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OKbits FilesPawnee Chief, Pawnee Co., OK 1920 - 1932

by Rita Buford
With Permission From D. Jo Ferguson, Publisher Of Pawnee Chief

January 01, 1920 - Pawnee Courier-Dispatch and Times-Democrat

Stereopticon Lecture
Dr. J.R. SAUNDERS, D.D., Baptist missionary just returned from China, gave a very interesting steropticon lecture at the Baptist Church here last Monday evening, to a large and appreciatee crows of citizens.
Dr. SAUNDERS has spent eighteen years in foregin missionary work in China as an interpreter, and his wife has been teaching on one of the denomiational schools there. There returne to the States at this time is largely because of Mrs. SAUNDERS; heaatlth, and they are planning to retgurn about next August, with as large a number of new recruits for this noble work as is possible, and his lectruing while here, will be with that aim - trying to interest some of the young people of our contry in the missional work in the foreign fields, where it is so badly needed.
Dr. SAUNDERS is a brother of Dr. L.P. SAUNDERS of Pawnee.

Luena Helen McLey
LUENA Helen MCLEY was born at Trenton, Missouri, October 16, 1858, and died at her home in Pawnee county, Oklahoma, December 25, 1919, at the age of 61 years, 2 months and 9 days. She was married to John A. TIPTON, October 22, 12875, at Winfield, Kansas. To this union was born eight children, five sons and three daughters. She was converted to the religion of Jesus Christ and joined the Methodist Episcopal church in earl life, since which time, she has lived a devout Christian life. She leaves her usband and eight children, and many other relatives and friends to mourn her departure.

Local News:

The marriage of Miss Isabelle LEHEW to Mr. Fred MILES of Appleton City, Missouri, took place last Friday, December 26th.

Mrs. J.L. LEHEW entertained Tuesday, December 23rd, in honor of Miss Isabelle LEHEW, with a six-course pink luncheon. The decorations were pink carnations and the place cards also were pink. After the luncheon, the guests hemmed towels for Miss LEHEW to put in her hope box. Those presernt were Misseses Isabelle LEHEW, Elsie HUTCHINSON, Lda BERRY, Ethel BERRY, Vera ROE, Maurine PETER, Gladys LONG and Mrs. J.L. LEHEW.

The U.T.D. club met at the home of Mrs. J.B. WOODS last Monday.

Bridge club met at the home of Miss Mabel VEATCH, Thursday.

The Auction club will meet next Monday, January 5th, at the home of Miss Norah SHAPARD.

The Art Circle will meet Wednesday, January 7th, at the home of Mrs. R.S. COLE.

Mrs. LUITWILER returned Sunday evening from Bonham, Texas, where she spent Christmas with her paretns.

J.L. BROWN of Valley, was in Pawnee Saturday, and was a pleasant caller at this office. Mrs. BROWN had the address of his paper changed to Hominy, as he is moving there this week. He has a good lease and expects to do well in his farming work the coming year.

Indian Agency News:

Miss BAIRD and Mrs. HALL entertained Mr. and Mrs. MOUNTFORD at dinner Christmas.

Dr. and Mrs. HOPE were Christmas guests of Mrs. JOHNSON.

The delphian Society will meet next Thursday with Mrs. Jno. BADGER.

Mrs. H.F. FURRY spent the holidays with her daughter, Mrs. Wm. LINCOLN, in Ponca City.

Mr. and Mrs. Loy FURRY were dinner guests Christmas day of Mr. and Mrs. H.F. FURRY.

Sup. and Mrs. HART are enjoying a visit from their son, Pembroke, who is a senior at Ann Arbor, during the holidays. They made an auto trip to Stillwater, Wednesday.

The WILKIN family were dinner guests Christmas of Mr. and Mrs. SARVER.

J.W. SARVER visited several days the past week in Wichita.

Mrs. H.O. DECKER has returned from Geary, wheere she has been visiting during the holidays with her mother.

Mr. SCOTT spent Christmas with relatives in Michigan. Mr. SCOTT came over from the Ponca agency, and is filling the position made vacant byt the resignation of Mr. MOUNTFORD.

Thos. FERRIS, former superintendent, who now has charge of the Sulphur National Park, was here two days this week on business.

Several of Mrs. LONG's friends gave her a pleasant surprise yesterday on her birthday.

Supt. HART and Inspector LINNEN made a business trip to Pawhuska, Monday.

The employees held a watch party in the girl's building last night. Progressive rook, checkers and dancing were the amusements. A bounteous lunch was served at the midnight hour, and the agency bell rung out the old year and ushered in the new.

Mr. and Mrs. MOUNTFORD left this week for Sulphur, where they will make their home. Mr. MOUNTFORD has an appointment as assistant to Mr. FERRIS in the maintenance of the national park at Sulphur.

Robert SEEVERS went to Perry Sunday, to take the place of the Frisco agent during his absence at a session of court. He is acting agent, cashier, and operator.

Masonic Election and Installation
Last Friday night was election and installation night for the Masonic bodies of Pawnee. A large number of Masons, from all parts of the county, were present and stayed through the beautiful rituals, and partook of a banquet at the close.
The first part of the evening was the election of officers for the Blue Lodge and was followed immediately by the installation of those elected, who were: A.W. JOHNSON, W.M.; J.H. HALE, W.W.; John BIRD, J.W.; Cecil D. JAY, Treasurer; B.N. HOPE, Secretary, and C.E. VANDERVOOTRT was elected a member of the board of trustees, to succeed himself.
Frank HUDSON was chief installing office for the Blue Lodge, as well as for the other bodies.
Following the Blue Lodge installation, the Royal Arch officers, previously elected, were installed: J.H. HALE as High Priest, Ed CATLETT as King, M.S. MENTZER as Scribe, Cecil JAY as treasurer; Dr. HOPE, Secretary.
The Knight Templars installed O.P. MAUK as Commander; J.H. HALE, Generalissimo, A.W. LAKE, Captain General; and Cecil JAY and Dr. HOPE as treasurer and secretary.
The installation of the higher Masonic bodies was public to the Blue Lodge members and was very much appreicated by all.

Mrs. Lillie's 83rd Birthday
The Presbyterian Ladies Aid met at the home of Grandma LILLIE, who was celebrating her 83rd birthday. Grandma LILLIE was born on Christmas day, but it has been the custom of several years past for the Aid to meet with her on the Tuesday following, for a jubilee. Grandma gave a short sketch of her life, which has been one filled with helpfulness and charity. Grandma HUTCHINSON, aged 83, and Grandma BAIRD, 90 years old, were honor guests. At the close of the afternoon, cakes and coffee were served to the following guests:

U.T.D.'s Entertain Husbands
One of the most successful parties of the holidays was on the occasion of the U.T.D. ladies entertaining their husbands at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E.R. MCNEILL last Monday night. Mesdames MCNEILL, MARTIN and BARNES were hostesses for the evening. The house was charmingly decorated with green, red, and white streamers and bells, symbolic of the season. The score cards were hand painted and the place cards were framed quotations from various authors; theser were aftwerward read and the most polished elocutionish proved to be the gentleman who served the coffee. The evening was spent playing rook until about ten o'clock. The men and wome formed two lines and marched before the fire place and received thier sock or stocking that Santa had filled for them. after the excitement had abated, light refreshments were served and then followed the cream of the evening when Dr. SAUNDER's brother, Rev. SAUNDERS of Waco, Texas, and formerly missionary to Chinca for 18 years, gave a very interesting talk on "China and the Unity of the Human Family." The guests of the club were Rev. and Mrs. J.R. SAUNDERS, Mrs. RINGER of Edmond, Miss Lyda BERRY and Miss Lexie MARLIN.

J.M. PERRY and Miss Edna VAUGHAN, of Keystone, were quietly married at the Methodist parsonage in Pawnee, Sunday, December 28, 1919, by Rev. Ira CRABTREE. Miss VAUGHAN is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L.P. VAUGHAN. She has lived in this vicinity for the past twenty years and has been teaching in the keystone school. The groom is a man of sterling character and is liked by everyone. He is now cahsier of the Keystone State Bank. They will make their home in Keystone. Their many friends wish them a long and happy life.

Student Hurt in Football Game Will Recover
J.H. MERKLE, grandson of Mr. and Mrs. H.O. SCOTT of Skedee, and a student in the State University at Norman, who suffered a severe fracture of the cervical bertebrae four weeks ago, while playing football, at Norman, in the annual game between the lawyers and engineers of the school, was removed from the Shawnee hospital to his home.
Young Merkle's case has been an extremely intersing one, illustrating as it does the skill of the modern physician and surgeon. When he was taken to the hospital, it was more than 24 hours after the injury had been received, and no previous treatment had been given, as it was not realized at the time the boy was hurt, how serious the injury was. He was totally blind and delirious, but in a few days after the neck was straightened, his mind was normal and his sight restored. The bones were held in place by a ten-pound weight hung from the neck by an arrangement of pulleys; later the neck was put in a plaster cast. The cast will perhaps have to be worn for several weeks, after which a metal or leather collar will suffice to support the neck until it is entirely normal again, which the physicians confidently expect will be soon.

Honoring Miss PRATER
Last night, New Year's eve, Miss LaVerne ROE entertained a number of friends in honor of Miss Nellie PRATHER, who is her guest this week from Kansas City. A very pleaant evening was spent, the principal amusements being games and music. Cocoa and wafers were served. Those present were: Misses Nellie PRATHER, Maude MYERS, Ruth STONEBURNER, Ruth PERRY, Marie PERRY, Ruby KOLK, Emma OLIVER, Elsie FEASTER, Alberta BARNES, LaVerne ROE, Bessie FEASTER, Vera ROE; Messrs. Jess DAVIS, Lynn LEHEW, Frank HYSON, Orville CROWE, Cecil PERRY, Nelson TURNER, Gerald PIPER, Orville RAMSEY, Dallas DAVIS, Joe SHIGLEY, Russell HALL, Franklin GOFF, Zane MENTZER and Richard ROE.

Surprise Party
A surprise party was given for Miss Nellie PRATHER at the home of her aunt, Mrs. R.P. BANKS, by Misses Marie PERRY and Helen STICH, on Tuesday evening. Everyone had a delightful time and delicious refreshments were served. Those present were: Marie PERRY, Ruth PERY, Helen STICH, Gladys SNYDER, Anna CLARK, Maud MYERS, Ruth STONEBURNER, LaVerne ROE; Nelson TURNER, Russell HALL, Geroad PIPER, Normand GRIMSLEY, LeRoy STICH, Cecille PERRY, Franklin GOFF, Frank HYSON, Erma OLIVER, Nellie PRATHER, Mr. and Mrs. R.P. BANKS.

Bridge Supper
Mr. and Mrs. LEE entertained a few friends last Friday evening with a buffet bridge supper. The house was beautifully decorated with Christmas symbols and wreaths in harmony with the spirit of the week. The score cards were hand painted poinsettias, which carried out the color scheme. Mr. C.B. SHAPARD had the high score of the evening and received a very pretty wall vase. Those present were: Major and Mrs. LILLIE, Mr. and Miss SHAPARD, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph STRATTON, Mr. and Mrs. C.H. STRATTON and Mr. and Mrs. ROBERTS.

Christian Church Services - A.J. BRADSHAW, Pastor

Methodist Church - Ira L. CRABTREE, Pastor

First Presbyterian Church - H.C. MILLARD, Pastor

United Brethren Church - H.J. MUSSELMAN

The Episcopal Church - Rector Rev. J. CAUGHEY

Last Sunday, at noon, Rev. Ira L. CRABTREE performed the following marriage ceremonies in his study:

John M. PERRY of Keystone and Miss Edna May VAUGHAN of Keystone; Grover C. ELKENBARY of Cleveland, and Miss Edna ALLEN, Cleveland.

Pie Supper

There will be a pie supper at distrcit 76, three miles west and one mile south of Ralston on Friday evening, January 2nd, 1920. Everyone invited. Cassie WEBB, Teacher.

Robert Litle SHIRLEY was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, October 12, 1850, and died at his home in Pawnee, Oklahoma, December 29, 1919, aged 69 years, 2 months and 17 days. He was married to Miss Eva COVIE, January 1, 1872, at Clifton City, Kansas. To them were born ten children, seven of whom are still living, as follows: Joseph A. SHIRLEY, Rio Handa, Texas; Ira E. VENTERS, Pawnee; W.R. SHIRLEY, Clay Center, Kansas; Lyle C. SHIRLEY, Alzada, Montana; Calvin C. SHIRLEY, Fort reno, Oklahoma; Rosa E. SHAW, Pawnee; Bessie G. HUGHES, Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Early in life, Mr. SHIRLEY professed faith in Christ and united with the Freewill baptist Church. A few weeks before his death, he confessed that he had not always lived the Christian life, and at that thime he renewed his faith in God, confessing Christ as his Savior.
Besides a wife and seven children, he leaves many other relatives and friends to mourn their loss.

The First National Bank of Pawnee, Pawnee, Oklahoma - The oldest bank in Pawnee County - Twenty-one years under same management - 4 per cent interest on time deposits - C.J. SHAPARD, President; G.M. BERRY, Vice-President; S. THORNTON, Vice-President; C.B. SHAPARD, Cashier.

Pawnee National Bank - Pawnee, Oklahoma - C.E. VANDERVOORT, President; D. BEARDSLEY, Vice-President; Frank HUDSON, Cashier.

MYERS' Gargage - Agents for Stephens Automobiles

The following is a list of recent purchasers of this popular car:
Ed VANDERVOORT, Pawnee National Bank, Model 82 Stephens Salient Six Roadster.
Ed CATLETT of KATZ-CATLETT Clothing Company, model 84B Stephens Salient Six, 4-passenger.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy GILMORE, model 82 Stephens Salient Six Raodster, 2-passenger.
Mr. and Mrs. F.N. GARNER, of Fairview Stock Farm, model 84 Stephens Salient Six, 4-passenger.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest WICHITA, model 86 Stephens Salient Six, 6-passenger.
Colonel MOORE, model 84 Stephens Salient Six, 4-passenger.

More Local Items:

Mrs. J.S. BADGER visited at Fairfax this week.

Mrs. A. KRAUSS went to Oklahoma City last week.

Miss Frances CORRELL is spending the weekend with Mrs. George SOULSBLY.

Mr. Ralph GRAY spent Christmas with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.G. GRAY.

Charles SAMPLE is visiting at the home of Arthur KIMBALL, of Jennings. The young men are trying to corner the quail market.

Miss Mabel VEATCH is on the sick list this week.

J.A. MCCOLLUM was a guest of Banker, B.A. MCFARLAND, in Jennings Sunday.

Willard SMITH and Kenneth KERNS are visiting at the home of John QUINN of Quay.

Dr. J.H. GUINN, of Arkansas City, spent Christmas day with Mr. and Mrs. Frank WATTS.

Mr. and Mrs. D. BEARDSLEY and little daughter, Katie, spent Christmas day with friends at Bristow.

John STROSNIDER was in attendance at the republican state convention at Oklahoma City, the first of the week.

Miss Helen STERLING of Tulsa, was visiting friends in Pawnee this week.

Mrs. G.R. GOULD, Ray and Helen came up from Stillwater Monday for a visit with relatives and old friends.

Mrs. L.E. SPESS of Mannford, was a pleasant caller at this office Wednesday morning.

Mrs. Palmer JAY spent Christmas in Yale, with Mr. and Mrs. Max JAY.

Mrs. NORMAN and son, Victor, spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. J.B. DAVIS.

Rachel and Loyt HALE are spending the week at the home of their sister, Mrs. O.E. FLUHARTY, of Quay.

Malcom DAVIS was up from Oilton last week to spend Christmas week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.B. DAVIS.

B.O. SUBLETT was in the city from Jennings, attending to business matters. He was a pleasant caller at this office.

Dr. BAGBY enjoyed a visit from his brother, who is now connected with the publicity department of the A&M College at Stillwater.

Mr. and Mrs. J.B. DAVIS and son, Dallas, motored to Cleveland, Saturday, where Mrs. Max JAY joined them.

Mrs. RINGER of Edmond, is visiting her brothers, the MENTZER boys, at the home of Mrs. Mollie MENTZER.

Miss Catherine CREVELING spent Christmas at her old home, Quenemo, Kansas, and visited her mother and old friends.

Mrs. George SOULSBY and Mrs. Ed CATLETT had a few young folks in for a watch party Wednesday evening, in honor of their neice, Miss Frances CORRELL.

The MORTENSON Motor Sales Company reports the sales of the following cars during the past week: Charles ALLEN, Pawnee, a light six, fully equipped; and E.J. BUEL, Cleveland, a big six.

Dr. Ethan WAGGONER of Tonkawa, is visiting at the home of his brother, Dr. R.E. WAGGONER.

Master Ralph WELLER is spending the week in Yale.

James VANDERVOORT is home from Bartlesville to spend the holidays.

Tom PEARSON has purchased the house formerly owned by T.Z. SWALLEY, in the east end of town.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy BERRY spent Xmas with Mrs. Berry's parents near Ralston.

Mrs. Roy BERRY had a dinner for home folks last Tuesday, in honor of her aunts that are visiting her.

Mrs. Iola HOPKINS of Centralia, Kansas, and Mrs. W.B. MORRISON of Crawford, Nebraska, are visiting their niece, Mrs. Roy BERRY.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard BANKS of Onward, Indiana, have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. R.P. BANKS for several weeks. They left Friday for Leavenworth, Kansas, before returning to thei home.

Mr. and Mrs. Val TATE of Yale, spent Christmas with her mother, Mrs. R.P. BANKS. From here, the young people went to Algona, Mississippi, to visit at the home of Mr. TATE's sister.

Col. WALTERS was in Pawnee Sunday evening on his way home from the Auctioneer's School at Kansas City. The Colonel is an instructior in this institution and will return during the week to finish his part for the term.

J.W. HESTERLEE, one of Terlton's progressive business men, was a visitor in Pawnee Tuesday. Mr. HESTERLEE is opening another dry goods store at Jennings, and reports that city on the upbuild since the revival of the oil industry, occasioned by the bringing in of two of the best wells in the state, at that place.

Ed M. KELLY was in Oklahom City, Monday attending to business matters and attending the republican state convention.

Mrs. PRATHER and daughter, Nellie, of Kansas City, Missouri, spent Christmas at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R.P. BANKS.

Miss Georgia HUTCHISON returned to Terlton Sunday to resume her school duties at the close of the Christmas holidays.

Tyler BOWMAN, who has been director of athletics at an Indian school near Albuquerque, New Mexico, was at home for the Christmas holidays.

C.A. COLCLAZIER was in from Valley Tuesday, attending to business matters. He was a caller at this office and had the address of hisp paper changed to Quay, as he is moving to that oil center.

John WHIPPLE, wife and little daughter, of Bartlesville, spent Christmas here with Mrs. WHIPPLE's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank MEADORS. John is looking fine and says he likes Bartlesville, and is doing fine there.

Mr. and Mrs. J.C. HART, at the Agency, have been enjoying a visit from their son, J.P. HART, a senior at the University of Michigan, who is spending his vacation with them. Mr. HART is sporting editor on the university paper and is very enthusiastic about his work. He will leave for home Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene SCHORNICK had as Christmas evening guests, Mr. and Mrs. L.E. ROBBINS of Ralston; Mr. and Mrs. KERN and children, Mr. and Mrs. Bert SMITH and children; Mr. and Mrs. Stanley SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. John GUINN and children of Quay; Mr. and Mrs. MYERS and daughter - in reality, a family reunion, as Mesdames SMITH, KERN and SCHORNICK are daughters of Mr. and Mrs. ROBBINS, and the other guests are relatives of the immediate families. An oyster supper was served, after which a beautiful Christmas tree was disclosed, greatly to the surprise and delight of the youngsters, and all had a very merry Christmas indeed. Mrs. SMITH accompanied her parents home Friday, and has just returned from a week's visit with them. Her son, Willard, is visiting with Johnnie GUINN at Quay, this week.

Isom READDY was in the Frisco wreck Sunday morning on his return trip from Tulsa. He was fortunat in escaping injurty and was also instrumental in helping clear the wreckage.

Mrs. N.T. BARNES has returned from Chandler, where she visited her daughters, Mrs. Art KING and Mrs. Roy DAWSON.

Mr. and Mrs. J.E. MARLOW returned from Wichita last saturday, from a three months' visit with their daughter, Mrs. KEALS.

Mrs. Tom KELLY and children, of Skedee, are visting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed KELLY.

Miss Ella KELLY of Cedarville, Kansas, has been visiting her brother, Mr. Ed KELLY. Miss KELLY has been called home to attend the funeral of her aunt, Mrs. LEEDY. Mr. and Mrs. Ed KELLY will accompany her.

Thomas DUCK was in Pawnee Wednesday, from Keystone, attending to busifness matters. He reports oil activity at Appalachia progressing with feverish haste. Mrs. DUCK's brother, Thomas LEE, wife and son, of Lincoln, Nebraska, have been visiting them during the Christmas holidays.

Emmet L. KIMREY, son of Mr. and Mrs. L.N. KIMREY of this city, who is in the navy, was home two days during the Christmas holidays. He is stationed at Annapolis at present, and is detailed to instruct raw recruits into the mysteries of the great briny. The Sea Eagle No. 60 is Emmet's ship and he will shortly take the examination for an advanced station.

Marshall IVES has moved from Routhe two, north of town, to a place near Maramec, where he will establish a hog ranch, using as a foundation of his herd the pure bred Durocs purchased at the Gentry sale. Marshall has a well-selected herd and will become a rival of Lester GENTRY in the production of fine porkers.

A baby daughter was born to Prof. and Mrs. Clifford BELL on December 22nd. Little Miss BELL is getting along nicely, and has the distinction of having more grandparents, perhaps than anyone. She has three great grandparents and four grandparetns, which is some record for so young a person. Mr. Bell's mother is spending the holidays with Prof. and Mrs. BELL and making the acquaintance of the new grandchild.

S.P. HERSCHBERGER of Jennings, was in Pawnee Tuesday, paying his taxes and was also a caller at the renewal department of this office.

Pleasant Surprise
Mr. and Mrs. H.E. SILLIMAN, 225 East Alvarado Street, gave a Christmas dinner yesterday at which they entertained their daughter and her family, Mr. and Mrs. E.W. BRUINGTON, and children, Paul, Donald, Jean and Helen. Just at the noon hour, the family party was surprised by the arrival of Mr. BRUINGTON's brother and his family, Mr. and Mrs. Will BRUINGTON and daughter, Margaret of Pawnee, Oklahoma, who have come to spend the winter in Southern California. They remained at the SILLIMAN home for dinner and today are visiting relatives in Orange - Pomona (California) Progress.

Old Settler Stricken
R.W. MAYFIELD, an old resident of the Terlton neighborhood, was stricken with locomotor ataxia Sunday, and his condition is considered serious, although he has recovered some since his first attack. Dr. FLEMING is the attending physician, and he called Dr. WALTERS for consulation. Mr. MAYFIELD is one of the fortunate land owners around Terlton, having a number of oil wells on his place, and also a gasoline plant. It is on Mr. Mayfield's farm the gasoline is made that is handled by the Superior Gasoline Company.

News From Over Pawnee County
Items from Here and There by our Regular Correspondents


Frank TEICHMER spent Christmas with home folks.

J.W. LAMBERT of Pawnee, spent Christmas day with his daughter, Mrs. Laura TEICHMER and family.

The Lance MITCHELL's have moved into their new bungalow.

Misses Ruth and Bonnie MITCHELL are home for a visit.

Richard MCNEAL has been visiting his mother in Cleveland. Mrs. Laura MCNEAL has been with her father, Mr. ARNOLD, who was hurt in a run-away last week at Blackburn.

Mrs. Laura FOUSE and baby and nother lady friend and baby were in a Ford car Sunday when it jumped a ten foot bank and turned over, burying the four under it. No one was hurt except one of the babies, and the doctor is unable at this time to tell whether it is seriously injured.

Andy KROW was home Christmas, he and Mrs. KROW returned to Newton on the evening train.

Walter TEICHMER was really surprised Saturday evening when about twenty-five of the young people came in to spend the evening, that being his 16th birthday.

Mrs. A.M. HARRY will entertain ladies of the M.E. Aid Wednesday afternoon.

Mrs. HENRY, who lives west of town is ill at this writing. Mrs. Sam STICKELS is still sick. J.T. MOSIER is slowly improving.

Maramec, Route 1

Grandma HENDERSON is visiting her daughter, Mrs. E.H. WALKER and family.

Miss Goldie WILKERSON is working in Quay.

Mr. BLAKE was in Pawnee Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. WILKERSON and three youngest children went to Quay Wednesday, to spend Christmas with their son and brother.

Maulie GRIMES spent Friday with Mrs. BLAKE.

Mr. and Mrs. WALKER and three children spent Sunday with her daughter, Mrs. Ralph WISLEY.

Mr. and Mrs. BLAKE, Ed BLAKE and wife, Mr. and Mrs. MEEKER and family and Mr. BRADLEY spent Christmas at Mr. GRIMES'.

Mr. and Mrs. HAZELBAKER and family spent the Christmas holiday with the KOLPH's.

Mr. and Mrs. WILLARD are visting their daughter, Mrs. Earl CUSHMAN and family.


Wedding bells rang merrily this month. Mr. Carl POOS and Miss Maude MARLOW ere married December 24, at the M.E. parsonage by Rev. CAVE. These young folks are so well known here, having lived in this community for a long time. They have a host of friends who wish them success and happiness in their married life. Those present at the wedding dinner given at Mr. and Mrs. MARLOW's were: Mr. and Mrs. A.L. MARLOW and daughter, Evelyn; Mr. and Mrs. J.H. FRANKLIN, Miss Pearl GILLILAND, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde GARLINGHOUSE of Vera, Oklahoma, and Mrs. Pearl GOOD of Parsons, Kansas. Mr. and Mrs. POOS will leave this week for their home in Vera.

Mrs. William C. STOUT and Miss Gladys GILLILAND were married at the bride's home in Hominy, December 24th. They have many friends here who wish them much joy and ahppiness for the future. They will make their future home in Wynona, where Mr. STOUT is employed in the oil fields.

Mrs. Priscilla KIRSCHER departed this life on December 24th at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Sam PERSHALL. She has lived here many years and all who knew her, loved here. We sympathize with the bereaved ones.

Mrs. Henry SCHROEDER and daughters, Esther and Cleo, of Hominy, have been spending the vacation days here and at Skedee, visiting relatives and friends.

Mrs. B.M. BEVINS and Jessie returned home Friday from Stillwater.

Welsey LOPER and family, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse LOPER of Cleveland, spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Lewis LOPER.

Mr. and Mrs. W.C. STOUT, Charley GOFF, Misses Madge SWANEY and Marie GILLILAND of Hominy, spent Christmas day with friends in Blackburn.

Mr. and Mrs. J.D. LEDFORD left last week for Memphis,. Texas, where they will spend the winter.

Mt. Vernon

Mrs. Bill WALTON and son are visiting at the home of R.L. WALTON.

Mrs. Zelma WHITE and children have moved to the old LEWIS farm.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank WELDON and children are visiting at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jake WHITE.

Basil WHITE of Yale, spent Christmas with his parents at this place.

Mrs. A.J. WELDON, who has been in the hospital two weeks, returned to spend Christmas with her parents at this place.

Edward GOOLD of Stillwater, and Christine GOOD of Magrum, spent Christmas here with their parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil STONE and John STONE and children, spent Christmas with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.C. STONE.

Mr. and Mrs. Stanton BRASWELL and family of Quay; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred STALONEY and children; Mr. and Mrs. Jim HONEYMAN and family spent Christmas with their paretns, Mr. and Mrs. C.S. BLACK.

Ernest DEWITT and sister, Grace, spent Christams with their sister, Mrs. Joe DANIELS, of Quay.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy NOAH and children spent Christmas at the home of Louis SINNETT.

Mr. and Mrs. O.J. GROOMS and daughter, Mrs. Zelma WHITE and children; Mrs. Billy WALTON and son, took Christmas dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Ben GROOMS.

Mrs. Bill WALTON and son of Claremore; Mrs. Zelma WHITE and children, Mr. and Mrs. Sent BLACk and son; and Mr. and Mrs. Ben GROOMS and Retha MILLER took dinner Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. O.J. GROOMS.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse HODGES and son returned home Sunday from Shwnee, where they spent a few days with her parents.

Miss Myrtle SINNETT spent Sunday with Miss Pearl GRINDSTAFF.

Mr. and Mrs. Link DEWITT spent Sunday with Jess KEISO and wife near Glencoe.

Misses Grace DEWITT and Ethel DEAN are spending their holiday vacation with their parents, near West Point.


Mr. and Mrs. Will GARNER motored to Blackburn Sunday.

Lee GARNER spend Sunday at the DUNCAN home near Ralston.

Miss Marle CAPSTICK is visiting her sister, Mrs. BAYES, in Pawnee this week.

Will FENT has his new barn about completed.

Miss Gertrude VAUGHAN, who is teaching at Ralston, is spending her vacation at home.

James STRETCH spent Sunday with home folks.

Floyd LOCKWOOD is visiting home folks.

Several from here attended the part at Mr. WHEATLEY's Tuesday night. All reported a nice time.

Earl CAPSTICK spent Sunday in Pawnee.

A.N. EBY and H.D. POLSON are on the sick list.

Mr. and Mrs. Lorn EDWARDS are here from Texas visiting home folks.

The dance at Rob WHEATLEY's on Saturday night was well attended.

Mr. and Mrs. Dona BECK and son spent Sunday at Will GARNER's.

Jake EDWARDS shipped a car of hay to Texas Monday.

Thomas RAPPIEU and Dan CAPSTICK had business in Pawnee, Monday.

Thomas RAPPIEU has ordered a new Ford.

Cecil GARNER returned home Sunday morning, from south of Pawnee.

Lela Lines:

Misses Lulu and Beatrice ADAMS came in from Frederick, Oklahoma, Saturday to spend holidays with home folks. Miss Lulu has a position as stenographer at that place, while Beatrice attends high school.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. CATES and daughter, Elona, of Wichita, is visiting at the home of their daughter, Mrs. J.W. UNDERWOOD.

Mrs. MCCALL's sister of Wichita is here to spend the holidays.

Miss Alma HALL came in Sunday from Oklahoma City, to spend the holidays with home folks.

Henry BISHOP is spending some time at the home of his brother, H.T. BISHOP.

Dennis HOSTUTTLER was a business visitor in Lela Friday.

Newt HARRIS called at the FARGUSON home Monday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. C.J. JAMES were Pawnee shoppers Monday.

Banner Items:

Mr. and Mrs. James CAYWOOD and sons spent Christmas in Jennings with her paretns, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. CRAFT.

Mrs. and Mrs. Clyde TOMBERLIN and children, have been spending thw eek with Mrs. Van LAWSON and family.

Mrs. J.P. CAYWOOD and little son, Otis, visited Sunday at the W.E. WALKER home.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer CRAFT and children visited a few days last week with her sister, Mrs. James RUPERT of Cushing.

Messrs. Teir MOORE, G.W. TOMBERLIN and E.C. PICKETT were Pawnee visitors last Saturday.

Among those from this vicinity who were Jennings visitors last week were Miss Flora SAPP, Messwrs. Lod SAPP, Gaiens WHITT, Glen DILLEY and R.T. DILLEY.

J.E. FUSS and family visited a few days with her paretns, Mr. and Mrs. BROWN of Pawnee.

G.W. MOORE and W.E. WALKER were in Quay Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. G.B. FUSS are spending their holidays in Pawnee.

Charles ADAMS and sons returned to their home near Stillwater this week.

The rig timbers for a new oil derrick is being hauled on Miss Gertrude FUSS's place, and work will begin sometime during the week.

Skedee Valley

Mrs. Tobe SHAW is on the sick list this week. Mrs. HILL is staying with her.

Mr. and Mrs. E.N. SMITH, A.A. HILL, Margery and Kearney HILL and Francis GRADER spent Sunday evening at the ROWDEN home.

Mrs. George RAU of Prosperity, called at the HILL home one day last week.

Tom REESE called at the ROWDEN's and HILL's Wednesday night.

Will VENTERS, who has been at Newkirk for some time, returned home Wednesday, and is reported as being very sick with la grippe.

Grace DAY spent Sunday with Miss Else VENTERS.

Fred SHAW made a busifness trip to Tulsa Wednesday.

Prairie Mound

Mr. ARBUCKLE and John WARD started on a hunting expedition over in the Osage country this week. They expect to be gone for some time.

R. PATTEN is hunting for a farm to move to.

Misses R. WALLS and Eva KELLER returned to Grundy Sunday evening, after spending a week's vacation with home folks.

Frank WALLS and sisters, Misses Goldie and Opal, motored to Pawnee last Sunday afternoon.

Willie PATTEN and John WARD ate Christmas dinner with his paretns. Mrs. LILLIE WARD and children took dinner with Mrs. Bessie PATTEN Xmas day.

Mr. ARBUCKLE and John WARD visited Sunday at the R. PATTEN home.

Card of Thanks:
We wish to thank our friends and neighbors who showed us so many kindnesses during the sickness and death of our mother - Mr. and Mrs. S.A. PERSHALL and family.

