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Perkins Excelsior

Sept 24, 1894

Populist Ticket
For Delegate to congress--Ralph BEAUMONT
For County Treasurer--L. D. TETER
For Sheriff--James ATHERTON
For Register of Deeds--S J HINKLE
For Prosecuting Attorney--W. B. WILLIAMS
For Probate Judge--R J BASEL
For County Superintendent--MRS M Olivet THORNLEY
For Surveyor--D B GERMAN
For Coroner--Dr.. J W ROBERTS
For Commissioner 3rd District--Annanias NEIMER
For Commissioner 1st District--T J VANARSDALE

Mr Will CLOUSING has returned from Kansas where he have been visiting for some weeks past, he reports a good time.

Go to Dr. C N SHELTON'S for Bargains.

All kinds of fresh meats at SRACKS Meat Market.

There were several admissions to the Congregational Church on last Sunday morning. Those who were admitted to membership are Jas A. SCROGGS and wife, Mrs. Lucy R FOSTER and Miss Grace FOSTER.

Mr DEVAULT has returned from his visit to Iowa. He is not much stronger and if he does not improve soon he will take a trip to the gulf, We sincerely hope he may soon regain his strength and remain with us.

Mr Dan BVRKE of Leeds, Chitopa County, Kans called at our office this week and will be back through Perkins in a day or two. Mr B. wants to rent a good bottom farm also a house. He has considerable stock and would no doubt be a desireable tenant.

Call on W M JONES the new grocery man. He will sell you good goods at fair prices.

At the M. E. Church last Sunday, Rev R. N. SMITH preached in the morning to a good congregation and in the evening to a larger one. The Rev. gentleman asked if anyone wished the prayers of the church and several of the congregation stood up. There is every indication of good interest in the church.

The Rev CHILDS, who lives six miles this side of Guthrie, was the guest of Rev R B FOSTER Monday, Bro. CHILDS is on a return trip to Chicago. On Tuesday morning he in the company of Rev FOSTER left to attend a camp meeting which is being held near Guthrie.

Go to W. A. WHITE for the best Axle Grease made, the "Shining Light".

Mr. HICKS, proprietor of the HICKS Hotel, started Wednesday for Montana. Mr. HICKS is away, we believe, on important business and will be absent for an indefinite period. During his absence the business is under the supervision of C D RUSSEL, and we feel that nothing will be left undone on his part to keep up the reputation of the House.

One 2 year old Bull for sale by MINOR Bros.

Mr. John DICE is closing up his books and would be glad to have all who are indebted to him call at DICE'S Grocery store and settle up, as he has sold out his business to Mr. W M JONES.

Mrs LUMM wife of Dr. LUMM was away at Mulhall on business this week. She is now back again and the Dr. says he was very glad to get a good square meal once more. We sympathise with him heartily, for we can truly say a single life is not a happy one. Ladies please take note of this.

Cake, Pie and Bread at the Old Bakery 50c meals for 20c G. W. HUDDLESTON, Pro.

It is with regret that we report the sickness of Mr Will HOAGLAND. He has a bad attack of malaria fever, but we hope to see him soon out of his trouble. This is the worst time of the year, bue we have good doctors here, and the worst of the season will soon be over. Mr. HOAGLAND is a pretty good fellow and we will be glad to see him around again.

The INDICOTT Bros, our two enterprising farm impliment merchants, have visitors from Poseyville, Ind. Their father and sister are paying them a visit, and we hear that they calculate to stay for two more months. We congratulate Mr INDICOTT for having two good business men for his sons, and no doubt he will feel proud to see them holding their own among the best of us.

Mr Joe TILLERY was arrested by Marshall MOORE on a charge of misdemeanor for refuing to work. On Wednesday he appeared before Judge INGALLS and failing to convence the judge that his papers exempted him he was fined $5 and costs. Mr. TILLEY took an appeal. We refrain from making any comment on this trial as it might prejudice the case. But we will wait with some interest to see how this thing will end.

