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OKbits FilesPawnee Co: Pawnee Newspapers 1909 - 1919

by Rita Buford
With Permission From D. Jo Ferguson, Publisher Of Pawnee Chief
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Times Democrat - March 3, 1910

Rev. John T. CURTIS will speak next Sabbath morning on the theme: The hinge upon which man's personal salvation hangs." There will be a reception of new members and the administration of baptism immediately after the sermon.

John RABS, a stalwart from the vicinity of Valley, was a Pawnee visitor last Saturday. He is one of the hundreds of farmers in this county who will call for a ticket with John FIELDS' name on it at the August primaries. And Brother RABA feels that this is to be one year when the farmer can out vote the politician, because there is more of him and because he is right.

Mayor Dick BATES and Jim ROBERSON went duck hunting Tuesday morning, taking along with them a special brand of ammunition and specially constructed fire arms, guaranteed to kill the limit and no more. Everything worked to perfection, for the game gatherers came in Tuesday evening with exactly fifty fine mallards, twenty five each. They had themselves and ducks photographed by LAMPTON, and we expect to see the picture reproduced in the leading sporting journals, just to prove that it is possible for two good men to enjoy themselves to the limit and not violate the game law.

Henry ADAMS, a member of the Pawnee tribe, died at Pawhuska last Saturday and was buried at Pawnee Monday morning. The immediate cause of his death was consumption. Some two or three months ago he was operated on for appendicitis, and while the operation was successful, he was unable to regain his strength, and was thus unable to fight this foe to his people. Mr. Adams had inherited several choice allotments, which, we are informed, will become the property of his wife, who is a daughter of D.N. HATFIELD. He traveled with Pawnee and Buffalo Bill's shows for a year or two, but was obliged to give them up because of ill health.

Quite a little excitement was occasioned last Sunday night over the temporary disappearance of little Margaret BRUINGTON. Stella RIST, a domestic in the BRUINGTON family, had taken Margaret with her to the post office about 5:30 in the evening, and from there visited a relative, forgetting to so notify the family. The supper hour passing and darkness coming on with no news of Margaret, naturally greatly concerned the family, and finally an extensive search was made for the child. She and the domestic were found shortly after 9 o'clock, still visiting, and blissfully unconscious of the scare they had created.

Simon HAMMER of Valley was a Saturday visitor in this county seat, and took occasion to make the Times Democrat an appreciated call. He says the farmers in his neighborhood are not at all confused over the attempt of the Democrats to make them believe taxes are lower because some one yells lower levies, but that any farmer knows the difference between a $5.00 and a $10.00 bill, and that's about the difference between territorial and state taxes.

Mrs. Anna MCQUIRE moved her household goods from Pawnee to Pawhuska this week, she have concluded to locate in that city and engage in the loan and real estate business. Mrs. MCGUIRE has been appointed census enumerator for Pawnee, and contemplates returning here early in April for the performance of these duties, unless some one is appointed in her place in the meantime.

Misses Nettie, Stella and Ethel BUZAN left for Clinton, Oklahoma last week, where they have established themselves in the millinery business in that thriving city. They purchased an entirely new stock from the wholesalers, and we understand are located in the best dry goods store in Clinton. Their friends in Pawnee wish them unbounded success.

Frank CHAPELLE arrived in the city last week from Wisconsin to accept a position with the Rounds & Porter Lumber company as yard man. He has been raised in a lumber country, and comes here well equipped for his work.

C.W. BARNARD, for some time a resident of Pawnee, but who now makes his home in Miami, was in the city last Monday. Mr. BARNARD is traveling for a coffin house.

Can't Let Go
At last night's session of the city council, Mayor BATES tendered his resignation, which was rejected by the unanimous vote of the council. Mr. BATES was informed, very politely but firmly, that he would be granted a furlough for any length of time desired, during which he could travel east or west, or go straight up, but that all municipal bodies between New York and San Francisco would be instructed to receive and entertain him as the mayor of Pawnee, entitled to the keys and freedom of every city in the United States. Whereupon the council proceeded to the transaction of routine business.

A Cheerful Correction
Last week, acting upon information we deemed reliable, we announced the death of Judge HANSON of Cleveland. On Saturday, we received a telephone message from the gentleman, thanking us for the good opinion of him expressed in the paper, but declining to be considered dead. Indeed, from the tone of his voice, we are convinced he has no immediate intention of leaving this sublunary sphere, where his friends are legion, and we certainly trust the years will continue to leal lightly with him to the end that we may never be called upon to write another obituary of him.

Stolen Goods Found
It will be remembered that LAMPTON, the photographer, was twice visited by a burglar last year, who got away with a good deal of valuable material, including an extra fine lens. Yesterday, it was learned that the lens had been located at Agra, and that photographic material owned at Stoud was also in possession of the same party. Deputy Sheriff MARSHALL and Mr. LAMPTON went to Agra today to identify the lens and bring back the party who is presumed to have committed the thefts.

Marriage Licenses:
Eurold DAVIS - Pawnee, age 24
Ella ROYSTER, Pawnee, age 22
Newton C. EPPS, Pamona, MO, age 27
Mary E. HUFFMAN, Keystone, age 16
John MCCLARRION, Cleveland, age 22
Inez BRIGGS, Cleveland, age 19
Harry BRUMFIELD, Pawnee, age 23
Lorena NORTON, Pawnee, age 20

John RAPP will occupy the farm vacated by Alex LOGAN, who has purchased a farm west of town near the Union Center school.

Uncle Joe VENATOR is now a full fledge real estate man and we believe he will make good for he has good business ability, and is an expert in judging land. Uncle Joe is on of our leading citizens and a farmer of wide repute.

H.D. SANDERS, west of town, has been enjoying a visit from his brother who lives in Kansas.

Jennings Jottings:

Chas. FOLL was at Guthrie this week visiting an old schoolmate of his, and also taking in the legislature on the "QT."

Henry BARNES is erecting a new barn on the site where the old one stood that was struck by lightning last summer and was burned.

Miss Goldie JONES returned home from Oklahoma City this week, where she has been since the first of the year visiting with relatives.

F.R. HASSLER, of Phillips County, Kansas, has rented the Emery ROMACK place - west of the city one mile - and will move to it about the first of the month.

Rev. ROGERS, of the Congregational Church, has accepted a call to become pastor of the Congregational Church at Amarillo, Texas, and will leave about April 1st. His successor here has not yet been chose.

I.P. BAKER, who boasts as being the largest man in town, that is in avoirdupois, sold to G.S. VANEMAN this week a sow and six pigs for which he received $55. Mr. BAKER says that these were only runts of his herd, too.

Mrs. E.D. SENFT has been ailing for the last week.

Saturday evening while Jack OSIEL was absent from his store, and leaving one of his small children in charge, some light-fingered person touched him for about $20, which was in a small sack in the money drawer.

Oak Grove Items

The dance in the Otoe Saturday night was well attended, but being too much whiskey there, broke up in a fight between a couple of the young fellows there, both getting a good drubbing.

Cleveland Clippings

Miss Orchid GRAVES is home from Kiawa, Kansas, where she has been teaching school.

Miss Violet THORNE has been dangerously sick this past week, but is improved at this writing.

Mrs. E.A. SHIRLEY was in Stillwater and Oklahoma City this week visiting a son and a daughter.

Harley SWAN brought to the Enterprise office a well formed hen egg, but it only weighed 38 grains. It was no larger than a small bird egg and was quite a curiosity.

Mrs. John HENDRICKSON returned last week from Bartlesville, where she had been in the hospital undergoing an operation. She is improving now and getting along nicely.

There has nothing occurred in Cleveland in years that caused as much surprise and regret as the death of J.H. IRION on Wednesday evening. Mr. IRION had been up town transacting business and went home to supper at the usual time, and took sick a few minutes after arriving home, and died before any assistance could be secured. There is not a man in Cleveland that will be missed as much as Judge IRION. Cleveland will not seem the same without him. He was an active man, being connected with several lodges, A G.A.R. and one of the leading members of the Methodist church, being treasure of the same. The funeral will occur Friday at 1:30 o'clock, from the Methodist Church in charge of the G.A.R. and various lodges. The sermon will be preached by Rev. MEADE. The widow and children have the deepest sympathy of the entire community their said and unexpected loss of a husband and father.

Blackburn Items

J.O. OUSLEY and wife, who have been on the sick list for some time, are on the mend. Jeff has so far recovered as to be up town again.

Several cases of measles are reported in town and the near vicinity. Every possible precaution is taken to prevent the spread of the disease in the schools.

The News was in error last week when it stated that D.C. SPROUL had rented the MONTGOMERY farm. He has bought it instead and will be a permanent resident of this section.

J.N. BEAVER, of Dawson, Oklahoma, was here this week looking for a farm to rent. He is a brother of L.J. BEAVER, and was formerly a resident of this vicinity.

Frank LANDES came in yesterday for a visit with his parents. Frank is employed by the Santa Fe, running between Skedee and Guthrie, and has been in the company's hospital at Topeka, Kansas, for some time. He will stay at home and recuperate for a while before returning to work.

Maramec Musings

John SIMMONS loaded up his carpenter tools and went out to finish up the KASTNER residence this week.

Mr. and Mrs. HINEY are nursing the measles this week at Horris POINTER's. Mrs. POINTER is recovering and Horris is taking a turn.

C.E. YALEY, the gentleman who purchased the Frank TENSFIELD farm, writes us from Batavia, Iowa, that he will have a sale February 26 and arrive here as soon after that date as possible.

Mrs. Mark GWINN is here from Perry visiting home folks. She reports that our former townsman, Mark, has been operating his father's farm near Perry.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph CROWE, of Quay, were guests at the REDDING home Sunday.

Mrs. Rosetta MCKNIGHT, of Ralston, was visiting her brother, Lanta STROUD, the latter part of the week.

Miss Lydia REDDING, who is teaching the primary room at Blackburn, was visiting home folks Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. G.W. LIDDICk and family, who owned the Maramec hall, sold it to James DUFF and moved his family to Red Oak, Iowa.

Miss Leni REDDING is suffering from a sprained ankle, caused from jumping out of a buggy.

Miss Denia WILSON, of El Reno, is visiting her aunts, Mesdames WHITLOCK and DEMEVILLE.


Miss Maggie RIST, step-daughter of Thos. DAILEY, died at her home, northwest of town Sunday. She was about 13 years old and had been bed fast some time with consumption of the bone. Funeral services were held at the grave, conducted by Rev. W.M. DAVIDSON, after which the remains were laid to rest Monday afternoon in the Odd Fellow's Cemetery at this place.

Bill FENT is stepping pretty high these days, having been promoted from school director to road overseer.

John CHRISMAN has his oats all in and is getting alone finely with his spring farm work. He is preparing for a big crop this year.

George WYSS don't care if they do double his taxes. He was here when HASKELL came and will be here when HASKELL is gone, which won't be very long.

John LUNDY says he wouldn't object to being a Democrat if he could hold some big office, so that he might get money enough to pay his increasing taxes. He says HASKELL may be all right, but it takes all a fellow can raise to fix him.

Walter BAZAN says he is fixing for a bumper crop this year, and is working every day.

Charley BUZAN has about finished his new house. He aims to dodge high taxes by going away until there is a change of administration. He is one of the most prosperous young men in this country, and we all wish him good luck wherever he goes.

Terlton Topics

Mr. and Mrs. Burr MCCLAIN are preparing to go to their claims in New Mexico.

Mr. GERMAN and family, formerly of Hennessey, have moved onto the old LANHAM place.

Henry CARMACK and John HINKLE from Knox County, Kentucky, have rented the E.R. ANDERSON farm.

Lovie WRIGHT, recently divorced from Arthur WRIGHT, and Henry DIXON were married in Independence, and are now enjoying matrimonial bliss in the southeast part of town.

Mr. and Mrs. DODGE, formerly of Shingle House, PA, but now of Tulsa, were here Sunday visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. Martin HAYDEN. Mr. DODGE is to have charge of the construction of a Texas Pipe Line companies new refinery at Tulsa.

The farm house on J.W. PARSHALL's place, one and a half miles east of Terlton, was totally destroyed by fire Sunday afternoon, and also the household goods of Thomas HENDERSON, the colored tenant on the farm. No exact cause of the fire is known, but it is presumed to have started from a defective stove pipe. Mr. PARSHALL carried $250 of insurance, which will cover about one-third of his loss. Mr. HENDERSON is much respected in this community and a substantial subscription was raised for him Monday.

Ralston Reflections

W.E. WEBSTER has moved to his new home south of town, and he and his family are much pleased with their new surroundings.

W.A. SMITH returned Wednesday from his Texas trip, and reports having a fine time.

T.E. BRYANT has purchased the office equipment of the Exponent office from D.W. CRUM and will move same to a building on main street. We wish Mr. BRYANT success as an editor.

The Charles HELPHREY sale held last week was largely attended. Mr. HELPHREY will soon move to Arkansas, where he will conduct a fruit farm.

Quay Items

There is a new baby at the home of Clyde SKEEN, southwest of town.

Word was received in Quay last Monday that Mrs. Agnes PETTLECUSTER is seriously ill at the home of her mother, Mrs. W.H. ROLFING, in Enid.

A.T. COOK was called to Agra last Monday morning to attend the funeral of an uncle who died on Sunday night.

O.C. ROBISON and family left last Tuesday for Pawnee, where they will reside in the future. We are sorry to lose such estimable young people from our town, but wish them well wherever they may go.

Clem CRAMER brought the property recently vacated by O.C. ROBISON and is moving into it this week.

J.T. STRIPLING and family went to Pawnee last Saturday. Mr. STRIPLING attended the teacher's meeting and Mrs. STRIPLING went to the home of her sister, Mrs. DOVE, north of Pawnee, where she remained till Thursday of this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Eph HOSKINS were made to rejoice one day last week because of the advent of a little girl baby into their home.

Ben MAKIN and Mr. LITTLE are away from town this week on a business trip.

Mrs. Gene SHEPARD is quite will with dropsy at her home southwest of town.

C.H. CONNICK was in Stillwater last Saturday.

W.H. JACKSON and family of Maramec visited at the home of L.F. COX last Sunday.

Neal CRAMER is moving to the Mrs. MURRAY farm, southeast of Quay this week. The farm is now owned by an Oklahoma City man.

J.P. HOKE returned last Friday from Tryon, where he had been to purchase a fine jack.

Mound Center Items

Mr. THOMPSON has nearly completed his new house, which he will soon occupy, on the GRIESEL farm.

Mr. BAUGH has about finished sowing thirty acres of oats.

John RUTTER has everybody guessing since his big sale. No one but John seems to know what he is going to do next.

Bob BREEDLOVE is one of the best farmers in this neighborhood. His alfalfa looks fine. He says he has quit worrying over taxes, just so his alfalfa does well and the comet doesn't come in May.

Tom BOWMAN has had his sale and rented his farm. He is going back to town.

Times Democrat - March 10, 1910

Blackburn Items

Harvey CARTER is building an addition to the house on John SCHEIHING's west farm.

Samuel HALL returned Friday from Albuquerque, N.M., where he has spent the past five weeks visiting with his daughters. He was in town Tuesday getting his farm implements put into shape to begin spring work.

A.C. MOHNEY and W.E. BRADY attended the Sunday school convention at Cleveland, Sunday, and heard the noted evangelist, E.J. BULGIN, speak. They were greatly impressed with his ability and earnestness as a speaker and religious worker.

Rev. W.G. COULTER closed a series of gospel meetings at Skedee Tuesday night and was well pleased with the results. He will take a much needed rest for a time, as he has been constantly engaged in special meetings for more than two months and is pretty well tired out as a result.

J.W. HOLSTEL and wife returned Tuesday from Harris, Kansas, where for the past four months they have been making their home. "Bill" said when they left that they might be back by spring, and sure enough, the attraction proved too strong to resist and they are back to stay.

The local camp of Modern Woodmen has just closed a membership and attendance contest, which has resulted in the addition of about twenty names to the membership roll and greatly stimulated the attendance at the weekly meetings of the camp. The contest was conducted by J.B. LOYD and Frank CALLISON, as captains of the two divisions of the camp, and was closely contested, the result being CALLISON 1,760 points; LOYD, 1740. The close of the contest was celebrated Wednesday night by a supper at the hall which was largely attended by Woodmen, their wives and sweethearts. All manner of good things to eat were served and those who were so fortunate as to be there report a splendid time.

Quay Items

There is a vacant chair in the home of John STOCKER of this place, caused by the death of his aged father, J.P. STOCKER, who departed this life last Wednesday morning about 8:30. Mr. STOCKER had been ailing all winter but that morning seemed better than usual; in fact he ate a very hearty breakfast and went out on the porch to watch the children spin their tops for a short time. After going into the house, he sat down on the edge of the bed waiting for his daughter-in-law, Mrs. STOCKER, to get him some medicine, and while she was getting it he fell over dead. His remains were taken to Cherokee, Kansas, for burial, accompanied by his sons, John and Will. The family have the sympathy of their many friends in this community in their sad hour of bereavement.

Mr. and Mrs. C.R. ADAMS, Roscoe ADAMS and Mrs. Grand MCCULLOUGH, of Tulsa, Mr. and Mrs. A.R. ADAMS of Yale, were in the city Sunday and visited at the home of Mrs. W.E. ADAMS.

Herman ALLEMAN, who has been at Kansas City for several months, doctoring for a cancer, returned home Wednesday. It seems that the treatment he has been receiving hasn't been doing him much good.

Mr. and Mrs. F.E. CULLISON and children spent last Sunday in Cushing, at the home of W.A. HUFFMAN.

Mrs. James MCMURTRY of Maramec was in town a few days the latter part of last week visiting at the home of her sister, Mrs. H.E. ROOT.

John HARELL, of Maramec, was in town last Monday night.

Mr. VANSANT, of Earieville, Missouri, was the guest of his niece, Miss Myrtle SPENCER, last Saturday and Sunday.

Marion SPENCER was called to Stillwater to act as a petit juror.

Dr. E.L. SENFT was in Pawnee last Monday on business.

Mr. and Mrs. H.E. REDDING, of Maramec, visited at the home of Ralph CROWE last Sunday.

John PETTLE left last Saturday for Enid to see his sister, Mrs. Agnes CASTER, who is quite ill a the home of her mother, Mrs. W.H. ROLFING.

Mrs. E.W. CRAVEN and son, Edward, went to Pawnee last Saturday. Mrs. CRAVEN went from there to Fairfax, where she was the guest of her sister, Mrs. Harvey HOLLIDAY, until Monday.

Salem PARKER and wife of New York State were in Quay last Monday afternoon advertising a singing class, which he will probably conduct here the latter part of this week.

J.L. DOUGHTY and wife moved to their farm southwest of town one day last week.

Miss Rhoda HOKE arrived from Stillwater last Saturday night to spend her vacation between the winter and summer terms with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.P. HOKE. Miss Rhoda's grades were such that she did not have to take the examinations, hence the long vacation.

Mrs. O.F. HUTCHISON, who visited in Quay a week or so ago, is very ill at her home in Oklahoma City with the grippe.

Ralston Reflections

J.F. COCHRAN, living three miles west of town, is preparing to make an extensive visit in Missouri, and at points in southern Illinois. The rumor that Mr. COCHRAN had sold his farm here, in contemplation of making his home in the north is unfounded, for we have it from him personally that he regards Oklahoma as a leader, and that his trip north will merely be one of pleasure - a visit to the scenes of his boyhood days. His home and business interests will remain here.

Dr. MONK, of Pawhuska, has purchased the drug store of Dr. PINGRY. O.O. SIMPSON, the jeweler, will be associated with the new firm.

Mrs. Fredericka BRADER, mother of Fred BRADER, our former townsman, died at her home in Vancouver, Washington, Monday, March 8, 1910, aged 57 years, 11 months and 14 days. The remains were brought here for interment. The friends and relatives of the deceased have our heartfelt sympathy in their sorrow.

Oscar HARRY and family have moved to Oklahoma City, where they will make their future home. His brother, F.O. HARRY, and family are now in California, having gone there for their health. We regret to lose these worthy people from our city, for they are exemplar both as citizens and in business. We wish them well in their new homes.

The funeral of Grandma MABE, who died Sunday, occurred Tuesday of last week. Mrs. MABE was 76 years old and the mother of Mrs. W.B. PINGRY.


C.E. YALEY and family, of Batavia, Iowa, and Henry RHOER and family of Marshall, Oklahoma, have arrived on schedule time. They will be near neighbors, YALEY getting the Frank TENSFIELD farm and RHOER the BOGGS farm.

Miss Penty TRUESDELL, sister of A.A. TRUESDELL, died Wednesday morning and was buried in the Odd Fellows cemetery at Maramec Thursday. She was an elderly lady and had made her home with her brother for several years.

Will KELTY and Ben MUSGROVE have established a livery and feed barn in the building formerly occupied by Elmer MOYER, as a blacksmith shop.

Frank BABCOCK has purchased the equipment of the barber shop from Walt LEVICK, Mr. LEVICK turning his attention to the art of painting.

Mrs. Ida QLIER received word last week of the death of her father, A.B. HARRIS, who lived at Ponca City. Mr. HARRIS was past 89 years of age. He was a personal friend of Lincoln and General Grant, both of whom had been entertained at his house near Springfield, Illinois, in the days before the civil war. Mr. HARRIS was active in mind and body up to the time of his death, and would relate with accuracy his visits and associations with both those great men. He was in good health for one of his age, but contracted a severe cold, which developed into pneumonia, which led him into the sleep of death.

A surprise party was given in honor of J.F. BASHAM and his family Saturday evening before their departure for their new home in Pawnee County. An enjoyable time is reported.

Harve POWELL left the first of the week for Claremore, where he will take treatment for rheumatism. Harve has suffered for several months with that painful disease and we hope that we may learn of his complete recovery in a short time.

March 17, 1910

Mound Center

Mr. RUTTER and family are going to leave our country soon, for which are are extremely sorry.

Jennings Jottings.

Mrs. ROGERS and the children will leave Monday for Gage, Oklahoma, where they will visit until the new home in Amarillo, Texas is ready.

Ed WILSON, foreman for the Katy on the south section, has been transferred to Hominy, where he will look after a section for the same road.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. F.M. TOLER, Thursday, March 30, a girl. The mother has not been doing well as she has an attack of pneumonia.

Frank GANZ, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry GANZ, who has been on the Pacific slope for the past eleven years, returned home last Saturday.

F.R. HASSLER and family arrived Saturday from Phillips County, Kansas, and will farm the Emery ROMACK place, west of town, this season.

Mr. and Mrs. Herman ALLEMAN left the first of the week for Neodasha, Kansas, where they will visit with their son and family, while he doctors for a cancer.

Cleveland Clippings

Mrs. LOVELL, a former resident of this city, and a cousin of Mrs. J.L. DAVENPORT, is here visiting her many friends.

Mrs. THEABOLD sold her household goods at auction Saturday, and has gone to Missouri to make her future home.

Our efficient post master, John MORPHIS, has received his commission for re-appointment for another four years. Mr. MORPHIS has made a good official for Uncle Sam and there was no opposition to his re-appointment.

G.W. SUTTON, G.A. GILBERT, J.C. BYERS and Attorney BLAKE are in Oklahoma City this week attending federal court, where the M.K.&T Ry. is trying to force Cleveland citizens to pay a bonus. The case is on trial today.


Elmer PERRY and Lee LYNCH went to Pawnee last Wednesday on business.

Orange EBY and wife of Cleveland, have been visiting in this neighborhood.

Leslie HARMON went to Pawnee last Wednesday.

Mrs. TURNER and daughter arrived last week from Colorado to spend the summer.

Mr. M.B. APPLETON is expected from Woodward this week.

Miss TRUESDELL returned from Maramec last Saturday.

Mrs. JEANNETT left Friday for Kansas, to visit friends.

Maramec Musings

G.W. MCNABB, who has been very sick with inflammatory rheumatism, is better this week.

Mrs. J.R. GUINAN has been very ill again this week. A physician from Shawnee was here in attendance Tuesday.

J.A. HANNEGAN has sold his residence property to Joe MCLAUGHLIN and contemplates moving to Colorado in the near future.

Sam BLOOM has sold residence property to Elon TAYLOR. Mr. TAYLOR will probably rebuild the residence in the near future.

Blackburn Items

Mrs. Sam PERSHALL is confined to her home with an abscess in her head, an after-effect of an attack of the grippe.

Rev. M.F. INGRAHAM conducted the rites of baptism at Harper Creek last Sunday afternoon. Several young people were baptized.

J.D. FISHER has commenced the construction of a new building just north of his barber shop and will put in a pool hall when it is completed.

L.H. ROUNTREE and family drove through town Monday and struck out across Osage county looking for a location. They expect to travel until they find something to suit them and then stop.

The News is in receipt of a letter from J.C. COX, who has finally arrived in the "promised land" of Southeastern Colorado.

Ralston Reflections

H.D. SANDERS made a business trip to Arkansas City last week.

Mrs. Fannie MCDONALD will open a millinery store in a few days at the Finley BOWIS store.

George REAM, of Ponca City, was here Monday visiting his father-in-law, J.L. PAUL.

Alex LOGAN and wife are now located on the farm he recently purchased. On Friday evening their neighbors sprung a neat surprise, and came en masse, to the number of 125, to bid them welcome in the community. The evening was pleasantly spent with music and merriment.

J.S. HILLMAN, manager of the Morrison New Era, was in Ralston the first of the week looking up a location for a paper.

Ezekiel RICE, 76 years old, met with a serious and very painful accident one day last week, while chopping wood. A stick flew up and struck him in the eye, destroying the sight entirely. This leaves the unfortunate man totally, blind, as the sight of one eye has been gone for many years. We sympathize with the old man in his afflictions.

Dr. NAUMAN, a former Ralstonite, but now of Frankfort, Kansas, visited the first of the week with his many friends. Tuesday morning he left for Pawnee, taking with him one of our fairest and most highly accomplished young ladies, Miss Effie ROSS, where they were married. After visiting here for a few days the happy couple left for their future home near Frankfort, Kansas. We join their many friends in congratulations.

Will BROOKS, of the firm of BROOKS and CLARK, is in Wichita this week buying goods.

March 24, 1910

A Good Country Store
W.C. LYNCH was in from Masham last Saturday, buying a bill of goods for his store. Mr. Lynch's trips are not only becoming more frequent, but his wholesale orders are becoming larger, showing that his efforts to provide the people of that neighborhood with a good home store are being appreciated. Brother LYNCH says he is not knocking on Pawnee or any other town, but he buys his goods for cash, and will sell them as cheaply as nay merchant can, thus making it unnecessary for his neighbors to lay off all day to do a little shopping. He keeps everything to be found in a general store and of much better quality than is customary for such stores. In fact Mr. LYNCH has a genuine home store for home people.

Tom LITTEN, banker and booster for Blackburn, was a business visitor in the county seat last Saturday.

News of the Week - Local and Personal Mention

Dr. HOPE - Dentist

Wm. OBANION came up from Quay to spend Sunday among old friends.

Alex LOGAN, a farmer living near Ralston, was a county seat visitor yesterday.

A.L. STITCH made a business trip to Oklahoma City last Thursday, returning Saturday.

J.J. TUCKER, one of the good men from Otoe township, is doing jury duty this week.

N.H. FINLEY and wife were county seat visitors from Blackburn on Tuesday of this week.

W.J. MCCARTHY was up from Oklahoma City last Sunday and Monday visiting his family.

Wayne MOATS left yesterday for a trip through Arizona, having in view a possible location in that country.

J.A. LOWRY and Charley RAY, two Ralstonites, were transacting business in the count seat on Monday of this week.

Miss Blance COOK, of Oklahoma City, is expected in Pawnee tomorrow (Friday) for a few days visit with friends.

H.T. ANDERSON went to Arkansas City last Saturday to attend a meeting of station agents.

Judge VANEMAN, the sage of Jennings, is a county seat visitor today.

F.E. BARTHOLOMEW spent several days in Tulsa this week on business.

L.B. MORLEDGE, of Fairfax, was transacting business in Pawnee yesterday.

John W. ORTNER was up from Cleveland Tuesday, having business in the county court.

Wallace STEWART left last week for Cairy, Illinois, where he will engage in the bill posting business.

L.S. RIPLEY was up from his farm near Ripley last Saturday, transacting business in the county seat.

Miss Ruby STANLEY returned home from Agra last Sunday morning, whither she had been called by the sudden death of a sister.

Mrs. Minnie GREEN has accepted a position with the Pawnee Dry Goods Company, where she will be glad to greet all of her friends.

B.T. JOHNSON, a substantial Keystone citizen, was transacting business in the county seat last Tuesday, being called here as a witness.

R.P. BANKS has accepted a position with Frank WALSH in the basement barber shop, where he will be glad to welcome his patrons and friends.

Harry ATHERTON and Barney WOLVERTON, of Red Rock, were Pawnee visitors on Tuesday. Mr. ATHERTON is a bank cashier, while Barney is a well known baseball artist.

Mrs. J.T. GRAY, of Stillwater, is in the city this week, visiting her sister, Mrs. Price M. WILLIS, and assisting in the care of little Jane WILLIS, who is suffering from inflammatory rheumatism.

Mrs. John MYERS drew the set of dishes at Bolton's meat market last Friday.

E.C. MULLENDORE, the largest land owning farmer in Pawnee county, was a business visitor in Pawnee last Friday and Saturday. His farm north of Cleveland is a model, and does the work while he sleeps.

La Verne ORTON, of Humboldt, Kansas, was in Pawnee on Saturday of last week. He is one of the best and most successful lawyers in his part of the country and is looking this country over with a view to locating.

Moine HANNA, who has been making his home in New Mexico, came back to Pawnee last week, having sold his claim in that section of the country. He has not yet made up his mind where his next move shall be.

Mrs. H.T. ANDERSON, who has been visiting in Texas for the past ten days, writes home to H.T. that their young son, barely four months old, has developed a tooth. An now the father is so inconsistent as to wish mother and son would cut their visit short.

S.N. TRESSE was up from Jennings on Monday of this week. He is the inventor of a cotton cleaner which is attracting considerable attention among cotton men all over the country. Wherever used, it has proved a perfect success, and it certainly looks as though Mr. TREESE would do his share toward making the name of Pawnee county famous.

Dr. D.W. NOLAN, state veterinarian of Kansas, was a Pawnee visitor last Saturday, in company with Col. WATERS, the Blackburn auctioneer.

T.B. NEWTON came down from Skedee last Monday on business connected with the big state shoot to be pulled off in Pawnee next month.

Samuel HALL, of Blackburn, was a county seat visitor last Saturday. He advertises a good farm for sale in this issue.

Wm. WITHERS was up from Banner township last Saturday. He says he always comes on rainy Saturdays, but we are afraid he has been a trifle neglectful of late.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph PHILLIPS, of Ralston, formerly Pawneeites, were in the city last Monday on their way home from Mulhall, where they had spent Sunday with relatives.

Push GARNER made his regular county seat visit last Saturday, and was lost for two hours. When found, he was in the Model theatre asking the manager to run that mirror reel over again.

Dr. L.L. HERRIMAN of Wadena, Iowa, arrived last Saturday for a visit with his brother, D.B. HERRIMAN. He is looking for a location, and will make Pawnee his headquarters until he finds a better place, which we trust will be somewhat difficult.

Rev. W.H. DOWNS, pastor of the church at Luther, Oklahoma, has written Rev. INGRAHAM that he expects to be in Pawnee and participate in the state shooting tournament next month. Mr. DOWNS is an enthusiastic supporter of trap shooting, and has a good, quick-seeing gun that has the habit of dropping the blue rocks.

Bob LUNSFORD, the genial director of Democratic destiny for Pawnee county, so far as securing appointments from the Haskell administration is concerned, is in the city this week on business. If Bob wasn't a mighty good fellow, barring his politics, several of the fellows now eating at the public crib would be getting up at 6:00 a.m. and doing the chores before going to their day's work.

Rabe ELLIOTT, who left Pawnee with his two sons, John and Merritt, about three weeks ago, writes back that he and the boys have secured three tracts of land, adjoining each other on a fine creek bottom, each tract consisting of 320 acres, making 960 acres in all.

The families of John and Merritt leave today for Wyoming, and Mr. Elliott's family will likely leave as soon as arrangements can be made for them there. Their many friends in Pawnee will regret to bid them good bye, but all join them in wishing them all the prosperity imaginable in their new western home.

W.H. CROOK and son, of Falls City, Nebraska, were in Pawnee on Monday, with a touring party of five. Mr. CROOK is the gentleman who put in Pawnee's water works something like eight years ago, and took a run over from Perry just to see what changes had been made in this city. He was much impressed with the improved conditions that greeted him, and met many old acquaintances. The party is making a trip through Oklahoma in a big Franklin touring car.

Cleveland Clippings

Dr. SUTTON was confined to his home part of last week with a severe cold.

Frank ADAMS, who started a butcher shop a few weeks ago, has closed out, the business not being a paying property.

Mr. and Mrs. Allen LADD of Canada, have come to this state to make their future home. Mr. LADD is a son of Mrs. J.M. LADD of this city.

E.C. MULLENDORE has received word from Rev. TURNER, who was one time a resident of this city, but is now located in New Mexico, stating that he is well pleased with that country and that he is getting along nicely.

Terlton Topics

Misses Anna and Ema YOWELL, of North Dakota, are here visiting their brother, James YOWELL and family.

John HOGAN sold 22 head of hogs to Sims & Bates last Saturday that brought him the neat sum of $460 - Pretty good! eh?

Mrs. J.W. BURGESS fell from the temporary steps at the new school building last Saturday evening and broke her arm and also received several severe bruises. Mrs. BURGESS is a very large woman and a slight fall would ordinarily cause her much suffering.

Ralston Reflections

Charles NIXON, the barber, has located at Roswell, New Mexico. There seems to be quite an attraction there for Charlie.

W.J. DURANT and wife will leave soon for Oregon for a visit with their relatives, and incidentally to breathe the ozone of health, which the Rocky mountains afford.

Miss Clara RHODES returned Saturday from Claremore and reports a pleasurable trip as well as an enjoyable visit with friends and relatives.

Arthur HENRY is reported on the sick list, his ailment being lung trouble.

March 31, 1910

Blackburn Items

Miss Flossie MARPLE opened her subscription school Monday morning with about twenty pupils.

Miss Bess MEANS has been visiting relatives and friends in Pawhuska for the past couple of weeks.

John CARTER is building a house for G.W. KINNEER on his far southeast of town. Harvey CARTER is assisting in the construction.

Marshal G. QUEEN has acquired a traction engine which he is using to good purpose as motive power for the township's big road grader. Some good work is being done on the stretch of road between Mat GARNEY's and John FRANKLIN's.

A little daughter of Curt HENSON had a fortunate escape from serious injury last Friday. The little one was playing around a team of mules when one of the animals kicked, striking her just over the heart. Her hand was caught between the mule's hoof and her body, breaking the force of the kick. The child was picked up apparently lifeless and Curt hurried to town for medical aid. When he returned home with Dr. GARDNER, the little girl had regained consciousness and was apparently uninjured except for a badly bruised hand.

Quay Items

Next Sunday, April 3, there will be a special service for the old people at the Christian Church. All people 50 years of age or older in this community are urgently requested to be present, also all other people, both young and middle aged. The music will be like that we used to hear in years gone by and Rev. INGRAHAM will deliver a sermon of the old fashioned charachter.

W.L. HARRELL, of Maramec, spent one night last week in Quay, the guest of his daughter, Mrs. Ira HARRISON.

N.A. CUSTER was in Quay last Monday and reported that his wife was slowly improving.

Dave TROXEL and J.W. CUSTER went to Pawnee last week on business and incidentally took in the Bulgin meeting at night.

J.T. STRIPLING went on horseback to Pawnee last Saturday to attend the teacher's meeting.

Mr. and Mrs. C.M. PROWANT drove to Chandler last Sunday, returning Tuesday afternoon.

Mrs. H.E. ROOT was called to Ralston last Friday on account of the death of her mother, who died that morning at the home of another daughter, Mrs. JAMES. The remains were taken to the old home in Kansas for burial. Mrs. ROOT returned to Quay on Sunday night.

Mrs. Linnie REDDING, of Maramec, was the guest of her sister, Mrs. Ralph CROWE, a few days last week.

Mrs. E.L. SENFT is visiting in the country this week at the home of her son, Fred.

C.G. MASON, of Blackburn, is in town this week fixing up his telephone wires.


Miss Lena BALLARD has been visiting in Pawnee, the guest of Miss Mae HARRIS.

George WILLARD will leave soon for Colorado to spend the summer.

Miss TRUESDELL left Saturday for her home in Maramec.

Ralston Reflections:

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Alex LOGAN, Tuesday, March 29, 1910, a bouncing baby boy. Mother and babe doing nicely.

The Geo. MCCANN store was entered by burglars Saturday night, but we were unable to learn the extent of the goods taken.

Jeff WARDLOW has completed an addition to his house, which makes his home an ideal one.

Ralph OVERMAN and wife have taken up their residence at Stillwater, where Mr. OVERMAN has a position in a bakery.

R.J. JONES returned from Arkansas where he was summoned to the bedside of a dying brother. The fatal hour was reached before Bob arrived there.

T.R. NEWBY of Pawnee, was in the city Saturday and reports a prosperous business.

HILLMAN & Son, of Morrison, have completed plans to establish a paper here. They have received the proper encouragement from the merchants, and it will not be long until Ralson will have a live, up-to-date paper, Republican in principle, and substantial in its every phase. A good paper means a good town. It is the advance agent of progress, and it is in accord with the public's wish that we bid Messrs. HILLMAN, and their enterprise a cordial welcome to our city.

E. JAMES, who lives in the west part of town, has added another room to his residence.

Boyd YOUNG is adding new improvements to his residence property.

Our good friend, Mr. W.A. SMITH, has received word from Congressman McGuire, that a bill has passed the senate, granting him an increase of his pension. Good brother, we congratulate you.

Miss Mary BASHAM is visiting with her friend, Clara RHODUS, this week.

John LEWIS, clerk at the Finley Bowls store, ranks among those who are more than fortunate. Besides being endowed with a genial disposition, and an undoubted loyalty to his friends, he is gaining a wide reputation as a salesman. John is one of the boys who make good in the business world and we congratulate him.

The extension of the HODGE & Son store to the building formerly occupied by the Gem Pharmacy enlarges the floor space to the extent that they are enabled to carry a much larger stock of goods than formerly.

Gone To Rest
Mary E. LATIMER was born in Mavard County, Illinois, July 24th, 1831. She was married to Franklin WALTERS in Powshick County, Iowa, August 8th, 1852. To this union was born nine children, seven girls and two boys, the eldest, a boy, dying in infancy. Her husband departed this life January 12th, 1907, at his home in Perry, Jefferson County, Kansas. She united with the Christian Church in the year 1867. She came to Oklahoma November 19, 1890, and died March 25, 1910, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. JAMES, in Ralston, Oklahoma.
The daughters attending the funeral were: Mrs. Kate SOUCHER, from Colorado; Mrs. Anna ROOT of Quay; Mrs. Emma DICK, Mrs. Maggie MCMURTY, of Maramec; and Mrs. Mary JAMES of Ralston; and the only son now living, Mr. Curtis WALTERS.
The two absent daughters were Mrs. Mandy STOUT of Colorado and Mrs. Sadie DAILY of Maramec. Dearest mother, how we miss you, but we would not call you back to earth with all its suffering. No, she has passed through the pearly gates that stand ajar for the faithful. After years of suffering she is now at rest in one of those mansions. To us Heaven will be brighter; soon, one by one we'll all be gathered home.

Foot Amputated
B.L. GILLASPIE, of Hallett, was taken to Oklahoma City several days ago to be treated for a broken leg, and after being treated for a few days, it was decided by the surgeons that an amputation had to be made in order to save his life. The leg was amputated just above the right ankle. He returned home Tuesday and at present writing is getting along very nicely.

Infant Passes Away
Sunday night Frank ARMSTRONG received word through parties at Cleveland that his infant child had died somewhere in Kansas, and would be shipped Monday to Hallett for burial. Mr. ARMSTRONG at once went to Hallett and ordered the grave dug and waited there all day for the remains to arrive, but they failed to come. Tuesday morning the remains arrived and were laid to rest in the Hallett cemetery.
When the remains arrived it was learned that the child had died at Delaware, Oklahoma, with a congestive chill. When it's mother died about two weeks ago, the child was taken away by someone and it's whereabouts was not learned. Mr. ARMSTRONG is yet undecided what he will do in regard to the parties who were implicated in taking the child away.

Before beginning on your Spring painting, see Don SHERWOOD, the painter and paper hanger who is not afraid to guarantee his material and work.

April 07, 1910

Letter List - Following is a list of letters remaining uncalled for April 7, 1910:
Hart, Thos.
HILL, Ethel
KING, Mrs. H.E.
THOMAS, Willie
YOUNG, Mrs. Mary
When calling for the above please say advertised. L.N. BUSHORR, Post Master

From Perry: Mrs. E.M. CLARK, of Pawnee, came in from Sawyer, Kansas, where she had been called by the death of her mother and visited her early-day friends here. Her father, E.R. WAITE, accompanied her and will make his home with her for some time to come.

Miss Pansy SLOCUM has been on the sick list for some days, requiring a substitute in her position as teacher in the public school.

Terlton Gin Company
E.J. MILLER & Son have disposed of an interest in their cotton ginning plant and have incorporated under the name of Terlton Oil Company. The incorporators are E.J. MILLER of Perry, Oklahoma; Victor E. MILLER of Terlton; Jas. W. DUPREE and G.L. ECHARD of the Oklahoma Cotton Oil company, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Terlton is named as the principle point but the firm will conduct a general cotton and grain business in northeastern Oklahoma.
Oklahoma Cotton Oil company is one of the strongest and most influential concerns of its kind in the southwest and together with the excellent business reputation born by E.J. MILLER & Son will make this one of the strongest firms in this section.

Sheriff PUMROY, W.B. DAVIS and J.A. WALKER returned on Monday of this week with three car loads of cattle, purchased in Texas. PUMROY and DAVIS are interested together in two car loads, while Mr. WALKER bought one load for himself. All the cattle look good, and with ordinary luck will make some money for the owners.

Frank BALDWIN (whose first name happens to be Fletcher) is in receipt of a letter from Congressman McGuire saying that his pension will be increased from, $12.00 to $24.00 per month.

Blackburn Items:

Miss Clyde MILLER, of Wichita, is visiting here - the guest of Miss Mary POOS.

A 3 year old son of J.E. JOHNSON, living in the east bend, is dangerously sick with pneumonia following an attack of measles, and it is not thought he can recover.

James INGRAHAM finished his term of school at Osage City Friday and will spend a couple of weeks resting, fishing, etc., after which he will take up the work of census enumerator at Ralston.

Dan DEBAUN, who has been missing from his usual haunts for several months, dropped into town again last Friday and has resumed his place in the everyday life of the town. He has been visiting his son, Robert, in Humboldt, Kansas, and stopped at Coffeyville several days on his way back.

Jennings Jottings:

Sunday afternoon while Geo. HAM, Miss Hazel SPARLING and Miss Goldie JONES were getting ready to take a pleasure ride, the horse gave a lunge as George was untieing it, which broke the bridle, allowing it to run with the girls in the buggy. After running for about a block, the horse ran over a wood pile and threw the girls out, spraining Miss JONES' ankle so that she was unable to walk on it for several days.

Quay Quandries:

Miss Mable HOSKINS was ill last week with the mumps.

Jim DOUGHTY left last week for Tulsa, where he will work in the oil fields.

W.J. BERRY is duly installed as Postmaster at Quay.

Sam YOUNG, of Sapulpa, was in Quay last week to attend the funeral of his mother.

Mr. and Mrs. F.E. CULLISON and children drove to Cushing last Sunday.

A.T. COOK went to Cushing last Saturday night, returning Monday noon.

Dave TROXEL was called to Cushing last Sunday night to look after some business matters.

Milo BOBLIT was the guest of his sister, Mrs. John HUMPHREY, last Sunday night.

M. BOBLIT, who lives four miles east of town, left for Arkansas City early Monday morning, accompanied by his mother-in-law, who will have cataracts removed from her eyes.

Miss Edna DIXON, who lives a mile south of town, was the victim of a surprise party last Sunday, the occasion being her 17th birthday. There were 25 guests and dinner, and all report a fine time.

Masham Items:

Lee LYNCH says Masham is going to play base ball. Lee says they have some good ball players and he is going to see that they get busy. He sent in a large order for base ball goods the other day.

Leslie HARMON says he is going to California to spend the summer, but we think he will be glad to get back to Masham again.

Cleveland Clippings:

Eric MCWHIRTE has been confined to his home on account of sickness for the past week.

E.J. MARANVILLE, who has been at Muskogee for the past year, came home Saturday for a visit with home folks.

Col. W.C. NEWELL came up from the Glenn Pool district Monday to look after a well his company is about to bring in on some of the Millikin territory in this field. The colonel reports bringing in a couple of fine wells on their lease in the Glenn Pool district.

W.H. STAPLES is in Oklahoma City, where he is a witness for the railroad in the damage suit of GIFFORD vs the MK&T railroad. It will be remembered that H.A. GIFFORD was killed by an east bound freight at the Cedar Creek crossing southeast of town about two years ago.

Thomas A. RIAL, who has a position with the De Lavel Creamery Separator company, with headquarters at Perry, Oklahoma, has moved back here and will hereafter make this place his headquarters.

Maramec Musings:

Mr. CHERRY's child, who has been very sick for some time, is no better at this writing.

W.O. WHITLOCK and family, Mrs. DEMICVILLE and H.E. REDDING attended the great revival meeting at Pawnee a week ago Sunday.

Mr. Brum POST, of Yale, was a Maramec visitor Sunday.

L. E. STROUD and Miss Clara REDDING were Ralston visitors.

Mrs. Mary YOUNG died at her home near Quay Thursday night. H.E. REDDING had charge of the burial.

W.A. WATERS has begun his residence in northeast Maramec, which will be quite an improvement in that part of town, when completed.

Mr. MOSIER's child is some better at this writing, but is still very sick.

W.O. WHITLOCK (our city assessor) started on his rounds last Monday morning.

Mrs. Nettie WYATT now has charge of the "Hello" office.

S.D. WOODEN and family returned to Maramec one day last week.

Andy MILLER has the honor of having the best garden in town; says girls why don't some of you go in and offer a helping hand in cooking some of that good "sass."

April 14, 1910

A Class Reception
Mrs. C. MANNHEIMER, in honor of her daughter, Sadie, entertained the class of 1910 at her home on Monday night of this week. The rooms were beautifully decorated in the class colors, green and white, and each guest was presented with a white carnation, the class flower.
The time sped swiftly and delightfully in games, guessing contests, nut races and nutting expeditions, and a generous two course luncheon contributed to the general good feeling of the joyous crowd.
The class members present were: Misses Nellie FREELAND, Annie SHIPMAN, Elizabeth EAGLETON, Myrtle THOMPSON and Ethel BERRY, and Messrs. Wellington PATRICK, Clarence SHEPHERD, Charles SHAPARD, Edward CORKILL, Kent LOTT and Frank GASSERT. Miss Gertrude HANN, director of music for the school, and Arthur FEGTLY were additional guests of honor.

Installation of Chiefs of Skedee Band
A great ceremony among the Pawnees took place last Friday at Skedee Jake's camp northwest of town, Chief WHITEEAGLE performing the ceremony. It is said Chief White Eagle is the only chief in the tribe who knows all the ancient ceremonies by which chiefs were installed, and the old man felt that he should confer this sacred rite upon his successors. David GILLINGHAM and four others were selected.
David GILLINGHAM is of a royal family. His mother was, in olden times, selected for special honor by her people, a distinction rarely accorded a woman. She was the daughter of Chief Big Ax, one of the headmen of the tribe in his day. David's father and grandfather were both chiefs, and for that reason David was chosen for White Eagles's successor. He is greatly interested in his people, and it is his ambition to see them grow and develop and prosper. No doubt he will make a successful leader as he is a Christian with a clean life. He is interpreter for the Pawnee Mission.

Joseph HOWELL is another strong man with a good Christian character, and has the blood of chiefs in his veins.

Charley KNIFECHIEF is one of the biggest young men of the band, and comes from a line of chiefs.

Barkley WHITE and Charley WOODS, both descendants of chiefs, complete the four.

With these young men as chiefs, the Skedee band ought to make great strides towards prosperity and happiness.

April 21, 1910

A Sudden Death
The community was shocked last Friday morning by the announcement of the death of Mrs. Bele H. SHEPHERD, who came to Pawnee some two years ago from Jennings. She had been ill for some days, but not dangerously so, her death resulting from a sudden and unexpected attack of heart failure.
Mrs. SHEPHERD was an earnest Christian woman, beloved by her associates here and in her former home, Jennings, where her husband, who died a few years ago, was president of the Jennings State Bank.
Funeral services were held at the Presbyterian Church Sunday afternoon, Rev. CURTIS officiating, after which the body was taken to Jacksonville, Illinois, for interment, accompanied by M.D. HAM, of Jennings, and the bereaved son. Profuse floral decorations graced the church, evidencing the high esteem in which the deceased was held by her club and social friends.

Off to Mexico
Chris BOLTON left on Tuesday of this week for a summer's sojourn in Old Mexico, where he has large interests in common with other Pawnee county citizens, and also some individual holdings which are promising some great returns. Mr. BOLTON is quite enthusiastic over the future of that country, and promises to contribute to these columns some personal observations.

A Birthday Surprise
Dr. W.M. MOORE wasn't surprised to find that Tuesday of this week was his birthday, for, though still a young man, these occurrences have been sufficiently frequent to impress their annual recurrence upon him; but when, about 8:30 p.m., as he was enjoying a quiet visit with a couple of friends in his reception tent, some twenty-five or thirty friends walked in upon him unceremoniously, he was completely taken aback.
Under the clever directorship of his sister, Dr. Moore's attention was occupied in this particular tent for the next thirty minutes, when surprise No. 2 was given him in the shape of an invitation to step out under the spreading branches of trees gaily decorated with Japanese lanterns, under which, formed in a hollow square, improvised tables and seats awaited him and his guests.
Before seating themselves, the visitors gave short toasts and talks expressive of their esteem of Dr. MOORE, and after the refreshments had received proper attention, the jolly crowd gathered around a large camp fire for an hour's delightful sociability, with "the curtains of night, pinned back by the stars" as their canopy.
Those participating were: Dr. PHILLIPS and wife, J.B. DAVIS and wife, A.W. LILLIE and wife, E.L. COX and wife, James HUDSON and wife, J.H. STOUT and wife, T.R. NEWBY and wife, E.G. GRAY and wife, Miss MOORE, Mrs. J.S. BADGER, Sr.; Mrs. May WITCRAFT, Mrs. DRESBACH, Misses YOUNG, HARDWICKE, Tan BADGER and Garnett LILLIE, Adjutant General CANTON, Mayor BATES and Joe SOULSBY.
Note from Rita BUFORD - Dr. W.M. MOORE died in 1912 - see tribute written to him by M.F. INGRAHAM in February 29, 1912 issue. Also Card of Thanks by nurse, Lela MCELROY.

Laundryman LUNDQUIST
Presents His Compliments to the Citizens of Pawnee, with an Up-to-Date Washery
Laundries are a good deal like the balance of our individual troubles - if they were all placed in a pile together, each man would select his own to take back home with him, because, in comparison with others, our own are the lighter burdens. Brother LUNDQUIST, however, has bid farewell to laundry troubles by equipping his plant throughout with the latest improved machinery for turning out first-class work. He has been making these improvements gradually, beginning with laying a cement floor in his building, so that all the water is easily and quickly carried away...

An infant child of G. VANCE died last Saturday, and was buried Sunday morning, funeral services being held from the home.

Mrs. May WITCRAFT came down from Fairfax Tuesday to assist Miss MOORE and Mrs. STOUT in the birthday reception given to Dr. MOORE.

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie BAKER are rejoicing over the arrival of a bouncing baby girl at their home early Saturday morning. All parties are doing well.

John BELL, of Maramec, was in the city last Saturday, on his way to his former home in Kansas, where he was called by the serious illness of his mother.

We expect Uncle Joe MURRY, with his trusty squirrel rifle, eight feet long, to be up from Terlton next week in honor of the state shoot. Uncle Joe's rifle is 110 years old, and does some tall shooting when it is standing up.

Do you want to see a target no larger than a half dollar shot from a woman's fingers by a revolver? Come into the state shoot at Pawnee next week and witness the exhibitions put on by Mr. and Mrs. Ad. TOPPERWEIN, world champions.

John DONAGHY and his force are beautifying the interior of the M.E. church this week with a new coat of rich paper, bought by the Ladies Aid Society of that church. When the church is finished inside and painted on the outside, it will exhibit a fine appearance.

Gladys BATES has been a pretty sick girl since Thursday of last week, owing to an attack of measles, but is recovering nicely.

Hon. E.M. CLARK will return to Pawnee tomorrow from a protracted business trip through Oklahoma and adjoining states.

F.D. YINGLING, of Massilon, Ohio, arrived in Pawnee last Friday, and will spend a few days looking after business interests here.

Mrs. John SHEPLER and two sons were up from Oklahoma City this week superintending the removal of their household goods to their new home.

T.B. NEWTON, of Skedee, one of the enthusiastic members of the Gun club, was in the city yesterday en route to Skiatook, where a local shoot is being held today, for the purpose of boosting for the big state tournament here next week.

Chris GOTTLIEB, of Kansas City, another one of the fancy trap shooters of the west, dropped into Pawnee last Saturday and secured quarters for the state shoot next week. Chris is a good looker, a good feeder, and a good shooter, and says he always enjoys coming here and mixing with the bunch of good fellows.

Tom SWALLEY resigned his position as deputy sheriff last Saturday, in order to take charge of the WRIGHT meat market, which he has purchased. Mr. SWALLEY has been for years one of Sheriff PUMROY's most trusted assistant, and his large acquaintance will be a great help to him in his new business.

Orville MENTZER, after standing it as long as he could returned to Pawnee Monday night. The "bunch" has let him at the back door, where he can get a hand out once in a while, but as soon as he shows that his repentance is sincere, and that he expects to remain in Pawnee, he will be taken back into full fellowship.

Mrs. L.V. ORTON and child arrived last Saturday, much to the gratification of the husband and father. Mr. ORTON is the attorney who has lately located in Pawnee from HUMBOLDT, where he has practiced law for the past eight or ten years, and with the arrival of his family he begins to feel at home. He has purchased the BRETZ residence as an earnest of his intention to become a permanent residence.

Billy HEER, the "silent man of Kansas" as he is familiarly known in the shooting world, and Henry DONELLY, of Guthrie, were in Pawnee last Friday, for the purpose of taking a shot at a few blue rocks. HEER is one of the fellows who requires about one hundred chances to miss a target, and then rarely does. Both these gentlemen will be here next week for the big state shoot, and their scores will be found way up at the top.

Letter List: To be picked up at the post office
ANNIS, Willie
ARIBALOS, Florencia
CHISM, Walter
GILLEN, Eeiguie
HINES, Bessie E.
HOGLE, Lottie
JONES, Clarence
LINN, Chas. W.
LYNN, Ward
PONSE, Monico
Pould, Edith
PRATT, Lester

April 28, 1910

At Rest
Last Saturday morning, after weeks of intense suffering from inflammatory rheumatism, Jane Harwood WILLIS, aged 10 years and 5 months, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Price WILLIS, passed away at their home in this city.
She was a bright and winsome child, loved by all who knew her, and brave, cheerful and patient in spite of the pain that racked her little body. Everything that medical skill and loving hearts could suggest was done, but mortal aid was powerless, and the mystery of human suffering has given way to eternal peace.
Funeral services were conducted Sunday afternoon at the residence, by Father MILLER, of Stillwater, attended by sorrowing and sympathizing friends.

A Broken Leg
Joseph STEINBACH met with a severe accident on Monday afternoon of this week, which will lay him up for a time. He was preparing to deliver a load of baled hay for COX and CHILCOTE, and reached out to place the last bale in position, but the hook missed grappling the wire, and the force of Mr. STEINBACH's pulling caused him to fall off the load on to the horses' hip and to the ground behind their feet.
The team broke into a run, and before it could be stopped Mr. Steinbach's left leg had been broken between the knee and hip. He was taken home, the broken bone was set, and Joe is getting along as nicely as could be expected.

May 05, 1910

A Sudden Summons
On Monday evening, May 2, 1910, Mr. and Mrs. Charles ESHELMAN, three miles southeast of Pawnee, were finishing their milking when Mrs. ESHELMAN called to her husband, saying that she felt dizzy, and requesting him not to leave her. Mr. ESHELMAN hurried to her, arriving just in time for his arms to receive the stricken woman, whose summons had come with the swiftness of thought itself.
She was immediately carried to the house, but life had take its flight before aid could be secured, death coming peacefully from a stoke of apoplexy.
Mrs. Emma L. ESHELMAN was born in Pennsylvania in 1859, and since their coming to Pawnee county in the earliest days, she and her family have been counted among our best citizens.
Deceased has been the light of a home whose hospitality has been free and genuine, and her death is sincerely mourned by the husband and children and who who knew her.
Funeral services were held this afternoon from the residence. The husband and children, four sons and one daughter, have the profound sympathy of the community in their bereavement.

For A Spring Race Meet
The directors of the Pawnee Park and Fair Association met on Monday night of this week for the purpose of electing the new officers of this association for the ensuing year, all the directors being present. The following gentlemen were unanimously elected to their various positions:
G.H. PHILLIPS, president
S.H. BARTLEY, vice-president
J.D. TURNER, treasurer
Frank HUDSON, secretary

HAYES Dies of Wounds
Pawhuska, April 23 - Eugene HAYES died here early Saturday morning of wounds received near Pawhuska, April 9, when he was shot three times by Amos HAYS.
The shooting grew out of the killing Amos Hays' half-brother, Edward, by Eugene HAYES, at a hotel in Kansas City last September. The two had been business partners and quarrels over business matters led to the Kansas City tragedy.
Amos HAYS claims the Pawhuska shooting was done in self-defense and that Eugene HAYES drew a gun, when the former fired. The dead man was struck in several places. One wound was in the hand, which was later amputated. He was brought here a few days ago. Eugene HAYES was a wealthy cattleman and well known in this section. He was not related to Amos or Edward HAYS.

Blackburn Items:

Mrs. E.M. KELLEY and children left the first of the week for a visit with her parents at Cushing.

Jake MOSIER is building a barn on his farm three miles north of town, and contemplates some further improvements when that is completed.

John STOSNIDER, who is taking the census in the Blackburn township, rode in yesterday and will spend some time asking our people all kinds of questions.

A new first baseman put in his appearance at the home of James HOPKINS Monday night. Jim says by the time he is too old to "eat 'em up" on first base, the boy will be ready to take his place in the Blackburn uniform.

Quay Quibbles:

Mrs. BALDWIN, of Harper County, Oklahoma, arrived last week and was the guest of her father, W.A. TUCKER, and her brothers, J.A. and W.E., and her sister, Mrs. A.W. COKE.

A Home Tribute
The following is taken from a paper published at Jacksonville, Illinois, the former home of Mrs. Belle SHEPHERD, deceased, whose remains were taken to that city for interment.
The remains of Mrs. Charles J. SHEPHERD, who died recently at Pawnee, Oklahoma, arrived here last night, accompanied by her son and a brother. Mrs. SHEPHERD's maiden name was Belle HOSACK and the greater part of her life was spent in this county.
She was raised in the old Pisgah community, and in the Pisgah church was an active worker and was always prominent in every movement which tended toward the upbuilding and uplifting of the community. A woman of strong and noble character, her influence was always exerted for good.
About nine years ago, Mr. and Mrs. SHEPHERD and their son moved to Jennings, Oklahoma, where Mr. SHEPHERD engaged in the banking business, and he passed away almost two years since.
Afterward, Mrs. SHEPHERD moved to Pawnee on account of the educational advantages and her son is to graduate from the high school there this spring. In Oklahoma, the deceased became an active church worker, as she had done here, and her untimely death has left a vacancy which will be hard to fill.
She is survived by her son, Clarence, and by two brothers. Thomas DOUGLAS of this town is an uncle.

Say not "She died"
There is no death. When she went forth
Her spirit, brave and strong, it's outworn case
Of prisoning clay broke grandly through and rose,
On wings of joy, unto that life wherein
No pain, or grief, or night can ever come,
It was her birthday in a happier world. Julia Anna WOLCOTT

Horse Thief Caught
Deputy Sheriff MARSHALL returned from Wichita last Thursday, bringing with him a man by the name of Willis JOHNSON, who some time ago stole a team from Mr. MARSHALL at Keystone. All details of the transaction and subsequent movements of "Br'er JOHNSON" will be told in the district court, after which the handy man with a team may have a season of solitude in which to meditate over the certainties of this world.

To The Public:
I have now visited every house in the city of Pawnee, and will complete the enumeration, thus closing my work, on Saturday, May 7. Any one can assist me by reporting by Saturday night the names of any who have been missed. I will appreciate any assistance that will tend to secure for Pawnee a complete and honest enumeration.
Florence CLARK, Census Enumerator

May 12, 1910

Last Saturday night Prof. Wellington PATRICK, principal of the Pawnee high schools, and Miss Nelle FREELAND, who for two years has been one of the most efficient and popular teachers in the school, were united in marriage, by Rev. Arthur AIKEN, pastor of the Christian Church.
The ceremony, though expected for some time, came as a surprise to the happy couple's many friends, who are none-the-less free in their expressions of good will and wishes for a prosperous and happy wedded life.

A Pawnee Girl's Progress
Last Tuesday evening Miss Marie SEANLIN, a pupil of Miss Martha GILMER, and Miss Mattie PETER, who is studying under Prof. E.C. MARSHALL, gave a recital in the Frederickson - Kroh hall. The former is one of the younger pianists of the city and the latter a promising young vocalist. A large audience was present to hear them - Oklahoman.
The foregoing paragraph records a signal honor that has been shown Miss Mattie PETER, who has grown from childhood in this city. During the past two years she has been a student at Epworth University, and has been making most excellent progress.
It is the custom at this institution to select some student at the close of each year to give a recital, and the selection, implying as it does a high degree of ability in the student, is one of the principal honors that can be conferred. As a further mark of distinction to Miss Mattie, a concert entertainment was given by the university on Tuesday night of this week, at the Methodist Church in Oklahoma City, in which she was the only vocalist who was on the program for two numbers.
Her many Pawnee friends congratulate her upon her success, and extend best wishes for a prosperous future.

Decoration Day
All citizens having carriages or wagons that can accommodate more than their own family, are requested to make necessary preparation and take as many of the people to the cemetery on Decoration Day as possible. As many have no conveyance, this will be appreciated.

W.B. HARRISON, of Enid, was in Pawnee on Tuesday of this week. Mr. HARRISON is campaign manager for Judge GARBER in the latter's race for the Republican congressional nomination in this district.

Miss May WITTICH and mother left for New Mexico on Tuesday of this week, where Miss WITTICH has a homestead, for the purpose of trying that climate and such other inducements as that country may offer for a permanent location. Their friends here wish them prosperity and a speedy return.

The Maramec Captain-Monitor comes to us this week with the announcement that C.R. BREWINGTON, a bright young man formerly of Kansas, has bought the plant and good will from Mr. WILSON, the former proprietor. We welcome Brother BREWINGTON in the field of honest labor, and assure him he has chosen a good field for his efforts.

Dr. G.A. WATERS and wife will leave in a few days for New York, going by way of New Orleans, from which point they will make the trip by water. While in New York, Dr. WATERS will take a post-graduate course, and upon his return to Pawnee, he will resume active practice in this city, with offices in the new extension to the Pawnee National Bank building.

Miss Gertrude HANN and Prof. COWAN wish to publicly thank Mr. R.W. MILLER for his courtesy in donating the use of one of his pianos during the commencement exercises.

Board of Equalization
The board of equalization for Pawnee city will meet at the store of C.S. BATES on Monday, May 16, where all parties who have any grievance on account of their assessments may be heard. Remember, the adjudication of this board is final. H.C. HANNA, Assessor

Headquarters H.W. Slocum Relief Corps, No. 46, Pawnee, Oklahoma - May 4, 1910
The following resolutions were adopted:
RESOLVED, That we extend our heartfelt sympathy to Mrs. Elizabeth R. HOSACK, in her bereavement in the death of her daughter, Mrs. Belle SHEPHERD, who has been called to her last resting place, and we, the W.R.C., join in mourning her loss. And be it further
RESOLVED, That these resolutions be spread upon the records of this Corps, a copy sent to the bereaved family and a copy furnished each of the local papers for publication. Ella WALKER, Isabelle BOTTS, Emma CUNNINGHAM


Mrs. Charles ESHELMAN died May 2, 1910, at 8:30 p.m. at her home three miles southeast of Pawnee. Death resulted from apoplexy, and came within only a moment's warning. Mrs. ESHELMAN's maiden name was MILLER, and she was born in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, October 27, 1859.
She was baptized December 26, 1859, and given the name of Emma Louise. She was received into the Evangelical Lutheran Church on the 9th day of November, 1863, and ever afterward lived an exemplary Christian life.
She was married to Mr. Charles ESHELMAN on December 25, 1876, in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, where she lived until 1878, when she and her husband moved to Madison, Madison County, Nebraska, where they resided until 1885, when they moved to Lakeview, Oregon. They lived in Oregon until 1886, when they came to Oklahoma, making the entire trip in a covered wagon, locating on the farm which has been the home ever since.
To this union was born six children - five sons, Edward, Albert, Roy, Clarence and Andrew, and one daughter, Mildred - all of whom are living. Two of the children were with her at her death, and five were present at the funeral.
Funeral services were conducted at the home Thursday afternoon, at 2 o'clock by Rev. CURTIS of Pawnee, the remains being interred in the Pawnee cemetery. The husband and children have the sympathy of the entire community in their bereavement.
One less on earth
It's pain, it's sorrow, and it's toil to share.
One less the pilgrim's daily cross to bear.
One more the crown of ransomed souls to wear
At home in Heaven
One more at home!
That home where separation cannot be.
That home where none is missed eternally.
Lord Jesus, grant us all a place with Thee.
At home in Heaven!

George F. BELL
George F. BELL was born in Marshall, Ohio, December 14, 1837, and died at Quenemo, Kansas, May 4, 1910, after an illness of three years. He was a veteran of the Union army. His wife, Nancy BELL was born in Berryville, Ohio, March 22, 1846, and died May 6, 1910, at Quenemo, Kansas, after an illness of but six weeks. The two companions in death, were laid to rest in one grave in one grave in Oak Hill Cemetery at Quenemo, Kansas, on May 7, 1910.
Mr. and Mrs. BELL were married in Hillsboro, Ohio, on December 8, 1860 and came to Kansas in the fall of 1871, locating three miles from Quenemo, where they lived until the summons came to both of them. They leave seven living children - Jno. W. BELL of Maramec, Oklahoma; Andy M. BELL of Chandler, Oklahoma; George L. BELL of Ottawa, Canada; Mary BLENTON of Chanute, Kansas, Nancy BELL of Topeka, Kansas; Charlie BELL and Josie E. MOORE of Quenemo, Kansas.
Five of the children, two sons-in-law and three grandchildren were with them at their death.

I have a thoroughbred Jersey bull for use, located one and one-half miles south of Pawnee. H.J. CURTIS

Masham Items:

Level BRIEN visited in Skedee last week.

D. POLSON and wife are up from Skedee visiting friends.

Charlie NICHOLS made a business trip to Pawnee Saturday.

The party at Mr. Will PENNY's Friday night was well attended.

D. POLSON went to Pawnee last Monday and bought a new buggy.

Several of the young folks spent Sunday evening at Mr. Harry WALKER's.

Miss Mabel VAUGHAN visited with her sister, Mrs. Iva ZOLDUSKE, last Sunday.

Ralston Reflections

W.M. LOPER is acting as rural route-man in the place of J.M. MCKILL, who is at the hospital at Claremore taking treatments for rheumatism.

J.H. COMER, who underwent an operation not long since for hernia, continues to improve and is rapidly gaining his former strength. This will be pleasing news to his many friends.

George STEVENS and his wife left Wednesday for Kosciousko, Mississippi, in answer to a telegram that Mrs. STEVENS mother was lying at the point of death.

Miss Nettie SHULTZ, whose parents both recently died in the Creek country, has taken a home with Mr. L.S. HOOVER and wife.

Chas. WEAR, formerly operator at the Santa Fe depot, returned as agent. Mr. LICHTENBURGER takes the place of day operator and Mr. GILMORE night operator.

F.H. FAATZ left a sample of bread at this office this week that is an experiment of his and quite interesting to most any bread bakers. The bread is two fifths cotton seed meal.

Mr. J.T. KERR reports a sale last week at the LEDFORD farm, southwest of Maramec, to A.R. PATTISON of Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Mr. PATTISON will build a new house on this farm and will occupy it himself in the near future.

The DUFF brothers, while drilling a well last week for Horace PAYNER, struck oil sand at 110 feet and considerable oil has been taken from the well. Mr. PAYNER wanted water, but from present indications, he has plenty of water and a little oil on the side.

Commissioner's Proceedings
The board of commissioners met on the 2nd day of May, 1910, with all members present.
On advice from G.W. NELLIS, Indian agent of the Pawnee Indians, the board reconsidered the damages allowed Yellow Calf, a Pawnee Indian, for a road...The board allowed the said Yellow Calf the sum of $20.
The board then took up and considered the amount of damage to be allowed R.J. WEEKS, a Pawnee Indian, for a wagon road...The board allowed him $96.90 as full payment.
The quarterly report of J.L. TAULBEE for the quarter ending March 31, 1910, was approved.
The resignation of M.R. TANKERSLEY, as trustee for McElroy township, was approved.
The official bonds of Z.E. CARVER and Jas. A. EMMONS were approved.
The petition for the correction of taxes filed by J.W. ANDERSON was allowed, as the board finds that the petition is correct, in that the said J.W. ANDERSON was assessed and should pay taxes for the year 1909, but not for the year 1908...

May 19, 1910

On Wednesday, May 18, 1910, at 12 o'clock noon, at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.A. MILBURN, on Hell roaring Creek, Miss Leota MILBURN was united in marriage to Leland STONE, Rev. M.F. INGRAHAM officiating.
Wesley ROPER and Miss Maud SALISBURY were the "next best" couple. After the ceremony, which was witnessed only by immediate relatives, all participated in a bountiful dinner. A host of friends extend best wishes to this happy couple.

Dr. Hugh SCOTT, formerly private secretary to Hon. B.S. MCQUIRE, and one of the most popular men in Oklahoma, dropped in on his Pawnee friends last Friday night, on his way home from the state militia meeting at Chandler. He thinks Pawnee contains about the nicest bunch on earth, and is always welcome here. He didn't have time to talk congressional politics, but his jolly good nature and satisfied smile gave evidence that worry was a stranger to him.

Rev. CORKILL, formerly pastor of the Methodist church in this city, was up from Oklahoma City last Friday and Saturday. He came to see his son graduate from the Pawnee High School, and to greet his many friends in this community.

John P. HICKAM, editor and proprietor of the Perkins Journal, was in the city Tuesday morning of this week, on this way west. As a side issue, John is raising 220 acres of cotton on his 320 acre farm just out of Perkins, from which point he goes in and out, up and down and 'round and 'round in his automobile. The life of a country newspaper man in Oklahoma is simply one continuous round of pleasure.

P.H. WIMPEY, of Fairview, Oklahoma, spent some days last week visiting his Pawnee brother.