To order Barley Seed, contact: M.T. MAUDLIN, County Agent

Publication Notice: Walter W. SCOTT, Plaintiff vs. Mrs. Mary A. SCOTT, Mrs. Sadie O. LOVINGLER, Mrs. Lula A. WELLS, single by divorce; Mrs. Emma RIMMER, Wilson L. DAILY, and W.A. DAILY or the unknown heirs, executioners, administrators, devisees, trustees and assigns of W.A. DAILY, deceased...80 acres...Walter W. SCOTT - Plaintiff; Jas. H. HALE, Court Clerk, Emma WILSON, Deputy.

Order For Hearing Petitions For Partial Distribution: In the matter of the estate of Frank YINGLING, Jr., Deceased...Chas. VERNE, County Judge.

Notice of Sale of Oil and Gas Lease: In the Matter of the Guardianship of the Estates of Lee Haskell PERRY and Iris Beulah PERRY, Minors, Chancey floyd PERRY, Guardian.

Order For Hearing Petition To Determine Heirship: In the matter of the Heirship of Edna POULTON, Deceased...Harry N. WALKER of Pawnee, Oklahoma, Plaintiff, Chas. VERNE, County Judge.

Notice By Publication: In the Matter of the Heirship of Edna POULTON, Deceased to: William POULTON and Edith KIMBERLIN...Harry N. WALKER of Pawnee, Oklahoma, filed his duly verified petition alleging that Edna POULTON died on or about April 3rd, 1897, leaving as heirs William POULTON and Edity POULTON (now Edith KIMBERLIN)...and alleging further that by deeds thereafter executed, said real estate is now the property of the said Harry N. WALKER.

Notice of Sale of Oil and Gas Lease: In the Matter of the Guardianship of the Estates of Lee Haskell PERRY and Iris Beulah PERRY, minors, Chance Floyd PERRY, Guardian...containing 160 acres more or less, for a term of five years, and as long thereafter as oil or gass shall be produced in paying quantities...dated this 29th day of December, 1919.

Notice to sell Real Estate: In the Matter of the Estate of John W. GREISEL, Deceased...George W. REID, Administrator. By L.M. KIMREY, his attorney.

Lota Archer, Plantiff vs. T.N. ARCHER, Defendant No. 4604 - plaintiff is suing for divorce and custody of minor children.

January 08, 1920

American Legion Elects Officers:
The earl Maggart Post of the American Legion held its annual election of officers last night at the Legion headquarters, and the following officers were elected:
M. BELLMARD, Post Commander
Dr. R.E. WAGGONER, Vice - P.C.
Owen LIVESAY, Post Adjutant
Chas. B. SHAPARD, Finance Officer
Rev. Ira L. Crabtree, Chaplain
Brown MOORE, Post Historian.
Chas. H. JOHNSON, Pawnee County's only major in the World War was unanimously voted a resolution of thanks for his faithful and efficient leasership as the Post's first Commander.
A.M. ARMSTRONG is County Commander of the American Legion in this county.

I.O.O.F. And Rebekahs Install Officers
The Odd Fellow Lodge held it's election and installation of officers for the coming year, Monday evening. Preceding the election, the initiation of Gains JOHNSON, Lawrence JOHNSON and Loy FURRY as new members was enjoyed. The officers are:
W.E. MCCALL, N.G.; Ab REESE, V.G.; A.B. MALLORY, Sec.; W.E. BRADY; Financial Secretary; A. STONEBURNER, Treasurer; Rufus PORTER, Chaplain; Harry THOMPSON, Conductor; Alvin UHL, warden; O.T. PEARSON, R.S.N.G; Harry WHITLOW, L.S.N.G.; Geo. BURKE, R.S.V.G.; F. MATHERS, L.S.V.G.; F.F. GREEN, Inside Guard; Joe PENEWELL, Outside Guard.
Tuesday evening the Rebekah Lodge held the installation of their new officers, which was also preceded with the initiation of a candidate, Mrs. Lou STEWART. The officers installed were: Mrs. George HUGHES, N.G.; Mrs. HOOVER, V.G.; Ozelle ODELL, Rec. Sec.; Mrs. Paradine BUZAN, Fin. Sec.; Miss May HUSSEY, Treasurer; Mrs. MALLORY, R.S.N.G.; Mrs. GRIFFITH, L.S.N.G.; Mrs. GREEN, L.S. to V.G.; Mrs. STONEBURN, R.S. to V.G.; Mrs. STEWARD, Warden; Mrs. FLETCHER, Conductor; Mrs. Carl UHL, Inside Guard; Mr. STONEBURNER, Outside Guard.

Agency News
Pembrook, son of Supt. and Mrs. J.C. HART, left Sunday for Ann Arbor, Michigan, to finish his college term.

Mrs. June WILKINS and family left Sunday for Wichita, Kansas, where Dorothy will enter business college. Mrs. WILKINS and daughters, Louise and Lillian, went on to Horton, Kansas, where Mrs. WILKINS has been transferred at an increase in salary.

Mrs. P.C. LITTLE has been quite ill the past week, but is much improved at present.

Messrs. SCOTT and GROSHONG went to the Ponca Agency last Friday, via the Ford route, and returned safely.

Mrs. WATSON and mother, Mrs. SMITH, went to Guthrie Saturday morning, returning in the evening.

Rev. John CAUGHEY made some pastoral calls at the agency Saturday afternoon.

What might have been a serious accident occurred New Year's evening when Supt. and Mrs. HART and son and Miss HOWARD were driving in their car, Mr. HART, Jr., at the wheel. A team they met failed to turn out and Pembrook turned off the road and ran so sharply against an obstruction, the ladies in the rear seat were thrown violently against the rear seat and badly bruised about the head and face, but at present they are doing nicely.

New Bank Officer
Mr. E.E. STUART, who for the past three years was manager of the clerical department of the Tradesman's State Bank of Oklahoma City, has been secured by the Security State Bank, and assumed his duties Monday as assistant cashier. Mr. STUART comes highly recommended as a business man. Mrs. STUART will arrive the last of the week, and they will have rooms at Mrs. LOUTHAN's, in the Geo. REID home.

Mr. C.A. GOINGS, aged 67 years, died Monday, January 6, at Pawhuska. Heart failure was the cause of death. The remains were brought to Pawnee, Wednesday, for interment in the family burial grounds at the Masham Cemetery.

Buys Old Business
George CLOSE has purchased the BAKER grocery store and is again in possession of his old store. About one year ago, Mr. CLOSE sold his store to Bert WILLIAMS, who later sold to J.E. BAKER and son, Wayne. Mr. CLOSE expected to leave Pawnee when he first sold, but could not get away, so we now have him as a permanent fixture again.

Ministerial Alliance Protest
We, the Ministerial Alliance of Pawnee County, wish to express our emphatic protest against the proposed amusements and races to be held at the Fair Grounds, Sunday, January 11. Signed: Ira L. CRABTREE, H.C. MILLARD, A.J. BRADSHAW, E.U. CALHOON, J. CAUGHEY, H.C. MUSSELMAN.

Pawnee County Short in Membership Drive.
The final report of Brown MOORE, county chairman for the Red Cross Christmas membership drive, shows the following memberships received...Mrs. Roy BERRY as at the head of the women's committee and Miss Sadie MANNHEIMER was cashier. David C. LEE was chairman of the speakers' committee and A.M. ARMSTRONG was publicity man.

Back From Cuba
Mr. and Mrs. F.N. GARNER are home from a business and pleasure trip to Cuba. Mr. GARNER was not favorably impressed by the island republic and is glad to get back to Oklahoma. the Cubans are away behind the times, the country having but little to show in the way of real progress, only a few roads and very crude methods of cultivation of arm lands. The land seems to be held in large grants and is farmed almost exclusively by tenants. While they were in Havana, a Shrine conclave was held there, a large number of Shriners coming over from Tampa, Florida, to put on the work. Mr. GARNER is a Shriner, and enjoyed the meeting immensely. Mr. and Mrs. GARNER also visited in the East, making many stops with prominent breeders of Shorthorn cattle.


Mr. PAULHAVEN of Bartlesville, was visiting at the home of Major LILLIE during the week.

Charles PETER took his sister, Helen, to Winfield, in the car Sunday.

Miss Ruby HESTERLEE is a new member of the Freshman High School class.

Nellie LANSDON and Lethia MANNING, who have been absent from school (freshman class) on account of illness, reentered Monday.

Little Fred LISCUM is on the sick list today.

Miss Irma KRAUSS came in from Oklahoma City, last Thursday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard DORRENCE and little daughter, Juanita, who have been at the home of Mrs. DORRENCE's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.S. TUCKER, returned to their home in Los Angeles, California.

Rev. Harry BOCK, former missionary at the Pawnee Mission, but who is now working among the Osages with a station at Pawhuska, was a visitor in Pawnee the last of the week.

Teacher's quarterly examination will be held January 22-23-24. May HUSSEY, County Supt.

The regular monthly meeting of the Ministerial Alliance took place at the GRAHAM hotel last Tuesday noon. Those present were: Mrs. MUSSELMAN, Rev. MILLARD, Rev. CRABTREE, Rev. CAUGHEY, Rev. BRADSHAW and Rev. CALHOON.

D.N. HATFIELD was home the first of the week from the Osage oil fields. Mr. HATFIELD is in the employ of the Gulf Pipe Line Company, and is working near Wynona. He reports the Osage fields booming and expects to see one of the biggest fields in the world up there.

Mrs. J.L. KING and children, who have been visiting with her sister, Mrs. Brown MOORE, have returned to their home in Clarksville, Arkansas.

H.F. DILLARD, manager of the Rogers Lumber Company yard at Hallett, was a business visitor in Pawnee on Monday. Mr. DILLARD is a new man at Hallett, having recently been transferred from McAlester. He is a former service man, having been in the navy during the war period and made fifteen trips from New York to Brest, France. He reports business good at his yard and that he is selling on the average, one oil rig a week.

Notice: There will be no races at the coursing event, Sunday, January 11th. By order of T.D. MCINTYRE, Sheriff.

Miss Vera ROE went to Enid and Billings for a few days visit with her old pupils.

Miss Mary HARRISON returned from Yale, Sunday, where she had been spending the holidays with her sister, Mrs. Jude PRICE.

Judge Chas. VERN held a session of county court in Cleveland, Monday.

L.V. ORTON was in Cleveland the first of the week on legal business.

Judge Redmond S. COLE returned to Tulsa, Monday, to hold court.

Maurice MARX and family spent New Year's Day in Guthrie.

Charles MORRISON of Ponca City, was in Pawnee this week looking after business matters.

Mrs. Ruth COLVIN went to Arkansas City, Sunday, for a weeks stay.

Mrs. Nannie SMITH went to Arkansas City the first of the week for treatment.

Mr. and Mrs. J.N. CROSS of Keyes, California, who have been visiting their daughter, Mrs. R.S. COLE, left Saturday for their home.

Louis LEMERT spent several days of his vacation with his uncle, Frank STROUP, near Blackburn.

Mr. and Mrs. Milt GOOLD accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Alfred SEEVERS, motored to Skedee Sunday, returning by way of Murry SMITH's to bring Miss Opal LEMERT back with them. Miss Opal has been spending a few days at the SMITH home.

The new board of directors of the Commercial Club met Tuesday evening at the National hotel for the purpose of considering a Lyceum course for 1920. Mrs. J.S. PETER called on the board in behalf of the Improvement Club and asked the Commercial Club's cooperation. The board voted unanimously to cooperate in bring some high class numbers to Pawnee during the lyceum season.

Chas. OHSE of Topeka, Kansas, arrived Friday for a two week's visit with his uncle. A.E. OHSE, southwest of town.

Miss Ozelle ODELL entertained a number of young people last Thursday night. The evening was spent in playing rook until about 11:00. They then had a contest for the best telegram compiled from the letters contained in the phrase, "New Year's evening 1920. Miss Maxine HUDSON received the prize. Delicious refreshments were then served. Those present were: Misses Ana TUCKER, Maxine HUDSON, Opal LEMERT, Ruby COBB, Ruby WHEELER, Juanda MANNING, Hope TANSY, Catherine BERRY, Frances CORRELL, Mildred SWALLEY; Messrs. Charles PETER, Elton LEHEW, Donald HUDSON, Joe SHIGLEY, Lynn LEHEW, Jean PERRY, Louis LEMERT, Dallas DAVIS and Frank ODELL.

Mrs. Ed COLVIN entertained a few of the young people Saturday evening in honor of Miss Ann MOORE. The girls had a very delightful informal time in playing games, making candy and with music. Those present were Misses Helen and Carol PETER, Dot and Gladys LONG, Vera ROE, Bessie FEASTER, Flo SWALLEY and Ann MOORE.

Mr. and Mrs. Robt. BUZAN entertained a few friends on Thursday evening with cads. The house was charmingly decorated in the holiday colors, which in itself always lends gaiety to any occasion. Mrs. BUZAN remembered that man likes to eat as well as to be entertained so she served delicious refreshments to her guest. Those present were: Dr. and Mrs. WAGGONER, Mr. and Mrs. C.H. STRATTON, Mr. and Mrs. R.W. STRATTON, Mr. and Mrs. C.L. BROWN and Mr. and Mrs. F.F. GREEN.

Mr. and Mrs. A.R. MITHCELL of Tulsa, spent the weekend at the home of J.B. DAVIS.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed VANDERVOORT went to Tulsa Tuesday morning for a few days visit.

Robert GRAHAM was a business visitor in Tulsa the first of the week.

Little Miss Olivia COLE spent New Year's with Mr. and Mrs. George SMITH.

Arthur KIMBALL is on the sick list this week.

Miss Fry returned last week from Topeka, Kansas, where she spent her holiday vacation.

Mrs. HOOVER, who has been spending the holidays in Hallett, returned to Pawnee the first of the week.

Miss CONNOR returned Sunday evening from Hamilton, Missouri, where she spent the holidays with her parents.

Miss MCMURRY returned Sunday from Savannah, Missouri, after spending a very pleasant Christmas.

Mrs. N.Z. BARNES received a letter from her son, Oral, who is telegraph operator at Lena, Louisiana, in which he reports that he is well pleased both with his position and the town.

Postmaster CALVERT has purchased the George PEARSON property next to Cecil JAY.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe SAMPLE visited at the home of C.B. SAMPLE before returning to their home at Desdemona, Texas.

The Delphian Society met Thursday at the home of Mrs. Jno. BADGER. New officers were elected.

The U.T.D. Club will meet next Monday at the home of Mrs. Mollie MENTZER. The leader will be Mrs. HUGHES, assistants, Mesdames GILL and R.A. STRATTON.

The Auction Club met at the home of Miss Norah SHAPARD last Monday. Mrs. Alfred SEEVERS was elected a member to fill the vacancy caused by Mrs. Max JAY moving to Yale. the Club will meet with Mrs. Charles VANDERVOORT on Monday, the 19th.

The Art Circle met Wednesday at the home of Mrs. R.S. COLE.

The Pawnee Improvement Club will meet next Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. John BADGER.

The Bridge club will meet next Thursday at the home of Miss Mabel VEATCH.

THE P.E.O. Society will meet Friday at the home of Mrs. Arthur PETER.

The Episcopal Guild met Tuesday at the home of Mrs. R.P. BANKS.

The Presbyterian Ladies Aid met Tuesday at the home of Mrs. JOHNSON.

The Christian Ladies Aid met Tuesday at the home of Mrs. C.S. BATES.

The Baptist Ladies Aid met Tuesday at the home of Mrs. SALLEE.

Ralph WEBB spent the weekend with Charles SHAPARD. Ralph's many friends are always glad to have him return to Pawnee.

Mr. and Mrs. Barney WITTICH, Mrs. Ruth COLVIN and little daughter, Esther Ruth, took Sunday dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C.R. KERR.

Mr. and Mrs. Max WILSON of Wichita, visited at the home of Mrs. WILSON's aunt, Mrs. John DONAGHY. The young couple were on their honeymoon, which of course, made is especially pleasant for every one concerned.

Dr. WALTERS went to Oklahoma City Sunday, returning Tuesday.

R.M. COATES, of Ponca City, was in town this week, looking after business matters.

Mrs. George HUGHES and daughter, Emily, returned Sunday from Fredonia, Kansas, where they had been visiting relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley SMITH were visiting in Quay this week at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Quinn.

A mouse, some matches in a pocket of a fur coat that was hanging in the cellarway of Dr. WAGGONER's home was all that was necessary to start a merry blaze. Mrs. WAGGONER was just ready to leave the house when she detected smoke. Upon opening the door to the basement, she discovered quite a blaze, which she was able to put out without calling for help.

Mrs. George WHEELER returned from Muskogee last week and reports that Mr. WHEELER is feeling a great deal better, and hopes to be home before many weeks.

Dr. and Mrs. Ethan WAGGONER left Sunday for their home at Tonkawa.

F.F. GREEN and wife motored to Stillwater Sunday to visit Mr. and Mrs. A.M. ABBOTT.

Jap LIZAR was down from Wynona the first of the week visiting old friends. He reports the humming new oil town still on the hum. He is doing teaming work.

Mrs. A. MITCHELL and daughter, of Ralston, were visitors in Pawnee Monday. They were on their way home from Goltry, where they visited relatives during the holidays.

Mrs. Priscilla KIRCHER, 76 years old, died Wednesday, December 24, at Blackburn, Oklahoma, at the home of her daughters, Mrs. S.A. PERSHALL. Funeral services were at the home of Mrs. PERSHALL on Friday, December 26 at 2 p.m. Burial was at the Blackburn Cemetery.

United Brethern Church, H.J. MUSSELMAN, Pastor

Christian Church, A.J. BRADSHAW, Pastor

First Presbyterian Church - H.C. MILLARD, Pastor

County Teachers To Meet

The next regular meeting of the Pawnee County Teachers Association will be held at the high school building in Cleveland, January 17. The program:
Devotional - Rev. W.T. REYNOLDS, pastor, Presbyterian Church, Cleveland.
Violin duet, selected - Miss Ellen GUFFY and Forest MCCLAIN, accompanied by Mrs. C.R. SHIFFLER.
Address - Supt. A.C. BRODDELL, secretary-treasurer Pawnee County Teachers Association.
"Teaching of Agriculture" - G.C. CARMICHAEL, Principal, Cleveland High School.
Piano solo, selected - Agnes COMPTON, pupil of Mrs. SHIFFLER.
"Schools, Past, Present & Future" - Supt. M.B. YEWELL, Jennings, Oklahoma City Schools.
"Teaching of English in the Junior High School" - Mrs. Lelia NOWLIN, teacher of reading and English, Cleveland Junior High School.
Violin solo, selected - Forest MCCLAIN, Pupil of Mrs. SHIFFLER.
Address - W.C. CANTERBURN, Secretary Oklahoma Teachers Association, and editor of "The Oklahoma Teacher."

Whereas, the earl MAGGART Post No. 26 of the American Legion, an organization composed of veterans of the World War, was founded on the 14th day of July, 1919, at Pawnee, Oklahoma, and
Whereas, Chas. H. JOHNSON, Pawnee county's only major of the World War, was unanimously elected its first Post Commander, and
Whereas, the first Tuesday in January of each year being designated by the constitution of this Post as a day upon which the annual election of officers shall take place, and
Whereas, this being the date upon which our first Post Commander's term of office expires, and
Whereas, our first Post Commander having declined and refused to become a candidate to succeed himself, he believing in the principle that the commandership of this Post should pass to other members of the organization, and that the honors of which should be shared equally, and
Whereas, this Post having grown and progressed under his very efficient and loyal leadership.
Therefore, Be It Resolved, by the Earl Maggart Post No. 26, of the American Legion of Pawnee, Oklahoma, all of its members present, concurring therein:
That in consideration of the very splendid and efficient services rendered this Post by its first commander, and as a token of our esteem and respect for him, and his administration, and as evidence of our true feelings of comradeship and abiding faith in the principles he has advocated, and our appreciation of his untiring efforts in the establishment of this Post, that we hereby extend to him our most hearty and sincere thanks; that this resolution, as adopted, be spread upon the records of this Post and the Adjutant be directed to transmit to the outgoing Post Commander, Chas. H. JOHNSON, a copy of this resolution, duly attested by the succeeding Post Commander and his Adjutant. M. BELLMARD, Post Commander; Attest: Owen LIVESAY, Adjutant.

News From Over Pawnee County - Items From Here and There by Our Regular Correspondents


Mr. and Mrs. H.H. DAVIS went to Bristow, Oklahoma. He is employed in the oil fields there.

Mr. and Mrs. John PIERCE and family left Tuesday for Monte Vista, Colorado. We wish them success in their new home.

J.O. WELLS and Felix HILL spent Tuesday in Pawnee.

Mr. and Mrs. A.M. POSTLEWAITE came in Monday, from Red Rock, to make their home in the property they brought from F.G. HILL.

Leo HAMPTON returned to his school in Stillwater, Monday.

Mr. and Dug WILSON and Sam PERSHALL were Hominy visitors Saturday.

Miss Zoe Louise MARLOWE left Tuesday for St. Charles, Missouri, to take up her studies at the Lindenwood College. She had a vacation of three weeks. We are certainly glad to see her so interested in her school work.

Mr. and Mrs. J.E. MILLER came in Monday from Wichita, to spend a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. R.L. KREWITZ and daughter, Irma Lee, and Pearl GILLILAND spent the later part of the week with relatives in Hominy.

Miss Helen STERLING of Tulsa, Misses Margaret KELLY and Lesta BERRY of Pawnee, spent last week with Miss Zoe Louise MARLOWE.

Miss Edith LEWIS has been assisting in the MARLOWE store this week.

Maramec, Route 1

Mr. EMMONS and Mrs. DRURY visited at Mr. SHAW's Sunday.

Mr. WALKER and Misses Ollie and Alta were Maramec shoppers last Saturday.

Mr. CHARLTON and Mr. WILLARD helped Riley WILLARD move to the PATTISON farm last week.

Mr. and Mrs. GRIMES spend Sunday at Mr. LANDERS.

Mr. and Mrs. BLAKE went to Oklahoma City last week, to visit their daughter, Mrs. BARR, and family.

Mr. RADER has moved to the HESSLER farm.

Mrs. HELMS has moved on Mr. GUINAN's farm.

Two of Mr. THURBER's children are on the sick list.

Tim WALKER and Ged WILKERSON were in Maramec Sunday evening.

Mt. Vernon

Mrs. C.S. BLACK and son, Wilbur, were Pawnee visitors Friday.

Mrs. Will WALTON returned to her home in Claremore on Friday, after a two week visit with relatives in this vicinity.

Mr. and Mrs. C.O. STONE of Glencoe, visited at West Point Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley WELDON and family left Saturday for their new home in Missouri.

We regret to learn that Grandma FORMAN is again on the sick list.

Owing to the ill health of Wilbur BLACK, Mr. and Mrs. C.S. BLACK are preparing for a sale in the near future, and will make their home in California for a time.

Edward GOOLD returned to Stillwater Sunday, after spending his holiday vacation at home.

Mr. and Mrs. E.C. STONE were Pawnee visitors on Saturday.

Rev. CRAYLON filled his regular appointment at Mt. Vernon and Bethel Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Wincer BUNTIN and family and Mrs. B.C. JOHNSON attended services at bethel Sunday afternoon.

Virgil BLACK took Sunday dinner with Ernest DEWITT.

Mrs. GRANT GOOLD spent Sunday with Mrs. JESSEE.

Rev. and Mrs. CRAYLON and Mr. and Mrs. Albert DAVIS and son took Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Albert BUNTIN.

Mrs. Otis GROOMS is quite sick with throat trouble. Mrs. SINNITT, her mother, is caring for her.

The two small children of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff SINNITT are sick with severe colds.

Lone Jack

The Sunshine club met with Mrs. MYERS, Thursday.

John and B.T. FORBUS made hay on Mr. KINZEY's place January 1.

Mrs. CALLAHAN and son, Carl, and Mr. and Mrs. A.L. HARRISON and family spent last Friday at Chas. CUSTER's.

Mrs. C.L. CUSTER and children spent Saturday night and Sunday at J.W. CALLAHAN's.

Mrs. E.E. ROGERS is improving in health slowly.

Wiley CUSTER, Leota HAMILTON and Oliver BRENNEMAN took supper at the Henry ROGERS home on Sunday evening.

Frank BRUNER of Sedan, Kansas, visited this week with his sister, Mrs. KINZEY.

Loyd POTTS is working for Mrs. Jas. RAU this week.

Mr. and Mrs. F.A. BYERS spent Sunday with Mr. HAGA.

Almost everyone in the Lone Jack community has had the mumps.

Mr. HAGA has been on the sick list for two weeks, but is some better at this writing.

Mrs. HUBMAN, of Lincoln County, is visiting at the ROGERS home this week.


Dr. M.G. GAYMON of Chandler, is visiting his brother, Dr. M.W. GAYMON and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank TEICHMER and Ms. Laura BENNETT were New Year's guests at the Robert TEICHMER home.

T.J. MOSIER is able to be downtown again.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry HODGE came in Saturday from Orleans, Nebraska for a visit with friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Ural ROSS of Fairfax, visited home folks Sunday.

J. VANBUSKIRK, formerly of Ralston, died at his home in Eastbrook, Colorado, December 14, after a long illness. His many friends grieve to learn of his death.

Burby BECK is up from the oil fields visiting his mother, Mrs. Sadie BECK.

Frank MITCHELL, of west of town, is moving to Ralston this week.

Mrs. Annie TEICHMER is very sick.

Miss Ruth MITCHELL visited Miss Leota KROW Sunday.

Mrs. Sam STICKLES is improving. Her son, Frank, is here from Washington visiting her.

Dr. and Mrs. L.A. BARBER spent New Year's in Pawhuska, visiting relatives.


Mrs. Belle JAMES, of Tulsa, came up Sunday for a month's visit with home folks.

Arthur BRYAN made a business trip to Pawnee Saturday.

The dance at Ernest ROBBINS' on Saturday night was well attended.

Sale of Indian Lands
Noncompetent lands situated in the Pawnee Indian Reservation in Payne and Pawnee Counties, Oklahoma are offered for sale on January 12, 1920, under the Act of Congress of May 27th, 1902.
Allotment No. 188, Wichita BLAINE, Pawnee County, 80 acres, Appraisement $1,760.00
Allotment No. 332, William ALLEN, Pawnee County, 20 acres, Appraisement $1,700.00
Allotment No. 681, John BROWN, Pawnee County, 40 acres, Appraisement $1,425.00
Inherited Lands:
Allotment No. 123, George PHILLIPS, Pawnee County, 80 acres, Appraisement $2,375.00
Allotment No. 202, Stah-pea JAKE, Pawnee County, 160 acres, Appraisement $4,225.00
Allotment No. 391, Sara MANCHIEF, Pawnee County, 40 acres, Appraisement $2,000.00
Allotment 450, Annie SUNEAGLE, Pawnee County, 160 acres, Appraisement $2,375.00
Allotment 536, Jane EYRE, Pawnee County, 80 acres, Appraisement $3,050.00
Allotment No. 366, Pipe CHIEF, Pawnee County, 115 acres,

Classified Ads:

Bershire Hogs - I have some big shoats; also some small pigs for sale. J.A. BRENNEMAN

For Sale - Oakland car in good condition - John PIERCE, over Lyric Theatre.

For Sale - ten pure bred Barred Rock Cockrells, $2,00 each - Cordella CANNON, Maramec

For Sale - Child's bed and mattress, extra large size, good as new. Mrs. C.A. BINNING.

For Sale - White Sweet Clover Seed - $12 per bushel - D.C. BUSHORR, Pawnee.

For Sale - 1000 bushels good Red Texas seed oats, 80 cents per bushel - Willie LIZAR, Maramec.

For Sale - Pure Bred Barred Rock Cockerels $2 each. Eggs in Season. Mrs. E.L. WALLS, Skedee.

Farm for Rent - 160 acres 3 miles west and 1 1/2 north of Jennings. Write or phone J.W. Rice, Jennings.

Lost - Bunch of 3 keys, attached to life insurance key ring. Please return to Henry ROBERTS.

Lost - Gold stick pin with small diamond. Liberal reward for return. Gus MARZ.

For Rent: Frank RICE allotment - 80 acres - Notify Mrs. J.W. PRATHER, Morrison.

Illinois Life Monthly Income Policy - P.A. FLETCHER, Special Agent, Pawnee Oklahoma, phone 139

January 15, 1920

Supreme Court Judge Makes Hasty Decision
It was asserted once by a noted sociologist that all classes of society naturally segregated themselves into casts or grades. An event proving the correctness of this proposition occurred in this county a short time ago.
Joe WELCH, Tom WELCH, Homer WEBER, Jim ROBINSON, and Jas. PEARSON, all of them being young fellows just ready to start out upon their life careers as stick-up men, decided that they would organize as the high-brows of their profession. Passing up several men, who heretofore have been contented to plug along life's lonely pathway in some humble station, they made their debut upon Judge N.E. MCNEIL, one of the judges of the Supreme Court of this state.
The Judge had been visiting at Jennings during the holidays, and down near the Katy depot he was encountered by the above-named aristocratic high-jackers, one of whom pointed a large and dangerous looking pistol of immense calibre and hostile appearance at the Judge and in a very persuasive tone of voice told him to "Stick 'em up." Never before in the history of this state has so short an argument had so prompt effect on a judge. He did not take it under advisement, nor ask for time, nor to have authorities cited, nor for more argument. He wasn't interested in what the Supreme Court of Arkansas or the woolsack of the British Empire had to say about it. He decided quick. His decision will go down the corridors of time as the quickest decision ever made by a court of last resort or any other kind. He broke a speed record by a big and safe margin. He "Stuck 'em up" without even having an exception read into the record and the aforesaid bandits proceeded to divorce him from sundry personal effects.
After relieving the Judge of his watch, personal effects, and what coin of the realm he had with him, the high-brow bandits, like Alexander of old, went out seeking more worlds to conquer. Just south of Casey, they were overtaken by Glen GRUBB, a son of Millard GRUBB, the representative from this county, driving a certain vehicle, to-wit: 'a tootin nanny car.' Presenting the same argument that so well proved its efficacy on the Judge, they induced Glen to turn over his car, overcoat and whatever other moveable property he had, and the boys then tied him with strips of a raincoat and left him. Glen loosed his bonds and returned to Casey, where he sent a message home to come and get him.
The robbers are all in jail here now in default of bond. It is generally understood they will plead guilty; in fact, Jimmie ROBINSON has made a full confession. In view of the fact that their operations have been limited to the State Legislature and the Supreme Court, this may be considered to mitigate the offense somewhat.

Indian Land Sale Nets Good Sum
The sale of inherited and no-competent Indian lands held at the Pawnee Agency on Monday was one of the most successful yet held. It was well attended and considerable rivalry was displayed by the bidders. The usual excitement of an auction was eliminated by sealed bids and not until the bids were opened did the anxious bidder know who would receive the land. Some good bottom land and some near oil and gas development were the pieces in which the most interest was manifested. Those securing land, appraised value and purchase price are given below:
Wichita BLAINE allotment of 40 acres, appraised at $1760 sold to Dr. J.L. LEHEW for $1901 - only one bid submitted.
William ALLEN allotment of 20 acres, appraised at $1760 sold to J.B. KEATON, of Ralston, for $2121.21. There were 3 bids on this piece of land.
John BROWN allotment of 40 acres, located near the Quay oil field, was the most sought for piece, five bids being submitted. The appraisement was $1425 and sold to William E. DAVIES, of Yale, for $3200.
T.J. REDD, of Tulsa, bought the George PHILLIPS allotment, appraised at $2375 for $2626.26. This piece contained 80 acres and there was one other bid besides Mr. REDD's.
Stah-pe JAKE allotment of 160 acres, appraised at $4225, sold to W.S. SALLEE, of Pawnee, for $4576. There were 3 bids on this piece.
Sarah MANCHIEF allotment of 40 acres, appraised at $2000 sold to G.C. MAXEY for $35550. Five bids were received on this piece.
G.F. BAKER purchased the Annie SUNEAGLE allotment of 160 acres for $2625. the appraisement was $2375, and there were two other bids.
J.B. KEATON took another piece in the Jane FRYE allotment of 80 acres. The appraisement was $3050, and he paid $3535. One other bid was received.
E.L. WALLS, of Skedee, paid the top price for a large tract in the Pipe CHIEF allotment of 115 acres. The appraisement was $7050 and Mr. WALLS took it at $11,787.50. Two other bids were received.

Miss Irma TANSEY, of Pawnee, and Mr. W.E. VANSICKLE of Westchester, Iowa, were quietly married at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will TANSEY, last Saturday afternoon. Rev. Ira L. CRABTREE of the Methodist Church performed the ceremony. Only a few of the near relatives and friends of the family were present. Miss Irma has been deputy county treasurer the past three years, and is a capable business woman. Mr. VanSickle is a prominent young business man of Westchester, and we predict for the young couple a long life of happiness and prosperity. they left Sunday evening for Westchester, where they will make their home.