Mr. BALDWIN, our worthy townsman was not the lucky man to get the nomination for Register of Deeds on the Republican ticket. Mr. LITTLE of Cushing was nominated over him. We think, placing all party feelings aside, that Mr BALDWIN would have made a good man, and next to having one of our own men we would as soon see Mr. BALDWIN have the office as anyone we know. But there is balm in the Populist Camp, and we have a physician there, so come over on our side and be a good populist.

On last Monday as the shades of evening were falling fast, a number of wagons and buggies might have been seen heading for the south. On inquiry we find that they were a very select lot of our towns-people, who had invitiations to put on their best go-to-meeting suits and bring their Sunday girl along to a big dance at Mr RUSSEL'S four miles south of town. A goodly company met them there and all report a splendid time. Several owners of watches report that their watches stopped so they had to tell the time by the chickens. Be that as it may, shortly after their return the chickens left the roost.

We are glad to see our friend Paul BOONE back among us again. Paul has been in Greenwood County, Kansas, and reached here on last Sunday.

As we go to press we are enlivened by the beautiful strains of the Perkins Band. On making enquiry we find that they were serenading Mr. WILLIAMS, who just returned from Beloit Kans. We wish the happy couple a long and successful voyage through life.

Rally boys Rally. Let it be a Rouser. Don't fail to come to the Log School House on Saturday 29 inst. when the Populists will nominate the following Township officers: Clerk, Treasurer, Constables, Justices, Road Overseer for each district. Let us all turn out and nominate a ticket that the Populists will be proud to put in the field--W W DILLON, Committeeman

It is with regret we announce the death of Earl Knipe SKINNER, the little son of Mr and Mrs Chas SKINNER, who reside four miles west of town. The cause of the child's death was from being scalded with a bowl of hot soup. The funeral services were conducted by Rev R B FOSTER. The deepest sympathy of all who know them, They will find comfort in knowing that the little sufferer is now at rest.

Sept 28, 1894

J W WALKER, John CRISLEY, and Joseph COWDER of Tecumseh, were brought to Guthrie Tuesday and lodged into jail, charged with being leaders of a gang of counterfeiters that have been flooding the territory with spurulous coin. This makes ten members of the gang now under arrest and it is believed that in their imprisonment a dangerous gang is totally broken up.

A rumor is current to the effect that a lynching took place at a  small town about 100 miles from Guthrie called Lincoln. The supposed victim was Perry COOK, leader of a gang of horse theives. He had aided several raids of late and a posse came upon him in a cave. He was in the possession of several stolen horses when found and this so enraged the farmers that they hung him without giving him a word to say.

News recieved at Guthrie from Stonewall in the Chickasha Nation bringing information to the effect that King BLUE, the leader of the negro-Indians, is in open rebellion. Last Saturday the band headed by King BLUE swept down on the farm of George H. TRAUX,  postmaster at Stonewall. TRAUX, a white man and his squaw, were led from the house and bound with rope and held prisoners. Neighbors found TRAUX and his wife and released them. Other Indian citizens have been similarly dealt with and the eastern part of the Chickasha Nation is in a state of terror. King BLUE, while an old man, is strong physically and a natural leader of surprising tact. He was chosen  king of the negro-Indians shortly after the war and he exercises an absolute tyranny over his followers.

War seems to be again on in the Cedar Country. In the past ten days four Indians have been killed. It appears several of the Indians got too much fire water aboard and started to have a good time. They went all through the settlement, but from what could be learned, no serious harm was done. However a great many were angered at the way they did, and organized a party to hunt them up. Albert JACKSTON was one of the victims. He was sick in bed when they came to his house, dragged him from the bed and into the yard and shot him about fifty times.
The promiscuous bushwhacking and killing all over this nation is giving a bad name abroad and is a thing that will eventually break up the tribal governments. It is sheer nonsense for the Indians to ask to be allowed to retain their present autonomy and then to continue this lawlessness among themselves.
Men are shot down without any provocation at all, sometimes, and again with the slightest provocation, they are dragged from their homes and shot to pieces. They seem to have their old savage nature revived and lost all their civilization.