We acknowledge the receipt of an announcement telling of the wedding of Harry MARTIN, formerly of this city, to Miss Beatrice RAWLINS, which event occurred yesterday evening at Altus, Oklahoma. Harry's friends in Pawnee, where he was among the most popular of the younger set, extend to him all manner of good wishes, and congratulations, with the hope that years may bring nothing but happiness and prosperity to the newlyweds.

Card of Thanks - Charles ESHELMAN and family.
We desire to thank all the friends who so kindly and generously tendered their services in the affliction that came upon us through the death of the beloved wife and mother, who was so suddenly called home.

Mrs. B.H. RHEIN, of Nashville, Illinois, has been visiting her brothers, Messrs. Maurice, Lee and Gus MARX, and sister, Mrs. MANNHEIMER, during the past week. She came to Pawnee last Wednesday in order to be present at the graduation of her niece, Miss Sadie MANNHEIMER.

Landy HARWOOD, a brother of Mrs. Price M. WILLIS, was in the city on Tuesday of this week. He is a practicing attorney of Kansas City, Missouri, and had been called to Guthrie to look after a case in the federal court.

John GRIESEL, county surveyor, has been in the city the past week, surveying the section west of the city. Mr. GRIESEL has had a great deal of trouble in finding some of the corners, but stayed with it until he had them all located. - Jennings News

Mayo BELLEW went to Tulsa last Thursday on business, returning on Tuesday of this week.

Allen ADAMS, cashier of the bank at Yale, was a Pawnee visitor last Friday.

Mrs. Elsie DREYER is visiting relatives and friends in Pawnee this week.

J.H. STERLING made a business visit to Tulsa last Friday, returning Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. C.M. PROWANT, of Quay, were Pawnee visitors yesterday.

Mrs. C.S. BATES and daughter, Gladys, leave today for a weeks visit in Stroud, where Grandpa Gordon always has a warm welcome for them.

W.B. WEBB returned from his trip to Nebraska last Sunday. Frank LAKE is expected home about the first of the month.

E.C. DYSERT and wife, of Jennings, were county seat visitors yesterday morning.

D.L. WETMORE, the Keystone banker, was in the city last night on business.

A Sad Death
On last Thursday morning Mrs. James E. WELLS, whose home has been four miles west of Masham, died from a complication of diseases after a short illness. She leaves a husband and nine children to mourn her loss. Funeral services were held from the residence on Friday, interment being at the Masham cemetery.

Masham Items:

Rev. CARRION will preach here Sunday morning and evening.

John HAWS made a flying trip to Pawnee last Thursday.

Miss Lou MERRILL and Gertrude VAUGHAN are now at home, as the Pawnee High School has closed.

The party at Harry WALKER's Friday night was well attended, and a good time was had by all.

Miss Vernie JONES, who has been visiting at Fairfax, is expected home Sunday.

Mr. Level BRIEN visited with Mr. COX Sunday afternoon.

John HAMMER went to Stillwater, Friday on a visit.

Lee LYNCH is on the sick list. He is taking care of a badly cut hand that he got when opening some boxes the first of the week.

Frank ZOLDUSKE came down to our city Monday on business.

Quay Quibbles:

We are informed that there are three county prisoners in the vicinity of Yale working and the public roads and while doing so are guarded by two men and one of the men has his team in use, making a total expenditure of $6.00 per day, to get work out of these three men. This certainly is a useless expenditure of money, as this $6.00 could be used to better advantage if the road boss would hire free men (not prisoners) to do such work and thus do away with the necessity of hiring guards. However the men who are in office seem to think the people never tire of high taxes and they continue to graft and pile up the expenses.

Miss Annie WILKINSON, who has been visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John HUMPHREY for the last week, returned to the country this week.

Baby Ruth STRIPLING is on the sick list this week with the mumps.

While playing in the yard with a dog one day last week, little Ralph WITTICH, son of Mr. and Mrs. H.R. WITTICH, was thrown to the ground with such force that his left wrist was broken. Dr. GAINES was called to reduce the fracture and it is doing well.

George HARLAN, of Stone County, Missouri, whose home was in this vicinity about ten years ago, arrived one day last week and is visiting old friends and neighbors.

Mrs. PRATT, who has been in Quay for the past few weeks helping to care for her daughter, Mrs. Ben MAKIN, left for her home in Tulsa last Wednesday.

Roy and Jim HOKE spent last Thursday and Friday in Stillwater.

Miss Edna ROOT went to Pawnee one day last week to assist her sister, Mrs. Tom CRAIG, in caring for her children, while they are sick with the measles.

Mr. and Mrs. C.M. PROWANT went to Pawnee Wednesday as delegates to the convention of the 2nd Missionary District of Oklahoma, which is composed of Payne, Pawnee, Osage and Logan counties.

Jennings Jottings:

Joe HENSON, who moved his family to Bartlesville a few weeks ago, returned this week with them to make Jennings their home once more.

Miss Elizabeth ADAMS and her mother, Mrs. W.E. ADAMS, who have been at the springs at Claremore for the past month recuperating, returned home Sunday very much improved.

A deal was consummated this week wherein G.S. VANEMAN sold his residence property in this city, consisting of a block, to Mert ALLEMAN, of Neodasha, Kansas, the consideration being $1,500. Mr. VAN EMAN is to give possession of his property July 1.

Dr. Hope - Dentist - phone 166

May 26, 1910

Overland To Colorado
Mr. and Mrs. John TENSFIELD and daughter, Ruby, with Miss Stella ADAMS as their guest, began a summer's outing on Tuesday morning of this week, leaving for Colorado in a wagon specially equipped for the purpose.
Lamport, Colorado is their first objective point, but the party is not restricted as to time, route, duration of visit, or other points of interest. Mr. TENSFIELD says they will make the trip by easy stages, stopping when and where they please for rest and recreation, and returning when they get in the notion.
That they will have a delightful trip, goes without saying, and they take with them the best wishes of Pawnee friends for a joyous summer and safe return.

Struck By Lightning
Last Friday night's storm was specially severe on Sheriff PUMROY, the lightning killing a fine Percheron mare and severely stunning "Effie Phillips" his Ashland - Wilkes pacing mare. "Effie" has been under treatment ever since, and is slowly recovering from the shock. Mr. PUMROY is hoping that she may pull through all right.
A few weeks ago Sheriff PUMROY was offered $600 for the Percheron mare and her mate, which he refused. Since then, the mate died in giving birth to a colt, the colt dying also, and the lightning finished the other one. Which is what an unprejudiced man might fairly term as a little more hard luck than is justly due one man.

Last Friday evening Mrs. INGRAHAM's Sunday school class, which is known as the "Anchor Class," held its monthly social at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. George MOORE, Minnie, Guy and Stanley MOORE being members of the class. Notwithstanding the peals of thunder, flashes of lightning and torrents of rain, two wagon loads of young people went from town.
Refreshments were served, and it was a time long to be pleasantly remembered by the following who were present: Mildred BROWN, Ethel SILER, Iea TEEGARDEN, Mildred INGRAHAM, Bertha VAUGHAN, Rena MOORE, Cora CATO, Mary INGRAHAM, Fred BROWN, Osman INGRAHAM and Kent LOTT.

Eclipse - Comet Party
Monday evening the jolliest bunch of young people to be found in any community, chartered an old-fashioned hay wagon and hired themselves to the CATLETT farm, east of town, where they feasted upon the fat of the land.
After supper, under the soft light of the full moon, they watched for the comet and the approaching eclipse. We have it direct from the most trustworthy member of the crowd that everybody was so wrapped up in the mysteries of the heavenly phenomena that conversation was tabooed - that is, loud talk was not indulged in, for fear of scaring away the comet.
The party, chaperoned by Mrs. A.V. HARRISON, consisted of Misses Grace and Florence ROACH, Madge LAKE, Erma KRAUSS, Bessie VANDERVOORT, Pansy GOODWIN, Pearl CATLETT, Tan BADGER and Garnett LILLIE, and Messrs. Edwin VANDERVOORT, Joe SOULSBY, Orville and Merle MENTZER, Clarence SHEPHERD, Charley SHAPARD, Paul HOPE and Ed CATLETT.

An Old Soldier Gone
Last Friday morning, B.P. GOULD, for many years a familiar figure to the citizens of Pawnee, passed away, his death resulting from heart trouble and kindred affections. He was an appreciated member of the local Grand Army post, and stood high in the councils of his church, universally respected and mourned by a large number of relatives and friends.
He lacked but a few short days of completing the allotted span of life, and he felt his work was done. His death, which occurred Friday morning, was wired to a sister in Canada, and that night a telegram was received here stating that she passed away that evening, presumably from the shock caused by the news of her brother's death.
Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon, and the large number who followed the remains to the cemetery testified to the sincere esteem in which deceased was held by those who knew him.

Bar Banquet
The Pawnee county bar gave a banquet at the National Hotel last Monday night, which was a feast of reason and a flow of soul on the part of the toasters and roasters, all of whom returned thanks to Landlord BARKWELL for the admirable manner in which he provided for his guests. Judge POE presided as toastmaster, and the responses were learned and witty, coming from men who had stopped at this popular hostelry ever since the town was started, and who had been engaged in many legal battles in the old federal court days in Pawnee. It was a night of reminiscence and repartee, with the cares of the world forgotten around the board of good fellowship.

Good Business Management
A. Duff TILLERY, for and on behalf of the state of Oklahoma, came to Pawnee yesterday and shipped to Guthrie sixty cases, one trunk and one barrel of whiskey, which had been captured by Sheriff PUMROY. Capturing and confiscating the booze is all right, but as Pawnee county pays all the bills incident to this transaction, in our humble opinion the proceeds from the sale of these contraband goods should go to the county school fund, or in some other legitimate manner, be directed to the benefit of the county paying the bills.

Mr. and Mrs. W.L. TOMLINSON were up from Jennings between trains yesterday on business. Will says there is an epidemic raging in Jennings, and that the only remedy is to go down and get the fever, which is that of town improvement. All he can about is cement sidewalks, natural gas and inter-urban railway, all of which are soon to be a component part of that community, which has formed itself into a close corporation of boosters.

Willie JOHNSON and John WILSON plead guilty in the district court last Monday, each receiving a sentence of two years in the penitentiary. JOHNSON is the man who stole Chal MARSHALL's team some time ago and WILSON was...

A Well Known Character of this County Captured Saturday by Deputy Sheriff MARSHALL
Some three or four years ago a number of Bulgarian immigrants were held up at Chandler, Lincoln County, by four robbers, and relieved of several hundred dollars. Three men have been arrested, charged with complicity in the crime, and sentenced - one of them to ninety-nine years in the penitentiary.
The Lincoln county authorities have claimed that Fred SPESS, whose home is near the old post office of Basin, this county, was one of the robbers, and have been on the lookout for him ever since. Twice during this time, Deputy Sheriff MARSHALL has come within an ace of capturing SPESS, once forcing him to jump from a moving train, and about two years ago he had to leave his home without hat or shoes in order to make his "get-away."
About a week ago, MARSHALL notified Sheriff MARTIN, of Lincoln county, that he had reason to believe SPESS was hiding at home for a few days, and that if he wanted the gentleman, to come up and say so. Sheriff MARTIN responded by dropping into Pawnee last Friday, accompanied by a deputy, and that night Mr. MARSHALL took them down to Keystone where they added Deputy Sheriff Scott BRADLEY to the force, and proceeded to the SPESS home early Saturday morning.
So quietly and quickly die the officers surround the enter the house that SPESS had no opportunity to fight or escape, and he was promptly delivered over to Sheriff MARTIN and taken to Chandler.
SPESS was not inclined to talk, but remarked to MARSHALL, "You have kept at this thing until you caught me, and the credit is yours." The Lincoln county officers think SPESS will undoubtedly be convicted, and look for him to receive a long sentence.
As SPESS said, the credit for locating and capturing him belongs to Deputy Sheriff MARSHALL, who has managed to become cognizant of SPESS' movements each time he has tried to spend a few hours at his old home. In that neighborhood the SPESS boys have frequently been troublesome, and are feared by those who know them.

Indian Lands Sold
At the sale of Indian lands, advertised for last Monday, but few bids were submitted, and as a majority of them were below the appraised value, no sale was made in such cases. The following four tracts; however were sold:
The southwest quarter of the northwest quarter and lot 2 in section 5, township 18, range 5, to George W. HARLOW, for $3,500.
Lot 3 in southeast quarter of section 24 and lot 9 in the northeast quarter of section 25, township 24, range 4, to Jasper T. CROW for $525.

Masham Items:

Miss Lulu BURKDOLL was the guest of Miss Edith POULTON Sunday.

Johnnie HAWS marketed hogs in Pawnee Saturday.

Miss Maggie HAWS was the guest of Miss Gertrude VAUGHAN Sunday.

Elmer PERRY's little boy fell off the porch last Monday and fell on a funnel, cutting his face quite badly.

Mr. EDWARDS and family visited at J.F. HAWS Sunday.

Quay Quibbles:

The social function of the week at this place was the family reunion at the residence of J.P. HOKE last Sunday. There are ten children in the HOKE family and they were all present at the parental hearth stone at that time, and partook of a bountiful dinner, both substantial and dainty, and some of the children who are accustomed to boarding house meals, were unanimous in their expression that no one can cook quite so well as mother.
The following are the names of the family in order: Mrs. Addie BEELER, Quay; Charles HOKE, Oklahoma City; Harry HOKE, Pittsburgh, PA; Mary HOKE, Sapulpa; George, Mae and Rhoda HOKE, Stillwater; and Roy, Jesse and James of Quay, who have never left the home nest.
In the afternoon, the entire family was photographed by Mr. BLACK of Sapulpa, who is also a visitor at the HOKE home this week. It is the first time the children have all been together for several years and Mr. and Mrs. HOKE wore a smile all day that is only made possible by bright, prosperous and happy children.
That this pleasant event may be repeated many times in the years to come, is the wish of their many friends in this community.

Miss Eliza WELLS was married last Monday to a Mr. MARKLEY, who lives four miles east of Quay.

George HOKE left Tuesday for Arkansas City, where he will be employed during the summer vacation in the offices of the Santa Fe Railroad Co.

A.T. COOK was a Pawnee visitor last Friday forenoon.

Mrs. Bessie KRAMER and little daughter, Guenn, were guests at the CULLISON home last Sunday.

Charles HOKE left Tuesday morning for Enid on a business trip in the interest of the agricultural department.

Dave TROXEL spent last Sunday in Pawnee with friends.

Mrs. Thomas CRAIG and children, of Pawnee, were guests of Mr. H.E. ROOT and wife the latter part of last week.

Miss Edna ROOT returned to her home last Tuesday afternoon after spending several days in Pawnee.

Miss Bertha MAKIN returned from an extended visit in Tulsa last Sunday night. Her sister, Lora, is in Tulsa at present, visiting kin.

Mr. W.T. BEELER and wife and Mrs. E.L. SENFT went to Pawnee last Wednesday as delegates to the 2nd district missionary convention of the Christian Church.

J.W. CUSTER went to Enid last Sunday week to visit his son, Newt, whose wife has been ill for several months. She is improving rapidly and was able to go to Beaver county last Tuesday, where she will spend the rest of the summer with her sister, Mrs. Charles HENNIGH. We are very glad indeed to be able to report Mrs. CUSTER's convalescence.

Memorial services will be conducted at the M.E. church in this place next Sunday morning at 11 o'clock by the pastor, Rev. BEHR. On Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock the Decoration Day exercises will be held at the same place. After the service at the church, the people will march to the cemetery, where the graves will be decorated.

Local News:

Andrew FERGUSON, station agent for the Santa Fe at Skedee and Miss Mabel MASSEY, also of Skedee, were married May 25, 1910, by Justice of the Peace HALE, in this city.

Mike FOLEY, of Fairfax, was in Pawnee Monday and Tuesday of this week, en route to Chicago, where he goes for a few weeks visit with friends.

Geo. LAMOTTE, of the Agency force was selected a member of the city council at the Thursday evening meeting to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of W.C. TUCKER. Mr. LAMOTTE is so far inexperienced in duties aldermanic, but he possesses all the characteristics requisite to ably represent his ward and the position will afford him an opportunity to develop in both oratory and statesmanship.

Henry LOVEALL, living north of town, had the misfortune to break his collar bone last Sunday while roping a steer. He came in to the Buffalo Park Sanatorium that afternoon and returned home rejoicing, thought meditation as to whether the accident would have occurred had he postponed the roping one day.

June 2, 1910

Whereas, our Heavenly Father has seen fit in His infinite wisdom to call the father and sister of our beloved brother, Gilbert R. GOULD, from their earthly home to that home not made by hands eternal in the Heavens, Therefore be it,
Resolved, That we extend him our heartfelt sympathy, in this, his hour of sorrow, and while we realize that this sorrow is great, we rejoice to know that it is not without hope.
Resolved Further. That these resolutions be spread upon our minutes, a copy sent to our brother, and that they be published in the Pawnee papers.
E. WADE , A.B. MALLORY, D.M. WALKER, Committee
Whereas, God in His all wise providence has seen fit to call from this life to life eternal the father and sister of our beloved sisters, Cora STAFFORD and Alice GOULD.
Resolved, That we extend to them our heartfelt sympathy in this, their double bereavement, and while they sorrow, it is not without hope, for they have the anticipation of the time when they shall again clasp hands, on the eternal shores.
Resolved Further, That these resolutions be spread upon our minutes and a copy sent to each of them and that they be published in the Pawnee papers.
Estella MERRITT, Mollie MALLORY, Annie GRIFFIN, Committee
I hereby announce myself as a candidate for renomination to the office of representative from Pawnee county subject to the decision of Republican voters at the primaries, August 2, 1910.
I hereby announce myself as a candidate for county surveyor, subject to the wish of the Republicans at the primaries on August 2, 1910.

To the Feeding Public
I am now located just west of the Pawnee National Bank, in the new Odd Fellow building, and invite the public's patronage. The best meals and short orders in the city. Everything new and clean - Art GOODNIGHT

Best and Cheapest Boot Maker in the City
Cowboy Boots and Cripple Feet a Specialty. Repairing in all branches at Marx Brothers, in rear of Clothing Department - E. MATHERS, Prop.


Mrs. James HUDSON was operated on for appendicitis, on Tuesday morning of this week, at Buffalo Sanatorium, and is getting along as fine as can be.

S.D. ALLEN, the lightning rod man, who was formerly a resident of Pawnee, is up from Tulsa this week, putting rods on the BUZAN house, northwest of town.

V. PUTNAM leaves tonight for Tulsa, where he will join the special train of commercial travelers from Oklahoma City to Kansas City, to attend the Kansas-Oklahoma-Missouri annual meeting of the U.C.T.'s.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse PETER and family have moved to Pawnee from Oxford, Kansas, and expect to make this city their future home. Mr. PETER is connected with the dry goods firm of J.A. PETER & Co., whose business has grown to such an extent that the non-resident partner's presence is made necessary.

O.M. LANCASTER was up from Tulsa yesterday. On next Tuesday, he and Mrs. LANCASTER leave for California, it being their intention to put in the summer visiting Pacific points of interest in the hope of benefiting Mrs. LANCASTER's health. In Pawnee county, where their friends are legion, the wish is universal that the trip may be a successful and prosperous one.

Mr. W.W. GREEN, who some two weeks ago was operated on at Buffalo Park Sanatorium for appendicitis, returned home yesterday, completely restored to health. Considering her age and condition, the family and friends of Mrs. GREEN were extremely apprehensive of the result of the operation, but are rejoiced at the success that has attended her treatment.

Mrs. Nellie HERRIMAN has received her diamond ring from the Daily Oklahoma, and it is a beauty. Mrs. HERRIMAN won third prize in the recent subscription contest put on by the newspaper.

George CARLISLE, wife and daughter, living near Maramec, were county seat visitors last Thursday.

H.C. HANNA returned last Friday from a prospecting tour way down in Florida, where he visited the oldest town in America, St. Augustine, and on Monday evening he left for Marysville, Kansas, to participate in a HANNA family reunion, the first in many years. In his round-about travels, though, his pleasantest trips are toward Pawnee.

Miss Mattie PETER returned home last Monday night, having finished a two year's course in vocal and instrumental music under Prof. MARSHALL at Epworth University, Oklahoma City. We understand that she and Mrs. B. L. PETER will next week open a conservatory of music in Pawnee, over the store of B.A. LEHEW, announcement of which will appear in our next issue.

Charles POTTS, son of James POTTS, a resident of the Lone Jack neighborhood, died last Sunday, his death resulting from tuberculosis. Some eight months ago an operation was performed on the deceased, in the hope of preventing the spread of the disease, but it had taken too firm a hold on him. The sympathy of the entire neighborhood is extended to the bereaved family.

Rev. INGRAHAM was a busy man last Sunday and Monday. On Sunday morning he preached the Memorial sermon at Blackburn, then drove back to Pawnee and preached a similar sermon here at 3:00 p.m., and on Monday he delivered the Memorial address at Jennings, which is covering the situation and one county about as completely as can reasonably be expected of one man.


The Memorial services here were well attended and a good program rendered. Rev. C.N. BROOKE, of the U.B. church, delivered the Memorial address on Sunday.

H.E. REDDING has been hunting for two or three days for a walking cane, but can't find anything nice enough for him. (He is a grandpa.)

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph CROW, of Quay, are the proud parents of a fine boy.

Ed ATKINSON reports a young cyclone in his neighborhood last Monday evening. It uprooted trees and took the roof off G.W. LAWSON's barn.

John HEROLD, of Jennings, is visiting at home this week.

Mrs. Deck PRATHER returned home last Tuesday, from Kansas, where she has been visiting a sick brother.


The stork has been quite busy in this section of the country during the past week, having left boy babies to gladden the homes of both Ralph CROW and Creed BOOTHE. The former arrived last Saturday morning and the latter last Monday afternoon. All parties are doing well, including the new papas in both families, these being their first-born.

The storm last Monday evening did some damage in the way of blowing down small trees and a few hen houses.

The Decoration day exercises at M.E. church wee carried out as planned last Monday afternoon. The attendance was large and the spirit of patriotism ran high. The address delivered by Mr. WELDON, of Cushing, was quite well received.

Misses Lettie BERRY, Minnie STOCKER, and Kate SIMON left Monday morning for Pawnee, where they will be in attendance at the County normal during the next four weeks.

Ira W. HARRISON and family spent last Sunday in visiting at the home of W.I. HARRELL.

H.E. REDDING and his daughter, Miss Clara, came down from Maramec last Saturday to see their new grandson and nephew, respectively. Mr. REDDING seemed "tickled to death" over the advent of his grandson.

Harry HOKE went to Stillwater last Saturday to spend a few days with old friends and incidentally, to take in the commencement exercises at the A&M college this week.

A little daughter of Ed TUCKER, who lives south of town, was kicked by a horse one day last week, thus making a very bad wound on her face. Dr. GAINES was called to attend the case.

Miss Mary HOKE departed for Sapulpa last Sunday afternoon, after a very pleasant week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.P. HOKE.

June 9, 1910

Word has reached Pawnee that Prof. L.B. SNYDER, formerly superintendent of Pawnee's public schools, died at Weatherford, Oklahoma, a few days since. He was buried at Custer City, which city he had made his home since leaving Pawnee, The SNYDER family have many friends in Pawnee who will regret to learn of this casualty, and whose sympathy is extended to the bereaved family.

H.K. WILKERSON, of the Lone Jack neighborhood, had the misfortune to lose a valuable mare on Friday of last week, the animal dying from lock jaw.

John A. HUNTER, treasurer of Osage county, was visiting old Pawnee friends last Saturday. He is a candidate for re-election, and if the Republicans of that county have any idea of defeating him they must put up a perfect man, for John HUNTER is pretty much that kind of a fellow.

Watch Out For Chicken Thieves
Someone had the boldness to go into the chicken yard and stable of Price M. WILLIS Tuesday afternoon and help themselves to thirty-three young chickens.

Easy payments, no taxes or interest, and all set in alfalfa, lots in PUMROY Addition.

June 16, 1910

This issue is missing - no microfilm available.

June 23, 1910

News Of The Week

John MANNING was called to Tulsa last week on business.

John PLUMMER was over from BLACKBURN yesterday on business.

Miss COOK of Junction City, Kansas, is visiting with her sister, Mrs. L.V. ORTON.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy WALKER spent Sunday and Monday in Wichita, Kansas, visiting friends.

Mrs. Vic WEAR departs for Missouri next Monday for a visit with relatives and friends at her old home.

Joe MCNEAL at the court house next Wednesday night at 8 o'clock. Thee will be something said for you to think about.

Mesdames F.W. and W.F. WINROW went to Climax, Kansas yesterday to spend a couple of weeks visiting relatives and old friends.

Wallace STEWART, who recently left Pawnee for Cairo, Illinois, is back this week for a short visit. He says he is prosperous in his new home.

J.H. STERLING made a business trip to Tulsa last Friday.

Dr. WELLER is in Oklahoma City this week on professional business.

Osman INGRAHAM is spending a few days in the neighborhood of Quay.

Rev. A.H. MARSDEN went to Stillwater yesterday to visit with Rev. KENYON.

C.G. MASON, Blackburn's telephone line owner and operator, was a county seat visitor yesterday.

Mrs. BYRON, of Washington, D.C., arrived in the city last Sunday for a visit with her brother, John DONAGHY.

Mrs. W.R. ROBINSON, accompanied by her two grandchildren, went to Okmulgee last Friday, to visit her son.

Arthur PETER, Lee MARX and Harold REXROAD went to Oklahoma City this week to attend a meeting of the Retailer's Association of Oklahoma.

The Alumni will hold their annual business meeting in the Odd Fellows Hall Friday evening, after which a repast will be served at the Silver Moon Cafe.

Miss Madge LAKE left for Fayetteville, Arkansas, last Friday morning, expecting to spend a couple of months visiting friends and relatives in her old home.

Rev. John T. CURTIS leaves for Ponca City today, he having been selected to assist in the installation of Rev. Kelley as pastor of the Presbyterian church of that city.

Mrs. J.H. DAVIS and father, J.R. CONANT, leave next Monday for Illinois, where they will visit relatives and friends during the heated term.

Don't forget to come out next Wednesday evening, the 29th, and hear J.W. MCNEAL tell you why your taxes are higher and how to remedy this evil.

Samuel HALL, of Blackburn, quit killing out the weeds long enough yesterday to make a trip to the county seat. He says crops are looking fine over his way.

Granville BYROM and Miss Clara MCCROSKEY, two prominent young people of the Valley neighborhood, were united in marriage last Monday in this city, at the residence of Rev. INGRAHAM.

Mrs. E.L. COX and two sisters, Misses Grace and Florence ROACH, leave today for Delphi, Indiana, their former home. Mrs. COX will spend the summer there, returning in October, while it is the intention of the sisters to remain.

J.N. GOFF has sold his harness shop to his nephew, T.J. GOFF, and J.W. HOLLOWAY, the latter of Quay, who will take charge July 1. Mr. GOFF has no plans for the immediate future except to take life easy, which he is in shape to do to perfection.

Mrs. MCFARLAND and daughter, of Cambridge, Ohio, sister and niece of H.C. HANNA, arrived in the city last Saturday for a short visit with H.C. and family. They returned Monday afternoon, it being their intention to visit other western points before returning home.

Miss Ruth WARD of Horton, Kansas, arrived in the city last Saturday for a two week visit with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. THOMPSON. She was accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. J.L. DOSTER who left Monday morning for Cleveland, Oklahoma, where they will visit relatives.

Jess PETER has purchased the Arthur PETER property in the south part of the city, and will remove his family to Pawnee as soon as possible, making this their permanent home.

Major NELLIS drove to Ralston Wednesday on official business. The citizens there wanted to buy a piece of Indian land, joining the town on the south, for a park and driving purposes.

A.D. KROW, one of Ralston's vigilant citizens, came down Tuesday morning on his motor cycle, making the trip in about 35 minutes. He was here on business before the county commissioners.

Rev. John T. CURTIS filled the Presbyterian pulpit at Bartlesville last Sunday. He speaks very highly of his reception and entertainment at the oil city, and was favorably impressed with that city's business possibilities.

Pawnee Camp No. 7606 M.W.of A. will meet in regular session Friday night June 24th, when a class of fourteen candidates will be instructed in the mysteries of Woodcraft; visitors from neighboring camps will be present.

C.S. DAVIS, who lives west of town, went to Guthrie last Thursday for the double purpose of attending the Republican state convention and interviewing the school land department with reference to his lease. The convention put him in such good humor that he viewed with a good deal of humor the promises of the school land officials.

Quite a bunch of candidates went to Jennings last Friday to hear Grabber HASKELL speak and to do a little speaking on their own hook. Owing to a little matter in court which appeared to claim Haskell's attention, the governor failed to show up, but the boys all enjoyed themselves just the same, as they had the talkfest all to themselves.

Mr. and Mrs. TENSFIELD and daughter, Ruby, who started for Colorado a few weeks ago in a wagon, accompanied by Miss Stella ADAMS, returned to Pawnee last Sunday. Mr. TENSFIELD is not much in love with the part of Colorado he saw, trees, grass and water being too scarce, and as he had a chance to sell his outfit for a good price, he concluded to come home. Miss ADAMS stopped off in western Kansas, where she will visit with an aunt until her Pawnee folks join her and proceed to Colorado for the summer.

Word has reached Pawnee that A.F. WOLF, the well known town site promoter, died last Saturday at his home in Fayetteville, Arkansas. We understand he had been under hospital treatment for some weeks, but did not learn the nature of his disease. Mr. WOLF was a man of marvelous capacity for work in his line, absolutely knowing no such word as fail...

Off to the Coast
Paul HOPE, an employee at the Santa Fe depot, left Tuesday on a trip to the Pacific coast, and before returning he expects to visit in Kansas City and Chicago and his former Iowa home. Paul has been given a thirty day leave of absence, transportation for the round trip and a ten per cent raise in salary, which makes the world look bright to him. If the promoters and western governors can get together long to pull off the Johnson-Jefferies fight, Paul may be induced to take a look-in, but of course, that is purely and incident to the trip.

A Lost Boy
C.P. HARRIS spent the greater part of last week in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and other points looking for his son, Harold HARRIS, who disappeared from his home in Cleveland, March 10th. The boy is 14 years old, round face and has scar in edge of hair over left temple.
Mr. Harris fears he was drowned in the Arkansas River. Anyone finding the boy will confer a great favor by notifying the father, C.P. HARRIS, phone 14, Cleveland, Oklahoma

Gone To Rest
Mrs. H.C. ROCK was laid to rest last Friday morning after an illness of several months. Mr. and Mrs. ROCK and their daughter came to Pawnee but little over a year ago from Colorado, and shortly after establishing their home here, Mrs. ROCK became ill. She was taken away for treatment some months ago, but continued to grow worse, and finally sank to sleep. The bereaved husband and daughter have the sympathy of friends and the consolation that a loved one has ceased to suffer.

Welcomed Home
County Attorney COLE and bride arrived in Pawnee Monday evening, and are at home in the MCGUIRE residence. On Monday night, however, they were at home to about one hundred young people, among whom were the teachers attending the county normal, and life was one grand, sweet song to the Newly Weds as they received the rather vociferous demonstrations of friendship and congratulations showered upon them.
These generous and volcanic greetings to bride and groom are quite the custom in Pawnee and are expected to grow in fervor until N.E. MCNEILL, county judge and Democratic aspirant for congressional honors, who is himself a most liberal promoter of this class of sport, is finally ensnared in the meshes of domestic felicity. It is faintly whispered that on the occasion, no pent-up Utica will contract the efforts of 'Mac's' admirers and debtors. The lid will be off or blow off then.
Mr. and Mrs. E.M. CLARK will entertain this evening in honor of Redmond S. COLE and wife. The invited guests are Messrs. and Mesdames L. V. ORTON, Frank PHILLIPS, Cecil JAY, Shapard THORNTON, L.P. SAUNDERS, A.V. HARRISON, F.S. LISCUM, Laurence GRAY, Fred PETER, Wayne MOATS, Ralph JOHNSON and Harvey HOLLIDAY, the latter couple of Fairfax.

An examination for rural carriers was held in Postmaster BUSHORR's office last Saturday, the following applicants being examined: Messrs. Earl SUTHERLIN, James MORTON, Amos ROBERTS, Albert E. ROBBINS, of Ralston, and Frank KYGER, of Pawnee.

B.F. MEANS, after revelling in Oklahoma City hot air for a year or more, has become thoroughly disillusioned and disinfected and is back among his own people in Pawnee, looking after his coal and cotton business. Some sense to that.


Miss Marianna NORMAN and Helen JANEWAY, of Stillwater, were in Pawnee last night for a visit with friends.

Lost - Solitaire diamond - Finder will receive liberal reward - return to C.E. VANDERVOOT.

Miss Helen GRAY, of Stillwater, is spending a few days with Mrs. _.M. WILLIS.

Walter COLVIN, who is now working in Yale, was a Pawnee visitor yesterday.

June 30, 1910

Dr. E.B. MCCARL Dead
Last Friday night, at midnight, Dr. E.B. McCarl, health office of Pawnee county, died at the hospital in Oklahoma City, from peritonitis. On the previous Monday he was stricken with appendicitis, at his home in Jennings, but before he could reach the hospital the appendix burst. Everything known to medical science was done, but his condition was hopeless, and the end came after much suffering.
Dr. MCCARL was born in Hancock County, Illinois, and was 32 years of age at the time of his death. He enlisted as a volunteer in the United States Armin in 1898, and served with distinction in the Philippines. Upon his return home he entered a medical college, graduating in 1907.
He came to Jennings, Oklahoma in 1908, where he build up a successful practice. He married Miss Nellie HANNA of this city on June f30, 1909, and the two were in enjoyment of a perfect home life up to the time of his illness. Besides a stricken wife, deceased leaves a mother, three brothers and a sister to mourn a common loss.
He was buried at Pawnee, from the Presbyterian church, Sunday afternoon under the auspices of the Masonic fraternity, the lodges of Jennings and Pawnee officiating. His mother and brother from Iowa and Dr. McCarl, of Terlton, were present at the funeral.
He was a conscientious practitioner, a faithful worker and loving husband, and the sympathy of the communities of Pawnee and Jennings is extended to the stricken young wife and relatives.

List of Teachers:

First Grades
Mrs. Marie MOTT, Cleveland
Mrs. Virgie WATKINS, Valley
H.N. CHRONIC, Mannford

Second Grades
Pearl ANDERSON, Yale
Bertha BABCOCK, Glencoe
Clara CAANFIELD, Jennings
Nora CONLEY, Valley
Katharine CUSHENBERRY, Skedee
Mrs. Lou HOLLER, Yale
Ethel JUDY, Pawnee
Ollie KEETON, Maramec
Homer MARBUT, Cassville, Missouri
Gladys MAUZEY, Glencoe
Cora MOZER, Yale
Maude MCCASKEY, Pawnee
Alice MCKILL, Ralston
J.G. NIXON, Ralston
Alice OLSEN, Pawnee
Lille PARSHALL, Terlton
A.W. PERTUCH, Cleveland
Lewis RABA, Valley
Anita REID, Terlton
Amanda ROSE, Terlton
May SHOTWELL, Terlton
Annie SMITH, Lela
Alma STEWART, Terlton
Fannie TRUESDELL, Maramec
Stella TRUMAN, Pawnee
Alice WATKINS, Hallett
Hazel CHRONIC, Mannford

Third Grades
Lucy BAKER, Terlton
Bennie BOTZ, Yale
Rena BURGMAN, Pawnee
Lee CHASE, Ralston
Oakley COCHRAN, Ralston
Blanch DOUGLAS, Yale
Blanch DOYLE, Cleveland
Erma KRAUSS, Pawnee
Alverta LADY, Pawnee
Jessie LANE, Pawnee
Mildred LIZAR, Douglas
Flossie MARBLE, Hallett
Mabel MEAD, Cleveland
Vida PURCELL, Cleveland
Annie SHIPMAN, Pawnee
Katie SIMON, Quay
Minnie STOCKER, Quay
Myrtle THOMPSON, Pawnee
Josie TRUESDELL, Maramec
Clarence VAUGHN, Glencoe
Gertrude VAUGN, Pawnee (possibly VAUGHN?)
Bertha VAUGHN, Glencoe
Sallie VAUGHN, Glencoe
Anne WATKINS, Maramec
Fern WARDLOW, Ralston
Olive WILSON, Keystone

July 7, 1910

Cleveland Clippings

John FARABEE was in the city a few days the first of the week visiting old friends. John is employed as special detective in the railroad yards at Kansas City.

Mr. and Mrs. E.L. RICE and daughters arrived in the city Tuesday from San Bernardino, California for a months visit with the families of S.W. FENTON and F.L. WOOLARD, and with his mother, Mrs. Q.A. RICE.

Several Cleveland automobilists went up on the Hominy road last week and did some work so that the road is now in better condition for getting to Hominy. We understand Mr. GILBERT's car was the best hill climber in the bunch.

A number of new U.S. maps were distributed in town last week. The man who made them either had it in for Cleveland or was ignorant of the location of the best small town in Oklahoma, as he left our town off the map, but gave the other towns in the county. Otherwise, the map is all right.

Ralston Reflections

G.M. AUL and family have moved to Morrison, where he will secure employment on the interurban railroad being built through that section of the country.

Guy HANNER returned Friday evening from Idaho, where he has been for about ten days. Guy says he likes the country pretty well, but Oklahoma is a good place after all.

About 11 o'clock last Wednesday night, it was discovered that Earl SUTHERLAND's house was on fire. By the time that the family was awakened, it was too late to save other than the organ and sewing machine. The house was insured for $1,400. We were unable to learn the origin of the fire.

Word comes to us that W.A. SMITH has gone from Leavenworth, Kansas, to Dayton, Ohio, where he will be under the care of an expert eye specialist. Mr. SMITH does not know just when he will be home. We are all getting lonesome for a sight of "Old Bill Smith," and hope that he will soon be on the road to complete recovery.

Blackburn Items

Word has been received from A.C. MOHNEY that he is well pleased with Colorado and has bought a farm near Kline.

The local gun artists tried conclusions with the farmer boys a couple of times last week and carried off the short end of the score both times.

Col. E. WALTERS returned the latter part of last week from a trip to southeastern Oklahoma, where he conducted a number of successful town lot sales.

Quay Quibbles

Mrs. Nellie CLIFTON and daughter, Martha, of Dewey, arrived last Saturday afternoon to visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.E. ROOT, of this place. She returned on Monday afternoon, taking with her, Miss Edna ROOT, her sister.

John SIMMONS, Dave TROXEL and A.T. COOK spent July 4 in Pawnee.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred CONNICK left last Sunday morning for Winfield, Kansas, to visit for a couple of weeks with friends and relatives. C.H. CONNICK is attending to the cold drink business while he is away.

Osman, Daniel and Samuel INGRAHAM returned to Pawnee last Sunday morning after spending a short time here among the farmers helping them to get their cotton cleaned out.

Mr. and Mrs. C.M. PROWANT and daughter, Miss Vernie, spent the Fourth in Agra with E.D. PROWANT, who is postmaster at that place.

Mr. and Mrs. C.A. BAILEY and little daughter, Lorena Merle, of Cushing, visited with friends and relatives here a few days last week.

J.L. HOLLOWAY left last Thursday night for Canada, where he will spend the summer.

Gene SHARPE has taken charge of the dog kennels at this place and has moved into the residence directly across from the kennels.

Dr. J.W. GAINES was taken ill very suddenly one day last week, and was taken to the home of W.T. BEELER, where he was cared for until he was able to return to his office.

Maramec Musings

S.M. FUGATE loaded a car load of hogs in Maramec Tuesday, to take advantage of Kansas City's high market.

D.W. FAY has sold his stock, crops and good will to J. RUPPERT. Dan has hiked west in search of a better climate for his wife's health. Here's hoping he may succeed.

Candidates for office are all over the county and each one saying two words for himself and one for the other fellow. About all the good the women can do is to wish them success and start them on.

Jonathan WILES and wife, of Ralston, visited with W.A. WATERS and family the latter part of last week. Mr. WILES is a brother of Mrs. WATERS and is cashier of a Ralston bank.

Last Thursday, the young people of the Methodist Sunday school enjoyed a picnic in Fran BELDED's grove. A good crowd was present and everybody enjoyed themselves.

July 14, 1910

Partial list of Republicans who have filed for offices this Fall:
County Commissioner, first district: Charles M. BUTLER, Cleveland.
County Commissioner, second district: W.J. NAIL, Eagle township; E.M. WILLARD, Masham.
County Commissioner, third district: Walter ANNETT, Cleveland; W.H. DONALD, Valley; Daniel HALL, Blackburn.
County Surveyor: John W. GRIESEL, Pawnee.
Coal Creek Township:
Trustee: Eugene SCHOMICK
Treasurer: J.B. KEATON
Clerk: Alvin WALKER
Constable: J.H. ZOLDUSKY, J.A. LOWRY
Justice of the Peace: H.D. SAUNDERS, L.E. ROBBINS

Auto Delivery
Leslie KERNS, carrier for Route No. 1, has purchased a Brush run-about, and is now enabled to cover his twenty-one miles of territory in very short time in seasonable weather. Leslie is to be commended upon his enterprise, and the farmers along his route should show their appreciation by doing their part toward making and keeping better roads.
With good roads it is possible for rural carriers with auto delivery to lay the morning mail in the farmers' boxes by noon - just as soon as the city merchant gets it. Let farmers and their township officers agitate this subject, and by proper effort, good roads all over the county will soon take the place of ruts, rocks and wash-outs.

Sudden Death of A Pioneer
J.A. BURKHOLDER, One of Pawnee County's Earliest Settlers, Died at Cleveland Last Monday
News reached Pawnee Tuesday morning that J.A. BURKHOLDER, for many years a citizen of this county, had died at Cleveland the previous night of heart trouble. Mr. BURKHOLDER, whose home of late years has been in Seattle, Washington, had been in Indiana, visiting his old home and friends, and was returning to the Pacific coast by way of Pawnee and Payne counties, in order to see other old friends.
As the train neared Cleveland early Saturday morning he became dangerously ill, and was removed to the Sutton hotel in that city for treatment, where he died Monday evening.
He is survived by his wife and two grown daughters in their Seattle home. His eldest daughter died several years ago and is buried at Stillwater.
Funeral arrangements await the arrival and direction of his brother, C.C. BURKHOLDER, of Indian.
John A. BURKHOLDER was a true pioneer. Born in Indiana in 1850, as a young man he spent many years mining in Arizona and Nevada, the hardships then endured being largely responsible for his untimely death. He mad and lost many fortunes in the far west, returning later to Indiana, where he married and afterward moved to Kansas.
Later he came to Oklahoma at the opening, locating at Jennings September 16, 1893, where he lived and prospered until moving to his western home. He was an ardent Mason and a member of all the York Rite degrees, as well as the Consistory.
A strong and useful man has suddenly been taken from the scenes of his activities.

A Sudden Summons
The death of Mrs. Geo. H. MCELROY, of Jennings, in this city last Friday evening came as a surprise to the many friends of herself and husband. She has been under treatment for some time, but it was the hope of those near and dear to her that she might be spared to the husband and son who survive her.
Accompanied by immediate relatives, the body was taken to Pilot Grove, Missouri, for interment Saturday evening. The sympathy of a large circle of friends in Pawnee, city and county, is extended to the bereaved husband and child, who are left to mourn the death of a loving wife and devoted mother.

Frisco Wreck
A freight wreck on the Frisco yesterday morning delayed the mails somewhat, besides tearing up about one hundred feet of track and turning over four cars of Wheat. The wreck occurred near Casey, and the men are today engaged in picking up wheat and repairing track. Art GOODNIGHT sent out forty-four dinners for the laborers this noon. No one was injured, but considerable damage was done to the property.


G.W. HUGHES went to Claremore on Tuesday of this week, where he will enjoy the baths for a few days, after which he will make a business trip to Kansas City.

Bonnie SEEVERS went to Guthrie last Friday to accept a position with the Western Union Telegraph Company as bookkeeper. This recognition of Bonnie's merits as an employee is much appreciated by his family and friends, as he has grown up in Pawnee. His promotion has been by strict attention to business and absolute honesty.

With Our Correspondents -

Maramec Musings

Casper KAYSER and wife of Chandler, formerly pioneer settlers of Pawnee County, are visiting with old-time friends and neighbors. He won the prize for during the farthest to celebrate at Maramec the 4th.

C.P. ROCK and Geo. H. SMITH, president and cashier, respectively, of the Arkansas Valley National Bank of Pawnee, were in Maramec Tuesday, attending a semi-annual meeting of the directors of the First State Bank at this place.

Mr. and Mrs. BUCK entertained her Sunday school class of the UB Church, July 3rd, also Rev. BOWMAN and family of Pawnee. A sumptuous dinner was served and all enjoyed their hospitality and hope to have many happy times in the coming future.

We have been informed that R.C. JONES, our cotton gin manager, was married June 28, at Guthrie, to Miss Juliett ARTHER of Guthrie. They are now in Colorado Springs spending the summer, but will be at home to their friends September 1st, at Cushing.

The Maramec Captain Monitor joins with his many friends here in extending congratulations and wishing Mr. and Mrs. Jones a long and pleasant journey through life.

Blackburn Items

Roy BLOOM met an automobile as he was driving to Fairfax Sunday to play in the band at the celebration, and his team, not liking the looks of the "critter," did a runaway stunt which resulted in a broken buggy tongue. Roy borrowed a tongue from a farmer in the neighborhood and drove on to Fairfax in time to join the band.

Ross and Roger ROUNTREE came over from Skiatook Saturday to spend a week with relatives and friends here. The boys are well pleased with their new home, and say there is a good chance for their father to get in on the oil development of that section, as his farm is located but two miles from the big gusher recently brought in.

The Methodist camp meeting began Wednesday at the old school grounds. A large tabernacle has been secured with ample seating capacity for all who may care to come. evangelist BERNSTOFF of Winfield, Kansas, and his singer, Rev. SAILOR, are in charge of the meeting.

First Municipal Election For The Town of Terlton
The following were the nominees:
First ward: J.J. MCCARL
Second ward: V.E. MILLER
Third ward: C.E. KIBBE
Clerk: J.M. HAYDEN
Treasurer: J.W. PARSHALL
Assessor: I.A. WRIGHT
Marshall: T.J. STORM
Justice of the Peace: J.E. FLORER

Quay Quibbles

Pearl and Willard BURD, of Meta, Missouri, are visiting the HOSKINS families in Quay and surrounding country.

Miss Emma BELL is sick at her home southeast of town this week.

Miss Dessie BYLES, of McAlester, arrived last week to spend some time with her aunt, Mrs. J.P. HOKE.

Chas. HOKE spent last Thursday and Friday with his parents in this place. Charles was the orator of the day at a farmers picnic at Eufala on July 4th.

Miss Dessie HEDGES, of Ralston, arrived last Saturday afternoon, and is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. NEFF.

Mr. and Mrs. WALTERS spent a few days the latter part of last week with W.J. BERRY and family. Mrs. WALTERS was formerly Miss Lou BERRY. Mr. WALTERS is agent at a station in western Kansas.

Miss Lucille BERRY continues to be ill, but is better this week.

Mrs. Ben MAKIN spent last Sunday in Pawnee with relatives.

Mrs. J.F. PETTLE and children left last Sunday morning for Bessie, Oklahoma, where John has a position in the offices of a railroad company.

M.E. BOLES sold his farm northwest of town last week, and is preparing to go to California to make his home.

July 21, 1910

Death of Mrs. J.D. TURNER
The people of Pawnee received a shock last Friday morning when the news spread that Mrs. J.D. TURNER had died at 8:30 the night before. Only a very few knew that she had been sick. Starting from a small burn on the face on the Monday previous, blood poisoning developed rapidly, and in spite of the very best medical attention, it was impossible to check it.
She was buried Friday afternoon from the family residence, leaving a devoted husband and five children to mourn the loss of a loving wife and mother. The sincere sympathy of the entire community goes out to the bereaved family who survive here.

Shooting Scrape
Word reached Pawnee this morning that a man by the name of BROWN, living near Dixie, had been shot twice last night by a man named REED, who is said to be about sixty years of age. It is said REED suspicioned BROWN of being too well acquainted with Mrs. REED, and had threatened to kill both of them. County Attorney COLE and Under Sheriff LOUTHAN went down this morning to make a thorough investigation. REED, it is said, made his escape last night.
REED was captured early this morning, near Terlton, by W.R. MAYFIELD.

Good Work
Deputy Sheriff MARSHALL this week made a good turn for the county, rounding up about 800 head of cattle in Otoe township, which the owners were trying to get out of the county's jurisdiction in order to avoid the payment of taxes. Mr. MARSHALL came in this morning, a little the worse for the loss of sleep and food, but satisfied that he had done a pretty good job for the county.

Arm Broken
Last evening, while Mrs. B.A. BOLTON and Mrs. CHASTEEN were out driving, the horse became frightened and ran away, overturning the buggy and throwing both occupants to the ground. Mrs. BOLTON's right arm was broken, and she was otherwise badly bruised, while Mrs. CHASTEEN sustained a fractured rib.
Both ladies were taken home and medical attendance promptly summoned, and both are resting as easily as could be expected today. The accident occurred near the Catholic church.


Miss Fern TANSEY was taken to Oklahoma City last Sunday morning where she was operated on for appendicitis. She was accompanied by her sisters, Misses Sadie and Emma TANSEY, who report that the invalid is getting along nicely.

Judge GARBER will address the citizens of Pawnee at the courthouse this evening.

Mrs. R.E.L. DANIELS left for Missouri Tuesday morning, where she will visit relatives and friends during the next few weeks.

Rev. BOWAN, of the E.B. Church, is attending the state camp meeting this week, but will be home in time for services next Sunday.

Mrs. BADGER went to Fairfax Tuesday afternoon to visit her daughter, Mrs. WITCRAFT. From there, she goes to visit in Pawhuska for a few days.

Mrs. FRITCH, of Kansas City, who with her daughter, Miss Lee, has been spending a few weeks visiting friends near Pawnee, left for her home last Saturday.

Samuel HALL was in the city from Blackburn Tuesday evening, driving over to listen to John FIELDS talk. He has always been a FIELDS enthusiast, and returned home firmer than ever in the faith.

R.E.L. DANIELS, chief clerk at the agency, left Tuesday for Colorado, where he will assist in the government land sales at San Luis, after which he expects to enjoy a short vacation among the mountains and streams of that state.

W.H. SOUSLEY returned Saturday from his trip to Canada. He says that he is mighty glad to get back under the right kind of a flag, and thinks it is only a question of time when the entire Pawnee county colony will come trotting back.

Fred LOGAN, one of the Republican candidates for county clerk, is in the city today, stopping over on his way to Cleveland to talk with the Republicans a little about his candidacy. Mr. LOGAN lives in Ralston...

The Christian Endeavor society of the U.B. church held a box supper in the study room of the church last Monday evening, which netted the snug sum of $9.00 besides the enjoyment. The proceeds go toward paying the assessment made to defray the expenses of the state association.

Mrs. Fred PETER and daughter left for Kansas City Tuesday afternoon, where they will visit relatives...

Adam ERION broke the record on wheat, bring in his crop, which reached a test of 65 pounds to the bushel - making an average of 33 bushes to the acre, off of 110 acres.

McQueen is a live town. The First Sate Bank of McQueen is in operation, receiving on the first day it opened $2,519.05 on deposit. A stock company has been organized to erect a cotton gin, to cost about $7,500; work on a 24x60 foot general stone building is underway, and the building committee of the Methodist church has made arrangements to start a structure.

Blackburn Items

J.D. MILLER came up from Carney Wednesday evening to spend a few days looking after business and visiting relatives. He reports rain badly needed in his section.

Frank ROE and Billy COTHAM reported the first cotton blossoms of the season last week. Of course they both claim to have seen them first, but both are early enough to be content to share the honors.

A.C. DRAKE had an attack of neuralgia in the head, or something of that nature, the first of the week, which caused his family considerable alarm for a time. He is now able to be out, but is not in first-class condition by any means.

J.E. STALLARD returned last week from a trip to Stillwater, Cushing and other Payne county points. He reports that in traveling through the farming country of that section he saw only two fields of corn that looked anything like as good as can be found all over this section.

Jesse BYROM, son of J.K. BYROM, died last Saturday and was buried Sunday in the Blackburn cemetery. The young man had been working over near Pawnee, and had was taken down with measles. On his partial recovery he came to his father's home, south of town, to recuperate, but a relapse set in with fatal result.

Quay Quibbles

Mrs. Emma BELL, whose illness was reported last week, died at her home southeast of town, last Friday evening about 8 o'clock after a short illness of a little more than a week, during which time she was unconscious most of the time.
She left one son, three sisters, three brothers, and an aged mother to mourn her loss, all of whom were present at the funeral, except two sisters who live in Iowa, and a brother who lives in northwestern Nebraska.
Funeral services were held at the M.E. church, of which the deceased was a member, on Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. BEHR officiating.

Mrs. Addie BEELER and children left Tuesday morning for Fairfax and Newkirk, for a visit with relatives and friends.

Miss Enda ROOT returned from Dewey last Sunday afternoon, and was very agreeably surprised to find that her parents had supplanted her organ by a brand new piano.

Everett and Mable HOSKINS gave a party at their home last Tuesday night in honor of their cousins, Willard and Pearl BURD, of Meta, Missouri, who are visiting them. There were about thirty invited guests and it goes without saying that children of this age had a good time.

Miss Eva CRAVEN left Sunday for Fairfax, to stay awhile with her aunt, Mrs. Harvey HOLLIDAY, who is ill.

James INGRAHAM of Pawnee, spent last Sunday with friends in Quay.

E.W. CRAVEN and little daughter, Miss Ona, were in Pawnee last Sunday.

Dave TROXWELL was called to Hominy last Friday to take charge of a stock of general merchandise, and will be gone for several weeks.

A very sad accident occurred last Sunday afternoon at the home of Mr. LEAKE, who lives about nine miles southeast of here. His little boy, four years old, was playing in the front yard and in some way fell head first into a barrel of water and was drowned before he was discovered. Interment took place Monday afternoon at the Quay Cemetery.

Miss Dessie BYLES, who has been visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. HOKE for the past two weeks, left Wednesday for her home in McAlester.

August 4, 1910

A Painful Accident
The little nine year old daughter of Tom SCOTT, who lives sixteen miles northwest of Pawnee, met with a painful accident, which may necessitate the amputation of the little toe of one foot. She was milking Monday evening, when the cow stepped on the child's foot in such a manner as to tear the flesh from the bone of the toe. Mr. SCOTT brought her to Pawnee for medical attention, and while the wound is painful, the girl will soon be all right again.

Major Gordon W. LILLIE was called away last Saturday afternoon by telegram, to join his Wild West and Far East show. It was his intention to remain in Pawnee for a couple of weeks superintending the building of his new residence, but Col. CODY, his partner, wired that he needed him.

Mr. and Mrs. RIDDLE, Malcolm DAVIS and Elmer BARNES went to Maramec Sunday and caught some might fine fish.

Mrs. Horace WEAR and Mrs. E.M. BROWN left Saturday for Colorado. They went for the benefit of Mrs. BROWN's health, and will make a stay of six weeks.

Mrs. S.C. SCOTT, a sister of E.M. CLARK, who has been visiting here, left Saturday morning for St. Paul, Minnesota. Mr. CLARK accompanied her as far as Tulsa.

Mrs. Lena ROWLAND, a sister of Miss Mollie MEURER, came in Sunday. She was called here on account of her son, who assists Miss MEURER in her abstract and insurance work.
Note from Rita BUFORD, researcher - Meurer's Abstract is still in business in Pawnee today. January 2000

Miss Mary MCKAY, who has been the guest of Miss Elizabeth SHAPARD the past two weeks, returned to her home in Arkansas City, Saturday. Miss McKay made many friends, and will be welcomed back by the young people.

S.T. PHILLIPS, of Champaign, Illinois, was in the city last Saturday, on his way to Skedee, where he will locate. Mr. PHILLIPS is an experienced auctioneer, and brings with him first-class recommendations from his former home as to his ability and integrity. As soon as he an get located, he will make a bid for part of the auctioneer business of Pawnee County.

Rev. INGRAHAM held services at Blackburn last Sunday, baptizing over thirty who had lately joined the Christian church in that town. A Rev. MCQUISTON, of Arkansas, a revivalist of considerable merit, has spent some weeks in Blackburn, where there has been a spiritual awakening of late, and the good work done by these gentlemen is being made manifest.

Mr. and Mrs. MULLER, who was called here on account of the illness of Mrs. Muller's brother, Chas. HANN, returned to their home in Perkins, Wednesday.

Mrs. GREENES and daughter, Miss Henrietta, who have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jim DAVIS, have returned to their home in Bloomington, Illinois, after a most pleasant visit here.

Miss Blanche BARR, of Agra, Oklahoma, was in the city Friday making an application to the board for a position here. Mrs. BARR formerly taught in the Tulsa schools and holds a state certificate.

Col. WALTERS, the auctioneer, was over from Blackburn on Monday of this week, and reports that a most successful revival has just closed in that town, which has added to the general dryness of the community and country.

A crowd of young people went out to the Indian dance, north of town, Monday evening. Those in the crowd were: Misses Mabel and Ray JOHNSON, Hazel MALLORY, Gussie CREED, Mary and Ruth CARTER, Messers HARRIS, Elmore, BARTHOLOMEW.

Dr. LEHEW left on Tuesday for a months vacation at Glenwood Springs, Colorado, his family going to visit relatives in Lincoln, Nebraska, during the time. Dr. G.A. LANDES, of Blackburn, who has recently returned from a year's practice on the Pacific coast, will look after Dr. Lehew's practice during his absence, and will be found at the office when not making calls.

On August 2, 1910, which was primary day, Oklahoma was favored by a hot wind - and it was especially hot for the colored brethren.

Mrs. GREEN and little daughter, Wave, leave for Missouri Friday for a visit. Mrs. GREEN has a fine farm there and will look after it while away.

A party of ladies came down from Ralston, Thursday morning to shop: Misses HANCOCK, WOODWARD and Mrs. WILSON. Miss HANCOCK left for her home in Joplin, Missouri, on the evening train.

August 11, 1910

A Pawnee Lady Dead
Word reached Pawnee on Tuesday of this week that Mrs. Carl GEORGE, who grew to womanhood in this city, and is well remembered as Miss Mae HOLMES, died in Kansas City on Monday, at the home of her aunt, Mrs. Mollie PRATHER, tuberculosis being the cause of her death.
Mrs. George's home was in New Orleans, here husband being connected with a foreign house in buying and shipping lumber, but for some time she had been with her aunt in Kansas city, slowly sinking to the end. The sympathy of her Pawnee friends is extended to the bereaved relatives.

C.E. VANDERVOORT returned from his trip to Pawhuska and Tulsa Wednesday evening.

Mrs. KITCHELL, who has been visiting her father, Mr. SWAINEY, returned to her home in Hominy Wednesday morning.

Charles SHAPARD went to Tulsa Sunday, for a few days visit.

Letter List
Following is a list of letters remaining uncalled for August 10, 1910:
COLEMAN, Gertrude
DUNN, John
FOSTER, Jessie
HILL, John
MARRS, Mrs. M.M.
When calling for the above, please say advertised - L.N. BUSHORR, Post Master

Miss EDWARDS, who has been visiting in Cleveland and Pawnee, returned to her home in Blackwell Saturday.

Miss MENTZER, who has been here visiting with her brothers, returned to her home in Mentone, Indiana, Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ike KATZ left Sunday for New York, where they will buy their fall goods and enjoy a little city life.

Mrs. E. REEVES, who has been here looking after her property, returned to her home in Stillwater Tuesday morning.

Miss Flo MAYER, of St. Louis, is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ike KATZ for the week. From here, she will go to Guthrie for a visit.

Mrs. Lena ROWLAND and son, Joe, left for their home in Independence, Kansas, Friday. Joe has gone home to recuperate from his recent illness.

Saturday, there was a large crowd of people in town and the expressions on their faces was much more pleasing than it has been for some time, even if they did have a hard time getting to town in the mud.

Mrs. Rabe ELLIOTT, accompanied by her two daughters, Misses Cloey and Rose, left Saturday for New Castle, Wyoming, where they will join Mr. ELLIOTT. Quite a crowd of their friends were at the station to bid them farewell. We regret to have them leave us, but hope they will be well pleased with their new home.

Mr. Oscar GOLF, who has been visiting his brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Tom GOLF, returned to his home at Catsby, Oklahoma, Friday.

T.D. GENTRY and wife of Fairview, Missouri, were here last week visiting A.W. GENTRY and family. Lester GENTRY accompanied them home.

Mrs. J.M. POULTER from out west of town, was called to Salisbury, Missouri, Tuesday, on account of the serious illness of her father, C. KELLEY.

Miss Grace CARTER and Mrs. W.M. BAUM, formerly of Pawnee but now of Baxter, Springs, Kansas, passed through here Tuesday on their way to Ralston.

Miss Alma NERMAN, a daughter of former postmaster, NEERMAN, of Stillwater, stopped off in Pawnee Monday, en route for Tulsa. The family now live in that city.

News has reached us from Lawton, that the Constitution Democrat, was burned down last week. This is the paper with which Clint CHATHAM and Wallace PERRY are associated.

By strict application to business during daylight hours and to farming after 8:00 p.m. and on Sundays, Frank WALSH has succeeded in raising some of the finest watermelons this season that we have ever seen. In fact Frank says that, owing to the grandfather clause, he might raise his melons at night or the other fellows will raise them for him. From our standpoint, we are glad Frank concluded to do his own raising.

Mrs. A. HANFT and two visiting nieces, Miss Laura GRADER of Colgate, and Miss Clara DECOSY of St. Louis, spent Sunday at Hallett.

Mr. and Mrs. HILDRETH and little son of Glasgow, Kentucky, cousins of S.H. BARTLEY, are here visiting with a view of locating in Pawnee county.

Mrs. C.W. SHOEMAKER, who has been in Kansas visiting, stopped off in Pawnee Wednesday to spend the day with her son, Mr. Frank SHOEMAKER, on her way to Jennings.

While chopping kindling yesterday Leon BUSHORR had to misfortune to cut a small artery in the left arm. Prompt medical attendance soon stopped the flow of blood, and the young fellow is getting along nicely.

Mrs. T.S. TUCKER, who has been visiting her brother, Wes ROE and sister, Mrs. SELF, of Cleveland, returned to her home in Wellington, Kansas, Saturday evening, accompanied by her little niece, Hester SELF.


J.A. PETER, of Pawnee, was a visitor in Blackburn Wednesday. He was one of a party of fourteen Pawneeites who were en route to the Osage country for a fishing excursion.

H.L. BRUNSON has had a force of men at work on the road two miles west of town, and is doing some splendid work. They are cutting down the hill just east of the SCHEIHING place, and filling in the hollow on this side.

J.T. PERSHALL slipped and fell from the back porch at his residence yesterday morning, striking on his right shoulder. He came up to the store afterwards but was so badly shaken up that he could not stay, and he is now confined to his home. His arm is giving him a great deal of pain, and it is feared that a bone in his shoulder is broken.

Ralston Reflections:

E.A. BULLOCK returned Sunday from his vacation trip to the western states.

Alex LOGAN is making preparations to move to Ralston within the next few days.

Mrs MCDONALD left Sunday evening for Erie, Kansas, where she will visit with relatives.

Lee CHASE will teach school at District No. 13 the coming school year. He school is situated four miles west of Pawnee.

Perry GOTT had business in the city Monday. He says the dry weather will reduce his corn crop to about four bushels per acre.

Guy HANNER was thrown from a horse Sunday, and as a result is suffering with a broken arm. This will greatly handicap Guy from working in the bank and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Cleveland Clippings:

Col. JOYCE, who was band instructor here last winter, is again in Cleveland renewing friendships. He will go from here to New York City, thence to Australia.

R.A. SHEPARD shows us some corn raised on one of his farms, which he says will make 40 to 45 bushes per acre, and from the looks of it, we think it will too. He has 70 acres of it.

Wm. SCOTT, an old resident of Cleveland, dropped dead over at Osage Junction Wednesday. Heart failure, aggravated by the intense heat, caused his death.

A small-sized fire in the rear of Irion's drug store Friday at noon created some excitement for a few minutes. The fire wagon made a quick run, but the blaze was extinguished before they got to it.

Skedee Valley Items:

Rain, rain, rain, we need more rain.

Miss Laura GRADER, of Colgate, is the guest of Mrs. Anna WEBBER this week.

Mr. HILL's folks are baling hay for Charlie MESSER.

Loren and Charlie RUBISON of Blackburn, spent a few days with friends near Pawnee.

The singing at Mr. COX's was well attended. the young folks had gone to church, and the crowd that came all went up to Mr. KNIGHT's and ate watermelon.

Mr. Charley HANN has been sick for the past two weeks.

Mr. HILL and family went fishing Saturday, and had fine luck.

Skedee Valley Sunday School is progressing nicely, everybody is invited to come.

Mrs. EVERETT, an aged Indian, passed away Sunday evening at 6 p.m. after a few days illness. She leaves a husband, son, and three daughter to mourn her loss.

Terlton Topics

Mr. and Mrs. E.R. CORBIN were called to Cushing Tuesday on account of the death of Mrs. CORBIN's brother.

Prof. V.M. FLANAGAN was up from Keystone Wednesday.

August 18, 1910

With Our Correspondents

Skedee Valley Items

Everybody is rejoicing over the fine rain.

Mr. WEBBERT and Mr. STEADE are baling hay.

The storm Monday night did much damage to the farmers.

The singing at Mr. HOWELL's was well attended. They had fine music and all enjoyed themselves, and went away thanking Mr. and Mrs. HOWELL for their kindness.

Mr. Jim MCADOW and wife are up from Tulsa, and are canning fruit at Mr. HILL's home.

William ROWDEN is at home from the hay field. His son, Marion, is plowing their wheat field, and William is cutting.

Corliss HOWELL, John KNIGHT, and Arthur NUTTLE, escorted Miss Lillian ROWDEN, Nellie HILL and Rosa MACK, home from the singing, and the three young men were seen after the moon went down, scrambling their way home.

Quay Quibbles

Mrs. BOWDEN, mother of Jim and Charles BOWDEN, died last Tuesday afternoon at her home near Jennings and was buried at the Quay cemetery on Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. BOWDEN was an aunt of Mrs. W.S. SALLEE.

The Christian Sunday school of Quay enjoyed a fine outing on Lagoon creek last Tuesday, the day being spent in fishing, rowing, swimming, target shooting and baseball playing.

Rev. CROMWELL, of Enid, was in town last Tuesday night and Wednesday, in the interest of the K&L of Lodge of this place.

Miss Lesta BERRY is visiting in Guthrie this week, at the home of Mrs. Myrtle FLEISHER.

G.W. LAWSON and wife of Maramec attended lodge in Quay last Tuesday night.

Miss Ona CRAVEN spent a few days at the home of her uncle, Wiley WITTICH, in Stillwater, last week.

Mrs. T.E. SMITH and son, Bryan, departed for their home in Beaver County, last Tuesday, after a very pleasant visit of three weeks with her daughter, Mrs. H.R. WHITTICH.

Miss Frankie PARRISH, of St. Joe, Missouri, arrived last Tuesday morning and will be the guest of Mrs. C.M. PROWANT for a indefinite time.

Harry SHARP of Tulsa, is in town this week, visiting his brother, Gene SHARP.

J.J. BEELER left Tuesday for Missouri, to visit kin for a short time.

Marriage Licenses:
Charles ALEXANDER, 25 and Vera KINIKEN, 18
Jim ST.ELMO, 28 and Susie BEARCHIEF, 22

Gun Club Shoot
The Pawnee Gun Club held it's second shoot for the summer and fall season Tuesday at the club's grounds, to shoot for a handsome solid gold watch fob, which was given to the club by the Ballistite Powder Company. The contest is held under what is known as the DuPont handicap system, each contestant starting with a handicap and handicapping himself thereafter. The following were participants:


While cutting corn stalks last Friday, Elmer ROMACK stepped off the sled for some purpose, when the horse started up. Before he could get out of the way, the corn knife cut through the tendons of his right leg just above the ankle. Prompt medical attention was secured, and Elmer is getting along splendidly, but doesn't contemplate stepping off in front of a corn knife again soon.

Miss Kate RUST has returned from her trip to St. Louis, where she had a most enjoyable visit and purchased her fall goods. She visited Mrs. Lena SMITH in Tulsa. Mrs. SMITH has a dress-making establishment in Tulsa.

Judge MCNILL returned from the Democratic convention at Oklahoma City, Friday.

A. KRAUSS went to Oklahoma City on Monday morning of this week, and is spending a few days in the metropolis on business.

Dr. WATERS is getting his new office fixed up so fine that it will be a pleasure to have the black plague or have a leg broken, just to get up there.

If you have to borrow money, go where you can obtain the lowest rate of interest. Mollie MEURER, the bonded abstractor.

Free barbecue and general picnic, August 25, Pawnee, Oklahoma. Everybody come.

Mr. and Mrs. W.J. MOATS are rejoicing in the presence of a fine little girl in their home, she arriving on Monday of last week. Wilford, it is thought, has kept so quiet about it because his initials are so nearly like his father's that he didn't want to run the risk of embarrassing the elder MOATS.

Shap THORNTON was operated on Tuesday at Wichita, for appendicitis. At last report, he had withstood the operation nicely and is expected home next week.

Mrs. Ben PETER and Miss Mattie PETER will give a recital Friday evening, and also the following Monday, at their studio.

Price M. WILLIS of the Pawnee Dry Goods Co., leaves this week for market to complete his purchases for the season.

August 25, 1910

Hay Ride Equal to Joy Ride
Monday evening a jolly crowd of young people went out to the home of Mr. FLOWERS, on a hay wagon, and feasted on watermelon. Those in the crowd were: Misses Mattie and Gussie CREED, Edna and Beulah WHEELER, Ray and Mabel JOHNSON, Lois SLOAN, Ivy TEAGARDEN, Hazel MALORY, May HARRIS, Messrs Finley ELMORE, Laurence KERN, Pearl BARTHOLOMEW, Rimpey, ELMORE, and chaperones, Mr. and Mrs. BAUSELL.

Arm Broken
Last Thursday noon, Leon BUSHORR slipped and fell, breaking the bones in his left arm just above the wrist. It was the same arm in which he had but recently cut an artery, and it would seem that that was enough damage for one season, but the fates willed differently with Leon. He is getting along nicely, and his friends hope no permanent injury will result from his accidents.

If You Want A Drink
We mean if the school children want a drink during school hours they must supply themselves with individual drinking cups, which is made necessary under the provisions of one of the myriads of laws passed by the late defunct legislature. Parents and children should remember this, and govern themselves accordingly.

Camped at Maramec
Mr. and Mrs. Al LILLIE, Mr. and Mrs. Jim DAVIS, Mrs. Gordon LILLIE, Misses Garnet LILLIE and Bess VANDERVOORT and Messrs Gordon LILLIE, Malcom DAVIS, and Lee KELLER of Oklahoma City, enjoyed a camp at Maramec Lake Sunday and Monday.

Uncle John REAGAN is pretty particular about the work out on his farm - likes to have everything done up in apple pie order, just as they used to do it fifty years ago, when he was young.
Last Saturday morning he got a little fussy and personally superintended the gathering of a bushel of the finest peaches that have been brought to town this year. Every one had to be just so large and just so firm. He had a reason for so doing, and insisted on it being done just so.
We wish to commend Uncle John for being a No. 1 farmer, and on being perfectly level headed on the disposition of a portion of his products. That bushel of peaches has been transferred into a lot of glass jars, and we know a fellow who is going to have a lot of fun out of them this winter.

