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Blaine County Post Offices


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Post Office
Location and Remarks
Bickford 2 Nov 1904 Clifton A. Howell SE-SW-18-17-11.  Discontinued 30 Nov 1927.  Named for H. K. Bickford, early resident.
Bond 3 Aug 1894 Edwin H. Templeton Discontinued 31 Jul 1906.  Service moved to Canton.
Cainville 1 Aug 1900 William Cain Name changed to Longdale 28 Nov 1903.
Canton 19 May 1905 James M. Rogers NE-9-18-13
Cantonment 17 Jul 1879 William Hershey NW-NE-29-19-13.  Discontinued 15 Sep 1917.  Service moved to Canton.
Carlton 1 Dec 1902 James W. Haigler NW-NE-30-18-12.  Formerly Hopkins.  Discontinued 30 Jun 1957.  Named for Murray Carleton, Frisco railroad financier.
Catawba 26 Oct 1893 James W. Tarrell SW-SW-5-18-11.  Discontinued 31 Aug 1902. Named for branch of Yuchi Indians, meaning "Strong People".
Centralia 24 Dec 1898 Mary O. Whitecomb Never operated.
Cherryvale 24 Dec 1896 Robert N. Hopkins NW-NW-10-18-12.  Name changed to Southard 6 Sep 1905.  Named for Cherryvale, KS.
Cooper 9 Aug 1892 Richard C. Rhyne NE-NE-11-17-10.  Discontinued 31 Jan 1906.  Service moved to Hitchcock.
Curl 4 Jun 1901 Robert E. Twining NE-34-18-13.  Name changed to Harper, Dewy Co., 25 Oct 1901.  Named for G. T. Curl, local resident.
Darrow 1 May 1905 Lola W. Pratt SE-SW-20-19-11.  Discontinued 29 Jun 1918.  Named for Seth Darrow, townsite owner.
Dillon 26 Jul 1902 Lewis A. Everhart SW&E1/2-21-17-13.  Name changed to Eagle City 4Sep 1909.  Named for early county treasurer and townsite owner, John H Dillon.
Dyke 11 Aug 1894 John R. Dyke NE-23-17-13.  Discontinued 15 Sep 1906.  Service moved to Dillon.
Eagle City 4 Sep 1909   SW&E1/2-21-17-13.  Formerly Dillon.  Service moved to Canton.
Emanuel 4 Mar 1904 Emanuel Mewborn NE-NE-31-15-12.  Discontinued 31 Mar 1906.  Service moved to Watonga.
Ethel 29 Aug 1902 Charles H. Moore NW-NW-17-14-13.  Discontinued 14 Sep 1907.  Service moved to Swan.  Named after Mrs. Ethel Burns, daughter of Charles Moore.
Etna 20 Aug 1898 William Black NE-NE-14-14-13.  Discontinued 15 Oct 1913.  Service moved to Geary.  Named for Mt. Etna in southern Italy.
Ferguson 21 Aug 1901 Robert N. Hopkins SW-NE&NW-SE-28-18-11.  Formerly named Salton.  Named after Gov. Thompson B. Ferguson in 1907.  Discontinued 30 Apr 1920.
Forney 4 Jun 1901 Henry Forney Discontinued 7 Jul 1903.  Service moved to Etna.
Gath 13 Sep 1893 James E. Thompson Never operated.
Geary 12 Oct 1892 William Wilson Named after Ed Guerrier.  In 1898, site moved southeast of original location.
Greenfield 30 Jan 1900 Henry Greenfield E1/2&SW-33-15-11.
Hatchett 2 May 1903 William L. Hatchett SW-3-15-10.  Discontinued 1 Sep 1907. Service moved to Omega.
Hitchcock 9 Oct 1901 John W. Payne W1/2-NW-11-17-11.  Named for Secretary of the Interior, Ethan A. Hitchcock.
Homestead 26 Jan 1893 John J. P. Mourquand E1/2-SE-5-19-11.  Discontinued 12 Oct 1973.  Service moved to Okeene.
Hopkins 20 Feb 1900 Grace J. Hopkins NW-NE-30-18-12.  Name changed to Carlton 1 Dec 1902.
Judson 9 Aug 1892 Edward C. Barclay NW-33-14-11.  Discontinued 31 Oct 1908.  Service moved to Geary.
Longdale 28 Nov 1903 Robert L. Eaton SE-11-19-13.  Formerly Cainville.  Named for L. W. Long, townsite owner.
Macon 5 Jan 1897 Isaac Robinson Discontinued 6 May 1899.
Manese 17 Oct 1893 Thomas J. Manese NE-3-15-13.  Discontinued 31 Oct 1906.  Service moved to Fay.
Max 25 Mar 1902 Huston C. Winchester Discontinued 31 Oct 1904.  Service moved to Hatchett.
Mulkin 16 Jan 1902 Lida Mulkin Discontinued 31 Oct 1902.  Service moved to Bridgeport.
Ninemile 6 Mar 1899 Charles W. Copron SE-SE-3-17-13.  Discontinued 30 Dec 1899.  Service moved to Dyke.  Named for Ninemile Crossing on military road from Cantonment to Fort Reno.
Okeene 2 Jan 1893 David Rupert W1/2-SW-18-19-10 & E1/2-13-19-11.  Name coined by Elmer Bardrick from OKlahoma, CherokEE, CheyenNE.
Oxley 23 Nov 1893 Allen B. Lasswell NE-NE-25-17-11.  Discontinued 31 Oct 1901.  Service moved to Winnview.  Named after William T. Oxley, early resident.
Rabbit 18 May 1905 Beaty W. Creamer  
Rockford 10 Apr 1894 Adam Lockhart N1/2-SE-21-18-11.  Discontinued 15 Mar 1902.  Service moved to Ferguson.  Named for Rockford, ILL.
Salton     Former name of Ferguson up to 1907.
Seay 25 Jun 1892 James A. Marsh NE-22-18-10.  Discontinued 30 Jan 1904.  Service moved to Okeene.  Named for Abraham J. Seay, territorial governor.
Southard 6 Sep 1905 Emma L. Arndt NW-NW-10-18-12.  Formerly Cherryvale.  Named after Col. G. H. Southard, developer of gypsum mill.
Todd 22 Aug 1893 Edward H. Townsend Discontinued 1 Jun 1895.  Service moved to Okeene.  Named for Austin H. Todd, local rancher.
Udora 20 Feb 1895 Stanley Wood SE-28-15-10.  Discontinued 30 Sep 1911.  Service moved to Geary.  Named coined form New Dora, after Dora, ALA.
Watonga 23 Mar 1892 John H. Dillon Named after the Arapahoe chief, Watangaa.
Winnview 23 Jun 1892 Joseph B. Winn S1/2-33-17-10.  Discontinued 29 Apr 1905.  Service moved to Hitchcock.
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