Mr. Robert BARR, of Pawhuska, and Miss Thelma GOODE were quietly married Monday evening at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.L. GOODE. Rev. BRADSHAW, pastor of the Christian church, performed the ceremony. The young couple tried to keep the wedding a secret, but some of the friends of the bride and groom slipped in the back way and were witnesses to the ceremony. Mr. BARR was formerly employed by the city here as an electrician, but now is in the employ of the Southwest Bell Telephone Company at Pawhuska. Miss GOODE has a host of friends among the younger set of Pawnee society. They will make their home at Pawhuska.

Mr. Bud HARPER and Miss Ruth PEERY were married last Saturday at 9 a.m., at the Christian parsonage, Rev. BRADSHAW officiating. The groom has been employed at the Frisco station here for some time, and Miss PEERY has been Katz's most efficient bookkeeper for about two years. the young people left on the morning train for Tulsa, en route to Kansas City, and various other points.

A Legal Battle Royal
A very interesting hearing was had in the county court this week. It involved certain legal propositions in the Frank YINGLING, Jr., deceased, estate. The occasion called some very able legal talent to our city, including Judge J.F. MCKEEL of Ada, Oklahoma, and Judge Ralph S. AMBLER, of Canton, Ohio, who is a law partner of United States Senator POMERENE. Judge AMBLER has been judge of the General Chancery court of Ohio for eleven years. The executor of the estate is J.A. MCLAUGHLIN, a lawyer from Masilton, Ohio. Judge MCKELL represented one heir, the daughter of Frank YINGLING. Judge AMBLER represented the executor, with the assistance of Mr. T.S. HURST of Pawnee. The widow, Mrs. YINGLING, was represented by McCollum & McCollum, of Pawnee.
This was a legal battle royal, legal argument consuming three days. We are proud to say that one of the most powerful legal presentations that has ever been made in a Pawnee county court was made by one of our local attorneys, J.A. MCCOLLUM, and Judge AMBLER, of Canton, Ohio, took occasion to compliment Mr. MCCOLLUM very highly. We are glad to know that people who are involved in litigation can find ability among our own local bar, second to none.

Charles Albert GOING
Charles Albert GOING was born at Portland, Maine, July 24, 1852, and departed this life January 5, 1920, at the age of 67 years, 6 months and 11 days.
He was married to Miss Susan C. MYGATT, November 14, 1884. To this union twelve children were born, 8 girls and 4 boys, 6 of whom survive him. At the time of his death Mr. GOING was at Pawhuska, having been there but three weeks. He had resided in Pawnee County for the past 25 years, having spent the greater part of that time on his homestead nine miles northwest of Pawnee. Death was caused by heart trouble. The remains were brought to Pawnee on the morning of January 7th and funeral services were held at Masham school house at 11:30 the same day, the services being conducted by the Pastor of the Christian Church. The remains were interred in the family ploy at Masham Cemetery.
Deceased leaves a wife and six children to mourn his departure, Arthur and Miss Mary GOING and Mrs. Mercie JONES of Pawnee; Mrs. Grace SHORT of Pawhuska, all of whom attended the funeral, and Mrs. Letha LEDFORD of Olney Springs, Colorado, and Mrs. Etta FRANTZ of Eagle Creek, Oregon.
Besides the relatives, deceased leaves a host of friends who extend their sincere sympathy to the grief-stricken loved ones in their sad hour of bereavement.

Emma Jane WALTERS was born December 31, 1873, and died January 9, 1920, at the age of 46 years and 9 days.
She was married to W.H. REDDICK on October 24, 1895. To them were born six children, two sons and four daughters. She was converted to the religion of Jesus Christ and united with the Methodist Episcopal Church about seven years ago.
She leaves a husband, six children, a father, a sister, and many other relatives and friends to mourn her departure. The funeral was conducted at the home, 8 miles north and 1 mile east of Pawnee, by Rev. Ira L. CRABTREE, pastor of the Methodist Church of this city. The body was shipped to Beaver, Oklahoma, for burial.

Establishing Branch Clothing Store At Morrison
C.L. BROWN, of the Fashion Clothing Company, is busy this week putting in a stock of clothing at Morrison, where he has secured a lease on a suitable building. He expects to make this one of the best clothing stores in Noble County. Wayne SWALLEY, who has been with Mr. BROWN the past year in the Pawnee store, will be manager of the Morrison Branch.

Installs New X-Ray Machine
Dr. F.T. GASTINEAU has this week installed a new and up-to-date x-ray machine in his office. He is now equipped to do all kinds of x-ray photographic work, which will be a great aid to him, as well as the medical fraternity of Pawnee county, in surgical and therapeutic treatments.

This is to inform all my old customers and the public in general that I have bought the J.E. BAKER Grocery stock and extend to one and all an invitation to call and see me. The same good treatment will be extended to all, and our price will be as low as is consistent with good business.
Yours very truly, George R. CLOSE

Local News:

F.A. HRABE and Loyd BRUINGTON left Monday for Kansas City, to attend the hardware and implement dealers convention.

Mr. and Mrs. GLESLER of Ponca City, are visiting at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Jim FRASIER.

Mrs. F.E. MILLER of Cleveland, was in Pawnee Wednesday.

Mrs. Henry ROBERTS and two younger children, Jimmy and Meryl, left Sunday for a visit to her old home in Wisconsin.

Mrs. Charles GASSERT received a telegram that her husband, Charles, at Wynona, had his foot badly crushed by a piece of casing falling on his foot. She has not received full particulars from her son, Frank. Mr. GASSERT has been working for the Marland Refining Co. for several weeks. His many friends hope that it will not prove very serious.

Mr. and Mrs. Martell TATE have returned from Algona, Mississippi, and stopped over in Pawnee for a few days to visit her mother, Mrs. R.P. BANKS, before going on to their home in Yale.

A.J. SHUPE and family of Iowa, are visitors in Pawnee this week, the guests of H.R. SHUPE and Mrs. L.D. GRIFFIN, brother and sister of Mr. SHUPE.

Ted VANBRUNT's boy was kicked in the head by a mule the other day. He is not very much the worse except the exception of a few stitches, which had to be taken in his head.

Mrs. HAGA, mother of Tom HAGA, is seriously ill at the home of her daughters, Mrs. CAVITT.

Miss Florence LAW of Morrison, was shopping in Pawnee Wednesday.

Mrs. KING of Ralston, was in Pawnee Wednesday.

Mrs. Frank GREEN and Mrs. Thurman HURST went to Tulsa today to visit for a couple of days.

Mrs. N.H. SWALLEY is visiting relatives in Kansas.

H.C. ROCK returned from Climax, Kansas, last Friday.

Orville BRUBAKER of Blackburn, visited in Pawnee this week.

Daddy WARD celebrated his 79th birthday on New Year's day.

The only known accident that might have proven serious, resulting from the snow storm of last week happened to Arthur SOUSLEY Sunday afternoon. He was driving along in his car when a stray snowball went thru the windshield of his car. A piece of broken glass cut his lower left eye lid and a small gash on his eyeball, which missed the pupil of the eye by the merest fraction of an inch.

Judge Redmond S. COLE returned to Tulsa, Monday, after spending the weekend with his family here.

Mrs. D. BEARDSLEY has been enjoying a visit from her brother, Walter WALLACE, of Nowata, the past week.

Stanley EDMISTER was over from Tulsa, looking after his farm and attending to legal business this week.

Miss Juanita PLUMLEE, who has been employed by the law firm of Orton & Moore, is now employed in the law firm of Randolph, Haver & Shirk, in Tulsa.

Word has been received in Pawnee that Rev. and Mrs. J. Walter TURNER of Tonkawa, are the proud parents of a fine baby boy, born Sunday evening, January 11th.

Word has just been received that Mr. and Mrs. Hal REXROAD have a brand new baby daughter, born on December 26th. Mr. and Mrs. REXROAD moved to Newport, Idaho, some two years ago.

Dr. J.L. LEHEW has broken ground for the erection of two new modern bungalows on the lots just east of his home. Work will progress just as fast as weather conditions will permit.

F.T. PARKS, one of the substantial farmers of the Blackburn neighborhood, was in Pawnee, Monday, attending to business matters. The past year was a good one for him in the way of crops, corn especially, being good.

The Presbyterian Brotherhood was royally entertained at the home of W.E. BRADY last Tuesday night. The evening was hilariously spent playing Bunco and kid contests. There were three new members taken into the Brotherhood, making about sixteen active members. Later in the evening "men refreshments" were served and they all went home feeling that it had been hours well spent.

Mrs. HOOVER, the Misses MCMURRY, FRY, HUSSY and CONNOR were hostesses of a very pleasant party on Friday evening at the home of Mrs. N.Z. BARNES. The house was artistically decorated with potted plants and cut flowers. The guests enjoyed delightful music, while progressive rook was played. The highest score for the evening was made by the Misses Freta FLETCHER and Lillian WEISENBACH, for which they received a box of candy. At eleven o'clock, ice cream, cake and mints were served. The guests were the teachers of the Pawnee public schools and Mesdames CHURCHILL, Alfred SEEVERS and the Misses Amy ROBINSON, Lucille ROBINSON, and Emma WILSON.

The Bridge club met Thursday with Miss Mabel VEATCH.

The Foreign Mission Society of the M.E. Church will meet at the home of Mrs. MARLIN on Friday afternoon.

The Queen Esther girls will have their regular monthly meeting at the home of Mrs. J.L. LEHEW on Thursday evening of this week.

The M.E. Ladies Aid had their monthly tea last Tuesday at the home of Mrs. R.W. STRATTON, with Mrs. MARLIN and Mrs. COLVIN assisting hostesses.

Auction bridge club will meet on the evening of January 26, with Mrs. Ed VANDERVOORT.

Mr. and Mrs. Delbert PLUMMER of Osage County, have been visiting relatives in Pawnee the past week. Mrs. PLUMMER was formerly Miss Cecil GOULD, granddaughter of Grandma GOULD. they went to Stillwater and Oklahoma City, after leaving Pawnee.

Miss Thressa BENNETT of Fairfax, spent the weekend with Misses Nell SLOAN and Carolyn WILKERSON.

Mr. Alva W. HANNAH of Tulsa, and Miss Vennie WRIGHT of Pawnee, were married on Wednesday, January 14, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ike WRIGHT. The couple left Thursday for Tulsa.

Mr. F.W. GARNER of Garber, and Mrs. Ermina KING of Ralston, were married on Wednesday, January 14.

Mrs. Mollie MENTZER received a telegram last Friday that her brother, Mr. John ZANE of Omaha, Nebraska had died very suddenly. Mrs. MENTZER and her mother, Mrs. M. ZANE, who has been visiting here, left immediately for Carthage, Missouri. Further particulars were learned that Mr. ZANE died while on the train about twelve miles out from Lincoln, Nebraska. The remains were shipped to Carthage, Missouri, arriving on Saturday. Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon, with interment in Carthage Cemetery. Mrs. MENTZER and family have the sincere sympathy of the community in their loss.

Classified Ads:

For Sale, Nice, quiet, white registered Shorthorn bull, ready for service. J. Wheeler TURNER, Pawnee.

Strayed - From my place 2 miles north, 1 mile west of Pawnee, 1 bay mare 8 years old and 1 brown pony, 6 years old. Reward for return. Notify Louis BAYHYLLE.

Found: 2 year old black horse, white stripe over shoulder, white hind legs. A.F. JEWELL, Pawnee.

Notice by Publication:
Lota ARCHER, Plaintiff vs. T.N. ARCHER, Defendant No. 4606...Plaintiff sues for divorce and custody of minor children...Jas. H. HALE, Court Clerk - Emma WILSON, Deputy.
The State of Oklahoma to: Jessie A. ORTON, Hattie A. ORTON, Mary M. ORTON, Georgia ORTON, Jere ORTON, and their unknown heirs...or assigns of Sarah M. ORTON, deceased.

Notice of Sale of Real Estate At Private Sale: the matter of the estate of Clellard BROWN and Francis BROWN, minors, the undersigned Guardian of the estate will sell at private sale to the highest bidder on the 31st day of January, 1920...all bids to be sealed and be sent to Daniel C. HERD, Guardian, Woodward County, Woodward, in Pawnee County, Oklahoma.

Agency News

Miss Mary WATSON, of McLaughlin, South Dakota, arrived Tuesday to visit at the home of her uncle, P.C. LITTLE.

Miss Lillian HOWARD is now employed in the Agency office, occupying the position made vacant by the transfer of Mrs. WILKIN.

Grandma BAIRD has not been as well as usual during the past week.

Mr. DECKER and family expect to move this week into the house vacated by the MOUNTFORD family.

Pawnee High School Notes
Mr. Wilson entertained the high school Thursday afternoon with several splendid readings. He also talked a few minutes on the value of an education.
The music for chapel on Friday was furnished by the Seniors. Piano solos by Ana TUCKER and Esther PERRY were very much enjoyed.
Senior Notes: Please don't forget the money for the class rings. Make all money payments to Opal LEMERT, class treasurer.
Freshman Notes: Cloe BYBEE and Ruby KOLK, who have been out of school the past week, have returned. Miss ISENBERG thinks the first division in Ancient History has been having better lessons than the other two. We hope it will continue.

January 21, 1920

Masons Lay High School Cornerstone
To Pawnee Lodge No. 82, AF&AM fell the honor of laying the cornerstone to the new high school building Wednesday afternoon. To those familiar with the workings of the Masonic order, a deep significance is observed in every act in this beautiful ceremony, and it not looked upon as the mere act of connecting the marble slab to brick with cement. Meeting at the Temple at 3:0) lodge was convened, J.B. DAVIS acting as Grand Master for the Grand Lodge of Oklahoma.
Line of March was formed at the Temple and continuing in formation to the building site, where everything was in readiness for the occasion. School had been dismissed and the future occupants of this splendid building were there to take part in the exercises, contributing "America" "The Star Spangled Banner: and "Oklahoma" in song, led by the school music director, Miss WEISENBACH.
Rev. REYNOLDS, of Cleveland, was the orator for the occasion, but for the excessive cold weather, was made very briefly. The address was listened to with interest by the school children and it was the general remark that more had been said in a few words than in any address given on similar occasions.
Following is a list of the articles deposited in the cornerstone:
One copy of Courier-Dispatch, and Times Democrat of January 15, 1920.
Photo of Masonic Temple, Pawnee.
List of Officers of Pawnee Lodge No. 82 AF&AM.
List of officers Esther Chapter No. 35, O.E.S.
Names of officers and employees of First National Bank of Pawnee.
Statement of Pawnee National bank, Pawnee, Dec. 31, 1919; also names of officers and employees.
Names of employees of Jay & Jay Drug Store.
Names of officers and employees of the Security State Bank of Pawnee.
Menu of Graham Hotel.
Postcard photo of Masonic Temple and Robert WARD with date of birth.
Card of Dr. F.T. GASTINEAU
Watch fob by Major G.W. LILLIE

Eastern Star Installation
Last Thursday night, the Eastern Star installed the officers elected for the ensuing year. The ceremony was beautiful and impressive. Miss Lula BOTTS of Oklahoma City, Grand Matron, was here and was entertained at the home of Mrs. MARLIN. The new officers are:
Mrs. Altha SWALLEY, Worthy Matron
Dr. B.N. HOPE, Worthy Patron
Mrs. Mary HALE, Associate Matron
Mrs. Clara MANNHEIMER, Conductress
Mrs. Pearl KOLB, Associate Conductress
Mrs. Lydia BADGER, Secretary
Mrs. Lucy DAVIS, Treasurer
Mrs. Flora BRADSHAW, Chaplain
Mrs. Ruth STRATTON, Organist
Mrs. Gladys BATES, Adah
Mrs. Mary LISCUM, Ruth
Mrs. Clara B. HANNAH, Esther
Mrs. Anna MARX, Martha
Mrs. Alice BUZAN, Warden
Mr. Merle MENTZER, Sentinel
After the meeting, the Chapter adjourned to the Victory Confectionery and partook of delicious refreshments prepared by Mesdames Mary JOHNSON, Nina BIRD, Clara HANNA, Zula CATLETT, Mary COLE and Anna GRIFFIN.

Mrs. DUNN Badly Burned
Mrs. JOHN DUNN, at Lela, entered her cellar early Friday morning to get a can of peaches, she lit a match in order to be sure of what she was getting, when to her astonishment she was surrounded by flames which ignited her clothing, and it was only by rolling over and over that she saved herself from being burned to death. The cause of the accident came through the carelessness of some one leaving an uncorked can of gasoline in the cellar. Dr. COLES was called to dress her wounds, and he reports her condition as critical.
Later, Mrs. DUNN died from her burns, Wednesday morning at 7 o'clock. Funeral services were at the home on Thursday afternoon, Rev. Ira L. CRABTREE conducting the services. Burial was at the Lela Cemetery.

Berry F. PROCTOR Dead
Berry F. PROCTOR, aged 91 years, died at Ponca City on Wednesday, January 14, of heart failure. The body was shipped to Pawnee, arriving Thursday. Funeral services were conducted at Highland Cemetery by Rev. A.J. BRADSHAW.
Mr. PROCTOR was born in Hamilton County, Illinois, and came to Oklahoma in 1892, settling in this county, where had continuously resided, with the exception of a short time spent in Ponca City at the home of his son. There are seven children living, five boys and two girls; also two brothers and one sister. Mr. PROCTOR had been a Mason for fifty years and had been a member of the Christian Church for several years.

Young Man Commits Suicide
A very unfortunate affair occurred last Saturday about 6 o'clock in the evening when Roy HARRINGTON, aged 27 years, in a mood of temporary insanity, took his own life.
The young man borrowed a gun from HILBERT, a colored man living near. He then went home, wedged the gun between the house and cream separator and wired it in such a way that it was impossible for it to move. The bullet entered the right side of the head and came out the left temple. Death was probably instantaneous. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.A. HERRINGTON, were away from home at the time and found the body upon returning. Sheriff MCINTYRE was called, but after seeing the conditions, decided that it was not necessary to hold a coroner's inquest, and the body was taken to a local undertaking parlor.
Funeral services were held in the Christian Church on Sunday at 2 o'clock, Rev. A.J. BRADSHAW preaching the sermon. Interment was at Highland Cemetery.

Notice Concerning Census
If for any reason any one has been missed in the city of Pawnee, will they please call at this office and leave their name so the enumerator can call on you. Geo. A. WATERS, Jr. - Enumerator

Mrs. REED Entertains
Mrs. Fred REED was the genial hostess to the Presbyterian Christian Endeavor on last Friday night. The evening was pleasantly spent in playing rook. At the close of the games, Mrs. REED served refreshments and the young people, after thanking their hostess for a very delightful time, returned to their homes.
Those present were: Misses Elmina GRIMSLEY, Helen LONG, Florence WATSON, Bessie CRAIG, Maxine HUDSON, Anna JOHNSON, Lillian KERN, Edna SHORNICK, Emily HUGHES; Messrs. Kenneth KERN, Norman GRIMSLEY, Dallas DAVIS, Marshall BAGBY, Vance WHITE, Marion NIMERICK, and Bryce BRADY.

Miss Alma WILKERSON and Mr. Billy MARLIN were married in Tulsa last Saturday. The young people spent a short honeymoon in Kansas City, returning to Pawnee on Wednesday. Miss Alma is the charming daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. WILKERSON of Pawnee, and has been working in the Central National Bank of Tulsa, ever since she left Pawnee. the groom is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Terry MARLIN of Pawnee, and has been with an oil firm in Tulsa, ever since returning from the Army. The many friends of the newlyweds whish them all the good luck and happiness in their new life.

Entertain Orchestra
Mayor and Mrs. ORTON entertained the Pawnee Orchestra last Friday night. The evening was very pleasantly spent in music and make plans for the future of the organization. The members at the present are are Mayor and Mrs. ORTON, Maurice MARX, Gus MARX, Mr. GROSHONG of the Pawnee agency, Bob WHITMAN, and Joseph SHONATONA.

The Presbyterian Ladies' Aid will hold their monthly tea next Tuesday at the home of Mrs. A. KRAUSS. The ladies are making a special effort this moth and expect to make this a delightful affair. Everyone is cordially invited to attend.

Change In Law Firm
Mr. David C. LEE, of the law firm of SHOEMAKER & LEE, today made the statement that he had purchased the interest of Mr. SHOEMAKER, who has recently moved to Texas. It will be remembered that Mr. LEE became a member of the firm of Shoemaker & Lee last April. Mr. LEE will continue the practice of law in the offices over Peter's Drug Store, formerly occupied by Shoemaker and himself. During the few months that Mr. LEE has been among us, he has made for himself a reputation as an able lawyer and a man of high integrity. He is a graduate of Carson & Newman College, and also a graduate of the Law Department at Cumberland University. He was among the first in his home state, Tennessee, to volunteer his services in the great world war, and served his country in the capacity of 2nd lieutenant. We predict for Mr. Lee a successful career as a citizen and attorney in Pawnee.

Local Items:

Mr. HOWRY of Grayhorse, was a visitor at the Pawnee Agency Sunday.

The Baptist Ladies Aid met Tuesday at the home of Mrs. SALLEE.

R.W. STRATTON went to Guthrie Monday to attend Consistory.

The M.E. Ladies' Aid met Tuesday at the home of Mrs. Fred CLARK.

The Episcopal Guild met Tuesday at the home of Mrs. George SOUSLBY.

The Delphian Club is meeting today at the home of Mrs. John BADGER.

The Presbyterian Ladies Aid met Tuesday at the home of Mrs. MOATS.

W.N. VAUGHN of Valley, was a business visitor in Pawnee Wednesday.

Maurice MARX left Sunday for the New York markets to buy spring goods.

Mrs. A.M. ARMSTRONG and brother, Walt CLARK, went to Oklahoma City, Wednesday.

The U.B. Ladies Aid will meet at the home of Mrs. A.B. MALLORY on next Tuesday.

F.C. SHOEMAKER was in town for several days this week, looking after business matters.

The Auction Dinner Club will meet Friday at 7 o'clock at the home of Mr. and Mrs. BELLMARD.

Malcolm DAVIS returned Tuesday from Oilton, where he has been interested in a drug store.

H.S. WILSON and wife came in from Cleveland the first of the week to visit their son, Harley DAVIS.

Harley DAVIS went to Oklahoma City on Monday, to attend a convention of assistant postmasters.

Mrs. Harley DAVIS went to Stillwater Sunday to visit at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. LINGENFELTER.

The Home Mission Society will meet next Wednesday at the home of Mrs. J.B. WOODS. Mrs. George BERRY is to be the leader.

Robert BRACK will leave for Vermont soon after his farm sale on the 28th, where he will manage a dairy farm for his uncle.

Frank GASSERT came in from Wyoming Saturday to see his mother, and reported that his father was doing nicely since the accident.

W.E. JONES of Guthrie, was in the city Monday, looking after business affairs.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence HILL are the proud parents of a baby boy born Sunday, January 18th.

Mrs. Doctor FLEMMING of Keystone, was visiting her daughter, who is attending the Pawnee school.

Mrs. Doc PIERCE has been confined to the house for several weeks with an aggravated case of bronchitis.

M. BELLMARD went to St. Louis last week to consult a specialist in regard to ear trouble that he has been suffering.

J.H. ALLEN and brother, Coy ALLEN, of Valley, were visitors in Pawnee, Monday, and paid this office a pleasant call.

Dyke BALLINGER of Miami, an uncle of Mrs. C.H. STRATTON, was in Pawnee Wednesday, with Mr. MABON, the Republican candidate for congress.

The Art Circle met at the home of Mrs. L.V. ORTON on Wednesday. The club recessed to witness the flaying of the cornerstone of the new high school building, after which the club returned to Mrs. Orton's for a short business session and refreshments.

The U.T.D. Club will meet next Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Roy BERRY with Mrs. DONAGHY as leader, and assistants: Mesdames FRAZIER and MCNEIL. This is the occasion of the demerit ladies entertaining the winning side, and a very pleasant time is anticipated.

There seems to be a ring-around-the-rosy today in the moving line. J.W. GREGOR moves out of their home; C.R. KERR moves in; T.Z. SWALLEY takes Kerr's house, Geo. PEARSON in the SWALLEY house. Postmaster CALVERT in the Geo. PEARSON house.

The U.B. Ladies Aid will hold a miscellaneous bazaar and silver offering tea on Saturday, January 31, at the home of Mrs. Charles JOHNSON.

Mrs. Elmer COUCH of Chillicothe, Missouri, and little niece, Virginia Lee BROWN, of Kansas City, are visiting at the home of Mrs. COUCH's sister, Mrs. Ed COLVIN.

Mrs. Gordon LILLIE and little son, Junior, were visiting at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles VANDERVOORT last week. Mrs. Lillie left Sunday, but Junior will remain here for a short time.

Mr. and Mrs. Livingston GERRY, of New York, have been guest of Major and Mrs. LILLIE for a few days. Mr. GERRY is an artist of considerable note. They left Monday for Tulsa, where he has opened a studio.


For Sale - 2 registered Percheron mares, weigh 2,000 pounds each, both in foal - F.N. GARNER

Wanted: To rent some good land for corn, crop rent. - George BABCOCK, Harper, Kansas.

A six-room modern house on paving, a beautiful lot located in the very best part of town. This is the George SOULSBY residence and will sell it cheap; see Geo. S. SOULSBY, Phone 209.

Contact (Okey) O.L. SMITH for list of town properties for sale - Bruington Building - Pawnee.

News From Over Pawnee County


Mr. and Mrs. T.P. WYNN returned home Friday from Kendrick. They gave up their trip to California, owing to Mrs. Wynn's health.

Leo HAMPTON is spending the week with home folks.

John MOHNEY is quite sick this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl POOS left Friday for their home in Vera, Mere BREBAKER accompanied them.

C.B. PERRIN, Dr. J.C. MARLOWE and G.C. GILLILAND and L.A. GILLILAND of Hominy, and Alva MARLOWE went to Guthrie to take the 32nd degree of the Masonic lodge.

Roy SHOEMAKER and Sherman PERRIN left Wednesday for the Wynona oil fields.

Miss Lou HUCKSTEP of Stillwater, is visiting her friend, Miss Jessie MYERS this week.

Merle GOFF has been quite sick this week.

Miss Nora VICKERS, Mrs. Lewis LOPER, Grandpa ALLRED and Mrs. C.C. CANFIELD are among the sick this week.

Little Loris Florene, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F.G. HILL, passed away Monday, January 19, at 8:00 a.m. She was only four months old. She leaves father and mother, sister, Louise, and grandparents. The community joins in sympathizing with the bereaved ones.
Our Little Flower was too frail,
To fight life's battle here.
She has gone to rest with the Father,
Who holds little children so dear.
She cannot come back, says the Master;
If you are true with her we can dwell.
Where there are no more tears or sorrow,
For He doeth all things well.

Skedee Valley

BEN ROWDEN and Will HILL called at the KIMBERLIN home Monday night.

Miss Bess STAPLETON spent Saturday night and Sunday with Lillian ROWDEN.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence HILL are proud to announce the arrival of an 8 1/2 pound boy that came to make his home with them, Monday, January 19.

Rev. and Mrs. CARRION and daughter, Bertha WICHITA and children of Pawhuska, who are visiting friends and relatives in Pawnee, called at the HILL home Monday.

Fred SHAW spent Saturday night with his brothers.

Mr. and Mrs. Sherman SLEAD spent Sunday with Grandma ROWDEN.

Ben ROWDEN spent Saturday night and Sunday with Marion HAMBY.

Charlie CHAPLIN and Bill BURKE picked persimmons Sunday.


R.B. and F.F. TEICHMER were Pawnee visitors last week.

Boyd YOUNG and Bob LILES are working near Burbank.

We have two new teachers in the school. they are teaching the first and sixth grades, left vacant by Mrs. EDWARDS and Miss DICKERSON.

Mr. and Mrs. James HANEY were reported sick the last two weeks.

A. GLENN is up town again, after being bedfast for a few days.

Ed BROOKS has sold his home and his livery barn.

Mr. CRANK was taken to a hospital Sunday. We hope to hear that he is improving soon.

Mrs. Bud QUILLEN returned Friday from a six weeks visit. Miss Mabel says she does not like to keep house, and hopes her mother will stay home.

We are surely glad to hear that Mr. A.A. ARNOLD of Blackburn, is able to be up after his accident.

Mt. Vernon

Mr. DODD had the misfortune to fall Saturday and hurt his side.

Mrs. Benj. GROOMS has been on the sick list. Mrs. Albert DAVIS and son, Keith, are numbered among the sick.

Mrs. Otis GROOMS is recovering from her recent attack of diphtheria.

Gerald and Ray GRINDSTAFF visited Earl JOHNSON on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Porter BRASWELL and children, of near Jennings, returned to their home Wednesday after attending the funeral of their son-in-law, Dewey ANDERSON.

Mr. and Mrs. J.J. STARR and daughters, Margaret and Rebecca, visited at the John DEAN home on Saturday.

Harry RICHARDS has rented the C.S. BLACK farm and will move there.

Charlie, son of Frank KLUTZENBAKER, was taken Tuesday to the hospital at Stillwater, where he was operated on for appendicitis. Last account, he is doing nicely.

Edward GOOLD came home Saturday for a few days vacation, accompanied by his friend, Prof. Geo. ABBOTT, of A&M College.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy NOAH and children spent Sunday at the John DEAN home.

Mr. and Mrs. B.C. JOHNSON and son, DeAlton, called Sunday at the home of C.S. BLACK; also the Wm. DODD home.

Lone Jack

The Sunshine Club met last Thursday at the home of Mrs. James RAU.

Mrs. HAGA and Audry spent Sunday with Mrs. HORTON.

Mr. and Mrs. POTTS spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. F.A. BYERS.

Mr. and Mrs. Will ROGERS called on Grandma MARTIN and Miss Mamie on Sunday evening.

Jim GARDNER made a business trip to Pawnee, Monday.

There are still a few cases of mumps in the neighborhood.

February 05, 1920

Death of Mary STERLING
Mary Cathrine Sterling: Born June 2, 1894, at Milian, Missouri; died February 1, 1920, at Tulsa, Oklahoma.
It was a genuine shock to the citizens of Pawnee when the news came, on Monday morning of this week, that Miss Mary STERLING, of Tulsa, had died Sunday evening. Her many friends in this city had not even heard of her illness, which it seems was of short duration. The body was brought to Pawnee, and burial services were held in the Presbyterian Church Tuesday afternoon, Rev. MILLARD officiating. As a mark of respect, school was dismissed for the afternoon, Miss Mary having been a teacher here before the family moved to Tulsa. The church was crowded with sorrowing friends, who listened to a beautiful and impressive service. The white casket, containing all that was mortal of her to whom sleep and death were one, rested amid a bank of floral tributes, and tears were plentiful as grief-stricken friends gazed for the last time on the peacefulness of the dead.
Mr. and Mrs. J.H. STERLING came to Pawnee from Milan, Missouri, about eighteen years ago, with their daughters, Mary and Helen. The father passed away a few years ago, leaving now the mother and Helen, to whom is extended the sincerest sympathy of this community. It was in Pawnee that Mary grew to beautiful womanhood, with a most kindly and winsome disposition, loved by all her associates. As a teacher in our public schools, she was efficient in every line of work and idolized by her pupils. It seems but yesterday when the children of her class would go skipping heart-glad home at noon and evening, treasuring the cheery smile of their beloved teacher.
No words of ours can assuage the grief of the mother and sister, at the loss of her who sleeps beside her father in God's Acre, but every heart in Pawnee goes out in sympathy to the bereaved ones left behind.

Coursing Event Draws Big Crows.
The coursing event and airplane exhibition held here last Saturday and Monday attracted a great deal of attention and was quite well attended. Dog owners from Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri and Texas, as well as Oklahoma were here with their "air splitter." Some exciting races were pulled off and the lovers of this sport felt well repaid for the efforts put forth to make the event a success.
In the finals, Dr. Flirt, owned by Wallie GARVERICK of Coffeyville, Kansas won first place money, $225; Mary Clair, owned by Fred SHAFFER of Emporia, Kansas, took second, $175; and London Whiff, also owned by Mr. GARVERICK, took third place with a $90 purse.
In all, twenty-four dogs were entered, some of the fastest in the country, and while some may not fancy this class of sport, it has a large following and brings many visitors to a city.
Jack SPAIN, the world's champion parachute jumper, gave an exhibition of high jumping both days of the coursing meet. He jumped from an airplane at about 5,000 feet and in both instances, made a graceful descent without injury to himself or parachute.

Agency News:

Mrs. Frank LONG is now filling the position of dining room matron. Mrs. HALL and Miss HOWARD have exchanged positions this week; Mrs. HALL is now employed in the Agency office and Miss HOWARD is employed as seamstress at the school.

Friends of Mr. and Mrs. TROTTER, who were formerly employed here, have received word from them that they are now out of the service and are living on their farm near Valley Falls, Kansas.

Miss Ethel NELSON and Mr. Leon ENGLESBY were married at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.N. NELSON, on Wednesday, February 4, at 2:00 p.m., in the presence of a few relatives and friends. Rev. A.J. BRADSHAW of the Christian Church, performed the ceremony.
Miss NELSON had been employed by the Yale Telephone Company for the past two years. Mr. ENGLESBY is from Riley, Alberta, Canada, where he is a highly respected young business man. The young couple left on the afternoon train for Oklahoma City, where they will spend a few days. They expect to leave about the 15th of February for Canada, where the groom has prepared a home for his bride.