H.W. SOMMERS, who lives on route four, out of Pawnee, brought in a choice selection of Alberta peaches last week, just to show what could be done in this country in a dry year. Under the conditions existing on his farm, the peaches attained perfection in shape, size and color, but under the conditions that existed in the Times-Democrat office, they wouldn't keep at all.

The annual Holiness camp meeting of the Hominy, Dixie and Pawnee camp, will be held at the fairgrounds at Pawnee, commencing September 2 to 12. All are cordially invited to attend and manifest their faith in the blood of Christ, that saves us from sin.
Good shade, good water, tents on the ground for those desiring to take them. Rev. A.G. JEFFRIES, of Texas, the Evangelist.

Big Stock Sale
of Jacks and Stallions from the Riverside Stock Farm, at the Tulsa Fair, September 2 and 3. I will sell to the highest bidder eight Jacks and two stallions, ranging from one to five years old. All stock guaranteed. Terms - one half cash, and twelve months' time on balance. J.B. COATES, Prue, Oklahoma

Misses Jewel SWERRINGTON, Edith ELWOOD of Morrison, and Lucille MARSHALL, of Pawnee, spent the day with Wave GREEN Wednesday.

Messrs. SCHEIHUNG and POOS, to of the substantial citizens of Blackburn, were business visitors at the county seat yesterday.

Miss Pauline DAVIS returned from Stillwater Tuesday evening, where she has been visiting Ann NORMAN and Jayce BISHOP.

A.H. PARMERLEE and wife of Oklahoma City were in Pawnee Thursday, on their way home after a visit at Pawhuska.

Edith SUMMY, who has been visiting her aunt, Mrs. L.D. GRIFFIN, returned to her home at Deer Creek, Oklahoma today.

Letter List:
Following is a list of letters remaining uncalled for August 25, 1910.
DRESE, Clara
PECK, Edna
WALKER, Jennie L.
When calling for the above, please say advertised. L.N. BUSHORR, P.M.

Mrs. Sydney CULBERTSON and little daughter, Jean, who have been here the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J.B. DAVIS, returned home at Green Bay, Wisconsin, Saturday. Mrs. CULBERTSON is a niece of Mr. DAVIS.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry STEAD went to Enid Tuesday and will make it their future home.

Mr. Charles CHATHAM left Sunday morning for Oklahoma City, Lawton and Arkansas City. He will visit his brother, Clint CHATHAM in Lawton, and his parents in Arkansas City.

A crowd of our young people were invited out to the home of Kent LOTT, Tuesday evening and were royally entertained. Those who went were: Misses DANIELS, MOORE, WEBBER, MANHEIMER, INGRAHAM, BOTTS and MCGEE; Messrs BRENDEMAN, ROBINSON, MOORE, WEBBER, with chaperones, Mr. and Mrs. Bert WILLIAMS.

Whereas, God has taken from our midst our esteemed neighbor, Ed TRUSSELL, who was a most devoted and faithful member, and fully realizing that our loss is his gain,
Be it resolved, that our charter be draped for thirty days, and
Be it further resolved, That Pawnee Camp No. 7606 W.W.A. extend to the bereaved relatives our sincere sympathy, that these resolutions be made a part of the records of this camp, and that a copy be sent to the relatives and copy be furnished the local papers for publication. F.M. SHIPMAN, A.M. TEFERTELLER, Jno. T. CRAIG, Committee.

Mrs. HAINEY came in from Kansas Tuesday evening to visit with her son, Mr. HAINEY.

Mrs. A.W. MOREHEAD of Skedee, was in Pawnee shopping on Tuesday of this week.

Miss Delia BERRY returned to her work at Tulsa, Sunday after a visit with home folks.

Mrs. Joe ROGERS and daughter, Alice, went to Stillwater Wednesday morning to visit relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. William BRUINGTON left for their new home in Oklahoma City, Tuesday morning.

T.S. BULMAN left last Thursday for a six weeks visit with friends and relatives in Monona, Iowa.

John GRIESEL has been out on a surveying trip and has found three good locations for bridges, near Hallett and Jennings.

Mrs. J.D. BARWELL accompanied Miss Kate RUST to Oklahoma City Wednesday, and Mrs. Wm. BLAKE will join them at Perry.

Mr. Latimer SAUNDERS of Memphis, Tennessee, came in Tuesday, to visit his relatives, Mrs. W.L. EAGLETON and Miss Nannie SAUNDERS.

E.D. COYNER was called to Walker, Missouri, last Saturday, to attend the funeral of his father, who died suddenly at the home of Mr. COYNER's sister.

Mr. and Mrs. P. SIMCOE, of Chanute, Kansas, stopped off in Pawnee Tuesday and visited with their niece, Miss Nettie SYLVESTER. From here they went to Arkansas City.

Mr. J.H. TODD of Enid, was the guest of Miss Florence CLARK Tuesday.

Rev. BOWMAN and Mr. BATES have gone to Missouri to look after some land there.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed CLARK left Saturday for Kansas City and Warrensburg, Missouri.

John FERGUSSON and family have returned from their trip to Dulee, New Mexico.

Mr. and Mrs. BAYLES and son of Sherman, Texas, came in on Wednesday to visit G.M. BOWMAN.

Miss Clara DREASE, who has been visiting her aunt, Mrs. A. HANFT, has returned to her home in St. Louis.

Mrs. Albert MCGUIRE went to Ralston Saturday evening to visit her mother, Mrs. J.E. HAINEY, of that place.

Misses Altha and Nell MILSAP have returned from their visit in Tulsa. Miss Altha has also been visiting in Missouri.

Mrs. J.P. ADDISON and daughter, Estelle, have returned to their home in Coalgate, after a visit with A.N. NELSON and family.

Mr. MCELROY, who has been visiting his daughter, Mrs. J.W. MOATS, returned to his home in Parsons, Kansas, Wednesday morning.

Mrs. D. THOMAS and Mrs. E.B. DELAMATER of Wellsville, Missouri, arrived in Pawnee Wednesday morning to visit their sister, Mrs. E.C. STONE, of near Pawnee.

Mr. and Mrs. J.E. MASON and Mr. F. MOWRY of Hallett, were in town Saturday. Mr. MASON is the editor of the Herald at Hallett.

Rev. MURRAY, who formerly had charge of the Indian mission here, but is now living in Oklahoma City, was in town greeting old friends Saturday.

Miss Maude IREY and Mr. Carl MCMAHON, who have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Fred LADY of near Masham, returned to their home.

Miss Inez VERMILLION, who has been attending a business college at Carthage, Missouri, returned to her home in Stillwater, Saturday morning.

Mr. and Mrs. C.S. WIMPEY, who have visiting Mr. and Mrs. A.P. WIMPEY, returned to their home in Arkansas City, Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. W.B. TEAGARDEN, of San Antonio, Texas, arrived in the city Sunday evening, and will be the guest of Mrs. A. KRAUSS for two or three weeks.

Mrs. Jerry MINER, who has been having trouble with her eyes for some time, went to Guthrie Friday morning to have them treated by a specialist.

Mrs. R.W. JOHNSON left for Miami, Oklahoma, and points in Kansas Saturday morning, where she will visit for about a month. Mr. JOHNSON expects to join her two weeks later.

Miss Catherine CUSHENBERRY gave a party at her home near Skedee, Saturday, in honor of her brother Jack's nineteenth birthday. The entertainment of the evening was games and music. Refreshments of ice cream, cake and peaches were served to a large crowd of young people. Misses Okie and Mable GREEN and Rae HECKENDORN of Pawnee, were in attendance.

Dr. BAGBY went up as far as Newton Wednesday evening to meet his family who are returning from Colorado. Mrs. Frank HUDSON and children will also return with them.

Mrs. E.E. ABBOT and children, who have been visiting her brother, Rev. HASKINS, returned to their home in Chicago, Wednesday evening.

Miss Ruth BRANDON left for Kirksville, Missouri, Wedneday and will take a course of osteopathic treatments.

Morris WEISZ and Sam GOTLIEB left for Colorado Springs Wednesday evening.

Read the prices of fancy groceries in B.A. LEHEW's ad.

Mrs. Martha HARRIS and children came over from Fairfax Saturday to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. SAPP.

Mr. and Mrs. Shap THORNTON have returned from Wichita, where Shap underwent a successful operation for appendicitis.

F.A. WHARTENBY, the prince of good fellows and prime mixer of the Pioneer Telephone Company, was in Pawnee over Monday night.

C.W. HINES of Stillwater, solicitor for the Farm Journal at Oklahoma City, was in town on Tuesday of this week on his way to Tulsa.

Ruth JACOBS, who has been spending the summer in Colorado, but whose home is in Muskogee, came in Saturday to visit her many friends here.

Mrs. G.A. MOORE, living out southwest of town, went to Stillwater Friday morning, accompanied by her visiting sister, Miss Minnie LEIGH, of Parma, Idaho.

Prof. BROMEL and family passed through Pawnee Saturday, on their way to Stillwater, to make it their future home. Prof. BROEMEL was formerly teacher of German at the Alva State normal, but will teach Latin and German at A&M college in Stillwater this year. The college is to be congratulated on securing such an efficient instructor.

Socially Speaking

At Highland Park
The Eastern Stars and Masons enjoyed a picnic dinner at Highland Park Wednesday evening. And such a dinner, chicken, relishes, salads, all kinds of good cake and pies and ice cream were partaken of by a hundred and fifty people. This picnic dinner is an annual affair and is always welcomed by the fortunate participants as one of the most enjoyable occasions of the year.

On Tuesday evening, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. D.P. MILSAP, Misses Nell MILSAP and Flossie SWALLEY delightfully entertained about twenty of their young friends. Parlor games and music were indulged in. Messrs Simpson HURST and Oral MANNING winning the favors in the guessing contest. After refreshments of watermelon and cake, the guests departed, declaring Miss Nell and Flossie ideal entertainers.

The Ladies of the Presbyterian church pleasantly surprised Mr. and Mrs. BRUINGTON last Saturday evening when about seventy-five members and friends of Mr. and Mrs. BRUINGTON gathered at their home to have a farewell visit with them before their departure for Oklahoma City. Mrs. BRUINGTON's baby class presented her with a beautiful gold souvenir spoon. Refreshments of ice cream and cake were served.

September 1, 1910

With Our Correspondents

Liberty Items

We understand Mr. BUTTERFIELD and family have moved from this vicinity. We certainly miss those neighbors.

Mrs. MORSE of Uncas, is visiting her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. N.I. SIPE.

The fishing party did not go fishing last Friday on account of the cold weather.

Rev. LAMB preached a very interesting sermon Sunday at Liberty.

Mr. and Mrs. ADAMS, Mr. and Mrs. N.I. SIPE, Mrs. MORSE, Hazel SIPE and Miss Clara HANGER were visitors at Mr. MESSECAR's Sunday.

Mr. HILL is bailing hay for Mr. HARDMAN's this week.

Skedee Valley Items

Nice cool weather the last few days.

Mr. Robert ROE of Blackburn, was severely wounded last Thursday morning while working at a derrick.

Mr. James GANN and wife returned to their home Thursday.

Grandpa and Grandma WINROW were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. ROWDEN Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom ROWDEN and daughter, Mary, while on their way to Blackburn, stopped for a few days visit with friends and relatives, in and near Pawnee.

Local News:

The bank building on the north side has been painted and repaired until it looks like a new building. The fifth and sixth grades will occupy the building this winter.

Dr. and Mrs. PHILLIPS have returned from Colorado. The doctor thoroughly enjoyed his outing and we believe Mrs. PHILLIPS did, but she seem awfully glad to get home.

Found - small pocket purse, containing small change, owner calling for same and paying for ad will find it at PEARSAN & Son's store.

Bert CUNNINGHAM has accepted a position with the Pawnee Dry Goods Co., and will be glad to see his friends there.

Mr. J.W. GRIFFITH and children of Verdigris, Oklahoma, came in Monday to visit with Mrs. Stella TRUMAN.

Miss Julia MAYOR, a niece of Mrs. Ike KATZ, accompanied Mrs. KATZ home from St. Louis, Monday evening.

W.K. ETTER, super intendant of the Santa Fe Railroad, passed through Pawnee Tuesday in his special car.

Mr. and Mrs. George PEARSON are the proud parents of a fine baby boy, born to them on Saturday.

Geo. CLARK, dealer in feed and fancy groceries. Call 276.

The following party of Skedee people came down to Pawnee on Monday returning the same day: E. STALLARD, C. STALLARD and wife, C.S. HOBBS, D. POLSTON and Miss Luela STAFFARD. Miss STALLARD went from here to Enid.

W.S. HURST has returned from his trip to Idaho. He traversed the whole state and is very much enthused over the mountains and splendid climate.

Mr. J. B. BARMETTLOR of Ralston, and Mrs. Roberta of Oklahoma City, visited with Mrs. A.L. BOATRIGHT, Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. HOLIDAY, who have been visiting in Pawnee, returned to their home in Fairfax, Sunday afternoon.

Miss Stella TUCKER has returned to Kiowa, Kansas, to resume her work as stenographer.

Will WATERS of Maramec passed through Pawnee on his way to Guthrie Tuesday.

For feed, staple and fancy groceries phone 276, Geo. CLARKS's old stand.

Frank SHOUP went to Fairfax Monday evening to visit friends for a few days.

Mrs. A.L. STICH and children have returned from their visit at Hallett.

Mrs. L.V. ORTON and baby left Saturday for Junction City, Kansas.

Mrs. A. HANFT's fall and winter goods are on display.

A Good Family Gone
Within the next week or two, Wm. BRUINGTON and family will take their departure for Oklahoma City, which is to be their future home. Mr. BRUINGTON has associated himself with the Oklahoma Motor Car company, and will in the future, devote his energies in this direction. It is with sincere regret that the citizens of Pawnee say good bye to this excellent family, for during the past ten years they have been identified with every move that has tended to the upbuilding of this city, besides laying the foundation for a most prosperous business. That their lines may be cast in pleasant and profitable paces, is the wish of a host of friends.

I wish to announce to the ladies of Pawnee and vicinity that I have bought the stock of millinery goods owned by Mrs. CATO, and will be open for business about September 1st in the same location.
You are invited to call and see our early showing of correct styles in fall head wear. Lucie E. DAVIS With J.A. PETER & Co.

The Best Yet
C.E. YALEY, the auctioneer, holds the championship to date for the largest peaches that it has been our pleasure to see. They are of the Sneed variety and were raised on his farm near Casey. He has seventy-five budded trees that averaged two bushels a tree. He has marketed about sixty bushels, at $1 per bushel, besides using all he wanted.

What Cupid Has Done
On last Sunday, Mr. Gus STREHNKE, of Turtle Lake, Wisconsin, and Miss Eva Francis HILL, of Pawnee, were united in marriage by the Rev. J. AIKENS. The groom is in good circumstances and the bride is a daughter of Francis M. HILL, who has made Pawnee his home many years. The young couple departed on the evening train for Turtle Lake, Wisconsin

Marriage Licenses:
G. STREHNKE, Turtle Lake, Wisconsin, 24 and Eva F. HILL, Pawnee, Oklahoma, 20
Lindsey BROWER, Valley, 30 and Maggie MINIX, Valley, 18
Moses PATE, Keystone, 21 and Bunion LIGONS, Keystone, 19
Moses WATSON, Keystone, 48 and Carrie ELLIS, Keystone, 20

Letter List:
Following is a list of letters remaining uncalled for September 1.
HARVEY, Carrie
INGRAM, Mrs. Gene
KAURI, Sadia
LEOB, Clarene
LEE, Sallie
NERI, Neberta
REDMAN, Cartes
Vaughn, Chas
WEEKS, Frank
WIDNER, Clarence
When calling for the above please say advertised. L.N. BUSHORR, P.M.

 September 8, 1910

A Brutal Attack
Monday afternoon, J.R. RAMBO was attacked and brutally beaten by O.T. ROPER, as a result of which Mr. RAMBO has been confined to his room ever since. From witnesses we learn that RAMBO and ROPER were engaged in a dispute as they were coming up from the depot, it evidently growing out of the recent arrests made for violations of the liquor law. Just after the men passed MUNSON's livery barn, ROPER was seen to strike RAMBO, knocking him to the cement sidewalk, where his head struck with terrific force.
As Mr. RAMBO tried to get up, it is said ROPER struck him two more blows, knocking him into insensibility. Mr. RAMBO was carried home and medical attendance summoned at once. He is naturally a feeble man, while ROPER is physically able to handle three or four like him. ROPER was taken to jail, where he is held under a $2,000 bond, which has not been given at this writing. Mr. RAMBO was reported better yesterday afternoon, being able to sit up for a few minutes. His head is very badly cut.

C.H. WILKINSON is in receipt of word from his son, Clayton, to the effect that the young man has enlisted in the United States Navy, and is now at San Francisco, expecting sailing orders any day. When "Clayt" comes marching home, he will have some interesting stories to tell of his little brown brother of the Philippines, which will be appreciated by his many Pawnee friends.

Max JAY went to Stillwater Tuesday morning, where he will attend school this year.

By reference to our advertising columns it will be seen that W.H. PARROT has purchased J.D. NEAL's coal yard, and is ready to offer inducements to buyers of coal. Mr. PARROTT says he doesn't want all of Pawnee's coal business, for he can't take care of it, but he wants a fair share of it and promises to merit it by fair treatment.

Kenneth LOTT and Miss Minnie MOORE went to Tulsa Monday to attend the state convention. Kenneth was sent as a delegate of the Christian Endeavor and Miss Minnie went as a delegate for the Christian church.

Dick COOPER is in town this week visiting relatives.

Mrs. B.F. JONES, of Morrison, died in that city Sunday. She was the mother of Miss Hazel JONES, who was formerly with Katz Bros. Mrs. Harry PRATHER, Mrs. MILES and Miss Gertrude GREEN went over to Morrison Monday to attend the funeral.

Seed Wheat For Sale
J.C. LAWSON, Pawnee, R.R. No. 1, has 500 bushels of rust-proof seed wheat for sale; has been tested for two years.

Miss Maud BALL has returned to Pawnee and will teach the eighth grade again this year.

Best and Cheapest Boot Maker In the City - Cowboy Boots and Cripple Feet a Specialty. Repairing in all branches at Marx Bros, In rear of Clothing Department - E. MATHERS, Prop.

Bert SHANNON - Blacksmith - Pawnee

September 15, 1910

Millinery Opening
Mrs. A. HANFT, first store west of the Pawnee National Bank, announces her fall and winter opening the 16th and 17th. She will give ten per cent discount on all goods purchased during the opening, and cordially invites the ladies of Pawnee and vicinity to attend.

Married At Stillwater
Miss Grace LANE, of Lela but formerly of Pawnee, and Ray NICHOLAS, of Stillwater, were married last Wednesday at Stillwater. The young couple will make their home at Tulsa.

Every EASLEY, 30, Maramec and Etta HICKS, 18, Pawnee
Captain JIM, 58, Pawnee and Fannie WALKINGSUN, 54, Pawnee
Will HANNON, 28, Valley and Mary AUSBROOK, 18, Valley
Roy MCINTOSH, 21, Skedee and Nora WINGO, 20, Skedee
Roy THOMPSON, 29, Parsons, Kansas and Fanelia MORRISON, 26, Morrison
Lee COMER, 23, Hallett and Salena HILL, 21, Hallett
Earl FEASHER, 21, Skedee and Minnie SEWELL, 19, Skedee
Vernon POTTS, 25, Pawnee and Estella RISK, 16, Pawnee
Jeseph MCPHERSON, 21, Pawnee and Cora GRIMSHAW, 18, Pawnee
John HUNTER, 20, Gray Horse and Wanta BROWNING, 21, Gray Horse

Married - Today, at 2 p.m. at the Salisbury cottage, Leo SMITH, principle of the Hallett School, and Miss Maggie PECK of Cleveland. Rev. M.F. INGRAHAM officiated. The happy couple leave for their new home in Hallett this evening.

Strayed from cam south of town, small black mare; white hind foot; small bare spot on right side; old wire cut on her shoulder; mare limps some. Reward for return to: Albert LONG, Pawnee.

Mrs. John MANNING and two daughters, Mrs. T.Z. SWALLEY and children, returned this morning from a summers outing in Colorado.

Dr. HOPE, dentist, phone 166.

John ALLMAN of Jennings was a county seat visitor Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. W.M. SIMON of Jennings were Pawnee visitors Monday.

Miss Erma KRAUSS is filling the place of book-keeper at Joe LIEBENHEIM's, while he Mr. LIEBENHEIM is at market.

Mrs. S.A. BASS returned to her home in Shawnee Sunday after visiting her sister, Miss Sylvia WIMPEY for the past two weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. H.L. GATES, who have been living in Pawnee the past year, went to Joplin Saturday, where they will live in the future.

George PEARSON went to Pueblo, Colorado, Saturday with the intention of making it his future home. His family will join him in about a month. George grew to manhood in Pawnee and is a highly respected young man, and we hope he will be successful and like his new location.

Charles SHAPARD, accompanied by his father, left for Exeter, New Hampshire, Saturday, where Charles will enter Phillips Academy. This is Charles; first year away at school and we hope he will make good as he is capable of doing.

E.H. MILES returned to Maramec Sunday evening after a visit with his family.

Rev. MOATS and son, Wayne, went to Stroud Monday on business.

Mrs. S.S. CRAIG and baby,who have been visiting with Mrs. W.L. BUZAN, returned to their home in Cleveland Saturday.

Miss Mary WHITNEY and two brothers, Chas. and Floyd, were in the city Monday from Valley.

Mrs. James GOFF was called to Miami Monday on account of the serious illness of her mother, Mrs. M.E. WILSON.

Mrs. Sarah HAWKINS, who has been visiting Mrs. Fred LISCUM, returned to her home in Lebanon, Indiana, Monday morning.

Surprise Party
Miss Edna WHEELER was delightfully surprise Saturday evening, it being her birthday, when a large crowd of her friends gathered at her home to have a regular jollification. Games and music were enjoyed until a late hour. Delicious refreshments were served to the following guests: Mabel JOHNSON, Ethel BOATRGHT, Misses Hazel MALORY, Mae HARRIS, Gussie CREED and Julian CRAIG, Messers, Basil ELMORE, Raleigh BRANSTETTER, Berry CARTER, Pearl BARTHOLOMEW, R. JOHNSON, Guy SHIVE, Finley ELMORE, John BILYEU of Stillwater and F.E. SCHNEIDER of Guthrie.

With Our Correspondents

Terlton Topics

Prof. CLARK spent the greater part of the week in Mannford, working on the Mannford Herald.

T.W. STORM has purchased 100 feet of Terlton's building lots and commenced the erection of a five-room modern dwelling on the same.

W.H. MILIKEN, one of the greats oil producers in the west, came up from Tulsa the latter part of the week and was favorable impressed with the chances for oil production in this community. Several leases have been taken lately northeast of town and active drilling will commence in a short time.

Skedee Valley Items

We need lots of rain. Almost every one around here is hauling water or driving their stock to water.

Mr. and Mrs. George ROWDEN and family spent a few days with Grandma and Grandpa ROWDEN.

Mr. Marion ROWDEN returned to his home Wednesday.

Miss Rena BURMAN will begin her school at Skedee Valley, the first Monday in October, and we all wish her a successful year.

Quay Quibbles

The many friends of Mrs. Beda COWMAN will be grieved to hear that she died at her home at Fletcher, Oklahoma, last Friday. Mrs. COWMAN formerly lived here, and her husband who died several years ago, was at one time in the drug business in this town. Mrs. COWMAN married again about a year ago, but we did not learn the name of her husband. We understand she left a baby boy just a few weeks old.

George DUNCAN returned to his home in Canon City, Colorado, lst Thursday, after a stay of several weeks with his uncle, Gene SHARPE.

The stork visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. DIXON for the tenth time last Thursday night, leaving a baby girl this time.

The Quay squad of the state militia arrived home last Monday night after a ten day encampment at fort Riley, Kansas. The boys say they had a fine time and enjoy army life hugely.

Gene SHARPE, who has been visiting kin in Kansas City for the past two weeks, returned to his home at this place last Thursday.

Ivan GAINES of Missouri, a nephew of J.W. GAINES, arrived last Saturday afternoon, and is the guest of the doctor.

Cleveland Clippings

A ten year old daughter of Mrs. Robert KEYS fell on a broken bottle Saturday evening and cut the artery in her wrist.

George LANNING made a trip to Coffeyville last Thursday and brought back the negro who stole a watch at the brick yard.

Mr. Ike BELL of Texarkana, Texas, who is an old Mississippi friend of Col. MORPHIS is visiting the MORPHIS family and will be here several days.

Marshall POFF captured two barrels of beer at the depot on Monday. If POFF don't quit this, about half the men in town will be trying to get his job next spring.

Wm. REYNOLDS, who leased his farm to Millikin Oil Company, has been offered $3,000 for one half the royalty or 1-16 of the product of the oil produced on his land, but refuses the offer.

Willie MCCLAIN was the chauffeur of a boy's auto wagon the other day and got his thumb mixed up the sparker, carburetor and bull wheel of the thing and had it badly smashed.

Quay Quibbles

Mrs. Ben MAKIN was in Pawnee last Saturday on a shipping expedition.

John PETTLE, who was formerly in business in this town, but who is now in the employ of the Frisco Railroad at Bessie, Oklahoma, was in town a few days last week looking after his household goods, which he was having shipped to Bessie.

Mrs. Gene SHEPARD left last Tuesday night for Chicago and other pints in the east for an extended visit.

Quay got her first load of cotton last Tuesday morning. It was brought in by John HITTENBACH.

Last Call
Let me call your attention to the proposed reunion of all the happy couples whom I have married since coming to Pawnee County. This event is to take place on September 22 during the county and state reunion of the old soldiers, which is to be held at University park in Pawnee on September 20 to 23. As you go over the stile to enter the grounds some one will present you with a badge to wear, so that you may be known from the common herd. Come, bring the children, and let us get acquainted and reason together. - M.F. INGRAHAM

Fryers and Fat Hens
Miss Mollie MEURER wants twenty dozen fryers and three dozen fat hens for reunion week. You needn't bring them in now, but just call up Miss MEURER and let her know where and when she can get them. She will do the rest.

Miss Alberta LADY, who is teaching at Lone Chimney this year, and Mrs. E.H. DAVIS of Maramec, were Pawnee visitors Saturday.

Miss Neetice MCINTOSH of Rogers, Arkansas, came in Saturday to visit with Mrs. Roy MCINTOSH, formerly, Miss Nora WIN GO.

Mrs. H.D. JOHNES, father of Mrs. Joe PLUMLEY, returned to Grant City, Missouri, Saturday after a visit with his daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lewis returned to Phoenix, Arizona, after visiting in Pawnee for some time.

September 22, 1910

Bakery Sold
G.W. HUGHES sold his bakery and confectionery last Thursday to R. BELDEN, who will conduct the same in the future. It will seem rather odd to have "Banty" out of the bakery business, which has been his occupation since the beginning of time, but he says he has earned a rest. It had been intimated that he would dispose of the moving picture business, but for the fact that it would deprive him of an excuse to come down town at night.

An Explosion
Thursday, Mrs. Jesse PETER narrowly escaped being burned to death. Their gasoline stove exploded, and in trying to get the tank out of the house, Mrs. PETER was badly burned on the face and hands. Their neighbors, Mrs. CREED and daughter, ran to the rescue and threw a quilt over Mrs. PETER, which extinguished the flames. Miss Mattie CREED was slightly burned also.

Card of Thanks
I desire to sincerely thank the many friends and neighbors who so kindly tendered their assistance during the sickness and death of my wife. Ed JOHNSON

County - Wm. BLAKE
Flotorial - E.M. CLARK

County Ticket:
Sheriff - C.C. MARSHALL
Treasurer - D.M. WALKER
County Clerk - C.M. FORMAN
Register of Deeds - Harry PRAY
County Attorney - S.C. EDMISTER
Superintendent - Jno. STOSNIDER
County Judge - F.S. LISCUM
County Surveyor - Jno. GRIESEL

Court Officers:
Judge, District Court - J.J. HENDERSON

First District - Chas. BUTLER
Second District - Jack NAIL
Third District - Walter ANNETT

Mr. J.G. FERGUSON and Miss Eva NICHOLAS of Lela, were united in marriage Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry PRATHER in this city, Rev. RAINSBERGER officiating.

Joe ROWLAND has returned to Pawnee after spending some time in Independence, Kansas, feeling greatly improved from the recreation he has taken.

Mr. H.T. ANDERSON of Kansas City, surprised his son, H.T. ANDERSON by coming in Tuesday to visit him during the reunion.

Wanted - to trade a sewing machine for a good *milch cow. J.T. CRAIG, Pawnee.
*Milch Cow, Common (german) term used in this time period for milk cow - Rita BUFORD, researcher. January 2000

Mr. and Mrs. W.L. TAYLOR and Mr. and Mrs. A.H. BEELER of Dover, Oklahoma are attending the reunion this week.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. HAYS, of Green City, Missouri, are here the guests of Mr. and Mrs. S.H. BARTLEY.

S.A. DIEBOLD, of Ricksburg, near Perry, was in town Wednesday attending court and the reunion.

Mr. and Mrs. David Ray and Miss Grace ALDRICH of the Kaw agency were in town today.

Dan FLIGHT headed a bunch of Cleveland fellows that took in the reunion here Wednesday.

Mrs. H.H. SHERMAN and Miss Mae SHOTWELL of Terlton, are county seat visitors today.

Frank ADAMS of Jennings, came up today on business.

Mr. MASTERS of Lela, was in the city Saturday.

Oakley COCKRUM of Ralston, is in town today.

Mr. E.E. MEAD and Miss Lillian STRYRON of Oklahoma City, are business visitors in the city today.

E.M. REESE, an oil man of Tulsa is a Pawnee visitor today.

Mrs. Jim BOX went to Enid this morning to visit her daughter, Mrs. L.F. OLDMAN.

Mrs. C.E. DAVIES and Mrs. J.E. NEWELL of Skedee, were visitors in our city today.

George HARNDEN and wife of Stillwater, are visiting with Mr. and Mrs. BREEDLOVE.

Mrs. F.H. HOLLOWAY of Fairfax, is here visiting with Mrs. Ed CLARK.

R.F. HUNT, of Keystone, is attending the reunion in Pawnee this week.

Mrs. Albert TANSEY died at her home, near Glencoe, Wednesday morning.

Judge EAGLETON made a business trip to Kansas City this week.

Pawnee National Bank: C.E. VANDERVOORT, President - J.B. DAVIS, Vice-President

Mr. and Mrs. G.G. KENOYER and baby expect to take an extended trip about the first of October. They will visit in New York, Chicago, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles and many intermediate points.

Mr. and Mrs. ST. CLAIR of Terlton, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Dave HERRIMAN during the reunion.

Mrs. Jim WOOD and Miss Pearl BULKLEY of Emporia, Kansas, are the guests of Mrs. M.L. HAYS.

Mrs. WATKINS, MOWRY, SHEPARD, MASON and Misses MOWARY and WATKINS were a party of ladies that came over from Hallett to enjoy the reunion.

Mrs. R.C. POULTER and children who have been visiting with the parents of Mrs. POULTER, returned to their home at Mannford this morning.

Mr. and Mrs. P. BENNET of Perkins, returned home this morning after visiting with Mrs. Jim BOX.

George HENDRICKS of Skedee, is in the city this week.

Mr. and Mrs. O.M. LANCASTER of Tulsa, were in the city on Monday of this week. They have just returned from a trip to the Pacific coast, which has restored Mrs. LANCASTER to health. Oscar says he is thinking strongly of moving to the sunset country, with a view of spending his summer vacations in Oregon and his winter vacations in California. As he generally rests during the spring and fall, he hopes by this means to keep his time pretty well occupied during the year.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. HECKENDORN, of near Skedee, are here visiting Mrs. Minnie B. GREEN and attending the reunion.

Mrs. C.O. JENNINGS and Mrs. M.I. JENNINGS, who were here visiting Mrs. J.T. CRAIG and to attend the wedding of their brother, Roy MCINTOSH, returned to their home in Guthrie on Thursday evening.

Miss Laura SOUTHARD, who was formerly of Pawnee, but is now a trained nurse in Enid, arrived in Pawnee Friday for a visit with her sister, Mrs. E. WADE.

Miss Agnes OLSEN, whose home is south of town, went to Blackburn Saturday and will teach near there this year.

September 29, 1910

No microfilm available for this issue.

October 06, 1910

Boy Missing
Dennis HILL, age 14, son of Calvin HILL, who lives three miles east and one south of Pawnee, is missing since Tuesday afternoon and no trace of him can be found. Mr. HILL thinks the boy either ran away from home or is a victim of foul play. He was at school at the hour of closing Tuesday, but has not been hear from since then. He is rather a good-sized boy for his age, well developed and of sandy complexion. When he left, he wore a blue shirt and blue overalls with bib. Anyone knowing of his whereabouts, please let it be known to Mr. Hill.

Mr. J.H. SILER and daughters, Laura and Olive, left for Springfield, Missouri, Friday to visit Mrs. Siler's mother.

Mrs. A. MULLENAX, living out east of town, accompanied her sister-in-law, Mrs. M. CASTO, to her home at Tulsa Tuesday.

News has reached us that Miss Adelia BERRY, who was formerly of this city, has gone to Ohio to spend the winter visiting.

Mrs. C.R. RANSOM of Custer City, Oklahoma, came in Saturday to visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.L. MOORE.

E.M. CLARK went out to Craig county to make Republican speeches under the auspices of the Republican State Committee.

Mrs. M.S. POWERS, who is a promoter of libraries and who has been in Pawnee the past two weeks, went to Perry Friday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. C.E. BATES and family, who have been in Pawnee's vicinity ever since the opening, moved to Springfield this week.

Mrs. Mary HALL left last week for Arkansas City, to say awhile with her son, Fred.

Ralston Reflections:

Mrs. Albert MCGUIRE, of Pawnee, is here for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed HANEY.

Will SHATTUCK, was home from Pawnee Friday. Will is having his horse trained at the county seat.

Quay Quibbles:

Everybody in and around this vicinity are rejoicing over the fine rain of last Sunday night.

M.E. BOLES, an old resident of this neighborhood, left Monday morning for Kansas, where he will visit with a son for a short time, and will go from there to Long Beach, California, where he will make his home in the future.

Skedee Valley Items:

The rain Sunday night was too fine. If it had of been coarser and more of it, it would have done more good.

Mr. KEARNEY and Walter ROGERS are working for Mr. DUNCAN of Cleveland.

Mr. Lester REMOR is working for Scott ROWDEN this week.

Grandpa ROWDEN, who has been sick for the past four years, is no better at this writing.

Mrs. A.A. HILL gave a birthday party in honor of her daughter, Margery's twelfth birthday. Ice cream and cake were served. Miss Margery received many beautiful presents. Those who were present were: Mrs. REESE and children. Mr. and Mrs. GOINGS and children, Nora SHONETONA, Mr. Eddie RIDDLE, Marion ROWDEN, Joe and Bat SHONETONA, Forest HOWELL, Kenneth MACK, Misses Lillian ROWDEN, Gracie GOINGS, Mary and Nora RIDDLE and Rosa MACK. Grandpa and Grandma ROWDEN were also there.

Mrs. Jennie SHONETONA's baby, which has been sick for several months, passed away Wednesday evening and was laid to rest in the Highland Cemetery.

Mr. Tom REESE and Scott ROWDEN, two directors of the Skedee Valley school, have fixed the school room as directors should. The other director promised to help like a grand gentleman, but failed.

Rev. LAMB preached a fine sermon at Skedee Valley Sunday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. HOWELL and youngest son made a business trip to Pawnee.

Blackburn Items

J.W. WALKER marketed a load of cotton Tuesday which easily broke the record for 1910. The load weighed 2,690 pounds and sold for $111.63.

Boon GREEN lost one of his horses Saturday night. Boon can ill afford such a loss as this, but he is a young man of considerable grit and this will prove only a temporary set-back to him.

Mrs. W.T. LITTEN returned Tuesday from Arkansas City, where she has been for about a month in attendance upon her sister, Mrs. Flossie WARD, who has been dangerously ill.

John GILLILAND this week made a five-year lease on a 160-acre tract of land lying 8 miles north of Blackburn in Osage County, belonging to Mrs. PLUMMER. John expects to farm next year on a more extensive scale than he has this year.


Pearl RUDOLPH, who has been quite ill with fever, is convalescing this week.

Mrs. Emily ROGERS was stricken with paralysis last Sunday night and for a time her life was despaired of, but Tuesday she was reported as much better.

J.W. CUSTER and Harry BELL left Tuesday morning for Oklahoma City to take in the State Fair.

Mr. and Mrs. C.M. PROWANT went to Oklahoma City Sunday and were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. O.F. HUTCHINSON till Monday evening. They were sightseers at the State Fair on Monday.

Everett HOSKINS and Roy HOKE went to Oklahoma City Sunday afternoon and on Monday, were given appointments in the Agricultural School at the Fair grounds.

Mrs. INGRAHAM accompanied Mr. INGRAHAM to Quay last Saturday night, returning on Monday.

Ben MAKIN is moving his family, store and butcher shop across the street this week into the lower room of the Odd Fellow building.

V.H. BIDDISON went to Stillwater Monday on legal business.

Henry WITTICH is having the foundation made for his new house northwest of town this week.

Ralph CROW, Grant TROXEL and W.H. MATTOCKS were in Pawnee on business last Saturday.

Mrs. W.S. MORRIS was on the sick list a few days last week.

J.P. HOKE and C.M. PROWANT were called to Pawnee last Tuesday on court business.

October 13, 1910

A Record of Good Work
The last few weeks have contained busy days for Buffalo Park Sanatorium, Dr. MOORE and four nurses having all they could do. Among the more recent cases disposed of in this growing and popular institution are the following:
Mrs. Gordon W. LILLIE, who was operated on for appendicitis and other troubles. Her friends are glad to see her restored to perfect health.
Mrs. Sadie SPURGIN, a teacher at Ralston, was operated on for appendicitis last week, and is back home at work in school. Another appendicitis patient is Mrs. LOUTHAN, who is home and well. Mrs. M.F. INGRAHAM was taken to the hospital Monday, and on Tuesday a large, malignant tumor was removed from her. Mrs. INGRAHAM is getting along nicely and laughingly says she is ready to go home now.
Mrs. Wm. SUTTON, a Pawnee Indian, had her appendix removed and gall bladder drained, and Mr. DAVIS, of New Brusnwick, New Jersey was operated on yesterday morning for kidney trouble.
During the past two months there have been thirty operations for appendicitis alone, and not a case lost, which speaks well for the physician and patients.
Buffalo Park Sanatorium is an institution of which Pawnee is justly proud.

Letter List
Following is a list of letters remaining uncalled for October 13.
BURGE, Arthur
CERES, Chas. B.
CARR, George
EAVES, Fannie
ELWOOD, Roudean
FLEMING, Mrs. Emma
LENNEY, Mrs. Chas.
MURRY, Mrs. J.J.
PENTZ, Robt. H.
REED, Emma
When calling for above please say "Advertised" L.N. BUSHORR, P.M.


Mr. E.M. LANE of Lela, was in town Tuesday.

Rev. A.H. MARSDEN went to Stillwater Tuesday morning.

Mrs. A.E. NICHOLAS of Morrison, was a shipper in our city Tuesday.

Orville WHIPPLE of Stillwater, is visiting Earl HOLMES for a few days.

L.V. ORTON made a trip to Keystone yesterday on legal business.

J.H. HALE returned from a business trip to Blackburn yesterday morning.

C.E. VANDERVOORT made a business trip to Pawhuska Monday evening.

Ralph GRAY returned to St. Joseph, Missouri, Tuesday afternoon, after a short visit with his parents.

Mrs. J.O. CALES and Mrs. Finley BOWLES came down from Ralston Tuesday morning on a shopping expedition.

Mrs. J.N. GOFF returned home from her visit to Miami, Tuesday evening, and brought her little granddaughter with her.

Mr. and Mrs. Eno SWALLEY returned from Independence, Kansas, Monday evening, where they wee called on account of illness.

V.H. BIDDISON made a business trip to Jennings Tuesday.

Jay BRADLEY was up from Tulsa last Thursday and Friday taking in the fair, swapping yarns with friends, and enjoying himself as any young man of his age should.

George EYLER and Earl HOLMES visited in Stillwater Sunday.

F. GOODWIN was over from Cleveland the first of the week.

Mr. Leonard WEST of Guthrie, is the guest of George WEIMYER this week.

Miss Gertrude HANN visited her brother Fred, at Stillwater last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry ROBERTS have returned from their trip to Pond Creek.

Mr. O.M. LANCASTER and wife, of Tulsa, attended the fair here last week.

Mrs. C.E. BOOTH of Sapulpa, visited with her brother, Mr. Vie WEAR, Sunday.

Mesdames Carl HARBISON and A. ACHOR of Jennings, were in the city Friday.

Charles DAVIS, living southwest of town, returned Friday from a visit in Missouri.

Misses Mary and Rose STOLLENWERK of Fairfax, were shopping in Pawnee Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. WITTCRAFT and Mr. and Mrs. WATSON of Fairfax, took in the fair Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed COLVIN, Mr. and Mrs. R.W. JOHNSON were visitors in Morrison Sunday.

Mrs. Con MURKLE of Skedee, and daughter, Mrs. Cora RAPPIEU of Stroud, attended the fair Friday.

Mrs. M.A. BENTLY, of Enid, was in town Tuesday on business.

Judge EAGLETON returned from a campaign trip Monday evening.

G.W. HOGGATT went to Ponca City Monday afternoon to visit his son.

J.N. GOFF left for Miami, Oklahoma Saturday for a visit with relatives.

Rev. MOATS and son, Wayne, made a business trip to Terlton Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl HUDSON of Tulsa, visited in Pawnee during the fair.

Miss Lida and John MORRISON of Hominy, attended the fair here last Friday.

Mrs. L.P. COFFEY came up from Cleveland Monday evening to visit with her family.

Mrs. G.F. BAKER and daughters, Eva and Lucy, of Terlton, were Pawnee visitors Saturday.

Mrs. E.B. CURTIS and Mrs. Allie FRIMEYER of Jenings, were shopping in our city Friday.

Bert BRADLEY and wife arrived in Pawnee Friday, and will make this place their future home.

Mr. and Mrs. N.H. SWALLEY returned from their visit to Independence, Kansas, Saturday.

Mesdames O. NORTON and A.E. COMPTON of Terlton, were in Pawnee Friday taking in the fair.

Mrs. Arthur AGBY came over from Fairfax Friday, for a few day's visit with Dr. and Mrs. BAGBY.

Stanley EDMISTER spent Sunday at his home in Cleveland.

Rev. M.F. INGRAHAM went to Fairfax Sunday to hold services.

Editor BRYANT, wife and baby of Morrison, attended the fair Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Sloan of Hominy, visited Mr. and Mrs. SPEARS during the fair.

Misses Lela HENSON and Alentha CURTIS of Jennings, were in the city Friday.

Miss Anna Bell COX of Stillwater, is the guest of Mrs. John BADGER this week.

Mrs. J.P. BALLIEN went to Ralston Saturday evening for a few days visit with her son.

Mrs. Al LILLIE left for Chicago Sunday morning to be with her mother, who is quite ill.

The best bargain you can secure is cheap money. See Mollie MEURER, the bonded abstractor.

Mr. and Mrs. John GILSON and Mr. and Mrs. Earl GILSON of Wichita, visited in the city fair week.

Claude COOK, Charlie BARTER and Chance WHITCRAFT of Fairfax, were in Pawnee during the fair.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred UHL returned to their home at Skedee Saturday, after a weeks visit in Pawnee.

M.W. BAUSELL returned home Saturday from Talequah.

Mrs. Con MURKLE of Skedee, and daughter, Mrs. Cora RAPPIEU of Stroud, attended the fair Friday.

Misses Ethel RAINSBERGER and Nellie WITTICH visited Miss Pauline WHIPPLE at Stillwater Sunday.

Miss Mary GROOM, who has been visiting Mrs. R.E. WELLER, left Monday for her home at Collonsville, Oklahoma.

Dr. SAUNDERS and wife visited in Blackburn Sunday, Mrs. SAUNDERS remaining for a longer visit with her brother, Ed KELLY.

Mesdames C.N. and W.M. PRATHER, who visited with Mrs. Harry PRATHER during the fair, left Thursday for their home at Morrison.

Misses Lois BAIRD, Mildred WHITECRAFT, Hazel and Loweta WATSON were high school girls from Fairfax, who enjoyed the fair last week.

Mrs. Clara PRYOR, Mrs. Florence SMITH of Pawnee, and Mrs. L. MCREE of Hill Chapel went to Jennings Tuesday to attend a Sunday school convention being held at that place.

Charles FORMAN, Fred LISCUM, Bird MCGUIRE and Harry PRAY were a bunch of Republican candidates who went to Keystone on Monday of this week to do some campaigning.

Dr. J.L. BUCHANAN, or Jack, as he is better known, is gaining quite a reputation as a soloist, being called to Stillwater on Sunday to sing in one of the churches. And, like other great singers, took his pianist with him.

Mrs. Arthur BAGBY came over from Fairfax Friday for a few days visit with Dr. and Mrs. BAGBY.

Miss Luella WHITTEN of Maramec, returned home Saturday after a visit with Mr. MCLAUGHLIN and family.

Mrs. C.L. NEIGHBORS and Mr. and Mrs. E.M. MCELROY came over from Hallett Saturday to do some shopping.

Rev. CURTIS went to Springfield, Missouri, Friday for a visit. He will visit other points of interest while gone.

Misses Fleeda VANWINKLE and Mayme BURFORD and Messers George WEIMYER and Leonard WEST, spent Sunday at Maramec Lake.

Mrs. C.A. SPENCER of Cloudchief, Oklahoma, spent Saturday visiting her brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. PUTNAM. She was on her way home from a visit in Iowa.

C.N. COLEMAN, who has been helping the Times-Democrat out the past week, left for Anthony, Kansas, Saturday morning where he will take a position as linotype operator.

Miss Grace BROADDUS, who has been in Pawnee the past three weeks visiting, and attending to some business for her father, returned to her home at Pawhuska, Saturday morning.

Dr. C.W. BACON, who has got as far as Yale on his way back to his first love, Pawnee, was in the city on Monday, shaking hands with as many of his friends as could get to him.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred UHL returned to their home at Skedee Saturday, after a weeks visit in Pawnee.

M.W. BAUSELL returned home Saturday from Talequah, where he was called on the account of sickness.

Jack JACOBS of Columbus, Ohio, was in Pawnee Saturday and Sunday looking after personal interests here.

Miss Maude LANE, who has been visiting Mrs. Ed COLVIN, returned to her home at Morrison Saturday evening.

Mrs. Gus KOEWITSCH, who has been visiting her mother, Mrs. H. BEAVER, left for her home at Denver Saturday.

Dr. FITE left for his former home in Fresno, California, last Friday and will remain there during the winter.

F.E. BARTHOLOMEW went to Tulsa Monday evening and will engage in the transfer business in that city in the future.

Mrs. George STAFFORD of Burlington, Missouri is visiting at the home of S.F. ROYSTER this week, living near Pawnee.

Mr. and Mrs. A. JENNINGS left for Denver, Colorado Friday. Mr. JENNINGS has a position there and they expect to make it their future home.

Last week this paper stated that Mrs. Bell KIMSEY had been judged insane and sent to Norman. We wish to correct this error, as Mrs. KIMSEY went to her old home in Sedan, Kansas, with her father and brother, who have been visiting with Mr. and Mrs. KIMSEY.

Quay Quibbles

Mrs. Emily ROGERS, whose illness was reported in last week's items, died at her home out northwest of town, Friday morning, and was buried Saturday afternoon at Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Besides an aged husband, she left two sons and a daughter to mourn her loss. The family have the sympathy of the entire community.

Miss Mary HOKE came over from Sapulpa Sunday to be present at the debate between Senator DAVIS and J.J. JONES. Miss HOKE will accompany Mr. JONES on this debating tour, acting as stenographer.

Mrs. Jack LAWTON of Cleveland, came over Saturday to be present at the funeral of Mrs. ROGERS.

Albert HORNER is on the sick list this week.

John LEWALLEN, who passes here each day on business for Uncle Sam, has exchanged his old team of ponies and wagon for an automobile.

October 20, 1910 Times-Democrat

Word was received this morning that W.B. HUSSEY, of Hallett, had died very suddenly and unexpectedly last night of heart failure. Mr. HUSSEY was an old resident of Pawnee county, well and favorably known by a large number of our citizens, and was at one time, elected to the office of county surveyor. He was an old soldier, and his familiar face and figure were always in evidence each year at the reunions. The sympathy of a host of friends is extended to surviving relatives.

Miss Mabel JOHNSON entertained a number of her friends last Friday evening in honor of her sister, Miss Ray's birthday. Miss Mattie CREED gave a reading, and music and numerous games were indulged in until late in the evening, when a two-course luncheon was served to the following young people: Misses Edna and Beulah WHEELER, Mae HARRIS, Mattie and Gussie CREED, Julian CRAIG, Icy TEAGARDEN, Ethel BOATRIGHT, Lena BALLARD, Lois ROCK, Lois SLOAN, Lela, Lena and Millie SWALLEY, Hazel MALLORY, Ruth CARTER and Ora GIBSON of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Messrs Berry CARTER, Pearl BARTHOLOMEW, Dick MCCLANI, Lee FOLKE, John BILYEU, Guy SHIVES, Raleigh BRANSTETTER, Finley ELMORE, Dale BILYEU, Basil ELMORE, Ralph HARRIS, Gaines JOHNSON and Stuckey and Mr. and Mrs. Laurence JOHNSON.

J.W. HECKENDORN and wife, of near Skedee, started to the Hallett fair Tuesday, when their horses became frightened at the train and ran away, throwing them from the buggy. Mrs. HECKENDORN was badly bruised, but no serious wounds. The damages to the buggy and horses were slight.

Local News:

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. HAMILTON, who have been in Pawnee several weeks visiting and attending to some work on Pawnee Bill's new residence, returned to their home in Philadelphia, Wednesday.

The MCNEIL brothers, who have been here visiting Judge McNEIL, left Wednesday afternoon for their home at Onawa, Iowa.

Miss Nora MURIE went to Chiloca Saturday and visited with her sister, Miss Caroline, who is attending school there. Miss Maude BLUEHAWK, who has been visiting Miss Carrie ROSS, left for Kansas City Wednesday evening.

Mrs. Ruth CONRAD, who has been visiting Mrs. C.D. BAILEY, living six miles south of Pawnee, returned to her home at Monticello, Indiana, Wednesday.

Mrs. Porter LISCUM and two children and Mrs. Bert ROACH came in this morning for a visit with Mrs. Fred LISCUM.

Mrs. M. GOULD went to Enid Wednesday to attend the U.B. conference.

Mrs. Catherine DAVIDSON, who has been visiting in Iowa, returned home Wednesday morning.

Mrs. S.B. COUSHMAN arrived from St. Louis Wednesday evening, and will visit her sister, Mrs. John T. CURTIS.

L.D. GRIFFIN went to Enid on Wednesday morning to attend the U.B. conference being held there this week.

Mrs. R.P. HUTCHISON of Burbank, visited her son, J.A. WHIPPLE, Tuesday. From here she went to Stillwater.

Mrs. George BERNHEART and Mrs. G.W. HUGHES went to Stillwater Wednesday to attend the Grand Lodge meeting.

The Pawnee orchestra will furnish music at the opera house tonight. Free lecture on Socialism by G.W. (Pap) DAVIS. Go and hear him.

A series of Indian dances are being held north of town this week, and several town people have attended. A crowd of young people went out Monday evening and witnessed the dance. Those in the party were: Misses Edna and Buelah WHEELER, Hazel MALLORY, Ruth CARTER, Mae HARRIS, Ethel BOATRIGHT, Lena SWALLEY and Orva GIBSON of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Messrs. Berry CARTER, Lee FOLKE, Raleigh BRANSTETTER, Dick MCCLLAIN, Guy SHIVE, Ralph Harris and Dale BILYEU. They were chaperoned by Mr. and Mrs. Geo. CLOSE and Mr. and Mrs. WILLIAMS.

Mr. and Mrs. O'BANION of Yale, were in the city this week. They have sold their store at Yale and may locate in Pawnee again.

The Grand Lodge of the Odd Fellows and the Rebeckas held a meeting at Stillwater Wednesday. A number of ladies went from here.

Mrs. John BOLTON, who has been ill for some time, left for Arkansas City, Monday evening and will take treatment at the hospital there.

Mrs. M.I. SMOOTS, who has been visiting in Yale, stopped off at Pawnee Tuesday on her return to Sumner, and visited with Mrs. M.K. SHEPARD.

Rev. C.C. MCINTOSH and wife, who have been visiting their son in Skedee, returned to Rogers, Arkansas Monday evening.

Mrs. M. TAYLOR and Mrs. EYLER of Ralston, were Pawnee visitors Monday. Mrs. EYLER is going from here to Morrison for a visit.

John S. BADGER, accompanied by John S. BADGER, Jr., went to Fairfax last Saturday afternoon on business, returning Sunday morning.

Mrs. SLOAN and Mrs. MOTHERHEAD, who have been enjoying a visit with Mrs. L.D. GRIFFIN, returned to their home at Milo, Iowa, on Monday.

Mesdames R.S. COLE and Fred PETER and Misses Nell GRIMES and Nell MCKEE were a party of ladies who attended the Indian dance Tuesday night.

Mrs. J. CARMICHELL of Jennings, and Mrs. C. MANNHEIMER and Mrs. J.M. WALKER went to Stillwater this week to the Grand Lodge meeting at that place.

Lost Sunday afternoon the road south of town, a plain white sweater. Finder, please leave at this office or return to Mrs. Minnine CHURCHILL.

M. HAYDEN and wife, of Lowell, Indiana, are visiting Pawnee and vicinity for a couple of weeks, looking for a location. Mr. HAYDEN is a brother-in-law of County Surveyor, GRIESEL, and hopes to find something to suit him in this county.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray DAVIDSON, living west of town, are the proud parents of a boy, born Saturday morning. As this now makes Elmer COYNER a grandfather, he is not making much noise about it, but he finds it awfully easy to stop and look at the little fellow whenever passing the house.

G.M. BERRY returned from Oklahoma City Tuesday evening.

Mr. M. MASTERS of Lela, went from here to the big carnival at Wichita Monday.

Mrs. Rachel HOLTZ of Iowa, arrived in the city Wednesday morning, and will visit with her son, H.C. HOLTZ.

Miss Carrie FRAZIER, who has been visiting at Ames, Oklahoma, returned to her home Monday evening, out northwest of town.

Mrs. Joe TURNER returned home from Kansas City Wednesday, accompanied by her daughter, Mrs. Ethel SOUSLEY, who has been ill with typhoid fever for some time.

B.C. HENSON of Blackburn, died last Sunday and was buried Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Rev. INGRAHAM officiated. During his lifetime, Mr. HENSON was a very popular citizen, which was evidence by the large crowd of mourning friends who attended the funeral services.

Orvill MENTZER is up from Oklahoma City this week, demonstrating the flying qualities of a new Ford auto. It skims along over the bumps and hollows surrounding Pawnee with the lightness of a bird, and every young lady in town thinks - well, they always did think mighty well of that Dutchman.

Pap DAVIS and R.W. MILLER went to Ralston Wednesday.

With Our Correspondents:

Skedee Valley Items (Too late for last week)

Granpa ROWDEN is some worse at this writing.

Geo. MACK gave a surprise party in honor of his daughter, Miss Rosa's sixteenth birthday. All present report a good time.

Willie SHAW and wife, and Mr. Jesse WEBBERT and Miss Laura GRADER spent the evening with Miss Lillian ROWDEN Wednesday.

Scott ROWDEN and son, Marion, are on the sick list this week.

Mr. HILL's boys are baling hay for Mr. MESSER this week.

Several young folks went in and surprised Mr. Al MESSAR Tuesday night. Many games were played until 11 p.m. and from that time until 2:30 a.m. several changes were danced.


Mrs. Ira HARRISON and daughter, Miss Thelma, spent Monday in Maramec, with Mrs. W.I. HARREL.

Miss Bessie A. STULL of Auburn, Nebraska, daughter of the late Judge STULL, who often came to this place, and will be remembered by many people here, was in Quay Monday looking after the interest of the STULL estate. She is the administratix to the STULL estate.

Mr. and Mrs. J.P. HOKE left Thursday for McAlester, where they will visit with a brother for a few days. On Tuesday night, October 25th at 7 o'clock, they will attend the wedding of their niece, Miss Dessie BILES, who visited in Quay last summer. Miss BILLES and her husband will go to Dallas, Texas for a wedding trip. On Wednesday morning, Mr. and Mrs. HOKE will go to Eufala to witness the marriage of their son, Charles, to Miss Leah BROWN. Charles and his bride will leave on the noon train for Washington, D.C., where they will spend their honeymoon. After returning to Oklahoma, they will be at Oklahoma City.

Albert HORNER is still confined to his bed with typhoid fever.

Ab ROGERS and family departed for Arkansas City Saturday where he will resume his position as operator for the Santa Fe.

Mrs. Louis HARRISON took in the fair at Hallett last Saturday.

Charles HOKE is spending this week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.P. HOKE.

Roy BUSHORR of Pawnee, was the guest of Miss Myrtle SPENCER last Sunday.

Dave TROXEL made his usual trip to Pawnee Sunday.

Mrs. Mary HALL writes back to friends here that she has another granddaughter at the home of her son, Fred BAILEY, in Arkansas City.

Ira PRATT is stopping at the home of his sister, Mrs. Ben MAKIN, this week.

Mrs. J.T. STRIPLING and little daughter, Ruth, left Tuesday for Pawnee, where they will visit with kin till Saturday. Mr. STRIPLING will go to Pawnee Saturday, to attend a teacher's meeting and accompany them home.

Mrs. BECK of Kansas City, Missouri, arrived last Monday to make an extended visit with her brother, John WITHAM, who lives southwest of town.

Teacher's Examination
Examinations for state, county and institute certificates, will be held October 27 and 28, 1910, in the court house, commencing at 8:30 a.m. - W.R. ROBINSON, County Superintendent.

A Family Picnic
Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. HARRIS and family, Mr. and Mrs. Howard HARRIS, and Mr. and Mrs. B.C. GIBSON and daughter, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, pent the day picnicking on Camp Creek.

G.W. DAVIS will speak at the opera house tonight on the subject, "Socialism, what it is and what it is seeking to accomplish." Music by the Pawnee orchestra, admission free.

Mrs. G. VANEMAN and Miss Ella VanEman of Jennings, visited in Pawnee Wednesday.

For Sale
One 8-house power gasoline engine in good shape, guranteed all right, one Nordyke & Norman French burr grinder, capacity 35 bushels per hour; also one Sanwich two-hole sheller, with elevator. Good terms.

E.E. LAMB - 5 miles north, 1-2 miles west of Pawnee.

Card of Thanks
I desire to extend my heartfelt thanks to the Royal Neighbors, and friends who so willingly and faithfully rendered their assistance during my recent illness. Such friends can never be repaid.
Mrs. Sadie SPURGIN, Skedee, Oklahoma

October 27, 1910 Times - Democrat


Ellen ASHLEY, who has been living with her sister, Mrs. PORTER, out six miles southwest of town, died Wednesday evening. Funeral services were held at the home, and burial took place at Highland Cemetery.

The infant child of Joe CARRION died last Sunday. Rev. BRENDELL held services at the home.

Lone CHIEF, who was one of the oldest and best known Indian chief, died Tuesday at the age of seventy years. Funeral services were held at the home by Rev. BRENDELL.


Rev. J.W. MOATS and wife left for their new home in Udall, Kansas, Friday afternoon, where he has charge of the Congregational Church. Rev. and Mrs. MOATS will be greatly missed from our city, having lived here for some time and making many friends. We wish them success in their new field of work.

Court convened again Monday, taking up the case of state vs. BUCHANAN. The defendant is the man who shot J.M. ROBERTSON near Maramec some months ago, claiming that ROBERTSON had made improper proposals to a young girl who was engaged to BUCHANAN. The trial will probably take up the court's time this week.

Chris BOLTON came in from Mexico this week, and will remain in Pawnee for a short time. It is his intention to return and make his home with the Diaz government, as he thinks that country offers better inducements for investors than the United States.

New Literary Club
The new literary club for standard publications is made up, and the books have been placed in the hands of A.H. BAGBY, who will receive new members and add new books to the popular list already on hand. Only $1.00 for two years.

Chas. B. COUCHMAN, who has been here visiting his sister, Mrs. John T. CURTIS, left for his home in Kansas City, Monday evening.

A few have not registered. The time expires next Saturday night, October 29. If you don't register by Saturday night, you will not be entitled to vote on November 8. Let ever voter see to it that he is registered. Following are the registering offices:
First ward - D.B. HERRIMAN, at the courthouse.
Second ward - Joe SOULSBY, at the city building.
Third ward - Fred PETER, at the drug store.
Fourth ward - O.L. SMITH, office of STERLING & SMITH.

Mr. John GREEN and Miss Hazel JONES were united in marriage at their home near Morrison, that they had prepared for housekeeping, last Sunday at two o'clock, Rev. RECTOR, of Morrison, officiating. Mrs. W.W. GREEN, mother of the groom, and sister, Miss Gertrude, of this city, were present. The bride made Pawnee her home for several months. Mr. GREEN is also from Pawnee, and the best wishes of their many friends here are extended them.

Temperance Meeting
Rev. J.G. BRENDELL will deliver a temperance lecture next Sunday evening at Pleasant Valley school house. There will be special music and everybody is cordially invited to be present.

Mr. and Mrs. D.M. WYSS, of near Kansas City, were in Pawnee on Monday, en route to Stillwater. They may locate in this part of the country.

B.C. GIBSON and wife, who have been visiting J.H. HARRIS and family, left for their home at New Castle, Pennsylvania, on Monday evening.

Mrs. Mary GROOM, who has had a most pleasant visit with relatives in Ravenwood, Missouri, returned to her home southwest of Pawnee Tuesday evening.

Mrs. B.C. COLVIN of Tulsa, visited over Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. BENNETT, and her husband, who is working on Pawnee Bill's residence.

Judge HUBER was over from Fairfax Tuesday attending to some legal business.

Chas. E. KING, of Fairfax, was in Pawnee Tuesday on business.

Carl POLSTON of Huron, Kansas, is visiting at the home of J.H. HARRIS for a few days.

Mrs. C. MANNHEIMER and Mrs. J.M. WALKER returned from their trip to Stillwater, Friday.

Mrs. W.A. CUSTER of Lela, went to Skedee Tuesday to be with her sick mother, Mrs. A.E. WELLS.

Mrs. W.F. BELDEN, of Maramec, left here Tuesday for a visit with her mother at Steamboat, Colorado.

Miss Bertha MATTHEWS, instructor in the Central Normal School, gave an interesting talk at the teacher's meeting held here last Saturday.

Mrs. M.L. MOTT, Jr., who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. COLE, living southwest of town, returned to her home at Muskogee, Wednesday morning.

J.L. BROWN, a lifetime friend of the Times-Democrat, was among the Blackburn visitors at the county seat this week. He contemplates moving to Hominy in the near future.

George E. MERRITT is confined to his bed this week, threatened with a serious and prolonged illness. His friends extend their sympathy and wishes for a speedy recovery.

Mr. and Mrs. Mathias RICHARDS and baby of Lower Brule, South Dakota, came in Saturday for a visit the parents of Mrs. RICHARDS, Mr. and Mrs. C.L. BERRY.

Mrs. Ida SEVIERS, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Rexroad, left for Oklahoma City Sunday, for a visit there and other points, before returning to her home at Salina, Kansas.

Miss Bernice WHALEN, who has been visiting Miss Bess VANDERVOORT for some weeks, intends returning to her home in Milwaukee this week. Miss Bess will accompany her home and spend the winter in the north.

Misses Mattie and Gussie CREED went to El Reno Friday evening to attend the funeral of their cousin, Case WILSON, who died of heart failure in that city Thursday. His death came as a severe shock to his relations, as he was only eighteen years of age. His brother and sister have visited here several times.

November 3, 1910

Mrs. John BOLTON, who was taken to Arkansas City, Kansas for hospital treatment some ten days ago, died in that city on Sunday of this week and was brought to Pawnee Monday. Funeral services were held from the Church of the Ascension Tuesday afternoon, attended by the sorrowing relatives and friends, who deep sympathize with the bereft husband.

Charles ESHELMAN, who has been visiting during the summer back in Pennsylvania among old home folks, returned to Pawnee last Thursday night. Mr. ESHELMAN brought with him some fine specimens of what is known as the Haag apple, measuring fifteen inches in circumference, which were raised on his mother's farm. He would have remained longer, but his Republicanism called him back to Oklahoma, in time to vote next Tuesday.

A Just Verdict
The jury in the case of the state vs. BUCHANAN returned it's verdict last Saturday, finding that the defendant was guilty ...

Halloween Party
Miss Pauline DAVIS entertained with a Halloween party at her home Monday evening. About thirty-eight of her friends enjoyed the splendid entertainment of Miss Pauline, and Oh, those terrible blood curdling scary things from the weird gypsy in her hut, to the awesome skeleton in the cellar. Shrieks of terror came from the girls, while the boys tried hard to prove their bravery. This party didn't last until a late hour for it was some time in the early morning that the youngsters departed for their homes.

Ghost Party
Invitations were received by the members of the M.E. Church to attend a ghost party given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse PETER Monday evening. It was the jolliest of parties, a continual round of entertainment, weird specters appeared at every turn and skeletons heads were suspended from the ceiling with electric lights inside of them. The evening was very terrifying to the ladies and even the men were just a bit nervous.
A mock wedding was one of the features that caused a great deal of amusement, when Mr. Jesse PETER, as the groom, and Mr. Arthur FEGTLEY, as "the blushing bride" were united in the holy bonds of matrimony. Another interesting feature was the initiation of the men into the Ladies' Aid Society. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening's entertainment.

Prohibition Officer
Mr. T.R. NEWBY has been appointed prohibition offer for Pawnee county, and will be at the Court house every Saturday ...


Dr. J.W. GAINES left on last Wednesday morning for Miami, Florida, where he will reside in the future.

The sewing machine which was raffled off at the Quay Trading Company last Tuesday, was won by a colored man by the name of Doe THOMPSON.

The school house which was formerly known as district no. 89, was sold at public auction last Tuesday to the highest bidder, the lucky man being James WELCH. Mr. WELCH will move the building to Yale and use it as a butcher shop, we are informed. The reason that this school house was sold is because that district now belongs to the Quay Consolidated Joint School District and all the children of school age from that place come to Quay to school.

Mr. and Mrs. J.P. HOKE have returned from their round of attending weddings. Mr. HOKE says he wishes he had some of the rice that was wasted at these weddings.

Ira HARRISON went to Cushing last Monday where he is doing some masonry work for a Mr. DOUGHERTY.

Fred CONNICK and wife, and his brother, J.C. CONICK and wife, came driving into Quay last Friday in a spring wagon with two donkeys, not much larger than Newfoundland dogs, hitched to it. They expect to spend the winter in Oklahoma trapping and hunting.

We are informed that Rev. BEHR was sent back to this circuit and presume he will occupy the pulpit at the M.E. Church on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month.

Skedee Valley Items

Nice, cool weather at present.

Grandpa ROWDEN is worse at this writing.

Almost everybody is suffering with severe colds and sore throats.

Lester KNIGHT, who has been visiting friends and relatives in Pawnee this summer, left for his home in Colorado Springs, Colorado, last Saturday.

Mr. Scott ROWDEN spent Sunday in Stillwater visiting his sister, Mrs. Florence MCLEAN.


Mrs. William BLAKE returned to Cleveland Saturday, after a few days' visit in our city.

O.M. LAMB, Auctioneer

Dr. HOPE, Dentist, phone 166.

M. MEURER, bonded abstractor, does not do all the abstract business, but what she does is right and can be depended on.

Socialist Ticket
W.L. REYNOLDS - Congress
A.R. MOEBIOUS - Flo't Representative
Benn W. DUFFIELD - Representative
Roy W. MILLER - County Attorney
J.A. BESHEARS - Sheriff
Geo. A. MOORE - County Treasurer
Geo. CHILCOTE - Register of Deeds
J.T. CRAIG - District Clerk
F.C. GATES - County Clerk
J.T. KIGGINS - County Superintendent
S.A. GRAHAM - County Weigher
M.A. ELLIS - County Surveyor
Grant REYNOLDS - Commissioner 1st District
H.D. COCK - Commissioner 2nd District
John WADLOW - Commissioner 3rd District

November 10, 1910

Roy BERRY spent Sunday in Stillwater.

William RAY was over from Skedee Monday.

Mrs. J.E. FERGUSSON was in town from Lela, Tuesday.

Cleveland DODD of Jennings, was a visitor here Monday.

Miss Hazel GETT of Stoud, is visiting Miss Maude GORDON.

S.A. WILKERSON made a business trip to Morrison Tuesday.

Charlie WALTERS of Tulsa, was one of the buyers here Monday.

Walter MCKAUGHAN and wife were over from Hallett Monday.

Billy BEGLEY was in the city from Perry, Monday, buying up stock.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. PEERY of Skedee, were Pawnee visitors on Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. M.J. HOLMES of Keystone, were in Pawnee Monday, visiting.

Mike TAYLOR brought a thousand bales of cotton down from Ralston Monday.

W.F. EDWARDS and A.G. ANDERSON of near Maramec, were in Pawnee Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. C.A. KAIL and Mrs. Jacob KAIL of Ralston were in town Monday.

S.M. WOODARD, J.N. TENDER and P.E. LONG of Keystone, were callers in this office Monday.

W.E. BEANES of Maramec, was in the city Monday.

John GRIESEL returned Saturday from a trip to Jennings.

Frank LAKE made a business trip to Jennings Monday.

R.S. COLE went to Cleveland Saturday on business.

Mrs. R.F. BRUNER and children were over from Mannford Saturday.

Ralph MILLARD returned Monday from a two week visit at Copan, Oklahoma.

Miss Jennie JONES of Morrison, spent Tuesday with Miss Gertrude GREEN.

Mrs. Nellie MCCARL and baby went to Jennings Tuesday for a few days visit.

Mrs. Albert MCGUIRE went to Ralston Tuesday evening to visit with her mother.

Mr. and Mrs. J.N. GOFF returned Tuesday from a visit at Miami and Joplin, Missouri.

Mrs. Minerva ADAMS accompanied Mrs. George HOWELL home on Tuesday from Hominy.

Thurman HURST, who is attending school at Norman, came home to vote, returning Tuesday.

Mrs. Nyd CHURCHILL left for Chicago Monday, where she will devote her time to vocal music.

Mrs. V.L. TALBOT of Casey, visited her daughter, Mrs. Geo. BERNHART, the first of the week.

Miss Ruth LAYMAN of Stillwater, whose father owns the ice plant here, was in Pawnee Monday.

Mrs. Etta WEATHERS of Mannford, was a Pawnee visitor Saturday.

Mr. LANGSTON and daughter and son were in town Saturday trading.

J.W. PYATT of Skedee, attended the sale here last Monday.

Wm. BRUINGTON came up from Oklahoma City the first of the week.

W.B. WEBB of Oklahoma City, is visiting with his family this week.

Mrs. J.A. COLE and children of Morrison, were shoppers here Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. G.W. STORMS of Terlton, were visiting in Pawnee Monday.

R.H. ZELLNER of Keystone, was a pleasant caller at the Times-Democrat office Monday.

Miss Venita TALBOT came down from Ralston Monday to do some shopping.