Quite a sensation was caused at Perry last week when Mrs. Annie MCKINNON filed a counter petition to her husband's petition for divorce. Duncan C MCKINNON filed suit against his wife on July 31,  and personal service was obtained on Mrs. MCKINNON in Chicago, where MCKINNON had taken his wife to enter their daughter into college. Mrs MCKINNON was not aware that her husband had any other intentions to abandon her until she received service. MCKINNON took his wife and daughter to Chicago a year ago last August and then came immediately to the opening of the Cherokee Strip and obtained a claim next to his wife's niece. When Mrs MCKINNON got news that her husband was asking for a divorce she came here at once and took possession of her husband's farm and residence and asked the district court for $10,000 alimony. She also filed a cross-petition charging her husband with infidelity at different places in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, and especially with her niece, a well known belle from Wichita, Kansas. MCKINNON is worth several thousand dollars and is the general western agent for New York Life Insurance Company. He is well known in Kansas and Texas.

Two youthful horse theives, Johnny and Jackson BASTON were arrested east of Perry Sunday. The boys are nine and eleven years old, and had a dozen stolen horses in their possession. The boys confessed their crime and said they wanted money to go west on.

George WARD, a Tecumseh printer, who married a compositor named Miss TAPLEY, has been arrested on the charge of bigamy.

Secretary LOWE of Guthrie was 50 years old last Wednesday.

Henry HAMMER of Seward left last week as a missionary to Morocco.

Jack MOSIER of Cleveland County attempted to break a mule to ride and was thrown twenty feet and killed.

A whole family by the name of HIGGINBOTHAM was arrested a few days ago, charged with conspiracy. They having tried to intimidate a man by the name of CUTWRIGHT and force him to leave the country.

About ten o'clock last Sunday night a murder was committed at Waukomis. Robert POWELL, a recent arrival from Texas, better known as "seven-up", shot and killed Wm KIDD, a carpenter. POWELL drew his six-shooter and shot KIDD three times in the abdomen.

A queer circumstance has come to light in Oklahoma, where a father and mother traded their daughter to a young farmer who lived adjoining them for two cows, with the understanding that he should keep her two years and if he did not like her at the end of that time he could return her to her parents.
Since then the girl has given birth to a child, and it  is reported that he is going to return the girl to her parents.

Buffalo JONES, who is working up interest in the Populist Railroad, which is projected to run from Port Bolivar, near Galveston, to Chicago and Manantoba, was in Perry last week. The road is called the Gulf and Interstate and Mr JONES says the grading is done out of Port Bolivar seventy miles, and steek rails will be put down within the next sixty days. Grading will begin in Kansas City in a few days. Mr JONES is president of a construction company building the road and he is also  a director.

Deputy Marshall SMITH of Ft Smith who was reported by the press of the country Sunday as having visited the COOK outlaws, under the guidance of the sweetheart of one of the band, to persuade COOK to quit his outlawry, passed through Muskogee, en route west, again Thursday. He procured a license for the marriage of the bandit chief, Bill COOK to Martha PULLMAN of Sapulpa. Their ages were registered with the clerk as 22 and 19. COOK is a Cherokee, but his sweetheart is a white girl, as is evidenced by a United States Marriage Certificate being required.