Local News:

Brown MOORE, Sr. left today for Dallas and Weatherford, Texas, where he will visit for a few days with his sons who live there, before returning to his home at Lomar, Arkansas.

Mr. and Mrs. Otto SHUPE are the proud parents of a fine eight-pound girl, born Monday morning.

Ivan PIKE, who has been a resident of Placienta, California, the past few years, is in Pawnee looking for a location. He expects to farm here this year.

For Sale - New Round Oak Heater - Mrs. E.H. LUITWILER, phone 358.

H. BAILEY and family have returned to Pawnee after an absence of two years in Danville, Illinois. They expect to again make Pawnee County their home.

Mrs. H.J. MUSSELMAN went to Maramec this week.

Mrs. A.M. HARRY of Ralston, was in Pawnee this week.

Harvey H. CASH has purchased a half interest in the Midway Barber Shop, and will be glad to have all old patrons and friends call and see him at that shop.

Dr. J.J. COLES preached at the M.E. Church last Sunday morning and Evening.

Little Ernestine NEWBY is the proud possessor of a dandy fine Shetland pony. Needless to say, the NEWBY yard is a very popular place with the youngsters of the town.

E.W. MYERS, new superintendent of the city light plant, has purchased the SCHWAKE property through the J.H. MANNING Agency.

Mr. and Mrs. W.F. NICHOLSON of Yale, were visiting at the home of her sister, Mrs. Thurman HURST.

B.L. GREENWOOD of Mannford, was a business visitor in Pawnee Tuesday. Mr. GREENWOOD is an extensive farmer and breeder of Shorthorn cattle, and is looking forward with pleasure to the improvement of the livestock industry. He is also engaged in buying and shipping stock.

J.F. CAVETT, who lives out in the Otoe, was a caller at this office Wednesday. He ordered his paper changed from route four to Morrison. The rural route of Morrison comes closer to his home than the Pawnee route. He reports Mrs. Cavett's mother, who has been quite sick, as slowly recovering.

Mrs. LUITWIELER and Doss are preparing to move to Oklahoma City to join Mr. LUITWIELER, who has this past week purchased a half interest in the $35,000 Elk laundry there with his father. They have owned and operated businesses of this kind before and will no doubt make good. They regret to leave Pawnee, but feel they will profit by the change.

Major LILLIE has recently sent some of his herd of buffalo away to various places. Mr. W.W. JOHNSON of the Southern Bank, Mexico, Missouri, received one, the Campbell Circus, which is wintering in Enid bought two buffalo and three horses, which they will train and probably use when they show here in the spring. The Campbell Bros. tried to get winter quarters in Pawnee, but on account of the lack of side tracking were unable to do so.

Mayor L.V. ORTON was a business visitor in Tulsa, Tuesday.

Prentiss E. ROWE is attending the Democratic State Convention, at Muskogee, today.

All parties knowing themselves indebted to me, please call and see me at your earliest convenience - J.L. GOODE.

Club Calendar:

The Improvement Club will meet at the home of Mrs. John BADGER on February 11.

The Bridge Club will meet at the home of Mrs. Helen BRUINGTON on February 12.

The Monday Night Auction Club will meet at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C.H. STRATTON on February 9.

The Delphian Club is meeting today at the home of Mrs. Roy Berry.

Death of Mrs. JEWELL
Mrs. Nora JEWELL, aged 48 years, died on Tuesday, February 3, at her home. The funeral services were at the residence on Wednesday at 2 o'clock. Burial was at Highland Cemetery.

Returns From Missouri
A.M. TEFERTELLER of Quay was in Pawnee today on his way home from Missouri, where he was called by the serious illness of his mother. He was unfortunate in not arriving in time to see his mother before she passed away. His father and mother have been making their home with him at Quay, but were visiting in Missouri since October. His father returned with him after the funeral. Mrs. TEFERTELLER was 85 years old, while her husband has reached the ripe age of 85.

Card of Thanks:
we wish to thank our many friends for their kindness and sympathy during our great sorrow. - Mrs. Anna STERLING and Helen.

Death of A Little Boy
Little Bud Maynard CANTRELL, four year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Bob CANTRELL of Quay, died at the home of W.F. SALLEE, in Pawnee, on Thursday, January 29. Mr. and Mrs. CANTRELL were visiting in Pawnee at the time the little boy was taken sick. The funeral services were at the M.E. Church at Quay, and the burial at the Quay Cemetery on January 30.

Spraying Demonstration
There will be a pruning and spraying demonstration at the orchard on John STROSNIDER's place, one-half mile north of Pawnee, Tuesday, February 10th, beginning just after noon. This work is to be put on by a government orchard specialist, Mr. D.C. MOORING. We would like for all those interested to be present. M.T. MAUDLIN, County Agent.

Atty. HARRIS Leaves Pawnee
Atty. John E. HARRIS left Pawnee this week for Marriam, Arkansas, where he and Mrs. HARRIS will make their future home. He has formed a law partnership with Hon. Joe JOINER of that city, who is now presiding over the Arkansas Legislature as Speaker of that body.
Having come to Pawnee last October and entered the practice of law, Mr. HARRIS at the same time, purchased an abstract plant from O.L. SMITH, which he has supervised in connection with his law practice. He states that J.S. STEPHENS of Hallett, Oklahoma, has purchased the abstract plant and will immediately take charge of it.
Before coming to Pawnee, Mr. HARRIS was engaged as title attorney for the Federal Land Bank at St. Louis, where he examined and passed on Arkansas Land Titles. He was connected with that institution for two years.
Mr. HARRIS is not returning to Arkansas a stranger to the people of that great state, having been born and reared in Sevier County. During the early part of his public career, he served the people of his home county as Circuit Clerk for four years. He was connected with the Arkansas Land Office for some five or six years, when he resigned his position there to become assistant to the attorney-general, in which capacity he served until he became title attorney in the Federal Land Bank.
The fact that his law partner presides over the Arkansas Legislature as Speaker, reflects the high standing and ability of his new associate and justifies the prediction that a signal success awaits the new firm.
Mr. HARRIS is a young man of sterling worth and rare ability and his career as a lawyer, and an official, are evidences of his ability. He is licensed to practice law in Arkansas and Oklahoma.
Mrs. HARRIS is a sister of Postmaster, Preston R. CALVERT. She and Mr. HARRIS have made many good friends in Pawnee, whose good wishes go with them to their new home.

Classified Ads:

For Sale - 4 room house, electric lights, city water, good basement, good location - Inquire of H.N. BAYS at Katz-Catlett Clothing Company.

Millet Seed - $2.00 bushel - Howard DAVIDSON.

Good Farm for rent, well improved, 160 acres, 80 acres in cultivation. See Dr. G.A. WATERS.

Native Lumber for sale - E.L. WALLS, 2 1/2 miles south Skedee.

Pie Supper at Silver Creek - Feb. 12 - Viola DIEHNEL, teacher.

Ranch for sale - 2,000 acres, well grassed and all fenced. Write to C.W. STICKLE, Fairfax, Oklahoma.

Farm for Rent: 4 miles south of Pawnee - Mrs. Kate GOINGS - Oilton, Oklahoma, phone 18.

News From Over Pawnee County:


Mrs. T.B. CAVE is sick with la-grippe this week.

Grandma CARTER is no better at this writing.

Roy SHOEMAKER and Bob KRIEWITZ have been ill with the flu.

Sherman PERRIN, of near Hominy, spent Saturday and Sunday with his family here.

Miss Pearl GILLILAND went to Hominy, Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. N.G. HUSTON are proud to announce the birth of a boy, born last week.

Miss Juanity GILLILAND of Quay, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Claud MOSLER.

Mr. and Mrs. Z.P. CALLOWAY came in Sunday from Cushing.

Lee LITTLEPAGE died last week. The community extends sympathy to the bereaved ones.


Lee GARNER is working for Frank ZOLDOSKE.

Cecil GARNER made a trip south of Pawnee Saturday, returning Sunday morning.

Miss Ruby CALDWELL spent Saturday and Sunday with home folks in Pawnee.

Miss Gladys SMITH of Pawnee is visiting at Geo. ROBBIN's.

Mr. and Mrs. Alva BESHEARS and Mrs. Clella LAND, of Texas, are visiting home folks.

No school again this week on account of the flu.

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde HAGA spent Sunday in Pawnee.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl EBY went to the Osage Monday, to visit her folks.

Mr. and Mrs. L.L. LOCKWOOD expect to leave Friday for the oil fields.

Jack ZOLDOSKE has the mumps.

Miss Lena B. POLSON spent Sunday with home folks.


Misses Georgia MIZNER, Eula and Cassie WEBB and Messrs. LIVESAY, SANFORD and SMITH motored to Ralston last Sunday to attend church.

Mr. and Mrs. Homer FUNKHOUSER and baby are ill from the influenza, but are convalescing nicely.

J.P. FITZGERALD was in Pawnee on political business Saturday.

Roy BRODELL of Keystone visited at the home of his brother, Prof. A.C. BRODELL, last week.

Misses MITCHELL, STICH and DAVIES attended the Teacher's Association in Pawnee, Saturday.

Mrs. Rhodes DAVIS and son, Dick and Stewart, are here from Colorado visiting her mother.

A.N. MOREHEAD has an attack of the influenza.

Wendell HARSHBARGER has accepted a position in Ponca City. Mrs. HARSHBARGER left Monday for Ponca City, where she will visit her daughter, Mrs. Leo BEAVER.

Miss Irene TOWNER, who is holding a position in the bank at Blackburn, visited in Skedee this weekend.

Miss Erma DAVIS and Earl WALKER of Skedee, had the first Leap Year wedding, solemnized last Saturday. Miss DAVIS is the accomplished daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. DAVIS. The groom is the son of James WALKER, a prosperous farmer of near Skedee. The young couple will make their home here and everyone wishes them much success in their future life.

Maramec, Route 1

Jonah SNEED spent Sunday with home folks.

Mr. and Mrs. LEDFORD and daughter, Miss Minnie, were in Pawnee last Saturday.

Mr. THURBER has been hauling baled hay to Maramec the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. HILL and son, Ivan, were in Pawnee Saturday.

Miss Ellen BIRD attended the teacher's meeting in Pawnee Saturday.

Mr. GRIMES sold a horse to Mr. SNEED last week.

Mr. MEEKER and family and Ernest LAWSON spent Friday evening at Mr. WHEELER's.

Maude Grimes spent Thursday with Miss Elsie MEEKER.

Joe and Willis BOGLE, who lived in this neighborhood 15 years ago, visited at Mr. GRIMES' and Mr. Tom JOHNSON's Tuesday. They had just finished drilling an oil well in Kansas, and were on their way to Okmulgee.

John BELL is taking the census in this township this week.

Mr. WILLARD and family, and Grandma LEWIS called at the CHARLTON home Sunday afternoon.


Messrs. COOK and WILLIAMS moved to the H.R. WITTICH farm last Monday.

Glen DILLEY and Miss Flora SAPP were married last Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Wincer BUNTIN and family and Miss Ona WITHAKER took dinner with D.W. JONES last Sunday.

Jim COOPER went to Missouri last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Bertie JONES spent Sunday with his parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Goebel BOWERS of Glencoe spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.L. WITTICH. They returned home Sunday evening, accompanied by Mrs. Ruth COLVIN and daughter, Barbara.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter HESTAND attended the funeral of their nephew, the little CANTRELL baby who died at Pawnee last Thursday. The burial was at the Quay cemetery on Friday. The community extends their sympathy to the family in their sad loss.

Mrs. GIBSON drove to Stillwater last Friday to spend a few days with her daughter, who is there going to school.

Little Floreine GROOMS has diphtheria. Her mother has recovered from her recent illness.

Ruby and Wilma CULVER spent Sunday with Miss WILLIAMS.

Mt. Vernon

The sale at Chas. LAZENBY's last Tuesday was well attended.

Jess HODGES is this week moving to the INGRAHAM farm.

Mrs. BEDDA and family are moving to the THOMPSON farm.

Ms. B.C. JOHNSON and DeAlton visited at the DeWitt home Monday.

Okel DeWitt and Earl JOHNSON spent Sunday with Neil WHITE.

Mrs. Jacob GRINDSTAFF is quite ill at this writing.

The patrons of the West Point Blacksmith Shop will miss Mr. Chas. BLACK, who has been faithfully serving them for 21 years, but who moved this week to California. B.C. JOHNSON will run the shop hereafter.

Mr. TURNER and Mr. STARR have been threshing in this vicintity the past week.

Little Floreine GROOMS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otis GROOMS, is very sick at the home of Lewis SINNITT. Dr. CASH was afraid of diptheria and used anti-toxin Saturday. At this writing, she is slightly improved.

Mrs. Leonard RATHBURN is very sick.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert YOUNG are numbered among the sick.

Fae GRINDSTAFF has been on the sick list.

B.C. JOHNSON has been sick for two weeks with lumbago.

Mr. and Mrs. Armand DEAN are moving to the Asa SHARP place, recently purchased by Mr. KLUTENBAKER.

Notice of Publication:
G.F. LAUGHTER, Plaintiff vs. Lessle Lee LAUGHTER, Defendant...plaintiff sues for dovorce...Jas. H. HALE, court clerk; L.N. KIMREY, attorney for Plaintiff.

Notice of Sale of Property Acquired by Pawnee County at Re-sale:
...lot 7 in Ralston...sold at final tax sale on the 23rd day of September 8, 1918...sold to Jeff SMITH of Ralston, for the sum of $60...A.W. JOHNSON, County Treasurer.

Notice to Creditors:
In the matter of the estate of Thomas VAUGHAN, Deceased...Eva VAUGHAN, Administratix; John STROANKLER, Attorney.

Notice to Creditors:
In the matter of the estate of W.A. THRASHER, Deceased, late of Quay...Mary E. THRASHER, Administratrix, Jno. STROANIDER, Attorney.

February 12, 1920


Leo BRAUNER, age 28 years, died Thursday, February 5, of the flu, followed by pneumonia. Mr. BRAUNER came here from Kansas City to lay the floor in the First National Bank and was taken sick. He died after a week's illness. His wife came from Kansas City, to be with him, and accompanied the body back to Kansas City for burial.

Mrs. Marg SHOTWELL died at Arkansas City, after an operation. Her remains were brought back to Pawnee, and funeral services were held at the Indian Church Tuesday afternoon, Rev. ATTEBY officiating. Interment in the Indian Cemetery at Highland.

John BUFFALO, age 98 years, died at his home of old age. His body was taken to his daughter's home, Anna BOX and burial was there Wednesday afternoon. Mr. BUFFALO died Tuesday morning.

Mariano VILLARRIL, aged 26 years, died of pneumonia at his home Tuesday. Funeral services were held at Highland Cemetery.

Mrs. Leo B. SMITH Dead
Mrs. Leo B. SMITH, aged 37 years, died at her home southwest of town, Friday, February 6. Funeral services were held at the Christian Tabernacle in Pawnee, Sunday at 2:00, the Rev. A.J. BRADSHAW officiating. The burial was at Highland Cemetery.
Miss Maggie Etolle PECK was born in Chautauqua County at Sedan, Kansas, where she lived until she was 9 years old, when she moved to Oklahoma, and continued to live until death called her. In September, 1910, she was married to Leo B. SMITH, and to this union two children were born, Helen, aged 6, and Harold, age four. She joined the Christian Church when she was 14 years of age and continued to be an active Christian worker all her life. She had been ill for over a year, and the past few months her suffering increased, until she was confined to her bed for the last eight weeks.
She left to mourn her loss her husband, Leo B. SMITH, two children, Helen and Harold, her mother, Mrs. S.A. PECK of Vinita, four sisters, Mrs. Ollie KELSON, Mrs. Mae MILLER and Mrs. Hattie MILLER of Cleveland, and Miss Dora BECK of Vinata; three brothers, James, Lucius and Bert PECK of Vinita, and Mr. SMITH's mother, who has made her home with them for the past seven years.
The community extends their sympathy to the bereaved family in their sorrow.

U.T.D. Club Guest Day
One of the happiest of this week's social events was the party given by the U.T.D. ladies Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Arthur PETER. The living, dining and tea rooms were very artistically decorated in Japanese colors, streamers, lanterns and parasols. The tables had hand-painted paper runners and paper vases, filled with paper Japanese flowers. The hostesses were charmingly dressed in crepe paper costumes in harmony with the Japanese spirit.
When the ladies removed their wraps, they were ushered into the tea room and served tea and wafers. after that, the ladies formed two lines and received a package of crepe paper consisting of two colors out of which they were told to make a dress. Needles, pins and paste were furnished and the results were really very becoming to various artists.
At the close of the afternoon, a delicious two-course lunch was served. Guests of the club were Mesdames W.R. MARLIN, C.L. BROWN, Cecil JAY, L.V. ORTON, A.T. SEEVERS, A. KRAUSS, Geo. SOULSBY, J.A. MCCOLLUM, Ira CRABTREE, A.J. BRADSHAW, Ed COLVIN, A.O. WOODYARD, COLDREN, C.R. KERR, E.M. KELLY, T.R. NEWBY, J.H. BIRD and Miss Katherine LOUTHAN and Miss Florence SHAPARD.

Frank PHILLIPS - Now HUGO Bank President
Frank PHILLIPS, a Pawnee boy, who is making his way in banking circles, is the new president of the Hugo State Bank, at Hugo, Oklahoma. His many friends here will be glad to learn of his advancement to this position.

John Earl WALKER and Miss Erma DAVIS, both of Skedee, were quietly married one evening last week at the home of Mrs. Eva M. WILSON, Rev. Ira L. CRABTREE officiating.

Gets Old Auctioneer's Goat
Col. WALTERS is probably the best known auctioneer in the entire southwest. He is case-hardened by many and various conditions surrounding sales but he has a heart, nevertheless, and the finer sensibilities appeal to him as strongly as they do a child, for he was deeply touched when, just prior to the sale Tuesday, John PALMER, for the Osage tribe, presented him with a handsome and valuable diamond medal as a token of the Red Man's faith in his loyalty and their love for him.
As Mr. PALMER preceded with his address of presentation, tears filled the eyes of the veteran salesman and for some time after Mr. Palmer concluded, he was unable to make a reply. Mr. Palmer said, "Place and wealth and power have their allurements and men madly strive for each or all of them, but after all, when the fruit of such labor is gained, we find nothing but dead sea apples. the things worth while and most valued by mortal man, are the things that wealth and power doth not control and money cannot buy. first among these is Mother-Love. It is the purest ray that yet has touched this life and sphere. It is the aceme of devotion. It is the concentration of that was was pure and constant in all the generations gone. It is the one unwavering and highest standard of human fidelity. It is indestructible. Its light emanates from its center and penetrates it to its circumference, and is defracted everywhere."

God's Choicest Gift
"It is God's choicest gift to man. I hold in my hand that which of all things found upon this earth is more nearly symbolical of Mother-Love, which is nothing more nor less than unselfish, unenduring, indestructible devotion and fidelity. On this occasion we have nothing to do with Mother-Love more than to mention, praise and esteem it. But we have to do here with devotion and fidelity. Devotion, the lexicon tells us, is to concentrate, to apply one's self to an object."

"Fidelity is faithful adherence to obligation or duty. It is honesty, loyalty, reliability. You have labored earnestly and well. The members of the Osage tribe of Indians have commissioned me to say that your efforts on the occasions of these recurring sales have demonstrated your devotion and fidelity. They have commissioned me to further say that though the results of the unique work in which you are engaged, and which in the past you have so creditably performed, have run into the millions of dollars, yet it is only your devotion and fidelity that impels them to offer you this token of their appreciation:
"We would have you know that while we treasure money, much after the manner of our forbearers who gave Manhattan Island, Pennsylvania and other financial empires for a few trinkets, jingle and baubles, yet we are not second to them in the loyalty of our friendships. The members of the Osage tribe of Indians have commissioned me to present this to you as a token of their love and friendship."

Greatest Value
"It greatest value is in the quality of the sentiment that prompts its bestowal. My personal participation in these proceedings is indeed a pleasure. The members of the Osage tribe of Indians requested that this statement of presentation be reduced to writing in order that you could preserve it. Take it."

Col. WALTER's Acceptance.
"Members of the Osage Tribe:
Were I to make the attempt, words would be inadequate to express my appreciation of this most beautiful and valuable present. I sincerely hope and trust that we may have the pleasure of meeting many times again in the future, but if it is not possible for us to meet upon this earth again, I hope that we will all meet in heaven. I thank you.

Osage Oil Leases Net $3,102,700 to Tribe
The sale of Osage oil leases Wednesday, at Pawhuska, was another event in the sale of this tribe's oil rights. Bidding was not quite so spirited as at the last sale, the high price for a quarter-section being $222,000. the high price at the previous sale was in excess of $600,000. In all, 200 tracts aggregating 31,773 acres were sold.
At this sale, the Osage tribe, in appreciation of the work of Col. E. WALTERS as auctioneer for the many sales held, presented him with a diamond medal. Funds for this present have been accumulating for some time, and we meet the Colonel, we may expect to see a ray of dazzling brilliancy that will eclipse the sun. the inscription on the medal will read, "Presented by Osage Tribe to Col. E. WALTERS." We can imagine how proud the Colonel is of this gift.

Local Items:

W.T. CLEETON, attorney, was over from Cleveland Saturday on legal business.

Miss Ida WOLF came in from Yale last week to visit her sister, Mrs. John GRIESEL.

W.M. RAPER of the Maramec neighborhood, was a pleasant caller at this office Wednesday.

L.D. KERN went to Pawhuska last week on a business mission.

Miss Mabel VEATCH went to Tulsa on a business mission last week.

Prof. Charles SAMPLE returned to his school duties last Tuesday, after several days illness.

Mr. and Mrs. G.W. MYERS left last Saturday for Findley, Ohio, to settle up their business affairs there, and visit for a while, after which they will return to Pawnee to make their home.

Former County Judge EDMISTER was in Pawnee from Tulsa Saturday, looking after business matters.

W.M. REYNOLDS of Cleveland, formerly County Commissioner, was in Pawnee Saturday, attending the Republican convention.

A. KINSGLEY of Valley, was in Pawnee Saturday. Mr. KINGSLEY is an old school teacher and is alive to the needs of the present day pedagogue. He and J.T. ROE were comparing notes on present day conditions and early day teaching.

Fred STAFFORD was called to Cleveland this week to draw some plans for a two-story garage that is to be erected there.

W.P. FREEMAN of Ralston was in Pawnee, Tuesday, attending to business matters. He reports his son, Irwin, now located at Olathe, Colorado, where he will farm this season.

Mrs. Tom SWALLEY was called to Independence, Kansas, the first of the week, on account of the illness of relatives at that place.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed CATLETT went to Oklahoma City last Wednesday morning to attend a convention of clothing dealers.

Mr. and Mrs. E.M. CLARK have returned from an extensive trip through the west, and report that Pawnee looks pretty good to them, because is is home.

Mrs. DONAGHY's Sunday School class had a meeting at Rev. and Mrs. H.C. MILLARD's last Tuesday night.

T.R. NEWBY made a trip to Arkansas City on professional business last Friday. The train on which he was riding, was wrecked and he did not reach his destination until about 2:00 at night.

Mr. and Mrs. C.L. BROWN entertained at cards last Friday evening for Dr. and Mrs. R.E. WAGGONER, Mr. and Mrs. Bob BUZAN, and Mr. and Mrs. R. STRATTON. At the close of the evening, Mrs. BROWN served dainty refreshments.

The Y.W.C.A. Movement is being agitated here in Pawnee and a committee has been appointed to look after the work. The district organizer, who has charge of the states of Oklahoma, Arizona and New Mexico, has been here consulting with the committee. A meeting of the committee was held last Sunday to discuss plans. Members of the committee are: Miss Florence SHAPARD, Chairman; Mrs. Redmond COLE, Miss Mabel VEATCH, Mrs. Albert SEEVERS, Mrs. Ralph JOHNSON, and Mrs. J.C. HART.

J.J. POUNDER, proprietor of Hickory Grove Ranch, near Mannford, was a business visitor in Pawnee on Wednesday.

W.W. GALLAND of Jennings was in Pawnee Wednesday, attending a meeting of the school land leases. Mr. GALLAND has been spending the past year at his old home in Iowa. He reports land selling there up to $450 per acre and that it is a prosperous country. Mr. GALLAND owns a school lease and has one of the best orchards in Pawnee county, specializing in fine peaches and plums.

J.A. WHITE, a former resident of Pawnee County, came up from Bethany, Oklahoma, Wednesday, to bill a sale on his farm near Skedee. Mr. WHITE has gone into business at Bethany, and is disposing of his stock and farm machinery. They went to Bethany to school their children.

A crowd of young folks had a line party last Monday afternoon at the Lyric, the music being furnished by some of the young people who took turns at the piano. Those present were: Misses Margaret KELLEY, Lesta BERRY, Carol PETER, Gladys RADLEY, Esther PERRY, Maude ATTEBERRY, Glenda KENT, Ana TUCKER, Opal LEMERT, Zona YOUNKIN, Annetta HOSIC, Ruby TANNER, Goldie REYNER, Ruth SMITH, Gladys CLARK, Edna MEYER, Zola YOUNKIN, Nellie SALLEE, Eunice CRAIG; Messrs. Arthur KIMBALL, Wm. TOLER, Clifford BEVINS, Harvey SACKETT, Leroy STEWART, Clede FUNKHOUSER, Earl RYAN and Lloyd BUZAN.

News From Over Pawnee County

Banner Items:

Mr. and Mrs. J.E. FUSS are the proud parents of a baby boy, born on Tuesday, February 3.

George MOORE and family are all sick with the flu, but are improving.

Mr. and Mrs. R.T. DILLEY have been caring for the MOORE family during their illness.

Mr. and Mrs. W.E. WALKER were Yale visitors last Thursday.

Mrs. Flora DILLEY and brother, Glen SAPP, were Quay visitors last Friday.

Mrs. BROWN of Pawnee, spent a few days here caring for her daughter, Mrs. J.E. FUSS.

Mrs. G.B. FUSS has been sick. Her daughter, Miss Addie, of Pawnee, has been caring for her.

Mrs. Mae BOCK is here visiting her sister, Mrs. J.E. FUSS.

Ona and Elza TOMBERLIN are on the sick list.

Charley COCANNOUER is on the sick list this week.

Elvis WALKER is ill this week.

Lone Jack:

The Sunshine Club met with Mrs. Rogers on Thursday evening and had a splendid time.

Mr. LIZAR and son, Glen, called at the GENTRY home Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. ANDERSON and family were visitors at the ALLEN home on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. BYERS spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. KINZEY.

Mrs. LIZAR is visiting with her son, Glen, this week.

Mora LOCKWOOD spent Saturday night and Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Bill SCHONE.

Henry SCHONE returned Tuesday from a two weeks visit with relatives in and around Topeka, Kansas.

Grandma HAGA, who has been sick for the past month, is improving very slowly.

Bill SCHONE is having quite a bit of fun keeping company with the mumps.


The Ladies Aid meets with Mrs. GILLETTE this Thursday.

Mrs. John WHITE and son, Vance, were visiting Mrs. D.C. HAYES last weekend.

Miss Faye MITCHELL left Sunday for her home at Wanette, where she has accepted a position as postmistress. Miss MITHCELL has made many friends while here, and although the community regrets to lose her, we hope for her much success in her new work.

James LIVESAY was a Pawnee visitor Tuesday.

Rutledge GILLILAND has an attack of the "biloux" this week. Everybody hopes for his recovery soon.

J.P. FITZGERALD attended church in Pawnee, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde GRAY came in from Tulsa, Friday, for a few days visit with Mr. and Mrs. BILYEU and family.

John SANFORD returned to school at Stillwater, Sunday, after a short visit with home folks.

Miss Edna BOMARK came in from Maramec, Monday, to accept the position as teacher left vacant by the resignation of Miss MITCHELL.

Miss Clede FUNKHOUSER came in from Pawnee, Friday, to spend the weekend with home folks.

Mrs. A. PEERY left Sunday for Cushing, where she will make her future home.

Skedee Valley:

Mrs. Dora WESHINGER and little daughter, Velma, spent Sunday with Miss Nellie HILL.

Mrs. LOVALL of Ralston Spend Sunday night with Mrs. A.A. HILL, returning home Monday, accompanied by Miss Nellie HILL.

Mr. and Mrs. Francis CARRION made a business trip to Mr. HILL's Sunday.

Mrs. Joe KIMBERLIN spent Thursday evening at the ROWDEN home.

Miss Bess STAPLETON spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George STAPLETON.

Mrs. Asa SHARP has the mumps at this writing.


Mr. and Mrs. Otis ROBBINS are riding around in a new Buick Six.

Lee GARNER made a business trip to Ralston, Sunday.

Several of the young people from here attended the dance at Ernest ROBBINS, near Ralston, on Saturday night.

No school yet at Masham on account of the flu.

Earl CAPSTICK and Tom STRETCH had business in Pawnee, Saturday.

John HAWS of Kingisher, Oklahoma, is here on business and visiting friends.

James STRETCH is working for Clarence BARNARD.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl EBY have left for their home in Kansas.

Mr. and Mrs. POLSON and Miss Lena spent Sunday with home folks.

Miss Gertrude VAUGHAN spent the weekend with home folks.


There seems to be a lot of sickness over the country, most colds and la grippe.

Little Howard TRINKLE is very sick.

Jack WELKER has a sick child.

Mr. and Mrs. BRYANT were called home from St. Louis, Sunday, by the illness of their son, Harold.

Mrs. BETTIS died here in town. She was buried Friday. This is the first death here for over a year, or since the flu was so bad last winter.

It is reported that John HOLDER has sold his residence here, and bought the Chas. LOPER home.

Mrs. Fred LEVICK is able to be out again after a long sick spell.

Robert TEICHMER is building a house for Johnnie WEDD, north of here.

Milton EBERT was in town from the west bend Friday.

Miss Laura BENNETT is visiting with friends at Jennings and Maramec this week.

Walter TETTERS came up from Cleveland, Monday, for a visit with home folks.

Public Sale:
Having rented my farm 3 1/2 miles north of Skedee, 5 miles south and 1 east of Ralston, I will sell at Public Sale, beginning at 10:00 a.m., February 17 the following property...J.A. WHITE, Owner - J.E. NEWELL, Clerk; Col. E. WALTERS, Auctioneer.

Notice To Creditors:
In the matter of the estate of Chas. C. GOING, deceased...Susan C. GOING, Administratrix; Jno. STROSNIDER, Attorney.

Notice of Settlement of Account and Distribution:
In the Matter of the Estate of J.P. HANNA, Deceased. No. 821...Cecil D. Jay, Administrator..Chas. VERNE, County Judge.
In the Matter of the Probating of the Will of Carrie FLAGER, Deceased...To W.H. FLAGER, Frank M. FLAGER, Maggie MONROE, Belle SACHS, John SHAW, Cleave SHAW, Stella ROEBEN, Maggie LAIRD, and all other hers of Carrie FLAGER, deceased...Frank M. FLAGER filed his petition in the County Court...asking that said Will be admitted to probate and that he be appointed Administrator...Chas. VERNE, County Judge, ORTON and MOORE, Attorneys.

T.R. NEWBY - Undertaker, Funeral Director, and Licensed Embalmer - Calls Answered Promptly Day or Night - Office Phone 23 - Residence Phone - 151; Mrs. Frances WELLER, Assistant - Phone 67.

Pawnee Courier-Dispatch and Times-Democrat

February 19, 1920

Legion Banquet-Dance Big Event of Past Week
The banquet and dance by the Earl Maggart Post of the American Legion last Thursday night was a decided success and all those who were fortunate enough to attend were unanimous in saying that it was a most enjoyable evening and an occasion long to be remembered.
The banquet was held at the National Hotel, beginning promptly at 8 o’clock, and at that hour the members of the Earl Maggart Post and their guests, numbering in all one hundred, marched into the dining room, where a real feast took place.
Prentiss E. ROWE, county attorney, having been chosen by the Post as toastmaster for the evening, at the appointed hour, took his post at the head of the table and gave the command “Take Seats,” which was promptly executed. It is needless to say that Mr. ROWE was on the drill field with his usual characteristics of entertainment. Throughout the evening, fitting toasts and appropriate anecdotes were rendered by the able toastmaster and thoroughly enjoyed by all.
The Rev. Ira L. CRABTREE, Post Chaplain, in appropriate words, offered Thanks. Mayor L.V. ORTON, appeared on behalf of the Post and the City of Pawnee and extended a warm welcome to the visitors by turning over to them the “keys of the city.” Brown MOORE delivered a short address on what the American Legion is and what it stands for.
J.A. MCCOLLUM delivered a short talk, but characteristic of him, was forceful and full of splendid thought, and was enjoyed by all. He praised the Legion for its stand on Americanism and questions of public interest.
Another feature of the program was the splendid quartet, composed of C.H. STRATTON, Harry BALLINGER, of Miami; Ben PETER, and R.W. STRATTON. Their selections were thoroughly enjoyed and greatly appreciated by the Post.