Misses Mabel and Eva BAKER of Terlton, were shopping in Pawnee Saturday.

Found: A pair of gold bowed nose glasses. Inquire at residence of Orin WORRALL.

Mrs. C.A. GREEN and two were were in Pawnee Saturday from Mannford.

Elmer BARNES is filling the position as freight agent at the Santa-Fe station this week.

John WALTERMIRE and Peter WILLS of Glencoe, attended the sale at this place Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Les DAVIS of Tulsa, are in the city this week visiting their many friends.

Mrs. E.C. GILLOCK, who has been visiting in Winfield, Kansas, returned home Saturday.

Mrs. Nellie BOLTON and Mrs. A.E. WHORTON of Hallett, were in the city shopping Monday.

Miss CRAWFORD of Hominy, was in Pawnee Saturday, visiting her sister, Miss Albena CRAWFORD.

Mrs. E.N. DOLLARHIDE and Mrs. E.E. BROWN were visitors in Pawnee Saturday, from Morrison.

Mrs. W.W. MCINTYRE, who has been visiting her parents near Maramec, returned to her home at Shawnee last Saturday.

Mrs. Ed STRANGE and "Penny" came over from Cleveland Saturday afternoon to visit with her brother, Jim DAVIS and family.

Miss Gertrude FUSS, who has a position as stenographer at Medford, came home Saturday on account of the illness of her father.

Uncle Joe MURRAY and his ward, T.C. ST.CLAIR, came up from the Terlton neighborhood last Friday for a visit with county seat friends.

J.E. MCCUTCHAN left for Kansas City Wednesday, and from there he will go to Canton, Missouri, to spend Thanksgiving with his parents and wife who is visiting there.

Mr. and Mrs. W.A. WITCRAFT, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. John WITCRAFT, who are visiting at their home, came down from Fairfax last Friday and spent the day with Mrs. BADGER.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of A.R. MOSLEY will confer a much appreciated favor by notifying his mother or brother, Mrs. M.E. LONG or Frank MOSLEY, Llando, Texas.

Mrs. Frank GOODWIN went to Kansas City Wednesday afternoon to visit her daughter, Mrs. Monford WYSS. She was accompanied by here little granddaughter, Lucile WYSS, who has been here for several weeks.

Major LILLIE left for Dallas, Texas last night, to join his show, which will close for the season on the 19th at Little Rock, Arkansas. As soon as possible after that date, Mr. LILLIE will return to Pawnee for the winter months, which will be spent in his handsome new bungalow, now nearing completion, on Blue Hawk peak.

G.S. VANEMAN tells us that while east, he slept one night in a folding bed and was neither killed or crippled. We will venture the opinion that this will be the first time you ever read of a person sleeping in a folding bed and getting out of it safely. His suit case that was lost in transit came through this week, two weeks behind time. - Jenning News.

Don SAGER, who has been under treatment for cancer for some weeks, returned to his home near Pawhuska last Sunday, accompanied by Dr. MOORE, Orville MENTZER and C.S. BATES. The trip was made in a Ford auto, and Don expressed himself as feeling better at the end of the journey than when they started. His many friends in and around Pawnee express their deepest sympathy for him in his affliction, with the hope that he may be spared for years to his loved ones.

Mrs. E.P. PAYNE is down from Ralston today shopping.

November 17, 1910

Cemetery Improvement
A number of Pawnee businessmen have formed the Highland Cemetery Association and have purchased from Mrs. HERRIMAN the twenty-acre tract in which the present cemetery is situated. It is the object of this association to build a house on a corner of the land, which is to be occupied by a sexton, who will have the privilege of cultivating ten or fifteen acres of the tract for his own benefit, in addition to which he will be paid a monthly salary.
It will be the sexton's work to keep the cemetery in good order, looking after the lots, drive ways, etc., and in every way protecting the property of the association. The tract is to be fenced and thoroughly cleaned from weeks and underbrush, and as fast as the native prairie grass can be obliterated, it will be supplanted by some desirable lawn grass.
The directors of this association are Dr. A.H. BAGBY, P.M. WILLIS, J.A. PETER, T.R. NEWBY and H.C. ROCK, with Dr. BAGBY president; Mr. WILLIS vice president; J.A. PETER secretary and treasurer and Mr. NEWBY superintendent.
Bringing the cemetery to the desired condition involves a great deal of work and much expense, but it is a praiseworthy move, and will meet with the hearty co-operation of Pawnee's citizens. Any party desiring the position of sexton should apply to Mr. NEWBY, who will explain the requirements of the position.

Letter List:
Following is a list of letters remaining uncalled for November 17.
ALLEN, Thos.
BURNES, Bertha
HALLOCK, Harry (2)
SMITH, Calvin (2)
STONE, James W.
When calling for above please say, "Advertised" L.N. BUSHORR, P.M.

A Successful Supper
At Blue Valley School house, in district 23, the patrons held a supper last Friday night, the proceeds of which are to be devoted to buying an organ for the school. A cake was put up, and spirited bidding realized a handsome sum. The net proceeds were $40.35. The school is to be congratulated upon the liberality of its patrons.

Oyster Supper
The young people of the Christian Endeavor of the U.B. Church, gave an oyster supper at the home of Mrs. REEVES Monday evening. The new pastor of the church was present and gave an interesting talk and a good time generally was had by all.

Union Thanksgiving Services
Next Thursday, at 7:30 p.m., there will be union Thanksgiving services held at the Methodist Church. Rev. D.S. SLOCUM of the U.B. Church will preach the sermon. Everybody cordially invited to attend. The best of music. M.F. RAINSBERGER


Tuesday morning a party of people left for Florida. Those in the crowd were: J.W. MEANS and wife, W.H. LUCAS and family of Pawnee and J.W. MEANS, Jr. and family, L.H. CALKINS and family of Stillwater. These people composed a very jolly party, and we hope they will be pleased with their new locations.

Mrs. W.F. EDWARDS, who lives near Masham, returned from a visit at Enterprise, Kansas, last Tuesday. She was accompanied by her sister, Mrs. D.M. GROSS, of Junction City, Kansas.

Mrs. M.C. MCCOLLOUGH of Polo, Missouri, came in Wednesday morning to visit her sister, Mrs. S. SLEAD, living seven miles south of town.

Mrs. Bessie GREEN and Mrs. L. LEATHERMAN came in from Herrod, Ohio, Wednesday morning to visit O.L. LEATHERMAN and family.

Dick BATES went to Kansas City Saturday evening on a business trip, returning yesterday.

Mr. and Mrs. B.E. TEFERTELLER and children of Wellington, are visiting relatives in Pawnee this week.

Mrs. Jesse PETER went to Winfield, Kansas, today to be with her mother, who is quite ill.

Maurice MARX went to St. Louis, Sunday evening to buy goods for their department store.

A.L. KENYON of Stillwater, was the guest of Rev. MARSDEN the first of the week.

C.E. WARDEN of Terlton, was in the city Tuesday attending to business matters.

Mrs. A.J. KIMBALL and little son of Jennings, were in town Wednesday.

Miss Mae LOCKLEY and mother went to Pawhuska Wednesday for a visit.

Miss Gussie MELLINGER was a visitor in Pawnee Tuesday, from Jennings.

Mrs. M.P. MCMAHAN and little daughter came in from Kansas City Tuesday morning to visit her mother, Mrs. J.M. POULTER, living out northwest of town.

Irvin BROADDUS came over from Pawhuska the first of the week and visited with friends. From here, he went to Stillwater for a visit.

Misses Lula and Maude ADAMS were over from Lela Saturday.

Mrs. T.R. TRACY of Hominy, was in town Saturday shopping.

Mrs. ACKERS and daughter of Jennings, were in Pawnee Friday.

Mrs. Charlie GRAHAM and Miss Grace HAWKS went to Casey on Friday for a visit.

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Mr. and Mrs. EYMAN, living out east of town, went to Mehan Saturday for a visit.

Miss Grace MONTGOMERY returned Friday morning from a visit at Blackburn.

Miss Pauline THOMPSON came down from Ralston Saturday to attend the teacher's meeting.

Miss MCELROY, a nurse who has been at the Sanatorium, left for Austin, Texas, Friday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. A.T. CUNNINGHAM visited their daughter, Mrs. NELSON, of near Morrison, Sunday.

Mrs. Bert SMITH and two children went to Stillwater Saturday to visit her brother, Charlie ROBBINS.

Mr. S.S. FARAR and Miss Ethel BELEN were united in marriage here on November 13, Rev. INGRAHAM officiating.

Ed VANDERVOORT and Max Jay spent Sunday in Stillwater.

Rev. SLOCUM's wife came in this morning from Louisiana.

Mrs. M.A. HERRIMAN is visiting her brother in Rolla, Missouri this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse FOLK went to Zurick, Kansas Wednesday for a visit.

Mrs. N.A. MOON of near Maramec, and father, E.D. RICE, are in town today.

Mrs. A.E. WELLS and Mrs. J.A. IRELAND were over from Skedee shopping Wednesday.

Frank LAKE went to Guthrie on Wednesday, and from there will go to Oklahoma City.

Miss Addie FUSS went to Morrison Saturday evening to visit with Mrs. RECTOR.

Dan FLIGHT was up from Cleveland last Saturday, rejoicing over the election results in Pawnee County.

Mrs. OLDHAM and baby returned to their home at Enid Saturday, after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Jim BOX.

Frank HUDSON went to Oklahoma City Wednesday evening for a few days visit and to accompany his wife home, who has been there for several days.

Miss Nellie GILLOCK came home from Winfield Saturday morning, where she has been attending school. She will finish the school year in Pawnee.

For Sixty-One Years
B. MUSGROVE and wife celebrated their sixty-first wedding anniversary on Tuesday of this week, and both are enjoying good health in their advanced years. They have eight sons living, the two daughters born to this union having passed beyond.
Mr. MUSGROVE says he well remembers the day sixty-one years ago, and that it was as pleasant as one could wish for. We extend congratulations to this happy couple, with the wish that they may be spared for many years yet to their family.

Blackburn Items:

The two Misses WARDLOW were here from Fairfax this week visiting at the home of their aunt, Mrs. D.W. BUNCH.

Dan DEBAUN left Wednesday for a visit with relatives in Kansas, after which he expects to go to California for an indefinite visit.

F.N. KINKAID was here from Hominy Saturday looking around for a place to farm next season. He wants to get back to good old Blackburn.

Wes LOPER and Clarence MCCROSKEY "busted" the cotton-picking record wide open last week while picking for W.S. NEITHERCUTT, northwest of town, one day last week, picking 622 and 516 pounds respectively, and the boys say it wasn't much of a day for picking either.

Nursery Stock - A General Assortment of Trees, Vines and Plants. Price list sent on application. J.N. DUGAN & Son - Pawnee, Oklahoma

Notice of Final Tax Deeds
Published by: Owner's and holders of tax certificates
J.H. SNIDER - property at Hallett
M. WOODARD - property at Keystone
A.T. JOHNSTON - property at Keystone
George DAY - property at Keystone

November 24, 1910

An Estimable Woman Gone
From Keystone comes the news that Mrs. F.F. HUNT, known and beloved by the entire community, died at her home on Saturday morning last, and was laid to rest in the Sinnett Cemetery on Sunday, November 20. The funeral services were conducted by Revs. WILLETT of Keystone and SMITH of Mannford, and were more largely attended than any similar services ever held in that vicinity.
The deceased was the wife of R.F. HUNT, a veteran of the Civil War and one of the most prominent men in that end of the county. Besides her husband, she leaves three daughters and three sons and a host of friends to mourn her loss. She was affectionately known as "Grandma" HUNT. She was a woman of large heart and broad charity.
Realizing that the end was near, she called her family about and bade them a loving farewell, pointing them to the faith that had kept her for fifty years, and expressing her willingness to go home. The bereaved husband, children and friends have the sincere sympathy of friends throughout the county.

Socially Speaking

Mrs. Bert CUNNINGHAM gave a party for her Sunday school class Saturday afternoon.

Miss Mattie DANIELS entertained the "Royal Barons" of the Christian Sunday school, Friday evening. It was a very pleasant and sociable evening, and the guests were served fruit salad, cake and hot chocolate.

Mrs. Cecil JAY entertained about thirty-eight of the younger set at her home Friday evening in honor of her brother, Owen HUGHES. Various games were played and Miss Ruth MANNHEIMER presided at the punch bowl. Late in the evening, delicious refreshments were served.

Mrs. C.S. BATES entertained her Sunday school class, "The Boys Brigade," of the Christian Church, Tuesday afternoon. The boys presented Mrs. BATES a lovely box of candy to show their love for her. It was a very jolly occasion for the youngsters and about thirty-five were there.

Dinner Party
At the home of Mrs. Jim DAVIS, on Tuesday evening, the ladies of the High Five Club entertained their husbands with a dinner. This was one of the most enjoyable affairs the club has had since it's organization.

Club Dance
Monday evening, the members of the dancing club gave a dance at the Model Theater, in honor of Mr. Lloyd BRUINGTON, who is visiting here from Oklahoma City.

The storage building of the R.C. JONES cotton gin caught fire Monday afternoon and burned completely before the fire could be controlled. It was with great difficulty that the main buildings were saved and if the wind had changed a slight bit, nothing at all could have been saved. Cause of fire is not known. Carpenters are at work now erecting a new building where this one stood. - Maramec Monitor

Billy BENNETT, an Osage Republican, made of the right kind of stuff, says he will redeem Osage County yet. He owns and controls several thousand acres of Osage land and is buying more. He says he proposes to put in a thousand acres of cotton next year and import 500 negroes to tend it. He says he will apply the "Grandfather" test to them. That they must all read and write and vote the Republican ticket. - Fairfax Banner

Mrs. Jim DAVIS and Mrs. G.W. LILLIE will go to Oklahoma City Friday for a few days visit.

Mr. W.H. LEAK and family went to Vera, Oklahoma, this morning to spend Thanksgiving.

Box Supper
The box supper last Friday at Mound Center school was a success, the receipts for the sale of boxes being $11.25. A cake for the best looking lady brought $20.65, making a total of $31.90. The cake was awarded to Miss Lizzie CONE. The money is to be used in the purchase of a library and basketball for the school.

On Saturday, November 26, I will open an office at the Cottage rooming house, one block south of the Katz Department store, where chiropractic adjustments will be given. These will remove the cause of disease and nature will cure. Come and we will convince you. Free consultation and examination. Dr. M.S. FITE

With Our Correspondents

Quay Quibbles

Mrs. Louise HARRISON left last Friday for Rifle, Colorado, where she will spend an indefinite time with her son, Henry.

Mrs. Allie SKEEN, wife of Clyde SKEEN, who lives southwest of Quay about three miles, died very suddenly at her home last Wednesday. Mr. SKEEN was delivering a load of corn to his father who lives near, and when he returned he found his wife lying on the floor dead. The cause of her death is unknown. She leaves a husband and three small children to mourn her loss. Interment took place on Friday afternoon, in the Quay Cemetery.

Mrs. W.J. BERRY is visiting at the home of her sister, Mrs. C.A. HAGAN at Kendrick this week.

Mrs. Earl WATERS of western Kansas, arrived last week and is the guest of her father, W.J. BERRY and family. She will attend the wedding of Henry OURSLER and Miss Bessie SWARTHOUSE in Cushing, on Wednesday, November 23.

Miss Lucile BERRY went to Cushing last Friday night and returned Monday forenoon.

Dave TROXEL visited with friends in Pawnee last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. A.T. COOK have gone to housekeeping in the MITCHELL residence. A few of their friends and neighbors gathered at their home last Monday night, and gave them a surprise in the way of a miscellaneous shower, taking a number of very useful articles to the housekeeper.

Ben NOLLSEB, an old resident of this neighborhood, was taken very suddenly ill last week and on Thursday was taken to Oklahoma City to be operated upon. His trouble was so complicated that it was impossible for the doctors to do him any good, and on Sunday afternoon he died. His remains were brought back here for burial and the funeral was conducted by the U.B. preacher from Maramec, at the M.E. Church in Quay. That Mr. NOLLSEH had many friends was evidenced by the large procession which followed his remains to the cemetery. He left a widow and one son to mourn his loss, both of which have the sincere sympathy of their many friends and neighbors.

Mrs. J.P. HOKE was called to Cherokee, Kansas, last Friday on account of the serious illness of her aged mother.

W.T. BEELER returned from Comanche County last Monday night, where he had been looking after some farm interests.

W.A. STOCKER will give a public sale at his residence east of Quay next Monday, preparatory to leaving this part of the country. It is his intention to locate near Pauls Valley. While we dislike to have good people like the STOCKERs move from our community, we wish them success and prosperity in their new home.

Blackburn Items

Ed M. CLARK was over from Pawnee attending Jim BELL's sale Wednesday.

Mr. W.A. BLOOM brought in a couple of sprays of apple blossoms last Saturday, which she had picked from one of the trees at her home. Apple blossoms in November are somewhat unusual, but then this is a year of unusual things.

John MOHNEY and his father-in-law, Peter SCHMIDT, of Paneto, Indiana, were prowlers around in the Osage hills Sunday and captured an enormous owl, which he brought home with him. John has organized a raffle and has spent considerable time inducing his friends to "take a chance" on the bird, with flattering success.

Clyde VANDRUFF is getting into the cattle business right this year. The past season has been a good one and he has been fortunate in striking a good market whenever he shipped. This year he is feeding 4,000 head, and is negotiating for about as many more, and if the coming season is a propitious one for the cattle business as was the last, he will stand to make a stake worth going after.

Ralston Items

"Bill" LOPER, who is old enough to know better, requested us to advertise for him a wife. The grandfather clause will cut no figure, as all he wants is somebody who can cook. Mrs. LOPER is away and he is getting very tired of staying alone.

Considerable excitement was created in our city last week by what is said to have been a mad dog. It bit several dogs around town, but we do not know whether it was mad or not. However, too much caution can not be exercised by those whose dogs were bitten, for it is better to be safe than sorry.

For Sale - One Poland China boar, eligible for registration. Ready for service. D.E. ROMACK

Col. E. WALTERS - General Auctioneer - Fine Pedigreed Stock Sales are my specialty. Terms: 1 per cent. Give me your sales and I will save you money - Blackburn or Skedee.

News of the Week

Arthur WISE spent Thursday in Tulsa.

Ward LYNN of Fairfax, was in Pawnee Friday.

J.S. POOTS and wife were up from Terlton Friday.

A.K. KING of Chandler, visited Barney BARNES Thursday.

Don SHERWOOD went to Sumner Friday morning on business.

Mrs. Francis COX of Sapulpa, was in Pawnee Friday on business.

Mrs. J.B. BARNETLER of Ralston was in town shopping Monday.

Este GENTRY of Fairview, Missouri, is here visiting A.W. GENTRY and family.

J.M. MCGEE returned from a business trip to Coweta Thursday morning.

Mrs. J.A. WALKER and Miss VANCE were in Pawnee from Skedee last Friday.

A.T. CUNNINGHAM and wife spent Thursday with M.G. HARRIS and family of Lela.

Walter BERNETT is on the sick list this week.

W.O. DILDINE was down from Ralston Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. OUSLEY were up from Cleveland Friday.

A.W. GENTRY made a business trip to Afton last week.

Charles BORDERS of Enid, was a Pawnee visitor yesterday.

Arthur FEGETLY went to Wichita Sunday for a visit with home folks.

See BADGER - HUDSON Grain company before buying corn and feed.

Miss Margaret BAKER spent her vacation with relatives at Emporia, Kansas.

Mesdames ST.CLAIR and WOODMAN were over from Maramec on Tuesday shopping.

Mr. and Mrs. Jess RINGER of Edmond, came in Saturday and visited S.A. MENTZER.

Tom SWALLEY and family spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. C.S. Miller of Skedee.

Mrs. M.K. SHEPARD and little daughter, went to Morrison Friday for a few day's visit.

Miss Edna CRESWELL, a teacher in the Newkirk High School, was home for Thanksgiving.

Hal REXROAD went to Guthrie Wednesday morning on business.

Mrs. Elmer DOWNING and baby were visiting in Pawnee Saturday from Keystone.

A.S. PETER and daughter returned last week from a visit at Winfield, Kansas.

H.J. STURGIS, a prominent attorney of Enid, was in the city yesterday on business.

S.W. MILAM, a prosperous farmer living near Blackburn, was in the city yesterday en route to Perry.

Mr. and Mrs. BURFORD and Mr. and Mrs. VANWINKLE of Ponca City, came over in the VANWINKLE touring car and spent the day Thanksgiving with their daughters, Misses Mayme BURFORD and Fleda VANWINKLE.

The Rebeekah lodge had a business meeting Tuesday evening and elected the following officers: Noble Grand, Mrs. Stella MERRITT; Vice Grand, Mrs. Mattie LEAK; Treasurer, Frank MATHERS and Secretary, Mrs. D.M. WALKER.

Hon. B.S. MCGUIRE returned Tuesday morning from a hunt in the Kiamitia mountains, in the southeastern part of the state. He not only had a good time, but had the satisfaction of bringing down a fine four-pronged buck.

Miss Mattie CREED received a telegram Monday from Wichita Falls, Texas, saying that her sister, Mrs. S.B. PARKER, was quite sick with pneumonia. Miss CREED left Tuesday to be with her.

Fred HANN of Stillwater, is in the city this week visiting his sister, Miss Gertrude HANN.

W.A. SMITH and wife of Ralston, were visiting in Pawnee on Tuesday of this week, Mr. SMITH coming down to consult Dr. MOORE of Buffalo Park Sanatorium as to his eyes. Brother SMITH for some time gave Ralston the neat and newsy Exponent which has been merged into the New Era, but was compelled to give up his work on account of failing sight. He has but recently returned from Dayton, Ohio, where one eye was operated on. Note from Rita BUFORD, researcher: Exponent and New Era were newspapers in Ralston.

J.T. SOUSLEY and family, for many years residents of the Lone Jack neighborhood, left for Montana last Saturday, which state they say is to be their future home. A great many friends in and around Pawnee are sincerely sorry to see this family move, but all are looking forward to the time when they will gracefully concede that Pawnee County is good enough for them and come back. They are simply given a two years' leave of absence.

The Republican county central committee met last Monday in the office of J.H. HALE, for the purpose of closing up the business of the campaign. All bills presented were allowed and paid, the committee closing its work free of debt. Many candidates and non-members were present, and congratulations were freely exchanged upon the satisfactory results of the 1910 campaign and upon the close feeling of harmony that prevailed in the party throughout the county.

December 1, 1910

Family Reunion
A very pleasant family reunion was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. M.F. MCFADDEN, four miles southeast of Pawnee, on Sunday, November 20. Those who sat down to dinner were Mrs. Emily GOWER, now nearing her 84th milestone, and who resides with her daughter, Mrs. E.G. WEBB, at Yellville, Arkansas; Mrs. C.J. BLANCHARD, Oklahoma City; Mrs. A.D. PLYMELL, Montana; Mrs. H.G. WEBB, Arkansas; Mr. and Mrs. MCFADDEN, Miss Jennie McFadden and Webb McFadden.
After partaking of the excellent dinner, several hours were spent socially, with many pleasant reminiscences of childhood days. Mis Jennie MCFADDEN and her father furnished excellent instrumental and vocal music. It cannot be expected that all those who gathered around the family circle on the beautiful Sabbath with their aged mother will come together again on this earth, but they are comforted and sustained by God's promise: "Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world."

The Band Change
AT the band rehearsal last Thursday night, it was decided by the members present to employ R.W. MILLER as director and instructor for the band. He enters upon the work, as he has more time to devote to it than anyone else. The officers of the band remain as before. It is hoped that this will be for the betterment of the band, as E.L. WOOLLARD, the former director, stated that he did not have time to devote to the band that should be, and there were those that wanted instructions and training.

The Wild West Put ON Films
Pawnee to be Headquarters of a Moving Picture Company During the Following Winter
One of the largest manufacturing companies of moving picture films will make Pawnee headquarters this winter for the production of a series of genuine wild west scenes, which are to be put on by members of Major LILLIE's company. It is the intention of the promoters of the enterprise to secure a large number of views of buffalo hunting from real life - not still life, mind you, but the real thing.
Major LILLIE has been preparing for this during the summer, turning a number of buffaloes over to Sheriff PUMROY, who has been corn feeding them on his farm. They are now in fine condition, and will be turned loose in Major LILLIE's large herd on his ranch adjoining Pawnee, and during this month a series of buffalo round-ups will be pulled off by genuine cowboys, who are to cut out and kill their game the same as in the earliest of frontier days. The meat will then be prepared for shipment and sent to the east, to people who pay the fanciest of prices for choice cuts of "bull beef bison."
Views will be shown of Major Lillie's magnificent bungalow, the mud lodge for the accommodation of Indian dances, the log house, built of rough cedar logs, and intended for the special enjoyment of those eastern "woolies" who are to be guests of Mr. and Mrs. LILLIE this month, and other points of interest to be found on Blue Hawk peak.

We wish to correct a marriage notice that we published about two weeks ago, it being the marriage of Miss Viola BELDEN to Mr. S.S. FARRAR, instead of Miss Ethel BELDEN. Of course we don't want to slight anyone, and the mistake was unintentional.

J.W. KENEFICK, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, was in Pawnee yesterday looking up incidents connected with the murder of his brother, Joe KENEFICK, last Friday night. He went to Enid last night.

J.C. POLLARD is up from Stillwater today.

Mrs. STONE is a shopper in the city today from Skedee.

Mr. and Mrs. H.C. DAVIS came over from Skedee this morning to have Dr. LEHEW examine a wound that Mr. DAVIS accidently received while hunting Thanksgiving.

Wayne MOATS came over from Mannford Thursday morning to spend the day with home folks.

Miss Edna BIDDISON went to Tulsa Friday morning for a visit with her brother in that city.

Mrs. Albert McGuire and little son returned Saturday morning from a visit at Ralston.

Oliver BRILLHART of Edmond, was a guest at the CRESWELL home Thursday and Friday.

Miss Gertrude HANN, accompanied by Isabel LEHEW, went to Edmond last week to attend a meeting of the State Music Teachers' association. Signal recognition of Miss Hann's ability was shown in the selection as one of the four soloists at the entertainment given by the association.

W.A. SMITH, formerly editor and proprietor of the Ralston Exponent, is a patient at Buffalo Park Sanatorium. Mr. SMITH has lost the sight of one eye, and other is badly affected also. His friends hope he may be speedily benefited.

Deputy Sheriff GILLESPIE brought up two booze peddling negroes from Hallett yesterday morning. They are putting their feet under Sheriff PUMROY's table now, that being one place where the grandfather clause don't work.

Mrs. Ed STRANGE, who has been visiting relatives in Pawnee the past three weeks, went to Tulsa Friday, and from there she will join her husband at Bixby, Oklahoma, where he is in business.

Howard HARRISON and D.M. WALKER went to Oklahoma City last Saturday to attend a meeting of the State Treasurers' association. They report a most interesting meeting.

Miss Helen COULTER spent the day Thursday with her parents at Blackburn.

Charles SHANNON of St. Louis, was in Pawnee the first of the week.

Professional Cards - L.V. ORTON, Lawyer - Offices in REID Building - Pawnee, OK

EAGLETON & BIDDISON - Attorneys-at-Law - All legal business promptly attended to. Office over BRUINGTON & THOMPSON's Hardware Store.

Geo. E. MERRIT - Attorney-at-Law - Prompt attention given to commercial and all other legal business. Offices over Pawnee National Bank, Pawnee.

Ralph E. WELLER, M.D. - General Practioner of Medicine and Surgery - Special attention given to treatment of diseases of the Rectum.

G.H. PHILLIPS - Physician and Surgeon - Office over BAGBY's drug store - Pawnee

John PIERCE - Veterinary Surgeon - Cottage Hotel - Phone No. 160

BELLEW & PLUMLEE - Flour and Feed - A cordial invitation is extended to all our friends to call and see us in our new store.

With Our Correspondents

Skedee Valley Items - Too late for last week.

Grandpa ROWDEN is some better at this writing.

Mr. Tom ROWDEN, who moved to Climax, Kansas, in the spring, is expected home any time. He says it is too windy up there, and when he gets back to Oklahoma, he will say it's too dry here.

Mr. and Mrs. James GANN of Blackburn, spent two weeks with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs ROWDEN.

Mr. Overton HOWELL, who spent the summer at Shawnee, returned home Sunday.

Mr. Eddie RIDDLE is suffering with a severe felon on his finger.

George MACK has almost completed his mother's house.

Mr. Clarence and Willie HILL and Mr. DOSS have been plastering Mrs. Emiline MACK's home.

Mr. HILL's boys are working on their new home.

Misses Rosa MACK, Lillian ROWDEN and John KNIGHT spent the evening Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. AMEN and family.

Mr. Loren and Charley RUBINSON of Blackburn, made a business trip to Pawnee last week.

Blackburn Items

J.M. VANDRUFF of Hewins, Kansas has been visiting his brother, Frank VANDRUFF during the past week. Mr. VANDRUFF has just sold his farm new Hewins, and is looking over this country with a view to locating.

Frank MARLOW closed a deal last week by which he became the owner of the R.H. WATERS farm at the mouth of the Black Bear. This is the farm which Bob acquired when the WATERS & MENTZER Hardware store was traded to J.T. PERSHALL & Son last February.

John BELL, who is engaged in railroad construction work in Minnesota, came in this week to spend Thanksgiving with his brother, Jim BELL. John says that Minnesota is experiencing some pretty severe winter weather at this time, and Sunny Oklahoma looks mighty good to him.

Ed STALLARD was in from his Black Bear farm the first of the week. His brother, Oscar STALLARD, was here from South Bend, Indiana last week visiting him, and was so favorable impressed with this country that he has made up his mind to cut loose from Hossier-dom and come to Oklahoma to locate.

Cleveland Items

Judge G.T. GRAVES, who has been ill for the past week is improving.

R.L. LUNSFORD left for Hobart, Oklahoma, Monday, where he attended a Democratic meeting and banquet.

Miss Orchid GRAVES was in Hallett last Saturday to meet Mrs. Nellie SAUNDERS of Pawnee, who is visiting G.T. GRAVES and family.

John ORTNER left for Hatfield and other points in Eastern Arkansas last Saturday. Mr. ORTNER expects to be gone a week or ten days.

Maramec Items

Ed CASTELL, who has been sick for the past ten days, is very low with typhoid fever.

S.M. FUGATE has built a new stock and feed barn, which would be a credit to any stock farm.

M.F. GRUBB, Geo. P. SHAEFER and John DODD left on Monday for Guthrie, on school business. P.V. MCMULLAN is able to be out again after being confined to the house for some time, occasioned by a fall.

S.B. HAMMERS received word Thursday of the serious illness of his mother who lives at Wichita, and left immediately.

Mrs. V.L. TALBOT of Route 2, has raised, sold and killed for family use 122 young roosters, to say nothing about the pullets. Who can beat it? Don't all holler at once.

Tom HOSEY as called to Eddy, Oklahoma last week by the illness of his mother who was suffering from a stroke of paralysis. He returned Saturday and reported her some better.

After prayer meeting Wednesday evening, about forty of the members and friends of the U.B. Church, gave their new pastor, W.A. MANION, a very pleasant surprise. After spending a very pleasant evening socially, they departed for their homes, leaving a donation amounting to $11.00.

Jennings Items

H.M. BARNES has completed an addition to his farm residence just west of the city.

The high stepping that "Shorty" SMITH is doing, is caused by the arrival of a boy at his home last Friday.

Si PEARSON and family left this week for Bristow, where they will make their future home. Mr. and Mrs. PEARSON have been residents of Jennings for a number of years, and have a large circle of friends.

Quay Quibbles

George MACK and Rhoda HOKE came home for the Thanksgiving holiday, but on account of their mother being in Kansas, there was no Thanksgiving dinner prepared. Fortunately for the boys, however, Miss Rhoda is studying domestic science this year and was right in practice for getting up a good dinner, so none of the family suffered for the want of good things to eat.

The public sale at the home of W.A. STOCKER last Monday was largely attended and everything sold well. Mr. STOCKER will be in the neighborhood for two or three weeks before departing for their new home at Pauls Valley.

Mrs. Will Lou WATERS, who has been visiting her home folks for the past week, returned to her home in Western Kansas Tuesday morning. She was accompanied by her brother, Louis BERRY, who will spend the winter and go to school.

I.W. HARREL of Maramec, was in Quay last Tuesday on his way home from the SKEEN sale.

Ira HARRISON is making a cistern for Fred HEMME, who lives east of town.

Newt CUSTER arrived last Saturday night from western Oklahoma, and is the guest of relatives near here. His wife, who was formerly Miss Agnes PETTLE, is in poor health again, and she is with her mother at Bessie, Oklahoma.

Mrs. C.M. PROWANT entertained with a Thanksgiving dinner, he guests being as follows: Mr. and Mrs. Frank CULLISON and children; Mr. and Mrs. J.T. STRIPLING and little daughter, Ruth; and Mrs. John HUMPHREY.

Henry WITTICH sold his town property to Sig CANTREL last Saturday. Mr. CANTRELL will move to town as soon as Mr. WITTICH vacates. Mr. WITTICH will move to his farm, northwest of town, where he has recently built a new home.

Mrs. W.J. BERRY returned from a week's visit with friends in Stoud and Kendrix, last Monday.

O.E. COINER will have a sale at his farm east of Quay next Wednesday afternoon. He contemplates moving to town.

Miss Lesta BERRY spent her Thanksgiving spent her Thanksgiving vacation at Pawnee, the guest of Miss Mary INGRAHAM. She reports a fine time, and says she was highly entertained by attending an Indian Ghost Dance.

Miss Anna WATKINS went to her home at Maramec to spend her Thanksgiving holiday.

Skedee Valley Items

Mrs. A.A. HILL gave a Thanksgiving dinner in honor of Miss Maude SHORT and her Sunday school class: Misses Mary and Nora RIDDLE, Rose MACK and Lillian ROWDEN; Messrs. Eddie RIDDLE, Corlise HOWELL, John KEARNEY, Will and Charlie HILL and Walter RUPERS. Many others were present. A fine dinner was spread and all report a fine time and wishes for many more happy Thanksgivings.

December 8, 1910

Death of Don SAGER
At 3:00 last Saturday after, at his home near Pawhuska, Don SAGER passed away, surrounded by his immediate family. He was well known in this city and country, for years enjoying the warm, sincere friendship of our best citizens, all of whom extend their sympathy to the bereaved wife and children who survive him.
He had suffered from cancer of the bowels, and while loving friends and the best medical skill had done everything for him that lay in mortal power, for a long time Don knew there was no relief but death for him. Yet he was none the less cheerful with those who visited him. He was large hearted, brave, kind and generous, and like Eben HOLDEN, he entered upon the unknown shore saying:
I ain't afraid
'Shamed o' nuthin' I ever done.
Always kept my tugs tight
Never swore less twas necessary
Never ketched a fish bigger than I was
Er lied in a horse trade
Er shed a tear I didn't hev to
Never cheated anybody but Eben Holden
Goin' off somewhere, Bill dunno the way nuther
Dunno if it's east or west, er north er south
Er road er trail
But I ain't afraid.

Local News:

Joe SOULSBY made a flying trip to Casey Wednesday.

Mrs. J.P. GUINN of Hallett, was in Pawnee on Sunday shopping.

Judge MCNEILL returned from a visit to Kansas City Monday morning.

Mrs. A.L. MCCLAIN of Glencoe, visited Miss Ruth CARTER this week.

J.A. MEREY and wife of Guthrie, are in Pawnee this week on business.

S.W. BURR went to Oklahoma City Tuesday morning for a few days visit.

Mrs. N.J. RYAN and daughter, Cordie, of Valley were shoppers here Saturday.

Purl BURNETT came over from Glencoe Tuesday evening, for a visit in Pawnee.

Mr. J.A. HARBISON of Jennings, was in town Tuesday doing some shopping.

Mr. and Mrs. E. DRAYER of Guthrie are visiting at the home of C.L. BERRY this week.

Lee MARX went to Oklahoma City Wednesday morning to attend a meeting of the retailer's association.

Mrs. Lena DRIESBACK, who underwent an operation at Buffalo Park Sanatorium, Tuesday, is getting along nicely.

Mrs. C.B. CLARK went to Hominy Saturday for a visit. She was accompanied by Miss Lula HERRIDGE of that place.

Dr. and Mrs. WEBBER of Wichita, are here visiting Mr. and Mrs. George REID and other Pawnee friends this week.

Mrs. J.L. HUGHES and Mrs. F.G. CARTER of Morrison, came over Tuesday morning to be with Mrs. J. PAGE, who is quite sick.

Mr. and Mrs. C.M. PORTER left Friday afternoon for Hosington, Kansas, where they will visit her father for some time.

Mr. and Mrs. J.S. NEWBY, who have been visiting their son, _.R. NEWBY, returned to their home Tuesday, at Udall, Kansas.

Bob TEFERTELLER was down from Glencoe Wednesday. He has gone into business there and is very much pleased with his new location.

Miss Lucie DAVIS returned Saturday from a visit at Wichita. Miss Nell GRIMES had charge of her millinery store while she was away.

Allen BURLINGTON and E.D. VANN of Ft. Smith, Arkansas, came in Friday and have been buying up horses and mules. They shipped a car load to Forth Smith this morning.

Mr. Wood moved here Sunday from Frederick, Oklahoma and will make his home in Pawnee, filling the position of agent at the Frisco station.

C.E. YALEY, and old friend of John BELL, has come down from Kansas, to make his home near Maramec. He is a substantial farmer, and is welcomed to Pawnee County.

Mr. and Mrs. M. WALKER of Neosho, Missouri, came in Tuesday evening for a visit with J.W. SAPP and family, living out west of town.

Miss Ruby PERKINS left for a two weeks stay at Ft. Smith, Arkansas, last Wednesday morning. Miss PERKINS is one of the nurses at the sanatorium.

Mr. and Mrs. R. PAYTON, former residents of this part of the country, returned to their home in Oregon yesterday. They have been visiting Major Gordon W. LILLIE, who is an old friend, having held cattle together many years ago.

Jack BUCHANAN, while quietly sitting in the store last Saturday afternoon, gave a slight cough, and was surprised to find that it was followed by quite a severe hemorrhage. He retired to his room and summoned medical aid, and in a few hours was up and around again, little the worse for his experience. But, he doesn't want any more.

Miss Katie SIMON, whose home is southwest of Quay, but who is teaching school about nine miles northwest of Quay, met with a rather severe accident at her school house last week. She threw some kerosene on the fire to hurry it along and the flame rushed out into her face, burning her flesh so that it peeled off. She was not disabled so badly, but that she could not go on with her school, however.

H.R. WITTICH moved to his farm northwest of Quay this week and Sig CANTREL moved into the house vacated by Mr. WITTICH, which he had recently purchased from him.

W.J. BERRY returned from Terlton last Thursday morning and left again on Monday of this week for Olive.

W.A. STOCKER loaded a car on Wednesday with stock and household goods and started to his new home at Pauls Valley.

Ira PRATT is visiting his sister, Mrs. Ben MAKIN, this week.

Blanche BAILEY is quite sick this week.

Ransom CONNICK has gone to Winfield, Kansas to spend the winter.

John SIMMONS had the misfortune to lose a coat and sweater in a prairie fire one day last week. He had been clearing off some land and had laid his coat and sweater on a log while he went a little distance away to fight a prairie fire. When he returned, the fire had gotten to his clothes and burned them up, log and all.

Wayne BOOTHE, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Creed BOOTHE, has been very ill with pneumonia, but is much improved at this time.

W.C. TOMLINSON has closed a deal wherein he purchased the lease on the building occupied by J.W. LARNER's drug store in Jennings, and will move to same this week, where he will be found doing business.

December 22, 1910

Double Wedding
One of the happiest events of the pre-holiday season was a double wedding that took place at the Presbyterian manse Saturday, December 17, at 3:00 p.m. The party consisted of Mr. Hurley F. MCDANIELS and Miss Faye SCHROEDER, of Jennings, and Mr. Roy C. HARPEY of Tulsa, and Miss Ethel SCHRODER, of Jennings. Rev. John T. CURTIS performed the ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. MCDANIELS will reside at Jennings. Mr. and Mrs. HARPER left on the 6 o'clock train for Tulsa, which is to be their future home. We join their many friends in wishing them a long and happy life of prosperity.

Mrs. MANNING Discharged
Mrs. Frank MANNING, who was arrested on the charge of being one of the murderers of Joe KENEFICK, at the Manning home on November 25, was brought over from Perry Tuesday morning, she being kept in the Noble County jail since her arrest. Upon further consideration, County Attorney COLE concluded there was not sufficient evidence against Mrs. MANNING to warrant holding her, consequently the case against her was dismissed, and she was discharged from custody. The date for Frank MANNING's preliminary has not yet been fixed.

Local News:

The house and contents of Guy VANEMAN were completely destroyed Wednesday night by fire - Jennings News.

The News fails to mention the size of the house, but as Guy is tolerable portly, the burning of his contents must have created quite a blaze.

Dick BEARD, who has been in Texas for the past few years, dropped in the city today, and is visiting with Mr. DOOLIN, down on the ranch, and is as fat as ever.

W.W. SIMS, who has been in Georgia the past few weeks selling horses and mules, returned home Sunday.

Charles WILSON came home the first of the week to visit his parents over Christmas. Mr. WILSON is a traveling salesman, and has not been home for over a year, and he sees a great deal of improvement in Pawnee since his last visit here.

Judge STERLING went to Maramec Wednesday morning to attend to some business.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry ROACH leave for Ft. Worth and other Texas points today, where they expect to spend the winter visiting friends and relatives. Henry says it has been twelve years since he left the "Lone Star" state, and he thinks he is entitled to a little vacation.

H.K. WILKERSON returned from his Texas trip last Friday. He is inclined to shake hands with himself for being a day late, as had he started on the train he expected to take, he would have been in the Santa Fe wreck at Davis, Oklahoma, where one man was killed and thirty-four injured.

Dr. FITE was a Stillwater visitor Tuesday.

O.E. JACKSON of Jennings, was in Pawnee Tuesday.

Skedee Valley Items:

Nice weather for the time of year.

Tom ROWDEN and family, who have spent 1910 in Kansas, moved back to Pawnee County last week and says he is going to stay. He says he is going to turn the saw mill business over to his son and son-in-law, Benjamin ROWDEN and James GANN, as he is past hard work.

A.A. HILL butchered some fine hogs for his winter meat and sent Teddy some spear bones and back ribs, which were much appreciated by the receiver.

Mr. Robert ROWDEN, who came in Monday morning from Skedee is going to spend the rest of the winter with Grandpa ROWDEN.

Kenneth MACK has purchased a fine new violin and he expects to be a full fledged violinist soon.

Grandpa ROWDEN is expecting Mr. Allen MCLEAN and family up from Stillwater Saturday to spend his seventy-first birthday.

Blackburn Items:

Robert GILLILAND has been on the sick list for the past two weeks with something closely resembling appendicitis.

Postmaster John LANDES left Wednesday afternoon to spend a few days renewing old associations in Arkansas City, Kansas

"Red" SEAGRAVES and Rube ROBINSON have matched a go with the gloves, to take place in about two weeks.

Maramec Musings:

Lee JOHNSON is reported very sick with typhoid fever.

W.E. REDDING left Tuesday for Snohomish, Washington, to spend the winter for his health.

Ed CASTEEL, who has been down for over a month with typhoid fever, is able to sit up a little now, but is quite weak yet.

Jesse SALSBURY, a brother-in-law of J.T. KERR, who has been visiting here the past week, has gone to make a visit at Yale with John BEAVER.

Mrs. Dr. DUULAVY and little granddaughter left last Friday for a visit with her son, Dr. S.W. DUNLAVY. She will also visit with her daughter in Washunga, Oklahoma, before she returns.

Partial Letter List:
ALLEN, Birdie
CAMPBELL, Olen (2)
CLARK, Clara
DOPREE, Margaret
COMICK, Ranson
FLYNN, Henry

Lewis B. WILSON, of Beaver County, and Miss Olive REYNOLDS, of Alfalfa County, were united in marriage on Wednesday, December 14, at the Presbyterian manse. The young couple were of marriageable age, both having passed their thirty-fourth milestone. Their many friends wish them a merry Christmas, a happy new year, followed by a long life of usefulness and blessedness.

Henry ROACH yesterday purchased the residence property of Bob SMITH, and upon his return from Texas, he will have the pleasure of living under his own vine and fig tree.

Mrs. J.J. ROSS of Cane Hill, Arkansas, was in town this morning on her way to Stillwater to visit her daughter, Miss Ross, who is an instructor at A&M College.

Mrs. A. HANFT is able to be out again after her recent illness, and is wished by her many friends that she will continue to improve.

Ralph GRAY is expected home Saturday from St. Joseph, Missouri, to spend Xmas with home folks.

For reliable wind mills, go to Al JUSTICE, Pawnee Plumbing Works.

We are glad to state that our friend, W.A. SMITH, of Ralston, who is under treatment for his eyes at Buffalo Park Sanatorium, is improving. Mr. SMITH was compelled to give up his newspaper work on account of failing eyesight, and for six months was a patient at a Dayton, Ohio hospital, from which he received no benefit. His friends are hoping for his continued improvement.

Miss Marguerite BAGGETT of Fayetteville, Arkansas, will arrive in the city the first of the week for a visit. Miss Baggett's many friends here will be delighted to have her in their midst again.

Miss Elizabeth SHAPARD will arrive this evening from school at St. Louis, to spend Xmas with home folks.

Miss Blanche BUSSEY will arrive in Pawnee Friday, for a visit with friends during the holidays.

Born today, to Mr. and Mrs. R. BELDEN, a baby girl, which comes as a most precious Xmas gift.

Mr. E.D. LONG of Jennings, is under treatment at Buffalo Park Sanatorium.

Mesdames TURNER and FLORER of Terlton, are in town today shopping.

Rudolph UHL left Sunday for his home in Chicago.

Mrs. Lena DRIESBACH, who has been making her home at White Rock, Utah, but who has been a patient at Buffalo Sanatorium during her visit with home folks in Pawnee, has left the institution, having completely recovered from the operation which was performed last week. She will shortly return to her western home.

James E. COONEY, undertaker and embalmer with L.P. COFFEY, two doors west of Pawnee National Bank - Telephone 23 during the day, 128 at night.

Mr. and Mrs. HAGGART of Fairfax were Pawnee shoppers today.

December 29, 1910

In the Early Days
In rummaging over some old papers belonging to the writer, we recently came across the first copy of "The New Era" - a monthly publication promoted at the Pawnee Indian school, with L.D. DAVIS, then superintendent, as editor. Much of the work for this first number was done by the present editor of the Times - Democrat, who was then connected with the Arkansas City Traveler, and in looking through its columns we find the names of many who are still here. For instance, The New Era says:
"The Pawnee school guards, under the command of Lieutenant James R. MURIE, are becoming quite proficient in military drill. Lieutenant MURIE has organized four companies, including every boy in school."
"David GILLINGHAM, son of White Eagle, a full blood Pawnee, and recently a member of Buffalo Bill's troupe, returned a short time since to Pawnee reservation. During his absence in the states, David acquired an excellent command of the English language, and a white wife, a lady from Boston."
Eagle Chief's death is recorded thus: "Eagle CHIEF, the oldest chief in the Pawnee tribe, who died quite recently, was a person of considerable celebrity among his people. He was one of the signers of the original treaty between the government and the Pawnee tribe, had always been a strong advocate of peace and good order among his people, and was greatly respected by all who knew him for his loyalty and honesty. His portrait in complete Indian dress may be seen in the Smithsonian Institute at Washington."

County Teachers
The next meeting of the County Teachers' association will be held at Cleveland on Saturday, January 14. An interesting session is planned, and it is hoped that every teacher in the county will be present. Earl B. CLARK, President.

Mr. and Mrs. George BERNHART and son left Sunday last for a ten day visit with some of George's old home folks in Ohio. During his absence, George will frolic around the hills and valleys of Turtle Creek and visit the old Red Lion school house - points that were familiar to the writer about "steen" years ago, but the old swimmin' hole will be frozen over. Moreover, he will find that the people he left are like those who left, encumbered by age and responsibilities of their own. But he'll have a good time, just the same.

John BRANDON traded his city property last Saturday for the old STAPLETON farm near Skedee, and gave it out cold that he was going back to the simple life. His friends here were so enthusiastic over the prospect that they purchased a new hat for him, so that next summer's sun's fierce rays might not penetrate through that mass of hair that crowns his think tank. But John hasn't moved yet.

Editor HANNAH, of the Cleveland Enterprise, was in the city Tuesday. He reports that the recent increase in oil activities in his neighborhood is making Cleveland about the liveliest spot on the globe. We hope the Enterprise will get a large slice of this prosperity, for it certainly deserves it.

Mrs. Tom SAUNDERS and little daughter, Marianna, went to Cleveland Wednesday for a visit with Judge GRAVES and family.

Miss Lela SWALLEY is home for the holidays. She is attending business college at Guthrie.

Frank MANNING's preliminary for the murder of Joseph KENEFICK, which occurred on November 25, will be held at the court house this afternoon, before Justice of the Peace HALE.

Alvin WALKER, newly elected clerk of Coal Creek township, was a county seat visitor on Monday of this week. Mr. WALKER says it is really and truly dry in and around Ralston now.

The Santa Fe company will begin the week the work of raising that portion of its track which is generally under water when the heavy rains come. It will require the expenditure of $11,000 and a new batch of Mexicans has been shipped in for the purpose.

W.N. BATES, father of Mayor BATES, came up from Maysville, Georgia last Saturday to spend the Christmas holidays with the Pawnee members of his family. It has been about four years since his last visit, and his friends are glad to welcome his return in such good health.

New Rooming House
The Pawnee rooming house changes ownership today, J.F. GOODWIN having purchased the furniture and secured the lease. In addition to having the best furnished rooms in the city, under it's new management the Pawnee rooming house will serve meals to a few desiring good service and home cooking. The location cannot be excelled, the rooms are the best in town, and with the excellent table guaranteed, the year 1911 will certainly be a prosperous one for the Pawnee rooming house.

For Sale
I have a good two seated carriage and set of single harness for sale cheap, either for cash or credit. J.H. MANNING

Installation of Officers
On Tuesday night, the annual installation of officers occurred in the local Masonic lodge, the following being the list of new officers: Cecil JAY, W.M.; Ed CATLETT, S.W.; B.N. HOPE, J.W.; A.H. MARSDEN, S.D.; Roy BUSHORR, J.D.; Ed KELLY, S.S.; A. FEGTLY, J.S.; J.B. DAVIS, treasurer; E.L. COX, Secretary.
After the installation a bountiful supper was served by Charley GRAHAM, he supplying the inner men with sufficient to sustain them for another year.

Notice to Creditors
We have been easy, and have given our customers time. Now, one good turn deserves another. So, all parties knowing themselves indebted to us will please come in and settle within the next thirty days, as our business calls for money. Thanking you for past favors, we are yours to business. PEARSON & Son

In the parlors of the National Hotel Saturday evening, occurred the marriage of Cecil C. PARKHURST of Jennings, and Miss Gertrude REMINGTON of Cushing. The ceremony being performed by Judge N.E. MCNEILL.

Electric Massage and Shampoo - Only Shop in the City Where this can be obtained - STOOKEY & FOLKES - First-Class Barbers - Pawnee, Oklahoma

Marriage Licenses:
Ross L. CURTIS, 22, Jennings
Edith G. PLOWMAN, 17, Maramec

Adam L. HENSLEY, 27, Cleveland
Sarah LAEER, 18, Cleveland

Lester FOWLEY, 22, Morrison
Anna ADAMS, 20, Otoe

Jesse B. VANHOY, 23, Cleveland
Beulah CHEEK, 21, Cleveland

James M. HOWELL, 21, Hallett
Effie EIKENBURY, 18, Jennings

Frank GAULEY, 26, Sherfield, IA
Emma D. HILL, 18, Pawnee

Jesse PLOUGH, 19, Glencoe
Hazel COX, 16, Glencoe

Wm. T. RUSSELL, 30, Ponca City
Helen SPENCER, 15, Fairfax

Cecil C. PARKHURST, 31, Jennings
Gertrude REMINGTON, 31, Cushing

Mr. and Mrs. E.E. WILLIAMS and little son from Williamsburg, Iowa, are visiting Mrs. F.L. SHIPMAN this week.

Judge STERLING and family went to Tulsa Saturday to spend Christmas with G.R. MCCULLOUGH and family.

Miss Edna CRESWELL came home from Winfield, Kansas, last week to spend the holidays with her parents.

Mesdames M.D. CAMPBELL and R.A. JOHNSON, of Skedee were shopping in Pawnee Friday.

David Arthur MOORE, of Alva, was a visitor here Saturday en route to Kansas City.

Miss Kate NORTH, of Tulsa, was a visitor here between trains Tuesday. She was returning to college at Stillwater.

Orville MENTZER came up from Oklahoma City Saturday and remained here til Tuesday, when he left here for Stroud.

W.M. BIGLEY shipped a car load of mules to Davis & Younger at at Oklahoma City Monday. This was a $1,500 purchase.

Miss Grace PICKEREL and Mrs. Ed COLVIN left Tuesday evening for Chilocothe, Missouri, where Mrs. COLVIN's mother is seriously ill.

Louis SIMMONS, who lives at Maramec, was operated upon at Buffalo Park Sanatorium last week for an abscess of the lung.

Miss Elmira ROGERS, of Stillwater, was a guest of Miss Stella TUCKER's Monday night. She and Miss Stella left for Enid Tuesday morning.

Mrs. J.H. CALKINS and children of Stillwater, were in Pawnee Tuesday en route for Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Mrs. CALKINS is a sister of B.F. MEANS.

Lost: A bracelet with name Edna on it was lost between the Model theatre and Ed WHEELER's home. Anyone finding same will please return it to Edna WHEELER or leave at the Pawnee Dry Goods Store.

Rev. CURTIS, who has been under the weather for a few days will go to Newkirk next Sunday to dedicate the new Presbyterian church in that city. He has made arrangements by which his pulpit here in Pawnee will be supplied, so that regular services will be held next Sunday as usual.

John BRYANT, age 24, died at his home near Ralston December 30, after an illness of but one week, the cause being pneumonia. Deceased came from Knox County, Missouri, to Pawnee County about six years ago, and has resided near Cleveland and Ralston ever since. He has a large number of friends in those communities who will be surprised at his sudden death. Mr. BRYANT was an exceptionally fine young man, and his death is sincerely mourned by those who knew him.

Rev. ROACH and children, who have been visiting the LEHEW brothers, returned to their home in Lincoln, Nebraska, Wednesday afternoon. Rev. ROACH is pastor of the First Methodist Church of that city.

The lecture at the Methodist Church Wednesday evening, given by George LANDRUM was a splendid one. Mr. LANDRUM is somewhat of a humorist and also an impersonator of wide reputation.

E.M. CLARK and daughter, Florence, went to Stillwater Friday morning and from there went to Oklahoma City, where they attended the Shriner's Ball that was given Monday night.

The case of LIZAR vs. GREEN, being a suit for damage to a field of property, was tried before Justice HALE last Thursday. The jury returned a verdict for the defendant.

Mr. and Mrs. STONEBURNER, of Independence, Kansas, returned home Friday after a visit with their son, Elton STONEBURNER, and the SWALLEY brothers.

Mr. and Mrs. LEWIS of Mart, Texas, arrived in Pawnee Sunday. Mr. LEWIS has accepted a position in the clothing department of Marx Brothers.

Socially Speaking:

The Ladies Aid Society met with Mrs. Jim HUDSON Wednesday afternoon.

House Party
Mrs. WITTCRAFT, of Fairfax, is having a house party this week. Those invited from here are Mesdames Jim DAVIS, Gordon LILLIE, J.S. BADGER, Sr.; J.S. BADGER, Jr., and Miss Tan BADGER.

Linen Shower
Mrs. E.G. GRAY gave a linen shower Tuesday afternoon for Miss Madge LAKE, inviting only her married friends. Miss LAKE was presented with a Japanese laundry bag filled with beautiful pieces of hand embroidered linen, after which a buffet luncheon was served to the following ladies: Mesdames R.E.L. DANIELS, A. KRAUSS, Frank HUDSON, John BADGER, George SOULSBY, John DONAGHY, C.E. VANDERVOORT, Frank LAKE, Jim HUDSON, George WHEELER, Laurence GRAY, Price M. WILLIS and Miss Madge LAKE.

U.D.C's Entertain
At the home of Miss Sinia NEAL last Saturday afternoon, the Daughters of the Confederacy entertained in honor of Miss Madge LAKE, and presented her with a beautiful cut glass berry bowl. Mrs. Fannie CATLETT made the presentation in a most gracious and appropriate manner. The Auxiliary, composed of Misses Norma and Louise KRAUSS, Mildred and Lucile MALLORY, Dorothy FERGUSSON, Veronis CUNNINGHAM, Lavinia WILLIS, Anna and Mildren TURNER, sang "Dixie exceptionally well. The ladies enjoyed the afternoon. Refreshments of sandwiches, coffee and after-dinner mints were served.

Mr. and Mrs. R.S. COLE entertained some of the young people Friday evening. Rook was one of the games played that afforded much amusement. Those invited were Misses Emma TANSEY, Jennie and Ethel BERRY, Mattie PETER, and Jessie LANG, Messrs. Roy BERRY, Fred DEVINNIE, Thurman HURST and Arthur FEGTLY.

Watch Party
Mr. and Mrs. Fred PETER entertained informally Saturday evening with a watch party. Whist was played until 11:30, when a lunch was served to the following guests: Miss Lenora SHAPARD, Mr. C.J. SHAPARD, Messrs and Mesdames H.T. ANDERSON, E.L. COX, W.C. WEBB and S. THORNTON.

Class Party
Will EAGLETON, of the Senior Class, entertained the other members at his home, Thursday evening. He was assisted by his sisters, Misses Eloise, Olive and Elizabeth. Delicious refreshments were served.

Stag Sociability
Frank HUDSON gave a card party last Thursday night in honor of a few of his masculine friends, the favored ones being Messrs. Gordon W. LILLIE, Dr. W.M. MOORE, Dr. G.H. PHILLIPS, C.E. VANDERVOORT, C.S. BATES, F.M. PHILLIPS, P.M. WILLIS, J.B. DAVIS, S.A. MENTZER, E.L. COX, B.N. HOPE, Cecil JAY, J.H. HUDSON and E.G. GRAY. Frank PHILLIPS proved himself the champion pitch player, and was awarded a belt as a prize. Cecil JAY fell behind the breastworks, barely scoring enough to be counted, but in order to keep him in good humor he was given a consolation prize, a pacifier. The merriment over the awarding of prizes was succeeded by a bounteous and most appetizing midnight supper, prepared by Mesdames HUDSON, VANDERVOORT and SHEPARD, which came in for generous praise for all present.

Luncheon and Shower
Mrs. Frank PHILLIPS and Miss Kate RUST gave a one o'clock luncheon and miscellaneous shower last Thursday at the home of Mrs. PHILLIPS, complimentary to Miss Madge LAKE, who is to be married next week. Miss LAKE was the recipient of many useful and dainty gifts, after which a delicious four course luncheon was served, following which toasts were given to the bride to be. The color scheme of red and white was successfully carried out through each course, carnations of red and white being artistically arranged on the table, and red and white bells were used in decorating the library and dining room. Those seated at the table were: Misses Gertrude HANN, Nell and Mabel GRIMES, Tan BADGER, Kate RUST, Erma KRAUSS, Zulu THOMAS, Blance BUSSEY, Madge LAKE and Mesdames Arthur CATLETT, Laurence GRAY and Frank PHILLIPS.

One O'clock Luncheon
Mrs. Arthur CATLETT and Miss Pearl CATLETT gave a one o'clock luncheon Wednesday afternoon, complimentary to Miss Madge LAKE. The hostesses were ably assisted by Mrs. A. KRAUSS and Mrs. Fannie CATLETT. Pink carnations were used in decorating the table. A most delicious four-course luncheon was served to twelve of the bride-to-be's most intimate friends. After the luncheon, the guests were invited to the front room, where they spent a very enjoyable half hour visiting with Miss LAKE. From they they composed a kodak party and late in the afternoon the party broke up, after thanking the hostesses for their delightful afternoon. Those invited were Misses Zula THOMAS, Nell GRIMES, Kate RUST, Tan BADGER, Pansy GOODWIN, Celeste HOLLY, Madge LAKE, and Edna BUSSEY. Mesdames Leek HARRISON, Frank PHILLIPS and Laurence GRAY.

Local News:

Genuine McAlester lump or nut coal, billed from old McAlester can be had by calling Phone 79, B.F. MEANS & Co. or Uncle John HENRY.

Miss Lilla MCCROSKEy and Richard BARLOW, both of Yale, were married in this city this morning. They returned home on the morning train.

Do you want a stock tank? See Al JUSTICE, Pawnee plumbing works for good prices and quick delivery.

For Sale - Good seasoned wood for heater or cook stove - Call up Mrs. Orin WORRALL.

Miss Beulah and Thurman HURST returned to school at Norman Tuesday morning.

Irene BOLTON went to Ralston Wednesday afternoon for a visit with relatives.

The Misses EAGLETON returned to school at Norman Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. PARSHALL of Terlton, are in town today.

January 5, 1911


Warner F. WALBURN, 32, Pawnee
Isadora TUCKER, 22, Faust, N.Y.

Howard WALKER, 22, Terlton
Clara MCDANIEL, 22, Mannford

Charles GEORGE, 31, Fairfax
Della PENNEWELL, 25, Fairfax

Oscar LESHER, 23, Jennings
Pearlie ROPER, 20, Maramec

Lloyd BAILEY, 24, Pawnee
Emma BARTOS, 19, Valley

Mrs. E.S. ASHERZ of Blackwell, who has been visiting Mesdames Lee MUNSON, W.F. WINROW and Jesse FOLK, returned home Monday morning.

Miss Fae SMART, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. J.A. HARBISON, returned to her home in Stillwater Monday morning.

Mr. Frank HANNA returned to his home in Arkansas City Friday after visiting at the HANNA home for several days.

G.N. RICE, traveling freight agent of the Santa Fe, was a Pawnee visitor Thursday.

Miss Silvia WIMPEY returned to Blackwell Monday, where she attends college.

EAGLETON & BIDDISON - Attorneys-at-Law - All legal business promptly attended to. Office over Bruington & Thompson's Hardware Store.

Geo. E. MERRITT - Attorney-at-Law - Prompt attention given to commercial and all other legal business. Offices over Pawnee National Bank, Pawnee.

Ralph E. WELLER, M.D. - General Practioneer of Medicine and Surgery - Special attention given to treatment of diseases of the rectum.

G.H. PHILLIPS - Physician and Surgeon - Over office Bagby's Drug Store - Pawnee.

John PIERCE - Veterinary Surgeon - Cottage Hotel - Phone No. 160

Quay Quibbles:

Last Friday noon, Marion SPENCER and A.T. COOK engaged in a little dispute over the removal of a hen house from the premises on which COOK lives, and before the quarrel ended, Oscar SPENCER and COOK got into a fight, and while they were fighting, Marion SPENCER, the father of Oscar, struck COOK in the head with an ax, inflicting quite a sever wound just above the right eye. This put an end to the removal of the hen house and Mr. COOK was hurried away to Yale to have a doctor dress his wound.

C.W. CARPENTER and Jacob PUCKETT, of Cushing, were in Quay last Tuesday attending a director's meeting of the Bank of Lawson.

Miss Vernie PROWANT visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. INGRAHAM in Pawnee, the latter part of last week.

Miss Lesta BERRY returned from Stroud last Sunday morning. On Monday night she entertained a number of her young friends with flinch and other games. The following were present: Misses Vernie PROWANT, Rhoda HOKE, Myrtle SPENCER and Anna WATKINS, Messrs. Dave TROXELL, Roy MORRIS, Mack HOKE, Louis SENFT and Albert STOCKER.

Mack and Rhoda HOKE returned to Stillwater last Tuesday to reenter the A&M college.

Dave TROXEL and Ralph CROWE were in Pawnee on Tuesday looking after some business interests.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. A.T. COOK last Friday night, a baby girl, at the home of Mrs. Cook's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. SKEEN.

C.M. PROWANT went to Agra last Friday and returned Saturday noon.

Mr. Orville MENTZER, of Pawnee, was in town last Tuesday afternoon with his automobile. He had two travelling men with him and was taking them to Cushing.

W.A. STOCKER failed to find any farms for rent at Pauls Valley, so he moved back to Quay and has rented a farm south of Yale, where he will live until he can get possession of his own farm east of town.

Maramec Musings:

Ed CASTEEL is slowing recovering from his recent illness, but is not yet able to be out.

One of W.O. WHITLOCK's little boys was accidently burned in the eye with a match one day this week.

Mrs. Edith HODGES, of Washunga, is here visiting her parents, Dr. and Mrs. DUNLAVY and little daughter, Chloris.

J.E. WILSON and family of Blackburn, came in Wednesday for a visit with friends and relatives for a few days during his vacation.

C.F. BAKER bought some residence lots this week and just last week purchased a team and buggy. This looks somewhat suspicious to a man up a tree. This team and buggy might be used in courting the girl, and the lots might be used as a future home for the aforesaid mentioned damsel. Now girls get busy and win a happy home.

Louis SIMMONS and W.H. DAVIDSON went over to Pawnee Monday on business. Mr. SIMMONS has been ill and did not know exactly what was the matter. Sometimes he thought he had consumption, but finally decided to go to Pawnee as above stated. Dr. MOORE performed an operation and took from his left side 25 ounces of puss. This was quite a relief to Mr. SIMMONS and his many friends here hope this will lead to his permanent recovery.

Skedee Valley Items:

Mr. Jesse REESE, of Susanna, Missouri, is here visiting his brother, Thomas REESE.

Miss Beulah CURTIS spent a few days visiting with Mrs. Bertha GANN, of Blackburn.

Robert and Scott ROWDEN spent a few days visiting with friends and relatives in Hallett and Blackburn last week.

Mr. James GANN and wife and Mr. Robert ROE, of Blackburn, spent a few days visiting with their grandparents, Grandpa and Grandma ROWDEN.

Mr. and Mrs. James GANN and Miss Lillian ROWDEN made a pleasant call at the home of Mr. Thomas ROWDEN to see the bouncing ten pound boy which made his appearance there Monday, December 26. Tom says in a short time he will be running a saw mill.

The HILL brothers have their new house almost completed.

Lewis ROE, who has been working for some time for Scott ROWDEN, returned to his home at Blackburn last week.

The infant baby of Mrs. Bertha GRAVES passed away Monday morning. Death was caused by an acute attack of croup.

Several people around here are suffering with bad colds.

Mr. WHEELER, Mr. MURDEN's three children, one of Mr. AMEN's children, and Miss Lillian ROWDEN are on the sick list this week.


The barn on the farm formerly owned by Al HOUSTON, southeast of town, was burned one night last week. The farm is occupied by Elmer HOUSTON, Al's brother. The barn contained considerable hay and corn belonging to Minor ANGUS, which was a total loss.

Jess MYERS, who is holding down a position with the Abernathy Furniture Company, of Kansas City, came down Sunday to spend a week visiting home folks at Skedee and old friends in Blackburn. "Slim" is doing well in the city and looks as fat as he did when he went away.

Hank CARTER was in town Wednesday leading a coyote which he had taken from one of his traps. After exhibiting his catch he killed it and went home with its pelt under his arm. This is the third wolf Hank has caught within a month, and the thirty-ninth since he started in to exterminate the "varmints."

Baptist Church - Bert CUNNINGHAM, Supt.

Christian Church - Arthur J. AIKINS, Pastor

Episcopal Church - A.H. MARSDEN, Rector

Presbyterian Church - John T. CURTIS, Pastor

January 12, 1911 Times-Democrat

On Tuesday, January 10, at the Church of the Ascension, occurred one of the prettiest weddings ever seen in Pawnee, when Miss Madge LAKE, daughter of Mr. and M.F. LAKE, and Lincoln MAUPIN, of Prairie Grove, Arkansas, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony by the Rev. Francis K. BROOKE, Bishop of western Oklahoma. Green and white were the colors used in decorating the chancel and alter, and a rood-screen of honeysuckle was very effective. The bride, gowned in white satin, with veil fastened with sprays of lillies of the valley, and carrying an arm bouquet of bride's roses, was escorted to the chancel steps by her father, where she was met by the groom and Bishop and the betrothal vows were read; after which, the bridge and groom, accompanied by the father and matron of honor, best man and bridesmaids, advanced to the alter rail, where the impressive ceremony was concluded.
Mrs. Laurence E. GRAY, sister of the bride and matron of honor, was gowned in pink satin, draped with chiffon, and carried pink carnations. Miss Pearl CATLETT was maid of honor, and she and other bridesmaids, Misses Zula THOMAS and Bertha JELKS, wore pink gowns and veils and carried pink carnations, making a charming picture. The best man, Dr. Wm. MOCK, uncle of the bride, showed himself no novice in the role. The ushers were Clyde LAKE, Ed CATLETT, Ed VANDERVOORT and Laurence GRAY.
After the ceremony the bridal party, clergy, and Miss Gertrude HANN, who presided at the organ, and half a dozen intimate friends, went to the LAKE home, where luncheon was served. A feature of the services was the singing of "The Rosary" by Mr. MARSDEN, in his most charming style, upon which he received many compliments.
The young couple and Miss Emily MAUPIN, who came with her brother to be present at the wedding, left on the evening train for Prairie Grove, Arkansas, which is to be their future home, and where a large part of the numerous and handsome wedding presents received await the homecoming. With them go the best wishes of Mrs. MAUPIN's host of Pawnee friends.

Other News:

Mr. and Mrs. Al LILLIE entertained the High Five Club last Tuesday evening.

Mr. George REID entertained his Sunday school class of young ladies at his home Wednesday evening.

Charles SHAPARD entertained a few of his boy friends with a slumber party. Some of the boys enjoyed the night while others had a most "miserable" time, all due to Charlie's charming manner of entertaining. Those participating in the fun and frolic were Fitzhugh CATLETT, Ralph WEBB, Morris HANNA and Paul HOPE.

Mrs. J. D. BARKWELL gave a surprise party for her two nieces, Misses Grace BARKWELL and Mattie DANIELS. The evening was a most enjoyable one, and dainty refreshments were served to the following: Misses Anna TURNER, Ethel TURNER, Mollie LIEBENHEIM, Ethel BOATWRIGHT, Hilda SARGENT, Lillie LOUX, Fern WEBBER, Elsie PLUMLEE, Mesdames CANOOSE, Ora CREWS, Messrs. Sam WEAR, Jill WEBBER, Herbert HAPGOOD, Roy BUSHORR, Clarence SILER, and Roy SLOCUM.

Misses Jessie and Lena DESHLER, of Ralston, were Pawnee visitors Wednesday.

H.J. EPERSON of Oklahoma City, equipment man for the Pioneer Telephone Company, was in Pawnee Wednesday, and accompanied E.A. STONEHOUSE to Ralston to look after the office in that city. Mr. EPERSON will be in Pawnee for several days and expects to look after the telephones and arrange for better equipment.

Mrs. Mattie SINNETT of Keystone, was in Pawnee Tuesday.

Superintendent BRETZ treated Pawnee to a surprise Tuesday night by throwing a string of electric lights across the street from MENTZER's store building to the court house block. This illumination can be plainly seen from both depots and passing trains at night, and gives our little city quite a metropolitan effect. Another line will be strung from the First National bank building to MARX's store, in the near future, when Pawnee can boast of "a great white way" equal to much large localities.

Miss Anna BERHNART accompanied her brother, George BERNHART, home from Ohio, for a few weeks visit in Pawnee.