News recieved at Minco of a terrible murder by outlaws of an Indian named IN-KI-NISH. Dr T J STRUM, who lives among the Caddos on Cobb Creek, tells the story. There is a formidable band of outlaws whose rendevous is the Wichita Mountains and who prey upon the settlers almost nightly.
The agent sent a young Caddo Indian policeman, IN-KI-NISHwithout uniform to ferret out the hiding place of these outlaws. They discovered that they were being tracked and decided to revenge themselves on the IN-KI-NISH family. Wednesday, the father of the young man, the elder IN-KI-NISH and some companions were out hunting deer in his  pasture on a little stream called the Luke creek. IN-KI-NISH became separated from his companions and rode into a canyon, following some deer tracks. He was seized by the outlaws who were laying for him and was tied to a tree and shot. Six shots were fired into him and then he was taken to a swamp and thrown in.
In this condition was he found a day or two after the tragedy by the Indians and whites of that section who knew not what had happened to IN-KI-NISH til his body was found.
A posse was organized and gave pursuit. They followed a trail across the river, around in the bottoms on the north side and discovered the gang had simply doubled on their tracks, recrossed the canadian and were back in the reservation. It is evident the outlaws were making for some hiding place in the Wichita Mountains in the Kiowa or Commanche country.

About 500 Cheyenne Indians are in camp near Hennessey, on their way to pay their annual visit to the Otoe reservation. They held a pow wow and had a big sun and war dance. Among their numbers are the celebrated old warriors, YELLOW DOG, WHITE BEAR and RED MOON, who have particpated in all the numerous Indian outbreaks in the early 70's.

Dr. ENLOE reports that the HINTON family are progressing favorably and Sam MAPEL's little girl is better.

The CLOUSING Bros will move their stock of boots and shoed and Gents furnishing goods into the corner store formerly holding C G FLOWERS Grocery.

We are pleased to learn that Miss Zula MCGREASY has returned and is accompanied by her sister Miss Edna who will remain in Perkins this winter.

The Pops HAD A good meeting in North Iowa Township, Lincoln county. G A SMITH, Al MCLAUGHLIN and James A MCTAGGERT were the speakers. Everyone seemed to realize that the time has come to shake up the old love and to catch on to something new.

Last Tuesday a very pleasant surprise party was given for Mrs. SUTHERLAND,
the occasion being her 34th birthday. The following ladies were present:
Mrs WHITE planned the aggreeable surprise, and the ladies report an enjoyable time, also a splendid dinner.

Mr Henry TETER won the town lot at Tryon on Saturday, which was the prize given for the foot race. We were glad to see Perkins so well represented and feel proud to think that when our boys go out of  town that the reputation of Perkins is safe in their hands.

We are glad to see our respected friend Hon S W CLARK on the street again. Mr CLARK has had a bad time of it as he says, to make use of an old Missourian's expression. "He is now quite pert, but powerful weak." This may sound like a paradox, but it covers the idea that his spirits are good and he is in a good way to soon get strong again.

Mr HANSBRO is putting up a large substantial house. This looks like business. We are glad to see building in Perkins progressing. The house when completed will add largely to the appearance of South Cherry Street. We heard it whispered by one of our young people that it would be a splendid place to have social occasionally, As the HANSBROS have always been sociable and indulgent where the young people are concerned, the probabilities are that this young person's hopes will be realized.

Quite an interesting ceremony took place last week at the home of Charles KIHAGIE, an Iowa indian who beliongs to one of the best families of the Iowa tribe and who lives about a mile south of town.
A number of the tribe had assembled to do honor on the occasion of KIHAGIE's boy being named after George BANKSTON of this town. After the usual pow wow an interpreter explained to Mr. BANKSTON and his friends that the boy's name was now BANKSTON KIHAGIE and the custom of their tribe was that whenever a child was named after a white man to present him with a white pony. Mr BANKSTON is now the happy possessor of a good pony and no doubt feels very proud of his present.

Oct 5 1894

Rev HORSCH a mennonite missionary, is located at Arapahoe working with the Cheyenne Indians.

W H HILL, a noted Christian minister, died at Perry, Wednesday evening.

Big Foot Nell is an individual at Oklahoma City, who has a great faculty for getting into trouble.