Death of Aged Lady
Mrs. Esther CARTER, aged 82 years, died February 18, at the home of her son, John CARTER, of Blackburn. Funeral services were at the Blackburn cemetery on February 19, with the Rev. CAVE, of the M.E. Church officiating. Mrs. CARTER was born June 26, 1838, in Ohio. She was the wife of Ozro CARTER, and mother of four sons. Her husband and one son preceded her to the great beyond, leaving Henry and John CARTER of Blackburn, and William CARTER of Kaw City, to mourn her death. The sympathy of the community is extended to the family in their sorrow.

Evangelistic Campaign
On Sunday, March 7, Evangelist Robert M. SAND and party will begin evangelistic services in the Methodist Church. Rev. SAND will be assisted by Mr. LEWIS, music director, and soloist, and by Ina Marie HANNA, pianist and director of children’s work. The SAND evangelistic party is from Winona Lake, Indiana, and is very highly recommended. We most cordially invite ever singer and all Christian workers of the other churches of town to come and work with us in this campaign. Ira L. CRABTREE, Pastor.

Jailer Assaulted
Sunday night, as Otto MILLER was attending prisoners in the county jail, he was assaulted by Jim PEARSON, one of the Jennings boys who last week plead guilty to the charge of burglary and was awaiting sentence. The instrument of assault was a stove poker, but on account of the low top of the cell, he could not put force enough to accomplish his purpose. A further charge of assault with intent to kill has been lodged against him. Mr. MILLER was severely hurt about the head, but is up and about his duties now.

Death of Mrs. Jas. BARNETT
Cora E. SAAK was born at Ardmore, Oklahoma, November 8, 1886, and was united in marriage to James BARNETT, October 13, 1907. To this union five children were born, four daughters and one son. Two daughters, Unis, aged 6 months and baby Cora preceded her in death. She leaves a devoted husband; two daughters, May and Alice; one son, Ollie; two brothers and an aged father and mother, a host of relatives and friends to mourn her loss. Mrs. BARNETT had many friends and all who knew her loved her. She was a devoted wife and a loving mother.

Card Of Thanks

We wish to thank our many friends for the kindness during the sickness and death of our wife and mother. Mr. BARNETT and children.

Apron Sale A Success
One of the most interesting and social and financial successes of the season was the apron sale given by the Ladies Aid of the Christian Church last Friday, at the home of their president, Mrs. C.S. BATES. The house was beautifully decorated in red Valentines, Mrs. Bert WILLIAMS, the decorating, using her art to the very best advantage on this occasion. The drawn shades and electric lights helped to make the decorations more beautiful.
Something near one hundred aprons of every description were displayed and sold, this being their most successful sale. Delightful refreshments of sandwiches, angel food cake and coffee was served all the afternoon, and those attending were delighted with the entertainments, as well as glad to be able to get the aprons they liked.

Ralph BINGHAM Entertains
Ralph BINGHAM, humorist and entertainer, was the attraction Monday night for the Lyceum course. Mr. BINGHAM is one of those inimitable fellows who is able to keep his audience in a roar of laughter all the time. Besides his recitations, he is an accomplished violinist and soloist. Mr. BINGHAM plays the accompaniment in the musical numbers.

It is now time to keep chickens up. Please comply with this ordinance at once. Your neighbor will appreciate it and it will save time and money by a strict observance. Also, all dogs not wearing collars and license tags will be disposed of. Tags may be had at the city building, on application to the city clerk. The cost of killing unlicensed dogs will be charged to the owners, $1 for killing and $1 for burying. Get your license numbers soon, so the campaign against surplus canines may be started. L.V. ORTON, Mayor.

Shooting Affray
Last Friday night, the residents of the east part of town were aroused by pistol shots just over standpipe hill. On investigation, it was found John SPOTTED HORSE had received a bullet wound in the arm. A colored man by the name of STRIPPLIN did the shooting. Booze and women, was the cause of the affray.

Death of Jay GOULD
Jay GOULD, aged 40 years, died at his home in Pawnee, Thursday, February 12. Funeral services were at the U.B. Church, with Mrs. MUSSELMAN officiating, assisted by Rev. BRADSHAW. Burial was at Highland Cemetery on Sunday afternoon, February 15.
Deceased was the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. B.P. GOULD. He was born December 12, 1879, in Morris County, Kansas. The family moved to Oklahoma in 1894, and have lived here ever since. He leaves a mother, two sisters, Mrs. Bob STAFFORD and Mrs. VICKERS, and two brothers, Milt and Gill GOULD, many other relatives, and a host of friends to mourn his death.

Veterinarian Locates Here
Dr. O.S. GOULD, at present a government veterinarian in charge of tuberculin inspection in Oklahoma, with headquarters in Oklahoma City, has decided to quit the service and will open offices in Pawnee, March 1. Dr. GOULD was here the first of the week testing Ray DAVIDSON’s herd of pure-bred Shorthorn cattle. The doctor is a young man with a family, and will be a welcome addition to our citizenship.

At 10 o’clock Tuesday morning, Mr. Fred E. PERRY of Stillwater, and Miss Gay KESLER of Stillwater, were united in marriage at the Methodist Parsonage, Rev. Ira L. CRABTREE officiating.

Local News:

Mr. and Mrs. G.M. GOULD and family, Fred STAFFORD and Floyd GOULD, of Stillwater, were in Pawnee to attend the J. GOULD funeral.

Wes ROE this week installed a new counter in his store. It is composed of drawers with glass fronts, so that one can see what they want from the outside, and is absolutely sanitary and dust-proof. It is not only very convenient, but adds much to the appearance of the store.

J.F. HAWS, a former resident of Pawnee County, was a visitor here the past week. He is now in the Indian service and has charge of a sub-agency for the Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians at Kingfisher. Mr. HAWS still owns a farm in the Masham neighborhood and is looking forward to the possibility of an oil test well in that locality in the near future. His daughter, Mrs. L.L. LOCKWOOD, and children accompanied him home and will make an extended visit, while Mr. LOCKWOOD is in search of a new location.

Building Activities:

The two bungalows being built by Dr. LEHEW on lots east of his home are rapidly nearing completion. These are well built and modern in every respect, and will add materially to the desirable homes in Pawnee.

Earl BATES is building another bungalow on his lots just south of the Hillcrest Hotel. It is a companion house to one he has recently completed, and is a fine improvement in that part of town.

Geo. SOULSBY, the pioneer home builder, has purchased a lot just west of the new building. Mr. BATES is erecting and will build another bungalow. Thus the residence section grows.

Mr. SMITH has just completed a fine bungalow on his property in the north-west part of town.

J.H. BIRD is building some porches and otherwise improving his residence property.

Jacob FISHER is extending his bakery building about forty feet to the alley, to make room for his rapidly growing bakery business.

For Sale - By J.H. MANNING
The following property in Pawnee. Small per cent cash, balance like rent:
Modern 5-room cottage, east front, $3200.00
New Bungalow, 4 rooms, modern, $3500.00
New Bungalow, 5 rooms, modern, $4000.00
New Bungalow, 5 rooms, modern, $4200.00
Many others from $1000 to $6000. Any of them on terms.

The First National Bank of Pawnee - The oldest bank in Pawnee County. Twenty-nine years under same management. 4 Per Cent Interest On Time Deposits. Directors: C.J. SHAPARD, G.M. BERRY, S. THORNTON, J.L. LEHEW, C.B. SHAPARD.
C.J. SHAPARD, President
G.M. BERRY, Vice-President
S. THORNTON, Vice-President
C.B. SHAPARD, Cashier
C,A SMILEY, Asst. Cashier
C.C. ROBERTS, Asst. Cashier

February 26, 1920 Courier-Dispatch and Times-Democrat

Statement By Dr. G.A. WATERS
I desire to say to the live stock breeders in Pawnee county, and especially the many breeders of purebred stock in this county, that I have been trying for a long time to induce a real competent veterinarian to locate in Pawnee, and I have found them very scarce and hard to get. There is not enough of these real competent men to fill the demands; so I took the matter up with State Veterinarian, Dr. E.V. ROBNETT, of Oklahoma City, and told him that Pawnee County was rapidly awakening to the need of pure-bred stock and many of our best farmers had already purchased a start in good stock, and when a man gets himself supplied with high-priced stock, he feels more than ever the need of taking care of them, and he realizes more than ever the absolute necessity of a competent veterinarian; and many times he hasn’t time to wait to send sixty to one hundred miles to procure the services of a competent man. I sincerely hope that the people of our county will appreciate the services of Dr. GOULD, and give him their patronage and support. Below is what the State Veterinarian has to say for Dr. GOULD:
To Whom It May Concern:
this is to certify that Dr. O.S. GOULD, Acting Inspector In Charge, for the United States Bureau of Animal Industry, has resigned from the bureau service and is locating in Pawnee for general practise. I have been associated with Dr. GOULD for the past twelve months in the eradication of tuberculosis work of this State, and I consider him a worth young man and well qualified to practise. I am sure the live stock owners will appreciate his services as a graduate veterinarian and I would be very much pleased to have all the live stock owners to assist him in every way in getting started in a nice practise in Pawnee. I am sure Dr. WATERS of Pawnee will gladly endorse what I have said in Dr. Gould’s behalf. Respectfully submitted, E.V. ROBNETT, State Veterinarian.

Boy Scout Hike
The Boy Scouts went on a hike last Friday evening. They met at their club rooms at 5 o’clock, had a tracking contest to the summit of the stand pipe hill and reached SWALLEY’s farm, their destination, shortly before dark.
Under the supervision of Rev. CRABTREE and Mr. COLVIN, they made a brief study of different species of trees. They also signaled between hill tops by means of flags. As soon as darkness fell, fires were built and the boys divided into small groups and cooked their suppers.
“Stealing the Flag,” a favorite game for Boy Scouts, was played until 9 o’clock, when a meeting was called to order and Ralph MARX, Fabian WARNER, Zane MENTZER, and Maurice PETER were voted into the troop.

A deal was consummated Wednesday, whereby the LONG - BELL Lumber company becomes the owner of the lumber stock of Ed M. KELLEY’s lumber yard. Possession was given immediately. The stock will be moved to the Long-Bell yard. Mr. KELLY has become actively engaged in the oil and automobile business, which has opened up an unlimited field of action, so to give the proper attention to his new business, he disposed of his stock. The many friends of the KELLY family will be glad to know that they will continue to make Pawnee their home.

Mr. Ollie Lee CLAY and Miss Nora STRONFE, both of Grayhorse, February 18.
Fred HURL and Miss Orzina O’BRYAN, both of Keystone, February 19.
Frank RICH and Miss Goldie BUTLER, both of Pawnee, February 19.
Jack Raymond WOODS and Miss Daisy Ellen BEELE, both of Jennings, February 21.
Frank Clyde LOWRY and Miss Nora REED, both of Ralston, February 21.
James N. WILCONON and Miss Florence I. LEWALLEN, both of Yale, February 24.

Loy FURRY Secures Position As Chemist
Loy FURRY, who has been an employee of the local post office the past several years, will leave the postal service the first of March to take a position with the Shaffer Oil Company, of Cushing, as chemist in their refinery. Loy has been taking a course in chemistry, and the fact that he connected with a good company at the start speaks well for his efforts to advance himself. He and Mrs. FURRY will be missed by a host of friends, who wish them happiness and prosperity in their new home.

Quay To Incorporate
At the special election held at Quay last week on the proposition of incorporation, the result was a two to one victor for those in favor, the vote being 57 for 27 against.

Two Lose Lives In Gusher Fire
Two men were burned to death and thousands of dollars of oil consumed, when the Slick-Jones oil gusher, near Jennings, burst into flames early last Saturday. The well was making about 4,000 barrels a day.
Caught in the flood of liquid fire that hurled itself upon them when ignited by sparks from a forge where drilling tools were being sharpened: John STOUT, 40 years old, a driller; and Orval SCHRAM, 27 years old, a tool dresser, were unable to escape from the first pit. The oil enveloped them and men working nearby had to stand and watch them burned to a crisp, as it was impossible to reach the first pit.
The theory of the workers at the well is that an unusual amount of gas from wells in the district settled there because of the lowlands and that the sparks from the forge ignited it. The two men were working at the forge when the gas exploded.
STOUT had a wife and two children living at Oilton. SCHRAM had an only child, his wife having died two years ago.

Forger Released
A man by the name of GIBSON, who has been in the county jail for some time awaiting trial on a charge of forgery, was released from jail Tuesday and the case against him dismissed, upon his father paying up all losses. His home was at Meverick, Oklahoma, but the checks were passed at Yale and Pawnee. About $50 was secured at Yale and $10 at Pawnee. GIBSON wrote the checks and signed them “J. CHURCHILL.” CHURCHILL is a brother-in-law and lives at Perkins. The checks were drawn on the Perkins Bank.

Marjorie, the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jessie HOWELL, died last Friday, February 20. Funeral services were on February 21 at the Pearson & Brady undertaking parlors. Burial was at the Indian Cemetery, Pawnee.

Mrs. Joe EPLER, age 27 years, died at her home in Pawnee, February 19. The body was shipped to Davenport, Oklahoma, on February 20. Deceased was a bride of but a week, and the heart-broken husband, together with a mother, father, sister and brothers, have the sincere sympathy of the community in their great loss.

Cleophus MERRILL, colored, died at his home on February 19. The body was shipped to Watonga, Oklahoma, Friday, February 24.

Mrs. F.A. BYERS, age 22 years, died at the family home in the country last Sunday, February 22. Funeral services were at the home on Monday, Rev. BRADSHAW officiating. Burial was at Bethel Cemetery. Deceased was born at Cameron, Missouri. She was a member of the Christian Church for several years. A husband, one little son two years old, a little daughter five years old, mother, father, three brothers and one sister feel very deeply the loss of this dear one.

Albert BARR, age 54 years, died at his home February 20, after an illness of several months duration. The funeral services were at 2 p.m. with Mrs. MUSSELMAN officiating. Burial was at Highland Cemetery. Deceased leaves a widow, father, six brothers and one sister to mourn his death. The sympathy of the community is extended the family in their sorrow.

Mrs. W.M. RICHARDSON, age 69 years 8 months, died at her home in Skedee on February 19th. Funeral services were at the M.E. Church, February 20, with Rev. G.O. WIGGINS and Rev. W.B. WALKER officiating. The remains were interred in Skedee cemetery. Sarah F. WILLIAMSON was born in Peddis County, Missouri in 1849. She was married to W.M. RICHARDSON on February 8, 1866. To this union were born six children, Mrs. Hattie ANDERSON, of Sentinel Oklahoma; Mrs. Hettie TODD, of Pawnee; Arthur, Lon, Leward and Lewis RICHARDSON, of Skedee, all of whom together with the husband and 19 grandchildren survive her. The sympathy of the community is extended to the bereaved family in their great sorrow.

Grain Inspector Here
M.L. BLASINGAME, representing the state board of agriculture, was in Pawnee Wednesday evening on business for the department. Mr. BLASINGAME is a former state senator and was in the senate when Dr. WALTERS was a member of that body.

Clarence BARNES this week purchased the home of Mrs. Mary STERLING in the south part of town. This is one of the best homes on one of the best streets in Pawnee, and Mr. BARNES is indeed fortunate in securing this property.

WILLIAMS Back At Old Stand
Bert WILLIAMS has purchased the grocery stock of R.M. PORTER and will take possession March first. This is the store formerly owned by Mr. WILLIAMS, which he sold to Mr. HIET, and Mr. HIET to Mr. PORTER.

Rhode Island Whites At TUCKER Farm (Photo)
As you all know, the TUCKER farm is noted for fine stock. The Rhode Island Whites are beauties to behold. They are classified as being America’s best. They have so many good qualities is why. They are a cross of the White Wyandotte and the Rose Comb White Leghorn. They win wherever they are placed in laying contests, also noted for high scoring in the show room. They combine the laying qualities of the Leghorn strain, and get their shape from the Wyandotte strain, combining both qualities in one bird, maturing early; which makes them profitable for either laying or market purposes. They are the Excelsior strain and there is no bird that can beat them growing. Mrs. TUCKER does not need to advertise, as she can have more orders than she wishes to handle, but she is anxious to get the breed before the people of Pawnee County and the state, as there are very few Rhode Island Whites in Oklahoma, at present. The start of Mrs. Tucker’s birds came from Mrs. VENTRESS, in Kentucky, the originator of this strain, and they are the best money could buy. Just a trip to the farm will show you that Mrs. TUCKER has built up a poultry business that is worth taking note of. Write her: Mrs. Hattie TUCKER, Pawnee, Oklahoma, and she will tell you all about this breed and also the Rhode Island Reds, as she has a large flock of them also.

For City Marshal
I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the democratic nomination for City Marshal of Pawnee, subject to the action of the Primary in March. Clayton H. WILKINSON

Local News:

County Treasurer, A.W. JOHNSON, was in Guthrie the first of the week attending a Masonic gathering. Mr. JOHNSON is Master of the Pawnee lodge, and a prominent worker in Masonic circles.

Rev. Mrs. MUSSELMAN entertained the Junior Endeavor of the U.B. Church on St. Valentine’s Day. Twenty children were present. Mesdames O.O. and C.H. JOHNSON assisted the hostess during the afternoon.

Judge J.F. MCKEEL of Ada, prominent attorney of that city, was in Pawnee today attending to matters pertaining to the YINGLING estate.

Mrs. Roy BERRY returned last week from Osage County, where she had been nursing her mother and brother, who have been quite ill.

Mrs. GRAY’s Sunday school class will meet at the home of Mrs. Roy BERRY tonight.

S.A. MILBURN, who has been living at Jefferson, Oklahoma, was in Pawnee the first of the week and announced he had bought a building at Blackburn and was moving back to Blackburn, where he will engage in the garage business.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry JOHNSON last Saturday moved into the Horace WEAR property, which they recently purchased. Mr. and Mrs. WEAR have rooms in the MANNING home at present, and will continue to make Pawnee their home.

Elton LEHEW went to Norman to visit Leslie and then returned to Oklahoma City to attend the Joseph Hoffman concert.

Prof. And Mrs. Clifford BELL attended the teachers convention in Oklahoma City, and also visited with his parents in Edmond.

Mrs. R.P. BANKS returned the first of the week from a visit to Kansas City.

C.H. STRATTON went to Tulsa Wednesday, to look after business affairs.

Mr. and Mrs. NEWBY and daughter drove to Glencoe on business today.

Mrs. L.V. ORTON and children went to Guthrie last Friday.

Gus MARX went to Tulsa on a business trip the first of the week.

The Art Circle will meet Wednesday at the home of Mrs. J.B. DAVIS.

Charles WELLER is spending a few days with his mother, while recovering from the flu.

Miss Irma KRAUSS went to Yale last Tuesday to accept a position with an oil firm.

County Supt. May HUSSEY attended the teachers association at Oklahoma City last week.

Att. E.M. CLARK is away on a business mission to Kansas City and points in Ohio.

City Marshal, S.W. FENTON, of Cleveland, was in Pawnee Monday evening on official business.

Thomas BARTLETT, of Topeka, Kansas, who has been visiting his brother at Stillwater, is visiting relatives in Pawnee.

A.C. POULTER, a former Pawnee County resident who has been living near Mendon, Missouri, writes that he has moved to Rich Hill, Missouri, and desires to have his paper follow him to that address.

Mr. and Mrs. L.S. COREY and sons, Lindol and Murry, drove over from Enid Sunday afternoon for a short visit with A.O. WOODYARD and family. Mr. COREY is proprietor of a large printing plant at Enid and is doing a fine business. They report Enid steadily growing with prospects of a very rapid growth in the spring.

The Presbyterian Ladies Aid had a very interesting program at their missionary tea last Tuesday at the home of Mrs. Loyd BRUINGTON. Mrs. E.M. CLARK gave a talk on the YWCA work, Mrs. ORTON on China, and Mrs. Bert SMITH conducted the devotional exercises. At the close of the afternoon, light refreshments were served.

K.C. BAYLESS, of Lebo, Kansas, who had been visiting his brother, G.C. BAYLESS, south of town, returned home Saturday. Mr. BAYLESS is a farmer and reports farming conditions in his community as being very satisfactory. It has been a great wheat farming country, but now the farmers are turning their attention to dairying and small grain raising. Mr. BAYLESS is very much interested in the outcome of the Cosden test well south of town.

The Home Mission Society of the M.E. Church met last Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Ralph JOHNSON. Mrs. W.A. LONG and Mrs. Ira CRABTREE had charge of the program and had a very entertaining and instructive lesson.

Mr. and Mrs. Abe KOLB have moved into the ELLIOTT place in the west end of town.

Attorneys J.A. MCCOLLUM and T.S. HURST were in Yale yesterday, attending to legal matters.

Supt. E.W. MYERS went to Oklahoma City the last of the week on business for the city light plant.

Mrs. G.R. BERRY went to Pawhuska this week to visit her daughter, Jennie, and to see the baby, who has been sick for several weeks.

Miss Cleo FRANKLIN, who has been spending the winter with her aunt, Mrs. H.A. WALENCIAK, left Sunday for her home at St. Clere, Kansas, on account of the illness of two of her sisters.

Mrs. Chas GASSERT went to Wynona last week to visit her husband and son. She expects to move there sometime in March.

Mrs. Harry GREENWOOD of Oklahoma City, was a business visitor in Pawnee Tuesday. The Greenwoods are former residents of Pawnee County, and own property at Hallett.

Miss Gladys DARBY was in Pawnee last Tuesday and visited Mrs. Chas GASSERT. Miss DARBY was on her way to Oklahoma City, where she has accepted a position.

Mrs. Bertha GODFREY is home from the oil fields visiting her mother, Mrs. DAY, west of town. Mr. GODFREY is head of a tank building crew and is on the go quite a bit. Mrs. GODFREY will remain with her mother until spring.

Last Thursday, the Ladies Aid Society of the Skedee Methodist Church was entertained by Mrs. Eva WILSON and her daughter-in-law, Mrs. R.B. WILSON, at their home on Forest Street, Pawnee. Those present: Rev. and Mrs. C.O. WIGGIN and two children, Mr. and Mrs. Roy FARRIS and little daughter, Mrs. CHANDLER of Tulsa, Mesdames, BARCLAY, DAVIES, FITZGERALD, GILLETTE and little son, HARDEMAN, HARTLEY, MOREHEAD, NEWELL, PARRISH, RAY, STONE, VANCE, Eva WILSON, Opal WILSON and Miss Gertrude WATERS.

Mr. and Mrs. J.B. WARNER are the proud parents of a fine baby boy, born Tuesday, February 24.

Atty. Brown MOORE made a business trip to Cushing, Monday.

Mrs. MUSSELMAN entertained the U.B. Aid Society at her rooms on West Main Street Thursday afternoon, February 24. She served refreshments and all had a very pleasant social time. Few ministers have worked harder for the upbuilding of the local church than Mrs. MUSSELMAN, and she is always ready to cooperate with all departments of the church work.

J.H. MANNING left Sunday for Topeka, Kansas, to visit his mother.

Church Societies:

The U.B. Ladies’ Aid will meet at the home of Mrs. Chas. HAMILTON.

The Christian Ladies’ Aid will meet at the home of Mrs. S. BINNING.

The Episcopal Guild will meet at the home of Mrs. John BADGER.

The Presbyterian Ladies’ Aid will meet at the home of Miss Florence SHAPARD.

Club Calendar:

The P.E.O. Society will meet Friday, February 27, at the home of Mrs. GREENLEE.

The Auction Club will meet Monday at the home of Mrs. C.H. STRATTON.

The Delphian Club will meet with Mrs. COLDREN next Thursday.

The Monday Night Auction Club met last Tuesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank HUDSON. Mrs. C.H. STRATTON made high score, the first time that the ladies have won since the club was organized.

The Auction Dinner Club will meet at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thurman HURST next Friday, February 27.

First Presbyterian Church - H.C. MILLARD, Pastor

U.B. Church - Mrs. H.J. MUSSELMAN, Pastor

American Legion - M. BELLMARD, Post Commander

News From Over Pawnee County


Mrs. E.A. CARTER, known as Grandma CARTER, passed away at her home Friday morning, February 19, 1920, after a long illness. She had lived in Blackburn for many years and everyone who knew her, loved her. The entire community sympathizes with the bereaved family.

Mrs. Fred TURNER, of Kendrick, Oklahoma, is here this week helping to care for her mother, Mrs. T.P. WYNN, who has been seriously ill for the last two weeks. She is getting along very well at present.

Roy FRANKLIN, who has been quite sick with pneumonia, is getting along nicely with the care given him by Mrs. T.B. CAVE, Mrs. Mae MORPHIS, and Misses Nora and Bertha VICKERS.

Miss Edith LEWIS went to Skedee to take charge of the telephone system there.

N.H. MEANS sold his home to Mrs. A.J. JOHNS of Pottersville, Missouri.

Mrs. Milus FULLER and son, Marion, who have had quite a siege of pneumonia, are getting along nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. E.L. SHISLER were Skedee visitors Saturday.

James BELL returned home from Oklahoma City, Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. John LUDING and family returned to their home in Augusta, Kansas, last Tuesday.

Floyd PERSHALL is assisting Dock MILLER in his barber shop this week.

Mr. and Mrs. M.L. KERSHNER returned home from Hot Springs, Arkansas. They report a good time and good health while there, but they think there’s no place like Oklahoma.


Wendell HARSHBARGER came in from Ponca City, Tuesday, for a visit with his parents.

Miss Myrtle GILLETTE is visiting her home folks since her school is closed at Blackburn.

A.C. BRODELL attended the teachers meeting at Oklahoma City last weekend.

Misses LIVESAY, Cassie and Eula WEBB and Messrs. ROBINSON, GILLILIAND and SANFORD motored to Ralston last Sunday.

Misses STICH and CONRAD returned to Skedee Saturday, after having attended the teachers association.

Miss Lola PEERY visited her mother in Cushing last weekend.

Miss Clede FUNKHOUSER returned to Pawnee Monday, after visiting a few days with home folks.

Miss Drudie DAVIES went to Oklahoma City Thursday, to attend the state teachers meeting.

Miss Ruth SMITH came in last Wednesday to visit her parents a few days.

Brent NEWELL left Saturday for Wichita, where he will visit a few days with friends.


Mr. FIFE has moved into the BROOKS house.

Mrs. Sam STICKELS will go to the hospital at Guthrie this week. Mrs. John DRYMOND will accompany her.

It is reported that Grandma CRATON has sold her home here in town.

Mrs. Tom MURPHY called on Mrs. LOUCKS Monday afternoon.

Dr. BARBER writes that Mrs. BARBER is improving and that the climate is ideal. Roses blooming in January, sounds good.

Mr. and Mrs. CLARK were in town from Fairfax, visiting friends Saturday.

Mr. Clyde LOWERY and Miss Nora REED were united in marriage here this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank TEICHMER are up again after an attack of the flu.

Boyd YOUNG has been general manager of the LONG - BELL yard while Mr. OLSON was in Oklahoma City.

Mrs. Fred ROSS is very sick with the flu.

A large party of young people went out to surprise Mr. and Mrs. LOWERY Monday night. All necessary implements for creating a disturbance were carried along. Mr. LOWERY was expecting them, as he had a treat for them of oranges, bananas and cigars.

Banner Items:

Abner ROGERS, of Pawnee, was in this vicinity Monday after a load of hay.

Mr. MCDONALD, of Kingfisher, was visiting with E.C. PICKETT last week.

John and Levi MOORE, formerly of this vicinity but now of Quay, have been ill with the flu, but are reported better at this writing. Their brother, George MOORE, of this vicinity, has been taking care of them.

Ed ROGERS and sons, of Pawnee, were down Sunday looking after their farming interests.

Mr. and Mrs. G.B. FUSS and sons, Ernest and Arthur, attended a sale near Pawnee on Wednesday of last week.

Mrs. W.E. WALKER and daughter, Florence, were in Pawnee Monday, having some dental work done.

B.L. WITTICH and son, Raymond, were Pawnee callers Monday.

Mrs. John SAPP has been to Jennings to see her husband, who is ill with the flue.

Mrs. J.P. CAYWOOD called on Mrs. W.E. WALKER on Friday of last week.

Joe CRAFT of Jennings, purchased a fine young horse from E.C. PICKETT last Friday.

Dennis DILLEY, who has the pneumonia and is at the hospital at Yale, is reported to be a little better. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.T. DILLEY, have been with him the entire time. Sunday, it was thought he could only last a few hours, so his uncle, Perry DILLEY, came and took the children to see him, but Monday’s report said he was a little better again.

We understand that the casing has been hauled away from the Gertrude FUSS place. We don’t know why this was done.

E.C. PICKETT hauled two loads of hay to Quay last week.

Charley ADAMS, of near Stillwater, came up Monday and took his boys home with him. They have made their home this winter with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. WALKER.

Lone Elm school is closed. The teacher, Mr. Gaines WHITT, has gone to Kentucky.

FOR SALE: (Glencoe, Oklahoma) - Soda fountain and fixtures. Also restaurant and outfit, Saturday, February 27, 1920, at 2:30 p.m. Come and buy - Chas. A. BRADLEY.

Notice By Publication:
Elmer ELLIS, Plaintiff vs. May ELLIS, Defendant - Divorce - No. 4629
John L. FULPS, Plaintiff vs. Etta A. FULPS, Defendant - Divorce

Notice To Creditors:
In the matter of the estate of Carrie FLAGER, Deceased…Frank M. FLAGER, Administrator.
In the matter of the estate of James D. REYNARD, Deceased…Mary E. REYNARD, Executrix.
All persons having claims against J. HOOPER, Deceased…Lucy E. HOOPER, Executrix.
In the estate of Benjamine F. PROCTOR, Deceased…L. Herman PROCTOR, Administrator.

To The Public:
On account of being so badly crippled up with rheumatism and broken down feet, I have finally decided to retire from the management of the grocery business, for a while at least. Monday, March 1, 1920 - Mr. J.H. BIRD, who has been with me for more than two years will purchase one-half interest in the business and have full management under the firm name of BIRD & LEHEW.
I wish now to thank the people of Pawnee and vicinity for their hearty support and patronage for the past nineteen years, and trust that they will continue to support the new management, and feel sure they will receive the most courteous treatment from Mr. Bird. I will have an office at the store for some time, until I can get my affairs settled, and would appreciate having any of my friends call, especially if they have the where-withal. If any of my friends can sight me to a good, easy job, I will appreciate that, for you know the grocery business does not retire its members on a pension.
Very respectfully, B.A. LEHEW

March 4, 1920 - Courier-Dispatch and Times-Democrat

To Manufacture Car Truck
PORTER Brothers have perfected and patented a car truck and safety brake appliance that bids fair to revolutionize car building, and do away with the larger percent of preventable accidents. It is simple and durable, built so that all chance of brake beams failing is done away with. An aluminum model on display at the P-V Garage shows it in detail. All railroad officials who have examined the model pronounce it the best they have yet seen, and predict the universal use of the patent.
PORTER Brothers are now awaiting propositions for factory sites and as soon as they secure a suitable place, will start manufacturing. Their company is already chartered, and organized, and a stock selling campaign will be put on as soon as the location of a factory is settled. We would like to see Pawnee as the permanent home of this company, but as a factory depends on so many things Pawnee is not possessed of, they will go elsewhere.

New Abstracter
J.O. FERGUSON of Willow Springs, Missouri, has arrived in Pawnee and taken charge of the abstract business formerly owned by Mr. HARRIS. In this office is two old sets of books, the Sterling & Smith set and the Judge LISCUM set. Mr. FERGUSON is an experienced abstracter and comes highly recommended as a gentleman and citizen. He was discharged from the army in December, after having served 28 moths, eighteen of which were spent overseas. He held a commission in the 35th Division and was inter postmaster at Brest. Mrs. FERGUSON is secretary of a large manufacturing plant in Tulsa, and will not be able to relinquish her duties for several months, so they will not be able to establish their home here until later.

Buys Bakery Interest
Jesse JOBE has purchased the interest of Mr. STEWART in the Liberty Bakery. This gives Mr. JOBE full ownership now, and he expects to maintain the high standard of bakery products they have always put out.

Basketball Teams Receive Sweaters
The boys and girls basketball teams of the high school received sweaters Wednesday afternoon, as a reward for hard work and faithful service. The sweaters are black with a large red “P” and were presented by the Athletic Association in an appropriate address by Superintendent ROBINSON. On the left sleeve are the service stripes. The boys have only lost two out of twelve and the girls three out of eight games, a record the city, as well as the school, is proud of.
Those receiving sweaters and the number of service stripes are as follows: Boys’ team: Elton LEHEW, two; Leroy STEWART, two; Merle PENNY, two; Arthur KIMBALL, one; William TOLER, one; Wayne ESHELMAN, one. Girls team: Gladys RADLEY, three; Mildred SWALLEY, two; Alla KIMREY, one; Jessie PLUMLEE, one; Elsie FEASTER, one; Bessie SNYDER, one.
At the close of the presentation, Elton LEHEW and Gladys RADLEY, captains, expressed their thanks for the teams.


Mrs. Joella MERRELL, age 28 years, died February 26th, of pneumonia, at her home in Pawnee. The body was shipped to Watonga, Oklahoma, on February 28th for interment.

Mr. Jessie PICKELSIMER, age 39 years, died at Quay on February 26, of pneumonia. There being no friends or relatives to take charge of the body, it was brought to Pawnee to a local undertaking parlor to be prepared for burial. Upon looking through his papers, it was found that he had a wife and three children living at Rupert, Arkansas, and the body was shipped there on March 2nd.

