31, 1902. named for the nearby site of Fort Cobb
Gracemont 351118N - 0981537W
former Ison - Post Office established Jan. 11, 1902. name changed to Gracemont Jan. 30, 1903 Sep.30, 1904. name formed from Grace and Montgomery, friends of the first postmaster Alice L. Bailey
Hatchetville 345631N - 0982637W
Hatchettville - located 8 miles northwest of Apache - In 1925 Elmer Jared, who was building a filling station northwest of Apache on the Hatchett farm, named his building site Hatchettville, in honor of Dr. Hatchett, owner of the farm.
Hinton 352817N - 0982119W
formerly Crosby, Post Office established Apr. 18, 1902. name changed to Hinton Jul. 05, 1902. named by Ivan J. Conkin, townsite developer, for his wife's family

Index by Barbara Sevier for
The History of Hinton A History of And the Progress of Hinton, Oklahoma 1902 - 1962
by Marie Main Wornstaff

Hog Creek  
The stream west of Anadarko was probably first called Hog Creek, because of the droves of wild hogs in the vicinity, by the party of surveyors who were sent out in 1858 to establish boundary lines for the proposed new colonies for the Texas tribes, under leadership of Colonel Cooper of Texas who selected the place for the Wichita Mission. The first survey records show the stream marked as Hog Creek.
Hydro 353258N - 0983440W
Post Office established Sep. 23, 1901. named for the abundance of good well water
I County  
Original name for Caddo County, Oklahoma Territory. The name was changed to Caddo County on November 8, 1902.
Lookeba 352146N - 0982200W

The town of Lookeba was founded in 1902 on the railroad. the name "Lookeba" was formed from the first syllables of names of three men connected with the Rock Island railroad -- M.A. Lowe, general attorney and president of the Enid-Anadarko branch surveyed in 1900; Ed Kelly, right of way superintendent; and Mr. Baker, contractor. Post Office established Jun. 28, 1902.

Nowhere 350933N - 0982631W
SE. of Fort Cobb State Park
Oney 351358N - 0982440W
at the present site of Albert. Post Office from Mar. 12, 1902 - Apr. 14, 1906. named for resident Richard Oney
Pine Ridge 350054N - 0982639W
Scott 352236N - 0981410W
7 mi. E. of Lookeba. Post Office from Jan. 11, 1902 - Oct. 31, 1935. named for Scott Vance, son of first postmaster James A. Vance
Sickles 352146N - 0982651W
5 mi. NW. of Binger. Post Office from Oct. 14, 1901 - Apr.30, 1919. named for Frank C. Sickles, registrar of the El Reno land office
Spring Creek 351542N - 0981059W
Squaretop 350431N - 0981805W
2 mi W of Anadarko
Stecker 345727N - 0981856W

9 mi. SW. of Anadarko. Post Office from Apr. 02, 1909 - Sep.30. 1954. named for Lieutenant Ernest Stecker, Kiowa Indian superintendent

Named to honor Sergt. Stecker, Indian Agent here several years ago. Coming to this country as a member of I. Troop Seventh Calvary, he saw military service here from 1883 to 1894. Later he was a 'Rough Rider' with Theodore Roosevelt in the Spanish American War.

Swan Lake 351405N - 0983057W
now in Grady County. site of Camp Napoleon. Post Office established May 05, 1899 named for A. N. Verden, townsite developer
Washita 350610N - 0982026W
6 mi. W. of Anadarko. site of Wichita Indian agency prior to the Civil War. location of Civil War engagement Oct. 23, 1862.
Post Office established Apr. 16, 1910
named for nearby Washita River

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