R.S. COLE returned from a trip to Ralston this morning.

W.A. DECKER is up from Valley today.

Mrs. E. WILLIAMS of Jennings, is shopping here today.

J.H. KERNS went to Morrison this morning on business.

Mrs. L.P. COFFEY went down to Cleveland this morning.

G.W. HUGHES made a business trip to Tulsa Wednesday.

Mrs. Louis DEMIEVILLE, of Maramec, was in Pawnee Tuesday.

Marriage Licenses:

John H. CRILE, Hominy
Cordelia SHEPARD, Cleveland

John WHITEHORN, Doggy Camp
Dora C. COLE, Hominy

L.E. MAUPIN, Prairie Grove, Arkansas
Margaret E. LAKE, Pawnee

Jesse HOWELL, Pawnee
Harriet ESAU, Pawnee

Wm. KINKLIN, Cleveland
Altha May LITTLE, Jennings

Theodore HAYDEN, president of the Terlton State Bank, was a business visitor in Pawnee Monday. He is one of the solid financial men of the county, and compliments the county seat upon its appearance of prosperity and improvement.

County Clerk SHOEMAKER has appointed as his deputy, Mrs. H.C. MOSS, recently of Stillwater, who with her mother, Mrs. N.J. COLDREN, and daughter Mayone, will make Pawnee their home, that is, as soon as they can find a house.

Mr. and Mrs. S.A. MENTZER and little son went to Carthage, Missouri, Friday for a visit. Mr. MENTZER goes to Kansas City from there on business.

C.J. SHAPARD went to Skedee last Thursday evening to attend the annual meeting of the directors of the bank at that place.


Mrs. Etta BEVINS of near Blackburn, died at her home on Sunday. The funeral services being held Tuesday in Blackburn.

Mrs. ALLEN, an aged Indian woman, died at her home near Pawnee Saturday and burial taking place on Sunday.

Sunday School Contest
The Sunday school contest that has been in progress for two or three months at the Methodist Church came to a close Monday night. The sides were known as the "Reds" and "Blues." The "Reds" having secured the most new pupils, were given a banquet by the "Blues" Monday night in the basement of the church. The object of this contest was to secure more Sunday school pupils, which they were very successful in doing. Miss Emma TANSEY was leader of the winning side, and gave an interesting talk in behalf of the Sunday school.

January 19, 1911

Marriage Licenses:

Chas. Gilbert GATES, Pawnee
Florence STEELE, Pawnee

Wesley LOPER, Blackburn
Maude SALSBURY, Blackburn

Milo BOBBIT, Yale
Grace HARRIS, Yale

Mrs. J.W. CLIFT, who has been visiting relatives near Pawnee, left Wednesday morning for home in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She was accompanied by her nephew, Roy DAVIS.

The public sale at the residence of Mr. WILLBANKS, Tuesday of this week, was one of the most successful of the season, nearly everything bringing good prices. This is one of the direct results of owning graded stock, which most of the Pawnee County farmers are beginning to appreciate. Mr. WILLBANKS is a lover of fine stock, and whenever he holds a sale, the buyers are certain to get the worth of their money.

Joe CONCONNUER returned to the Philippines one day last week where he will resume his duties as head of the Department of Agriculture in those islands.

Miss WATKINS, who was called to Missouri on account of the illness of her grandmother one day last week, returned Tuesday of this week. Her grandmother did not recover and was buried while Miss WATKINS was there.

Mr. James GANN of Blackburn, was in Pawnee on business one day this week.

Letter List:
Following is a list of letters remaining uncalled for January 19.
BAKER, Jesse
BIGGS, Burnes
EAVES, Charlie
HALL, Jas Mrs.
JAKE, Alice
JOHNSON, Hazelle
MILLER, Martha
When calling for the above, please say "advertised." L.N. BUSHORR, P.M.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry ROACH have returned from their trip to Texas. Henry made a bluff at staying through the winter, but the desire to get back to their new home in Pawnee was too strong for both of them.

Cleveland Items:

Col. J.L. MORPHIS was quite sick Saturday and Sunday, but is reported better at this writing.

Earl HANSON came in Sunday from Avant, for a week's visit with his mother, Mr. F. HANSON.

The infant child of Fred BYERS has been quite sick for some time, but is some better at the present writing.

A.C. HAZLETT, an attorney-at-law, has accepted a position with Attorney BLAKE, and will make his future home in this city. Mr. HAZLETT is from West Virginia.

J.F. DUDGEON of Terlton, was a pleasant caller at the Enterprise office Saturday. Mr. DUDGEON says that practically all the land is leased in his neighborhood for oil and gas purposes.

J.B.D. NEELY, who was killed at Caney Saturday, was at one time interested in this field, and was known here. He was a heavy stockholder in the Nelson Oil Company.

Skedee Valley Items:

Grandpa ROWDEN is suffering severely with pneumonia.

Mr. A.A. HILL is on the sick list this week.

Two of Mr. and Mrs. REESE's children are suffering with severe colds this week.

W.M. HOWELL, who has spent the past year on the Mayo BELLEW place, has moved to the Elmer LAMB farm.

Maramec Items:

Major DAVIS is building a new two room addition to his dwelling in the south part of town.

P.H. GIBSON of Davenport, OK, was here Wednesday in search of a farm on which he wishes to locate.

M.W. KLINE has installed an 8-horse power gasoline engine and feed grinder on his farm and will now do the grinding stunt for his stock.

H.A. WATKINS and daughter, Anna, left Sunday for southwest Missouri, to be at the bedside of his mother, who is very sick.

B.H. GRUBB, this week bought the C.T. DUFF property in the northeast part of town, consideration $400. It looks like Ben has decided to become a permanent fixture here.

F.A. PEARSON and wife will leave Saturday for Keosanqua, Iowa, where they will make their future home. We are sorry to lose Mr. and Mrs. PEARSON, as residents of our town, but wish them success in their new home.

Quay Quibbles:

Milo BOBLIT and Miss Grace HARRIS were very quietly married last Sunday morning at 7 o'clock at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. John HUMPHREY. The will continue to live at the home of the groom's parents, east of Quay, during this year.

Mrs. W.H. MATTOCKS left last Sunday night for Cushing.

O.E. COINER bought the piano which was put up at public auction at the MATTOCK's sale last Thursday and has moved it to his home east of town.

W.H. MATTOCKS left Monday afternoon for Agra, where he will spend a few days with his mother.

Osman INGRAHAM accompanied her father to Quay last Saturday, and returned in time for school Monday.

Mrs. Ada RIDLE of Chandler, came up last Friday afternoon and visited with her brother, C.M. PROWANT, until Sunday afternoon.

A.H. BEAMGUARD, representing the Richardson Dry Goods Company of St. Joseph, MO, called on the Quay Trading Company one day last week.

C.M. PROWANT left Thursday for Thomas, Altus and Stoud, on a business trip. He will be away four or five days.

Mr. and Mrs. John STOCKER were called to Cherokee, Kansas, Sunday on account of the serious illness of Mrs. STOCKER's mother and sister. A card from Mrs. STOCKER announces the death of her sister before they arrived, but the mother is improving.

Jennings Items:

Geo H. MCELROY returned Saturday from Missouri, where he has been for the past month visiting relatives near Pilot Grove.

Miss SULLIVAN, Jennings popular music teacher, who has been visiting her parents in Iowa during the holidays, returned to Jennings last Sunday, after a very enjoyable visit with her home folks.

E.C. DYSART, one of Jennings up-to-date merchants, has traded his stock of general merchandise and has accepted a position with the First National Bank of Bristow. Mr. and Mrs. DYSART have been among Jennings' popular young people, and their departure will be greatly felt.

January 26, 1911

Called To Rest
A telegram was received in Pawnee yesterday morning saying that Mrs. H.T. JOHNSON had died at Delta, Colorado, Tuesday, January 24, from consumption. During the past few years, Mrs. JOHNSTON has tried various western and mountain climates in the hope of restoring her health, but the quest was fruitless. She had many relatives and loving friends in Pawnee County, who extend to her bereaved husband and family their sincere sympathy.

Terlton Hotel Burned Down
One Man Loses His Life and the Building Is Entirely Destroyed
In a fire that destroyed the Terlton Hotel shortly before 1 o'clock Saturday morning, Samuel HAMILTON, with the Baker Chamberlain Oil Company of Tulsa, was burned to death. Parts of the arms and legs were burned off when the remains were dragged from the ruins before the flames had finally spent their fury.
The fire started in the room occupied by HAMILTON. Persons about the hotel smelt smoke before discovering the location of the fire, and some little time was lost in definitely fixing the place of the burning. When the door of HAMILTON's room was opened, a rush of flames burst into the faces of the searchers. The source had been found, but too late.
The discovery of the fire came a half hour after midnight. HAMILTON had gone to bed, it is said, not to exceed an hour before that time. From the time he entered the room, until his scorched and seared remains were dragged from the ruins, nothing was seen of him.
The hotel in which HAMILTON lost his life was a two-story frame structure, owned by J.W. PARSHALL. HAMILTON had stopped at the hotel various times in his trips made for the company.

As we go to press, the trial of Frank MANNING, charged with the murder of Joseph KENEFICK at the MANNING home on November 25, 1910, is in full progress. In the selection of a jury, which began on Tuesday, the regular panel was soon exhausted and a special venire of fifty was ordered. When court adjourned last night, eleven jurors had been obtained, each side had exhausted its preemptory challenges, and a second special venire of five had beet ordered, returnable this morning. The court room is crowded all the time, showing the interest manifested by the public.

Roy OLSEN Dead
Word reached the relatives of Roy OLSEN from Phoenix, Arizona, that he had died at that place Monday, quick consumption being the cause. Roy had gone to that climate about three weeks ago for the benefit of his health. His sister, Miss Alice, went to take care of the body. The burial will take place at Phoenix. The sympathy of many friends is extended to the sorrowing friends and relatives of the deceased.

Death of Mrs. ROMANS
Mrs. Minnie ROMANS, of Joplin, who, with her husband, had been visiting C.E. DAVIES and family, of Skedee, died at their home Thursday. Mrs. ROMANS was thirty-three years old and a relative of the DAVIES family. Several sympathizing friends accompanied the relatives of the deceased as far as Pawnee, from where the remains were shipped to Joplin, Missouri.

Suicide At Ralston
A man by the name of Harley HALLETT committed suicide at Ralston last Sunday morning at about 5 o'clock. It is reported that he had been drinking heavily for some time, and it is presumed that in a fit of despondency, he decided to end it all. He chose the carbolic acid route.

Local News:

Mine host, J.D. BARKWELL of the National, is on the sick list this week, wrestling with an attack of the grippe.

Mr. and Mrs. F.E. FRYE were over from Skedee Friday to see their son, Floyd, who left that day for Sparks, Oklahoma.

Miss Lucie DAVIS left Thursday evening for Kansas City, where she will buy her spring millinery and study the spring and summer styles.

Miss Margaret THOMPSON of Ralston, came down Friday morning to visit Mrs. T.R. NEWBY. From here, she will go to Lawton to visit relatives.

Miss Willie COWAN, of Meridian, Texas is expected to arrive in Pawnee Saturday. She is a niece of Miss Kate RUST and has visited in Pawnee before.

Mrs. W.H. CUSTER and Mrs. J.W. LEE were over from Skedee Monday. Mrs. CUSTER is visiting her sister, Mrs. LEE, before going to her new home in Welsh.

Mr. M.J. PLOWMAN and children, who have been living out southeast of town, left Monday evening for Melbourne, Kansas, to make their future home. Mr. PLOWMAN will follow later.

Cards are out announcing the betrothal of Arthur WEISZ of this city, and Miss Mamie HYDEN of Cleveland, which was celebrated last Sunday evening at 8 o'clock at the home of Mr. and Mrs. HYDEN in Cleveland, by a betrothal supper, according to the rites of the Jewish Church. Friends of both the contracting parties attended from Pawnee.

George WATERS, son of Dr. WATERS, had the misfortune to be thrown from a horse Saturday afternoon, which resulted in a badly broken right shoulder. His father being absent on professional business, George was taken to Dr. LEHEW, and is getting along as nicely as can be expected.

Phil BANKS, just to show what can be accomplished by a good hunter with a good gun, a good dog, and a good purpose, was after a mess of quail last Monday. He didn't allow his enthusiasm or sportsmanship to shoot more than the law allowed, but made a better record than many of the fellows who do more hunting.

For Sale - White cockerels. Eggs for hatchlings - Geo. W. NELLIS, Pawnee

For Rent: Desirable office rooms, centrally located. Inquire of A.F. LILLIE.

Mrs. A.B. GOUDY arrived Wednesday for a visit with her sister, Mrs. E.A. SHIRLEY.

Attorney G.W. GOODWIN had the misfortune to fall down stairs at his office last Friday night. He was seriously injured but is slowly improving.

Paul HOPE, of Pawnee, stopped in the city Saturday on his way home from St. Louis for a short visit with friends and to attend the basketball game.

Miss Alberta LADY and Miss Anna SHIPMAN, both teachers at Pawnee, attended the teachers' meeting and visited A.G. MCCLAIN Sunday.

John HEMME, who lived out east of Yale last year, moved back to his lease west of Quay recently.

It is reported from real good authority that W.H. MATLOCK and wife have patched up their domestic troubles and are living together in Orlando, Florida.

Ben SENFT left last week for Mangum, where will engage in the plumbing business with his brother, Ernest.

Gene SHARP went to Cushing last Sunday, and on Monday had a rabbit chase with his hounds.

Mr. A.B. WILSON and baby, who have been visiting Mrs. G. HOWELL, returned home to Fairfax Friday evening.

W.O. DUNCAN of Oklahoma City, was in Pawnee on business Friday and Saturday.

C.C. STEPHENS of Guthrie, was a business visitor here Friday.

Mrs. Jack WELKER was over from Skedee Friday.

Neighborhood News Notes

Maramec Musings:

Robert FROST, who lives north and a little west of town is reported quite sick.

P.P. RUDOLPH has just completed a large new barn on his place, which does credit to himself and this party of the country.

Joe MCLAUGHLIN left Monday evening for Andman, Iowa. Joe is taking his father, who has been quite sick for some time, back to his old home in Iowa. Joe expects to be gone about two weeks.

H.A. WATKINS and daughter, Anna, returned from southwestern Missouri Monday evening, where they have been at the bedside of Mr. WATKINS' mother. After a sickness of about ten days, she passed away at the age of seventy-seven years. Friends of the family extend their sympathy to the bereaved in the loss of a mother.

A.C. ROWE, while hauling corn from Hallett last week and being afraid of more falling weather, hitched up a young team of fillies and engaged C. VOORHIES to handle the team. They only loaded 45 bushels of corn. On the road home, the young team got frightened and ran away, smashing the wagon. The ages of these fillies were respectively 15 and 25 years. ROWE is still wondering as to whose fault it was, team or driver.

Blackburn Items:

Hank CARTER added another his already long list of wolf captures the last of the week. This makes forty to his credit.

The News is in receipt of a brief message from Clarence VANDRUFF, in which he says: "I guess I am married." Clarence ought to know if anybody does.

The post office has been undergoing a thorough remodeling during the past week. George WANNER, the postmaster's nephew, has been assisting Mr. LANDES in the work of making the place over.

J.P. HIGGINS was a Cleveland visitor Saturday, returning Sunday.

Quay Quibbles:

Harry JONES and G.D. ABERCROMBIE, of Stillwater, were Quay business callers one day last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Neal CRAMER, who live southeast of town, are rejoicing over the arrival of a fine baby boy last Friday noon.

C.M. PROWANT returned from his trip to Custer County last Monday and reports it very dry in that part of Oklahoma, as well as this.

Miss Myrtle SPENCER was on the sick list the forepart of this week. Bernice HAUSER substituted for her in the school.

F.E. CULLISON and family spent last Sunday in Cushing.


Wm. BLAKE and A.C. HAZLETT, who comes to Cleveland from West Virginia have formed a law partnership. Mr. BLAKE's practice has grown until it became necessary that he have help to care for it. Mr. HAZLETT is a graduate of the Richmond Law School at Richmond, Virginia and was admitted to the bar in West Virginia in June, 1910. Mr. HAZLETT is a young man of exceptional ability and thorough training and we are glad to welcome him to Cleveland.

February 2, 1911 Times-Democrat

This morning at about 8:30, J.D. BARKWELL, who has conducted the National hotel in this city for the past three years, died from the effects of an attack of la grippe. Mr. BARKWELL was taken sick about two weeks ago, and no serious results wee anticipated until crysipelas of the face and throat set in, making it impossible for the patient to take nourishment or medicine. At the time of his death, he was surrounded by all the members of his family, a daughter from Cushing and a brother from Missouri having been here for some days. The many friends of the bereaved extend their sincere sympathy in this hour of darkness.

Ralph WEBB entertained the younger set at high-five Friday evening. Light refreshments were served to Misses Norma KRAUSS, Armina MARSHALL, Berta BUSHORR, Pauline DAVIS, OKIE GREEN and Stella KYGER; Messrs. Blain JUDY, Mutt LIEBENHEIN, James BIDDISON, Malcom DAVIS, Ralph and Leslie WEBB.

Mrs. Cecil JAY gave a progressive luncheon and miscellaneous shower Monday evening complimentary to Miss Pearl FREANER, who is to be married soon. After luncheon, the ladies progressed to the dining room, where a white parasol was suspended from the ceiling in the center of the room and from which white and pink ribbons were tied, each bearing an interesting looking package. Miss FREANER untied the gifts and at the close made a very appropriate little speech. Those invited were: Misses Maude NELSON, Stella ADAMS, Amy ROBISON, Nell MCKEE, Nellie WITTICH, Fleeda VANWINKLE, Lois SLOAN, Ethel MATHERS, Mesdames Ralph JOHNSON, Al JUSTICE, IKE KATZ, FITZ, Harry PRATHER, C.C. MARSHALL, and O.B. RIDDLE. Misses Lorena WISWELL and Berta BUSHORR assisted the hostess.

Bridge Luncheon
The Bridge members entertained their friends Thursday at the beautiful home of Mrs. C.E. VANDERVOORT with a one o'clock luncheon, after which bridge was played. This was the most elaborate party that the club has ever given. The colors used throughout the five courses were pink and white. The floral decorations being pink and white carnations, and each table having an exceedingly artistic arrangement.

The Junior Auxiliary have a number of articles made by the Navajo Indians of New Mexico, which they will be glad to show at the home of Mrs. E.G. GRAY Saturday afternoon from three to five. The Juniors are trying to help the Navajo school at Crystal by selling these articles, which were sent for that purpose. The gems are genuine, and are mounted in silver, the Indians doing the work by hand, making unique and beautiful spoons, rings, bracelets, etc. A cordial invitation is extended to all interested in helping the Navajos, to call Saturday afternoon.

Melvin WINKLEMAN, who lives near Terlton, was brought to the county seat on Tuesday of this week, where complaint was lodged against him on the ground that he is of unsound mind. He will be taken to the asylum this week.

Mrs. Frank SHOEMAKER went to Tulsa Wednesday morning, the children accompanying her as far as Jennings, where they will visit relatives. Mrs. SHOEMAKER will remain in Tulsa and attend Ben Hur, which will be played there Monday night.

Mr. and Mrs. R.J. BAUGH rejoice in the arrival of a sweet little girl at their home last Monday afternoon, which they think accounts for the lovely weather we have been having.

Word comes from Maramec that Mrs. George BURTON died at her home last Saturday morning, and was buried in the Maramec Cemetery on Sunday.

A Double Affliction
Word was received from Girard, Kansas, this morning that Mrs. Belle F. NEWPORT, who formerly lived six miles north of Pawnee, died at Girard on the 19th of January. She was a sister of Elmer LAMB, well known in this city. On January 29, Mr. LAMB's wife died at the home of her uncle and was buried in the Girard Cemetery. In addition to this, Mr. LAMB's ten year old boy was in the hospital, having just undergone an operation, at the time of his mother's death. Mr. LAMB's many friends in Pawnee County deeply sympathize with him in his afflictions.

A Musical Treat
The recital given on Tuesday night by Miss Virginia LISTEMAN and Harold HENRY HENRY was generously attended and thoroughly appreciated by an enthusiastic audience. Miss LISTEMAN is a vocalist of rare merit, with perfect enunciation and execution, and the repeated encores were evidence that her notes fell upon appreciated ears. Mr. HENRY's performance as a pianist was brilliant and captivating, each number eliciting hearty applause. Nothing but words of praise were heard from those who were fortunate to enough to attend.

The law office of E.M. CLARK has been moved into rooms over the Arkansas Valley National Bank, his daughter, Miss Florence, superintending the removal to and furnishing of the new rooms, while E.M. was busy watching the Democratic coyotes in the legislature.

Baptist Church - E.C. SLOAN, Pastor

Presbyterian Church - John T. CURTIS, Pastor

Fredinand HAINEY and wife have enrolled a new name to the Pawnee Census, a daughter coming to bless their home on Monday morning.

Mr. and Mrs. W.H. SHELL of Glencoe, visited Pawnee friends and relatives Tuesday, and left on the evening train for Oseolo, Missouri.

Miss Nettie BUZAN of Clinten, Oklahoma, came in Wednesday evening to visit relatives here.

February 9, 1911 Times-Democrat

Near Killing and Shooting
An Attempt to Murder Frustrated by a Knock Down. A Boy's Narrow Escape.
Tuesday noon the sheriff's office received a telephone call that a shooting scrape had occurred "on the telephone line eight miles east of town." Sheriff MARSHALL and Deputy Sheriff PERRY left immediately for the scene of the reported trouble, and found that a killing had been narrowly averted at the home of "Hi" DRAKE, who lives seven miles east and one south of Pawnee. The particulars, as we gathered from Mr. DRAKE and the officers are as follows:
At noon time, while Mr. DRAKE and family were at their dinner, Mr. Albert INGRAM, a blacksmith at Skedee, came to the house and was invited in. He accepted, and a place was made for him at the table, where he ate dinner with the family. As the meal was finished, Mr. INGRAM said he wanted to have a talk with Mr. DRAKE, to which the latter assented, and the two walked out of the house, Mr. INGRAM picking up a rifle he had left standing at the door. The two walked to where Mrs. DRAKE and her son, Will, aged 19, were engaged in finishing up the week's washing. INGRAM we are informed, asked if Mrs. DRAKE would go to the house as he wished to have a few words with her husband. Mrs. DRAKE started to go, and was followed by the young man.
As the boy passed in front of INGRAM, the latter put his rifle to his should and started to shoot. However, the father was too quick and jumping on to INGRAM he wrenched the gun from the would-be murderer's hands and knocked him down with it, striking INGRAM over the side of the head with the weapon. As INGRAM fell, he drew a revolver and fired at DRAKE, the bullet passing under DRAKE's left arm. DRAKE thereupon stepped back a few feet and pulling the rifle to his shoulder, warned INGRAM that any further similar moves on his part would result in his being killed. INGRAM then got up and went home, while Hi DRAKE and Donald DRAKE, his brother, came to town.
INGRAM was arrested and lodged in jail, where he is resting with a badly bruised head, awaiting his preliminary, which has not been held yet. Inquiry develops that the cause for the attempted shooting of young DRAKE springs from a personal row, which, we are informed, all parties are desirous of hushing up as much as possible. Whether this will result in no further prosecution, time will tell.

J.I. SHORT and brother of Canton, Oklahoma were substantial callers at this office Saturday. Mr. SHORT has recently purchased a farm out north of town and will be one of our good farmers in the future.

Miss Blanch WITTICH of Stillwater came up Monday afternoon for a visit with her cousin, Miss Nellie WITTICH and also to take treatments at the Sanatorium.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl HATCH have been visiting in Tulsa.

Lost A Foot
Tuesday afternoon, about 4 o'clock, Ed PORTER met with a severe accident near the Santa Fe depot, which resulted in his losing his right foot.
PORTER, it seems, attempted to jump on a moving dirt train, his purpose being to ride out and watch the crew do some loading, when he slipped in some way. As he fell, his right foot struck the rail and a wheel cut through the instep, cutting the foot in two. He was taken by Drs. LEHEW and WELLER to Buffalo Park Sanatorium, where the foot was taken off at the ankle joint. Mr. PORTER is resting well at the Sanatorium though it will necessarily be some days before he will be able to be out. While Mr. PORTER's friends sympathize with him in his misfortune, the oft repeated warning against jumping on moving trains is forcibly brought out.

Another Pawnee Girl Weds
The marriage of Miss Mable HARRIMAN of this city and Mr. Edward RISELING of Tulsa, took place at eight o'clock Saturday evening, February the fourth at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. M.A. HARRIMAN. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. John T. CURTIS, of the Presbyterian Church. The bride looked very pretty in old rose silk, the groom wearing the conventional black, and the mother of the bride was becomingly attired in wisteria messaline silk and lace. After the ceremony, a two course luncheon was severed to several of the bride's most intimate friends.
Miss HARRIMAN is one of Pawnee's most charming young women and is a very active business woman. Her many friends here wish her the best success in the new course she has taken. Mr. RISELING is a fine young man, who has been in the commercial business until recently, he is now connected with a business firm at Tulsa. Hearty congratulations are extended to this happy couple by a host of friends.

Jefferson Davis BARKWELL was born in Boone County, Missouri, April 13, 1863 and died at Pawnee, Oklahoma, February 2, 1911, after an illness lasting only eleven days.
Mr. BARWELL was a member of the Christian Church and has been a well known and highly respected citizen of Pawnee for over two years, coming here from Cushing, Oklahoma, where had resided for about ten years.
Death resulted from an attack of la grippe, coupled with crysipelas of the face and throat. Mr. BARKWELL was surrounded by his immediate family, who did everything that loving hands could do to alleviate his suffering, particularly Mrs. MCELROY, of Caney, Kansas, who worked three days and nights, without rest, but to no avail.
He leaves a wife and one daughter, Mrs. ALSPAW, four brothers, John R. BARKWELL, Wm. BARKWELL, G.W. BARKWELL and Robert BARKWELL; and three sisters: Mrs. JACOBS, Mrs. MARTIN, and Mrs. WHITE, to mourn his death. Rev. SMOOTZ, pastor of the Christian Church at Claremore, conducted prayer services at the residence Friday morning, after which the body was sent to Hinton, Missouri for burial with the rest of his family.
We love him, yes we loved him
But the Angels loved him more.
And they have sweetly called him to yonder shining shore.
The Golden Gates were open
A gentle voice said, "Come."
And with farewells unspoken,
He calmly entered Home.
M.H. BARKWELL, a brother, died at a hospital in Fulton, Missouri Saturday night and was also buried at the family grounds at Hinton. Mrs. C.C. MARTIN, of Sedalia, Missouri, was unable to attend his burial, owing to the serious condition of her health, and was persuaded by relatives to return home. While on the train, she happened to look out of the window at McBaine, Missouri, and suffered a severe shock by seeing the coffin containing the body of her brother, which was being conveyed to Hinton, for burial.

Card of Thanks
I wish to thank the many friends who so greatly assisted me during the sickness and death of my husband. Also for the floral offerings of friends here and at Hinton, Missouri. Mrs. J.D. BARKWELL.

George OSENTON of Glencoe, was operated on this week at the Sanatorium.

Skedee Valley Items

In Loving Remembrance of W.A. ROWDEN - Born December 24, 1839 - Died January 22, 1911 - Age 71 years and 28 days. Gone but not Forgotten.
A precious one from us has gone,
A voice we loved is stilled.
A place is vacant in our home,
Which never can be filled.
God in His wisdom has recalled,
The boon His love had given.
And though the body slumbers here,
The soul is safe in Heaven.

Mr. Jesse REESE left for his home in Susanna, Missouri, Sunday.

Mr. HILL's boys are some better at this writing.

Mr. Thomas REESE is suffering with a bad cold.

Mr. HILL's folks are getting ready to sow oats.

Quay Quibbles:

There will be a meeting of the Quay Cemetery Association at the Quay School house on Saturday afternoon, February 18, 1911 at 2 o'clock for the purpose of selecting a new Board of Trustees and transacting other important business. All parties who hold deeds to lots in the cemetery are urgently requested to be present and any others who are interested in the welfare of the cemetery. This meeting called by the present Board of Trustees, consisting of J.W. CUSTER, J.P. HOKE, and J.M. STOCKER.

Mrs. Harvey HOLLIDAY of Fairfax, visited her sister, Mrs. E.W. CRAVEN last week.

Ed CRAVEN, who ran away from home last week has returned, having been away just three days.

C.M. PROWANT was in Stillwater last Monday, looking after political interests.

M. BOBLIT received the appointment as trustee for Eagle Township last Monday and is now ready to begin business as a member of the township board.

Mr. and Mrs. J.M. NEFF moved into Quay last Monday and are living in the house recently vacated by W.H. MATTOCKS.

Miss Mable STOCKER has returned to Quay and will stay with her aunt, Mrs. J.M. STOCKER, until school is out here.

Mrs. M.F. INGRAHAM spent last Sunday in Quay.

Grandpa TROXEL, who has been ill most of the winter, was able to up town last Tuesday. He is nearly 86 years of age.

Mrs. Fred CONNICK and son, Ransom, returned to Quay last Monday, after an absence of several weeks in Winfield, Kansas.

Louis BERRY, who has been visiting his sister, Mrs. WATERS, at Offerly, Kansas, for the past two months returned to his home at this place, last Saturday.

W.J. BERRY left one day last week for Bristow, to work for the M.W.A. Lodge.

February 16, 1911 Times - Democrat Pawnee, Oklahoma

Advertised Letter List:
Following is a list of letters remaining uncalled for February 16, 1911
FOX, Alma G.
HAYS, Elmer
GRAY, Mollie
LEE, Mrs. Martha
LEMANS, Mrs. Bell
POTTS, Cornelia
When calling for the above, please say "Advertised." L.N. BUSHORR, P.M.

Paul HOPE Successful
A few weeks ago, Paul HOPE went to St. Louis to take the examination to enter West Point. This week he received word that he had been successful. We are mightily glad for Paul and know that he will make the best 'cadet' ever. He will leave here the tenth of June and will enter the fourteenth.

The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry BLOOMFIELD, out east of town, died Sunday morning. The burial taking place Sunday afternoon.

Jim CALKINS, of Oklahoma City, was a visitor at the Sanatorium over Sunday.

Domestic Strife
Marshal BARNES is there when it comes to doing his duty. Tuesday morning he arrested the MORRIS brothers (colored). They keep house down in the east part of town, and when it came one of the brothers turn to cook breakfast, he refused. This angered the other brother so much that a quarrel ensued, resulting in a fight, at which time Marshal BARNES appeared on the scene. They were fined ten dollars each, with the condition that they didn't have to pay it, if they behaved themselves.

Bad Scare
Monday morning the occupants of the Frisco office were badly frightened when their stove took a notion to tumble. Assistant Agent HOLMES proved himself a hero by holding the stove up, while Agent WOOD unfortunately skinned a shin in trying to save himself. Operator CUMMINGS and Freight Agent JOHNSON were so overcome that they swooned and fainted, leaving all responsibility on "Holmsie."

Badly Hurt
G.W. HECK, conductor on the work train that goes through here on the Santa Fe, was badly hurt Saturday morning by falling between cars. He sustained a broken jaw and concussion of the brain. He was taken to his home in Arkansas City, Saturday morning and from there they took him to Topeka, to the hospital. The last report says he is getting along nicely.

February 23, 1911 - Times-Democrat

Letter List
Following is a list of letters remaining uncalled for February 23, 1911.
CAMAL, Arthur
SAIED, Oscar
WILKEN, Jessie
WOODS, David
When calling for the above, please say "Advertised." L.N. BUSHORR, P.M.

Levy DOAN, who was a resident of this city, died Friday morning from old age. services were held at the home Saturday afternoon, the burial taking place at Highland Cemetery.

Mrs. Gladys MCMANN, of Skedee, died at her home Friday. She was the wife of James MCMANN and was twenty-one years of age. The burial took place at Blackburn Saturday. The sympathy of their many friends is extended to the grief-stricken husband and other relatives of the deceased.

Mr. and Mrs. J.S. PURDY, of Longview, Texas, arrived in Pawnee Tuesday evening. They were called here on account of the illness of Mrs. J.B. ANDERSON.

Domestic Science Club
Fourteen of the high school girls met at the home of Miss Florence CLARK Monday afternoon and formed a Domestic Science Club under the auspices of the Ladies' Auxiliary of the Farmers Institute of Pawnee County. this is the third club organized in the county this week. the purpose of the club is for the girls to learn to cook and sew. They demonstrated graham bread and chocolate Monday and will demonstrate salad and sandwiches when they meet with Ruth HALE the third of March.
The officers are: Ethel RAINSBERGER, president; Mary STERLING, vice-president; Elida BERRY, secretary and Ruth HALE, treasurer. Other members are Misses Norma KRAUSS, Pauline DAVIS, Mildred INGRAHAM, Armina MARSHALL, Berta BUSHORR, Lois BERRY, Stella KYGER, Mary INGRAHAM, Fan BIDDISON, Lorena WISWELL, with Florence CLARK as supervisor. All are very much interested in the work.

L.V. ORTON returned on Tuesday morning from a trip to Kansas. He is congratulating himself upon his good luck, as, but for this trip, he would have gone to Guthrie Monday morning and thus would have been on the wrecked train that evening returning home.

Ike KATZ returned from his trip to New York City yesterday. He made a longer visit this spring than usual, and says he bought more freely than at any former trip, feeling confident that Pawnee County always has plenty of buyers.

Quay Quibbles:

Mrs. W.J. BERRY was called to Kansas City last week, on account of the serious illness of a sister.

Mrs. Ben MAKIN became very suddenly ill last Thursday night and suffered almost constantly form that till Monday morning, when they took her to Dr. MOORE's Sanatorium at Pawnee, for treatment. She was operated on Wednesday.

Mrs. E.W. CRAVEN was called to Fairfax last Thursday on account of the illness of her sister, Mrs. Harvey HOLLIDAY. She returned Tuesday afternoon.

Mrs. F.E. CULLISON and children returned from Cushing last Monday, after an absence of nearly two weeks on account of the illness and death of her father, W.A. HUFFMAN.

J.T. STRIPLING left Tuesday afternoon for Muskogee, to attend the state teachers' meeting.

Miss Ruth WITTICH left Tuesday for Fairfax, to help in caring for her aunt, Mrs. HOLLIDAY, who is quite ill.

Earl STOCKER, who has been in Cherokee, Kansas, attending high school all winter, was compelled to return to his home last week, on account of his health failing.

On account of the extreme bad weather, the amateur theatrical which was to have been given at the school house by the I.O.O.F. Lodge, of Maramec, was called off.

Maramec Musings:

Louis DEMIEVILLE lost a fine milk cow this week.

Ed CASTEEL is having an addition build to one of his houses this week.

A letter from W.E. REDDING, who is in Seattle, Washington, states that he is enjoying the best of health.

H.E. REDDING has taken out all the stone and filled up the old arch cellar on his lots just west of CASTEEL's store.

Word comes from Washington that Mrs. FRED DUFF, who was in very poor health when they left, is much improved.

O.B. TEDDER, who recently came here from Clebourne, Texas, has rented H.E. REDDING's farm for the coming season and will try this country. He says it was pretty dry when he left Texas.

Mr. REESE, of Yale, and Mr. HOWE, of Washita County, are here this week invoicing the stock of general merchandise that they have purchased from F.C. TENSFIELD, and will soon have the stock ready for business.

March 2, 1911 Times-Democrat

Keystone Items:

Miss Laura TILLOCK, of Sarcoxie, Missouri, is here visiting with her sister, Mrs. Lena BUDD. She expects to remain here for several months.

A reading circle was organized at the church last Tuesday night, and met in regular session Sunday night, when an entertaining program was delivered. The same is assured for next Sunday night.

Miss Olsie WILLETT, who is attending school at Terlton, was in Keystone Saturday and Sunday visiting home folks.

Miss Ella WILLIAMS, the principal of Keystone School, and her brother, Amos and sister, Dena, visited their home folks Saturday and Sunday, to attend the wedding of their brother, John WILLIAMS.

Little Dolorous MADDUX, who was playing near a fire in her grandfather's yard last Thursday afternoon, caught her clothing on fire and was badly burned. The child lived only until Friday afternoon and was buried Saturday, in the Sinnett Cemetery.

Dave HAM has rented a farm south of the Cimarron River and will farm it this season. Davie will raise one of those cotton crops this season he has been telling us about.

Andy CLINE, one of the first settlers of this section, was in the city the first of the week greeting old-time friends. For the past few years, he has been living in New Mexico.

Cleveland Clippings:

Mrs. A.A. DROWN has been quite sick for a few days, but is improving at this time.

Dan FLIGHT returned from Tulsa Friday, where he has been transacting some oil business the past week.

Thee Misses Hattie and Margaret FRANKLIN and Prof. HARRIS went to Oklahoma City Saturday to attend "Ben Hurr."

Lee SHIRLEY, who has been employed on the pipeline for the past three weeks, came home the latter part of last week.

The Presbyterian Church building is progressing nicely and will be one of the nicest buildings in the city when completed.

A.L. MCCALL has purchased one of Dr. BARNETT's residences in the east side and will his home there. Mr. MCCALL is an oil man.

March 9, 1911

John SALISBURY, for many years a resident of Pawnee, died Tuesday of this week at his home in Mineral Wells, Texas. The body will arrive in Pawnee this evening, and funeral services will be held at the Methodist Church tomorrow (Friday morning) at 10 o'clock, to which all friends of the family are invited.

Homes Wanted
We want good family homes for three children, a girl baby two months old, a boy baby three months old, and a boy four months old. All are bright, healthy, promising children, and can be adopted by the right parties. Only people of good morals need apply. Address the manager of the Child Saving Mission. D.E. CRIPE, Stillwater, Oklahoma

Mrs. Elmer WHEELER, of near Skedee, visited at the WHEELER home Wednesday.

The U.T.D.'s meet with Mrs. MANNHEIMER next Monday.

The dance at the Model Wednesday evening was greatly enjoyed by all those who participated. Miss Marianna NORMAN and Sam POLLARD were out of town guests attending.

Farm For Rent - three miles south of Pawnee. See Joe W. GREGOR.

Marriage Licenses:
James Felix BUTLER, Tulsa
Maude HAYES, Cleveland

Eugene Glen JOHNSON, Maramec
Katie Edna BURTON, Maramec

H.T. EDWARDS, Cambridge, Kansas
Rachael PITTSER, Ralston

The Enid Live Stock Association held a meeting in that city on Saturday. Osman INGRAHAM and Fred PAPPAN went from here to compete in the foot racing contest. In the mile dash and the 880 dash, Fred won first, time being 5:10; 2:16. In the hundred yard dash, OSMAN won second, time being 10 1-2.

Messrs. POLLARD and NICHOLS, two classy vaudeville artists, will be seen at the opera house three nights next week, beginning on Monday night, March 13. Next week promises to be especially attractive in the moving circles.

Dr. and Mrs. WELLER returned from Oklahoma City this morning, where Mrs. WELLER successfully underwent an operation.

Miss STEEN, who has been taking treatments at Buffalo Park Sanatorium, was taken to her home at Stillwater, this morning.

C.K. LEWIS of Glencoe, was a visitor here Wednesday.

J.E. BAKER of Glencoe, was a caller in Pawnee Monday.

J.E. HENDERSON was in the city Monday from Cleveland.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack FERGUSSON of Lela, are in the city today.

J.M. MCCOLLOM of Keystone, was in Pawnee last Saturday.

Dr. R.E. WELLER went to Oklahoma City Wednesday morning.

Mrs. Ella COFFMAN of Glencoe, was shopping in Pawnee Monday.

Rev. and Miss RAINSBERGER went to Guthrie Wednesday to attend the Sunday school convention.

Dr. J.C. WATKINS brought a Miss CHERRY of Hallett, up to Buffalo Park Sanatorium Wednesday for treatment.

Mrs. D.K. WRIGHT of Afton, Iowa, came in Wednesday morning for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. J.H. HALE.

Maurice MARX and Mrs. Leek HARRISON returned this morning from Chicago, where they have been purchasing goods.

March 16, 1911

The Way of a Woman
Last Sunday night, a man and woman got off the west bound Frisco train, and going to a hotel, registered as H.L. HAMILTON and wife. They were assigned a room, there being nothing unusual about their actions. During the night, or rather early Monday morning Sheriff MARSHALL received notice from Tulsa to apprehend the couple, the demand coming from a wronged wife in Tulsa, who claimed the man was her husband, and that his name was R.E. MILES. The Sheriff went immediately to the hotel and placed the couple under arrest. Both were comparatively young, and made no attempt to deny their identity or the charge.
When called up by telephone, the wife at Tulsa said it was impossible for her to come to Pawnee, but she would request that the court turn "her man" loose and punish the girl. Judge LISEUM, however, did not see it in that light. MILES gave as an explanation that he had money enough to keep both women and he saw no harm in doing so, whereupon the Court told him he could just drop a hundred plunks into the Pawnee County treasury and board with Sheriff MARSHALL for a month, while he was thinking up a better line of life. The girl was sent back home. At the end of Mr. MILES' sentence, he may also return to his humane and forgiving spouse.

A Sudden Death
Mr. J.W. BROCAW, wife of J.W. BROCAW of Blackburn, died suddenly on Monday morning of this week, at their home in Blackburn. While Mrs. BROCAW had been in poor health for a long time, and had recently taken a trip to Mexico in the hope of receiving permanent benefit, she had appeared in better health and strength the past few weeks, which made the sudden summons come as a shock to the many who knew and loved her. The BROCAW's were among the earliest settlers in this country, and all who knew the deceased tender their sincere sympathy to the bereaved husband and family. A loving wife and mother strong in the virtues that go to make a perfect home, has been called to the other world. Funeral services were conducted at the Presbyterian Church, in Blackburn, Wednesday, Rev. MARSDEN of Pawnee, officiating.

March 23, 1911

Letter List:
Following is a list of letters remaining uncalled for March 23, 1911:
CLARK, Bertha
CLARK, Mrs. N.E.
EAGLE, Jas. L. (2)
GOLDEN, Mrs. Nancy E. (2)
HALL, Otis
MURPHY, Mrs. Lon
SCOTH, Thos. R.

In the County Court:
The county court during the past week has been occupied in showing various parties the dangers of violating the liquor law. As a result, four convictions have been obtained, the defendants being Ed WALKER, George COLLINS, Bruce HUNT and Wm. ROPER. The case against Dennis SPEARS was dismissed, and in the case of GARNER and HARLOW the juries disagreed.
In the civil suit of ARNOLD vs. St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad Company, Mr. ARNOLD was given a verdict for $400.

Socialist - Ticket
Mayor - F.D. SLOCUM
Assessor - J.T. CRAIG
Treasurer - J.E. COONEY
Police Judge - S.A. GRAHAM
Street Commissioner - G.W. LANE
Marshal - A.L. BOATRIGHT
Clerk - C.M. PORTER
The election will be held on Tuesday, April 4.

Sunday morning at 9 o'clock, at the home of Mrs. WILLIAMS, occurred the marriage of her daughter, Mrs. Carrie LEMERT to Milt GOULD. Rev. Arthur AIKENS, officiated. They left on the 10:00 Frisco for Tulsa, to spend a few days. Both parties are well known in Pawnee, and their many friends wish them a long and happy wedded life.

D.B. HOLLER, county treasurer for five years, was a business visitor in Pawnee this week. Dave has gone into the chicken raising business on a large scale on his farm in the southeastern part of the county, and reports that he and the chickens are doing fine.

Little Miss Katherine and Frances DREYER, who have been visiting their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C.L. BERRY, went to Tulsa this morning to join their mother, who is visiting there.

Laurence KERNS, brother to L.D. KERNS, is in the city this week visiting. He will go from here to Ralston, where he has secured a position.

Miss Gertrude HANN returned Wednesday evening from a visit in Oklahoma City.

The members of the Art Circle entertained their husbands with a dinner the evening of March 29th at the home of Miss NEWBY.

Mrs. Gordon LILLIE entertained the High Five Club Tuesday evening, complimentary to her visiting sister, Mrs. B. DRONDE of Philadelphia.

At the M.E. parsonage Saturday the 18th, Mr. James BLANEET and Miss Lina TUCKER were united in marriage by the Rev. M.F. RAINSBERGER. Both of the contracting parties are from Mannford.

Kodak Party
Sunday, being such a beautiful day, a number of the young people made up a party and went kodaking in the afternoon. Those in the party were Misses Edna WHEELER, Mae HARRIS, Rae and Mabel JOHNSON, Ethel BOATRIGHT, Laura SILER, Julian CRAIG, Beulah WHEELER and Gussie CREED. The Messrs. Pearl BARTHOLOMEW, Guy SHIVES, Lawrence PEARSON, Raleigh BRANSTETTER, Ralph HARRIS, and Finley ELMORE were also in the party.

Eastern Star Entertains
The Eastern Star ladies entertained at the hall Wednesday evening in honor of several of the Cleveland ladies and other out of the city members. Miss Lenora SHAPARD was iniated into the lodge, after which luncheon was served. The out of town guests were Mesdames Sarah BEAN, of Keystone, Lizzie Andrews, Stillwater; Mattie HAIT, Anna GOULD, Ed STRANGE, Mary HERRFORD and Mr. Robert INMAN of Cleveland.

Keystone Items:

Mrs. MORRIS, who has been visiting with her son here, has returned to her home. The sad report has been received that she has lost her eyesight.

Delarue BAKER, who is attending school at Stillwater, visited home folks here last week.

J.P. ROUSH of Siloam Springs, Arkansas, was here last Tuesday on business.

Norman JABOOR and Woodie JABOOR made a trip to Tulsa Tuesday.

Jim MCARTHUR left Wednesday to join Grant REYNOLDS at Catoosa to do some carpenter work.

Walter KEITH was one of our welcome callers last week. He has been sojourning in different parts of Kansas and Oklahoma for the past three months. He left again for Sapulpa.

Columbus MARTIN went out to his farm with Orve MIZER last Tuesday.

Grandma COINSTOCK and her daughter have moved into the STEPTOE house.

Miss Ruby HICKMAN entertained some of her friends at her home last Wednesday night.

J.N. FENDER's little grandson met with a terrible accident last week. He had found a rifle cartridge and pulled the bullet out, and proceeded to pick the powder out with some kind of steel instrument when the powder exploded, burning his face badly. His face will be scarred and ...

H.C. HANNA, of Pawnee, was in the city last Saturday, transacting business. Mr. HANNA has recently returned from Mexico and reports the war scare there more serious than the people here anticipate it. He has interests there in the way of land.

Skedee Valley

Mr. and Mrs. Bob DAMRON are entertaining a beautiful baby girl, which made it's appearance in their home, Sunday, March 19.

Sunday school at Skedee Valley has been discontinued as the superintendent, Mr. Clarence HILL, is going away on a visit.

March 30, 1911

Skedee Valley Items

Severe wind and sand storms have been prevalent the last few days.

Rev. CARRION is going to reorganize a Sunday school class at Skedee Valley Sunday, April 2.

Mrs. A.A. HILL is suffering with a severe cold this week.

Misses Rosie MACK and Nellie HUMPHREY spent Sunday with Miss Lillian ROWDEN.

Dowie DAMRON and Arthur HUMPHREY spent Sunday with Robert ROWDEN.

Miss Rena BURGMAN has finished a successful six months' term of school at Skedee Valley and we all wish that she may be able to teach the same school again next year.

Quay Quibbles

The sale which was billed to take place at the home of Jas. WELCH, northwest of town, last Tuesday, has been postponed till Monday, April 3rd.

Harry SHARP, who has been ill with pneumonia fever, is improving rapidly and will soon be able to be out.

W.A. TUCKER, who lives south of town, celebrated his 74th birthday Tuesday, by giving a kin dinner. No one but relatives were present, except the family of W.F. FORD and Rev. BEHR. Rev. BEHR gave a talk in the afternoon, in which he gave the young people some excellent advice in regard to showing proper respect to their aged parents.

James SHARP, of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, arrived last Sunday afternoon to see his son, Harry, who is ill.

W.F. GOBLE left last week for Enid, to visit with his parents. Mr. GOBLE was the Santa Fe agent at this place, and has not had a vacation for over a year.

Ab ROGERS and family arrived one day last week and are guests of Ed ROGERS, northwest of town.

Mrs. Ed ROGERS is quite ill this week.

Keystone Items

Miss Olive WILSON, teacher of the primary school, will enjoy a nice horseback ride to and from her home at Le Roy each day now since the weather has moderated. Her headquarters were at the New State hotel until last Friday.

John COPELAND, residing two miles west of Keystone, and a popular citizen of this end of the county, was stricken with a severe stroke of paralysis Thursday evening. We understand he is improving slowly.

Mrs. Lena BUDD entertained quite a number of young folks at her home last Thursday evening.

"Bob" POWELL and wife have returned to Keystone, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. SHAY, of Bartlesville.

Lee MCARTHUR, residing at Bartlesville, came down to visit home folks last week.

April 6, 1911

Skedee Valley Items

Everybody is enjoying the fine rain that has been needed for some time.

Messrs. William and Charley RUBINSON of Blackburn, made a business trip to Pawnee, Monday.

Rev. CARRION preached a fine sermon at Skedee Valley Sunday.

Grandma KNIGHT is on the sick list this week.

The party at Mr. AMEN's last Saturday night was quite a success and all report a pleasant time. Those who attended were: Misses Mary and Nora RIDDLE, Minerva ADAMS, Nellie HUMPHREY, Liddie LACY, Messrs, Robert, Ben and Marion ROWDEN, Overton and Cordiss HOWELL, Corvan, Curtis and Clyde HATFIELD, Arthur HUMPHREY and Art NUTTLE.

Miss Lillian ROWDEN is numbered among the sick this week.

Miss Coral HOWELL and Herman WALENCIAK spent Sunday evening with Miss Lillian ROWDEN.

Quay Quibbles

The farmers, as well as everybody else in this neighborhood are rejoicing over the fine rains we had Monday and Tuesday of this week. The farmers are now wearing the kind of a smile that will not come off. The rain means thousands of dollars to them.

Miss Agnes HORN is visiting with friends at Mannford this week.

Mrs. W.J. BERRY returned from Kansas City last Thursday, after an absence of six weeks.

Fred CONNICK returned from Winfield last Monday where he has been all winter, and says he is only home for two weeks now. He expects to travel this summer and do grinding of all kinds for a livelihood.

F.E. CULLISON moved his goods to Cushing this week, where he will engage in the mercantile business with Milt THOMPSON as a partner. Mrs. CULLISON and the children left Tuesday. We are sorry to lose these good people, but wish them good luck and prosperity in their new location.

Mrs. E.W. CRAVEN and Miss Lesta BERRY went to Pawnee on Saturday to do some spring shopping.

April 13, 1911

News of the Week:

R.S. STONE came over from Skedee Tuesday morning.

Mrs. George BOLTON came over from Ralston Tuesday morning.

W.B. WEBB made a business trip to Guthrie Wednesday morning.

C.C. MARSHALL went to Anadarko Wednesday morning on business.

Mesdames KENT and CAVITT, of Morrison, were in town Monday shopping.

Mrs. G.M. COFFMAN, of Morrison, was shopping in Pawnee Monday.

Mrs. Dollie CANOOSE returned Tuesday evening from a visit at Cleveland.

Bert CUNNINGHAM, who is working at Morrison, spent Sunday with his family.

Miss Icy TEAGARDEN went to Ralston Friday to work on the board in the telephone office.

Orville MENTZER came down Tuesday from Oklahoma City.

Prof. COWAN returned Monday from a few days visit at Tulsa.

Bert SMALLEY went to Mannford Tuesday morning on business.

Miss Lucretia ROSS returned Saturday from her trip to Darlington, Oklahoma.

F.W. PERRY, a prominent oilman of Tulsa, was a Pawnee visitor Wednesday of this week.

L.B. MORLEDGE and son, Ralph, of Burbank, came up to see Mrs. MORLEDGE, who is at the sanatorium, Saturday.

Col. G.L. TROTTER, who is in the city visiting his son, went to Morrison Wednesday to visit his daughter.

E.M. CLARK and daughter, Miss Florence, went to Oklahoma City Wednesday morning. Mr. CLARK went to attend a political conference.

Mr. and Mrs. H.R. RAMSEY, of Morrison, were here on business Saturday.

Leek HARRISON was called to Albany, Missouri, Saturday on account of the death of his mother.

Mrs. Ethel BOATRIGHT accompanied Mr. and Mrs. F.P. GATES to Glencoe Tuesday evening for a visit.

Lloyd FRYE, who has a position with the Santa Fe in Oklahoma City, was a visitor here Sunday.

Mrs. R. MILLS of Dallas, Texas, who has been here visiting Mr. I.B. MCELROY, left Tuesday for home.

Miss Fern WEBBER, was quite unfortunate last week and scaled her foot, but is able to be out on crutches.

Mrs. S.E. KERNS and daughter came in from St. Joseph, Mo., on Tuesday morning for a visit with Mr. BASS and family.

M.F. LAKE came up from Oklahoma City Saturday and left on Monday for the eastern part of the county.

Misses Altha and Nelle MILSAP left Monday morning for Edmond Normal School, where they will attend the spring and summer terms.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe PANTHER of near Ralston, left Saturday for Oklahoma City, where she will take treatment at the hospital.

Miss Florence SHAPARD, who has been here for a short visit with her brother and sister, left Monday for her home at Duncan, Oklahoma.

Mrs. Victor FARRAR of Ripley, came to Pawnee Saturday afternoon, and will make her home with Mr. and Mrs. F.W. FARRAR, near Maramec.

Miss Bertha TALBOT went to her home at Casey, Saturday, after being here with her sister, Mrs. George BERNHEART, who has been quite sick.

April 20, 1911

The Cat Came Back
Some time ago Glenn HAMRICK of Blackburn, borrowed a horse from Mr. HARTZELL, and a saddle from Mr. GREEN, who are both citizens of that thriving town. Like an absent minded man, he forgot to return either the horse or saddle, but strolled away off down to Anadarko, where Sheriff MARSHALL found him last week and brought him back to Pawnee County. As HAMRICK appeared tired when the two men reached this city, Mr. MARSHALL prepared a bed for him, and he is now resting quietly. Horse and saddle have been recovered and returned to their owners.

Skedee Valley Items

Grandma KNIGHT is able to up and around again.

Miss Rosie MACK is on the sick list this week. Mrs. E.N. SMITH is numbered among the sick this week.

Miss Ople REESE spent a few days with her uncle, Elbert REESE, of Masham last week.

Mr. Dewie DAMRON spent Sunday with Robert ROWDEN.

Mound Center Items

Farmers are all nearly done planting corn. The hail and wind storm did lots of damage in this part of the county.

Bernice FRAZIER visited Alice WILKERSON Sunday.

Keystone Items

D.A. and C.D. HUBBARD left here for Galena, Kansas, Friday night, in response to a telegram stating their sister could live only a short while. They wired back that death had claimed her.

W.J. TILLOCK and R.F. HUNT made a business trip to Pawnee Saturday.

Wm. COOK, a former resident of this community, and now living near Speery, was here Monday on business.

Nicholas ZICKEFOOSE of this place, and Miss WARNOCK from Rock CREEK, were married at Sapulpa last Wednesday. They arrived here Thursday night and were entertained by a happy and noisy crowd.

April 27, 1911

Visiting the Musgroves
Mr. and Mrs. B. MUSGROVE have been enjoying visits this past week from the younger generations of their family. Jack MUSGROVE, of Okfuskee; Mart MUSGROVE of Osage City, Mrs. Hannah HINKLE, Mrs. Elma MUSGROVE and B. MUSGROVE of Ralston here were over Sunday. J.L. MUSGROVE of Sabetha, Kansas, after spending a week, returned home Monday. During the family reunion, Jack and Jim presented their aged father with a handsome leather chair and made ample provision for his comfort during the coming year. Mr. MUSGROVE, long since past the three-score-and-ten mark, is till enjoying life and the good things of this world.

Damage by Hail
The hail storm last Saturday evening created much loss among farmers in the vicinity of Lela. In many places, a large share of the growing crops were destroyed, necessitating replanting, and much livestock was killed. The hail was not so large as in the storm of two weeks ago, but the property loss was a great deal larger west and northwest of this city.

On Sunday evening, in this city, Mr. W.S. CASTLE and Mrs. Margaret PITTMAN were united in marriage, Rev. SLOCUM of the United Brethren Church, officiating. Mr. CASTLE is a councilman from the first ward, and is one of the most active workers the city has on its behalf. The bride is a most estimable lady, with a large number of friends in this county, who join the Times-Democrat in congratulating the fortunate groom and wishing the happy couple a long life of happiness.

S.B. HAMMERS of Maramec, who is serving on the county court jury this week, received news from home yesterday that a fine registered Jersey bull belonging to him had broken its leg Tuesday evening. It was an especially fine young animal, and Mr. HAMMERS deplores the accident.

Miss Erma KRAUSS is expected home from Oklahoma City the last of the week, where she has completed her business course.

Mrs. Bertha ATKINSON and baby came down from Ralston Wednesday morning for a visit with Miss Lizzie NEAL.

Mrs. Lee TAULBEE and children came over from Skedee Wednesday morning for a visit with Pawnee relatives.

Mr. George BRUNZ left the 25th for Winnepeg, Canada, to visit his brother, Henry, and to see the country, with a view to making his home in "Johnny Bull's Country" if it suits his fancy.

See the premiums to be raffled off at the Model next Friday night, on display now in the MARX window. Miss Irene BOLTON won first prize last Friday night and Miss Garnet LILLIE second. Save your coupons.

Mrs. J.A. HARBISON had the misfortune to scald her face badly last Thursday with hot water. Prompt treatment prevented any permanent injury, and she has about entirely recovered from the painful accident.

Mr. J.B. LICHTENBERGER, Santa Fe depot agent at Maramec, died last Friday. He had suffered from consumption for some time, and last year the company transferred him to a station in Colorado, in the hope that the change would benefit his health. Mr. LICHTENBERGER felt so improved after a residence in Colorado, that he thought it was all right for him to return to Maramec, where he had property interests. He was a man very highly respected by all who knew him.

Mrs. Lillie SPARLING of Jennings, attended the I.O.O.F.'s anniversary celebration here Wednesday.

S.W. JONESON of Morrison, who has been here visiting his daughter, Mrs. REED, went to Skedee Tuesday evening.

Miss Cora MCDANIELS and father were over from Mannford Wednesday to attend the big lodge celebration.

Herman WALENCIAK returned yesterday from Wilcox, Nebraska, and reports a very pleasant visit with relatives there. Herman says everything looks flourishing in Nebraska.

F.P. LANE, principal of the Cleveland schools, was a Pawnee visitor last Saturday. He is one of the most successful instructors in the country, and the people of Cleveland thoroughly appreciate him.

R.A. MITCHELL, of Colorado, a friend of S.B. HAMMER of Maramec, paid this county a visit last week and purchased a farm near Maramec. Mr. MITCHELL left for Kansas Monday evening, but will likely return and make this county his home.

Union Star Items

A. KINGSLEY, the rural carrier of Route No. 1, out of Valley, is taking his annual vacation and Mr. DECKER is delivering mail in his stead.

Quite a number of the young folks gathered at Mr. Henry PHILLIPS' to practice singing Sunday afternoon.

Mr. Ed ZOMOTANY visited Mr. COX and family last Sunday.

Prof. Lewis RABA, one of the progressive teachers of the county, is roaming the hills of Union Star, all togged up in a "Clod Hoppers" uniform.

Leo MULLENNAX, formerly of this neighborhood, but now residing with his parents near Pawnee, is sick with measles.

Arthur LAKE of Arkansas City, is visiting his parents near Casey this week.

Quay Quibbles

Henry DELKER of Los Angeles, California, who has been visiting friends in this vicinity for the past week, left for his home on Monday night.

Miss Myrtle SPENCER of Eagleville, Missouri, left for her home on Monday night, after teaching an eight months school here.

The eighth grade commencement exercises at the Christian Church Friday night were very interesting, and the lecture delivered by Prof. BOWERS, who is the head of the Pedagogy department of A&M college, was particularly enjoyable, and we trust that the advice he gave the graduates will be well received and applied. Those who received diplomas were as follows: Eva CRAVEN, Lucile BERRY, Leola BROCK, Evert HOSKINS, John COINER, Roy HOKE and Ed SENFT.

Mrs. J.P. HOKE and daughter, Mrs. W.T. BEELER, went to Stillwater Monday to hear the contests in oratory between representatives of several of the colleges of the state. Mack HOKE represented A&M and came out second in the contest.

The Misses JAMES of Ralston, and Mrs. J.S. MCMURTRY of Maramec, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. H.E. ROOT Tuesday and Wednesday.

The liquidation of the Bank of Lawson wad completed Tuesday and the books closed. This bank will be consolidated with the Farmer's State Bank of Yale and the two will be reorganized.

Skedee Valley Items

The dance at Mr. Ed REMOR's Saturday night was well attended and all report a fine time.

Mr. George MACK, who has been on the sick list for some time, is much better at this writing.

Mr. Clarence HILL will leave a few days for Eskridge, Kansas, for a visit with his sister, Nellie, who attends school there.

Miss Lillian ROWDEN spent last Sunday with Misses Ople and Tura REESE.

Keystone Items

Miss Pearl ZICKEFOOSE met with a painful accident last Thursday while out "bronco bustin." She had all her front teeth loosened and part of them knocked out.

Miss Minnie KEITH visited with Mrs. KNIGHT on Baker Branch last week.

John COATS, of near Dixie, was in town on business Wednesday.

Mrs. Maude TUTEN of Tulsa, was in town last week visiting.

Another oil well has been just about completed and will be shot some time this week. There is not much activity exhibited in the Baker Branch field at present, and it is presumed that the prospecting will be shifted to the LeRoy Field, north of the Cimarron.

Miss Selena DUCK left Thursday for Tyrola, Oklahoma, where she will visit with her brother, Arthur, who is agent for the MK&T at that point.

Quay Quibbles

W.A. NORTHGRAVE of Yale, and Jacob PUCKETT of Cushing, were transacting business in Quay the forepart of the week.

We are in receipt of a letter from M.F. INGRAHAM, in which he says he hopes to be able to fill his appointment here the first Sunday in May. The people here will certainly be glad to see and hear him again.

Mrs. Gene SHEPARD, who has been ill for the last three weeks, was able to be in town Saturday.

Mrs. Ira HARRISON and daughter, Miss Thelma, spent last week in the country visiting at the homes of S.D. BARNES and Clayton CHILDERS.

W.J. BERRY has decided to open up a barber shop in Yale, and will move his family here here to there next week. We regret to lose these good people from our little village, but trust the move will be a profitable one.

Prof. HARNDEN, super intendant of Payne County, was in Quay Friday on school business. He made the presentation speech to the graduates and fold of the the early experiences in school work in this territory.

F.E. CULLISON was up from Cushing last Friday, transacting school business. The vacancy as treasurer, caused by his removal, was filled by the appointment of J.M. STOCKER.

Mrs. Mary HALL is visiting her sons, C.A. and Ed BAILY, in Cushing this week.

Miss Anna WATKINS left last Saturday for her home in Maramec. She expects to return next week for a visit.

Mound Center Items

Mr. BURGMAN and family, Mr. GILLILAND and family, and Mr. and Mrs. OLDHAM spent Sunday on the Arkansas River.

Mrs. Anton HIAVACHICK is very sick at this writing.

Gladys and Ambrose GILLILAND spent Thursday with Arthur and Grace GOING.

Another big hail storm struck this part of the country and did much damage to fruit and crops.

Rev. CARRION, Mrs. HILL, Clarence and Marjorie HILL, Alice WILKERSON, Harry SHORT and Selma HELMS spent Sunday at the home of Mr. GOING.

Mrs. FRAZIER returned from Kansas Sunday, where she has been with her sick mother.

Miss May DRAKE spent Saturday night with Miss Alice WILKERSON.

May 4, 1911

Buggy Overturned
Monday afternoon, as Mrs. G.W. LILLIE and her sister, Mrs. STOTT of Philadelphia, were driving into town, they met with an accident that might have proved more serious. There is a deep cut in the road this side of Blue Hawk Peak, and as the horse, which is ordinarily the most gentle of creatures, came to the top of the hill, two tramps who had been lying by the side of the road, raised to sitting posture. The horse swerved sharply, turning the buggy completely over and throwing out both the ladies. Mrs. STOTT escaped injuries, but Mrs. LILLIE sustained severe injuries on the head and body.
The tramps did everything possible in the way of securing the horse and procuring aid, and Mrs. LILLIE attaches no blame to them. She, having been in poor health for the past year, it is feared it may be some time before she thoroughly recovers from the shock of Monday's accident.

Her Name was Mademoiselle
A number of gypsies have been camping near the farm of Ed WHEELER, where T.D. MCINTYRE and Joe ROGERS have been building a large barn. One day last week, one of the senoritas, whose lustrous dark eyes proclaimed her Spanish birth, approached Mr. MCINTYRE and wanted to tell his fortune. "Mc" declares he said "No" and spoke roughly, but the boys say she had hold of his hand in a second and began purring about his life line, etc., and before he knew it, she deftly extracted a 50 cent piece from one of his pockets. She finally let go of his hand, but still has the half dollar. Of course, if what she said comes true, "Mc" will be satisfied.

Broke up the Meeting
Just about noon last Saturday, Under Sheriff LOUTHAN and City Marshal BARNES made an unexpected call upon Joe WIERMAN at his home, in the northeast part of the city, and found seven men leaving the house. The officers went on in and found that the men had also left fourteen half pints of whiskey, seventy-three bottles of beer, a barrel of empties, and a keg one-third full of whiskey, which the said officers did then and there, with malice pretense, and without the fear of suffering appetites before their eyes, confiscate to the use and benefit of the state. One of the party who had just left aid they were simply holding a business men's noonday prayer meeting, all the same like Chicago, and it was a shame to interrupt them.

Neighborhood News Notes

Union Star Items

Mr. S.L. BERG as a Pawnee visitor last Saturday.

Miss Faye BAILEY left for Pawnee last Thursday, to take the teacher's examination.

Mr. Frank HOLLER was in Pawnee on business last Saturday.

Mr. John RUSHENDOLFER is very low at this writing.

Mr. Lewis RABA went to Pawnee last Thursday to take the teacher's examination, returning Saturday.

A new ball nine was organized at Joe HEDGE's last Saturday.

The dance at Bill ROBERSON's was not very well attended last Saturday night.

Miss Maude KIGGINS and Miss Percie WELCH had a narrow escape from a serious accident while out driving last Sunday. Miss Maude was driving the team and for some cause or other, she drove up on a high bank outside the road, and upset the buggy. The girls were lucky enough to be thrown clear out of the buggy, and the horses ran for about three hundred yards and stopped. No bones were broken, so the girls got back in the buggy and drove on home. Miss Maude says, "You had better stay in the road."

Miss Clara BAILEY and Miss Arrah ROBERSON were shopping in Pawnee Friday.

Jennings Items

Rev. CURNEY returned Saturday from Oklahoma City, where he has been attending the state conference.

Miss Lucy SULLIVAN, our efficient music teacher, returned to her home at Garden Grove, Iowa, Friday.

Edmond TODD is in Oklahoma City this week visiting.

John NEIGHBORS and J.H. CAZY are in Sapulpa this week on business.

Mrs. Amy CARMICHAEL visited her daughter, Mrs. M.D. HAM, at Mannford this week.

Mr. John ALLEMAN made a business trip to Tulsa Tuesday.

Miss Lola WHITE, who has just completed her term of school at this place, returned to her home in Missouri, Friday.

Miss Hattie HENSON of Chelsea, Oklahoma, is visiting at the home of her father, Mr. Joe HENSON.

Mr. Clarence MILLER left Friday night for Kansas City, to visit with his brother.

Mound Center Items

Mr. SHOTS and family visited at Mr. HILL's Sunday.

Agnes, Stella and Lena SEDLACEK, Mary and Grace GOING, Mr. FRAZIER and Lloyd POTTS visited at the home of Mr. HELM Sunday.

Mrs. COEN came home Friday from her visit in Kansas.

Mr. LIZAR is building quite an addition to his cellar.

Mrs. HLAVACHICK is reported better at this writing.

Arthur GOING visited Mr. Harry SHORTS Sunday.

Alice WILKERSON spent Sunday night with the SEDLACEK girls.

May 11, 1911

A Wedding Dinner
A wedding dinner was given at the home of C.C. MEEKER Monday, in honor of two happy young married couples, Miss Codie RYAN and Mr. Sam PRATER and Miss Addie RYAN and Mr. Martin MEEKER, whose marriages took place Sunday at the RYAN home at Valley. Those assembled at the MEEKER home to enjoy the day and partake of the splendid dinner were: Mr. and Mrs. Sam PRATER, Mr. and Mrs. M. MEEKER, Mrs. S. EASLEY of Maramec, Mr. and Mrs. W.W. RYAN of Valley, Mr. and Mrs. S.T. BUTTON and children, Mr. and Mrs. Joe TURNER and two daughters, Mrs. Ora CREWS and Ethel TURNER.

The house occupied by the HOGGATT family in the northwest part of town caught fire yesterday afternoon, from some unknown cause...

Neighborhood News Notes

Quay Quibbles

Mrs. Louise HARRISON left on Wednesday for Arkansas City, in response to a message saying that her daughter, Mrs. Elmer SIMMONS was very ill; also, Mr. SIMMONS is in the hospital, having recently been operated on for appendicitis.

Dave TROXEL got excused from jury service and returned from Stillwater last Wednesday.

Miss Anna WATKINS, of Maramec, is visiting friends in Quay this week.

Little Elsie CUSTER celebrated her third birthday last Wednesday, by spending the day with her little friend, Ruth STRIPLING. George and Cecil CUSTER accompanied her.

Mrs. Hallie SENFT and children are visiting relatives at Red Fork this week.

Ed CRAVEN as the victim of a surprise party last Friday night, the occasion being his seventeenth birthday. There were about twenty guests present and were very agreeable entertained by Miss Eva and Master Ed.

Miss Myrtle MCCOY and Mrs. Grace BOBLIT were in Quay on Tuesday afternoon soliciting aid for Mr. and Mrs. OWEN, whose home with all its contents was destroyed by fire last Sunday. Mr. OWEN lives on what is known as the Will FISHER farm, five miles southeast of here. They were at church when their house burned. Origin of fire is unknown.

Quay will observe Decoration day with an appropriate program and an address by Rev. M.F. INGRAHAM.

W.A. NORTHGRAVE and father, Ed NORTHGRAVE, of Yale, were in Quay Tuesday.

C.M. PROWANT's latest acquisition in the way of a pet is a six month old mule, unweaned. Last Sunday, he undertook the daring feat of confining it in a pasture just north of town and not far enough away but what it could hear the neigh of it's mother, but no sooner had he turned Mr. Mule loose than it started for home, and it actually beat him to town, jumping through four wire fences on the way. Now he is compelled to keep it tied up in the barn and Tuesday night, for exercise, took it with him when he went to call on some neighbors. The mule business may be all right, but this is too much of a good thing.

Mr. HOLMES, state dairy inspector, was in Quay Tuesday afternoon, looking after the cream situation at this locality.

Rev. BEHR and family of Yale, spent last Tuesday at the home of M.G. CUSTER, east of town, and on Wednesday, they went to H. VOLGER's where they spent the day in fishing.

Lone Jack Items

Rev. CARRION preached a very interesting sermon Sunday night.

Miss Zella POTTS spent Sunday with Miss Audry HAGA.

Clyde HAGA was in this part of the country Sunday.

Mr. Wm. LADY and family were at the home of Mr. LEVISAY Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. ROGERS spent the day Sunday at Mr. BURGMAN's.