Mrs. Louisa ROBINSON, aged 83, died on February 29, at the home of her son, A.N. NELSON, in Pawnee. Mrs. ROBINSON was born in Kentucky, moved to Missouri while a child, and resided there until she came to Oklahoma at the opening of the Cherokee Strip. She was a member of the Christian Church. She leaves to mourn her death three sons, Jim, Alex and John NELSON; two daughters, Mrs. Ella HAMBY of Welling, Oklahoma and Mrs. Jane MCAFFEY of Pawnee; four step-sons, Henry, John, Jim and Edgar ROBINSON, and three step-daughters, Lizzie and Nancy NELSON and Mrs. GANN. Funeral services were conducted from the Christian Church, Monday, March 1, Rev. A.J. BRADSHAW officiating. Burial was at Highland Cemetery. The sympathy of the community is extended to the family in the loss of this mother.

Notice To Register:
All qualified electors who have not registered must do so by March 6th, 1920, if they desire to participate in the primary election in the City of Pawnee to be held on the 16th day of March, 1920. Ward 1 will register with Henry ROBERTS at the Pawnee Indian Agency. Ward 2 with T.C. GOFF in the GOFF building. Ward 3 with George WHEELER at the store of MARX - WHEELER. Ward 4 with O.L. SMITH in his office in the Bruington building. Edwin R. MCNEILL, County Registrar.

Skull Unearthed
Last Thursday afternoon, while excavating for sewer connections, Dick MCCLAIN uncovered a human skull. As we have heard of no one losing a skull, we will not advertise it, but if the owner happens to see this notice, he can have same by calling for it.

Auction Dinner Club
The Auction Dinner Club met Friday evening at the home of Mrs. Thurman HURST. The blue bird, the symbol of happiness, was the theme and color scheme for the evening. The birds were everywhere on the portieres and curtains. The place cards were painted poppies formed into cups filled with salted pecan meats, with a little blue bird on the side of the cup pecking at the nuts. The high score of the evening was made by David C. LEE, for which he received a hand painted plate. The next meeting will be at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Loyd MARX.

W.H.M. Society Entertains
The Woman’s Home Missionary Society of the Methodist Church entertained their husbands and friends at the home of B.L. PETER, Friday evening. The entertainment was the result of a contest between two divisions of the society, the losing side acting as hostesses. The losers were generous and presented the winners with a tiny rooster to “crow over them.” The presentation speech was in verse composed by Mrs. KELLY and delivered by Mrs. Arthur PETER, at the end of a triumphal march. Amusements were carrying dry beans on a knife across the room and charades. Entertainment was vocal numbers by Mrs. Dr. LEHEW, B.L. PETER and C.R. KERR. Mrs. J.H. HALE and Miss Esther PERRY gave humorous readings. Refreshments were served, and an altogether enjoyable evening was spent.

Grandpa JOHNSON Dead
Mr. JOHNSON, father of Mrs. E.E. RYAN, died at her home, Monday morning, at the age of 82 years, 3 months and 12 days. Mr. JOHNSON had been a sufferer with asthma for a number of years. Short funeral services were held at the home Tuesday afternoon, and Mr. RYAN left with the remains for Lamar, Missouri, where they will rest by the side of his wife and two children, who had preceded him.
Mrs. RYAN and family have the deep sympathy of all their many friends and neighbors in their sorrow. - Maramec News.

“Whereas, in view of the loss we have sustained by the decease of our friend and associate, Zella BYERS, and of the still heavier loss sustained by those who were nearest and dearest to her;
“Therefore, be it resolved, that it is but of just tribute to the memory of the departed to say that in regretting her removal from our midst, we mourn for one who was in every way worthy of our respect and regard;
“Be it further resolved, that this heartfelt testimonial of our sympathy and sorrow be forwarded to the family of our departed friend by the members of the Sunshine Club of Lone Jack.”
Mrs. Winnie ROGERS, Ada ROGERS, Audra HAGA, Committee

Garage For Sale
Call at the PV Garage and see F.S. PORTER, as he will sell his garage, doing a good business. Have other business to look after is reason for selling. Also have a Ford delivery car in good shape to sell. F.S. PORTER

Notice To Customers
Having sold my store and wishing to close up my business affairs as soon as possible, all knowing themselves indebted to me, please call and settle by March 1st. R.M. PORTER

W.F. WINROW - Baggage & Transfer - Piano Moving a Specialty - All Light and Heavy Hauling. Day Phone 88 Residence Phone 224.

For Sale: Ford Touring Car, good as New - P.A. FLETCHER

Native Lumber For sale - E.L. WALLS - 2 ½ miles south Skedee.

For Sale: Extra good cane hay, balled $18 per ton - Earl BATES, Box 579.

Taken Up: Red spotted sow, wt. About 100 lbs. Owner can have same by proving property and paying for feed and advertising. J.C. HEWITT at Midway Barber Shop.

For Sale: First-class alfalfa hay, $1 per bale, $25 per ton at barn. J.W. TURNER

Land Sale: The Northwest Quarter of Sect. 24, Township 22, Range 6E, will be sold at the Court house in Pawnee at 2 o’clock p.m., Monday, March 15, 1920. This land is the allotment of Wm. MURIE, on which patent has been issued. Title guaranteed. An extra fine piece of land in the Blackburn neighborhood. Harry MAD BEAR, Henry MURIE, Julia LITTLE EAGLE, Heirs of William MURIE.

Notice of Sale of Property: Lots 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, in Block 8, in original Town of Ralston, Pawnee County, Oklahoma, was sold at final tax sale on the 23rd day of September, 1918…have received a bid for this property, and have sold the same to J.W. ELLIOTT, of Ralston, for the sum of $130.00 …A.W. JOHNSON, County Treasurer.

Wilbur M. CRAIN and Miss Etta SALLADAY, both of Cleveland, March 2nd.
Jacob B. MYERS and Miss Vada N. TAYLOR, both of Keystone, January 28.
Will LUIS of Keystone and Miss Daisy CARTER of Jennings, January 28.
Pete HAUGHT and Miss Beulah JARREAN, both of Oilton, January 27.

Local Items:

B.L. BARNES and sons, Charles and Clifford, went to Oklahoma City last Sunday to consult a specialist.

BELLMARD is attending the automobile show in Tulsa.

Brow MOORE was in Henrietta on Monday, looking after legal matters.

Miss Helen STERLING spent Sunday with Mrs. J.B. DAVIS. Mrs. STERLING expects to come later.

Mrs. J.M. SHERUM of Ripley, and Mrs. J.C. MINOR, of Shawnee, spent Sunday with Mrs. B.N. HOPE.

John GUINN and children of Quay, spent Sunday with Mrs. Stanley SMITH, in order to become acquainted with the new arrival.

Miss Ida WOLFE, who has been nursing in the Mable Dale Hospital at Yale, has returned to Pawnee and is staying with her sister, Mrs. John GRIESEL. She is visiting in Wynona this week.

Richard DEGNER, of Jennings, was in Pawnee Saturday attending to business matters. His father, Herman DEGNER, an old resident of the Jennings neighborhood, died last Monday. Burial was at the Jennings Cemetery.

Rev. INGRAHAM, of Supulpa, was a visitor in Pawnee Tuesday, enroute home from Blackburn, where he had been called to preach the funeral of J.W. MOHNEY. Rev. INGRAHAM is always welcomed to Pawnee by his many friends here.

Miss Lyda BERRY came in from Pawhuska for a weekend with home folks.

Mrs. PIPER’s mother left for her home in Neosho Rapids, Kansas, last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry HOGGETT are the proud parents of a baby boy, born Saturday, February 28.

Mr. and Mrs. Homer PIPER spent Sunday and Monday with their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Forest HARSHBARGER, at Ponca City.

Mrs. Clayton WILKERSON is out of quarantine after a long siege of scarlet fever. The little girls, Gertrude and Margaret, have been ill.

W.T. BESSER of Keystone, drove to Pawnee Monday. Mr. BESSER is in the new oil field at Keystone, and has three wells on his place at present.

I.F. HARMON entertained the Ministerial Alliance with a banquet last Tuesday afternoon, at the Graham café. Sheriff MCINTYRE and County Attorney ROWE were guests.

GRIMSLEY & Sons are quoting the following prices on flour and meal - Flour, 48-lb sac $3.40 - 24-lb sack $1.70; Graham Flour, 10-lb sack, 65 cents; 5-lb sack 35 cents.

J.N. LIZAR was down from Wynona a few days last week visiting his family. He reports a lot of substantial building going on in that hustling new oil metropolis, and with the bring in of a big gas well close to town, a big boom is predicted for this summer.

Mr. and Mrs. William BRUINGTON have moved to 305 East Palm Avenue; Orange, California, where Margaret has been attending school.

J.H. HALE has been to Wichita on business and reports that Pawnee county was the only place that he saw any showing of wheat. It looks as if the crop would be pretty short this year.

Dr. and Mrs. G.H. PHILLIPS, who have been at Kern’s Canyon, Arizona, at the Indian agency, have returned to Pawnee. Mrs. PHILLIPS will remain here for the present, but the Doctor will go back to Arizona to wind up his affairs before returning to this place.

Ward GUFFY was a business visitor in Pawnee Monday from Cleveland. He reports Cleveland improving industrially and quite a building campaign of both residences and business houses under way.

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley SMITH are rejoicing in the arrival of a fine baby boy, born Sunday, February 29. This young man has the honor of being the first grandchild, and possesses four grandmas and grandpas. This will no doubt make up for being entitled to but one birthday in every four years.

J.J. TANNER Enters City Marshal Race

J.J. TANNER this week announces his candidacy for the office of City Marshall. Mr. TANNER is an old resident of Pawnee County, and has been a resident of the city since 1912. He has had previous experience as a peace officer, having been appointed City Marshal by Mr. MALLORY, when he was Mayor.

Maramec, Route 1

Mr. SHAW and George RICE left on Thursday for Trinidad, Colorado.

Mrs. SHAW received a telegram last week stating that Grandma SHAW was very low with pneumonia.

Will WILLARD and sister, Mrs. CHARLTON, motored to Oilton Sunday.

Mr. RADER is sick with the flu.

Elmer RICE, of Avery, visited his sister, Mrs. Claude SHAW, and family last week.


John W. MOHNEY passed away Saturday evening, February 28, at his home. He had been ill for some months with cancer. Funeral services were held at the home, on March 1, conducted by Rev. M.F. INGRAHAM, of Sapulpa. Mr. MOHNEY had lived here many years. A host of friends sincerely regret his death and extend their heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved ones in their sorrow.

Mr. and Mrs. W.A. BLOOM came down from Tulsa to attend the funeral of Mr. MOHNEY.

Mr. and Mrs. E.M. WYNN of California, and Mr. and Mrs. J. WYNN of Oregon, came in this week to be at the bedside of their mother, who has been ill for some time.

Mr. and Mrs. Doug WILSON have been spending the week at Cushing, visiting John WILSON and family.

Frank PRIVETT and Bob KREWITZ were home Sunday from the oil fields.

Mr. and Mrs. Leo PENN of Oklahoma City, are here this week visiting Mr. and Mrs. Claud MOSLER.

Mr. and Mrs. Van BEAVER are the proud parents of a fine baby boy, born February 26.

Mr. and Mrs. O.M. MOORE have a baby very sick with pneumonia.

Mt. Vernon:

Virgil BLACK returned Saturday from Corona, California, where he has been visiting his parents, for a short while.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe DANIELS of Quay, spent Sunday with home folks.

The family of Jim GARRISON are all recovering from the flu. Mrs. GARRISON is still very poorly.

Mr. and Mrs. John DEAN and family and Mrs. And Mrs. NOAH and family spent Sunday at the Armand DEAN home.

Mr. and Mrs. Otis GROOMS spent Sunday at the Lewis SINNETT home.

Dewey STONE, Clarence NELSON and Will YOUNG returned to their homes Friday, after several months spent in sunny California.

Leonard BOYD returned Sunday from a visit with his grandparents near Perkins.

Mrs. Orman RICE came out last week from Jones for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.C. STONE. Mr. RICE drove out Saturday, all returning home Monday.

Three children of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob GRINDSTAFF are on the sick list. Mrs. W.D. JONES and daughters are reported as having the flu.

Miss Bessie YOUNG, of near Yale, spent the week end with her parents.

Russell WHITE, who has been working in Ranger, Texas, has joined his family and will work the Ben GROOMS farms this season.

Mrs. LACY, of Ranger, Texas, came in last week to assist in the care of her daughter, Mrs. GARRISON, and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank WELDON left on Sunday, in their car, for Texas.

Public Sale:
As I have gone to work in the oil field, I will sell at public sale at Sinnett, 3 miles north and 2 west of Keystone, on Wednesday, March 10, beginning at 1 o’clock p.m., the following property…horses, cattle, hogs, implements. - J.C. STRADER, Owner.

March 11, 1920 - Courier-Dispatch and Times-Democrat

Oklahomans Win In Red River Dispute

Enid Oklahoma - March 10, 1920
Judge Frank A. YOUMANS, in federal district court here today, decided in favor of the Judsonia Development company, consisting of Oklahoma men, in their suit in federal court here asking an injunction against Sam PARKS and other Texas men, in the famous Red River oil land dispute that has been hanging fire for several months, when he fixed the south bank of the river as the boundary line between Oklahoma and Texas.
The judge issued an order for the United States marshal to serve papers on the Texas men now holding the property of the Oklahoma owners along the Red River, forbidding them from keeping possession of the property of the Judsonia Development Company.
In making the decision which covers 15 typewritten pages, Judge YOUMANS declares that the south bank of the Red River and not the center of the stream, is the boundary line between the states. The decision affects property amounting to $300,000,000, all lying in the Red River Bed.

Community Program By Pawnee Teachers
On Monday night, March 15, at the high school auditorium, at 8 o’clock, there will be a teachers’ community program offered. All persons interested in education are invited to be present. The program will embrace all the important things derived at the State Teachers’ Association. An invitation is extended to all to witness the following program:

Departmental Grades:
Conference of Mathematics - Gladys LONG
Conference of Reading and Spelling - Lulu HOOVER
English in the Grades - Voda VICKERS
Conference of Music - Lucille WEISENBACH
Athletic Conference - Prin. Chas. SAMPLE
Athletic Conference - Lilly WEISENBACH

Lower Grade Section:
Fifth Grade Numbers - Ozelle ODELL
Practical Education and Modern Society - Mrs. MOSHER

High School Section:
Modern Languages - Freta FLETCHER
Modern Social Problems, Mary CONNER
How to Know Poetry - Mabel FRY
The Commercial Curriculum - Maude MCMURRY
Department of Manual Training - Prof. BELL
Department of Domestic Art - Vera CLARK
Music - Lucille WEISENBACH, Director
Double Octette - Ellen LEHEW, accompanist
Vocal Solo - Frances BADGER
Piano Duet - Lucille WEISENBACH and Anna TUCKER

Pawnee Breeders Buy More Fine Hogs
F.N. GARNER and J.C. LAWSON attended the stock show at Oklahoma City last week and while they did not take any of their stock to the show, they sure brought home the bacon. Mr. Garner purchased a fine Poland China male, for which he paid $575. This male was one of the finest bred animals at the show, and at two years old weighs 675 pounds. He is of the very largest breed of this popular strain and in his crate on the streets here Saturday, looked as large as a cow. Mr. GARNER already has a fine lot of Poland China hogs, and with this animal to head his breeding list, he expects to get into national prominence as a breeder. He also had in mind, by his purchase, the serving of the boy’s pig club members by making available to them the best male to be had for breeding purposes.
Mr. LAWSON bought a gilt out of the same drove, which cost him $200. He, too, is an extensive breeder of Poland Chinas and the addition of the gilt gives him new blood and a further desire to excel in fine hog raising. We predict for both of these gentlemen a profitable return on their investment.

U.T.D. Club Entertains
The U.T.D. Club entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L.P. SAUNDERS, with Mesdames SAUNDERS, HIET and WELLER as hostesses. The house was beautifully decorated in green and white streamers and shamrocks. The tables had green runners with a large white shamrock as the centerpiece, and the refreshments of ice cream and cake carried out the color scheme. Rook was the diversion of the evening, in which Mr. C.R. KERR made high score.
The guests were: Mr. and Mrs. E.M. KELLY, Mr. and Mrs. A.O. WOODYARD, Mr. and Mrs. C.R. KERR, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. MCCOLLUM and Miss TRAVER.

Filings For City Offices
Democratic Ticket:
Councilman, Ward 1, Jas. L. FRASER
Councilman, Ward 3, C.H. STRATTON and J.A. WALKER
Councilman, Ward 4, J.M. GRIMSLEY
City Marshal, Clayton WILKINSON, J.J. TANNER, J.W. CALLAHAN and Isom READDY.
Street Commissioner: W.D. BURCH

Republican Ticket:
Councilman, Ward 1, J.W. SARVER
Councilman, Ward 2, W.J. NAIL, C.C. GRAHAM
Councilman, Ward 3, John F. TENSFIELD
Councilman, Ward 4, W.F. WINROW, J.A. PETER
City Marshal, W.L. CUSTER, Clyde CREASON
Street Commissioner, Harry WOLFE

American Legion Notes - Owen LIVESAY has moved to Oklahoma City and has sent in his resignation as adjutant of the post. Vance WHITE has been appointed in his place.

Location Made On SMITH Farm
A location for a test well on the SMITH farm, a mile from Blackburn, has been made and work on the derrick will begin in about a week.

C.H. HILL left Tuesday for his home in Bellwood, Nebraska, after a short visit with his parents, north of town. He is living in a community where land is selling as high as $450 per acre, but says it is worth all it is selling for. He reports quite a severe winter there.

Mr. and Mrs. HOWELL of El Dorado, Kansas, have rented the SEEVERS property and will move to Pawnee soon. Mr. HOWELL has the contract to drill the well east of town, and expects to be here for some time.

Jim SPESS To Make Application For Pardon
“Why was this not printed in the Pawnee paper? Is the question proposed by a correspondent of this paper in a letter enclosing a clipping from the Ralston Tribune giving a notice of formal application by Jim SPESS to the Governor for a pardon. The answer is not far to seek. The crime for which SPESS was convicted was committed in the southeastern part of the county. The Ralston Tribune is published in the northwestern part. The chances of anyone injured by the act of SPESS or anyone living in the “Terlton neighborhood” ever seeing the notice or becoming aware that a movement is on foot to secure his pardon, would be small indeed. A publication in this paper would at once give notice to the citizens in all parts of the count of what is afoot and enable them to protest in time to make the protest effective. It looks like an effort to slip something over on an unsuspecting public.
In February, 1919, SPESS was convicted of one of the most cold-blooded, deliberate, and wanton murders ever committed in this state. Not a single excuse or extenuating circumstance ever was or can be urged in his favor. While he, with “Buz” CLARK and Bill INHOFE, were engaged in holding up the First State Bank of Terlton, he deliberately shot and instantly killed Bob MOORE for the simple purpose of showing his skill with a gun. MOORE was one of the best and among the most respected and useful citizens of this county, and his wanton murder was simply an exhibit of pure fiendishness on the part of SPESS. It was utterly uncalled for and took place after the money from the bank had been obtained and transported a considerable distance to where the horses of the outlaws were tied. MOORE left a widow and four small children, all girls, who have had a hard time getting along since being deprived of their natural supporter by this wanton act of SPESS.
Twice has SPESS been before juries of this county on this charge and twice has the verdict of murder in the first degree been found against him and the life penalty assessed. The evidence against him is absolutely conclusive and does not admit of even the shadow of a doubt. Four men who had been compelled to carry the loot from the bank to the horses, stood within a few feet of him and saw the shot fired, and saw MOORE fall. They are: F.E. CULLISON, president of the bank; Chas. WILDE, cashier; and the two ALLEN boys, and they identified SPESS with absolute certainty. His confederate, INHOFE, testified to the same effect.
By his own statements, made under oath, SPESS was a member of the notorious STAR and DAVIS gang of outlaws and bank robbers. At the age of fourteen, he was acting as their spy and assistant in the Baxter Springs bank robbery, and later on other occasions. He early learned the lessons of crime from such masters as Henry STAR, Joe DAVIS, his notorious brother, Fred SPESS, and others of that stripe, associating with them in their camps and assisting them from childhood. Now, when he has served little more than one year, a movement is started to secure him a pardon. Surely, the safety of the public is entitled to be considered in this matter before such a man is turned loose. Why should he not pay the penalty of his crime. His guilt was proved with absolute certainty. No more positive proof ever was made in any court. He was ably defended. His trial was absolutely fair. There was no miscarriage of justice. Why then should he be pardoned? Let the law abiding citizens of this county see to it that he is not again turned loose upon them to resume his career of crime. Write the Governor, you know the facts. Ask him to investigate before he acts, to read the evidence produced at his trial and communicate with Judge OWEN and the jury who found him guilty. If you will do this, there is not fear of his being misled in this affair.

Homer SAXTON and Miss Viola TAYLOR, both of Keystone, on March 10.
Chester SIMMONS and Miss Lela RUCKER, both of Ralston, on March 3.
Wilbur M. CRAIN and Miss Etta SALLADAY, both of Cleveland, March 2.

Jury List:
Following is the list of jurors drawn for the term of district court to be held in Pawnee, beginning March 15:
Mrs. W.O. O’DELL
Joseph BYERS
Grover HAGA

Indian School News:

Meryl, the baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry ROBERTS, has been seriously ill for the past week and is yet not out of danger. We all wish for her speedy recovery.

Florence WATSON was on the sick list last week.

Maxine LONG is able to attend school again after being confined to her home for several weeks with flu and complications.

Supt. J.C. HART left Tuesday on a business trip to Ponca and Otoe agencies.

P.C. LITTLE, financial clerk in the agency office, has been promoted and transferred to the position of sub-agent in charge of the Otoe agency. Mr. LITTLE and family will move to Otoe station within a few days and it is with genuine regret that their many friends here see them leave. However, we congratulate Mr. LITTLE on the merited promotion.

Mrs. HILL is very much at home in her old position as seamstress.

J.K. GROSHONG will sever his connections with the office force on April 1st. The correspondent has not been informed as to Mr. GROSHONG’s plans, but will say that his many friends here and in Pawnee will regret his departure, but extend our best wishes for his future success.

Rush ROBERTS is now employed as interpreter, taking the place of James BOWMAN, resigned.

Mrs. HOWRY, of Grayhorse, was a caller at the school a few weeks ago, previous to her and Mr. HOWRY’s departure for Crow, Montana, where he was transferred as principal and she as a teacher.

LONG - BELL Lumber Company - Stephen A. DOUGLASS, Manager, Phone 44

DAVIS Market - J.B. DAVIS, Prop. - Fresh and Cured Meats - Phone 14

CLOSE Grocery - Fresh vegetables arrive Friday evening. George R. CLOSE, phone 99

For Sale: First class alfalfa and prairie hay, alfalfa $20 per ton at barn, prairie $16 - F.E. HENDRICKS, 5 miles northeast of Skedee.

Local News:

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence BARNES moved into the STIRLING property last Tuesday and Dr. GASTINEAU moved into the BARNES property, just back of the Christian Church parsonage.

Floyd VOORHIES, who has been living in Oklahoma City, has returned to Pawnee to live, having taken a place in Mr. PROCTOR’s barber shop. Mr. and Mrs. VORRHIES will be at home in the residence just east of the Baptist Church.

Mrs. BINNING entertained the Christian Ladies Aid last Tuesday. Mrs. BINNING showed pictures taken along the route of her trip to the west last summer, which proved very interesting.

Mrs. Charles GASSERT’s Sunday School class met with her for the last time last Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. L.D. KERN. Miss Mabel VEATCH was appointed as teacher to fill the vacancy caused by the removal of Mrs. GASSERT to Wynona. At the close of the afternoon, light refreshments were served to the appreciative guests.

The Eastern Star ladies had initiation last Wednesday night. Mr. and Mrs. PORTERFIELD, Mr. and Mrs. DRAKE, Mr. and Mrs. SYLER and Mr. and Mrs. BALDWIN, of Quay, motored over to attend the meeting. After the business session was over, the ladies adjourned to a local confectionery for refreshments and were very agreeably surprised to find the Pawnee orchestra there to entertain them.

Mrs. R.P. BANKS gave a six-course dinner to a few out-of-town guests last Sunday afternoon. The table was decorated with a centerpiece of green, pink and white birthday cake, in honor of her daughter’s birthday. Those present were Misses Vic CARLYLE and Eva MYERS of Yale; Mr. Leroy BAFFETT of Guthrie, Mr. Theodore RICHTER of Topeka, and Mr. and Mrs. TATE of Yale.

J.M. HILDRETH was up from Keystone Monday, attending to business matters. Keystone has become quite a bustling little city since the discovery of oil, and Mr. HILDRETH is now drawing royalty from some of his lots in old Appalachia. He reports Tulsa county paving the Albert Pike Highway from Tulsa to Keystone, and says Pawnee should wake up and secure the permanent location of this great highway across the county.

Mrs. Clarence BARNES went to Cleveland last Friday to be with her mother, Mrs. James WIDENER. Mrs. Roy BERRY went to Cleveland on Tuesday, to nurse Mrs. James WIDENER, who has a bad case of the flu.

A small fire at the home of Mrs. Clara MANNHEIMER last Friday evening burned a hole in the roof, but very little other damage was done. The blaze was probably caused by some leaves in the eaves becoming ignited by sparks from the chimney.

The Evening Auction Club met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred SEEVERS last Monday night. Preston CALVERT made high score for the evening. The next meeting will be at the home of Mr. and Mrs. CALVERT.

The P.E.O. Society will meet at the home of Mrs. J.L. LEHEW next Friday afternoon.

The Art Circle will meet at the home of Mrs. A. KRAUSS next Wednesday afternoon.

The Delphian Club will meet at the home of Mrs. E.G. GRAY next Thursday afternoon.

Mrs. O.S. GOULD arrived Tuesday from Oklahoma City, to make her home here with the doctor. They have taken the WIDENER home, south of city park and are now nicely located. Mrs. GOULD’s aunt, Ella HAYDEN, of Eugene, Oregon, came with her for a visit.

An effort is being made to organize a local camp of the Woodmen of the World Lodge. A number of members have expressed their desire to assist in the formation of a camp, and it is suggested that all those interested call and see H.H. CASH at the Midway Barber Shop.

Mrs. L.V. ORTON entertained her Sunday school class and the teachers of the Presbyterian Sunday school last Friday afternoon. There was a short business meeting, in which they organized and elected officers as follows: Miss Florence SHAPARD, president; and Mrs. Moyne HANNA, secretary and treasurer. The remainder of the afternoon was spent in a very delightful, social time, at the close of which, dainty refreshments were enjoyed. The next meeting will be with Miss Florence SHAPARD, at her home, on the first Friday of the month.

The Episcopal Guild will meet at the home of Mrs. J. CAUGHEY.

Dallas DAVIS went to Tulsa the last of the week to visit his sister, Mrs. MITCHELL.

Miss Sadie MANNHEIMER is able to be out again after a very severe illness of several weeks duration.

Mrs. I.C. ROSE, who lives near Skedee, returned home Saturday after a weeks visit with relatives at Keystone.

Miss Kate HADDOCK, who has been teaching school north of Pawnee, has gone to Keystone for an extended visit.

Dr. and Mrs. J.L. COLES have moved into the property which they purchased from Dr. PIERCE last summer.

Mr. and Mrs. C.H. STRATTON gave a buffet dinner last week to Mr. and Mrs. C.L. BROWN, Mr. and Mrs. Robert BUZAN and Dr. and Mrs. WAGGONER.

Mr. HESTERLEE of Jennings, was in Pawnee this week on business.

J.O. CALES of Ralston was in Pawnee on Wednesday, looking after business affairs.

Rev. I.F. HARMON of Pawnee will preach at the Liberty school house next Sunday.

Ed KELLY and D. BEARDSLEY went to Yale on a business mission Monday.

Mrs. Jim FRAZIER and daughter went to Arkansas City last Saturday to see her mother, who was seriously ill.

Mrs. Anna STIRLING and brother are in Pawnee at the home of Mrs. J.B. DAVIS. Mrs. STIRLING is here to settle up her affairs, as she expects to make her home in Tulsa.

Mr. and Mrs. B. BROWNWELL, of Texas, are visiting at the home of her brother, Elmer CLARK.

N.H. SWALLEY and L.D. GRIFFIN went to Oklahoma City Wednesday, to look after business matters for the U.B. Church.

Mr. and Mrs. Dick MCCLAIN are the proud parents of a fine baby, born on Tuesday, March 9th.

Judge Redmond S. COLE returned from Tulsa Sunday afternoon to attend to court matters at home during the March term.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence BRONSON, of Morrison, have a fine baby girl, born on Monday, March 8. Mrs. BRONSON has been staying at the home of her sister, Mrs. Henry BAYS.

Brooks GREEN of Burkburnett, brother of Mrs. Clarence BARNES, was in Pawnee last Monday night.

Mrs. E.H. ROSS, of Kaw City, is spending several days at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will TANSY. Mrs. ROSS was formerly Miss Ruby TANSY.

I will be in Tulsa next week, March 15 to 20, attending the post-graduate course of the State Dental Society. Dr. B.N. HOPE.

Frank MATHERS and Miss Manila George REED were married at Guthrie on February 21. Mrs. MATHERS is teaching school at Bridgeport, Oklahoma, at present, but will join her husband in Pawnee about the 19th. The young couple expect to make this place their home.

The Christian Ladies Aid will meet with Mrs. R.D. WHITLOW. The Baptist Ladies Aid will meet at the home of Mrs. O.T. PEARSON. The Queen Esthers will have a meeting this afternoon at the home of Mrs. J.L. LEHEW.


R.D. VANDRUFF was in Pawnee on business Monday. He has a fine lease in the Osage country and is one of the prominent stockmen of his community. He is starting to improve his cattle, having purchased one of the fine Hereford males sold at the LOVEALL sale, and his Duroc Jersey hogs are of a high breeding type.

Charley LOPER and family have moved into their new home.

Mrs. Sam STICKLES is home from the hospital, as they could do her no good there.

Mrs. Tom MURPHY has been very sick the past week.

Frank TEICHMER is out again after having the flu, but Mrs. TEICHMER is very bad yet.

Ray HENRY has moved into the new house just completed by Robert TEICHMER on the John WEDD farm.

Ernest WEDD and family will move over near Fairfax on a farm.

C.C. CARTER, our mail man is spending a few weeks at Claremore.

Dr. BARBER reports Mrs. BARBER improving nicely, which is good news to their many friends.

Mr. JASPERSON, the broom factory man, is planning quite extensive improvements on some of his buildings.

Mrs. SPAULDING is slowing improving after having the flu. Mrs. Anna YOUNG is quite sick.

Louis BRUMLEY moved to the south part of town from the GIFFORD property. The VANDUSEN family have moved into the GIFFORD house. A.U. ROSS has a new ford.

Mrs. A.J. SIMS was calling on the sick Monday, visiting Mrs. SPAULDING and Mrs. Laura TEICHMER. Grandma HUGHES has the flu, but is better at present.

Miss Ruth MITCHELL was home from Pawnee Sunday, visiting home folks. She is employed at the court house.

Mt. Vernon:

Mr. and Mrs. PALMER, of Glencoe, are both very ill at the home of their son, Tom PALMER, in the Brockman district.

Dr. BEACH was called Thursday night to West Point to see Elwin JOHNSON, who is quite sick with bronchitis.

The GARRISON family have so far recovered from flu as to be able to move to the BRADLEY farm. Samuel SHARPTON has moved to the place vacated by the Garrisons.

Richard COCHRAN is suffering a relapse of the flu and is quite sick.

Wm. DODD and Lewis SINNETT are each driving a new Ford.

Tom BLACK is assisting Otis GROOMS with his far work.

Edward GOULD, of the A&M College at Stillwater, spent the weekend with his parents.

Elmer WHITAKER has been on the sick list. Ivan HILL visited Elmer on Sunday.

Mrs. Bill WALTON who has been spending some time with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Benj. GROOMS, returned Sunday to her home in Claremore.

Skedee Valley:

Charley HILL, of Bellwood, Nebraska, is spending a few days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.A. HILL.

George ROWDEN, of Blackburn, spent Monday night and Tuesday with his mother, Mrs. Agnes ROWDEN.

Miss Nellie HILL is working for Mr. and Mrs. Lon REESE at Oilton. She reports Mrs. REESE much improved.

Fred PAYNE is working for Ben ROWDEN.

Messrs. August and Frances GRADER went to Coalgate Wednesday for a few days visit with their sisters and brothers, Mesdames, Flora GRAHAM, Laura COOK, and Mr. Henry GRADER.

Wanted: The ladies of Pawnee to know that I have taken the agency for Barclay Corsets. Phone 214 for appointments. Mrs. M.A. GOULD.

Milk - Plenty of it, 10 cents per quart at house, or 12 ½ cents delivered. Eugene SCHORNICK.

Strayed - Three red cows, one with bell, and two red calves taken up last Friday on Grandma MARTIN’s place.