It was two weeks before the body of Mrs MCPEAK, who was drowned in Skeleton Creek was recovered.

Superintendent CAMERON says that if the county commissioners do not provide schools for the colored children, they can go to any school that is open.

The boys have the laugh on Marshall NIX. Burglars got into his house the other night and Mrs NIX drove them away, while it is said Mr. NIX dropped in a faint.

Last Wednesday, Al MATHIS shot and mortally wounded one Geo. GOODWIN.
GOODWIN was employed by MATHIS and the trouble arose over a settlement.

The parents of the little girl, Gertha PORTER who was hurt some time ago at Perry by the falling of a grand stand at a baseball game, will probably sue for damages.

It is reported that a family treaveling in a wagon between Enid and Waukouas last Sunday met with a fearful accident. It seems that a can of powder was in the wagon, also a can of gasoline. the powder in some way became ignited when of course, an explosion occurred, blowing the wagon to smithereens and fearfully burning the whole family.

The HESS brothers in Canadian County, discovered the other day they were minus about 150 bushels of oats and set about to find the guilty ones. They found them at Kingfisher. One escaped and the one in charge was L R BUCKMINSTER, a conspicuous farmer of Park township.

Tom VAUGHAM of Hewitt, Chickasaw Country, is offering $100 for the return of an old pair of Bill DALTON'S boots. VAUGHAM and the dead bandit were friends for many years, and when DALTON was killed a few months ago, VAUGHAM was given the boots in which he died. They were stolen from VAUGHAM's house last Thursday night.

For the most part all Oklahoma Editors are big strong men, they get that way carrying home sixty pound gift watermelons.

The poles of the telephone line from Blackwell to Arkansas City are up.

A school six miles east of Oklahoma city is known as "Hooker" school.

VANDERPOOL, who killed BALLARD at Langston has been indicted for manslaughter.

J W MONTGOMERY is the new superintendent of the Cheyenne School at El Reno.

Will BOLTON says the government will locate an Indian School at Woodward.

CASEY and LARSON, the two prisoners who escaped from the Oklahoma jail have been captured at Carthage Missouri.

Capt Erwin J SMITH of Denison, Texas was appointed General Attorney for the Chickasaw Nation by Gov. Palmer MOSLEY, the newly elected executive, It is one of the best positions in the Nation and it was secured over five applicants. Mr SMITH is a native of Grayson County and is not yet out of his twenties.

Last week Mrs John MCCOMMIS, a white woman living in the Osage reservation was called as a witness in the United States court against several Osage Indians, among them being Laban MILES and WAMANKO. Saturday, after her return home, the wife of WAMANKO and the two wives of MILES came to her house with knives and clubs, beating her and cutting her so badly that she can not live. The squaws have been arrested.

Dr C C COOPER, of Havana Ill. has applied at Guthrie for a divorce from his wife, Etta. he states that his medical practice at Havana was ruined by his wife's jealous disposition. The complaint charges that she dogged his foot steps, and even went so far as to visit the office with a club when he was in consultation with a female patient, About  August 28 this year she had him locked up in jail over night, then failed to prosecute him in the morning.
It is also claimed in the  complaint that the wife tried to kill the applicant. He asks for the custody of the two children born to them and for an absolute divorce.

At exactly 9 o'clock PM Monday at the Pushmataha Court Grounds, in  Jackson County, thirty miles east of Caddo, Jim ALLEN, a full  blooded Choctaw Indian, about 24 years of age, paid the death penalty by being shot. he lived only 8 minutes. When the hour arrived a dog barked and he turned his head to the dog, and just as Deputy Sheriff Bob JACKSON shot him through the heart with a 44 calibre Winchester. He did not move for a second then he threw himself back and uttered several loud groans. The blood spurted  from the bullet hole in a stream about the size of a man's thumb for about 4 feet. The two Choctaws who held his hand stuffed cotton and rags in the bullet hole, which soon stopped the flow of blood. At 9:08 life was extinct.
He was spread out on a quilt, his shirt removed and after he had been bathed he was dressed in a neat suit of clothes and put in a $20 coffin and buried. He has a wife and child, but neither were there. The other Choctaws seemed very much affected.