Little Miss Ethel POTTS spent Saturday with Freeda WILKERSON.

Mr. Joe GARNER and family spent Sunday at A.W. GENTRY's.

Mr. Clarence HILL was a visitor at the FRAZIER home Sunday evening.

Mrs. Ethel SOUSLEY of Pawnee, spent Sunday evening with her uncle, John DRAKE.

Miss Ethel NELSON spent Sunday at home.

Mr. Earnest RICE and wife went fishing on the Arkansas River on Sunday.

Lloyd POTTS is just about the happiest boy on earth, because he has a new buggy and team, and almost a thousand dollars.

There will be preaching next Sunday morning at 11 o'clock at Lone Jack by Rev. INGRAHAM.

The singing at Mr. SLEAD's on Sunday night was a howling success.

Mr. John CARMICHAEL and wife spent Sunday at Mr. MERCER's.

Mr. Albert DRAKE came home from work Friday.

Bert LADY, Henry ROGERS and James WILKERSON, spent Sunday evening at Floyd SLEAD's.

Miss Maude WILKERSON spent Friday and Saturday with her sister, Mrs. Fred GOODWIN, living in town.

Mrs. SLEAD is on the sick list at this writing.

Mr. and Mrs. SHELLBURGER and baby, Rovelia, spent Sunday at her father's, Mr. SLEAD.

Floyd and Iva SLEAD were the guests of Bert and Nellie LADY Sunday night.

Jennings Items

Fred ZEIGLER, was in town this week looking after the business of H.C. ZEIGLER & Son. They have sold a block of their oil leases here to the Prairie Oil and Gas Co.

Miss Elizabeth ADAMS, of Tulsa, was the weekend guest of Miss Maggie VANEMAN.

Dr. W.E. REYNOLDS returned to his home in Bristow this week.

George SCHROEDER and son, Joe, spent Sunday in Tulsa, the guest of his daughter, Mrs. Roy HARPER.

Mr. Dr. OWEN and son, Richard, left Saturday for an extended visit with her parents at Iowa City, Iowa.

Mr. and Mrs. J.G. CARMICHAEL spent Tuesday with relatives in Mannford.

Mrs. SIMS of Chicago, is here - the guest of her son, W.H. SIMS and family.

Mrs. D.D. HOSIC and mother, Mrs. W. JONES, went to Burbank Tuesday for a visit with ...

Keystone Items

Walter KEITH returned from Wichita last Tuesday.

R.H. ZELLNER and wife made a trip to Tulsa between trains last Wednesday.

Geo. KOTTIE and family went to Tulsa Wednesday and a visit with relatives.

J.M. MCCOLLOM went to Pawnee Friday to swear out papers for the arrest of one of his "dusky" tenants, who swatted him in the eye the day before.

Marion ZICKEFOOSE returned home Saturday, after having been at school for some weeks.

Davis SHAEFFER and wife left Monday for Major County, Oklahoma on an extended visit.

James MCARTHUR was surprised by a crowd of the young folks, being his 19th birthday. Mrs. MCARTHUR treated the callers with a fine turkey dinner.

A number of young people surprised Miss Laura TILLOCK Thursday night, the occasion being her birthday.

May 18, 1911

Class of Eleven Is Class of '11
Graduating Exercises Held at the Opera House Last Friday Night a Success
Last Friday night closed another school year in Pawnee, with its class of graduates who step upon the threshold of a broader life, where anticipation is to be succeeded by realization. The class of 1911 consists of six boys and five girls: Lucie A. BENNETT, Ethel L. RAINSBERGER, Lorena B. WISWELL, Pearl A. CREED, Berta BUSHORR, Ralph N. WEBB, Guy R. MOORE, Ira I. WEBBER, John H. TURNER, William L. EAGLETON and William Blanie JUDY - and the class measures up in every respect with any of the long list of graduates turned from our excellent schools. The occasion Friday night was ideal, a magnificent audience greeting Pawnee's contribution to the future men and women of the country.

Ralph WEBB, who had won second place, came forward and with the grace of an experienced speaker, gave the salutatory, selecting for his subject, "The Democracy of Mexico." Guy MOORE gave the class history, and did it well, telling the ups and downs, ins and outs, from the primary grade to graduation day. He incidentally touched up some members of a former faculty for permitting matters entirely social to interfere with the work of the class. Miss Ethel RAINSBERGER followed with the class prophecy. Her imagination, portraying what a few years may bring to pass was vivid and interesting.

Too Much Seining
Warren OSMAN, deputy game warden, has been in Pawnee County for the past week looking up parties who have been fishing with seins. He shipped five or six seins to Oklahoma City and will try out one case in the courts. There is some misunderstanding about this way of fishing. It is claimed that a law unanimously passed the house, permitting the use of seins in the Black Bear, this county, and many have proceeded to use them on account of information given them. But it turns out that, somewhere between the house and the governor, the Black Bear water all ran out. No mention is made of this stream in the bill as signed, hence the activity of the deputy game warden.

Suicide At Jennings
Word reached the county seat yesterday evening that a young woman living about three miles south of town, committed suicide, choosing the carbolic acid route. She was the daughter of Thomas MASSEY, of Yale, aged about 23, and had been married, though was separated from her husband. No particulars have been received yet.

Sixteen to One
Sheriff MARSHALL last night arrested one Asa LEA, who is charged with having illegal custody of sixteen bottles of booze, which were stowed away in a "cache" under a sidewalk.

Miss Edna BUSSEY, who has been associated with this paper for the past year, has resigned her position on account of sickness, calling her to San Antonio, Texas. She is succeeded by Miss Mabel GREEN, for whom we bespeak a continuance of the courtesies heretofore extended to this paper.

Kum and see the fun. We will throw from our roof $100 worth of merchandise, including one good suit of clothes. Long arms gets the goods. Time 2:00 Saturday, May the 20th. Opening day of the big money raising sale. Joe LIEBENHEIM

Pawnee National Bank - C.E. VANDERVOORT, President; J.B. DAVIS, Vice-President; Frank HUDSON, Cashier; F.M. PHILLIPS - Assistant Cashier.

Marriage Licenses:

Frank LEWARD, Skedee; Mrs. Josephine MILLER, Skedee
George POTTS, Terlton; Georgia WILLS, Terlton
Elmer TENNYSON, Pawnee; Anna MCPHEARSON, Pawnee

A Card of Thanks
I wish to express my thanks for the Jane WILLIS medal and my appreciation of the honor conferred upon me. I find many things to be thankful for in my surroundings. First, we must thank our Creator for all things. We should be thankful for the excellent school facilities enjoyed in Pawnee, and for the efforts Mrs. WILLIS is making to promote an interest among the children in school work. I am thankful to my father and mother for making it possible for me to win this medal, and I promise to do everything in power to merit the favor bestowed upon me this year. Jewell BAUSELL

Mr. and Mrs. Porter KIDWELL arrived this week from Washington, for a visit with Mrs. KIDWELL's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.C. WHEELER.

WINROW and BARTHOLOMEW consolidated their transfer and bus lines this week and expect to install an auto truck soon.

Jim HILDRETH, a prominent businessman of Keystone, was a business visitor at the county seat last Saturday.

Mrs. M.B. GREEN and family spent Sunday in Skedee, with Mrs. J.W. HECKENDORN.

Card of Thanks
We wish to thank the many friends who so kindly assisted us by their generous donations to make up our losses by fire last week. Mr. and Mrs. G.W. HOGGATT.

Misses BALL and PARKINS left on Monday morning for Milton, Indiana.

May 25, 1911

Mr. and Mrs. J.M. POULTER, living northwest of town, were awakened a few nights ago by the fluttering and squawking of some young chickens that were shut into a coup near the house. The coop was covered with wire netting and no varmint could get in. Wondering what could be disturbing the, Mrs. POULTER got up and went out to the coop. She put her hand in and felt around in the coop, but could feel nothing. The chickens seemed to be all huddled together and were making vain efforts to get loose from something. Mrs. POULTER called to her husband to bring a light and, on looking, they saw an enormous black snake coiled all around the chickens. The snake had a chicken in its mouth, but it was too large to swallow, which possibly saved Mrs. POULTER from being bitten. Moral: "Never put your hand in a chicken coop after dark."

Unto the Fourth Generation
Mrs. HEPTONSTALL, mother, Mrs. Hattie TURNER, sister, and Mrs. Mabel TURNER, niece of Mrs. C.E. VANDERVOORT, arrived in the city today for a visit. Miss Eleanor, daughter of Mrs. Mabel TURNER, is also in the party, all of whom are from Peoria, Illinois.

Fred WINROW has bought a five passenger automobile, which he and Mr. BARTHOLOMEW intent to use in connection with their bus and transfer business. Frequently there are traveling men who would like to make hurried trips to Maramec or other towns in the county and return in time for an afternoon train, and Mr. WINROW says he expects to be in position to cater to this trade.

Bishop Francis K. BROOKE, of Oklahoma City, is in the city today for the purpose of ordaining as deacon, Rev. A.H. MARSDEN. Rev. NICHOLAS, of Guthrie, assisted in the services, which were held in the Church of the Ascension this morning. Bishop BROOKE will hold services in the church this evening, leaving tomorrow for Stillwater.

Mrs. Flossie WARD, clerk for Judge LISEUM, has been under the weather for the past week, and has been staying with relatives at Blackburn. She is expected to resume her duties this week.

Miss Edna CRESWELL returned home Tuesday, after finishing a very successful term of school in Ponca City.

J.P. COWAN made a trip to Sparks Tuesday.

The members of the Domestic Science were entertained by Mrs. W.R. BRADY and Miss Bessie BROCAW Tuesday afternoon.

Keystone Items:

On last Friday afternoon, the sad news came to town that little nine year old Hugh CARTER had been suddenly killed by the lightening during the storm of that afternoon, and his father, Will CARTER, was severely injured. It seems the lightning, first struck a tree near the house, and then leaped from the tree to an open ventilator leading from the cellar under the house, and from there it scattered to different parts of the building, striking the boy who lay asleep in the cellar, and the father who was on the first floor. The remains of Hugh CARTER were laid to rest in Sinnett Cemetery Saturday afternoon. Will CARTER is slowly recovering from the severe burns he received.

W.J. TILLOCK left for Oklahoma City Sunday morning.

Death claimed the little child of Mr. and Mrs. WOOD Monday morning.

Woodie JABARA returned from Tulsa Sunday afternoon.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Harley BEAN, a fine boy on Friday, May 19. Harley is wearing a smile almost two feet wide.

Geo. KOTITE went to Tulsa last Friday to purchase a car load of ice, which has already been stored in the ice house erected last week by W.J. TILLOCK at the rear of the Nicholas store.

Miss Selena DUCK returned on Monday from an extended visit at Tyrola, Oklahoma with her brother, Arthur.

Lone Jack Items:

Alverta, Nellie and Bert LADY attended the Masham Sunday school last Sunday.

Mr. George TEFERTILLER and two sons, Herbert and Hiram, from Parsons, Kansas, are visiting their sister and aunt, Mrs. H.K. WILKERSON.

Mrs. SLEAD and Ina spent Sunday evening at the Hill home.

There was a regular house party at A.N. NELSON's Sunday. The families of Albert GOOSEY, H.K. WILKERSON, Charley MEEKER, Royal JOHNSON, Bertha and Grace KREBS, Lela and Charlie PROCTOR, Chester GREEN and Mary NELSON being present.

Mr. Will GREEN and family spent Sunday with W.W. GREEN in Pawnee.

Mrs. Andy GENTRY spent Sunday at home gathering potato bugs.

June 01, 1911

A Jennings Case
Upon complaint of some business men of Jennings, the five children of Ms. M.L. REED, a widow, were brought to the county seat last Saturday for the purpose of taking the necessary steps to have them placed in the home for dependent children at Davenport. It is claimed that the mother, for reasons to be brought out later, is not a fit party to have the care of the children, whose ages range from eighteen months to ten years, according to information given this office. The oldest child, so it is claimed, has been to school but two months in her life.

Miss Edna WHEELER resumed her duties at the Pawnee Dry Goods, last Monday morning, after a months vacation.

Dr. SAUNDERS went to Enid today to attend a dental convention.

Misses Clara and Grace CANFIELD are up from Jennings today shopping.

Geroge HARNDEN and wife went down to Stillwater today.

C.J. SHAPARD, accompanied by his sister, Miss Lenora, left for St. Louis yesterday to attend the commencement exercises at Hosmer Hall, where Miss Elizabeth SHAPARD graduates today. As a reward of merit for the high grades made by Miss Elizabeth, who stood at the head of her class, Mr. SHAPARD will present his daughter with a Columbia automobile.

A.N. EBY of Masham was in the city Friday.

Miss Margaret LOUTHAN left Wednesday for Tuscola, Illinois.

Miss Grace WILLS went down to Jennings on Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. J.P. BELLEW, who have been visiting their daughter, Mrs. D. DILDINE, of Kansas City, returned home Monday.

Mrs. J.N. GRAYEM went to Mannford today to visit her daughter, Mrs. R.C. POULTER.

On next Friday evening at the Christian church, a musical will be given by the Misses SMOOTZ of Claremore. Admission only 15 and 25 cents.

For Sale - 80 acre farm - 9 miles south east of Glencoe, Oklahoma. Crop goes with place if sold within 30 days, $500.00 in cash and balance in 2 and 5 years at 6 per cent interest. A good well and never failing spring. All the land can be cultivated, 2 room house, grainery and stable, and a good fence all around the farm. Wm. LOY, Pawnee, Oklahoma

Miss Cecil DAVIDSON and friend, Mrs. WESTLYMOUNTAIN, arrived in Pawnee Saturday from Cherryvale, Kansas, and will visit for a few days in Pawnee.

G.L. LAGERS of Keystone, was a Pawnee visitor last week.

Keystone Items

W.W. DYMOND returned last Saturday from Allen, Oklahoma.

Mr. and Mrs. S.K. BEAN, who have been lying very sick at the home of their son, Floyd, for the past two weeks, are recovering rapidly.

Mrs. Mollie ZELLNER returned from Granby, Missouri, today.

A.T. JOHNSON made a business trip a few days last week to Kay County.

Mrs. W.W. DYMOND and Miss Roby BERRYHILL left here Saturday for Kansas City.

Mrs. Lena BUDD and children, Gladys and Harlan, returned on Sunday from Sarcoxie, Missouri.

Miss Ada TILLOCK of LeRoy, has been on the sick list for a week, but is getting better now.

Mrs. Ellen PATRICK returned from Pawnee Saturday.

The Keystone baseball team has made a new diamond near G.L. LAGERS' home, where good, fresh water and lots of shade are plentiful. It is expected that many interesting games will be played there this summer.

A.R. FENDER returned from Osage last Friday.

Quay Quibbles

Miss Rhoda HOKE returned from Stillwater last Thursday after a year's work in A&M college. She will spend her summer here.

Mack HOKE came in Monday from Stillwater for a few days visit with home folks before entering upon his duties as salesman for the Success Magazine. Mack will be a senior next year at A&M College.

Mr. and Mrs. J.T. STRIPLING left Monday for Pawnee. Mrs. STRIPLING will spend most of the summer with her sister, Mrs. DOVE, north of Pawnee, but Mr. STRIPLING will enter the county normal at Stillwater about the 6th of June. He has been engaged as principal of the Terlton schools for the ensuing year.

Grandma HORNER was on the sick list the fore part of the week.

Frank BEELER and family of near Newkirk, arrived Wednesday and are visiting their parent, Mr. and Mrs. J.J. BELLER, and other kin in this community.

Mrs. M.F. INGRAHAM accompanied Rev. INGRAHAM to Quay on Tuesday and was the guest of Mrs. PROWANT for dinner.

Rev. C.E. SMOOTZ of Claremore, dropped into Quay one day last week and surprised his many friends here. He was pastor of the Christian church here three years and this was his first trip since resigning his pastorate here.

Ransom CONNICK left Sunday for Osage City to look for employment, and we understand that he has secured a very lucrative job.

Skedee Valley Items

Fine rain Tuesday night considering the storm. No damage was done in any part of this country, except that the wind blew some hay off Mr. HILL's farm.

Messrs. Robert, Scott, and Marion ROWDEN were numbered with the fishing crew, who went down to Blackburn Saturday.

Tom ROWDEN, who has been under the doctor's care for rheumatism for some time, is very much improved.

Miss Coral HOWELL and Herman WALENCIAK spent Sunday evening at the home of John STOSNIDER.

Miss Rose MACK spent Sunday with Miss Nellie HILL.

June 8, 1911

At the residence of the bride's parents, in Cleveland, Arthur WEISZ of Pawnee was married to Miss Mamie HYDEN on Sunday, June 4. In the evening, the happy couple departed for Kansas City, from which point they left for Colorado, to enjoy an outing in the mountains. The bride is quite a favorite in Cleveland, and has many friends in Pawnee, where the groom has been engaged in the grocery business for years. The bride was the recipient of many beautiful and costly presents. Mr. and Mrs. WEISZ will be welcomed to Pawnee by their many friends, who wish them every happiness.

A Broken Leg
A distressing accident occurred to Fred WINROW Tuesday afternoon, while he was engaged in unloading large I-beams at the depot. The beams were being pulled from the car by a team, and Mr. WINROW, after having safely engineered three of them, was balancing the fourth and last, when it got a little too far, and before he could get out of the way, it fell upon his left leg, breaking both bones. He was immediately taken to his home, and given the best medical attendance but it will necessarily be several weeks before he can resume his work. His friends sympathize with him in his misfortune, and hope his recovery will be rapid.

At Tulsa, on Thursday, June 1, at the residence of the bride's mother, Judge N.E. MCNEILL of Pawnee, was united in marriage to Miss Elizabeth ADAMS. This is an event that has been expected for some time, but the groom persistently refused to take any of his many friends into his confidence as to the exact date. As a consequence, the surprise was complete, even among his closest associates. The bride is well known in this county, having resided at Jennings since childhood and enjoys the affection and esteem of a large circle of friends, there and at the county seat. The groom is prominent professionally and socially. He was county attorney and county judge of this county, and last year was the Democratic candidate for congress in this district, since which time he has given his time to the practice of law. We extend this excellent couple sincere congratulations and best wishes for a long life of happiness. They will be at home in Pawnee after June 15.

Local News:

Judge LISCUM started for his oil wells Sunday morning, hiring an auto for the purpose. A mile and a half from town the unexpected happened and the trip was postponed until the internal arrangements of the auto were in better condition. As a consequence, the judge walked back home and will make his trip of inspection later.

Mrs. Shap THORNTON went to Mannford this morning for a short visit.

Miss Mary MCKAY came in this morning from Arkansas City, to visit Elizabeth SHAPARD.

Miss Eloise EAGLETON came home Wednesday from Edmond. Miss Edna WEBB, of Edmond, is visiting with the EAGLETON girls until Monday. She will go to Eureka, Arkansas to attend the Y.W.C.A. meeting.

Mrs. B.L. MANN, who has been visiting Joe LIEBENHEIM. left for her home in Wichita, Kansas Saturday.

Mrs. S. SWARTZ and Mrs. George BIRCHARD of Osawatomeie, Kansas are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Orrin WORREL.

Miss Rita WOLF of Cushing, went home Monday after visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Ike KATZ the past week.

Dr. PHILLIPS came in Monday from St. Louis, where he has been attending the meeting of Frisco railway surgeons.

Mrs. Issac ATKINSON of Hominy, went home Saturday after visiting with her daughter, Mrs. Myra BOYLE, living north of town.

T.B. ANDREAN and E.F. ZELLNER were up from Keystone on Monday of this week in the interests of the school district question at that place. Considerable feeling has been stirred up over the division of the district, patrons on the south side of the river desiring a separate school, while those on the north side demonstrated against the division.

A Ripe Old Age
Wheeler TURNER, who disposed of his holdings west of town and went back to Tennessee some five months ago, returned to Pawnee last Thursday, thoroughly satisfied that Tennessee is all right for those who have never seen anything better, but that Oklahoma is more to his taste. During his absence, though, he enjoyed quite a visit at the old homestead, where his father still lives and enjoys life at the ripe old age of 86. The old gentleman is on Easy street financially and sticks to the farm, where he enjoys his fine saddle horses the the sport of fox hunting as much as he did three quarters of a century ago. He bids fair to round out a century, possessing excellent health and a mental activity seldom shown by one of his years.

Jennings Items

The four month old baby of J. HARRIS and wife, which died in Oklahoma City Saturday, was brought here for burial Monday. The sincerest sympathy of the entire community is extended to the parents.

Mr. and Mrs. M.D. HAM were in Maramec Monday evening.

Helen and Nettie HOSICK went to Burbank Tuesday for an extended visit with their brother, James HOSICK and wife.

Mr. and Mrs. SHIPMAN of Mannford, were the guests of M.D. HAM and family Sunday.

Mr. I.T. WHITE left for Sapulpa Sunday, where he will attend the Creek County Institute.

Mr. J.W. BAKER of Keystone, passed through our city Tuesday, en route to Colfax, California, where she will visit her sister. Her daughter, Mrs. Sylvia CARMICHAEL, went with her as far as Kansas City, Missouri. Mrs. BAKER's mother will join them at Coffeyville, Kansas.

Mr. A.A. KOUP of Hobart, Oklahoma was through our town en route to Cleveland last Thursday.

Lone Jack Items

Miss Ada ROGERS spent Sunday with Iva SLEAD.

The party at H.K. WILKERSON's Saturday night was well attended and all report a good time. Those present were: Mr. LIZER and family, Ethel NELSON, Iva SLEAD, Nellie LADY, Irma GENTRY, Alma WILKERSON, of Pawnee; Susie WILKERSON of Perry, and Mrs. Anedy GENTRY, Messrs. Bert LADY, Floyd SLEAD, Albert DRAKE, Glenn HORTIN, Russel NELSON and Tom NELSON, Aleek NELSON, Nathan NELSON, Clyde HAGA and Lester GENTRY.

Miss Sue WILKERSON of Perry and Alam WILKERSON of Pawnee, are visiting Miss Ema WILKERSON this week.

The house party at the home of Mr. MERCER's Monday night was well attended. Those present were Mr. DRAKE and family, Mr. ROBERSON and family, Mr. RAU and family, Mrs. WILKERSON and children.

Blackburn Items

Hugh MARIAN, assistant cashier of the German American Bank, went to Glencoe Sunday. He was accompanied by Mrs. MARLAN, who spent last week visiting relatives.

T.O. LONGMIRE and wife were Pawnee visitors last Monday.

Will GILLIAM came in from Prue Sunday for a visit with home folks.

Miss Bessie BROCAW went to Ralston Wednesday for a visit with her friend, Mrs. Wm. COX.

E.E. BELL, carrier on rural route 1, went to Bartlesville Sunday, where he will work as substitute carrier in that city for thirty days, and probably sixty. His sister, Miss Laurea BELL, is again performing the duties of the route.

Rev. J.D. MORGAN came in from Kansas City Saturday for a visit with old time friends. He was at one time pastor of the M.E. Church here in Blackburn. He preached to a good audience on Sunday night at the Methodist Church.

Harvey MILLER, eldest son of T.H. MILLER, is very sick with typhoid fever.

Wm. WARNER, father of Bert and Willis WARNER, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Jas. BROWN, near Hominy, last Monday evening at the age of 69 years. Mr. WARNER has been failing for some time and has been with his daughter for the past few months, but the change did not prove of much benefit to him. He was brought here for burial, the funeral taking place at the house at 10 o'clock Tuesday.

Digging potatoes is the order of the day in this vicinity, and a very poor crop.

R.E. BRIDWELL and family accompanied by Miss Lula CRIDLAND, went to Cleveland Wednesday evening, returning Thursday.

Quay Quibbles

Miss Rhoda HOKE left Monday for Eureka, Arkansas, to attend a meeting of the Y.W.C.A. She will spend about ten days in Eureka and will visit with her sister, Miss Mary HOKE until July 1.

Mrs. Harriett HORNER, who was quite ill the forepart of the week, is able to up again.

Mr. and Mrs. George MYERS of Stillwater, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. J.F. DOUGHTY one day last week.

June 22, 1911

News of the Week

E.A. STONEHOUSE went to Ralston, Tuesday.

Miss Jessie LANE went to Fairfax Monday

A.P. WIMPEY went to Fairview Saturday.

Miss Gussie CREED came home Monday from a visit in Tulsa.

Mrs. Jerry MINOR went to Tulsa Monday for a few days' visit.

Mrs. H.M. LANE, of Morrison, was shopping in Pawnee Friday.

C.P. ROCK returned Friday from a visit to his farm in Kansas.

C.C. WILSON shipped a car of hogs to Kansas City last Thursday.

Mrs. ROYSTER, living south of town, was shopping in Pawnee Saturday.

See Miss RUST before buying your hat. All trimmed hats at a great reduction.

Miss Veva BANKS left Saturday for a visit with relatives in Kansas and Missouri.

J.N. GOFF and Richard BELDON left Sunday for a business trip to Joplin, Missouri.

B.M. AUSTIN left Saturday for Pittsburg, Kansas, after visiting in Pawnee for a few days.

Henry SCOTT, of Skedee, was in Pawnee, Tuesday of this week.

Clarence ARMSTRONG spent Sunday in Hallett with his parents.

Luther WHEELER is the new messenger boy at the Santa Fe depot.

Alva TEFERTILLER, of the Pawnee Mercantile Co., is on the sick list this week.

M.E. BASEL, of Stillwater, distributed a car of wire at Pawnee, Tuesday.

Miss Elizabeth SHAPARD expects to leave Thursday, for Colorado Springs, Colorado.

W.W. GREEN and sons shipped a car of cattle and hogs to Kansas City, Tuesday.

Mrs. Robert CHASTEEN and her daughter, Evlyn, left for Oakland, California Tuesday.

N.H. SWALLEY left Monday for New Castle, Wyoming, where he will sell some horses.

Johnny JONES, deputy United States marshal, was in Pawnee last Friday on official business.

Fred WILKERSON came in from Hominy, Wednesday after visiting his sister, Mrs. Kate TURNER.

Miss Dollie CONNELL and children, went to Stillwater, Wednesday, to visit with her father, Mr. J. DIZNEY.

Henry D.C. POOS, of Blackburn, was in Pawnee, Monday.

Mr. W.A. WALTERS of Maramec, was in Pawnee Tuesday.

Mrs. DRINKWATER, of Hallett, was in town Tuesday shopping.

Joseph ROWLAND was transacting business in Glencoe, Tuesday.

Judge VANEMMONS, of Jennings, was in Pawnee Wednesday.

Mrs. C.P. ROCK made a business trip to Yale, Monday of this week.

R.H. GAINES went to Hallett Monday, after spending Sunday with his family.

Miss Jesssie FATZ went to Morrison Wednesday, to visit with her sister, Mrs. KENT.

Mrs. DOOLIN and Miss Clara CANFIELD, of Jennings, were in town Wednesday shopping.

Miss Irene MCGEE came in this morning from Blackburn, where she has been visiting.

Judge W.L. EAGLETON, of Norman was in Pawnee Tuesday, transacting legal business.

Mr. John SLOCUM of Ralston, came in Tuesday to visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. SLOCUM.

John MANNING and wife and Stella ADAMS leave today for an extended trip to the Pacific coast.

June 29, 1911

S.W. HOGGATT went to Glencoe Wednesday.

Mrs. L.L. HERRIMAN left Monday for Colorado Springs.

Mr. and Mrs. Orval TURNER came in Wednesday to visit.

Miss Ruth SMOOTZ went to her home in Claremore, Saturday.

Clarence LEEK went to Tulsa Wednesday morning.

C.C. WILSON shipped a car of hogs to Kansas City, Saturday.

Frances and Lettie BOATRIGHT went to Glencoe, Wednesday.

Miss Amie ROBINSON went to Perry Wednesday, to attend a picnic.

DAVIS and PUMROY shipped three cars of cattle to Kansas City Saturday.

Mrs. John BADGER came in Saturday from Fairfax, where she has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. WITCRAFT.

Mr. and Mrs. F. LISEUM went to Hallett Wednesday, to see about their oil well.

Miss Millie BROWN went to Lela Saturday, for a visit with Mrs. L.D. BROWNING.

Miss Mattie DANIELS went to Tulsa Saturday, for a visit with Dr. and Mrs. MAYGINESS.

Frank LAKE went to Mehan, Wednesday.

Mrs. Guy MARSHAL of Ralston, spent Friday with Mrs. SMITH.

Miss Elizabeth EAGLETON and Mr. Irl WEBBER went to Keystone Friday.

George LANNING, city marshal of Cleveland, was in Pawnee Saturday.

Eunis SWALLEY and E.O. MANNING each shipped a car of cattle to Kansas City, Saturday.

Mrs. Fred PETER went to Keystone, Tuesday evening, to attend the Eastern Star convention.

Mrs. Ralph JOHNSON went to Morrison Tuesday, to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. COLVIN.

Howard WILSON, son of Mr. and Mrs. C.C. WILSON, came in last Saturday for a visit with his parents.

Mr. Porter KIDWELL went to Crese, Texas, Saturday for a visit with his brother, Mr. Will KIDWELL.

Miss Mary KINGLE returned to her home in Enid, Monday, after a weeks visit here with Mrs. Stacey FOUNTAIN.

Miss Mabel BURFORD, of Ponca City, came in last Saturday morning for a visit with her sister, Miss Mayme BURFORD. She returned home Monday afternoon.

Mrs. Gertrude PHILLIPS, of Guthrie, arrived in Pawnee yesterday to visit during chautauqua with her sister, Mrs. Albert JUSTICE.

July 06, 1911

John NOVOTONY of Anadarko, was in town Wednesday of this week.

Mrs. S.W. FENTON of Glencoe was in Pawnee the first of the week.

Forest SHOEMAKER is over from Jennings, visiting his brother, Frank SHOEMAKER.

Mrs. G.R. THOMPSON left last Saturday for Collinsville, where she will visit a brother for the next ten days.

Mrs. M.P. MENEHAN left Wednesday for her home in Kansas City, after visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. POULTER.

C.W. ROTHFUSS went to Arkansas City, Monday, where he attended the Fourth of July celebration, returning to Pawnee, Wednesday.

Mr. Clarence ARMSTRONG came in Wednesday evening from Hallett, where he has been visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. ARMSTRONG, this week.

M.H. MOYNIHAN, one of the old-time popular residents of Pawnee, came in last Sunday from Fort Wayne, Indiana, his present home, for a short visit with friends. Before returning to Hossierdom, Mr. MOYNIHAN will visit Muskogee and Pawhuska.

Mrs. F. RAMBO, who has been visiting with Mr. and Mrs. HARRIS, left Wednesday for a short visit in Kansas City with her daughter, Mrs. PITTENGER. From there, she will go to Freemount, Nebraska, for a prolonged visit with her sister.

Miss Ollie MARRS of Okmulgee, Oklahoma, is here visiting her cousin, Mr. BUCHANAN.

Mr. Waldon BACON of Yale, was in Pawnee, Wednesday, visiting with old friends.

Mrs. Roy BERT went to Perry, Wednesday, for a visit with her sister, Mrs. E. FITZGERALD.

Mr. GANES, wife and children, drove to Noble County Wednesday, to attend to his stock there.

Mrs. A.W. JOHNSON of Osage, came in Friday for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. ROBINSON.

Judge GRAVES was over from Cleveland, on Monday of this week, attending to legal matters in the county court.

Claire HANN of Parksville College, Parksville, Missouri, came in Saturday, for a visit with his sister, Miss Gertrude HANN.

Mr. J. Kavanaugh FORMAN, head chemist in a smelter at Bartlesville, Oklahoma, visited Claire, Fred and Gertrude HANN last Sunday and Monday.

Maramec Items

The Enterprise school district has employed as teacher for the coming year, Alice WATKINS, of Hallett. They voted a six months school and the term begins the first Monday in November.

Curt THOMAS has been employed to wield the birch at Pleasant Mound the coming year. He has a seven months school at $55 per month. This is pretty good for Curt and we wish him a successful term.

S.D. WOODEN has lately had some good hitching posts set on the west side of the John F. FREEMAN store building, which makes quite a bit more room to hitch teams. This is a good move in the right direction, as there has been a scarcity of hitch racks in town for some time.

Joe LIZAR brought in a stock of cotton raised on his place that was about two feet high and was a good, healthy specimen, seemingly not hurt a bit by the dry weather. This stock contained twenty-three squares or buds, as we called them, and would make a good yield.

W.E. REDDING returned to Maramec, Tuesday, from Snohomish, Washington, where he has been the past six months looking at the country and recuperating his health. He reports things getting pretty dull there now, as the big lumber mills have all shut down.

Quay Quibbles

Still hot and dry in this community; no rain since May 31.

Charles HOKE of Oklahoma City, arrived last Thursday night, and was the guest of his parents over the Fourth.

Grant TROXEL and his son, Raymond, and Mrs. Mary HALL, drove to Cushing, the fore part of the week to visit with relatives.

Miss Judy of Pawnee, has been engaged to teach the 3rd room of the Quay school. The rooms are all taken now and we believe we have a good corps of teachers for the ensuing year.

Miss Vernie PROWANT returned from Oklahoma City, last Saturday, and left again on Wednesday for Pawnee, to visit with friends and take in the Chantauqua this week.

Miss Rhoda HOKE, who has been in Eureka, Arkansas, for the past two weeks, returned to her home at this place Wednesday. She came back by the way of Sapulpa, and visited with her sister, Mary for a week. Mary accompanied her home, where she will enjoy an extended vacation during the hot months of July and August.

Mr. WALLACE, who lived about five miles west of Quay, died at his home last Friday morning, and was buried in the Quay cemetery.

Mound Center Items

Still hot and dry as usual. Crops in this part of the country are burnt badly. It makes a person have the blues to look at the corn.

Miss Nellie HILL spent Saturday night and Sunday with Misses Carrie BERNICE and Hazel FRAZIER and Grace GOING.

Harvey COEN spent the Fourth at Bellford, Oklahoma.

Mr. Herbert THOMPSON spent the 4th of July in Pawnee.

Singing at Mound Center was well attended with a few new visitors, Miss Nellie LIVESAY was organist and Ethyl BALLARD as leader.

Miss Grace GOING spent Sunday night with Bernice and Hazel FRAZIER.

Carrie FRAZIER attended the ice cream social at Mr. MACK's.

Miss Emily JENNIE and Mr. Quincey BURGMAN attended the singing Sunday night.

July 13, 1911

Court Wedding
A wedding occurred in the county court room yesterday morning, the principals being Earl BRIGHTMAN and Agnes May GIBSON. BRIGHTMAN is the young man who was recently arrested near Cleveland, this county, of violating the prohibition law, and is being held in jail here for the trial. The bride's home is Wichita, Kansas, from which place she came to this county in search of her promised husband. After the ceremony, the groom was returned to jail, and the wife left for Wichita, yesterday afternoon.

Marriage Licenses:
James LITTLESON, Pawnee; Flora EAGLECHIEF, Pawnee
Earl BRIGHTMAN, Wichita; Agnes May GIBSON, Wichita
Ed HOOVER, Manford; Ada CRAVEN, Manford

Death of H.R. ROBERSON
Our citizens were genuinely shocked yesterday morning to learn of the sudden death of H.R. ROBERSON, one of the very oldest members of this community. "Uncle Dick" as he was familiarly known, had been feeling rather poorly for a few weeks, although it was thought to be nothing serious. He arose yesterday morning around 5 o'clock as usual, and walking to the window, he remarked to his wife, "This is a fine rain, Mother, but it is a little late to do the fodder much good." Mrs. ROBERSON, who was busy with her breakfast work, says he then walked toward the bed and laid down. She thought nothing of it until she heard a muffled sound, and going into the room, she saw he was gasping for breath. The alarm was immediately given, but Uncle Dick was dead before anyone arrived, heart disease causing the abrupt ending to his life.
Mr. ROBERSON came here from Arkansas City, Kansas, before the town was located, being employed at the Indian Agency. He was for years a member of the city council, was known as an absolutely honest and upright man, and his death is sincerely mourned by a large circle of friends, whose sympathy is extended to the stricken wife and family who survive him. With his name will be associated nothing but the kindliest thoughts. The funeral services were held this morning at the Christian Church.

Called Home
Tuesday evening about six o'clock, Ray TUCKER, the eight year old son of Mr. and Mrs. W.S. TUCKER, was called from the home in which he was idolized, to one not made with hands. Ray had been in poor health for some time, but had seemed to be improving of late, and his death was entire unexpected. He was a clean, lovable child, and leaves many aching hearts to mourn his untimely summons. Funeral services will be held at the family home next Sunday at 3 p.m., it being necessary to wait this long for the arrival of his sister, Miss Stella, who is in California. The sympathy of their many friends is extended to the bereaved parents and family.

Mrs. H.S. DODGE, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Ollie JOHNSON, returned to her home in Iola, Kansas, Wednesday.

For first class cleaning and pressing phone 79. Goods called for and delivered. Seventeen years experience - Ed RISELING.

"Doc" PATTON, who has for some years been living at Los Esteros, Mexico, is visiting old friends in Pawnee this week.

Mrs. Hayden LANE and Miss Maud BLUEHAWK went to Lela, Wednesday evening to visit with Mrs. E.M. LANE.

Miss Ruth RUSHING returned to her home in Cleveland after visiting the Misses EAGLETON for the past week.

Mrs. J.P. HARDY and daughter, Emma, who have been visiting with friends here for the past two weeks, returned to their home in Sitvas, Illinois.

Henry S. JOHNSTON and wife came over from Perry, Tuesday evening, returning home yesterday. Mr. JOHNSTON had business in the district court.

Misses Alice ADAMS and Elizabeth SHAPARD came in from Colorado Springs, Tuesday evening, where they have been for the past month.

Jim BIDDISON, employed at the electric light plant at Tulsa, came in Wednesday to visit his parents and friends.

Mrs. N.Z. BARNES, who has been visiting her sons, B.L. and Clarence, went to Chandler, to visit with her daughters.

Alice GRIFFITH returned to her home in Cleveland, after a five weeks visit with friends and relatives south of town.

Miss Icy TEAGARDEN came in from Perry this morning, where she has been visiting her cousin, Mrs. FITZGERALD.

Neighborhood News Notes

Skedee Valley Items

Fine rain Sunday and Wednesday

Bob DAMRON and Toni REESE went to Ponca last week to work.

Rosie MACK, Maude SHORT and Ben and Lillian ROWDEN, attended prayer meeting at Liberty, Friday night.

Octavia, Nellie, Margery, John, Willie and Kearney HILL; Scott, Ben, Bob and Marion ROWDEN, went fishing Saturday. They got about 15 pounds of fine fish.

Olive CONRAD will teach school at Skedee Valley, and we all wish her success, as it will be her first term.

Miss Tura REESE spent a few days visiting with her uncle, Mr. Elbert REESE, of Masham.

Mrs. GOING and two daughters, Grace and Mary, spent Sunday with Mrs. HILL and daughters.

Miss Grace GOINGS, Nellie HILL and Lillian ROWDEN went riding Sunday evening, but not in an auto.

Miss Maude SHORT spent Friday night with Miss Lillian ROWDEN.

Robert ROWDEN and Kearney HILL attended the singing Sunday night at Mound Center.

Fred TURNER, of Blackburn, made a business trip to Pawnee Monday.


Miss Jose WRIGHT, of Terlton, was in town Monday.

Misses Olive and Nora WILSON have returned from Bartlesville where they attended normal.

Claude WILSON left for Pawnee, Wednesday, where he will attend normal.

Mr. E.F. ZELLNER will leave Saturday evening for St. Louis, Missouri.

Mr. WOODWARD and Mr. Geo. DAY are in Terlton, this week.

Miss Esther WISER is attending normal in Pawnee.

The celebration at Keystone was a decided success in spite of the extremely dry weather. Mr. V.H. BIDDISON delivered a splendid address. The Keystone baseball team carried off the highest honors in both games played with Leroy and Basin. These boys have been playing ball for over two months and have won all games but one. Arthur FRAZIER became the "star" hitter of the season, having knocked the first home run on the afternoon of the fourth.

Blackburn Items

Mrs. FULTON, of Phoenix, Arizona, is spending a few days visiting with her brother, Ross BRUBAKER.

Elmer BELL returned Sunday from Bartlesville, where he has been the past month, working as sub carrier in that city.

J.O. OASLEY went to Hominy Tuesday night, and was accompanied home Wednesday morning by Mr. and Mrs. H.G. HAMPTON and son, Leo, who will spend a few days with relatives.

The "Go-Git-Em" class of the Christian Church and the "Willing Workers" of the M.E. Church enjoyed a marshmallow roast on the river last Tuesday night. They were chaperoned by Mrs. Wm. CRIDLAND, and Mrs. Jas. EWART, their teachers.

Lone Jack Items

Irma and Lester GENTRY visited Maude and James WILKERSON Sunday.

Elmira WILKERSON is visiting her sister, Mrs. F.R. GOODWIN this week.

The party at Mr. SLEED's was very well attended and all report a good time.

There will be preaching next Sunday night at Lone Jack by Mrs. ROE.

Ethel POTTS visited Freda WILKERSON Wednesday.

Quay Quibbles

The people of this community are greatly rejoicing over the fine rain we had last Tuesday and Wednesday. The farmers are all very busy putting in kaffir corn, milo maize, cane and other crops that will yet have plenty of time to mature.

Mr. and Mrs. C.M. PROWANT attended the Chautauqua at Pawnee a couple of days last week.

Mr. COEN and family, Mr. GOING and family, went fishing on the Arkansas river last Friday. All report an enjoyable time.

Singing at Mound Center was not very well attended Sunday night. Mr. Kearney HILL and Robert ROWDEN attended the singing. Kearney HILL visits at the FRAZIER home quite often lately.

Mercy GOING spent Saturday night and Sunday at Miss May and Myrtle COEN's.

Ernest SHORT is working for Henry MARTIN this week.

Miss Bertha SEDLACEK, who has been working for J.P. LUNDY, of Turley, Oklahoma, returned to her home last week.

Mr. Clarence SHORT spent Sunday with Mr. Fred POTTER.

Mrs. I.N. SHORT has been on the sick list this week.

Alice WILKERSON called at the GOING home Tuesday morning.

July 20, 1911

Sanitary Inspectors
L.D. ALLEN and U.S. RUSSELL, representing the state sanitary board, were in Pawnee last Friday, making their routine rounds over the state. They inspected the slaughter houses, bakeries and ice cream plant in Pawnee, and the improvements they suggested will be made. These gentlemen also inspected the water supply of Pawnee, and were loud in their praise of the manner in which the Black Bear is treated.

Taking in a Stranger
G.W. HILTON (the initials may stand for George Washington or Gone Wrong) was brought up from Cleveland this week on a charge of selling intoxicants. He was fined $50 and given thirty days in jail. If all rumors are true, Mr. HILTON appears to have landed in Cleveland just in time to become a fit subject for the doctrine of vicarious atonement.

All the boys and girls of Pawnee County are requested to meet Prof. B.C. PITTUCK and Miss Irma MATTHEWS at the Pawnee High School building on Tuesday, July 25th and join them in organizing a boys and girls Country Agricultural Club for Pawnee County.

Card of Thanks
Our hearts go out in gratitude to the family friends, the G.A.R. and A.O.U.W. for their help and sympathy so freely given in our bereavement.

Mrs. Elizabeth ROBERSON James ROBERSON and Family

Local News:

Dr. E.M. THOMPSON, of Cleveland, was a Pawnee visitor Tuesday.

J.D. NEAL left for Cashion, Tuesday evening, for the very laudable purpose of being united in marriage to Miss Drew FLAUGHER, who is well known in Pawnee, as one of our popular school teachers. Their many friends extend congratulations and best wishes for a long and happy life.

The time for appeal have expired without the same having been effected, Joe WIERMAN was placed in jail last night to serve out his sentence of thirty days. He has another case pending, in which the fine is $300 and the jail sentence is ninety days, from which he has appealed.

Miss Ruth JACOBS of Muskogee, arrived in the city last evening for a visit with her sister, Mrs. F.M. PHILLIPS.

CC. MARSHALL made a business trip to Ralston Wednesday.

A gentleman by the name of HUGHES has been selling out a car load of bananas in Pawnee during the past few days. Yesterday, he was arrested upon complaint made by Dr. WELLER, Pawnee County health officer, for giving overripe fruit to children. He put up a cash bond in the sum of $200 for his appearance, but yesterday evening the case was dismissed upon the payment of $15 fine.

Mrs. Linnie JOHNSON, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.R. ROBINSON, was brought from her home in Osage City, on Tuesday of this week, suffering with what her family fear may prove to be typhoid fever. She was accompanied by her husband and sister, Miss Amy ROBINSON, who had just gone to Osage for a visit.

Mrs. J.N. MANES, of Terlton, was in town Wednesday shopping.

J.O. CALES of Ralston, was in town on business Wednesday.

Earl CUSHMAN and Belvea WILLARD, two young people living in the south part of the county, were married Tuesday by Judge LISEUM. The groom was but 18, and the bride 16, but both had the consent of their parents.

Bound Over
M.C. HALL, charged with robbing the depot at Cleveland, was given a preliminary hearing in Judge LISEUM's court Tuesday, and was bound over to the district court, which meets in September.

Card of Thanks
We wish to express our sincere thanks to our friends for the kindness and assistance given us in our sad bereavement. Mr. and Mrs. W.S. TUCKER and family.

Marriage Licenses:
George HAYMOND, Pawnee; Cora JIM, Pawnee
Levi D. BALL, Collinsville; Myrtle M. THOMPSON, Pawnee
Robert Earl CUSHMAN, Maramec; Sarah Belvia WILLARD, Maramec

July 27, 1911

Sheriff MARSHALL went to Pawhuska, on Monday to get Matt WILLIAMS, who has forfeited two bonds in this county and there still being a case against him on which he has not been arrested. When the sheriff reached Pawhuska, he found Matt in jail, and the Osage County officers refused to give him up unless Mr. MARSHALL paid about $28 fine and costs. Pawnee County's Sheriff couldn't see it in that light, and told the Osage County authority that Pawnee County would wait and come for Matt when he had served out his time. Then the Pawhuska fellows changed their minds and turned Mr. WILLIAMS over to Sheriff MARSHALL, who returned with him last night.

A Good Woman Gone
Mrs. Wm. WITHERS, who has for many years lived about nine miles southeast of Pawnee, died last Sunday from heart disease. She was buried at Mt. Vernon Cemetery on Tuesday. Deceased leaves a husband and two sons to mourn her loss. The sympathy of a large circle of friends goes out to the bereaved family. The wife and mother who has been called away, was an exceptionally cheerful and lovable woman, and the cloud that has fallen across the home circle will be long in passing away.

One Year In the Pen
Sheriff MARSHALL left last Saturday night for McAlester, taking with him Wy-e-ah-she, the Kaw Indian who was surrendered by his bondsmen a few days ago. Last Thursday evening he plead guilty to larceny before Judge LISEUM, who then sentenced him to one year in the penitentiary.

Who Owns This Bridge?
County Attorney COLE went to Oklahoma City Tuesday evening, where he will appear before the corporation commission and ask that the Santa Fe Railway Company be compelled to keep in repair the small bridge between the depot at Ralston and the town. It seems that the railroad in the first place located the depot at a remote point from the town, and that the board of county commissioners agreed to keep up a bridge between the two points, if the company would build it. Mr. COLE claims the commissioners exceeded their authority, and will ask that the railroad company be compelled to maintain the bridge.

Some curiosity being manifested at the outcome of the case against Frank MANNING, who is in jail for inability to make a peace bond in the sum of $1,000. We give the status of the case as given to us. Mr. MANNING will remain in jail until the September term of the district court convenes, when he will appear before Judge POE and make his showing why he should not be held in confinement. Upon the showing made to the court and his ability to furnish bond, will depend his liberty.

Pawnee Bill Home
Major LILLIE came in Tuesday morning from Chicago, where he had just completed a seven-day stand with his Wild West and Far East show. Owing to a violent storm while in the western metropolis, the show sustained considerable damage, one tent being blown down, and several parties injured. After a week or so among his home friends, Major LILLIE will join the show in Iowa. They have been doing a fine business, despite the widely extended dry weather.

Chasing the Stork
Dr. LEHEW was especially busy between last Friday and Monday, chasing a flock of storks that hovered over the country surrounding Pawnee. On Friday afternoon, a stork left a little girl at the home of Antonio GARCIA, a Mexican living in Pawnee. On Saturday morning, eight miles southeast of Pawnee, another girl was found at the home of Morris DOUGHAN, from which point the doctor was called to Masham, where Mr. and Mrs. Henry WALKER were presented with a girl. Then, on Sunday morning, at the home of Mr. Joe ROETHER, still another sweet girl baby was discovered. On Monday, however, the monotony changed, a bouncing boy being found near Skedee at the home of the SCOTTS, making John WELKER a grandfather.

Auto Lariated
While making a hurry-up call in the country last Saturday night, Dr. LEHEW narrowly escaped a serious accident. He was going along in his auto at a good speed, when he suddenly notice a streak across the road in front of him. It proved to be a lariat with a post at one end and a cow at the other, but was so long that neither end was visible until the auto tightened the rope. Dr. LEHEW stopped the machine as soon as possible, but not before quite a good deal of damage was done. It is a bad practice to lariat cows on the public road in these days of automobiles, for the animals may start up just at the wrong time and place, and after night, the ropes are not easily seen.

Hard Luck
Horace RATCLIFF, a farmer living near Pawnee, has had more than his share of misfortune during the past two years. His wife died some two years ago, and since then two of his children ...

Farewell Party
As Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred MOATS will soon leave for their new home in Missouri, a few of their friends and neighbors gathered at their home on Monday evening and surprised them. Various games were played and music was furnished by Miss Jennie MCFADDEN and Mrs. MOATS, after which a delicious lunch was served to the following: Messrs and Mesdames C.S. DAVIS, H. SOMMERS, E. KIRBY, BLAKENEY, M.F. MCFADDEN, Wilfred MOATS, Mrs. GROOMS and Mrs. HANFT, Mr. HUTCHINSON, Earl DAVIS, Galen KIRBY, Webb MCFADDEN, Raymond KIRBY, Wilbur DAVIS, and Miss Jennie MCFADDEN. At a late hour the guests departed, wishing Mr. and Mrs. MOATS success and prosperity in their new home.

News from Cleveland

...The crime for which SHAUGHNASSY was convicted was the killing of Andy WILEY in Cleveland, in April 1905, and was one of the coldest blooded crimes ever committed. WILEY, who was a harmless, inoffensive citizen, was returning home about ten o'clock at night, when someone met him near his some south of the old school house and demanded that he hold up his hands. Before he could comply with the request, however, the hold-up man shot him in the back.
The wounded man was brought downtown to the building now occupied by BELDWELL & GOODWIN, where he died before morning, after suffering frightfully. The wounded man gave a fairly good description of his assailant and apparently knew the man, but not his name. The next day a coroner's jury was impelled and three days were spent tracing up the clues in the case. While there was no direct testimony implicating SHAUGHNASSY, the description given by the dying man fitted him exactly, and the fact that he left town the next morning on a local freight still further pointed to him.
S.W. FENTON took up the rail of SHAUGHNASSY and found him in Oklahoma City, and he was placed in the Pawnee County jail, where after repeated sweatings, he finally confessed to the crime and claimed that he had not intended to kill WILEY, but thought it was another man who was in the habit of going home in that direction, with considerable money on his person. SHAUGHNASSY agreed several times to plead guilty, but when the time came would back out, but he finally entered the pleas and was sentenced to fifteen years in the penitentiary.

Allie HADDOCK Missing - Maramec Monitor
The eighteen year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. HADDOCK, who live just south of town on the BAILEY place, purposely or mysteriously disappeared from home last Thursday night. She is reported to have gone to a dance somewhere with a young man by the name of John HETTENBACK and after the dance, to have been taken or voluntarily left him and joined another young man by the name of Frank SHINOLL, at or near Yale, the next morning. But that is only one of the many reports that are afloat. The facts have not yet been obtained.
Saturday young HETTENBACK was arrested by the girl's parents on the charge of enticing the girl from home and keeping her concealed against his orders. He stood preliminary before Justice CALDWELL and was bound over to the district court and his bond was fixed at $1,000.
Frank SHINOLL, as report has it, took Allie and was gone about two days and a night and then he left for parts unknown. HADDOCK had a warrant issued for his arrest on the same charge that was made against HETTENBACK. Street reports are to the effect that three buggies drove to the HADDOCK place Thursday night and there was one and probably two other girls mixed up in the affair. However, we hope if there has been any foul play, that the guilty parties will be apprehended and that the parent's anxiety concerning the welfare of their daughter may soon be relieved.

County News:

Goldie STICH went to Stillwater this morning for an extended visit with relatives.

Loans negotiated by Miss Mollie MEURER are obtained quickly, and abstracts made by her are models of neatness and correctness.

Last Friday evening, the Five Hundred Club was organized and met at the home of Miss Elizabeth SHAPARD, Monday evening. Miss Tan BADGER was awarded the prize, which was a silver spoon. Those present were Bess VANDERVORT, Sadie MAMILIEIMAX, Garnet LILLIE, Ethel MATHERS, Willie COWAN, Ida ODLE, Ruth JACOBS, Gertrude HANNA, Florence CLARK, Mrs. Jessie HARRISON and Mrs. Myn CHURCHILL.

Mrs. J.L. LEHEW delightfully entertained a number of young folks Friday evening in honor of her sister, Miss Elsie HUTCHINSON and her friend, Miss Grace BROOKS. Games and music were indulged in, after which an elegant two course luncheon was served to the following: Misses Lois BERRY, Ethel RAINSBERGER, Armina MARSHALL, Mary STERLING, Elizabeth EAGLETON, Fanny BIDDISON, Norma KRAUSS, Pauline DAVIS, Millie BROWN and Florence WHEELER.

James A. MCCOLLUM, late of Seligman, Missouri, has located in Pawnee for the purpose of practicing law. As an earnest of his intention to become a full-fledged citizen of this city and state, Mr. MCCOLLUM was married, at the home of Rev. RAINSBERGER, to Miss Lillian MCCANN, who arrived from Independence, Missouri, on Monday's train for the purpose of joining her life with his, the ceremony occurring shortly after her arrival.

Some time ago Gov. CRUCE paroled Gid HUNT, a citizen of Keystone, Pawnee County, who had been convicted of violating the liquor law.

An attorney for the Heim Brewing Company was in the city last week, coming here presumably in the interest of his company. Whether it was for his health or some prospective customer, he had a package delivered to his room at the hotel, contain four quarts of Guggenheim whiskey. securing a warrant, Sheriff MARSHALL and Under Sheriff LOUTHAN called upon the gentleman and confiscated the which, which now awaits the ...

J.W. BAKER of Keystone was in Pawnee Tuesday.

W.T. DILLEY was up from Quay Tuesday.

Ed LOUTHAN went to Newkirk, Wednesday evening.

Ben MUSKGROVE, of Skedee, was in town Tuesday.

Ed ROGERS, of Quay, was a Pawnee visitor Tuesday.

A.H. BAGBY left yesterday for a month's recreation in Colorado.

Mrs. DILDINE of Ralston, was a Pawnee visitor Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

Miss Zula THOMAS arrived from Coffeyville, Kansas, last Saturday for a visit with her sister, Mr. George SOULSBY and father, Mr. THOMAS.

Mr. and Mrs. J.P. LITTLE came up from Jennings yesterday, returning today. While here, they attended the Short Course.

H.C. CANFIELD of Blackburn, has been attending the Short Course this week. He is one of the best authorities on pruning in this country, having obtained his information from years of study and practical experience.

Cards have been received from Mr. and Mrs. Jack DAVID, of Oklahoma City, announcing the birth of Dorothy PUMROY DAVID, which notable event occurred Saturday, July 22. Mr. and Mrs. DAVID were formerly residents of Pawnee, and their friends extend wishes for a long and happy life to the new DAVID.

Mrs. Tom BELLEW and children were called to Ralston Wednesday, on account of the illness of her mother, Mrs. J.P. BELLEW.

Mr. W.T. LITTON, cashier of the Blackburn Bank, and wife, is visiting her mother, Mrs. TURNER, this week.

Mrs. Lucy HONAKER came up from Stillwater Wednesday for a visit with Mrs. Anna SKIDGEL.

Marriage Licenses:
Brige C. BAGLEY, Mannford; Cora MCDANIELS, Mannford
Roy FINLEY, Mannford; Lena THOMAS, Mannford
James A. MCOLLUM, Pawnee; Lilliam MCCANN, Independence, Missouri
Frank DEWITT, Ralston; Lillie CAIN, Ralston

Fair Meeting
The Board of Directors and those interested in the Fair are requested to meet at the Pawnee National Bank, Saturday evening, at 8 o'clock. Frank HUDSON, Secretary.

Times are a little hard, but those needing money, on farm security, can be accommodated by calling on H. VEATCH, Office over Peter Drug Store.

Santa Fe Travel Agent - H.T. ANDERSON, Pawnee.

Professional Cards

EAGLETON, BIDDISON & MERRITT - Attorneys-at-Law - All legal business promptly attended to. Office over Bruington & Thompson's Hardware Store.

ORTON & MCNEILL - Attorneys-at-Law - Offices Over Pawnee National Bank

W.T. CLEETON - Lawyer - Practice in all courts. Office over LEHEW's grocery. Phone 289

Ralph E. WELLER, M.D. - General Practioneer of Medicine and Surgery - Special attention given to treatment of diseases of the Rectum.

G.H. PHILLIPS - Physician and Surgeon - Office over BAGBY's drug store.

John PIERCE - Veterinary Surgeon - Cottage Hotel - Phone No. 160

August 03, 1911

A.C. OGBURN, With A Small Hand Axe, Splits His Head Open
Pawnee contributed another killing in the annals of her history last Thursday evening, when A.C. OGBURN killed Joseph PLUMLEE with a small hand axe, the affair taking place in the house where OGBURN and two other men "bached," in the block west of the Times-Democrat office. After the killing, which occurred between 7:30 and 8:00 o'clock, OGBURN went to the sheriff's office and gave himself up. Justice HALE, who is also acting coroner, immediately empaneled a jury, which, after viewing the body and conversing with OGBURN, adjourned to meet at 10 o'clock Friday morning, on account of the absence of County Attorney COLE at Oklahoma City. The following account of the killing is gleaned from members of the coroner's jury and from the evidence given before that party on Friday morning.
When OGBURN came to the sheriff's office he was much excited, and talked in a rambling manner, claiming that PLUMLEE came to his house for the purpose of raising trouble, and that trouble began immediately. OGBURN claimed PLUMLEE knocked him down, he falling over a tool box, though he also said that he had first called PLUMLEE a liar in a dispute. Before the coroner's jury, however he said, so we are informed, that when PLUMLEE came to the house he was invited in, and that he, PLUMLEE, Mr. REEVES and Mr. BOTTS, talked in a sociable way, that there was no trouble then, that he supposed PLUMLEE had come there for the purpose of getting a drink of whiskey from Mr. REEVES, who had just received a half gallon that day, that for the purpose of allowing REEVES an opportunity of handing out the whiskey, he (OGBURN) concluded to go for the milk, that when he returned he found no one in the downstairs rooms but PLUMLEE, that PLUMLEE then accused him of complaining to the Odd Fellows Lodge against a brother member, which OGBURN denied, calling PLUMLEE a liar, that PLUMLEE then struck him in the face, knocking him down, then followed him into the back room and pushed him over a tool box, where lay a hand axe which the three "bachers" used for splitting kindling. To another juror, OGBURN said that he started for the back room when PLUMLEE hit him, and that he had this axe in mind as he went. It is furthermore said that OGBURN claimed to have grabbed the axe while lying down on his back, with PLUMLEE on top of him, and to have struck PLUMLEE in the back of the heard, rendering him unconscious, while in this position.
The coroner's jury reconvened Friday morning at 10:30 when the following testimony was given: J.M. REEVES testified that he lived in Pawnee and knew PLUMLEE; that he last saw him Thursday evening about 7:30, at the house where witness, BOTTS and OGBURN lived together; that after PLUMLEE had been there about thirty minutes witness in a few minutes heard PLUMLEE and OGBURN talking in the north room, OBURN appearing to be denying talking about some other man, and said PLUMLEE had no right to accuse him; OGBURN said he took a drink himself when he wanted it. Then they went to the back room; don't know what happened there, as I couldn't heard. Heard REEVES come back and call for a doctor. Saw SPINNING coming in the front door and went downstairs; saw PLUMLEE lying on his face in southeast corner of the room, his head lying on the tool box; OGDEN was not there; saw no weapon of any kind during the evening. Don't know from what direction PLUMLEE came; think PLUMLEE was intoxicated, but do not think OGBURN had been drinking that day.
Juryman WHEELER asked if PLUMLEE had abused anyone and witness said no.
Answering Justice HALE, witness said he judged from PLUMLEE's talk and breath that he was drunk.
R.C. SPINNING: Was cutting weeds across the street when I heard someone slam a screen door and saw OGBURN going up town, carrying in his hand what I took to be a hammer. He went into City Marshal BARNES' house then on up town. Mrs. BARNES came running out and said OGBURN claimed to have killed a man. I went to the house and saw PLUMLEE lying in a pool of blood; tool chest was sitting against south wall about two feet from east wall. PLUMLEE was not not yet dead, but could not talk; the first thing that attracted my attention was the slamming of the door.
Walter BUZAN: Don't know anything about the case; PLUMLEE was in the country all morning; in the afternoon was around the store all the time; had not been drinking so far as I know.
Dr. WELLER testified as to the condition of the body when he arrived, which was probably ten minutes after the affair happened. PLUMLEE was breathing, but unconscious. Above PLUMLEE's right ear was a small scalp wound, on top of the head was a two-inch wound, which had fractured the outer part of the skull, on the back of the head was another two-inch wound, fracturing the outer part of the skull, but not penetrating into the cavity, back of the left ear was a wound six or seven inches long, which appeared to be three wounds in one, where three blows had been struck, and from which the brain was oozing out. Each of the latter wounds or the one on the back of the head was sufficient to have caused death.
C.C. MARSHALL: Am sheriff of this county. OGBURN came to the jail about 7:45 Thursday evening, was very much excited and talked very disconnectedly; said that PLUMLEE had come to his house and started trouble, accusing OGBURN of being a bootlegging detective; said he called PLUMLEE a liar, upon which PLUMLEE struck him, knocking him down, when his hand happened to touch an axe, which he (OGBURN) grabbed and killed PLUMLEE with.
Ben ROPER testified that PLUMLEE came to his house about 7 o'clock Thursday evening and wanted ROPER to go out Friday morning after some hogs; did not stay long and said he was going home when he left; don't know whether he had been drinking, but he was not drunk.
The jury returned the following verdict: State of Oklahoma, County of Pawnee, ss An inquisition held at Pawnee City, in Pawnee county, Oklahoma, on the 27th and 28th days of July, 1911, before me, Jas. H. HALE, a regularly elected and qualified justice of the peace in and for Pawnee City, Oklahoma, and acting coroner of said county, on the body of Joseph PLUMLEE, there lying dead, by the jurors whose names are hereunto subscribed.
The said jurors, upon their oaths, do say that the deceased, Joseph PLUMLEE, came to his death on the evening of July 27, 1999, at about 8 o'clock, at a small house on lot 7 in block 23 of Pawnee, Oklahoma, by wounds inflicted on the head of said Joseph PLUMLEE with a hand axe in the hands of one A.C. OGBURN; that the same was done feloniously and with the intent to effect the death of the said Joseph PLUMLEE.
We recommend that A.C. OGBURN be held without bail to await the action of the district court. In testimony whereof, the said jurors have hereunto set their hands this 28th day of July, 1911.
T.D. MCINTYRE, Foreman
T.S. DOVE, Juror
George L. WHEELER, Juror
A.J. HANEY, Juror
C.C. GRAHAM, Juror
Jas. H. HALE, Justice of the peace for Pawnee City, Oklahoma, and acting coroner.
Joseph PLUMLEE was forty years of age, and leaves a wife and six children. He has been a resident of this county for a great many years, engaged in farming northwest of Pawnee until about two years ago, when he moved to this city and entered the butcher business. Later he went into the grocery business. In neither of these lines did he make the success he anticipated, and at the time of his heath he was in no active business. He was genial, kind and unobtrusive in his manner. We was an Odd Fellow and a Modern Woodman, carrying $2,000 insurance in the latter order.
OGBURN is a painter and paper hanger by trade, but did not work at it. He posed as a prohibition detective, acting for the most part on his own responsibility, going from place to place in the country and seeking to get a drink of whisky for the purpose of turning up some one. Some two years ago, his wife left him, she claiming it was impossible to live with him, since which time he has "bached" as best he could, seldom undertaking to do any legitimate work.
On Saturday night there was talk of lynching OGBURN, and Sheriff MARSHALL made every provision to guard against the success of such a scheme, but public opinion has quieted down, and the law will take its course.

In Memorium
At a meeting of Pawnee Camp No. 7606, Modern Woodmen of America, the following was ordered spread upon the records: Whereas, He that giveth and He that taketh away has seen fit to take from us another neighbor, whom He has chosen to call home; therefore, be it
Resolved: That in submission to the will of our Heavenly Father, who doeth all things well, we bow to the decree that has taken our well beloved neighbor, Joseph PLUMLEE, from the arms of his loving companions, leaving a vacant chair in their home and lodge room, and a broken tie in the family circle; and be it further
Resolved: That we mourn with them that mourn and weep with them that weep tears of grief over the tragic death of husband, father, brother, and neighbor, and will ever bear in mind the good qualities of the deceased, and be it further
Resolved: That the charter be draped in mourning for a period of thirty days, and that these resolutions be made a part of the records of this lodge, and that a copy be sent to the family of the deceased and the papers of this city for publication.
George R. CLOSE, Frank MATHERS, J.N. RADLEY - Committee

Jack BAUGH Dead
"Jack" BAUGH (colored) died at the home of his mother last Sunday night.
So passes another of the early-day characters whose life adds but a paragraph in Perry history and whose memory but rejuvenates the storeies of Hell's Half Acre and the wild scenes of early=day life that have passed the archives, nearly obliterated by the encroachment of civilization and moral develop.
Jack was a giant physically, standing over six feet and a solid mass of bone and muscle. His word was law with his colored associates. A meat cutter, by occupation, gave him the license to carry the regulation size butcher knife instead of the plain razor, the customary defender of his race.
Jack might have preceded his namesake JOHNSON among fighters had he had the nerve, but it is reputed he started more big fights than any colored man in town, and won less.
In the early days when on the rampage, he was a terror for the police force. He could go though a bunch of policemen and forget his yellow streak, while with a single hand light-weight, he was a sure loser.
In the days of Chief TIGHLMAN and Sheriff SCRUGGS, Jack was liable to break loose day or night, and the riot was on.
Shortly after the town opened, Jack and his fighting load met up with the minions of the law and in about ten minutes he was standing over a promiscuous pile of policemen, and deputy sheriffs, all down and out. John HARRISON, a little dried up terrier from up the street, was attracted by the crowd and sauntered down to see the fun. HARRINGTON had been beaten over the head every day for two weeks, with six shooters and iron bars, for violating one of Judge EDWARDS' injunctions on his south side building, and was in real fighting condition. As he passed a hardware store, he picked up a heavy neck yoke and as big Jack BAUGH stood gloating over the fallen army, HARRINGTON took one swipe and the colored giant was down and out. At that time the old city jail on Cow Creek had just been completed, and BAUGH had the honor of being the first guest of Jailer Jim TAYLOR.
Jack has since led the strenuous life to a greater or less extent, and aide from his connection with the illicit sale of booze, has been a good sort of a citizen. He had many good qualities, was a good workman periodically, but could not forget the cup that cheers and the fact that the good old days of rough and tumble are over and Hell's Half Acre is a thing of the distant past. - Perry Republican

Wanted At Once - 1,000 old hens and as many young ones. R.J. BAUGH, Pawnee

Marriage Licenses:
Thomas P. GREENWOOD, Terlton; Pearl HICKS, Terlton
Clifford MOORE, Pittsburg, Kansas; Jennie MCFADDEN, Pawnee
Harry RUTH, Avery; Mrs. Stella BARNS, Hallett

Mrs. John BELL went to Skedee for a few days visit with relatives.

Miss Effie WILLS returned to Skedee, after a few days visit with Mrs. John KELLYHAN.

Mrs. Nellie CONLEY came in Tuesday from Agra, Oklahoma, where she has been for the past week.

Miss Gussie CREED came in this morning from Maramec, where she has been visiting relatives the past week.

Miss Minnie CRAWFORD of Fayette, Iowa, who has been visiting Mrs. Leslie KERN and Mrs. SMITH, went to Ralston, Tuesday to visit with other relatives.

J.A. GREEN of Cobden, Illinois, was in Pawnee the first part of the week.

O.M. LANCASTER was up from Tulsa last Friday on business. He and Mrs. LANCASTER will leave for California this week to spend the balance of the summer, owing to her health.

Hon. B.S. MCGUIRE was in this city last Saturday and Sunday, after a short visit in Kansas City. He left for Washington yesterday, where he will remain until the close of the extra session.

Dr. LEHEW and wife made a trip to Cleveland in their auto on Monday night of this week, where the doctor was called in consultation. They returned home the same evening around 11 o'clock.

Tuesday morning's wind played havoc with many front windows in Pawnee, several fronts on the south side suffering from the violence of the storm. In various places in the country considerable damage was done to buildings, but no lives were lost, nor was any person injured, so far as we could learn.

Mrs. J.N. HILL and Miss Tab MEADOWS left Tuesday evening for an extended visit in Portland, Oregon. Mrs. HILL's daughter, Mrs. D.I. COOPER, will join them at Perry.

Mrs. P.C. BRONAUGH, and daughter, Edna, returned to their home in Mounds, Oklahoma, Wednesday, after visiting Mr. and Mrs. John STOSNIDER, living north of town.

Miss Frankie ADAMS and Vivian PETER went to Lela, Wednesday, for a week's visit with Frankies's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.F. ADAMS.

Grace ROACH came in Monday from Delphi, Indiana, for a visit with friends here.

Mrs. F.D. HARNDEN and daughter went to their home in Stillwater Tuesday, after a week's visit with her daughter, Mrs. L.E. DOTY, north of town, and her cousin, Mrs. G.R. MOORE, south of town.

H.D.C. POOS, president of the German-American Bank at Blackburn, has been enjoying a trip to the state of Washington, from which part of the country he returned home on Tuesday of this week. He is rather favorably impressed with what he saw of the Pacific slope, and we understand he made a small investment while there, but Oklahoma will continue to be his home.

Miss Iva LYNCH, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Carl GATES, the past three weeks, returned to her home in Avant, Oklahoma, Wednesday.

Chas. PUMROY shipped in a car of race horse Monday, from Harrington, Kansas.

Mrs. Sadie SMITH and daughter, Bessie, of Skedee, were in town Wednesday between trains en route to Chelsea, Oklahoma for an extended visit with Mrs. SMITH's parents, Mr. and Mrs. PIATT.

Wear Clean Clothes
Having completed my new and up-to-date plant, I am prepared to receive anything in the Dry Cleaning line. My work is far better and the price is the same. Goods called for and delivered. Yours for better work, Phone "Seven Nine" RISELING, The Dry Cleaner

Card of Thanks
A note from Mrs. Don C. SAGERS, at Hominy, says she and her children desire to extend their thanks to the friends of her late husband for their uniform kindness to him during his recent sickness in this city. The members of the family deeply appreciate the esteem in which the husband and father was held, and will ever hold his Pawnee friends in loving remembrance.