Banner Items:

Mrs. G.W. MOORE and children visited Sunday with Mrs. R.T. DILLEY. George MOORE took a load of baled millet hay to Quay last Saturday.

Earl CRAFT is here visiting his sister, Mrs. J.P. CAYWOOD.


Attendance at church and Sunday school was almost normal on Sunday, after a month of “flu vacation.”

Miss Blanche HEPPEE of Skedee, was a visitor here Monday.

Mrs. James BELL and Allie GOFF went to Wichita, Kansas, last week to visit Lewis GOFF and family.

Claud MOSIER has a new “hoopy.”

Sam PERSHALL, and boys, Sherman PERRIN, Z.P. CALLOWAY and Chas. BRUBAKER went to Brush City to work in the oil fields.

Mr. and Mrs. Dug WILSON are spending the week in Tulsa.

Notice To Creditors: To the Creditors of Nancy E. SCAMMERHORN, deceased…J.W. SCAMMERHORN, Administrator.

Notice of Application For Letters of Administration: In the Matter of the Estate of Josiah BREWER, Deceased, No. 847…T.R. NEWBY, Administrator.

March 18, 1920 - Courier-Dispatch and Times-Democrat

Pawnee High School Basketball Squad, 1920 (Photo)

Pawnee Agency News:

Miss BAIRD and mother enjoyed a short visit last week from Miss BAIRD’s brother, Calvin BAIRD, of Wichita.

Miss Audra HALL has resigned her position in the agency office, and left Wednesday for Tulsa.

The sitting room in the girls building was the scene of a lively party last Friday evening, when the Indian Progressive club entertained in honor of Mr. and Mrs. P.C. LITTLE.  School and agency employees were also guests of the evening and a very enjoyable time was spent in card games and dancing, the music being furnished by a four-piece orchestra. At a late hour, all repaired to the dining room, where a delicious lunch was served. During the evening, Henry ROBERTS, on behalf of the club, presented Mr. and Mrs. LITTLE a beautiful engraved ladle, showing in a small way the esteem in which they are held by their friends here.

Baby Meryl, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry ROBERTS, who has been so very ill, is much improved at this time.

I.O.O.F. Encampment To Be Instituted Here
An Odd Fellow Encampment will be instituted in Pawnee, Thursday, March 18th, at the I.O.O.F. Hall. The Encampment is a higher branch of the Odd Fellows dodge, consisting of three degrees, which are, the Patriotical, the Golden Rule, and the Royal Purple degrees. This is a lodge within itself, with a charter, and is organized as any other lodge.  
Charter members of the Pawnee Encampment, eighteen in number, are: Frank MATHERS of Pawnee and the following from Ralston: R. LYLES, John B. HOLDEN, H.C. HARRY, John W. TAYLOR, I.R. HEDGES, J.E. GATES, Henry WERTZ, C.C. CARTER, P.B. JONES, Sam H. JONES, Chas. LOPER, Prosper POWELL, Fred MARSHALL, F.M. MCDONALD, J.P. JONES, Mr. BROOKS, and Jas. MCSPADDEN.

BERRY Buys KERN Grocery
A deal was made this week whereby Roy BERRY becomes the owner of the KERN grocery on the north side of the square. Roy has many friends and will be able to command a just share of the grocery business of the town. Mr. KERN has acquired business interests in Pawhuska and expects to leave for that place by the first of April.

Birthday Surprise
The beautiful home of Mr. and Mrs. H.T. WHEELER was the scene of much merriment and pleasure Friday night when a large number from Pawnee and immediate vicinity gated to celebrate Mrs. Lillie WALTERS birthday. The guest of honor was persuaded to be present, although she had planned to go elsewhere for the evening, but of course she was glad that she changed her mind. Games and dancing to the music of the player piano, and also rook and 42 made the evening pass all too swiftly. Birthday cake and cocoa served as refreshments. Mrs. WALTERS was the recipient of several beautiful gifts, among them being a very fine Edison machine presented by her aunt, Mrs. BINNING. Mr. and Mrs. WHEELER are royal entertainers and those present would like to have these affairs come more often.

W.L. CUSTER - It seems that a rumor to the effect that I was a democrat until just before the recent primary election has been industriously circulated during the last few days. I wish to take this opportunity of correcting this mistake. I have always been a republican in politics. My first registration in Pawnee township was republican and I have never changed my politics and am still a republican.

Results of City Primary Election
The Primary for the purpose of selecting candidates for city officers, held Tuesday, passed off very quietly. W.L. CUSTER received 98 votes for city marshal on the republican ticket, while C.H. WILKINSON was nominated on the democratic ticket, receiving 55 votes.
For street commissioner, the office with a huge salary of one dollar a year, W.D. BURCH is the nominee on the democratic ticket, while Henry WOLFE is the republican nominee. Neither candidate had an opponent in the primary.
For councilman, ward, 1, Jas. L. FRASER, democrat, and J.W. SARVER, republican, are the nominees.
For councilman, ward 2, W.J. NAIL, republican, will have no opposition in the general election.
For councilman, ward 3, C.H. STRATTON, democrat, and Jno. TENSFIELD, republican, were nominated.
For councilman, ward 4, J.A. PETER, republican, and J.M. GRIMSLEY, democrat, were the nominees.

Prominent Lawyer Dead
Robert A. LOWERY, one of Payne county’s pioneer citizens and a lawyer well known throughout this section of the state, passed away at his home in Stillwater, March 6th.

George H. MORELAND and Miss Lenora Estelle TUGGLE, both of Pawnee, on March 11th.
Jacob MOSIER, of Blackburn, and Miss Virgie L. BLAIR, of Ralston, March 16th.

Card of Thanks
We wish to thank our friends for their kindness and help during the illness and death of our loved one. Especially are we grateful to Mesdames EVANHOE, Dan GARNER and PANTHER. Frank and Lee JENNETT, Ora and Jas. CURTIS.

On account of poor health, I am forced to sell my fine stock of pure-bred English strain White Leghorns, of the finest laying strain. These are on the poultry farm known as the Black Bear Poultry Farm, come and look at them, you will not regret if you purchase them. W.O. WRIGHT

To The Public: City mail delivery will be established in Pawnee on April 1st. - Preston CALVERT, Postmaster.

Mr. Bonner Ben CANTLEY and Miss Ida Carolyn WOLFE were quietly married at the Methodist parsonage, Sunday morning by Rev. Ira CRABTREE. Mr. CANTLEY is from Indianapolis, Indiana, and Miss WOLFE is a Pawnee girl. They met in Yale, where he was engaged in the oil business, and she was a nurse in a hospital. The young couple will go soon to Texas, where Mr. CANTLEY expects to take work in the oil business.

St. Patrick Social
Several weeks ago the Ladies Aid of the Christian Church decided to each try and earn a dollar before St. Patrick’s day, and at that time hold a social and report how they had earned their money. The party was held at the tabernacle Monday night. Every one was invited and a large crowd was present. A splendid orchestra furnished music all through the evening. Several good readings were given, after which a roll call of the members of the Aid, in response to which each lady went to the front and deposited her dollar in a basket and gave her report, a great many of them in rhyme. The reports revealed the fact that there are many ways of earning a dollar. Doughnuts and coffee were served free to the assemblage. It was a great evening.

Local Items:

Bill PERRY returned this week from Phoenix, Arizona, where he had gone with his son, Eugene, who had not been very well for some time. He reports that he left Eugene feeling a great deal better.

Charles VANDERVOORT and Mr. and Mrs. Ed VANDERVOORT motored to Yale last Tuesday.

O.L. SMITH will leave this afternoon for Kansas City, to be with his mother who is in a hospital at that place.

Chas. B. SHAPARD returned this morning from OKMULGEE, where he had his tonsils removed at a hospital.

Miss Iola FENT left yesterday for Joplin, Missouri, to visit relatives.

Mrs. Frances WELLER will carry an up-to-date line of player piano rolls. Call her by phone No. 67 or write. Pawnee, Oklahoma.

Twin mules were born on the C.J. BARNARD farm last Sunday night.

Mr. and Mrs. D. BEARDSLEY went to Porter last week to visit his mother.

B.O. SUBLETT of Jennings was in Pawnee Saturday on business.

John W. CLARK of Joplin, Missouri, is in Pawnee on legal business.

Mr. and Mrs. BLACK, living four miles east of town are rejoicing over the arrival of a baby girl, Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie RIDING IN are the parents of a bouncing baby girl born March 15th.

Mrs. E.P. BARR of Stillwater, spent the weekend at the home of her son, Robert BARR.

Misses Irma KRAUSS, of Yale, and Louise, of Stillwater, came in Saturday to spend the weekend with home folks.

C.W. SHOEMAKER, of Jennings, was in town with his son, Frank, on Saturday.

W.W. RYAN, of Valley, was in the city on business last Saturday.

The Auction Dinner Club met last Friday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Loyd MARX. The home was beautifully decorated in St. Patrick’s colors. There were portieres of green and white crepe paper with the little golden hats and green shamrocks; the tables had white runners with the golden harps and shamrocks. The menu also carried out the color scheme, and followed out the Irish idea as far as possible. Between the second and third courses, “crackers” relics of our childhood days, were passed and created lots of amusement with the hats and Irish mottoes that were in them. The high score of the evening was made by Mrs. C.H. STRATTON, for which she received a cut glass mayonnaise dish.

Mrs. Robt. BUZAN gave a very pretty afternoon affair to a few ladies last Friday. The guests brought their fancy work, and later, they were told to find their name on the end of a ribbon, to follow it until they came to the end, where they would find some work cut out for them to do. This created quite a little excitement but the ladies were all able to do the required work. The dining room was decorated with kewpies and pink and white colors, and the refreshments of ice cream and cake were in the prevailing colors. Those present were Mesdames C.L. BROWN, F.F. GREEN, R.E. WAGGONER, Alfred SEEVERS, Ralph JOHNSON, Clarence BARNES, Horace WEAR, and C.C. ROBERTS.

Mr. and Mrs. C.H. STRATTON had a line party for six little friends of J. Lynn last Thursday evening in honor of his sixth birthday. After the show, they returned to the house, where they played a few games and Mrs. STRATTON served refreshments.

The U.T. Club will meet at the home of Mrs. R.W. STRATTON on Monday, March 22; leader, Mrs. George WHEELER, assistants, Mesdames J. DONAGHY and J.B. WOODS. Subject: “The Progressive World Struggle of the Jews for Civil Equality.”

The Foreign Mission Society met Monday afternoon with Mrs. Ben LEHEW. The Bridge Club will meet at the home of Mrs. Ed CATLETT next Thursday afternoon.

The Brotherhood of the Presbyterian Church held their meeting at the home of C.H. STRATTON last Tuesday night. There were sixteen members present and the evening was very pleasantly passed in playing rook. Later, Mrs. STRATTON served refreshments, to which all did justice. The next meeting will be at the home of Frank HUDSON.

Editor WOODYARD is in Guthrie this week taking the Scottish rite degrees of Masonry.

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar SIMMS have moved to Jennings, where Oscar has a position with his uncle.

Mr. and Mrs. Will GOVER, living one mile north of Pawnee, are the proud parents of a baby girl, born March 16th.

Miss Christine MONTGOMERY left last week for a trip to California. She wrote to her friends, while in Texas, that the trip is every thing that she anticipated.

Leslie KERN has bought the Roy BERRY house. Roy has rented one of J.L. LEHEW’s new bungalows, in the south part of town.

Mr. and Mrs. J.L. NASH of Kansas City, motored to Pawnee this week to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. MAXEY. The young couple will go to Wyoming from here. Mrs. NASH was formerly Miss Ruth MAXEY, and has been employed in Kansas City for some time.

Mr. and Mrs. E.G. GRAY are eagerly looking forward to the home coming of their two boys, Lawrence, of Flagstaff, Arizona, and Ralph, of Lincoln, Nebraska. It has been a number of years since this family of four were gathered around the family fireside, and the prospect is indeed a happy one for them. The boys will arrive in about two weeks.


Miss Mary BRYANT has been very sick but is better at present.

Mr. ROWE was in Newton, Kansas, buying mules and last week shipped a valuable bunch to his farm, south of town.

Ollie KEETON expects to build a new home in the near future.

Mr. COOPER, of Anadarko, who has been visiting home folks, returned to Anadarko, where he is employed in a bakery.

J. WHITE is preparing to build a new house.

Jack STUART drove to Pawnee last Sunday with some ladies who wished to attend the Catholic Church. Mrs. DAVIDSON, Mrs. COOPER and Mrs. STUART were in the party.

Mrs. Laura BENNETT has just returned from a visit with old friends in Jennings, and reports a very delightful time.

Little Miss Aline PAYNE entertained twenty-eight of her friends last Thursday in honor of her seventh birthday. The little folks reported a fine time.

Joe PANTHER and family were out riding in their new Ford last Sunday.

Robert TEICHMER is erecting a new fence on his property and adding other improvements.

Mrs. Ed BROOKS, who has been ill, is greatly improved.


Frank SMITH left Monday for Newton, Kansas, after a short visit with his mother.

Misses Ruth SMITH and Clede FUNKHOUSER visited their parents over the weekend.

Mrs. Leo BEAVER and children came in from Ponca City, Monday, to visit a few days at the home of her parents, Mrs. Bert HARSHBARGER.

Miss Goldie STICH visited in Pawnee last weekend.

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold PRIVETT are the proud parents of a fine baby boy, born March 4th.

Messrs. Brent NEWELL and Norman SMITH made a business trip to Ralston Saturday.

Misses Eula and Cassie WEBB were Pawnee shoppers Saturday.

C.O. HIGGINS, being sick, there was no night service at the Methodist church last Sunday, but Dr. POTTS, the district superintendent, delivered a very interesting sermon in the morning, after which he went to Blackburn.

Last Friday being Arbor Day, the school children, with the assistance of Prof. A.C. BRODELL and the school board, planted trees around the campus. This will add very much to the appearance of the school yard, together with the play ground apparatus, which is now being installed.

Hopewell Happenings:

If Sam YOUNG’s oats hadn’t come up when they did, he would probably have had them all scratched up by this time.

Mrs. REAGAN will return this week from the hospital at Stillwater.

Verlin GILLOCK takes a good look up and down the road every time before mixing mash for his chickens. We have seen him do it. A fellow can’t be too cautious.

Vance REAGAN threw a fence post over in the south lane the other day and consequently became so worried that he got up at 4 a.m. to take it out again.

Paul GASTINEAU went up to Ralston Saturday, presumably on business. But you can’t always tell.

Banner Items:

G.B. FUSS and son, J.E. FUSS, were Pawnee visitors Saturday.

R.T. DILLEY went to Pawnee Monday to attend court.

Mr. and Mrs. Gaines WHITT arrived here Sunday evening from Kentucky.

Levi MOORE, of Quay, was out to his brother’s, G.W. MOORE, last Friday.

We see that Mr. C.O. SHAW is back from Colorado greeting old friends.

Skedee Valley:

Miss Nellie HILL, who has been working the past two weeks for Mrs. Lon REESE, of Oilton, returned home Tuesday morning and reported Mrs. REESE much improved from a severe attack of rheumatism.

Mrs. A.A. HILL and three sons, Will, Kearney and Charles of Bellwood, Nebraska, left in their car last Wednesday for points in Missouri and Kansas. Willie left them at Springfield and came home on the train.

Fred PAYNE is working for Joe KIMBERLIN.

Margery HILL spent the weekend with her brother, Clarence HILL, of Pawnee.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe KIMBERLIN and daughters, Elna and Norma, Ben ROWDEN and

Miss Bess STAPLETON attended the revival meeting at the M.E. church in Pawnee last Sunday night.

Fred PAYNE and Elmer SULLINS were over in the Osage last Sunday and spent the day.

Clarence ROE, of Blackburn, spent the weekend with his cousins, Ben and Lillian ROWDEN.

Mrs. Joe KIMBERLIN and daughter, Norma, Miss Bess STAPLETON, Mr. and Mrs. D.R. WEBBERT and Willie HILL called at the ROWDEN home Tuesday evening.

House Creek:

O.A. HUDSON’s folks are just recovering from an attack of the flu.

Mrs. HICKS is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Pearl GREENWOOD.

Mrs. COMPTON is just recovering from the flu.

Mr. and Mrs. E. HUDSON and family visited O.A. HUDSON, Sunday.

Miss Irene EVANHOE and Nettie NEIGHOF and Mr. Will DAWSON took dinner Sunday with Miss Ruth DEITZ.

Mrs. John COMPTON and son, Eugene, who have been visiting at A.E. COMPTON’s started for Ohio to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. MILLIRONS, last Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. EDGAR came in Monday from Compton, Arkansas, to see their children, and probably to make this their home.

Miss Maud HUDSON is at Jennings this week.

Mr. and Mrs. George EDGAR are the proud parents of a fine baby girl. It has been named Geneva Katherine.

Mr. and Mrs. R.B. SHULER spent Sunday afternoon at F.W. KLINTWORTH’s.

Mr. and Mrs. Will MCDANIELS are moving to Mannford this week.

Jno. And Harry COMPTON went to Beggs, Tuesday.

Mrs. DEITZ returned Sunday from a visit with her daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. George EDGAR, of near Cleveland.

March 25, 1920 - Courier-Dispatch and Times-Democrat

County Commissioner W.L. LYNCH and Mrs. Norah EASLEY were married last week at Enid. This was a surprise to the many friends of Mr. LYNCH here, but every one wishes for them a happy life together. They will occupy the PETER property in the west end of town, and left last Wednesday for Enid, to pack their household goods and move to Pawnee.

District Court News:
The following cases have been disposed of at the March term of district court, Judge Redmond S. COLE presiding.
The MILLER - WIDENER case has been continued on account of the death of Attorney Robert A. LOWRY of Stillwater.
MILLER vs. MILLER divorce case to be heard April 5.
C.M. ZICKEFOOSE vs. VANDERVOORT et al, to be heard April 6.
Roy ANGLIN vs. A.B. RUSHING and S.E. SPINNING vs. Harold GRIMSLEY, set down for trial April 6.
March 14, the jury term started with State vs. Ernest FAIR, who was found not guilty.
Inez BEREE case dismissed at cost of J.T. LEACH.
DIEHNEL vs. STROSNIDER et al, dismissed at cost of plaintiff.
Monday, March 22, was sentence day and Jim ROBINSON, Jim PEARSON, Homer WEBBER and Joe WELCH were each sentenced to serve ten years in the penitentiary at McAlester, for robbery committed at Jennings. Tom WELCH was discharged as not being an accomplice. Deputy Sheriff Cap SCOTT and Undersheriff SMITH took those sentenced to McAlester, Tuesday.
Lucy R. WATTS vs. City of Cleveland, plaintiff given judgement for $2527.50 - defendant gave notice of appeal.
In MUSSELMAN vs. ANDERSON, a settlement was made during trial.

Birthday Surprise
Miss Eric WHEELER gave a surprise party at her home, north of Pawnee, last Tuesday evening in honor of the birthday of Miss Ruth SAYRE. Miss WHEELER laid her plans very cleverly and Miss SAYRE was invited to go riding, the destination proving to be the WHEELER home. A large number of young people were present and the time was very pleasantly spent in playing rook and other games. Once in a while, the program was changed for dancing to the music furnished by the player piano. Miss Ruth was the recipient of many nice presents from her many friends, and at the close of the evening, ice cream and cake was served.

Meeting of County Red Cross Executive Board
At a called meeting of the executive board of the Pawnee county chapter of the American Red Cross, held recently, Miss Margaret MOORE was elected to take the preparatory course at the state university at Norman to fit her for the work of executive secretary.  This course requires about six weeks of study.
After completing the course of training, Miss MOORE will return to Pawnee and take over the duties of executive secretary for the Pawnee county chapter, made vacant by the  resignation of Mrs. F.P. REED. In this work, she will give especial attention to the general welfare of disabled soldiers, see that they receive free medical care, that tubercular ex-soldiers get proper treatment, and that all are informed as to matters of vocational training, compensation, government insurance, back pay, and that the condition of ex-soldiers and their families are as good as before the war.

John B. LEE and Miss Velma Virginia LANE, both of Morrison, were married on March 18, 1920.
Jessie KREWITZ and Miss Clara MOSIER, both of Ralston, were married on March 21, 1920.

Heavy Rain and Wind
This vicinity was visited Wednesday by one of the heaviest rains that has fallen for some years, flooding storm cellars, sewers and gullies. It came in such torrents that Black Bear creek was filled almost to flood point, covering the road to the Agency at the low point just west of the bridge. Wind did damage at the ECHO HAWK farm, south of town, blowing down outbuildings, and at Ennis SWALLEY’s, east of town, some sheds were demolished.

Grandma BADGER Passes Away
Mrs. Adeline BADGER, age 71 years, died at her home on Tuesday, March 23. The funeral services were at the home on Thursday, March 25, at 2:00. The remains were interred at Highland Cemetery.

Local News:

Mrs. Mae MARPHIS of Blackburn is visiting at the home of Mrs. Ed KELLY.

Mrs. W.E. BRADY went to Parsons, Kansas, for an operation and Mr. BRADY reports that she is doing nicely.

BEARDSLEY made a business trip to the Miami mining district last week.

J.O. WELLS of Blackburn was in Pawnee last Tuesday and paid this office a pleasant call.

Mrs. Alice TODD and Mrs. SHROWDER of Jennings were in Pawnee Wednesday on business matters.

F.M. MARLOW, one of the oldest settlers of the Blackburn neighborhood, was in Pawnee Wednesday. Mr. MARLOW has rented out the most of his land this year and is devoting his time to his fine breeding stock.

Isom READDY was taken to the hospital at Stillwater last Monday, and the reports that are received state that he is in a very serious condition, but the fact that he is holding his own so far, is encouraging to the family.

Miss Louise KRAUSS entertained last Saturday night in honor of two of her friends, the Misses Pauline SKAYER and Alma BROOKS of Stillwater. The evening was spent in having a general good time with music, dancing and rides in the automobile. Those present were Misses Pauline SKAYER, Alma BROOKS, Lexie MARLIN, Carol PETER, Messrs. Elton LEHEW, Charles PETER, Darrel WOODYARD, Orville RAMSEY and Loyd BUZAN.

Last Friday afternoon Jennie MEEKER entertained twenty-six members of the Christian Junior Aid at her home. The guests were entertained by music, and games, and later in the afternoon, refreshments were served.

Mrs. Clifford BELL and little Miss Ruby are visiting her parents in Skiatook.

Mrs. A.W. JOHNSON and son returned Tuesday from a visit with her parents at Glencoe.

Miss Maurine PETER, who is attending Oklahoma College, visited home folks Sunday.

Loyd BRUINGTON was in Tulsa, Monday, the guest of his uncle, Floyd THOMPSON and family.

Earl BATES has finished his second stucco bungalow. He has also completed a house in the south part of town, which he is making his home.

Mr. and Mrs. W.F. JOHNSON went to Gueda Springs, Kansas, Wednesday, to consult the advice of a specialist, in regard to Mr. JOHNSON’s health.

Charles WELLER visited in Pawnee last Sunday.

Mrs. FEASTER returned from Hallett last Sunday, where she has been nursing Mrs. Roy ROGERS.

Mr. and Mrs. C.R. KERR visited in Stillwater with relatives last weekend.

C.E. KIBBE of Terlton was in Pawnee last Saturday looking after business matters, and paid this office a pleasant call. Mr. KIBBE is in the Lumber, Hardware and Implement business, and has quite an extensive trade in the oil fields. Mr. KIBBE reported that Mrs. KIBBE was going to take a vacation and spend the summer in California.

Dr. B.N. HOPE purchased the Geo. SOULSBY residence in the south part of town and will move in very soon. The SOULSBY’s will move into their new bungalow in the block east of the Episcopal Church.

Mrs. Clara MANNHEIMER went to Guthrie last Sunday, and Miss Sadie returned with her.

Dr. WATERS, county health officer, reports the family of Jap LIZAR sick with the measles.

D.E. BAKER has left the employment of the Santa Fe depot, in order to enter into the café business with his cousin, Wayne BAKER.

Mr. and Mrs. M.D. MEDLEY, from Cushing, are visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. M.R. GILL.

Bob LUCAS of Oshelata, O.T. SERMAN of Tulsa, old friends of N.H. SWALLEY, were visiting at his home for a few days while attending court.

W.D. JONES of the Glencoe neighborhood was in Pawnee, Saturday. He reports the heavy rain as being of inestimable benefit to the growing crops. They did not have the heavy downpour we had here and close about.

Miss Maude NELSON made a business trip to Tulsa, Saturday, in the interest of her abstract business. Miss NELSON is specializing on town lots in Appalachia, and Tulsa oil men hold a large portion of the old townsite lots.

Representative Millard GRUBB was up from Maramec the last of the week on business at the court house. Mr. GRUBB says he got a little behind with his farm work during his absence at the special session of the legislature, but the backward spring is giving him a chance to catch up.

W.L. MCCULLOUGH was down from the Ralston neighborhood Saturday. He reports progress on the oil derrick, slush pond completed and prospects bright for an early beginning of drilling operations. The location is west of the well drilled on his place several years ago, in which oil was found, but not considered in paying quantities at that time. It is hoped the test on the Phillips place will define the pool and prove a good producer.

The Auction Dinner Club met last time at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C.H. STRATTON.  The decorations of the dining table typifying Spring were beautiful in every detail, and the menu proved unquestionably appetizing. A lace runner the full length of the dining table over the damask cloth, and a wicker basket with decided extended handle, draped with a large pink tulle bow and containing pink LaFrance roses and jonquils in canary tones was the exquisite center piece. The place cards were small celluloid canaries with a small pink card in mouth, and was perched on the rim of the glasses. The favors of the evening were miniature garden baskets in canary tones, with small pink tulle bows on the handles, and were filled with mints. The high score of the evening was made by Mrs. T. HURST, for which she was awarded one half dozen french etched ice tea glasses. The score cards were hand painted maidens representing spring. The next meeting will be with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph STRATTON.

About 10 o’clock last Monday night the calm was broken most hideously by horns, catcalls and various other noise-producing instruments. Every one within hearing distance rushed out to see what was causing the disturbance and found out that it was only the Odd Fellows treat Frank MATHERS to an old fashioned charivari, Frank’s wife having come to Pawnee, last Friday.

The Misses WEISENBACH and FLETCHER hostesses to the girls and boys basketball teams last Saturday afternoon. The young people were first entertained by a line party at the theatre. After the show, they adjourned to the high school and were served a fine banquet, and the guests certainly did justice to the occasion. The teams appreciated very much the treat that was given them.

D. BEARDSLEY drove “Daddy” WILSON’s car to the school house Saturday night to attend the junior class play. While the car was parked outside, some vandal removed the back cushions of the car, and at this date, no trace of them has been found.

Mr. and Mrs. TATE, of Yale, are visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R.P. BANKS.  
They are to soon move to Colorado, where they will make their home.

A.W. JOHNSON and Milt GOULD were delegates from the Christian Sunday School to the state convention at Claremore, which was held this week.

Earl CALDWELL has been visiting at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. CALDWELL.

Ed COOK, prominent Guthrie cotton buyer, was in Pawnee last Friday on business.

Mr. and Mrs. J.L. STARK, of Guthrie, spent the weekend at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed COLVIN.

M.C. CUSTER of Quay, was a visitor in the city this week.

Mrs. Anna STERLING and Mrs. A.R. MITCHELL returned to Tulsa last Thursday.

Mrs. J.B. CRIST motored over from Cleveland last Friday to visit her daughter, Mrs. Maurice MARX.

A.M. STONEBURNER went to Independence, Kansas this week for a visit with home folks.

Mrs. Cliff HOSLER and baby daughter left for Kansas City to join her husband, who is employed in a bank there.

Mrs. M.R. GILL and daughter, Pauline, returned from Cherokee, where they visited her mother, Mrs. GRAY.

Misses Helen PETER and her friend, Dorothy MARTIN of Winfield, left Monday for their school. Miss Helen will return for the Easter vacation.

Miss KALLSTEDT, who has been ill at the home of J.L. LEHEW for two weeks, was finally able to leave for Cushing to take up her work at that place.

Howard WILSON of Kansas City, arrived Sunday to visit at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.C. WILSON.

S.H. BARTLEY has sold his building at the post office corner to O.L. SMITH and is packing his household goods preparatory to moving to California, where he will reside.  Mr. and Mrs. BARTLEY will go to Kentucky for a visit with relatives before going to California.

O.C. SHAW of Maramec, was in Pawnee this week, having just returned from Colorado, where he is interested in a farm. He is preparing to ship a car load of cattle in the near future. His family will remain in Maramec for the present, but they expect to make Colorado their home.

About eighteen Royal Neighbors gave a surprise party on Mrs. J.L. NASH at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. MAXEY, on last Monday evening. The evening was pleasantly spent in music and a good social, the guests having brought their refreshments with them, and the party broke up about ten o’clock.

A deal was made last week where Wayne BAKER becomes the owner of the Midway Café, formerly owned by Jack GRAHAM. Wayne has made the reputation of always treating the public right, and will no doubt command his share of the restaurant trade.  Wayne will take full charge the first of April.

Mrs. R.P. BANKS entertained a few young people last Wednesday night in honor of her daughter, Viva, and husband, M.T. NASH. The evening was very pleasantly spent in playing games and in music. At the close of the social hours, their hostess served ice cream and cake. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Billy MARLIN, Mr. and Mrs. M.T. NASH, Misses Anna TURNER, Esther MALLORY; Messrs. Chas. B. SHAPARD, Art SOUSLEY and Jack JOHNSON.

Mrs. F.D. SLOCUM has just returned from Coyle, where she visited her husband, who has been quite ill for several weeks.

Mrs. SEEVERS has sold the small house situated back of the Katz store to Mrs. Jack GRAHAM.

Mrs. Malsey ROGERS went to Kansas City last Sunday to see her daughter, who is there attending school.

Mrs. Stanley SMITH and baby went to Quay last Sunday to visit at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John GUINN.

Mrs. Orla BRUINGTON was visiting at the home of her sister, Mrs. N.H. SWALLEY this week, and returned home with Mrs. Frank BEAVER.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur NUTTLE are the proud parents of a baby boy, born on Friday, March 19.

Mr. and Mrs. Vern HELMS are rejoicing over the arrival of a baby girl, born Saturday, March 20.

O.L. SMITH has returned from Kansas City, where he visited his mother, who has been there for several weeks under a specialist’s care.

Miss Helen PETER, who is attending school at Winfield, spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. PETER. While here, she appeared on the program of the Junior Class play in a violin solo.

Little Miss Gladys BELLMARD entertained a few of her friends in honor of her fifth birthday on Friday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. T.L. MEADERS of Pawhuska, drove over last Sunday to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles PUMROY.

Judge E.R. MCNEIL was in Pawnee last week attending the trial of the boys accused of holding him up one night at Jennings. The boys plead guilty and the Judge dismissed Joe WELCH and gave Tom WELCH, Jim PEARSON and Jim ROBINSON each ten years apiece.

Notice of Creditors To Present Claims: In the Matter of the Estate of J.N. FENDER, deceased…A.R. FENDER, Administrator.

Notice By Publication: In the District Court in and for the County of Pawnee, State of Oklahoma. Etta NORVELL and Emma A. THATCHER, doing business under the firm name of Etta NORVELL & Company, Plaintiffs, vs. Ollie A. WILSON, Etta M. HANDLEY, and Lura L. PARIS, Defendants. No. 4644…

Banner Items:

Mr. and Mrs. John VOGEL of Quay, spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. SNEED.

Mr. and Mrs. James WHITT and Willis CAYWOOD went to Jennings on Saturday.

Mrs. J.B. FUSS is quite ill and her daughters, Mrs. Buel JONAS of Bartlesville, Miss Gertrude of Oklahoma City, and Miss Addie of Pawnee, are with her at the present. Buel JONAS, of Bartlesville, came Monday and is visiting at the home of Mrs. JONAS’ parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.B. FUSS.

Russell and Harvey SNEED were hauling baled hay to Quay last week.

R.T. DILLEY is in Pawnee this week, as he is still on the jury.

Mrs. J.P. CAYWOOD and son, Otis, and Mrs. John SAPP and sons were Pawnee callers Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank FUSS of near Pawnee, went out to the home of his brother, J.B. FUSS, last Sunday.

W.A. ROBERTSON is back in our vicinity once more and expects to move out on his farm in the near future.

Blue Valley:

BURRIS went to the Otoe last Sunday.

Loleta LASDON attended the Pawnee high school junior play Friday night.

Freda and Rhoda BURRIS visited over Sunday with home folks.

Work on Mr. WALKER’s new house is going forward rapidly.

Edna and Jewel BALDWIN are improving nicely after eight weeks with the flu and complications.

Mrs. LANSDON and little daughter, Mary Helen, visited with Mrs. BALDWIN, Wednesday.


Mrs. C.E. DAVIES and daughter, Helen, were in Pawnee shopping last Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe SOULSBY came in from Pawnee Sunday, and made a short visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed CONRAD.

Mr. and Mrs. H. DAVIS are the proud parents of a young son, which arrived at their home March 16.

John SANFORD came up from Stillwater Friday night to spend the weekend with his parents.

Miss Edna BOMARK came in from Maramec Monday morning, where she was visiting home folks.