Deputy United States Marshall NIX and George STROMER arrested Charley WATKINS, alias Jesse R. RAPIER, Saturday. The prisoner admits that he killed Sheriff A G BYLER, of Baxter County Arkansas. He is  charged with the killing of a cattle inspector in Nebraska and a man in New Mexico. In all, the officers say there is a reward of $4,700 for the arrest of WATKINS. He is also charged with impersonating United States officers.

Saturday Sept. 29 was the day set for nominating township officers on the Populist ticket.. The meeting was called to order by S W CLARK.
W E DILLON was then voted to the chair, and James KENDALL as Secretary.
The following officers were then nominated:
For Township Clerk: T J BELDA
For Treasuer: Ben KINGMAN
For Trustee: J H JONES
For Constables: W E DILLON, John OTEN
For Justices of the Peace: S R STUMING and J A SPENCER
For Road Overseers: Dist 1, Norman ROE, Dist 2 J OLIVER, Dist 3, Burton
Wiley, Dist 4 Grant MUNROE.

Mrs Guy BEACH left for Mount Zion, Kentucky, on Tuesday night where she will join her husband.

We are sorry to learn that Mr Ed BUZZLE's little girl died on Monday night of Typhoid fever.

We shook hands with Uncle Sam DIAL of Clayton, last Monday he is out for Representative on the Republican Ticket.

L N TERRIL, Mr NELDIG, and Sam KUFGILSON have gone down to Oklmulgee, in the interest of the PERKINS mining company.

We are sorry to see any of our friends leave town. The wife and sister of Dr. THOMAS have gone down to Thomasville Miss, their former home.
We wish them a pleasant journey and sure that Miss Thomas will long be remembered by her many Friends here. Mrs. Thomas will return in the course of a month or two.

Mr STANLEY, his daughter and grandson while driving from Kildare last week met with quite a serious accident. The young man was smoking and a spark fell from his pipe igniting the loose hay in the bottom of  the wagon. The fire spread quickly and it was only by prompt action that all were taken safely from the wagon. The wagon was entirely  destroyed, also a number of blankets. The most touching thing was the pitiful cry of a young calf which was tied in the wagon and perished in the flames.
Mr STANLEY burned his hands quite badly while lifting the bed off the wagon.

There was a meeting of a number of citizens of this town and vicinity on last Saturday evening, for the purpose of discussing South America, and to organize a colony. Jim OVERHOLSTER was chosen as chairman, and after exchanging views, an organization was effected, to be known as the South American League.
The officers are:
Jim OVERHOLSTER, Pres, G W ANNIS, sec, John RICKETTS, Corresponding sec, John MCREADY, treas,
The league will at once open correspondence with the ministers of  various South American governments now at Washington DC and with the officials of said governments at home for the purpose of gaining information for a desirable location of a colony. The league will hold its next meeting Thurs. Oct 11th, at the school house in Perkins,OK.

A very sad accident happened to a 13 year old boy on last Monday, who lives close to Cimmarron City.
Walter HARREL, who was out hunting with his older brother, was accidently shot in his left side. This happened close to the house of Charlie REED, eight miles Northwest of town. The older brother, with a great deal of difficulty helped him over to REED's But unfortunately REED was batching and had no convenience for relieving the sufferings of the poor boy whose life blood was fast passing away. They then carried him over to FORD's house and Dr THOMAS was immediately sent for, he did all that could be done to save the boy, but without avail. He gradually sank away and died at five o'clock Tuesday morning.
The older brother, a young man of about 20 is now overcome with grief at being the innocent cause of his brother's death, This is a sad blow to the  whole family as Charley was a special favorite of the in the  neighborhood.