Proposal For Sidewalks - Pawnee City Clerk, M.H. BRETZ

Legal Notice:
In the district court of Pawnee County, Oklahoma
Alva W. MCFALL, Plaintiff vs. Rosa MCFALL, Defendant
Summons by Publication - The state of Oklahoma to the defendant Rosa MCFALL: The defendant Rosa MCFALL, will take notice that the said plaintiff, Alva W. MCFALL did on the 19th day of July, 1911, file this petition to the aforesaid court in and for Pawnee county, state of Oklahoma, against the defendant, Rosa MCFALL, and that the said plaintiff must answer said petition filed as aforesaid on or before the 25th day of August 1911 or said petition will be taken as true and judgement registered accordingly in favor of the plaintiff, Alva W. MCFALL against the defendant Rosa MCFALL, forever divorcing the plaintiff from the defendant, for the costs of this action, and for all other proper relief. BLAKE & HAZLETT, Attorneys for the plaintiff. Attest: K.M. KELLY, Clerk of the district court, Pawnee County, Oklahoma.

State of Oklahoma, Pawnee County
To Dorthey GEIGER, and to all other persons, interested in the north half of lot 1, block 8, of the original town (now city) of Cleveland. You are hereby notified that, on the 18th day of November, 1907, the above described real estate was sold for taxes, that the undersigned is now the owner and holder of a tax sale certificate therefor: and that, unless redemption is made from said sale, within sixty days from the first publication of this notice, a tax deed will be demanded, and will issue, as provided by law, to the said undersigned. A.M. RANDALL - Owner and holder of tax certificate.

Lodge Directory:
Knights of Pythia No. 27 - E.C. CATLETT, B.N. HOPE
Modern Woodmen - E.C. WADE, C; L.D. KERN, Clerk
Royal Neighbors - Mrs. J.N. RADLEY, Oracle; Mrs. Minnie WORRALL, Rec.
Odd Fellows - Pawnee Lodge No. 22 - A.B. MALLORY, Sec.; F.L. SHIPMAN, N.G.
Encampment meets first and third Friday nights in each month at I.O.O.F. Hall - A.B. MALLORY, C.P.; Frank MATHERS, Scribe.
Rebekah Lodge No. 44 - Estella MERRITT, N.G.; Frank MATHERS, Sec.
Masons - Pawnee Lodge No. 82 - Cecil D. JAY, W.M.; E.L. COX, Sec.
Tyan Chapter No. 20 R.A.M. - Thos. D. MCINTYRE, H.P.; Jno. WILSON, Sec.
Pawnee Commandry No. 7 K.T. - Frank HUDSON, E.C.; Ed. M. KELLY, Recorder.
Pawnee Council No. 8 - Frank HUDSON, I.M.; E.C. WHEELER, Sec.
Order of Eastern Star - Mrs. Fred PETER, W.M.; Mrs. S.A. MENTZER, Sec.

August 10, 1911

A Near Fire
Yesterday about noon, a fire was discovered in the attic of the National Hotel. In an incredibly short time, the fire boys were on the scene, and by quick and effective work the fire was put out, thus averting what might have proved a serious and wide spread loss. It is thought that the fire was caused from a piece of live charcoal dropped from a plumber's stove, repair work around a chimney having just been completed. About two hundred spectators gathered around and helped carry out and put back articles of furniture. Very little damage resulted beyond the burning of a good-sized hole in the floor to the attic.

Drowned Near Morrison
A Bohemian by the name of Frank SKLENER, a farmer who lived near Morrison was found in the Black Bear about 6 o'clock Monday morning, where the body had evidently been for at least two days. He was last seen on Friday evening. It is thought that in attempting vert he had missed his footing and was precipitated into the stream, which was deep and swift at this point, and being unable to swim, his death was the certain result. He was unmarried, was about 47 years old, and was always known as a hard working farmer. He leaves two brothers, who live near him, and we understand his mother is still living in the old country.

Local News:

Claude BAYS returned from a business trip to Oklahoma City, Wednesday evening.

Z. HINEY, of Maramec, who is a patient at Buffalo Park Sanatorium, is steadily improving.

George GOLDSBY, a citizen of Cushing, is at Buffalo Park Sanatorium for treatment.

Mrs. John BOLTON of Hominy, was operated on Tuesday at Buffalo Park Sanatorium.

Mis Kate RUST left Monday for St. Louis, where she will buy her fall stock of millinery.

Have your abstracts made by the most experienced abstracter in Pawnee County, Miss Mollie MEURER.

The ROMIG sisters present a neat little turn at Opera House Friday and Saturday, August 11 and 12th.

Miss Stella HICKS returned to her home in Perry, after a five week's visit here with Mrs. E.J. CRIEG.

Mrs. Fred BRADER of Ralston, who was operated on at Buffalo Park Sanatorium last week, will return home in a few days.

Mrs. J.M. ANDERSON and family returned to their home in Neosha, Missouri, today after an extended visit with Mr. and Mrs. J.F. WHITWELL.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. BENINGTON and daughter, Marguerite, went to their home in Oklahoma City, Friday, after a few days visit here with friends.

Miss Pauline WHIPPLE of Stillwater, was operated on at Buffalo Park Sanatorium yesterday.

Mrs. Cora RAPPIEN of St. Joseph, Missouri, went to Skedee Tuesday, for a few days visit with her sister, Mrs. John PERRY.

Miss Faith HAMMER of Enid, is visiting with Miss Gladys BATES this week.

W.C. WHITAKER was up from the south part of the county on Tuesday. He will be here next sales day with a good horse.

August 17, 1911

A Sad Home Coming
Yesterday morning the body of Mrs. Harriet BARNES, wife of A. BARNES, of Skedee, was brought to Pawnee, and from here was taken to Skedee for burial. The news of her death, which resulted from heart disease, was entirely unexpected. Some three weeks ago, she and her husband went to southwestern Texas, to visit a son and the first intimation received of her sickness came in a telegram announcing her death. She was 70 years of age, a most estimable lady, and her departure will be sincerely mourned by a large circle of friends, whose sympathy is extended to the bereaved husband and family.

Drowning At Ripley
While seining in the Cimmaron River near Ripley, on Monday of this week, two men were drowned. One of them, a Mr. FERRIS, was cashier of a bank at Ripley, while the other ran a restaurant. A brother of Mr. FERRIS, whose home is at Perry, passed through Pawnee Tuesday morning on his way to Ripley, to attend the funeral.

Some Butter
Yesterday, the Pawnee creamery shipped ten thousand pounds of butter to the Chicago market, in addition to about twelve hundred pounds in single or print packages. An iced refrigerator car was detailed to Pawnee for this special shipment. It is with satisfaction that we note the increased business of this popular institution.

Our Game Warden
Deputy Game Warden, Warren OZMUN, of Fairfax, has opened up temporary headquarters at Pawhuska. While in conversation with him last week, we learned that he is not receiving the applications for hunting licenses from people in this end of the county in keeping with what he expected. It might be well for the people who fish and hunt down in this neck of the woods to get a copy of the state law on fishing and hunting before that worthy enforcement officer of the law swoops down on a few of our citizens and dishes them out a little reminder in the shape of a fine.

Preliminary Waived
OGBURN, the man who killed Joseph PLUMLEE, was taken before Judge LISEUM Tuesday noon, and waived his preliminary. He was remanded to jail until the regular term of the district court.

Whereas, Our brother and neighbor, Joseph PLUMLEE, was called from this life on the 27th of July, 1911, and was at that time a member of Pawnee Lodge, No. 37, Independent Order of Odd Fellows; therefore, be it
Resolved, That we deplore his untimely death whereby we have lost a worth brother; that the community has lost a good citizen and his family a good husband and father.
Resolved, That we extend to the bereaved family our tenderest sympathies in this, their sad affliction; and be it further
Resolved, That these resolutions be ordered printed in the papers of this city, that a copy be furnished to the family of our deceased brother, and that they be spread upon the minutes of this lodge.

Neighborhood News Notes

Keystone Items

Nora BUTES of Mannford, who has been visiting with relatives, returned home Monday morning.

Mr. DAVIS and son, Elmer, of Grantly, Missouri, are here visiting with his daughter, Mrs. Mollie ZELLNER.

Mrs. DYMOND and Roby BERRYHILL will leave Tuesday for Glenpool, where they will visit with Miss Berryhill's sister, Mrs. GLENN.

Mrs. Laura MARSHALL, of Pawnee, is here visiting her mother, Mrs. PATRICK.

Mrs. MISER returned from Sapulpa, last Friday evening.

Richmond and Lennette RULE, who have been visiting with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. RULE, of Mannford, have returned to Keystone.

Mound Center Items

I.N. SHORT and G.F. COEN, went to Joplin, Missouri, last Wednesday, to look at the farms they have recently purchased near that city. Mr. COEN returned home Sunday, and reports things looking fine.

Mrs. Eva SHIRLEY of Pawnee, has been visiting at Mr. COEN's the past week. She returned home Monday.

Mr. FENT and family and Mrs. THOMPSON and family attended church at Lone Jack Sunday night. Mr. FENT called at the CHRISMAN home Monday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. A. RAU visited at Mr. FLOWER's Sunday.

Misses Nellie HILL, Alice WILKERSON, Selma HELMS, Audra CLARENCE, Ernest SHORT, Clyde and Virgil HAGA, Arthur GOING, Forest PROCTOR and Kearney HILL visited at Mr. FRAZIER's Sunday.

Jennie and Quiney BERMAN attended church at Lone Jack Sunday night.

Harvey COEN was a caller at the COEN home Tuesday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest RICE returned home last week from their visit in the Seminole country.

Mr. Les ROBERSON has been doing some good work on the roads in his part of the section, and everyone hopes the good work will go on.

Local News:

Rev. CROFT took dinner at H. WILKERSON's Sunday, but has been spending the week at Mr. BUNTIN's.

Nellie HILL spent Sunday evening with Maude SHORT.

C.S. BATES returned Tuesday night from Oklahoma City, where he has been attending the school of optometry.

Orville MENTZER went to Oklahoma City on business, Tuesday morning.

Harry SHORTS visited Arthur GOING Sunday morning.

Mr. Remy HELMS attended the dance at Mr. MCMAHAN's Saturday night.

Clarence SHORT made a trip to Pawnee, Monday.

Karney HILL is calling in this neighborhood quite often lately. I wonder what is attracting him.

Miss Grace GOING, Earnest and Clarence SHORT, Orville RAU, LeRoy FRAZIER and Arley HAGA, were callers at the HELM home Saturday.

George S. CHILCOTE finished his hoeing last Saturday, and he is not at all sorry for it.

Mrs. Eli TATRO, who has been visiting her daughter, Delia WILLIAMS, in Arkansas City, returned home last Saturday.

The party at Jim CLARK's last Saturday night was well attended, and everybody had a good time.

Charles H. FREYE made a call at O.E. MUCK's last Sunday. Somehow he makes those calls pretty often.

Thursday, August 10, Miss Rebecca T. HANGER, wife of John HANGER, departed this life at the residence of her son, thirteen miles southeast of Pawnee. She has been afflicted with inflammatory rheumatism for many months, Grandma HANGER, as she was known, was a kind and loving mother, and was a friend to all with whom she came in contact, with a kind word for everybody. While her children have lost a mother, heaven has gained a jewel. She was born in Crawford County, Indiana, August 18, 1833, and was married to John HANGER April 1, 1853. Funeral services were conducted August 11, 1911, by Rev. SIPE at Bates Chapel, eleven miles southeast of Pawnee, in the presence of a large assemblage of relatives and friends.

August 24, 1911

Neighborhood News Notes

Keystone Items

Miss Bernice FRAZIER returned home last Monday.

Mr. T.H. DURHAM of Corbey, Arkansas, who has been visiting at the home of his daughter, Mrs. KEITH, and Mrs. OKEITH, returned home Tuesday.

A party of sixteen Keystone young people went fishing last Tuesday. They went to the west crossing of the Cimarron and then down the river in boats to Salt Creek, then up Salt Creek, and up Wells Branch, and their they spent the night. Those who went were: Floyd and Blanche GRAY, Mr. and Mrs. KEITH, Selena, Fred and Arthur DUCK, Arthur, Grant and Bernice FRAZIER; Jim and Roch MCARTHUR, Pearl ZIEKETOOSE, Bessie LANGSTON, and Minnie KEITH. On Wednesday afternoon, they returned home. Everyone reports a fine time and plenty of fish.

Hellroarin' Items

The party of Geo. CHILCOTE's Saturday night was well attended and everybody reports a good time.

I.J. MUMAW says the boys had better be careful whose watermelon patch they get into for he is apt to write a note to their parents, or sprinkle them with bird shot. Boys, take warning.

Aunt Martha MEANS is out from Pawnee, visiting friends and neighbors this week.

Misses Pearl and Maud CHILCOTE, who have been visiting at their uncles, Geo. CHILCOTE and Frank HUSTON, have gone to Pawnee, for a short visit before returning to their home in Perkins.

Mound Center Items

Miss Blanche WATCHES spent Wednesday night with Grace GOING.

The party at Mr. HLAVACHICK's Friday night was well attended.

Maramec Musings:

Elmer TANNER left Monday for Burbank, where he will help repair an elevator at that place.

Roy BREWINGTON is slowly recovering from his long and severe illness, but it will be many days yet before he will be able to be up.

Mrs. Wm. GRUBB and granddaughter of Utopia, Kansas, arrived this week for a two weeks visit with her sons, Roy and Ben MILLARD.

The finest peaches we have seen this season were raised and brought to the Monitor office by Dr. DUNLAVY. He grew them on his place just at the east side of town.

Wm. CANNON and George LAWSON left the first of the week for a trip down in Arkansas. Joe BYERS joined them at Quay and the three will make a prospective trip. We don't know what these gentlemen have in their minds...

Blackburn Items

Mr. and Mrs. E.M. DELLEY and family came over from Pawnee, Friday of last week. Mr. KELLEY returned home Saturday while Mrs. KELLEY remained for a visit with old friends.

Mrs. M. MOHAIN and son, George, returned from Arkansas City, last Saturday, after several weeks with her son, John and family.

Rev. Wm. CRIDIAND began a protracted meeting at the East Bend School house last Sunday night and will continue all week.

Dr. and Mrs. G.A. LANDES came from from Cedarvale last Sunday, where they had been visiting her mother, Mrs. BRIDWELL. They have also spent a part of the summer in Chicago, where Dr. LANDES took a post-graduate course.

Mrs. O. OUSLEY went to Hominy, to spend several days visiting with her daughter, Mrs. H.G. HAMPTON

Miss Mary BALDWIN is visiting with her sister, Mrs. R.E. REIDWELL.

Quay Quibbles:

Miss Louise BERRY left for her home at Valley Falls, Kansas, last Tuesday after about six weeks visiting with her aunt, Mr. E.L. SENFT.

Prof. J.T. STRIPLING and family left last week for Boynton, where he will teach this coming winter. We are sorry to lose such estimable people from our community, but what is our loss is other people's gain and we trust they will be well pleased with their new location.

Miss Mildred INGRAHAM, of Pawnee, accompanied her father to this place last Saturday and has been the guest of Miss Vernie PROWANT all week.

August 31, 1911

Mr. and Mrs. Pearl BARTHOLEMEW returned from their honeymoon trip to New Mexico on Monday night of this week. While gone they visited Mrs. BARTHOLOMEW's sister.

Rev. J.W. MOATS has returned from his trip to Illinois, and will occupy the pulpit of the United Brethren Church at the usual hours for service next Sunday morning and evening.

Miss Nellie MCKEE will arrive in Pawnee next Sunday, and will next week accept a position with the Pawnee Dry Goods Company. Miss MCKEE has many friends who will welcome her return to this city.

Harvey MACE, the young boy who was operated on at Buffalo Park Sanatorium last Friday for an abscess on the kidney, is getting along finely, and sans he is ready to fight, run, or wrestle. But as cooler judgement prevails, he will probably wait a while before indulging himself.

Miss Lee FRITCH, who formerly lived in Pawnee, has been seriously ill at her home near Cushing for the past three months, and was brought to this city Monday afternoon for the purpose of treatment at Buffalo Park Sanatorium. Owing to her illness, she has been compelled to give up her kindergarten work in Kansas City, Missouri, for the present. Miss FRITCH has a host of friends who will daily hope for her speedy recovery.

Miss Nell GRIMES, who has been enjoying a summer vacation at her old home in Belton, Missouri, returned to Pawnee last Sunday. She will be with Miss RUST, the milliner, during the fall and winter.

Mrs. Mary J. MOATS came Wednesday evening for a visit with her son, Rev. J.W. MOATS and family. For a woman eighty one years old, she stood the trip from Towanda, Illinois remarkably well. She will probably remain here until spring, as the winters are severe for her in Illinois.

Card of Thanks
I wish to thank the Modern Woodmen of American for the prompt payment of my claim of $2,000 on account of the death of my husband, Joseph PLUMLEE. Mrs. Lizzie PLUMLEE

I wish to express my thanks to the Odd Fellow Lodge of the city of Pawnee, for the assistance in defraying the funeral expenses of my husband, Joseph PLUMLEE, and for the many kindnesses extended me in my affliction. Mrs. Lizzie PLUMLEE.

All members of the Pawnee Fire Department are requested to meet at the fire house, next Tuesday evening at 7:30 o'clock - C.H. WILKINSON, Chief.

Mr. Will WITCRAFT came down from Fairfax, Sunday morning, returned the same evening accompanied by Mrs. WITCRAFT, who had been spending the week here with friends and relatives.

September 7, 1911

Socially Speaking

Mrs. J.B. DAVIS is entertaining the Bridge Club this afternoon.

Monday evening, Miss Erma KRAUSS was hostess to the Five Hundred Club. Mrs. Nyd CHURCHILL, having the top score, was given the prize of a beautiful spoon.

Mrs. J.L. LEHEW entertained the Art Circle Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. LEHEW's guest, Miss PORTER, of Illinois, added to the pleasure of the afternoon, with several vocal numbers.

The P.E.O.'s will meet tomorrow, Friday afternoon, at 2:30 with Mrs. George BERRY. It will be a meeting of much importance, including the payment of dues.

Misses Florence and Pansy SLOENUT gave a four course luncheon Monday at the CLARK home for the girls who are leaving for the various schools. The honored guests were the Misses Olive and Eloise EAGLETON, Gertrude HANN and Gertrude HANNA. The following guests were present: Misses Ethel and Jennie BERRY, Erma KRAUSS, DAVIDSON, MARSHALL, LILLIE, Elizabeth SHAPARD, WISWELL, TANSEY, LOUTHAN, BIDDISON, NELSON, ROBINSON, Corinne BISHOP and Marianna NORMAN of Stillwater, Misses Pauline DAVIS, Fan BIDDISON, Mary STERLING and Armina MARSHALL were the efficient waiters, so it goes without saying that each guest was well attended.

The executive committee of the Improvement Club held a meeting at the home of the president Monday afternoon and accepted Rev. INGRAHAM's generous offer to give a lecture for the benefit of the club on Tuesday, September 19.

On Wednesday evening of this week, the choir of the M.E. Church gave a miscellaneous shower to Mrs. Chester WARDEN, was which as complete a surprise as they had planned, the guests being at her former home when she arrived from Oklahoma City. Mrs. WARDEN was the recipient of many beautiful, as well as useful gifts.

A Social Party
A crowd of young people gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph WALENCIAK last Saturday evening, and after several games were played, ice cream and cake were served. Those present were: Maude MCCASKEY, Ruby WESTPHALIN, Frances MURDEN, Kate and Fanny CUSHENBERRY, Louis UHL, Roy MCCASKEY, Alvin and Fred UHL, Frank BYBEEE, Willie WITCHETT, Alvin SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Ed SMITH, Mr. Jim ETHERIDGE and family. All departed at a late hour and reported a good time.

Childhood's Happy Hours
Mrs. C.S. BATES gave an entertainment last evening in honor of her Sunday school class of boys, and invited Mrs. PUMROY's class of girls to join with them. The spacious lawn was decorated with Chinese lanterns, and the merry crowd disported themselves in fine style. The features of the evening's entertainment were a sack race, game of bean bag, drop the handkerchief and other childish amusements which were followed by melon cutting, this being the most exciting part of the fun. Mesdames PUTNAM and PUMROY and Miss Maud NELSON assisted Mrs. BATES, while Superintendent LISEUM was there to see that the boys toted fair. The following children were present:

Ethel MOORE, Mildred TURNER, Vera BANKS, Anna TURNER, Esther WEBBER, Sadie LOTT, Elmina MOORE, Mira HALL, Grace DAY, Grace BROWN, Besse ROBINSON, Leona KELLY, Lorna PUMROY, Willie HICKMAN, Nora MARTIN, Alma WILKERSON, Gladys BATES, Mildred INGRAHAM, Daniel INGRAHAM, Samuel INGRAHAM, Owen HUGHES, Luther WHEELER, Horace WHEELER, Russel TOBERT, Otis COBB, George MOORE, Earl HARPER, Barney CLEETON, Leonard KITE, George TOLER, Ray MUNSON, Frank SOUSLEY, Emery MEARS, Dick SMITH.

Moving Time
It will be moving time for a few Pawnee families in the immediate future. J.E. MCCUTCHAN and family will shortly go to Stillwater, and Maurice MARX will take the MCCUTCHAN house, thus making room for Judge MCNEILL to get into his own house. The sale of the HUDSON home to Mrs. RISEHARD will likely rotate Mr. and Mrs. A.V. HARRISON to some other part of town, if they can find a vacant house. Which brings to mind the fact that vacant houses are an unknown quantity in Pawnee.

J.A. STERLING went to Newkirk, on business, yesterday afternoon.

Sheriff Sale:
...commanding me to levy upon property belonging to said defendant, W.W. SIMS...Jennings, Oklahoma...I will offer for sale and sell for cash to the highest bidder, said lands and tenements, or so much thereof as will satisfy the said judgement and costs, on the 20th day of September, 1911, at 10 o'clock a.m. at the south front door of the court house, in the city of Pawnee, in said county and state...C.C. MARSHALL, Sheriff of Pawnee County, state of Oklahoma. By. E.C. LOUTHAN, Under Sheriff

Notice of Final Settlement
...Notice is hereby given that Mattie SINNETT, the duly appointed, qualified and acting adminstratrix of the estate of Louis C. SINNETT, deceased; R.C. JONES, the duly appointed, qualified and acting administrator of the estate of L.A. LAWRENCE, deceased; J.R. LEDFORD, the duly appointed, qualified and acting administrator of the estate of J.N. LEDFORD, deceased; Lizzie BLOOM, the duly appointed, qualified and acting administratrix of the estate of James C. BLOOM, deceased; J. Martin HAYDEN, the duly appointed, qualified and acting administrator of the estate of E.E. REID, deceased; E.C. MULLENDORE, the duly appointed, qualified and acting administrator of the estate of James MCFALL, deceased; and each one of the administrators have rendered and presented for final settlement and filed in said court their final accounts and reports of their acts in each and every one of the above named matters as such administrators, and that Monday, the f2nd day of October, 1911, at the hour of 9 o'clock, at the county court room in the City of Pawnee....and for making a final distribution of the said estates...Fred S. LISCUM, County Judge

September 14, 1911

To the Asylum
A man named Samuel C. RICHARDS, who has been making his home at Cleveland, was brought to Pawnee by Sheriff MARSHALL on Monday of this week, and on Tuesday was taken to Norman, the insane board of this county having pronounced him crazy. It did need any official action to convince one of RICHARDS condition, as he was quite violent at times. His principal imaginations were that he was a poet and was married. Perhaps if he had been married, it would have taken the poetry out of him and put some sense into him.

Judgement For Plaintiff
The case of MASSEY vs. MOORE, which has been in the courts for some years, terminated on Tuesday of this week, the plaintiff getting judgement for $275. Some time ago Messrs. MOORE and MASSEY had a difficulty, in which it was claimed that MOORE, in assaulting MASSEY struck Miss Mabel MASSEY, inflicting a painful wound, which was the occasion of the litigation.

Marriage Licenses:
Col. E. BRANNAN, Jennings; Bessie May JACKSON, Jennings
James E. HENDERONS, Cleveland; Georgia JAMES, Cleveland

Threw Booze From Train
Last Monday evening as the south bound freight was wending its way toward Osage City, several boxes of booze were noticed to tumble from the train to the railroad right-of-way. The train was stopped immediately and the train crew and passengers proceeded to investigate the matter. No sooner had the train come to a standstill, than a man was seen to jump from a box car and proceeded to escape by foot across the country, but the brakeman proved too flee-footed for him and caught the fleeing man in a short distance. The fleeing man proved to be B.A. BASENE, formerly a resident of Osage City, who put up a fight but was bound and put on board the freight train and taken to Osage City. BASENE was taken to Pawhuska, where he will have to face the charges of breaking the seal on a car and burglary.

Barn and Two Jacks Burned
Last Monday morning about 2 o'clock, the barn belonging to Wm. ARNOLD, who lives just north of town, was completely destroyed by fire, with all it's contents, which consisted of two jacks, machinery, harness, saddles, etc.
Mr. ARNOLD and family had retired Sunday evening at the usual hour, and were awakened by the light of the burning barn shining in at the window. On reaching the barn, it was all on fire and they were unable to save anything. Mr. ARNOLD was fortunate in carrying a small amount of insurance on his barn and stock, which will partly replace his loss. The origin of the fire is not known. Jennings News

Local News:

Miss Lena HANNER, sister of Mrs. Frank SHOEMAKER, arrived in the city yesterday for a short visit. She is a graduate of the Columbia School of Expression, and while here she will give a recital for the benefit of the Methodist Church.

Mrs. Lena SMITH, of Tulsa, who has been taking her annual trip to her old home in Iowa, arrived in Pawnee yesterday for a few days' visit among here friends here before returning to Tulsa. While in St. Joseph, she visited the family of J.A. HARRISON, who sent greetings to their Pawnee friends.

Don't Take Offense
Quite frequently it happens that a white person will step into the "Jim Crow" waiting room at a depot and make some inquiries concerning baggage or tickets, and are surprised or offended if the agent tells the inquirer to step around to the white waiting room. The is no occasion to take offense. The law reserves the "Jim Crow" department for colored people, and is equally insistent that the whites keep to their side as that the colored man shall not infringe upon the whites. Moreover, the railroad companies are continually being imposed upon by those who wish to make trouble, and their regulations require that employees shall obey the law to the letter. An employee who is slack in obeying the rules, stands a good chance to get fire. So just "shinny on your own side," and don't get made at an agent who reminds you that you have forgotten.

Socially Speaking

Saturday, a few of the young people took their lunch and went out to Mr. NELLIS' to spend the day. Tennis and various other amusements were indulged in, after which the lunch was spread. All report a fine time. Those present were, Misses Mary STERLING, Pauline DAVIS, Armina MARSHALL, Norma KRAUSS, and Messrs. Ralph WEBB, Irl WEBBER, Blaine JUDY and Charles SHAPARD.

The Five Hundred Club met with Miss Florence CLARK, last Monday evening. Miss Ida ODLE received the prize for making the highest score. Three new members were voted on and light refreshments were served. Those present: Willie COWAN, Bess VANDERVOORT, Ethel MATHERS, Tan BADGER, Garnet LILLIE, Sadie MANNHEIMER, Grace ROACH and Mesdames A.V. HARRISON and Myn CHURCHILL.
The program furnished by Miss HANNER at the entertainment given by the Ladie's Aid Society of the Methodist Church, last Friday evening, was most excellent. Her selections were well chosen and admirably rendered.

Thursday, some of the young people, chaperoned by Miss Pansy SLOCUM, went on a hayrack ride out west of town. They feasted on watermelons which, they say, were taken from home. All report a fine time. Those present were: Misses Pauline DAVIS, Armina MARSHALL, Fan BIDDISON, Norma KRAUSS, Mabel and Okie GREEN, Messr. Ralph WEBB, Irl WEBBER, Blaine JUDY, James BIDDISON, Matthius LICBBENHEIM, Malcom DAVIS and Clarence BARNES.

Thursday evening after school, Mrs. GRIMSLEY gave a surprise for her daughter, Emma, by inviting a few of her little friends in honor of her eighth birthday. A nice luncheon was served at five o'clock and all departed, having enjoyed themselves very much. Those present were: Helen PIXLEY, Elizabeth BUSHORR, Loyt and Rachel HALE, Wanda MANNING, Lillian and Kenneth KERN, Willard SMITH, Willie MCCARTHY, Dorothy CALDWELL, Bessie BOATRIGHT, Neva HARRISON, Norman and Rosenellie GRIMSLEY.

The Junior Christian Endeavor Society, of the United Brethren Church, had it's annual picnic at the home of Mrs. J.W. MOATS on Saturday afternoon.

A Good Family Gone
With the departure of Mr. W.L. EAGLETON for Norman on Tuesday morning of this week, Pawnee loses a family that has been identified with its growth since the earliest days. It has been known for some months that the EAGELETON's would move to Norman, where Judge EAGLETON has established himself very advantageously in the law business, the move being deemed advisable in the interests of their children, whom they intend to educate in the University of Oklahoma. As a family, they will be sincerely missed by a large circle of friends. Judge EAGLETON has occupied a foremost position at the county bar, while Mrs. EAGLETON has been most active in church and social circles. The best wishes of the community accompany this family to their new home.

Drug Store Change
Dr. BAGBY had disposed of his drug store to George DAY, a young man who has grown up in Pawnee, but who for some years has been engaged as a pharmacist in other cities. George came up from Ardmore a couple of weeks ago to visit his parents, and while here, made a proposition to Dr. BAGBY to buy him out. As Dr. BAGBY will enter upon his duties as county assessor in January, which will take all his time, they came to an agreement and the transfer took place. George has many friends here in Pawnee who will be glad to see him back, and wish for him a prosperous business.

Lost - On Wednesday, September 6th, between Pawnee and my home, a plowshare. A dollar to the finder if he returns it. J.C. LAWSON

An Old Settler Gone
News reached Pawnee yesterday that T.P. FLETCHER died on Monday, September 11, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. C.W. RAMBO, in Ottawa, Kansas. He was buried in Guthrie yesterday, it being his request to be laid beside his wife, who preceded him to the golden shore some years ago. Every one of Pawnee's older citizens knew and loved T.P. FLETCHER, and the news of his death will bring a feeling of personal loss. He was one of the very first residents of this city, and was for years engaged in active business, building up a name that was respected far and wide. The sympathy of the community is extended to surviving relatives.

Notice For Publication
George J. DUMOND, Plaintiff vs. Rhoda WILLIAMS, Defendant
Said defendant, Rhoda WILLIAMS, will take notice that she has been sued in district court for the foreclosure of a certain mortgage on Lot (7) Block 24, Swan's addition to the town of Cleveland, Oklahoma...Attest Ed M. KELLY, District Clerk - James F. GREASON, Attorney for Plaintiff

Publication Notice
Notice is hereby given that in pursuance of an order of the county a matter of the estate of William SCOTT, deceased, A.M. RICHARDS (Administrator) ...will sell at public auction to the highest bidder...Lot twelve to block nineteen in the original town of Cleveland...

Sheriff's Sale
...I will on the 7th day of October, 1911, offer for sale all that certain tract of land in Pawnee county, said property being levied upon and to be sold as the property of Mr. C.B. RICHARDS and E.B. RICHARDS, to satisfy said order of sale. C.C. MARSHALL, Sheriff By: E.G. LOUTHAN, Under Sheriff.

September 28, 1911

Mound Center:

Lloyd BALLARD called on Will CUSMON, Sunday.

Miss Grace GOING and Clarence SHORT called at the DRAKE home Sunday.

Mr. W.L. FENT and family visited at J.I. SHORT's Sunday.

Rev. LAKE and family spent Sunday at the THOMPSON home.

Mr. A.B. GILLILAND and family visited Mr. BURGMAN Sunday.

Charley BREEDLOVE and Lewis RABA spent Sunday at Valley.

Misses Myrtle BREEDLOVE and Cora M. THOMPSON, John CUSMON and family, and John HAMMERS spent Sunday at the BALLARD home.

Star A Star:

Cotton picking is in progress, and the crop is good.

Mr. SLAUGHTER and daughter, Lucy, went to Nebraska, last Tuesday.

A.E. OHSE is building a new barn.

The protracted meeting at OLINGHOUSE's Grove, closed Sunday night.

The SEAMMAHORN's are picking cotton for Howard OLINGHOUSE this week.

Those who attended the reunion from this district were: Archie GATES, Mr. and Mrs. TRIMBLE, and granddaughter, Ethel HUTCHISON.

Quay Quibbles:

Hay making is the order of the day in this community. The yield per acre is heavy and the quality excellent.

Miss JUDY went to Pawnee Saturday morning, for a visit with home folks over Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Bert KILLION, of Muskogee, arrived last Tuesday morning and were the guests of Mr. C.H. CONNICK for the day. Mrs. KILLION was formerly Miss Nettie CONNICK. Mr. KILLION is a butter make and has been employed in a creamery at Muskogee during the last year, but has resigned his position there and is on his way to Stillwater, to take a similar position.

Howard and Johnny STOCKER are quite sick with typhoid fever. They require constant attention, day and night.

Little Dallas NOLLSEH and Helen BAILEY were taken ill very suddenly at school and had to be taken home.

There were eleven baptisms in the Lagoon Creek, northeast of town, last Sunday afternoon, as a result of the recent revival at the M.E. Church.

October 5, 1911

Hotel Change
The National Hotel has changed landlords, Mrs. BARKWELL moving to Stoud, where she has secured a first-class hotel proposition, and Dr. SCOTT and wife, recently of Perry, coming to this point. the Scott's were for years, the most popular hotel people in Perry, running the Planters until it was destroyed by fire. Mr. and Mrs. SCOTT will take pleasure in maintaining the best service at the National; and extend a cordial welcome to the traveling public and others.

Methodist Church - C.G. SHAFFER, Pastor

Word was received here this week of the marriage of Miss Jessie HOBBS, a former student in the Pawnee High School, to Mr. Thomas J. STEVENS, a reporter for the Oklahoma City Times. They will reside in Oklahoma City. Miss HOBBS is well known here, and the Times-Democrat joins with her many friends in congratulations.

Public Speaking
Next Saturday evening, on the square, Mr. Charles H. STANLEY, a noted comedian and public speaker, will address the public on the subject of prohibition. His reputation is more than state wide, and all who hear him will be thankful of the opportunity.

Change of Date
The meeting of the W.C.T.U. has been changed from Friday to Monday afternoon at 3:00 o'clock, at the home of Mrs. WEBBER. This change is made on account of the fair.

In going home last Friday night in the dark and rain, Dr. LEHEW slipped from the curb and was thrown headlong against one of the city's water plugs. The plug is still there, and so are several discolorations on Dr. LEHEW's forehead, which tends to again prove that when an irresistible force comes up against an immovable object, something is bound to happen.

Miss Coral HOWELL went to Oklahoma City Monday, to attend the state fair.

C.L. BERRY went to Guthrie on business, Monday morning.

Mr. J.H. OLSON, who lives near this city, left Monday for Florida, where he will spend the winter if he likes the country.

Mrs. BALDWIN, who has been in Weiser, Idaho during the past summer, returned to her home here, last Saturday.

Mrs. W.W. CAMERON, of Farmington, Illinois, came Monday morning for a visit with her friend, Mrs. George SMITH.

Mr. and Mrs. N.D. SHEPLER went to Oklahoma City Friday, to attend the fair and to visit her brother.

Miss Gene PROCTOR, who has been attending the state fair in Oklahoma City, returned home Friday.

C.C. WILSON shipped three car loads of cattle and one of hogs to Kansas City, Saturday.

Milus FULLER, who has within the past year become a citizen of this county, was over from Blackburn.

Mrs. Otis TODD and George EGGERS left Saturday morning for South Plainfield, New Jersey.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred LISCUM went to Oklahoma City Monday, to attend the state fair.

Mrs. M.R. HAYS, who was here Wednesday, the guest of Mr. MONTGOMERY and daughters, returned to Skedee. From there, she will return to her home in Montana.

In some unknown manner, a fire broke out in Wheeler TURNER's saw mill west of town last Saturday, but was extinguished before much damage was done. This is the second fire that has visited Mr. TURNER's mill.

Mrs. J.P. LUNDAY, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Jno. CHRISMONS, returned home Wednesday morning.

The Sorosis Club will meet with Mrs. WILLIS next Thursday at half past two for their first program.

The Improvement Club will meet with the president, Mrs. PUTMAN, next Wednesday at three o'clock.

The Five Hundred Club met with Miss Grace ROACH on Monday night. Miss Garnet LILLIE won the prize. The next meeting will be with Miss Sadie MANNHEIMER.

A few of the young ladies took their lunch and went for a little joy ride in the WINROW auto. They went out near Skedee and came back by moonlight. Those present were Misses Rae HECKEDORN, Lois SLOAN, Tilly MONTGOMERY.

W.A. WATERS, cashier of the First State Bank at Maramec, is in this city today.

Mrs. J.N. GOFF and little granddaughter, Gladys, returned Sunday from Miami, Oklahoma.

Forest SHOEMAKER, of Jennings, is here attending the fair.

Joel MEYER of St. Louis, nephew of Mrs. Ike KATZ, will arrive this evening and spent the winter with his aunt.

G.S. VANEMMAN and daughter, Ella, of Jennings and Miss DUNCAN, who is visiting here from Pennsylvania, are in the city today attending the fair.

Attorney CLEETON's daughter, Ruth, who has been very sick for the past six weeks, is improving and it is hoped she will soon be out again.

Mrs. BALLARD and daughter came in this morning for a visit with Mrs. WHITTINGTON.

Neighborhood News Notes

Quay Quibbles:

L.F. COX and C.B. HOSKINS went to Stillwater Tuesday, in the interest of the school district.

Mr. and Mrs. C.M. PROWANT went to Oklahoma City Sunday afternoon, and were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. O.F. HUTCHISON till Tuesday morning. On Monday, they took in the state fair and the big horse show on Monday night.

Ben MAKIN came in last Sunday from Carmen, where he has been for several months threshing. We understand he is getting his affairs in shape so he can move his family out there soon.

Misses Corrinne BISHOP and Ollie VERMILLION, to of the teachers in the schools here, went to Stillwater last Saturday and visited the home folks over Sunday.

Miss Lillie MILLER departed this week for Amarillo, Texas, where she will be employed during the winter. She has spent the greater part of the summer with her sister, Mrs. Marion SPENCER, of this place.

C.A. BAILEY of Cushing, was in Quay, the latter part of last week.

N.A. CUSTER came in from the oil fields last Tuesday for a few days recuperation.

Johnny and Howard STOCKER are still very sick, but are thought to be improving a little.

Miss May COINER began her school at Riverside, last Monday.

Mrs. Frank FORDS was quite sick for a few days last week.


Mrs. E.T. RAMEY made a business trip to Muskogee, this week.

Miss Grace CANFIELD returned Tuesday, from Kansas, where she has been spending the summer.

Mrs. Peter RENCH is visiting relatives in Stroud, this week.

Ethel DUNCAN of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is here - the guest of G.S. VANEMAN and family.

Edna ALLEE left Tuesday for Sapulpa, after an extended visit with her mother.

Mr. and Mrs. D.E. MCINTYRE, Mr. and Mrs. TIFFANY and son, Harold, and Mrs. E.B. HAM were Oklahoma City fair visitors Tuesday.

Mr. J.G. CARMICHAEL and wife were in Cleveland this week. Mr. CARMICHAEL, while there, closed a deal with BOTSFORD & CALAHAN, to act as their embalmer and funeral director.

Edmond TODD is in Oklahoma City this week, taking in the fair.

Programs for the year's work for the U.T.D. Club have been received and assigned and the club will meet at the home of Mrs. Jno. DONAGHY next Monday afternoon at three o'clock.

The oil well on the ROGERS place is down 2650 feet, and is making a nice showing of oil and gas. This is being cased off and they are going deeper. Everything bids fair for a big well.

Blackburn Items:

Miss Katie HULL left Monday for Kansas, where she will visit for several weeks and look after her interests there.

Miss Bonnie WHITLOCK, of Maramec, came up Sunday and Monday and took charge of the second primary department of the Blackburn schools.

Mrs. J.B. LLOYD and children and Mrs. A. LLOYD left last Monday for their future home in Des Moines, Iowa, Mr. LLOYD having left several weeks ago.

Mr. and Mrs. N.J. TAYLOR, of Hopkins, Missouri, visited several days last week at the home of Elmer BELL. They went from here to Shawnee and other points in Oklahoma, for an extended visit with friends and relatives.

Earl DRAKE left last Monday for his home near Binger, Oklahoma, after a several weeks visit with relatives and friends. He was accompanied by Alva MARLOW, as far as Oklahoma City, where they spent several days at the state fair.

Jessie VANDRUF of the Osage, spent Saturday and Sunday with Miss Mary POOS.

Elmer BELL is suffering with a light attack of blood poisoning in his right hand.

October 12, 1911

Away Down In Dixie
Last Saturday night there was a negro dance near Dixie, in the southeast part of the county. On the way home Sunday morning, Joe ALEXANDER, a negro, indulged in the pastime of shooting at various parties, and finally went into the home of Bill CROCKETT, and engaged in a row. The result was that CROCKETT tried the shooting game himself and ALEXANDER is asleep - dead asleep - while CROCKETT has gone scouting for more trouble-hunting coons. The chances are there will no court costs in the case if CROCKETT keeps on traveling.

Fixing Up
Dr. and Mrs. SCOTT are making many improvements in the interior of the National, since taking charge of that popular hotel. A number of the rooms are being newly carpeted, and the house is being otherwise renovated. Mr. and Mrs. SCOTT have had many years of experience in the hotel business, and have always enjoyed the best patronage. The menu for next Sunday will be seen in another column, and special Sunday dinners will always be provided at this hotel.

A Family Reunion
At the home of J. INGRAM and wife last Saturday and Sunday, there was an enjoyable gathering of various members of the family. There were present their daughter, Mrs. Maggie BOMARK, and granddaughter, Miss Edna BOMAR, Wm. SCHUYLER and Albert INGRAM of Pawnee County; Jerry INGRAM of Gillette, Wyoming; Geo. INGRAM, Rush Springs, OK; Wm. INGRAM, Dawson, Nebraska; Jack INGRAM and wife, Muskogee, OK; Miss Lucy WARNER, a granddaughter, from Junction City, Kansas.

A Fine Edition
The Osage Chieftain came out last week with twenty-four pages of a finely printed and admirably written boost for Fairfax, the flower of Osage County. We extend our congratulations to Fairfax upon securing such a loyal friend as Brother CARSON, who certainly has spared no expense in showing up the many good points of his home.

Miss Lee FRITCH, who for six weeks has been under treatment at Buffalo Park Sanatorium, left for her home in Cushing, Monday evening, greatly improved in health.

Hon. B.S. MCGUIRE arrived in Pawnee Saturday for a few days visit with home folks. Since the adjournment of congress, he has been enjoying a much-needed recreation in the far west. Mrs MCGUIRE is in Kansas City.

George DAY, who recently purchased the BAGBY drug store, has made a successful bid for the public's patronage by serving hot drinks these cool days and evening. It is an acceptable innovation in Pawnee, and the alacrity with which people are availing themselves of the opportunity to quaff hot chocolates, beef tea, etc. is a tribute to Mr. DAY's good judgment and enterprise.

Mrs. G.R. MCCULLOUGH and children, Mrs. C.R. ADAMS and their father, Jay BRADLEY, came up from Tulsa last Saturday, to visit with friends and take in the fair. Mrs. ADAMS reports that she found it too lonesome out in Washington for them, so they have returned to Oklahoma and Tulsa.

Uncle Dick ROE, father of Welsey ROE, who always comes down from Greneia, Kansas to take in our reunion, is prolonging his stay this year. He expects to return the later part of the week.

A.L. STICH, the ice and coal man, has purchased a five acre tract north of the Black Bear, and some of these days he will have a suburban residence in that desirable locality.

J. Martin HAYDEN, of Terlton, was a Pawnee visitor Monday.

Ray HEDGES, of Ralston, was a Pawnee visitor Friday.

Mrs. Ote CLARK, of Ralston, was shopping in this city Monday.

Mrs. H.L. WELLS of Grenola, Kansas, was in the city Saturday.

Mr. James HILL, of Guthrie, was transacting business in town Monday.

Mrs. STOKER, of Ralston, was in Pawnee last week attending the Fair.

Miss Daisy MESSERAR of Tulsa, was greeting friends in Pawnee Saturday.

Dr. Matt SEHIEFELHUSEH, of Yale, was in Pawnee Friday, attending the fair.

Mr. Virgil FITTZ, teacher of the Capron School was in this city, Saturday.

Dr. G.W. SUTTON, of Cleveland, was among Saturday's crowd at the county seat.

Ollie KEETON, who is teaching near Skedee, was in Pawnee Saturday, attending the fair.

Harry PRAY, County Register of Deeds, made a business trip to Wichita, the first of this week.

Attorney LEE, of Cleveland, was in this city, Tuesday.

J.W. LEE, of Skedee, was a Pawnee visitor Saturday.

Hal REXROAD made a business trip to Maramec, Tuesday.

Miss Lulu ADAMS, of Lela, was in this city Saturday shopping.

W.B. WEBB left this week for various parts of the state on business.

Mrs. Lucy DAVIS, of Cleveland, spent Sunday in this city visiting her mother.

Mr. Andy FRYE, of Skedee, was in this city Friday, shopping and attending the Fair.

Mr. and Mrs. W.A. WATERS, of Maramec, were in this city Tuesday shopping.

E.M. CLARK went to Hallett, Tuesday, to deliver an address at a lot sale meeting.

Mrs. G.W. WILKERSON, of this city, went to Morrison, Monday to visit with her sister.

Frank LAKE, who has been visiting with home folks for a few days, left Tuesday for Shawnee.

Miss Lois JONES, of Maramec, was in Pawnee the first of this week, visiting friends and shopping.

Mr. PAYNE of Tulsa, stenographer for Jude POE, is in the city this week attending court.

Mrs. Geo. SCHROEDER and her daughter, Mrs. Hurley MCDANIELS, of Jennings, were shopping in Pawnee Thursday.

Ed MANN, of Jennings, was a Pawnee visitor Monday.

Mr. Okey SMITH went to Hallett Tuesday on business.

Ward LYNN shipped a car of cattle to Kansas City last week.

Miss Mamie CUNNINGHAM, of Morrison, was in this city shopping Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. CARLISLE, of Maramec, were in the city, Tuesday shopping.

Miss Sadie SHOTWELL, a teacher in the Hallett Schools, was a Pawnee visitor Saturday.

Mrs. WELLER left Monday for San Diego, California, where she will spend the winter.

Irl WEBBER, who is teaching near Ralston, spent Sunday with his parents in this city.

Mrs. Estella M. RUTH, who has been visiting her father, G.W. NEIL, returned to her home in Award, Tuesday.

Mrs. R.J. TURNAGE, of Stillwater, went to Beebee, Arkansas, Tuesday to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.R. CRAVENS.

Mr. and Mrs. TATE and little daughter, Francis, of Jennings, were in Pawnee Saturday, shopping and attending the fair.

Mr. and Mrs. BRADLEY and son, of Keystone, were in Pawnee Friday and Saturday, shopping and attending the fair.

Mrs. Lucy REXROAD has gone to Guthrie, and will probably make it her future home. Mr. and Mrs. Lech HARRISON have rented her house.

Mrs. H.D. COCKREL, of Masham, left Saturday for Clovis, New Mexico, where she will visit with her sister for some time.

Mr. and Mrs. C.B. MARSHALL, who have been visiting Mr. W.D. HARRINGTON, returned to their home in Stillwater, Saturday.

Anyone wishing nursery stock will do well to call on G.W. HUGHES, who has secured the agency for the Chanute Kansas nurseries.

Mrs. Lavina HARWOOD, of Baltimore, Maryland, came in this week to make an extended visit with her daughter, Mrs. Price WILLIS.

Mrs. H.C. HOLTZ and Miss Katherine DAVIDSON, of this city, left Saturday for Arkansas City, where they will visit with relatives for several days.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack INGRAM, who have been visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. INGRAM, returned to their home in Muskogee, Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert JUSTICE, Miss Grace ROACH and Ed CATLETT, went to the Otoe country last Saturday on a little hunting and fishing trip. They found some game and plenty of fresh ? which amply repaid them for their outing.

Mrs. Katie WILLIAMS and her daughter, Mary, left Tuesday for Arkansas, where they will visit Mrs. Williams' mother, Mrs. Belle MCDONALD.

Mrs. P.A. STEWART and Mrs. N.V. CORN, who have been visiting Mrs. T.S. DOVE and family, returned to their home in Clovis, New Mexico, Monday.

Charley COBURN, a member of the state central committee for Pawnee County, was up from Terlton on Monday of this week, greeting friends and transacting business.

Mrs. M.A. HERRIMAN of this city, who has been in Missouri visiting her brother, was in this city over Sunday visiting with her daughter, Mrs. Mabel RISELING. She left Monday for Deval, OK, to visit this same brother, who has recently moved there.

Dr. R.H. MOSS, of Eddyville, Kentucky, and Mrs. A.F. MOSS of Oklahoma City, father-in-law and sister-in-law of Mrs. H.C. MOSS, arrived last Friday evening for a visit.

Court News:
Court convened again on Monday, when some of the criminal docket was cleaned up. The case of the state against DOLLARHIDE, Silas THOMAS, ORR, NORTHUP, GORDON, BAILEY, BROOKS were dismissed by order of county attorney. In SMITH vs. SMITH a decree was granted, and in state vs. COX the demurrer to evidence was sustained and the defendant discharged. The case against A.C. OGBURN, for the murder of Joe PLUMLEY, is on as we go to press.

October 19, 1911

Socially Speaking

Bridge Club meets with Mrs. Cecil JAY this afternoon.

The Art Circle met with Mrs. H.T. ANDERSON Wednesday afternoon.

The Sorosis Club will meet at the home of Mrs. G. BERRY next Thursday afternoon.

The Five-Hundred Club met with Miss Florence CLARK last Monday evening. Miss Ethel MATHERS won the prize.

On last Friday evening, the W.C.T.U. entertained the members of the school board and their wives, the ministers and the wives, and the teachers, at the home of Mrs. V.H. BIDDISON. A number of talks were given by different ones present, readings by Miss MITCHELL and musical numbers by Mrs. BIDDISON, Miss DANEY, and Elizabeth BUSHORR. Light refreshments were served and all voted the ladies of the Women's Christian Temperance Union royal entertainers.

William A. GRANT, of Siloam Springs, Arkansas, arrived in the city last Monday night and expects to make this his home. He and Mrs. GRANT have secured temporary rooms with Mr. RAMBO. Mr. GRANT made the run into Pawnee, and is still the owner of desirable property in the block east of the court house, upon which may build soon. He expects to engage in the real estate and insurance business.

Minister Chosen
At a congregational meeting at the Presbyterian Church last night, a unanimous call was extended to Rev. A.C. BURDIC, of Bancroft, Nebraska. This gentleman preached at the Presbyterian Church last Sunday morning and was very much liked by all.

Local News:

Dr. R.E. WELLER made a business trip to Terlton, today.

The little son of Ralph CAMPBELL is very sick with typhoid fever.

Mrs. Hal CLARK will come this evening for a visit with E.M. CLARK and family.

Mrs. M.F. INGRAHAM returned yesterday from a visit in various parts of the country.

Glen JONES returned to Stillwater today, after a visit here with her sister, Mrs. COOPER.

Our present price on butter fat is twenty-six cents. R.J. BAUGH, Pawnee

Captain JACOBS, of Oklahoma City, who is now in the Indian mission work, is in Pawnee this week.

Mr. and Mrs. BREWINGTON and little daughter, of Tulsa, are here - the guests of the J.N. GRAYEM family.

Mrs. Nora WHEELER arrived here yesterday from Ramsey, Illinois, for a visit with her aunt, Mrs. Geo. REED.

Mrs. E.M. MOTT of Topeka, Kansas arrived here this morning for a visit with Mrs. A.A. OHSE and family.

W.L. LAUTER, of Dover, Oklahoma came in this morning for a visit with his sister, Mrs. C.L. BERRY of this city.

Hon. B.S. MCGUIRE arrived in the city this morning from a trip throughout the district. He goes to Pawhuska, tonight.

A masked skating carnival will be held at the skating rink on Monday night, October 30. Plenty of music and mirth.

Albert MCGUIRE, who has been serving a ninety-day sentence for violation of the liquor law, was released from jail Tuesday morning.

Frank HUDSON went to the Osage country on business Wednesday morning.

Ed M. KELLY, clerk of the district court, went to Pawhuska Tuesday morning to look after some personal business.

Mr. and Mrs. E.M. RUTH, who have been visiting with her father, J.W. NEIL, returned to their home in Avant this morning.

Neighborhood News Notes


Miss Ora BAKER, of Keystone, is visiting at the CARMICHAEL home.

Mrs. John F. NEWELL and her granddaughter, Miss Olga BOTHRICK, were over Sunday, visitors at Mr. R.L. STEWART's. Miss Olga is one of Pawnee county's progressive teachers, and is showing her ability at District 59, near Mannford.

Mr. H.A. GOSNEY and children, Marie and Frank, came in from Conway Springs, Kansas, Thursday. After a few years' outing, they decided that Jennings could not be beat, so they have come back to stay.

Mr. and Mrs. M.D. HARN made a business trip to Yale this week.

Mrs. Grover REID, of Sapulpa, is here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.B. HAM.

Mr. J.G. CARMICHAEL was called to Yale Monday, on professional business.

Stella DOOLIN returned to her school duties in Stillwater, Tuesday, after a few days vacation with her parents.

R.F.D. No. 1

Rev. WILKERSON will hold services at Skedee Valley Sunday night.

Lillian ROWDEN spent Sunday evening with Rosie MAC.

Skedee Valley

Delia LACY preached a very interesting sermon at Skedee Valley Sunday.

Mr. John KNIGHT had better be careful these cold nights or he will get his mustache frost bit again.

The school at Skedee Valley is progressing nicely. The pupils must have been real good during the month of September, as Miss Olive CONRAD gave them 100 in deportment. Don't think we deserved it.

We all wondered why Marion ROWDEN build a pig pen on the west side of their hen house and we just found out. It was to put a pig in that his grandma gave him.

Quay Quibbles

The stork got very busy in this neighborhood last Friday and visited the homes of Milo BOBLIT and Emery STOCKER, leaving a bright little baby girl at the home of the former and a bouncing boy at the home of the latter.

Mr. and Mrs. Bert MONTE and children of Girard, Kansas, arrived last Thursday, and have been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J.T. HOKE for a week. They departed for their home on Wednesday of this week. Mr. MONTE is a brother of Mrs. HOKE.

Mrs. Melissa STRODE and Geo. COZAD, her nephew, came in last Monday from Cherokee, Kansas, and are visiting at the home of her sister, Mrs. J.M. STOCKER.

C.M. PROWANT went to Stillwater last Wednesday to look after some business interests.

Rev. E.J. CROMWELL, of Enid, was in town last Saturday, circulating among his many friends here. He delivered the principal address at the K.L. of S. picnic in the afternoon.

A.N. FERGUSON and family departed for Kaw City, one day this week, having secured a position there as section foreman.

Miss Corrine BISHOP attended the first number of the Yale Lyscum Course at that place last Tuesday night.

W.S. MORRIS has again taken charge of the section for the Santa Fe at this point.

October 26, 1911

Dr. Palmer C. JAY
Between the hours of 2:00 and 3:00 Monday morning, October 2, 1911, the spirit of Dr. Palmer C. JAY quietly passed to the other shore. Dr. JAY had been failing for the past two years, and his friends realized that the end was near, yet no one was prepared for the suddenness of the summons. He was on the street and his his store, as late as last Thursday afternoon, but did not come downtown Friday and Saturday. On Sunday morning, he appeared no worse, and at 8:30 sank into a quiet and seemingly natural sleep. As the hours wore on, with no change in his condition, it was thought best to call in his physician, when it was learned that uremic poison had rendered medical aid unavailing. He never regained consciousness, and the transition from life to death was almost imperceptible.
Dr. JAY, with his wife and two sons, came to Pawnee in the year 1900. He purchased a drug store, being himself a graduate of Rush Medical College, Chicago, and built up a prosperous business. His striking characteristic was that of cheerfulness, a trait that was ever dominant in his ideal home and successful business life. Dr. JAY never had time to utter unkind words, and the cheer of his personality will be remembered for years by the hundreds of friends who mourn his loss, and sympathize with the stricken family. During the past six years, he was actively interested in the upbuilding of our schools, being president of the board, at the time of his death.
Funeral services were held at the residence Monday afternoon, and were most impressive. Rev. A.H. MARSDEN, of the Church of the Ascension, officiated. A large delegation of Knights Templar, Masons and members of the Eastern Star, the school board and the teachers, attended the services in a body, and escorted the remains to the depot, preparatory to shipment to Elmwood, Mt., the home of his birth and childhood. During the afternoon every business house in Pawnee closed, as a mark of respect for the deceased and his family.
The public feels a distinct loss in the death of Dr. JAY, and the earnest sympathy of the community is extended to the wife and children who survive him.

Local News:

Fred ROCK, a freshman and Simpson HURST, a senior, went to Maramec, Thursday evening.

Mrs. Lee COCHRAN, a member of the class of 1912, when in the Sophomore year, is shaking hands with his old friends in Pawnee, again after a couple years absence.

C.N. LUTHER was called to Stillwater, on Thursday as a witness in a lawsuit. During his absence, Dave TROXEL looked after the interests at the cotton gin.

Miss Agnes HORN returned from Winfield, Kansas, last week, after an absence of three weeks. She was visiting with relatives at that place.

Logan BRUNER has moved on Mr. WALKER's place, vacated by Mr. CHANDLER.

John GOOSEY has rented the Mary HOPKINS place.

School commenced October 16, with Clarence VAUGHAN as teacher.

Mound Center Items:

Who has seen the comet? If you want to see it, get up about 4:00 in the morning and look in the east.

Mr. and Mrs. HELMS and daughter, Selma; Hazel and Roy FRAZIER, and Clarence SHORT, visited at the GOING home Sunday.

Lucetta SHORT spent Sunday at Mr. BALLARD's.

There was a dance at Arthur CAMPBELL's Tuesday night.

Mr. BREEDLOVE has been putting up hay the fore part of this week.

Quite a number of the Mound Center pupils are staying out of school to help pick cotton.

Mr. and Mrs. S. JONES are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.F. COEN.

Remy HELMS has been making regular calls at the SEDLACEK home on Sunday evenings.

Albert DRAKE attended the cowboy reunion, and while there, his horse left him a foot, and alone, in the big city of Pawnee.

Mrs. J.I. SHORT's sister and brother-in-law, from Illinois, are here visiting.

Solomon JONES visited Clarence SHORT Friday night.

R.F.D. No. 1

D.R. WEBBERT and son, Jessie, were called to Kaw City, Kansas, on account of the death of Mr. WEBBERT's son-in-law, Mr. Geo. GRAHAM, who passed away on Monday night of typhoid fever. He leaves a wife and three children to mourn his loss. Formerly his wife and oldest daughter were taken to the hospital at Arkansas City for treatment. Mr. WEBBERT and son returned home Tuesday evening and brought the two younger children home with them.

Mr. Corliss HOWELL attended the meeting at Skedee Valley Sunday night.

Rose MOCK spent Sunday evening with Lillian ROWDEN.

Robt. ROWDEN made a business trip to Blackburn Saturday, returning home Sunday.

November 02, 1911

Autumn Mating
On Sunday, October 29, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, Mr. Earl MCNALLY, of Sapulpa, and Miss Grace CHASTAIN, of Terlton, were united in the holy bonds of wedlock, the ceremony occurring at the Pawnee rooming house. Rev. M.F. INGRAHAM officiated in his usual happy style, assuring the newly weds that the gloom of the day was only noticeable by reason of the contrast to the brightness of their future lives. Two contemplative and apprehensive couples were anxious witnesses to the event.

Marriage Licenses
T.C. CARNEY, Jennings; Mattie BLACKBURN, Jennings
Earl MCNALLY, Sapulpa; Grace CHASTAIN, Terlton
Charlie WILLIAMS, Terlton; Alberta HAWKINS, Terlton
Ray BOWERS, Tiger; Blanche SAUNDERS, Tiger
J.P. HENDRICKS, Oklahoma City; Flossie B. LANE, Fairfax
Anna F. BAILEY, Pawnee; John C. REYNARD, Pawnee

Local News:

W.J. ZICKERFOOSE, of Keystone, was a Pawnee visitor yesterday.

J.M. MCCOLLOM, the cotton raiser of the southeastern Pawnee county, was in the county seat last Monday. Mr. MCCOLLOM raised over four hundred acres of cotton this year, and has quite a Jim Crow colony around him as a consequence.

Mrs. SMITHSON, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. BURCHARD, at the Agency, returned to her home in Sapulpa, Tuesday.

Miss Ethel BROOKE, daughter of Rev. C.M. BROOKE of Stillwater, was here last Monday night, for the Halloween social at Rev. MOAT's residence.

J.W. PIATT returned home Thursday from a trip to Arkansas City, where he went to participate in some Knights of Pythias ceremonies. Mr. PIATT thinks Arkansas City is some town, and he is about right.

Ike KATZ purchased a fine Moon auto, 1912 model from George SOULSBY last week. It is forty-horse power, with the latest trimmings, and will be a source of much pleasure to the family.

Miss Bessie ROBINSON left yesterday morning for New Mexico, to join her parents, who have a farm there. Miss Bessie has been in Pawhuska for some time, but has been called to New Mexico, on account of the illness of her mother.

Frank MANNING was arrested Monday morning and taken before Judge LISCUM, charged with unlawful possession of intoxicating liquor. He pleaded not guilty, and was released upon giving a bond for appearance in the sum of $500.

You can dispose of your cotton to B.F. MEANS, in any way to suit you. He will buy it from you or gin it for you. You can gin and pay cash for the ginning, or you can gin and pay for the ginning with part of the seed, or you can leave all of the seed and he will pay you the balance in cash.

Police Judge STERLING had a case of woman's rights before him last Monday, wherein one woman claimed the right to whip another one, Judge STERLING went so far into the merits of the case as to decide that if a woman had such a right, she also had a right to pay a fine of $5.00.

Mrs. W.V. MCKAUGHAN, of Skedee, went to Hallett, Wednesday, for a visit with her mother, Mrs. GILLASPIE and family.

Mr. J.O. STANSBURY, who has been visiting with friends in Stillwater, returned to her home in Lallarpe, Kansas.

Mrs. J.W. HAYS of Glencoe, and Mrs. Q.S. BASTON, of Dannville, Illinois, went to Tanahaw, to visit with relatives and friends.

Mr. and Mrs. C.M. CROZIER, who have been spending the summer in Colorado, returned to their home in Jennings, Wednesday.

Mrs. Fannie A. GRIMES of Maramec, was called to Holden, Missouri, the first of the week on account of the death of her brother, Mr. FARRAR.

Mr. Tom LITTEN and Mr. TURNEY, of Blackburn, are going to Jennings, Oklahoma, to play in the band for the Roping contest there this week.

Mr. and Mrs. R.B. ALLISON, of North WEBSTER, Indiana, who have been visiting with J.M. ALLISON and family, at Ralston, went to Neosha, Missouri, for a visit with relatives and friends at that place.

Charley GRAHAM was called upon last Monday evening to administer some Brown-Sequard elixer to half a dozen dreamers. For particulars, see small bills - Bill DAVIS for instance.

Socially Speaking

An Enjoyable Event
At the residene of Mrs. H.T. ANDERSON last Friday afternoon and evening, the P.E.O. sisterhood of this city gave a most delightful reception. The rooms were tastefully decorated in yellow and white. During the afternoon the shades were drawn and the electric lights turned on, giving a most beautiful effect. On the buffet and luncheon table were candles with yellow shades. The afternoon program consisted of a duet by Mrs. H.T. ANDERSON and Mrs. George H. SMITH, a solo by Mrs. J.L. LEHEW and a reading by Mrs. Frank SHOEMAKER. In the evening, the members invited their husbands and those to whom the mystery of the B.I.L. had not been revealed. Three brave men were on hand and ready for the iniation, which was successfully and painlessly given by the P.E.O. The entire program was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The afternoon guests were: Misses TERRELL, DAVISON, and SHEPARD; Mesdames SLOCUM, WILLIS, HARWOOD, MCNEILL, ANTRIM, MCCOLLUM, L.P. SAUNDERS, HOLMES and Frank PHILLIPS.

The Senior party at Mrs. MANNHEIMER's Friday night was certainly a success. The guests, who numbered near fifty, were received at the door by Miss Mabel GREENE and ushered upstairs under a huge ladder by Miss Elsie SHIPMAN. On coming down, they were tagged by Miss Opal FLAUGHER and sent to the entertaining rooms, where they amused themselves by guessing each other through the masks. At ten o'clock masks were removed and fortune telling began. A witches and wizards cave, a gypsy tent and Sybil's mystic home were set in every possible corner, decorated with corn shucks and the Senior colors, red and white.
There, the funny fortunes revealed afforded amusement for every one. Singing and playing was by Misses DANEY and INGRAHAM. The next feature of amusement was ghost stories. A lunch of pumpkin pie and coffee was served. The guests at a very early hour departed for home, declaring the Seniors delightful entertainers and giving a yell for the class of 1912.

High Five at Mud Lodge
The entertainments given by Mrs. Gordon W. LILLIE at Blue Hawk Peak for Pawnee's High Five Club was unique and thoroughly appreciated by the fortunate guests. Instead of receiving the guests in her beautiful home, Mrs. LILLE had the tables arranged in the Mud lodge, that spacious amusement parlor of the ...

Christian Endeavor Social
The United Brethren Christian Endeavorers held their monthly social at the home of their pastor, Rev. J.W. MOATS and wife. It was a masked affair and caused unlimited amusement as one another of the masked parties came into the well lighted rooms. Several of the young people were so well disguised that their identity was not discovered by their associates. A pleasant feature of the evening was introduced when the lights were removed and the literary part of the program was introduced, which was entirely given over to "spooky" numbers. Miss Ethel BROOKE, of Perkins, gave at once amusing, and startling, which received rounds of applause. She sang several solos in a very pleasing manner. Refreshments were served by the social committee. The social was the most enjoyable held by the Endeavorers of this church for a long while.

A Halloween evening enjoyed by the Nevin Music Club was spent at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ben PETER, every detail being most appropriate, from the jack-o-lanterns to the ghost with the icy hand that coldly greeted each guest. The club members wore Halloween costumes of green and yellow. Music, games and refreshments were enjoyed by all. Besides the club ladies and their gentlemen friends, those present were Mrs. LEHEW, Miss MARSHALL, Miss BIDDISON and Arthur FEGTLEY.

Miss Stella ADAMS entertained a number of her young lady friends Tuesday night with a masked Halloween party.

A Fatal Accident
On Saturday morning, a young man named Mose WELLS, who lived about a mile from Yale, accidentally shot himself with a revolver. He and some companions met a couple of colored men in the road, and they thought to have some sport by pulling off an imaginary "hold-up." WELLS had borrowed a revolver, and we understand it, suggested the fun. As he started to pull the gun from his pocket though, it discharged, the ball entering the right side, passing this his vitals and lodging in his left leg. He was brought to Pawnee for medical attendance, but examination proved that it was impossible to save his life, and he died at 6:00 Monday morning. He and his widowed father lived alone, the other children of Mr. WELLS, Sr., having long since married and moved away. The accident leaves the father desolate and heart broken.

A Perfect Mixer
Joe GRAHAM and Jack MCDANIEL, at the city water plant, have rigged up a water motor for their mixing tank, which does the work much easier and more satisfactorily than heretofore. It used to be the custom to mix the lime and water with paddles propelled by hand, but the flow of the mixture was not always even. Now, however, the amount is the same in the first or last quart that passes into the large settling basins, and all Joe and Jack have to do is to look on and grin.

County Treasurer - D.M. WALKER

Two New Motors
The Pawnee Mercantile company and the Pawnee Ice, Fuel and Cold Storage company have each added an electric motor to their equipment. The Mercantile company will run the elevator hereafter by electric power, while the ice plant will use its motor in the bottling works.

It having pleased Almighty God to remove from our midst, Beloved Palmer C. JAY, and feeling thereby that a great loss has been sustained by our Commandery and his family, we, the undersigned committee, duly appointed for that purpose, do hereby express our feelings of loss at this death, and do hereby express our sympathy to his immediate relatives and friends, and for this purpose
Be it resolved, that the sympathy of the members of this his home commandery, be and the same is hereby extended to the wife, sons and other relatives of the deceased in this heir hour of great bereavement.
While realizing that his life of pilgrimage, warfare and penance was short for one so trusted and loved, yet we feel that his life was not fruitless, but that his influence for good will live after him, and in extending our sympathy, we trust that he may be granted by the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, a loving welcome to a peaceful asylum of rest and happiness.
Be it further resolved that a copy of these resolutions be sent to the wife, and sons of the deceased, and that a copy be furnished for publication, and that the same be spread upon the records of Pawnee Commandery, No. 7. Chas. E. VANDERVOORT, James B. DAVIS, Frank HUDSON, Committee.
We the undersigned having also been appointed to draft resolutions on the death of our beloved companion, Palmer C. JAY, by Tyrian Chapter No. 20 R.A.M. of Pawnee, Oklahoma, do hereby adopt and approve the above and foregoing resolutions, as the resolutions for Tyrian Chapter. James B. DAVIS, Arthur H. BAGBY, Frank Hudson, Committee.
We the undersigned have also been appointed to draft resolutions on the of our beloved companion, Palmer C. JAY by Pawnee Lode, No, 82, A.F.&A.M. of Pawnee, Oklahoma, do hereby adopt and approve of the foregoing resolutions as the resolutions for our lodge. E.L. COX, G.H. PHILLIPS, Bird Norris HOPE, Committee.

Neighborhood News Notes

Blackburn Items

The Domestic Science Club met with Mrs. M.C. MURRAY Tuesday afternoon. Those present report an enjoyable time.

Misses Laura BELL, Mary POOS, Ola DUPUY and Mrs. J.W. COX were shopping in Pawnee, Wednesday.

The Whist Club were very royally entertained by Mr. and Mrs. J.W. COX last Saturday night. Delightful refreshments were served to those present: Mr. and Mrs. A. POSTELWAIT, Mr. and Mrs. John LANDES, Mrs. Jas. EWART, Mrs. G.A. LANDES, Misses Laura BELL, Mary POOS, Ella KELLEY, Inez EWART, Clyde GARLINGHOUSE and Alva MARLOW.

Miss Leatha DONELSON spent Tuesday in Cleveland.

Miss May BALDWIN, who spent a couple of months with her sister, Mr. R.E. BRIDWELL, returned to her home in Cleveland last week.

The Dancing Club held an enjoyable session at the Woodman Hall, Thursday night.

Elmer MEANS, who has been seriously sick with typhoid fever is slowing improving, but is in a dangerous condition yet.

R.F.D. No. 1

Mr. and Mrs. Bob DANISON and children are spending a few days visiting Mr. and Mrs. Less ROBISON.

Miss Olive CONRAD had a very small school Wednesday, only 5 in all.

Mr. Tom ROWDEN and nephew, Robert Roe, of Blackburn, made a business trip to Pawnee, Tuesday. They expect to stay for some time to help Mr. GANN get his cotton picked.

Mrs. GANN, who has been sick for the past two months, is no better at this writing.

Mr. Loren RUBISON, of Blackburn, made a business trip to Pawnee, Sunday, returning home Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Tient KELLY are entertaining a fine boy, who made his appearance at their home on Thursday, October 26.