Brent NEWELL and Wendell HARSHBARGER attended the American Legion dance given in Pawnee on Wednesday night.

Mrs. A.C. BRODELL and little daughter, Loris, were Pawnee shoppers Saturday.

C.O. WIGGINS left Monday for points in Missouri, where he will visit relatives.

Miss Lola PEERY visited her sister, Mrs. Bud HARPER, in Pawnee, Saturday.

John MERKEL came in Saturday from Norman to visit his uncle, Capt. SCOTT and family.

Maramec, Route 1

Mrs. Charlton and Goldie WILKERSON were Maramec shoppers Saturday.

Messrs. WILKERSON, GRIMES and WALKER have been planing corn.

Mr. WALKER and Misses Ollie and Alta were Maramec shoppers Saturday.


Miss May HUSSEY, county superintendent of Pawnee, was visiting the schools here Wednesday.

Misses Bertha and Nora VICKERS spent the weekend at Pawnee.

Miss Myrtle GILLETTE is spending the weekend at home in Skedee.

Mr. and Mrs. A.L. MARLOW and daughter, Evelyn, left Sunday for Wichita, Kansas, to visit Mr. and Mrs. W.B. CLARE.

Tom TWYFORD’s sale was quite successful.

Miss Edith LEWIS, operator of Skedee telephone system, is spending the weekend at home.

Mr. and Mrs. Karl WARMA are the proud parents of a fine baby girl, born March 17th.

Miss Marie CARTER left Sunday for Kansas to visit a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. F.J. FISHER and grandson, Buster, returned Sunday from Tulsa.

Leo HAMPTON of Stillwater, visited home folks Sunday.

Mrs. J.W. MOHNEY and Maydie spent Saturday in Pawnee.

Mrs. Milas FULLER is improving very slowly.

Mr. and Mrs. Claud MOSIER went to Oklahoma City Wednesday to spend some time visiting Leo PENN and wife.

Mrs. Jake MOSIER was married the 16th of March to Miss Virgie BLAIR of Ralston.
This makes their second marriage. The community wishes them success and happiness.

Frank and Fred PARKS and Sherman PERRIN were over from Brush City over the weekend.

Mt. Vernon:

Rev. CRAYLON preached at Mt. Vernon, Sunday p.m.

Mrs. B.C. JOHNSON and son, DeAlton, spent Saturday night and Sunday with her daughter, Mrs. C.O. STONE, of Glencoe.

The GRINDSTAFF children are able to be out again after a siege of measles.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. R. PATTISON came up from Quay and spent Saturday evening at West Point.

Floyd OSBORN is out again after an attack of influenza.

Adam CANTLON is hauling material for a culvert west of West Point.

Jesse KELSO spent Saturday in this vicinity, looking after the interests of Mrs. THOMPSON.

Mrs. Adam CANTLON is spending some time with her daughter in Arkansas City.

Dewey STONE visited his brother, Cecil, in Glencoe, Sunday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert BUNTIN attended church in Glencoe Saturday night.

Elwin JOHNSON has so far recovered from bronchitis as to be able to resume his farming.

Mr. BROWN, the assessor, was at the West Point school house on Friday, the 19th.

This community was saddened last week by the death of Mr. and Mrs. PALMER, who have been sick for some time at the home of their son, Tom PALMER. Mrs. PALMER was stricken with paralysis some three weeks ago, and Mr. PALMER was suffering with kidney trouble. Everything was done that loving and willing hands and medical skill could do, but on Tuesday night the mother passed away and was buried at Mt. Vernon on Wednesday afternoon. The father lingered until Friday morning, when he joined his companion in the great beyond. Services were at Mt. Vernon on Saturday afternoon.  Both services were conducted by Rev. BURKETT of Glencoe. Mr. and Mrs. PALMER were residents of Glencoe, where they were both loved and respected.

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel PALMER, of Smith Center, Kansas, were called to attend the sickness and death of his brother.

The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. WIRE, of Quay, was buried in Hart Cemetery on Saturday afternoon.

Dr. WITTENBURG and Dr. LEHEW met at John CUNNINGHAM’s on Sunday to operate on Mr. CUNNINGHAM, who has been very sick for some time, but decided he was not able to undergo the operation at present.

Frank LANE is on the sick list.

A baby girl came Saturday night to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jim GARRISON.

Hopewell Happenings:

Mrs. Garland HURST and children are visiting at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.P. MILLSAP.

Verling GILLOCK and wife attended the play at Pawnee Saturday night.


Bess STAPLETON spent the weekend with home folks.

Mrs. COLVIN and daughter, who have been visiting at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. STRADER, have returned to their home at Chickasha.

Alta GREER and Mary JEFFRIES came up from Stillwater to spend the weekend with homefolks.

Walter GREER and family visited at the home of his father, James GREER, last Sunday.

G.N. JEFFRIES attended the Odd Fellow’s meeting last Monday night.

Mr. and Mrs. C.T. BROWN were Pawnee visitors last Saturday.

Mrs. Bert FLOWER and children visited at the Jeffries home last Friday.

Miss Ethel MCPHERSON, who has been with her sister at Keifer for some time, is here at the home of her other sister, Mrs. Ben MAGGERT.


Mr. and Mrs. REINECKE and son, Maynard, called on Mr. and Mrs. KIMZEY, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. HAGA and daughter, Audra, Myrtle GARNER and Minnie MYERS spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. BALDWIN and family.

Dot MERCER of Pawnee, spent the weekend with Opal GARNER.

Mr. HAGA and Mr. HORTON are having their cane threshed this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Orville RAU spent last Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J.A. RAU and family.

Mr. and Mrs. HORTON and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. MCGUIRE and family.

Lone Jack:

Mr. and Mrs. FORBIS and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Lester GENTRY.

Mr. and Mrs. Grover HAGA and family and Mr. and Mrs. J.H. GARNER and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W.R. HAGA.

Mrs. RAU has been sick for the past week, but is some better.

Mrs. BUFTS and daughters took dinner with Mrs. BENNETT, Sunday.

Herbert and Viola RAU, Elsie, Liddie, Walter and Henry HEISLER and Robert JENNINGS called at the MYERS home Sunday.

Reward Offered: Lost plain band ring between First National Bank and post office.
Finder please return to Mrs. Mary LISCUM and receive reward. Phone 191.

For Sale: Registered big-boned Poland China boars. Write Pawnee, Route 1, or call Ralston Y55 - John WALTERS, Pawnee, Oklahoma.

Lost - suitcase, between Pawnee and Quay, last Sunday. Finder please return to C.C. HADLEY, Pawnee.

Lost - last Tuesday afternoon, a small purse containing some silver and a bill. Finder please return and receive reward - Mrs. Charles PUMROY.

For Sale: Pure bred Buff Leghorn eggs for hatching from pen birds; large size and good layers, $1 for 15 - Mrs. Frances HORTON, phone R525, Pawnee, Rt. 5.

Pure bred Leghorn eggs for sale - 7 cents each, all guaranteed. We will deliver at Close’s grocery in Pawnee every Saturday - Mrs. F.N. GARNER - Route 1, Pawnee, Oklahoma.

Pawnee Courier-Dispatch and Times-Democrat

Thursday, May 13, 1920

Personal Assessment List
The laws of Oklahoma require the printing of the personal assessment of the taxpayers of the county. If any one has been missed or knows of a person who has been missed, please notify the County Assessor's Office.

T.O. LONGMIRE - County Assessor

Pawnee Townhip
BARTOS, R.A., Pawnee $60.00
BESHEARS, J.A., Pawnee $1,040.00
BELL, W.J., Pawnee $20.00
BOX, Irene, Pawnee $650.00
BROWN, Herbert, Pawnee $720.00
BRUNS, Fred, Pawnee $1,290.00
BUNTIN, B.H., Pawnee $1,250.00
BURRIS, R.H., Pawnee $1,880.00
BRUNER, L., Pawnee $3,120.00
BOWEN, J.C., Pawnee $1,440.00
BYERS, F.A., Pawnee $300.00
BUTTS, R.L., Pawnee $20.00
CARTER, P.T., Pawnee $1,140.00
CARTER, J.B., Pawnee $180.00
COLLINS, Henry, Lela $850.00

Submitted by: Dave McDonald
July 9, 1920

William T. MCDONALD was born in Kosciusko County, near Milford, Ind., July 25, 1856, and died at his home in Ralston, Oklahoma, July 9, 1920, aged 63 years, eleven months and fourteen days. At any early age he removed to Ottawa County, Kansas.
He was united in marriage to Miss Matilda KING, March 19, 1879. To this union three children were born, Mrs. Ralph REAFSNYDER of Delphos, Kansas, Ray MCDONALD of Lamar, Ks., and one daughter, who died in infancy.
Mr. MCDONALD was married to Mrs. Fannie BOWEN at Erie, Kansas, Dec. 1, 1901.
Religiously he held the faith of the Dunkards, was a member of the I. O. O. F. and the Knights and Ladies of Security.
He is survived by his wife, two children, Mrs. Ralph REAFSNYDER and Ray MCDONALD, three step-children, Mrs. Walter SEVICK, Fred and John BOWEN, and one brother, Hiram MCDONALD; also eleven grandchildren, one great grandchild and a host of friends.
Funeral services were held at the Hall church on July 12, at 2 p.m. Many of his former neighbors attended. The sermon was by the writer. Burial services at the grave were conducted by the I. O. O. F. lodge. L. S. COOPER

The Pawnee Courier-Dispatch

February 18, 1932

Surprise Party - On Saturday evening, February 6, about 23 friends and relatives gathered at the home of Mr. William NELSON and helped him celebrate his 68th birthday.
Many jolly games were played, after which nice refreshments of sandwiches, cake and coffee were served to the following:
Mr. and Mrs. William NELSON and daughter, Esther; Mr. and Mrs. BROCK, Mr. and Mrs. Earl DECKER, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar GOFF and three children, Mr. and Mrs. Walter MANLEY, Mr. and Mrs. William LIZAR, Mr. and Mrs. Perry NELSON and son, Billy Jack; Mr. HULS, Mr. Irwin BROCK, Mr. Lewis BROWN, Miss Juanita BROCK, and Miss Imogene.
At a late hour all departed, reporting a nice time and wished Mr. NELSON many more happy birthdays.

In Memoriam
In loving memory of our dear little girl, Ernestine LITTLE, who passed away 3 years ago, February 29, 1929. We miss her still.
I can not say And I will not say
That she is dead She is just away.
With a toss of her head And a wave of her hand
She beckons us on To that fairer land.
By her mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Z.F. LITTLE

Bridge Party - Miss Marie MCKENZIE entertained Tuesday evening, February 16, at her home on Eleventh Street with a dinner bridge.
At 7 o'clock a dainty dinner was served, after which bridge was played. Miss Juanda GILLILAND made high score.
At a late hour everyone left reporting a most delightful time.
Those present: Mrs. Florence ZOLDOSKE, Mrs. Madge LIVESAY, Miss Ruby TANNER, Miss Juanita GILLILAND, Miss Wilma CULVER and Miss Elsie PLUMLEE.

Last Wednesday evening, the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jasper HADLEY was made sad by the death of their daughter, Vera Mae EAVES. Vera's health began to fail after the death of her little sister, Elvena.
Services were held at the Mission for the remains of Vera on Friday.
She leaves to mourn her going her mother, two brothers, a grandmother, great grandmother, two uncles and two aunts and a host of other relatives and friends.

Mr. Bill PIPESTEM was suddenly taken ill last Thursday night. He had an attack of acute appendicitis and was operated on Friday afternoon. He is resting well.

Mr. and Mrs. Albin LEADINGFOX are the proud parents of a baby girl. Both baby and mother are doing fine.

Mr. and Mrs. W.E. KELLY announce the marriage of their daughter, Naomi, to Mr. Simbrose OLDHAM, October 7, 1932.

Former A&M Man Killed In Oil Fields
Frank WHEATLEY, former Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College student, was killed in an oil field accident in the St. Louis (Oklahoma) field, Monday, February 8, 1932. It was learned in Stillwater Wednesday.
Details of the accident were not learned.
Funeral services were held at 10 o'clock Wednesday morning in Maud. The funeral party planned to drive to Stillwater after the services. Interment to be in Fairlawn Cemetery under direction of the Strode Funeral Home. The deceased's father and mother are buried in Fairlawn, the mother's death having occurred in 1906, the father's previous to that time.
WHEATLEY is survived by his widow and several children, it is reported here.

Pawnee Courier-Dispatch

Feb 25, 1932

Cushing Employment Plan Novel
Relief for the unemployed of Cushing is being handled on a scientific basis this winter, with the city, as well as the unemployed benefiting from the $14,000 relief fund raised several months ago. Above is pictured J.W. FLINT, Cushing's City Manager, in the act of writing out of work certificates which will entitle unemployed residents of this city to help chat Cushing streets. Each man is paid $2 per day, and the schedule is so arranged as to give each man an opportunity to work at least two days per week. The city contributed $5,000 to this fund, and remaining $9,000 was raised when employed citizens pledged from one to three per cent of their salaries to this fund. The fund was raised under the direction of S.A. BRIANT, Cushing banker.

Mary Annie WATSON, nee MURDEN, was born December 19, 1979 in Western Kansas, and died at Fairfax, Oklahoma, February 16, 1932, age 52 years, 1 month and 27 days.
She was married February 21, 1903 at Pawnee, at her mother's home. To this union was born 7 children, five of whom survive: Chas. MURDEN of Skedee, Ethel MURDEN of Fairfax, Cecil MURDEN of Pawnee, Albert MURDEN of Pawnee, and Iva MURDEN of Pawnee.
Mrs. MURDEN moved with her parents to Oklahoma in 1892 and settled in Pawnee, later moving to Osage City, Oklahoma and then again to Pawnee, where she lived until the time of her death.
She was converted and united with the Baptist Church in Arkansas in 1915 and on returning to Pawnee in 1922 united by letter with the Methodist Church, and remained in Faithful fellowship until the end came, and gave unmistakable evidence to her family that she was ready to meet death, assured that Jesus would give her that home prepared for her.
She was a member of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union.
She leaves to mourn her departure, besides her immediate family, her father, 3 brothers, 1 sister and one grandchild and friends.
The funeral was conducted in the Methodist Church at 2 p.m. Thursday, February 18, by R.J. PALMER, and interment was in the Skedee Cemetery.
Submitted by Great niece, Rita F. Buford

Dedicated to Mrs. Mary Annie MURDEN
Another white ribboner
Has winged her heavenly flight
Singing her Prohibition song;
Of earth's purified arriving
To greet the might host of Maryrs
Carrying to them her message of loving
To honor the White Ribbon pioneers.

With drinkless homes in every land
A mothers mighty freeing hand
Answering to their roll call
For a world's redemption standing
From drink to sweep away
From motherless children that weep
For freedom's sun to dawn on them.

With prohibition enforcement
Their children from drink set free
By holding the Eighteenth Amendment
Without bow of White Ribbon pointing
To the fountain of cleansing grand
Crowning the Jewel Gems
A world mothering to demand.

For God and Home and every Land
We'll wave our banners for the right
With our flood of consecrated dimes
Into Washington to pour in hand
Where poor and rich alike shall shine
In gift of heart to plant the seed of truth
levelling wet millions with dimes enthroned
From the widow's mite of drys
That opens the treasure house of God.
By: Mrs. EVANS

Pawnee Courier-Dispatch February 25, 1932

Card of Thanks - Marry Annie (WATSON) MURDEN
We desire to express our appreciation to our friends for their kindness during the illness, death and burial of our wife and mother. Frank MURDEN and Family
Submitted by Rita F. Buford - ggg granddaughter of Priscilla (TYLER) MURDEN

Pawnee Courier - Dispatch

March 3, 1932

Skedee Happenings

Mr. F.E. HENDRIX was quite sick Sunday. Mrs. Lee PECKENPAUGH is on the sick list this week.

Mr. J.M. CURTIS called on Mr. W.T. OLIVER Sunday evening. Mr. Lee JOHNSON was in Skedee Sunday, the guest of J.M. CURTIS.

Claud MARTIN and family made a business trip to Pawnee Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Alex MCFADDEN of Pawhuska visited at the HENDRIX home Sunday.

Mrs. J.J. BRUNER and her mother, Mrs. WEIR, spent several days in Chickasha last week.

Mr. Hubert HUNT's daughter spent the weekend with her parents. Miss HUNT is attending school in Ralston, their former home.

Mr. and Mrs. Vilas TUCKER attended Sunday school in Skedee Sunday morning. They spent the remainder of the day at her father's, Mr. H.G. STECKER.

Mr. GULLET moved away from Skedee Saturday.

Mr. Warner MCGUIRE was in town during the week.

Kasper STECKER made a business trip to Pawnee Saturday.

Mr. J.A. SHARP has been very ill the past week with flu.

Mrs. Kap STECKER and Mr. Anton STECKER are down with the flu.

Mr. Ernest BALLINGER has moved his family to the Mary STONE property.

We are to have a new store in Skedee soon. Mr. Kap WELKER brought in one load of goods this week.

Blackburn School News:

Ralph HAGIE was absent one day this week, and Anna Lee WILSON dropped. Oran STEPHENS was dropped last week, so at present there are only nine Freshmen on the roll. We started at the first of the year with fifteen and only nine faithful students left.

1930 Pawnee High School Graduates
Lula BRUNS is teaching school.
Mable BRUNS is Mr. BRYANT's stenographer, at the high school.
Virginia BAKER is working for Emerson Phillips.
Wilma BURKDOLL is in Bristow.
Bob COLVIN is working at the Pawnee Mercantile Company.
Jack CROCKER is working at the Creamery.
Raymond CUMMINGS is at Haskell Institute.
Marie DAVIS is at school in St. Louis.
Orpha DRAKE is farming.
Delymoine DAVIS is at O.C.W.
Woodrow DRAKE is at home.
Edna EYLER is at A&M.
Bradford FORBIS is farming.
Avis GILLILAND is a stenographer at the Creamery.
Cecil GRAHAM is in California.
Floyd GRAHAM is home again.
Blanche HOOPER is a stenographer for Miss PLUMLEE.
Orpha JEWELL is married.
Clark JOHNSON is at home.
Harris JOHNSON is living at home and working in the post office.
Lawrence KELLEY is at school at Edmond.
Wallace KELLEY is also at Edmond.
Elna KIMBERLIN is bookkeeping at the First National Bank.
Juanita LONGMIRE is at school at Norman.
Harold LAIRD is at A&M.
Naoma LEE is at home.
Chauncey MATLOCK is at Haskell Institute.
Mary MILLER is taking nurse-training.
Grover MULLIN has moved back to Minnesota.
Frances MARX is at school in Edmond.
Isabelle MILLER is teaching school.
Eva Mae MITCHELL is at Enid at Phillips University.
Thelma MUCK is teaching school.
Audra MURLIN is at home.
Edward MYERS is in Tulsa.
Glenn MCKENZIE is working at the Pawnee Mercantile Company.
Homer OSBORNE is working for Jame's Freight Line.
Viola PERSHALL and Glenn WOOD are married. Glenn is working in Custer's Cleaning Works.
Myrtle PLUNKEE is teaching school.
Theodore ROWDEN is farming.
Zella SWALLEY is teaching school.
Helen SWALLEY is married.
Hazel SWALLEY is at A&M.
Helen SMITH is at O.C.W.
David WOODS is at home.
Dutch WHITLOW is working for the plumber.
Luther WHEELER is a farmer.
Irene WAGGONER is at home.

March 10, 1932

David WATSON was born in Davis County, Missouri, March 25, 1849. He departed this life March 3, 1932 at Pawnee, Oklahoma, aged 82 years, 11 months and 7 days.
On March 8, 1888 he was married to Miss Martha TAYLOR. He was the father of ten children, six of whom have preceded him in death, four of these children are buried in the Skedee Cemetery.
In 1901 he moved his family from Davis County, Missouri, to Logan County, Oklahoma, where he farmed for five years. In 1906 they moved to Pawnee County and he has resided in or near Skedee for 26 years.
For several years he has been in very poor health, being confined to his bed for the past five years. He was raised in a Christian home and earlier in life was a member of the M.E. Church.
He is survived by his wife, three sons, C.L. WATSON of Colorado, E.J. WATSON of Montana, Clarence WATSON of Quniter, Kansas and one daughter, Mrs. F.C. SHARP, of Casey, Oklahoma. Another daughter, Mrs. Annie MURDEN, preceded her father in death two weeks ago.
Mr. WATSON had twenty-two grandchildren and eleven great grandchildren. He was a good neighbor, a kind husband and father, and many friends join with his loved family in mourning his departure.
The funeral service was held at the Assembly of God Church of Skedee, by the pastor, Rev. M.H. BUNTIN, and he was laid to rest in the Skedee Cemetery.
Submitted by WATSON researcher: Rita BUFORD

Pawnee Courier - Dispatch

March 24, 1932

Many Members Added To Legion Roll
The Earl MAGGART Post of the American Legion ended its membership drive Thursday, March 17, after a very successful contest in which 91 members were placed on the rolls making a total membership of 163 as compared with 168 at the end of last year and it is expected before convention time that the membership for 1932 will exceed last year's.

Dr. R.H. DIETZ was captain of the winning side and J.O. FERGUSON was captain of the losers.

A barbecue was held at the Fairgrounds Thursday night in observing this event and greetings from Department Headquarters were conveyed by Department Commander Thomas P. GILMER. Commander GILMER complemented very highly, Post Commander Oral E. MANNING and his leaders who so successfully conducted the drive for members.

New City Hall and Comfortable Jail
The Pawnee City authorities have started work on a new city hall, in which will be modern jail cells, for the safekeeping of those who wish to use them. Some of the more particular ones objected to the old Jail, but when the new one is completed, business should pick up. The new jail and city hall will be on the north side of the square, just west of the Chevrolet garage.

Mrs. FITZGERALD Died Wednesday - Funeral Friday
Mrs. J.P. FITZGERALD passed over, to the great beyond, last Wednesday, at two o'clock in the afternoon, at her home in Skedee.
Funeral services will be held in the M.E. Church at Skedee Friday, March 25, at 2:30 o'clock in the afternoon.

W.T. OLIVER of Skedee Announces For County Treasurer
At the urgent request of my friends, I have decided to enter the race for County Treasurer. Subject to the vote of the Democratic party, while I have never held a county office, I feel that I am well qualified for the position, as I have done bookkeeping and clerical work for thirty years.
I have been in the employ of Rounds & Porter Lumber Company for twelve years, but owing to the business depression, was laid off. I have been a taxpayer in Skedee Township since 1899 and your support will be greatly appreciated.

Glenn JOHNSON Announces For County Commissioner
For the first commissioner's district of Pawnee County, we have been given authority to announce the name of Glenn JOHNSON of McElroy Township.
Mr. JOHNSON lives on his farm, not far from Hallett, and is one of the substantial citizens of his part of the county. He has lived in Pawnee County on the same farm for 23 years, where he has been actively engaged in farming, stock raising, and buying and selling livestock.
Those who live as neighbors to Mr. Johnson speak highly of him, and insist that he is well qualified in every way for the office of County Commissioner...
The JOHNSON family consists of the husband and wife, and two children. He is a native of the State of Missouri.

Monday Auction Club
The Monday Auction Club met with Mrs. F.S. COCHRAN, Monday afternoon, March 21st. The members present: Mrs. W.R. MARLIN, Mrs. Frank HUDSON, Mrs. J.C. HART, Mrs. Floyd CLOSE, and Mrs. Wayne SWALLEY.
Guests: Mrs. J.T. WILSON, Mrs. Jo O. FERGUSON, Mrs. Clarence BARNES, Mrs. KEENE, Mrs. H.A. TROWER of Tulsa and Mrs. N.A. GREEN of Tulsa.

Joseph Henry OWSLEY
Joseph Henry OWSLEY, the second son of Joseph H. OWSLEY and Frances OWSLEY was born in Stanford, Lincoln County, Kentucky, March 24, 1852 and passed away at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Finley BOWIS, Tulsa, Oklahoma, March 12th, at the age of 79 years, 11 months and 19 days.
He is survived by one daughter, Mary BOWIS, Tulsa, Oklahoma; one son, Joseph H., Jr. - Seattle, Washington; one sister, Mrs. Ruth CATLIN, Miltonvale, Kansas. His other sisters and five brothers preceded him in death. He also leaves 19 nieces and nephews.
He went to Ottawa County, Kansas, 60 years ago, home steading south of Miltonvale. Later he lived 17 years in Wichita, Kansas. Since the death of his brother, J.A. OWSLEY, in 1923, he has lived on his old farm nine miles northwest of Pawnee, until last October when he went to Tulsa to live with his daughter.
The funeral of Mr. OWSLEY was conducted at 2 p.m., March 16th by Rev. W.C. PONTIUS, pastor of Mount Liberty Church near Miltonvale, Kansas, and burial was in the Mount Liberty Cemetery.
The deceased was deeply religious, professing christianity for many years and expressed himself before death as prepared to go.
Such a consciousness only a child of God can possess. He lived nobly and died triumphantly.

Ross B. SHULER was born in Columbus, Ohio, September 9th, 1863. He died at his home east of Terlton, Oklahoma, March 19, 1932, age 68 years, six months and ten days. Funeral services were conducted at his home march 21st at 2 p.m., the body taken in charge by the I.O.O.F. Cemetery of Cleveland, Oklahoma, of which he was a member for thirty years, then laid to rest in Woodlawn Cemetery, Cleveland, Oklahoma.
In his immediate family were a brother, Taylor SHULER, and four sisters: Louisa, Mollie, Amanda, and Linday.
He was married to Emma KNOEFFLER, in 1887 near Dodge City, Kansas, moving to old Oklahoma in 1890, and when the strip was opened for settlement filed upon his claim and made his home on his present farm. To the union were born three children: Violet, Rose and James.
He was preceded in death one day by his sister, Mrs. Amanda LOWERY of Cleveland, Oklahoma, a sister Louisa in 1882, his brother, Taylor, in 1929 and a daughter, Rose in 1907.
He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Emma SHULER, two sisters, Mrs. Linda MCCLURE of Cleveland, Oklahoma; and Mrs. Mollie CLARK of Kansas City, Missouri; a daughter, Mrs. Violet CARSON of Jennings, Oklahoma; his son, James SHULER of Terlton, Oklahoma; six grandchildren, James, Gail, Ernestine and Betty Jeane CARSON, Billie and Dorothy Ann SHULER, and a host of relatives and friends who have known him during his residence here among us.

Claude Ervin MANNING
Claude Ervin MANNING was born to Mr. and Mrs. E.O. MANNING at Independence, Kansas, on November 20, 1890, and departed this life at his home, 4 1/2 miles northwest of Pawnee on March 19, 1932, at the age of 41 years and 4 months. He came here with his parents in 1890 and has resided here since that time, with the exception of 18 months spent in Colorado during 1908 and 1909. He joined the U.S. Army on May 2, 1918, and served as Sergeant in Battery # 43rd Field Artillery, stationed at Camp Stanley, Texas, until the Armistice was signed, when he was honorably discharged on February 4, 1919. Since his return home, he has been a loyal member of the American Legion.
On October 12, 1920 he was married to Ada L. ROGERS and to this union were born three children, Edwin, 10 years of age; Melvin, 5 years, and Leah Doris, 2 years. He is also survived by a step-son, Cleo, his father E.O. MANNING of Pawnee; three brothers: Roy of Stroud; Oral and Merle of Pawnee; three sisters: Mrs. Reva MUNSON of Burley, Idaho; Mrs. Ruth VENABLE and Letha of Pawnee; all of whom are left to mourn their loss. His mother preceded him to the Heavenly Home, having died on August 3, 1931. Many neighbors and friends also mourn with these loved ones. He made his confession of faith in the Christian Church, where he has since been a member of the choir, serving faithfully and well.
He was a kind and loving husband and father and a loyal friend.
Our loved and Lost: Why do we call them Lost?
Because we miss them from our onward way. Death hath made no breach to love, in sympathy, in hope, in trust.
So journeying till we reach that Heavenly Town.
Where are laid up our mansions and our crowns.
Our dear loved lost ones will be found again.
The funeral service was held at the Pawnee First Christian Church, Monday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, Rev. Cecil E. BERRY, officiating. Interment was in Highland Cemetery.

Card of Thanks - MANNING Family
We wish to express our appreciation for the kindness and assistance of our many friends during our recent bereavement.

Pawnee Courier - Dispatch

March 31, 1932

Chief Bacon Rind, colorful figure in the Osage Nation for more than a half century, died at his home in the Indian Village near Pawhuska, at 5 o'clock Monday morning at the age of 72. With the discovery of the Burbank field, wealth came to the Osages, BACON RIND, a restricted full blood, held three full headrights and his annual income from oil royalties ranged from $12,000 at present to as high as $30,000 when the field was at its peak.
While he had a comfortable, modern residence on the outskirts of Pawhuska, BACON RIND lived most of the time in an old fashioned tepee in the yard.
He once was chief of the Wah-Ti-An-Koh band of the Osages and was elected tribal chief of the Osages, but never was confirmed by the Indian bureau at Washington.
BACON RIND was noted as an orator, but always spoke in his native tongue.
When the Belgian High Commission came to Oklahoma during the World War, BACON RIND, dressed in full tribal regalia, was one of the speakers at the celebration in Tulsa.
A week before he died, he issued instructions for all details of his funeral. Until time for the funeral, his body was in state at his home in the Indian village, dressed in his costly and colorful garments, which he had selected from his resplendent wardrobe.
Catholic funeral rites were conducted from his church at 10:00 Wednesday morning and then the body was borne to the family cemetery on his homestead, on a high hill overlooking the Osage capital. Exactly at high noon the body was lowered to the grave. According to Indian belief, the gates of the happy hunting ground swing open during the period the sun is sending down its perpendicular rays, thus permitting the spirit of BACON RIND to pass through.

Two Small Blazes - But Little Damage
Two small blazes were answered by Pawnees' Fire Department Monday and Tuesday and very little damage was done. The fire Monday afternoon was in the rear of Mrs. Mary E. BADGER's residence, where a trash fire spread to a small chicken house, causing its destruction.
On Tuesday morning, the department was called to the E.L. OSBORNE home west of the American Hotel, where a small building was destroyed. The wind was very strong Tuesday morning, but the fire department soon had the fire under control and no further damage was done.

Mrs. Kate HADDOX Passes Away ...

Pawnee Courier - Dispatch

April 26, 1932
The Time - Two Hours Past High Twelve - Where - On the Court House Lawn at Pawnee. What is the occasion? The Masons will lay the corner stone of the new Pawnee County Court house in due form, and under impressive ceremonies.
Every citizen of Pawnee County, who has contributed in the payment of taxes toward the building of this fine court house, is urged to attend the laying of the corner stone.
All Masons, everywhere, are cordially invited to come (bring your aprons) and join with the Masons of Pawnee County in the ceremonies of this occasion.

Committee on box deposits: J.O. KOLB, J.H. WILKERSON, Leonard KLINE.

Pawnee Lodge No. 82 - Leroy STEWART, Worthy Master

Uncle Tom SKINNER Now on Yonder Shore

The death of T.W. SKINNER brings sorrow to his many friends in Pawnee County. Mr. SKINNER was born in the nearby State of Missouri, about 83 years ago. He came to Pawnee County before the days of statehood, and settled on a farm near Cleveland.
Mr. SKINNER was a man of education and deep understanding. He was always interested and active, in the upbuilding and the welfare of Pawnee County and his home community...

J.U.G. Slumber Party
Miss Alberta BARNES was hostess at a slumber party at the home of her parents last Friday night. The night was spent playing various games. A delicious breakfast was served Saturday morning. Eggs, bacon, toast & coffee.
Guest: Miss Edna PENFIELD. Members present: Misses Alice KIRCHER, Mable BRUNS, Velma WILSON, Marie RAY, Clarice ORTON, Nettie Faye SNODDY, and Iris WILLIFORD.

Apron-Overall Dance
Dallas DAVIS was host at an apron-overall dance at the home of his mother last Saturday evening. Those present were: Misses Elizabeth RHODES, Neoma LEE, Lorraine HRABE, Ruth Helen JOHNSON, Edna PENFIELD, Alice Mae KIRCHER, Nettie Fae SNODDY, Mable BRUNS, Alberta BARNES, Frances MARX, Dorothy REED, Dorothy FALL of Ponca City, Iris WILLIFORD, Clarice ORTON, and Mrs. Emerson PHILLIPS.
Messrs. Carl SCHMEIZEL, Frank JONES, Bee SOULSBY, Jennings CONYERS, Okey JOHNSON, Claud NEET, Horace MACE, Clifford BARNES, Huska JONES, John DONAGHY, Jay SNOW of Ponca City, and Emerson PHILLIPS.

Week-End News:

Misses Velma WILSON and Alice KIRCHER were in Fairfax Sunday.

Misses Ethel and Esther CULVER and Lila BRUNS and Carl ROGERS were in Edmond Sunday. Ethel CULVER and Lila BRUNS have enrolled to take a summer course at Central State Teacher's College in Edmond.

Mr. B.L. PETER, Misses Bessie WITTICH and Maxine KLOXIN and James and Darrel PETER attended the Tulsa District Music Contest at Tulsa Friday.

Rita Buford

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