On Sunday morning last the citizens were up at an early hour in conclave over a robbery that had taken place at Charley MATHIAS' store. The thieves entered from the back of the store and broken open the money drawer and taken the contents amounting to about two or three dollars.
They also helped themselves to a quantity of flour, eggs, and canned goods, how much it is hard to say. They also relieved Grant BAIN's bill of about $3.
We were eager to glean all particulars and in the  excitement of the moment forgot ourselves. We suddenly remembered that three of our prominent citizens had subscribed to the paper in advance. So we rushed madly back to the office and found the junior partner sitting on the money box in the company of Mr SRACK'S large dog Sam. The thieves have not been found and we fear they will get off scot free.

The Perkins delegates to the convention at Mulhall on their way home met with what might have been a serious accident. They camped on the  road to feed and water and the right wagon wheel in the bank along  side the road was higher than they thought, and they were all  dumped out on the grass.
Our correspondent was fortunate enough to be in one horse buggy with Mr PETER and saw something jumping like a blue streak which at first thought was a jackrabbit.
After investigating it proved to be Joe TILLARY hunting for a piece of real estate that he could safely stand on.

Cake, Pie and Bread at the Old bakery. 50 cent meals for 20 cents. G W HUDDLESTON, pro.

Mr Andy DUNLAP who lives on S. E. 1-1 [obscured] informs us that on last Saturday night at about 10 o'clock a raid was made on his cornfield. They came on horses and were filling their sacks with the choicest ears when Mr DUNLAP came upon them with a double-barrelled shot gun, one barrel of which was loaded with buckshot. He ordered them to put up their hands, but instead of obeying they rushed for their horses. Mr DUNLAP raised his gun and fired at them, but the cap cracked and fortunately for the thieves, failed to go off. He then sent a load of tine shot after them from the other barrel. The thieves reached their horses and rode off, going south. In their haste to get away they left  their blankets and sacks and other equipment which Mr DUNLAP now holds in his possession. He says no one knows who the theives are and will make it warm for them.

A large crowd assembled at the Pleasant Valley School house last Saturday to listen to a joint discussion between L G O'DONNEL and Mr MELNTIDE. The gentlemen crossed swords on  the railroad question and it was a matter of course that O'DONNEL was victorious. When our political opponents want to do a little arguing they had better pick a subject easier handled than the Railroads, or pick a different man than O'DONNEL to argue with, O'DONNEL can get there when he wants to and don't you forget it. We are sorry we cannot spare the space this week to give the whole of the speech but other  political meetings are crowding us. It pleases us to see good young men fighting our cause and whether they may be in Payne County or in Lincoln County, we wish to help them along.

Populist convention
Monday last a convention was held in Perkins to nominate a Representative on the Populist ticket. Mr TANKERSLEY was called to the chair, and Hon. S. W. CLARK as Sec. Mr TANKERSLEY made a very telling speech, Several committees were appointed. Then the house adjorned for lunch.
At the afternoon session several resolutions were brought forward and passed on, then the house proceeded to nominate a Representative. After an informal ballot had been taken for ENSLOW, CLARK, EWART, VANNERABLE, ANNISTON, DUTTON. Mr T S EWART was nominated and carried the house by acclamation.
We believe Mr EWART will do his duty, and we shall expect to seem him in the field and shall be happy to accord him all the support we can.
After the candidate for Representative had been reached, the chair then proceeded to appoint a Representative Central Committee, as follows:
S D M MCMAHAN Cherokee Twp
C T BARNES Clarkson Twp
J A GREEN Clent Creek Twp
J H JOHNS Perkins Twp
J W BENNET Paradise Twp
F P GOATS Elm Grove Twp
J F OLDHAM S. Cimmaron Twp
G E MORGAN N. Cimmaron Twp
S M KIRK Clayton Twp

Hon S W CLARK was elected Chairman and J A GREEN sec.
All business then being attended to the convention was then adjourned.

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