Mrs. A.A. HILL and daughters, Nellie and Margery, attended the show at Pawnee, Wednesday.

Quay Quibbles:

Milt THOMPSON, of Cushing, was in Quay last Friday, looking after a farm north of town. Mr. THOMPSON is the partner of F.E. CULLISON, formerly of this place.

Mrs. J.P. HOKE spent two days last week in Stillwater, visiting with her son and daughter, Mack and Rhoda.

Mr. HAM, the cotton buyer for Coyle Co., at Jennings was over Monday comparing notes with Coyle's cotton buyer at this point.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben MAKIN are packing up their household goods this week and moving to Beaver County, where they will make their future home.

Harry JONES, of Stillwater, came over to Quay last Saturday night and was a guest of M. SPENCER.

Mrs. BOTTS and Mabel FORD were quietly married last Saturday.

W.D. SIMMONS, who lives just south of town, sold his 80 acre this week for $2800. The family will move to Idaho sometime this winter.

November 09, 1911

Socially Speaking

The Senior party at Mrs. MANNHEIMER's Friday night was certainly a success. The guests, who numbered near fifty, were received at the door by Miss Mabel GREENE and ushered upstairs under a huge ladder by Miss Elsie SHIPMAN. On coming down, they were tagged by Miss Opal FLAUGHER and sent to the entertaining rooms, where they amused themselves by guessing each other through the masks. At ten o'clock masks were removed and fortune telling began. A witches and wizards cave, a gypsy tent and Sybil's mystic home were set in every possible corner, decorated with corn shucks and the Senior colors, red and white.
There, the funny fortunes revealed afforded amusement for every one. Singing and playing was by Misses DANEY and INGRAHAM. The next feature of amusement was ghost stories. A lunch of pumpkin pie and coffee was served. The guests at a very early hour departed for home, declaring the Seniors delightful entertainers and giving a yell for the class of 1912.

Miss Garnett LILLIE was hostess to the Five Hundred Club, Monday evening. The prize for the highest score was awarded to Miss Lillie. The club will meet next Monday evening with Miss Bess VANDERVOORT.

A Perfect Mixer
Joe GRAHAM and Jack MCDANIEL, at the city water plant, have rigged up a water motor for their mixing tank, which does the work much easier and more satisfactorily than heretofore. It used to be the custom to mix the lime and water with paddles propelled by hand, but the flow of the mixture was not always even. Now, however, the amount is the same in the first or last quart that passes into the large settling basins, and all Joe and Jack have to do is to look on and grin.

County Treasurer - D.M. WALKER

Two New Motors
The Pawnee Mercantile company and the Pawnee Ice, Fuel and Cold Storage company have each added an electric motor to their equipment. The Mercantile company will run the elevator hereafter by electric power, while the ice plant will use its motor in the bottling works.

It having pleased Almighty God to remove from our midst, Beloved Palmer C. JAY, and feeling thereby that a great loss has been sustained by our Commandery and his family, we, the undersigned committee, duly appointed for that purpose, do hereby express our feelings of loss at this death, and do hereby express our sympathy to his immediate relatives and friends, and for this purpose
Be it resolved, that the sympathy of the members of this his home commandery, be and the same is hereby extended to the wife, sons and other relatives of the deceased in this heir hour of great bereavement.
While realizing that his life of pilgrimage, warfare and penance was short for one so trusted and loved, yet we feel that his life was not fruitless, but that his influence for good will live after him, and in extending our sympathy, we trust that he may be granted by the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, a loving welcome to a peaceful asylum of rest and happiness.
Be it further resolved that a copy of these resolutions be sent to the wife, and sons of the deceased, and that a copy be furnished for publication, and that the same be spread upon the records of Pawnee Commandery, No. 7. Chas. E. VANDERVOORT, James B. DAVIS, Frank HUDSON, Committee.
We the undersigned having also been appointed to draft resolutions on the death of our beloved companion, Palmer C. JAY, by Tyrian Chapter No. 20 R.A.M. of Pawnee, Oklahoma, do hereby adopt and approve the above and foregoing resolutions, as the resolutions for Tyrian Chapter. James B. DAVIS, Arthur H. BAGBY, Frank Hudson, Committee.
We the undersigned have also been appointed to draft resolutions on the of our beloved companion, Palmer C. JAY by Pawnee Lode, No, 82, A.F.&A.M. of Pawnee, Oklahoma, do hereby adopt and approve of the foregoing resolutions as the resolutions for our lodge. E.L. COX, G.H. PHILLIPS, Bird Norris HOPE, Committee.

Neighborhood News Notes

Blackburn Items

The Domestic Science Club met with Mrs. M.C. MURRAY Tuesday afternoon. Those present report an enjoyable time.

Misses Laura BELL, Mary POOS, Ola DUPUY and Mrs. J.W. COX were shopping in Pawnee, Wednesday.

The Whist Club were very royally entertained by Mr. and Mrs. J.W. COX last Saturday night. Delightful refreshments were served to those present: Mr. and Mrs. A. POSTELWAIT, Mr. and Mrs. John LANDES, Mrs. Jas. EWART, Mrs. G.A. LANDES, Misses Laura BELL, Mary POOS, Ella KELLEY, Inez EWART, Clyde GARLINGHOUSE and Alva MARLOW.

Miss Leatha DONELSON spent Tuesday in Cleveland.

Miss May BALDWIN, who spent a couple of months with her sister, Mr. R.E. BRIDWELL, returned to her home in Cleveland last week.

The Dancing Club held an enjoyable session at the Woodman Hall, Thursday night.

Elmer MEANS, who has been seriously sick with typhoid fever is slowing improving, but is in a dangerous condition yet.

R.F.D. No. 1

Mr. and Mrs. Bob DANISON and children are spending a few days visiting Mr. and Mrs. Less ROBISON.

Miss Olive CONRAD had a very small school Wednesday, only 5 in all.

Mr. Tom ROWDEN and nephew, Robert Roe, of Blackburn, made a business trip to Pawnee, Tuesday. They expect to stay for some time to help Mr. GANN get his cotton picked.

Mrs. GANN, who has been sick for the past two months, is no better at this writing.

Mr. Loren RUBISON, of Blackburn, made a business trip to Pawnee, Sunday, returning home Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Tient KELLY are entertaining a fine boy, who made his appearance at their home on Thursday, October 26.

Mrs. A.A. HILL and daughters, Nellie and Margery, attended the show at Pawnee, Wednesday.

Quay Quibbles:

Milt THOMPSON, of Cushing, was in Quay last Friday, looking after a farm north of town. Mr. THOMPSON is the partner of F.E. CULLISON, formerly of this place.

Mrs. J.P. HOKE spent two days last week in Stillwater, visiting with her son and daughter, Mack and Rhoda.

Mr. HAM, the cotton buyer for Coyle Co., at Jennings was over Monday comparing notes with Coyle's cotton buyer at this point.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben MAKIN are packing up their household goods this week and moving to Beaver County, where they will make their future home.

Harry JONES, of Stillwater, came over to Quay last Saturday night and was a guest of M. SPENCER.

Mrs. BOTTS and Mabel FORD were quietly married last Saturday.

W.D. SIMMONS, who lives just south of town, sold his 80 acre this week for $2800. The family will move to Idaho sometime this winter.

November 16, 1911

At A Ripe Old Age
Tuesday, November 16, Uncle Ben MUSGROVE and wife have been married just sixty-two years, and they are quietly enjoying their anniversary at their home in this city. Uncle Ben has not been running around much this fall, excepting to make a trip to his son's home in the Osage country on the first of this month, to enjoy a dinner with the younger generations. He and Mrs. MUSGROVE are still enjoying good health, though he is 82 and she is 78. In the language of Rip VanWinkle, may they live long and prosper.

Off To The Pen
Sheriff MARSHALL left for McAlester last night, taking with him three prisoners for the penitentiary. They are A.C. OGBURN, who murdered Joe PLUMLEE and was sentenced for a term of four years, being convicted of manslaughter; Emmett FRANCIS, convicted of horse stealing, three years; and Wm. BROOKS, colored, convicted of statutory rape, five years. Dr. G.A. WATERS went along as guard.

H.C. HANNA left for Durango, Mexico, last Monday night, where he has an interest in quite a large ranch. He thinks the internal troubles in that country are about over with, so that a peaceable white man may go his way unmolested.

Messrs. Ike KATZ and Ed CATLETT made a business trip to Yale, Tuesday night, where one of Mr. KATZ's store is situated.

F.W. TILLOCK and wife of Keystone, were county seat visitors last Friday, and were interesting callers at this office.

Roy COFFMAN of Morrison, was a Pawnee visitor last Thursday. He was formerly employed in a drug store in this city.

Home Burned
On Monday evening of this week, fire broke out in the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.F. THOMPSON, living eight miles south east of Pawnee. The fire was occasioned by sparks from the chimney. Everything in the house was destroyed except the paino and the trunks, and the house was a total loss. Mr. and Mrs. THOMPSON desire to express their thanks to the two CUNINGHAM boys and the BABCOCK boy, through whose heroic efforts the piano and trunks were saved. The boys worked like Trojans. The The THOMPSON's have the sympathy of their friends in their loss.

Neighborhood News Notes:

Cleveland Clippings

E.R. PERRY this week let the contract for the construction of an $1800 residence. It is to located on Jordan street, just north of Judge G.T. GRAVES' residence.

D.B. FLIGHT returned Monday afternoon from a business visit to Tulsa. there is generally something doing after Dan makes one of those visits to Tulsa.

Al HYBARGER, who has been an inmate of Dr. MOORE's sanitarium at Pawnee for several weeks, returned home last week. He is very weak, but is improving rapidly.

Mayor Enock TODD is having a 350 barrel cistern constructed at his home in the east part of town. Before the oil wells were drilled in the east part of town, the water over there was nice and soft, but since then, they have been hard, and so cisterns have been put in.

M.A. WEIERS, living down near Terlton, was in town Monday, and ordered his Enterprise Newspaper sent to Palacios, Texas, to which point he expects to remove in a short time. Mr. WEIERS is one of the old-timers here and goes there on account of his health. He will continue to own his farm in this county.

Maramec Musings

S.M. FUGATE has just completed a new barn and stock shed on his farm.

I.M. KENNY, the Santa Fe agent, has taken a leave of absence and gone to Arkansas, to look over that country.

G.W. LAWSON and Ed CHAPPEL, with a crew of men and teams, put in the fill on the arch bridge, three miles east of town, last week.

F.C. TENSFIELD is having his house enlarged and is otherwise improving his new home, one mile south of town.

W.O. WHITLOCK and family, left the latter part of last week for Perkins, where they will make their future home. W.O. has established himself in the hardware and furniture business. Mrs. WHITLOCK and children visited a few days of Pawnee.

Quay Quibbles

Word was received in Quay last week of the death of little Lena PETTLE, the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.R. PETTLE, the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.R. PETTLE, formerly of this place but now of Bessie, Oklahoma. Mrs. PETTLE was here on visit about a month ago and had only been home a few days when the daughter died. The sympathy of their many friends is with them in their hour of affliction.

Misses VERMILLION and Bishop spent last Saturday and Sunday in Yale, as guests of Mrs. Dr. SHEIFFELBUSH.

Mrs. Louise HARRIMAN moved into the residence property vacated by Ben MAKIN.

Lillie MILLER, who visited at the home of her sister, Mrs. Marion SPENCER, nearly all summer was married last Tuesday to a gentlemen from Chickasha.

November 23, 1911

Frank MANNING Case
Frank MANNING was arrested last Friday night and thrown in jail; J.H. MANNING deciding to draw off his bond. The county attorney also filed suit against Frank on Friday, for having intoxicating liquor in his possession illegally, and his place was searched, resulting in finding a small quantity of whiskey. Yesterday Mr. L.L. HALL deputy sheriff of Tulsa county, took Frank back to the Tulsa county jail, there to await the further disposition of the case against him for killing KENEFICK, for which crime MANNING was given an eight year sentence in the state penitentiary. From this judgement MANNING has appealed, and pending the perfecting of that appeal or the decision of the court. He will be held in the Tulsa or Pawnee jail, so long as he fails to give bond. should the appeal be dismissed, he will be taken at once to the penitentiary to serve his eight year sentence. Recently Frank opened a butcher ship in this city, but it seems he was unable to stand prosperity, conducting himself in such a manner as to force his brother to withdraw from the bond.
Latter MANNING developed a bad case of tonsillitis, and the doctors have decided it was unwise to transfer him to Tulsa for a few days. Consequently, Deputy Sheriff HALL returned home to await further developments.

Horse Thief Caught
Last Sunday night a horse, saddle and bridle were stolen from Mr. PECKINBAUGH, living near Skedee, and one Virgil SMITH was suspected of the crime. Sheriff MARSHALL traced SMITH to Perry, and on Tuesday he went over to that city, where he found SMITH and the stolen articles. SMITH, who lives north of Skedee, is now in jail awaiting a preliminary, while the horse, saddle and bridle have been returned to the owner.

Hunting Spiders
Last Saturday night Nate SWALLEY was bitten by a spider, and in spite of his prohibition proclivities, the doctor dosed him with a quart of whiskey. Now, all the farmers in the SWALLEY neighborhood are said to put in most of their time turning over rocks in the hope of finding a stray spider or two.

A Pawnee Boy Climbs Higher
Willard GORTON Goes to Philippines as Chief Engineer of Irrigation
The following, from the Richfield, Idaho Recorder, tells the story of a Pawnee boy's success. The friends of his parents, himself and wife, will share with him the pleasure of his promotion. His brother, Eddy GORTON, already holds a high position in an important branch of government service in the Philippines. The two boys graduated from the University of Oklahoma at the head of their classes. The Richfield Recorder says:
"Mr. Willard L. GORTON, for the last two years chief engineer of the Idaho Irrigation Company, will leave the company employ December 1st, to accept the position of chief irrigation engineer for the Phillipine Islands. He will sail for Manilla, December 18th, to take up his new work. This is probably the next to the best position in the whole reclamation service of the United States, the only better one being the head of the department in this country. It is one of the opportunities that come to but few men - and then only for merit rather than for political reward or prestige. Mr. GORTON was in the government employ prior to coming here, making a good record. when the position of assistant engineer for the Phillipipines was left vacant, he was recommended, and appointed by the bureau of insular affairs. But he was promoted even before going to accept the assistant place and will now be in full charge of a great institution. Coming entirely unsolicited, the appointment is especially gratifying. Mr. GORTON's reputation as an engineer and as a capable man of affairs is it's own warrant for his selection to so responsible a position.
With all the tropic rainfall in the Philippines, the Recorder editor saw 14 inches of rainfall in one day in Manila in 1899-there is great need for irrigation there and Mr. GORTON will have ample field for all his industry and ability."

Local News:

A darkey attempted to steal a hat from Gus MARX on Monday afternoon, and when detected he struck out for the Black Bear bottoms, hotly pursued by Jim TEFFETELLER, acting Marshall, and one or two onlookers. The negro was corralled and taken before Judge STERLING, who gave him the regular $5 and costs fine. He dug up all but 50 cents, and has lost his taste for that kind of hat.

Rev. Jesse CARNEY, of Jennings, was in this city between trains Monday, en route to Perkins, Oklahoma, where will hold meetings this week.

Attorney Stanley EDMISTER of Cleveland, was transacting business in this city Monday morning.

Mr. W.S. TUCKER made a business trip to Mannford Friday.

Joe ESAU, a Pawnee Indian, was arrested yesterday by Sheriff MARSHALL for illegal association with a dissolute white woman, and was given a sentence of thirty days in jail and fined $10 plus costs. The woman was ordered to leave town.

Mrs. Ida RISEHARD went to Skedee yesterday, for a short visit with friends.

Last night, Miss Sadie MANNHEIMER entertained a few of the young ladies with whist in honor of Miss Stella TUCKER. The highest number of points was made by Miss TUCKER. Those present were: Misses Ethel MATHERS, Bess VANDERVOORT, Orchid GRAVES, Grace ROACH, Stella TUCKER, Nellie GRIMES, Pearl CATLETT, Florence CLARK, Maude NELSON, Lurline DANEY, Erma KRAUSS, Mayme BURFORD, Garnett LILLIE, Tan BADGER, and Berta BUSHORR.

Miss Ethel BERRY was operated on this week for appendicitis at Buffalo Park Sanatorium, and is getting along nicely.

Col. E. WALTERS - Public Sale Calendar

A.C. LANCASTER sale - November 24 - 1/2 mile north of Skedee.

J.T. FROST sale - November 27 - 7 miles east of Pawnee.

Berl UPSHAW sale - November 29 - 2 miles east of Blackburn.

Advertised Letters:
Advertised letter list for week ending November 23, 1911:
BASS, Earnest (2)
COBB, Moses
DUNHAM, Nancy E.
ROSS, Doris (2)
When calling for the above, please say Advertised. L.N. BUSHORR, Post Master

Stove Repairs of All Kind
I rebuild steel ranges when they rust out, fit any stove with a grate, clean gasoline stoves and repair sewing machines. Satisfaction guaranteed. Will be here three months. Headquarters at WEISZ Brothers Grocery - Phone 62. All work done at your home - H.M. BRENEFIELD

Sunrise Prayer Meeting
The United Society of Christian Young People will test the loyalty of the people of Pawnee with a sunrise prayer meeting Thanksgiving morning at the Christian Church. Everyone is heartily urged to be present and don't forget the hour is 6:30 a.m. - Leydon FLAUGHER, Leader.

Marriage License:
Thomas Long WEAVER, Pawnee; Emma B. BALDWIN, Pawnee
Jesse Burr COPE, Cleveland; Era KINIKIN, Cleveland
James W. BOWDEN, Jennings; Lula BERRY, Yale

Two Lucky Ones
Ralph TIPTON, living north of Pawnee, drew the new suit of clothes at LIEBENHEIM's on Saturday, November 2, and F.W. TILLOCK, of Keystone, was the lucky man on Saturday, November 11. Both gentlemen are highly pleased with the $15.00 suit of clothes furnished them free, and each made additional purchases.

Plead Guilty
George BEAVERS and Tom MURPHY, two Pawnee Indians, plead guilty in the Justice's court Monday for being drunk. The were fined ten dollars and costs and George BEAVERS was released with a bond.

Indian Jewelry
Mrs. E.G. GRAY has quite an assortment of Indian jewelry which she has been selling on behalf of the Navajo Indians in New Mexico, in furtherance of the missionary work among these people. In the assortment are quaint and rare specimens of Indian handicraft, worked into rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. They make desirable Christmas gifts, especially where they are sent to your eastern friends. The prices are very reasonable, considering the scarcity of this kind of work.

Notice To Creditors
We realize that this has been a hard season on farmers and laborers, but remember that makes it just as hard on the merchants. We have quite a good many accounts outstanding, and must settle our own obligations. So all parties knowing themselves indebted to PEARSON & Son will please call and settle in the next thirty days. Thanking you for past favors, we are yours, very respectfully. PEARSON & Son

A party of Pawnee citizens left for the Osage country last Sunday to enjoy a week's hunt in the hills. The party consisted of Dr. WELLER, Judge LISCUM, Al JUSTICE, Charley BUZAN, City Marshal BARNES, Ed KELLY and a cook. We look for some great stories when the crown comes back, and possibly some game.

On last Wednesday afternoon, occurred a pretty little wedding at the county judge's office, the contracting parties being James W. BOWDEN, of Jennings, and Miss Lulu BERRY, of Yale, Rev. A.H. MARSDEN officiating. Miss Genevieve SHADEK and Orville BERRY, brother of the bride, accompanied them to Pawnee. Mr. and Mrs. BOWDEN will live on their farm near Jennings.

Episcopal Church - Rev. Arthur H. MARSDEN

November 30, 1911

Drowned In Caney
Charles DUGGER, deputy sheriff of Osage County, was drowned one night last week while attempting to cross the Caney River after night. He missed the ford, which zigzags its way across, and drove into fifteen feet of water, drowning himself and team. Mr. DUGGER was formerly a resident of Pawnee, and will be remembered by many of the older citizens.

Making Shriners
A group of Masons went to Tulsa Monday night to participate in the work of iniating a large class into the mysteries of the Shriner's degree. The party from Pawnee was composed of C.E. VANDERVOORT, Cecil JAY, Frank HUDSON, A.H. MARSDEN, Dr. MOORE, Ed KELLY, Charles GRAHAM, J.H. DAVIS, and W.H. TURNER.

Identified Ben CRAVENS
S.M. DUNN, who years ago ran a country store at Lela and now resides on a farm near there, was in Pawnee Saturday. He came over to have a talk with Hon. B.S. MCGUIRE. Mr. DUNN was one of the men who went to Jefferson County, Missouri, recently to help identify Ben CRAVENS, who was confined in the Missouri penitentiary under another name. DUNN knew CRAVENS well, both in Chantauqua County, Kansas, and while running his store at Lela, and he feels certain the prisoner, now confined in Guthrie, is CRAVENS.

On Wednesday the 29th at 2:30 p.m., Rev. INGRAHAM performed the mystic ceremony that united in wedlock Mr. Arthur HOOPER and Miss Bessie SAPP, of Pawnee. Mr. HOOPER is a prosperous young farmer, full of hustling energy, and the bride is handsome and popular. They will go to housekeeping at once on the Floyd THOMPSON farm.


Mr. and Mrs. R.H. DEMOTT, of Independence, Kansas, came last Thursday for a visit with Mrs. Rebecca REEVES and other relatives in this city.

Miss Gertrude HANN, a former teacher of music in our city schools, but now a teacher in a musical college in Oklahoma City, came last evening and will spend Thanksgiving with friends in Pawnee.

Mrs. E.M. CLARK, state president of the W.R.C., is expected home tonight. She has been away for about six weeks inspecting the work of the W.R.C. all over the state.

Mr. and Mrs. James HUDSON, Mrs. BADGER, Mrs. TUCKER and little daughter, Mrs. Nellie SAUNDERS and Mrs. BERRY, all went to Stillwater, Sunday, to attend the lecture given by Mr. Clarence EATON on Christian Science.

Mrs. Chas. COOK, who has been taking treatment in the Buffalo Park Sanatorium, for the past week, returned to Fairfax, yesterday.

Borrowing money isn't a disgrace, but sometimes it is a necessity, and it well to go where you can get the best terms. See Miss Mollie MEURER.

Neighborhood News Notes:

Quay Quibbles

What might have been a serious accident was averted by the presence of mind of Carl LUTHER at the cotton gin here last Saturday afternoon. A fire broke out in the gin, and in trying to put it out, Mr. LUTHER put his head into the press and when he began to fall, he reached up to catch at something, as one will when they are falling, and caught hold of the lever that works the press up and down. It struck him on the neck and would have choked him to death had he not held it up with his arm, till help came. The result is that he has a very stiff neck and a sear or two on his face. The damage by fire was very slight, owing to the quick work of the employees.

W.L. BAILEY of Indiana, who owns the farm on which the stone school house stands northeast of town, was in Quay last week, looking after his rent.

Verne STOCKER took a little trip to Kansas the latter part of last week, accompanying Miss Stella WARNOCK as far as Strong City.

R.L. BROCKMAN of Yale, was in town last Monday on business.

We are having our first blizzard of the season on Monday afternoon, as these items are being written. It reminds me of the winter days of Kansas, a good many years ago.

The tranquility of our little town has been considerably disturbed during the past week by a lot of gossip, which has been circulating around. We do not know who is responsible for the start of such things, but whoever it is had better be sure they know what they are talking about, and can prove their assertions. Women usually have the name of being guilty of most of the gossip that is afloat, but we are inclined to think that there are men in this place who are bigger gossips than any woman we ever heard of. When men have nothing else to occupy their time and minds but to sit in a group around the stove of a country store and chew, smoke, spit tobacco juice, and spin vulgar yarns, till the very atmosphere is repulsive to one of refinement and culture, it is high time something was being done toward a work of reform. Although this item does not refer to any particular one, we hope a hint to the wise will be sufficient. A little over a year ago, an item occurred in this column about the town knocker and one person boiled over with rage, and took it all to himself. The shoe certainly fit, or it would not have made such a stir. Anyway, the item had the desired effect. If the readers of this column hear of anyone boiling over with anger about the gossip herein mentioned, just make up your mind they are guilty. Let each one do all they can to make our little town what it should be, and free from all things that have a tendency to degrade and tear down the character of others.

Mr. and Mrs. Sig CANTREL visited with their daughter, Mrs. Noah HORNER, of Yale, Sunday.

The Rebekah Lodge of this place dropped in on Mrs. J.M. STOCKER last Friday night and gave her a genuine surprise party. It was Mrs. STOCKER's birthday, but we are not informed which one. All report a pleasant time.

The second basketball team of Quay (boys) went to Yale last Friday afternoon and played a game with the team of that place. The score was 16 to 17 in favor of Yale. Prof REED of the Yale High School, paid our boys a compliment by saying they were outmatched in size and not in playing.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard SENFT came in from their farm Saturday night by Rev. INGRAHAM's, and will visit with Mrs. E.L. SENFT till Sunday afternoon.


S.M. FUGATE, one of Pawnee county's modern farmers, was in town on business, Tuesday.

E.T. RAMEY, our efficient real estate man was in Oklahoma City on business this week.

Mrs. TIFFANY was hostess to the annual open tea of the Ladies Aid of the M.E. Church, Friday afternoon, which invariably has interesting and instructive meetings.

Mr. W.E. CANFIELD, of Yale, was a business visitor here Friday.

E.B. HAM, and son, Everett, were Pawnee visitors, Friday.

Mr. Geo. SCHROEDER made a business trip to Pawnee, Friday.

The Prairie Oil and Gas Company will begin drilling a new well on the MCINTYRE place this week.

The Hunter's Boy Class of the Congregational Sunday school, were entertained at 6:00 dinner at the home of their teacher, Mrs. Sylvia CARMICHAEL, last Saturday. The evening was spent in games and music.

Cleveland Clippings

Rev. A.R. DAVIS, pastor of the Christian Church, has been quite sick several days this week, threatened with pneumonia.

Mr. and Mrs. A. WEISZ came over from Pawnee and spent Sunday night with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. HYDEN.

Daniel KELLY, of Marietta, was in the city this week, visiting an old friend, Mr. A.M. RICHARDS.

Miss Orchid GRAVES left Monday for a week's visit at Pawnee, the guest of Miss Stella TUCKER.

R.A. SHEPHERD, of the SHEPERD meat market, who has been at Pawnee in the sanatorium for some time, came over Friday for a few days' stay with his family, returning to Pawnee, on Monday.

Rev. and Mrs. C.T. HUDNAIL, who have been making Cleveland their home for the past year, left Tuesday for White Horse, where they intend to reside in the future.

Frank ARNOLD, living southeast of town, was accidentally shot last week by quail hunters. Several shots were extracted from his face, but he had to be taken to Oklahoma City, where his right eye was removed.

Blackburn Items

A letter received by Jno. CARTER last week announces the birth of a 9-pound girl at the home of Alva CARTER and wife in Chicago. John is becoming quite a "numerous uncle."

Mr. ARNETT, who is well know throughout this section as a sawmill man, is setting up a mill on Al HUSTON's place, preparatory to converting some of Al's big timber into lumber and stove wood.

J.D. MILLER and family came in the last of the week from Carney, and are now at home in their Blackburn property. This is another good family that has come back.

Elmer MEANS continues to improve steadily. His fever is broken and the work of building up has begun. While he is still very weak, with the care he is receiving, there is little doubt but that he will be up and around in due time. He has much for which to be thankful and he realizes it.

Miss Minnie JOHNSON went to Hominy, Sunday the 26th for an extended visit with her sister, Mrs. John BOLTON.

Chas. and Roy CHILCOTE spent last Sunday evening with Mr. Fred REEVES.

Miss Mae BROWN, daughter of Mrs. and Mrs. J.L. BROWN, was married to Mr. Frank PEARSON, of Blackburn, the 25th.

Maramec Musings

Earl DECKER left Monday for Blackwell, Oklahoma.

H.E. REDDING and family spent Sunday on the farm as a guest of Millard KLINE and family.

We understand that I.M. KENNY purchased a farm while in Arkansas, and thinks he got quite a bargain.

Miss Lena REDDING spent from Saturday night till Tuesday morning visiting friends at Cushing.

Mr. THOMAS, southeast of town, is improving the looks of his residence with a new coat of paint.

A number of young folks gave Miss Francis WALTERS a surprise party last Friday night.

Advertised Letters:
CHISM, Walter
CLARK, Gladys

Public Sale
Having sold my farm, and as I am going away I will sell at public auction at my place, 7 miles south and 1 west of Pawnee, 6 miles due east of Glencoe, 8 miles west of Maramec, 2 miles west and 1-2 south of Lone Chimney, on Tuesday, December 5, 1911, beginning at 10:00 a.m., the following described property towit:
Six head of horses, 22 head of cattle, 8 pigs, household goods, feed, 100 fence posts, 1 Star Empire cotton separator, 1 55-gallon oil tank with pump, and other articles.
free lunch at noon.
G.W. BROWN, Owner
N.H. SWALLEY, Auctioneer

December 7, 1911

An Invitation Affair
As foreshadowed in our last issue, and in answer to fifty special invitations sent out, about twenty Democrats assembled in County Attorney COLE's office last Friday night to discuss matters more or less personal and political. It was intended as a strictly invitation affair, and we understand each "invite" urged the importance of an R.S.V.P. though two or three, rugged in their simple faith, R.S.V.P.'d without any invitation. County Attorney COLE was not present being absent in Missouri. We have been told that County Clerk SHOEMAKER was master of ceremonies, and that a more or less desultory discussion was indulged in by two or three in an effort to stir up enthusiasm over prospects for next year. Judge MCNEILL, having had some experience and being of a more practical turn of mind, tossed a dollar to the pseudo boss, with the suggestion that some cigars be furnished. If anything of great importance was done, it was after the uninvited guests made their departure. As time goes on, it may be deemed advisable to widen the scope of inquiry and increase the number of communicants.

Arrested On Suspicion
A young man giving the name of C.A. LEROY was a lodger in the city jail a few days this week, under suspicion of being a horse thief. He arrived in town on horseback Monday, and at once began trying to sell the horse he was riding. He tried this at several places, but being unable to make a deal, he then tried to pawn the animal for a small sum. City Marshall LANNING was notified and, after questioning the young man, took him into custody.
The young man did not seem to have much knowledge of the country where he claimed to have lived, nor through which he would have had to reach here. His anxiety to get rid of the horse led to his detention. The city marshall telegraphed back over the route, and was instructed by two parties to hold him for identification, but up to Thursday afternoon, nothing further had been learned. Cleveland Enterprise.

Residence Sold
Yesterday morning T.R. NEWBY sold his residence to Arthur Peter, possession to be given not sooner than January 15. In the transfer, Mr. NEWBY reserves ninety-five feet of the east end of this property, on which he will build a new residence some time next spring, Mr. Peter buying but eighty feet. Since the death of the daughter, the present residence is larger than is needed for Mr. and Mrs. NEWBY, hence their willingness to sell and build anew.

A Golden Wedding
Mr. and Mrs. James H. HALE and family will leave next Saturday for Yates Center, Kansas, to attend the golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Allen HALE, which will be celebrated on Monday, December 11, 1911. The elderly couple, who have spanned a half century in wedded bliss, are the parents of Mr. HALE, and still enjoying good health. The home coming and family reunion is looked forward to with much pleasure by all of them.

Two Children Burned To Death
Tragic Fate of Two Little Ones Whose Parents Were In Cotton Field
One mile north and four miles east of Ripley, in the log house of W.H. CANFIELD, in Cimarron Township, about 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon, his two youngest children, Earl, aged 6, and Ralph, aged 2, were burned to death while their parents were in the cotton field.
Mr. and Mrs. CANFIELD and their 12 year old daughter, Hazel, were picking cotton at a distance of about a quarter of a mile from the house, when they discovered it in flames. The had left the two little boys alone in the house, and in a frenzy of anxiety they ran to the blazing house. Hastening through the rough cotton bushes, their clothing was almost torn from their bodies in the run. CANFIELD, naturally outstripped his wife and daughter in the race to rescue the little ones.
The house was a substantial log structure, with a loft, which was reached by an open stairway from the living room. Making his way into the blazing house, choked by smoke and blinded by flame, CANFIELD called to his boys and made a frenzied search for them. The worst of the fire was overhead, and he was able to search every corner of the lower part of the house, and even to strip the covering from the beds, but he found no trace of them.
While the agonized father was still engaged in this frantic search, the floor of the loft came tumbling in upon him, and the charred bodies of his little boys came with it. It is supposed they were playing with matches in the loft, and thus set fire to the house. Stillwater Gazette

Marriage Licenses
Harry L. GURNEY, Julia CHECK, Cleveland
Tony C. JESTER, Rocky, Oklahoma; Verda E. STEWART, Yale
Angel MEDINA, Lenn, Mexico; Mrs. Julia BARONE, Pawnee

Local News:

Mrs. J.F. BARTHOLOMEW went to Cleveland Monday for a few days visit with her sister, Mrs. Clyde PULSE.

Blaine JUDY, who is attending the University at Norman this year, spent Thanksgiving with his mother.

Miss Mildred WITCRAFT returned to her home in Fairfax, Sunday evening, after a short visit here with relatives.

Miss Lurline DANEY spent her Thanksgiving vacation in Tulsa with Mr. and Mrs. Val Jean BIDDISON and other friends.

Mrs. Jennie LIVINGSTON, the Grand Matron of the State of Oklahoma, was here Monday to visit the Eastern Star of Pawnee.

Mrs. G.W. LYNCH, who has been visiting with her daughter, Mr. C.G. GATES, returned to her home in Avant, Oklahoma, Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. SAPP, who have resided near this city for some time, left Monday for Fairfax, where they expect to make their future home.

Glen SHEPLER, who is attending school at Stillwater, spent Thanksgiving with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.D. SHEPLER.

Mrs. E. STOUT of Glencoe, went to Fischer today for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. BLANCHARD.

Miss Katherine LOUTHAN, of Guthrie, is here this week visiting at the home of Ed LOUTHAN and B. BARNES.

Dr. L.H. SHAFFER, son of Rev. and Mrs. SHAFFER of this city, left Tuesday, for an extended visit in Chicago.

Miss Zula THOMAS of Chanute, Kansas, arrived in the city on Thanksgiving day for a visit with her sister, Mrs. George SOULSBY and father.

Mr. and Mrs. Thos. PICKERILL, who have been visiting with her sister, Mr. J.H. STERLING for a few days, went to Wichita, Friday, for a visit with relatives for a short time, and will then return to their home at Hutchinson, Kansas.

Mrs. DWIRE of Denver, Colorado, who has been visiting with relatives in this city for some time, went to Arkansas City, Wednesday for a visit with her sister.

Miss Ollie MARRS, who has been visiting her cousin, Jack BUCHANAN, for some weeks, was called to her home in Okmulgee, this morning, on account of the serious illness of her mother.

Mrs. Ben D. STAFFORD, who has been visiting in Stillwater for several days, was in this city Monday visiting with Mrs. C.A. HANN, before returning to her home in Tulsa.

Mr. and Mrs. John CATLETT of Tulsa, spent Thanksgiving in Pawnee with her mother, brothers and sisters. Mrs. CATLETT returned to Tulsa, Tuesday morning.

Socially Speaking:

Miss Pauline DAVIS entertained a few of her friends Friday at a six o'clock dinner, in honor of Misses Ailene QUARLES and Gertrude GRAVITT, of Fairfax.

The Moderation Club gave a dance at the Skating Rink last Wednesday evening. There were about thirty-six present and all had a very enjoyable time.
After the dance at the rink, Wednesday night, a supper was given at the CATLETT home in honor of Miss Nell GRIMES, who will leave soon for her home in Missouri. Those present were Misses Bess VANDERVOORT, Tan BADGER, Erma KRAUS, Nell GRIMES, Pearl CATLETT, Sadie NANHEIMER, Grace ROACH, and Messrs. Roy BERRY, Ed CATLETT, Ed VANDERVOORT, Wayne NELLIS, Merle MENTZER, Max JAY and Clyde LAKE, of Pawhuska, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil JAY, and Mesdames A.V. HARRISON, and Frank PHILLIPS.

A few of the young people were entertained at the home of Miss Pauline DAVIS last Saturday evening. The evening was spent playing high five.

Mr. and Mrs. N.E. NEIL gave a family Thanksgiving dinner at their home. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Frank ADAMS and Dorothy, of Stillwater; Mrs. Allen ADAMS, Stella and Marjory of Yale, Mrs. W.E. ADAMS, Rosco; Mr. and Mrs. C.R. ADAMS and Arthur NEWLIN, of Tulsa; also Mr. and Mrs. John FREEMAN of Yale.

The Sorosis Club meets with Mrs. E.G. GRAY this afternoon.

The Ladies Aid of the Presbyterian Church met at the home of Mrs. G.E. MERRITT, last Tuesday afternoon.

The P.E.O. will meet with Mrs. Frank SHOEMAKER Friday afternoon at the usual hour.

The Five Hundred Club spent a pleasant evening with Miss Ethel MATHERS, Monday. For the highest score made during the game, the club prize was given to Miss Ruth MANNHEIMER. Delicious refreshments were served at the close of the evening. Miss Grace COX will be hostess next Monday evening.

The Young Ladies Missionary Guild of the Presbyterian Church met at the home of Mis Pansy SLOCUM Monday evening. The following officers were elected: Christina MONTGOMERY, President; Florence CLARK, Vice-President; Bertha BUSHORR, Secretary and Lorena WISWELL, Treasurer.

On last Friday evening the Freshmen Class were entertained at the home of Fred ROCK. The rooms were beautifully decorated in the Freshmen colors, which are purple and white. The evening was pleasantly spent in playing various games, after which refreshments were served to the following: Goldie STITCH, Pearl LAKE, Hazel MALLORY, Mollie LICHENHEIM, Ruth COFFEY, Florence WHEELER, Mollie HORTON, Myrtle PATTERSON, Lois ROCK, Mattie and Fern BOLTON, Edna MCGEE, Jewell BAUSELL, Fred ROCK, Ray BELLEW, Myron MARX, Leon BUSHORR, Frank BYBEE, Morval ALLEN, Floyd TEEGARDEN, Stanley SMITH and Roy SLOCUM.

Women's Christian Temperance Union
The meeting will be held at the residence of Mrs. BIDDISON Friday afternoon, December 15. Devotional exercises will be led by Mrs. Florence SMITH, Paper by Mrs. BIDDISON "Temperance Training At Home", followed by discussion led by Mrs. BUSHORR and Mrs. SWALLEY; Duet by Mrs. JUDY and Mrs. WEBBER; Recitation by Armina MARSHALL. Let every member be present and bring a friend.

The Lucky Ones
Arthur SOUSLEY drew the lucky number at the LIEBENHEIM drawing on Saturday, November 25, and George SOULSBY was the lucky one for last Saturday, December 2. Each man is entitled to a $15 suit of clothes or overcoat. Some man is lucky every Saturday night. Joe LIEBENHEIM - Pawnee's Exclusive Clothier.

For Trade: Good piece of residence property to trade for farm. Frank HUDSON

December 14, 1911

Better Late Than Never
Mr. and Mrs. John MOHNEY of Blackburn, report the arrival of the finest little girl in the world, at their home last Sunday morning, and there's no holding John. He steadfastly refused to yield to the charms of womanhood until two years ago, when, at the age of 58, be began life right by taking a wife. We congratulate the happy couple on their good fortune.

W.A. HOWEL, a farmer living on the Elmer LAMB place, received word Tuesday evening that a son, Winnie M. HOWELL, had fallen from a building in Marion, Arkansas, and had been killed almost instantly. He was a prosperous young man, and well thought of in the community, and his bereaved parents have the sympathy of their friends in their sorrow.

Both Legs Broken
Sunday afternoon, while Mr. and Mrs. Fred LAUENER, who live west of town three miles, were returning home from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Carl HARBISON, when their team of three-year-old colts began to play while being driven, and in so doing, one of them kicked over the buggy tongue, and this caused the other one to become frightened and in so doing Mr. and Mrs. LAUENER and little girl were thrown out of the rig. In the mixup, Mrs. LAUENER had the misfortune to have her left leg broken between the knee and ankle, and the right leg broken just above the knee. She also received other minor injuries. Mr. LAUENER and little girl received a number of small bruises and scratches, but none serious. Physicians were called at once and Mrs. LAUENER's limbs attended to. At present writing, she is resting easy with chances for her recovery. Jennings News.

December 21, 1911

Quay Quibbles

Miss JUDY and the pupils of room No. 3 will give an entertainment at the school house Monday night, December 25th. they have made great preparation for this program and anticipate a very pleasant time.

Miss Mary HOKE went to Stillwater last Saturday, where she is visiting this week with her sister, Rhoda, and brother, Mack.

Mrs. Dr. SANDS arrived last Friday night from Capron, Oklahoma, and she and the Dr. are making their home for the present at the ROOT Hotel. The doctor has decided to locate here and we welcome them among us.

The spelling bee at the school house last Monday night resulted in a victory for the patrons of the district. Mr. John HOSKINS proved to be the champion speller for the evening. The next bee will be on Thursday night, December 28th. The school and patrons of this district are feeling so good over the way they spell, that they are contemplating giving Yale a challenge.

W.S. SIMMONS and wife were bidding their friends good bye at their sale, south of town, last week. They will probably go to Iowa and spend the winter. In the spring, they will go to Idaho, where they will make their future home. Mr. and Mrs. SIMMONS are very estimable old people, and we are sorry to lose them from our community.

Harry JONES, of Stillwater, has been stocking up with horses, etc., preparatory to moving back to his farm in the near future. We will be glad to have the JONES family in the neighborhood once more. they have been in Stillwater for the past three years.

W.F. FORD, Jr. and family, Willie and Katie SIMMONS, left last Monday for Idaho, which state they will call their home in the future.

Lloyd CANNON continues quite ill and the doctors have pronounced his disease appendicitis. It is sincerely hoped he will pull through without an operation.

Mae COINER, Minnie STOCKER, and Earl STOCKER, all of this place, attended the teacher's association in Pawnee, Saturday.

J.M. STOCKER and W.A. STOCKER were in Pawnee, Saturday on business.

Mr. HARRIET of Yale, was calling on Mr. and Mrs. J.W. HARRISON last Sunday.

W.T. BEELER returned this week from Comanche County, where he went to look after land interests.

Harry ADAMS, who used to teach at the school house northeast of town, was a guest at the VOLGER home last week.

A group of young people met last week to form a Christian group. Officers elected: Ethel JUDY, President; Leola BROCK, Secretary; Roy HOKE, Assistant Secretary; Miss VERMILLION, Treasurer.

Noah HORNER and family were up from Yale last Sunday, visiting with relatives.

Albert and Verne STOCKER rode to Ponca City last week, for the purpose of trying to dispose of their horses.

Sig CANTREL is the new mail carrier.

Floyd HORNER, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. A.T. HORNER, is quite ill this week with tonsillitis.

Prof. and Mrs. KENYON, Roy HOKE, Everett HOSKINS, Marble HOSKINS, and Edna ROOT, spent last Sunday out in the country at the home of L.W. HAUSER. All report a jolly time.

Hellroaring Items:

James WILLIAMS and wife, formerly of this neighborhood, have moved to Cleveland, where they have rented a hotel.

Mr. G.C. THOMAS spent Sunday with Mr. WHITE and family.

The Socialists held their semi-monthly meeting last Sunday evening. Mr. LAIRD spoke.

William MYNEAR and family spent Sunday with Mrs. MYNEAR's father, Mrs. FREEZE.

W.M. BARBER and wife spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. TATRO.

There was a party at WADLOW's residence last Wednesday night, attended by a merry making crowd of the most popular young people of the neighborhood.

R.F.D. No. 1

Roy CONRAD, who has been to Pueblo, Colorado, for three months, returned home Thursday. He reports a good time.

Mr. Corliss HOWELL spent Sunday evening at the REESE home.

Mary and Nora RIDDLE, Nellie HUMPHREY and Messrs. Bill CAVANOR, Art NUTTLE, Eddie and Henry RIDDLE, and Arthur HUMPHREY, made a short call at the ROWDEN home Sunday night.

Maramec Musing:

Uncle Johny RHODES is on the sick list this week. He is reported some better now, but was in serious condition the first of the week.

County Superintendent STROSNIDER of Pawnee, was in Maramec the latter part of last week, looking after the schools in and near here.

Mrs. Frank SELF left Tuesday for a visit with relatives in Hutchinson, Kansas.

J.E. NEWELL, cashier of the Citizens State Bank of Skedee, was in our city on business, Tuesday.

Cady and wife from Olewein, Iowa, are visiting their relatives, Earl POND and Wm. H. ADLER and family.

Notice of final settlement:
Fred BRADER, administrator of the estate of Gerhard BRADER, deceased
R.C. JONES, administrator of the estate of J.H. LAWRENCE, deceased
A.C. HALL, administrator of the estate of E.M. HALL, deceased
C.D. JAY, administrator of the estate of Canada C. CURTIS, deceased
A.M. RICHARDS, administrator of the estate of William SCOTT, deceased
Attest: Fred S. LISCUM, County Judge.

December 28, 1911

At the home of the bride's parents, near Quay, on December 23, 1911, occurred the pretty home wedding of Mr. C.R. KERR of this city, and Miss Nellie WITTICH, one of Pawnee's most popular young ladies. The event has been expected for some weeks, for there are solemn secrets that always become known, and their many friends in this community extend the sincerest congratulations and best wishes. Mr. KERR is foreman of this office, which of itself, is a testimonial of his fitness and character, but his selection as a life mate by such a charming critic leaves nothing more to be desired. They will make their home in Pawnee.

On Christmas day, occurred a pretty little wedding at the MCQUAIN home, the contracting parties being Miss Flora Edna MCQUAIN of this city, and Mr. Fred S. PEARSON of Stillwater, Rev. E.C. SLOAN officiating. It was a very quiet affair, the immediate relatives and friends being the only guests. Mr. and Mrs. PEARSON left the next day for Stillwater, where they will reside.

A Christmas Mating
On Christmas day at 12:00 Mrs. Clyde E. SHAW of Dexter, Kansas, and Mrs. Lillie BEECRAFT, of Maramec, were united in the bonds of wedlock at the home of the bride's parents, Mrs. Homer DEAN. Rev. INGRAHAM performed the ceremony. There were about a score of relatives present, and all partook of a bounteous Christmas dinner.

Pound Party
A pound party is to be given at Stony Point school house on Wednesday, January 3, 1912, for the benefit of the "Boraea Fraternity" of Stony Point. All the men and boys are requested to bring at least one pound of eatables, which will be sold to the ladies at the highest bid. Everybody is cordially invited to attend. Byron SCOTT, Secretary.

Family Gathering
A family gathering was held at the home of B. MUSGROVE on Christmas day. There were present: J.L. MUSGROVE and son, of Sabetha, Kansas; A.J. MUSGROVE and wife of Okfusee, Oklahoma; Martin MUSGROVE and wife of Ralston; Lewis MUSGROVE of Bartlesville; and Ben MUSGROVE of Ralston. They made a happy group and enjoyed themselves for two day, returning to their homes with the intention of assembling again next Christmas.

Serious Accident:
Yesterday morning, Mrs. W.S. THAYER of Fairfax, was brought to Buffalo Park sanatorium, suffering from a gasoline explosion, which may cost her her life. Mrs. THAYER, as we understand the circumstances, had gone to a neighbor's house to help and while there started to build a fire. One of the children had brought out a can of gasoline and placed it where the coal oil can always had been. Mrs. THAYER, intending to put coal oil on the fire, instead put on gasoline, which exploded and burned her fiercely. A child called to her that she was taking the wrong can, but she was slightly deaf and failed to hear. Accompanied by Dr. PRENTISS, Mrs. THAYER was brought to Buffalo Park Sanatorium at once. Mrs. THAYER died later this morning, and her remains were shipped to Fairfax, this afternoon.

Stove Explodes
The explosion of gas in a coal stove last Monday, somewhat spoiled the joys of Christmas for Pastor BURDICK, of the Presbyterian Church. The gas in the stove ignited while Mr. BURDICK was adjusting the shake in the grate and the blast of fire and embers struck him in the face at close range, badly burning his face and eyes, and filling the eyes with hot ashes and coals. Dr. WELLER was called and administered cocaine and removed the cinders from the eyes. Though the accident was bad enough, the eyesight is unimpaired, and Rev. BURDICK will be able to attend to duties again in a few days.

Never Too Late
A license was issued to B.F. PROCTOR, aged 83, and Mrs. Nancy C. TOMPKINS, aged 53, on Tuesday of this week, and they were married yesterday by Rev. A.H. MARSDEN. Mr. PROCTOR says his first marriage license, issued 59 years ago, cost but $1.00, while this one cost $3.00 - but Judge LISEUM told him to come back in 39 years, and he could have a third license free. Mr. and Mrs. PROCTOR will make their home on his farm, north of town.

Card of Thanks
On behalf of myself, the nurses and patients at Buffalo Park Sanatorium, I desire to thank the Pawnee National Bank and the Episcopal Church of this city for donations of flowers on Christmas day for the Sanatorium. Such thoughtfulness is deeply appreciated. Wm. M. MOORE

Just a Word
If you are in need of a stove or range, come and see us. We are closing out our ranges at cost. Come and look them over before you buy. PEARSON & Son

Methodist Church - G.C. SHAFFER, Pastor

At the Christian Church - Rev. R.A. STALEY of Elk City, will fill the pulpit next Sunday.

Presbyterian Church - C.A. BURDICK, Pastor

Local News:

Arthur LAKE spent Christmas with his parents near Casey.

A Jersey cow for sale. Frank WALSH

Mrs. Lee TAULBEE, of Skedee, was shopping in this city yesterday.

Charles BERRY, of Norman, is here this week, the guest of Charles SHAPARD.

Joseph REGAN of Kansas City, is here this week, greeting old time friends.

Mrs. Bert JONES left yesterday for Newkirk, where she will visit her sister.

Howard WILSON, who spent Christmas with his parents, left Tuesday for Kansas City.

Miss Anna STEINBACH spent Christmas at Stillwater, with her friend, Miss Glen SETTLE.

Dr. PRENTISS and Judge HUBLER, of Fairfax, were transacting business in this city yesterday.

Mrs. Ben FRIEDMAN, of Cleveland, was here this week visiting with her niece, Mrs. Arthur WEISZ.

Charles WILSON, of St. Louis, is here spending the holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.C. WILSON.

Mrs. BRIGGS of Stafford, Kansas, who has been visiting at the C.C. WILSON home, returned home Wednesday.

Bill KING, a well known cattle man in this county, died at his home this morning in Ralston, death resulting from peritonitis.

Mr. and Mrs. C.C. MEEKER, east of Pawnee, lost a young daughter yesterday. Funeral services are being held this afternoon, Rev. INGRAHAM officiating. We were unable to learn the cause or other particulars of this death, but extend sincere sympathy to the bereaved family.

Ed CATLETT went to Yale last Saturday night to look after matters connected with the KATZ store in that town.

The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. George A. TROTTER, will be glad to learn that Mrs. TROTTER, who has been a patient at Buffalo Park Sanatorium for some time, is steadily improving. At the time of entering this institution her condition was such that hope for her recovery was very slight, which makes her promised return to health most welcome.

Marriage Licenses:
Riley L. NEWTON, Hallett; Eva WITT, Hallett
Howard H. HINSHAW, Jennings; May JOHNSON, Terlton
Perry M. ROBINSON, Jennings; Ruby BURTON, Jennings
Thomas E. VERMILLION, Cleveland; Sarah A. LUCAS
Harold E. WISE, Stillwater; Lola A. DIXON, Stillwater
Lawrence E. BARRIER, Ralston; Elsie May DILLIE, Ralston
Reuben S. ANDERSON, Guymon; Victoria KIRKPATRICK, Stillwater
Herman L. LOCKART, McAlester; Vina Viola SMYTHE, Cleveland
Clyde Shaw DEXTER; Lille BECRAFT, Maramec
Bob MEADOWS, Hallett; Alma May KENDALL, Hallett
Fred S. PEARSON, Stillwater; Flora May MCQUAIN, Pawnee
Benjamen F. PROCTOR, Pawnee; Mrs. Nancy C. THOMPKINS, Pawnee
Arthur BERGER, Yale; Lillian BOTTS, Yale
Ashland H. PATRICK, Hallett; Sallie GOLLIFF, Hallett

Quay Quibbles:

Miss Vernie PROWANT arrived from Emporia, Kansas last Thursday night to spend her holiday vacation with home folks.

At the home of Mr. and Mrs. B.L. WITTICH, just south of town, last Saturday at noon, occurred the marriage of their daughter, Miss Nellie, to Mr. C.R. KERR of Pawnee, Rev. BEHR of Yale, officiating. The bride is well and favorably known in this community, having lived here the greater part of her life, but for the last five years, has been living in Pawnee, where she was a very popular saleslady. The groom is a successful newspaper man and is employed as foreman in the Times-Democrat office in Pawnee. The wedding was a quiet home affair with on one present outside of immediate relatives, except Miss Edith MILLER, Mr. Albert STOCKER, and Miss Ruth WITTICH, a sister of the bride, were the attendants. Mr. and Mrs. KERR left on Tuesday morning for Pawnee, where they will reside in the future. That their voyage on the sea of matrimony may be a successful and happy one, is the wish of their many friends in this community.

Mark and Roda HOKE are at home this week enjoying the Christmas vacation with home folks.

Allie ROOT of Tulsa, arrived last Saturday night and was the guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.E. ROOT, over Christmas.

Ed DOUGHTY came in last Friday morning from Wagner, and is looking after his mother at present.

We are informed that Pearl WITHAM and Bert PAYNE were united in marriage one day this week.

Miss LONG of Pawnee, came down last Saturday and was the guest of her brother, F.W. LONG over Christmas.

Mrs. BROCK and family and N.A. CUSTER went to Yale Christmas day and were guests of Mr. and Mrs. W.A. NORTHGRAVE for dinner.

Mr. and Mrs. V.R. WITTICH and little daughter, Grace, came over from Stillwater last Friday to attend the wedding of their niece, Miss Nellie WITTICH. They were guest of Mr. and Mrs. E.W. CRAVEN on Saturday.

Last Thursday morning, Dr. MOORE came down from Pawnee and made an examination of Lloy CANNON and recommended that he be removed to the Sanatorium at Pawnee. He was taken there that day, and has been improving ever since. It is now thought he can be brought home the latter part of this week.

A.T. HORNER and family went to Shafter last Sunday morning to spend Christmas with Mrs. HORNER's parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.B. WELLS.

Little Ralph WITTICH, who lives northwest of town, is quite ill this week with something akin to pneumonia.

J.V. FITZ was a Pawnee visitor Saturday.

Henry STAPLETON visited at the BROWN home, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. POTTER and family attended the Christmas tree lighting at Prosperity, Saturday night.

Mr. and Mrs. CREVELING visited at the BURG home Sunday.

Lizzie BRANDON, of Pawnee, is visiting with the LIVERGOOD girls this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Tyler ACRES and family, of Yale, are visiting with his brother and family, Mr. Bill ACRES.

Lillie and Jennie STAPLETON visited with the PLUMLEE girls Saturday

Charley and Marian NEMERICK attended the Christmas tree lighting last Saturday night.

Hell Roaring Items:

The literary Friday night was not well attending, owing to bad weather. It was the night of election, and the following officers were elected: H.C. KENLEY, President; Charlie FREEZE, Vice-President; Miss Bessie BROWN, Secretary and Treasurer; Misses Nora CONLEY and Kittie WHITE, Editors; Miss Alta BROWN, Assistant Editor.

Mr. BOWKER and Miss Maude WADLOW, both from this neighborhood, were married last week at the home of Rev. DUNKLBERGER, who resides near Hallett.

Death of T.C. ST.CLAIR
On last Thursday night, on his farm southeast of Terlton, Thomas C. St. CLAIR, a prosperous and highly respected citizen of this county, was overtaken by the angel of death in a most tragic manner. He and his farm hands had been busy during the day clearing away some timber on his land, and Mr. St. CLAIR had concluded to burn instead of chop one large tree, and so notified his helpers. In the afternoon he was attending to this tree himself, carrying brush to feed the fire. Owing to the cold, he was wearing ear muffs, which naturally dulled his hearing, and while engaged in his work, the tree suddenly collapsed, falling upon and crushing the unfortunate man. He was alone at the time, and was found by his wife, at about 6 o'clock in the evening, when she was returning from a neighbor's, she coming that way to walk to the house with her husband. He had been dead for some time, for the body was thoroughly cold.
Mr. St. Clair was a genial, whole souled man, a loving husband and father, a hard worker and a good provider. He had arrived at that point in life where he could begin to enjoy the fruits of his years of toil, and to take life easier. While he was about 65 years of age, he was rugged and hearty. With every promise of living long as the three-score-and-ten mark allotted to man, and his sudden and tragic death came as a might shock to his family and friends. The body was taken to Mulvane, Kansas, for burial, accompanied by the bereaved wife and children, who have the heartfelt sympathy of a host of friends who mourn with them.

Court House Changes
With the beginning of the year, Kent LOTT assumes the duties of deputy county clerk, succeeding Mrs. MOSS, resigned. Mr. LOTT is a bright young man, and will no doubt make an efficient deputy. Mrs. MOSS was a deputy of exceptional ability and retires with the best wishes of all who have had any business in the county clerk's office.
A new office comes into being in this state on the 15th of this month, when county assessors take up the work heretofore performed by the various township and city assessors. It is a new system, and will naturally excite some criticism, but it may prove much better than the old system. Dr. A.H. BAGBY is the assessor for this county, and while we are not entirely given to boosting Democrats, we thoroughly believe in Dr. BAGBY's honestly and in his intention to conduct the office of county assessor with absolute justice to the people of the county. No just criticism of the law can be made until we have seen the workings of it, and if better results can be obtained at a less expense, that is what everybody should wish.

Adam WELCH Suicides
Word was telephoned to the county attorney this morning that Adam WELCH, who lived four miles east of Pawnee, committed suicide at about 9 o'clock today by shooting himself in the forehead with a shot gun. No one was at the house but his family, and it is said no one saw him commit the deed. Neither was any cause given for it. Mr. WELCH died almost instantly. He was about 60 years of age, and was well known in this vicinity. Under Sheriff LOUTHAN and Dr. WELLER, at the direction of the county attorney, drove out immediately to ascertain all the facts possible.

Jury Commissioners
George BRENTNALL of Cleveland, C.H. DESKEET, of Ralston, and George H. SHROEDER of Jennings, jury commissioner by appointment of the court, began the selection of names yesterday. If you are called upon as a regular juror during the year 1912, you may know that these gentlemen consider you a first-class citizen in every respect.

January 04, 1912

A beautiful home wedding occurred last Sunday, December 31, at noon, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. E.C. WHEELER, the contracting parties being Miss Edna Viola WHEELER and Rolla George BRANSTETTER, both of this city. None but relatives and immediate personal friends of the families witnessed the ceremony, which was most impressive. The bride, on of Pawnee's younger set, looked especially charming, her dark beauty offset by the pure white of her bridal gown and the white carnations she carried. The groom is a prosperous young business man of this city, of unimpeachable character. Many costly and appropriate presents were given the happy couple, as tokens of the esteem and good wishes of the host of friends who bid them Godspeed on their life's journey.

We overlooked the marriage of Miss Lydia WRIGHT, formerly of this city, and Mr. Morris FRENCH, of Springfield, Missouri. The wedding occurred on December ? at Tulsa, Oklahoma. Mr. and Mrs. FRENCH will reside in Springfield, Missouri.

Socially Speaking:

The Improvement Club will meet next Wednesday at three o'clock at the home of Mrs. R.S. COLE.

The Art Circle met with Mrs. B.N. HOPE Wednesday afternoon. An enjoyable time was had by all present.

The U.T.D. club will meet at the home of Mrs. E.G. GRAY next Monday at the usual hour. the subject will be the "Civil War" and the response to roll call will be War Time Heroines of 1860-64.

On Saturday evening, Florence CLARK entertained a few of the young people at her home. The evening was spent with cards, after which delightful refreshments were served. Those present were: Misses Pauline DAVIS, Elizabeth SHAPARD, Armina MARSHALL, and Messrs. Blaine JUDY, Ralph WEBB, Charles BERRY and Charles SHAPARD.

Last Thursday evening a few of the young people were entertained at the home of Geo. BERRY. the evening was spent in playing forty-two and rook, after which delightful refreshments were served. Those present were: Misses Armina MARSHALL, Fannie BIDDISON, Mary STERLING, Isabel LEHEW, Elizabeth SHAPARD, and Ruth SCHINER; Messrs. Charles SHAPARD, Charles BERRY, Blaine JUDY, Ralph WEBB, Mathias LICHENHEIM, Roy and Everett BERRY.

On New Year's evening the young ladies of the city gave a leap year dance in the old rink building. The young ladies exercised all the privileges accorded to them by custom, but whether they took a more serious view of the occasion we are unable to say until later. Some of the out-of-town guests were as follows: Will CAROL, John CAROT, Mildred WITCRAFT, Chauncery WITCRAFT, Elizabeth BOONE, all of Fairfax; Charles BERRY, Norman; Frank ROWLAND, Mulvane, Kansas; and Fern WIMBERLY, of Pawhuska.

On New Year's evening Rev. and Mrs. C.A. BURDICK entertained some of the young people of this city at their home. It was in the nature of a leap year party, and the games played were to suit the occasion. Refreshments were served at a late hour and all voted the minister and his wife were royal entertainers. Those present were: Misses Mary STERLING, Fannie BIDDISON, Myrtice MARSHALL, Christine MONTGOMERY, Luella SCHULZE, Florence CLARK, Margaret BAKER, Pansy SLOCUM, Lorenea WISWELL and Messrs. Ben MASON, Arthur WALKER, Earl DOVE, Loy FURREY, Floyd TEGARTEN, Fred ROCK, Roy SLOCUM, Leon BUSHORR, Ralph WEBB, James MONTGOMERY and Leslie WEBB.

On last Friday evening, Elizabeth and Charles SHAPARD entertained a few of their friends at bridge complimentary to Charles BERRY of Norman, Oklahoma. The girls prize was won by Ethel MATHERS and the boys prize was won by Roy BERRY. A delightful luncheon was served at a late hour and all had a very enjoyable time. Those present were: Misses Armina MARSHALL, Pauline DAVIS, Erma KRAUSS, Garnet LILLIE, Bess VANDERVOORT, Ethel MATHERS, Okie GREEN, Pearl CATLETT, Ruth MANNHEIMER, Berta BUSHORR, Florence CLARK, Sadie MANNHEIMER, and Messrs. Blaine JUDY, Ed VANDERVOORT, Roy BERRY, Ralph WEBB, Malcome DAVIS, Max Jay, Wayne NELLIS, Joe SOULSBY, Roy BUSHORR and Mathia LIEBENHEIM.

On last Thursday evening, Miss Florence CLARK entertained a few of the little folks with a taffy pull. The rooms were decorated in the Christmas trimming and red lights. The evening was spent in taffy pulling and other contests. In the first contest, Albert JUDY won the boys contest and Helen STERLING the girls. In the taffy pulling contest Albert JUDY won the boys prize and Ana TUCKER won the girls. All the young people had a fine time. Those present were: Helen STERLING, Helen BAGBY, Lloyt HALE, Rachel HALE, Louise KRAUSS, Ana TUCKER, Florence BADGER, Vivian PETER, Willard MILES, Marshall BAGBY, Adelbert BURDICK, Albert JUDY, Leslie LEHEW, Elton LEHEW, Chester GOULD, Fred KYGER, Harold MARX and Waite CLARK.

Rebekah Installation
On last Tuesday night the Rebekah lodge had their semi-annual installation of officers. The following officers were installed: Mrs. Emma REED, Noble Grand; Mrs. Pearl EYLER, Vice Grand; Mrs. Clara SHIPMAN, Recording Secretary; Mrs. Della HAYES, Financial Secretary and Mrs. Bertie BELLEW, Treasurer. After the installation a delightful luncheon was served.

Local News:

Miss Emma WILSON left this morning for Chicago, where she will visit with friends for an unlimited time.

Mrs. LANCASTER, who has been the guest of Mrs. STAFFORD, returned to her home in Skedee, Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben LEHEW left for Lincoln, Nebraska, to see Mr. LEHEW's sister, Mrs. ROACH, who is seriously ill.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben GROVER left Wednesday for Omaha, Nebraska, where they will visit her parents.

Mr. F.M. MUCK and Mr. and Mrs. ROBIN came up this morning to see a little girl patient at Buffalo Park Sanatorium.

Mr. and Mrs. J.B. ZIEGLER, of Bepre, Kansas, arrived this morning and will make Pawnee their future home.

Mrs. Nellie SEEVERS returned from Omaha, Nebraska, Wednesday, where she has been spending the holidays with her sister, Mrs. HOREN, and sons, Richard and Alfred SEEVERS.

Mrs. B.M. WATKINS, of Hallett, is a Pawnee visitor today.

Mrs. J.W. MUNSON and daughter, Ruth, who have been spending the holidays in this city, with Lee MUNSON and wife, returned to their home in Pawhuska, Tuesday.

Paul VEZEY, who has been spending the holidays in Jennings, with relatives, returned to Stillwater, Tuesday, where he will take up his studies in the college.

Mrs. Minnie JONES, who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. G.G. COOPER, southeast of this city, returned to her home in Stillwater, Tuesday.

Miss Lueline DANEY, who has been spending the holidays with her parents in Holly Springs, Mississippi, returned to Pawnee, Tuesday evening, to take up her school duties again.

Miss Jean PROCTOR returned from Oklahoma City, where she went to attend the teachers association. She returned to Big Heart, Monday, where she will take up her school work again.

Editor CARNES and wife, of Fairfax, were Pawnee visitors last Friday, and favored this office with an appreciated call. Mr. CARNES is doing good work for Fairfax, publishing one of the best country papers in Oklahoma.

The three month old baby of Mexican Joe died Monday morning and was buried Tuesday, Rev. A.H. MARSDEN officiating. The child had been sickly from its birth, and the frail little body finally succumbed to the inevitable.

Glen SHEPLER returned to Stillwater, Tuesday, to resume his studies in the college again, after spending his holidays here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.D. SHEPLER, near this city.

Mr. HARRIS, a minister of the Friends from Oklahoma City, visited with J.H. HARRIS and family over Sunday, and gave a very interesting discourse to the congregation at the United brethren Church, Sunday evening.

Jack BUCHANAN left this morning for Okmulgee, where he was called on account of the death of his aunt, Mrs. J.C. MARRS, the mother of Miss Ollie MARRS, who visited him this fall. He will return Saturday morning.

Ben BALLEW, who has been living in Sacramento, returned to Pawnee yesterday morning, and says he is going to live awhile among home folks. He is looking well, and thinks there is considerably country to the acre on the coast.

Mr. R.E. STRANGE and family, arrived in this city from Concordia, Kansas, this week, and are staying with Mrs. C.S. BATES, pending their removal to South Carolina. Mr. and Mrs. STRANGE found Concordian weather a trifle strenuous in contrast with that of the "sunny South" hence the decision to return.

J.L. ELDER and Ralph PHILLIPS will open a meat shop in the SOUSLEY building as soon as the preliminary arrangements can be made. Mr. ELDER is new to this community, but Mr. PHILLIPS is well and favorably known, having been a resident of Pawnee, and his return to business here will be welcomed by his many friends.

J.N. GOFF has disposed of his stock of harness to his nephew, Tom GOFF, who will open a new shop in the east half of the room formerly occupied by Frank MANNING as a butcher shop. Mr. GOFF, senior, will give his entire attention to the hardware business. Tom has had years of experience and will make a success of his venture.

Women's Christian Temperance Union Benefit
Miss Ida PORTER, of Tonkawa, Oklahoma, will put on a temperance cantata, "King Alcohol" in the interest of the W.C.T.U. January 15. This cantata was given in Stillwater before the holidays and was a great success, besides being a success - being a temperance lesson. She desires to meet every singer connected with the town on Monday evening, January 8 at the M.E. Church. The proceeds will be used in the interest of a reading room for the city.

Birth record - The following births are reported:

To Mr. and Mrs. G.G. COOPER, on December 28, a boy, weight, 11 1/2 pounds.
To Mr. and Mrs. Ben BYBEE, on December 29, a boy.
To Mrs. and Mrs. Charles ROOT, on December 30, a boy.
To Mr. and Mrs. Noah MILLER on December 31, a boy.


On last Thursday, occurred the marriage of Mr. Jesse RULO of this city, and Mrs. Anna HUGHES, of Washunga, Judge F.S. LISEUM officiating.

On last Thursday occurred the marriage of Charles CUSTER of Welch, Oklahoma and Miss Mary Eunice TANSY of near Glencoe.

Following is the program for the local union of Christian Young People's Societies to be given at the Presbyterian Church, Tuesday evening, January 9, Mr. G.A. TROTTER, Leader; Duet: Misses Isabel LEHEW and Elida BERRY; Debate Question, "Is the world growing better?" Affirmative: Kenneth LOTT, Patsy SLOCUM and Mabel JOHNSON; Negative: Arthur FEGTLEY, Myrtice MARSHALL, Leyden FLAUGHER; Solo: Ben PETER; Violin Solo: Hubert CRAIG.

Col. E. WALTERS's Public Sale Calendar:
January 9, GRIMES sale, east of Ralston.
January 12, HOSSLER sale, 3 miles north of Blackburn.
January 23, FERGUSON sale, one and a half mile northeast of Blackburn.

District Court
Judge POE convened court on Tuesday morning, and for two days he listened to motions and demurrers, granted a few divorces and set the docket for the regular term, which will begin on February 1. In the cases of Lillie TUCKER vs. Thomas TUCKER; Addie M. BOGGS vs. Fred L. BOGGS; and Mattie MARTIN vs. Charles MARTIN, decrees were granted to the Plaintiffs.

P. ROGERS, who plead guilty to larceny this morning, was given one year at Granite, this being his first offense and there being mitigating circumstances.

Judge POE was this morning called upon to settle a dispute as to age and disposition of a colored girl named Bessie MORRIS. Eugene JAMIESON, a colored Lothario, very much wanted to marry Bessie, but her folks said she wasn't of age. Testimony was introduced to prove differently, and after patiently listening to both stories, Judge POE decided all parties were old enough to follow their own inclinations, which is probably what they would have done unless they were boarded up.

Marriage Licenses:
Earl HOPP, Glencoe; Mable BASKET, Glencoe
Leonard Clarence HILL and Maude SHORT, Pawnee
Rolla G. BRANSTETTER, Pawnee; Edna Viola WHEELER, Pawnee

Christian Church - Rev. SELBY, of Arkansas will preach at the Christian Church next Sunday, at usual hour, both morning and evening.

United Brethren Church, J.W. MOATS, Pastor.

Quay Quibbles:

Dr. and Mrs. SANDS have decided to locate in Alva, and left for that place last Sunday.

Mrs. Marion SPENCER spent last Sunday in Pawnee, with her grandson, Lloyd CANNON, at the Buffalo Park Sanatorium.

Mrs. Harriet HORNER has had her household goods shipped to Honeygrove, Texas, where she will reside in the future.

Mr. MOBERLY of near Lawton, arrived one day last week with a carload of household goods and stock and has moved into the lower rooms of the I.O.O.F. building until ge can get possession of a farm, which he desires to rent. His family will arrive next week.

Miss Vernie PROWANT, who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.M. PROWANT, during the holidays, returned to her school duties at Emporia, Tuesday.

Carl WEBBER of Marshall, who has been visiting his brother, R.A. WEBBER, the Santa Fe agent of this place, left Tuesday morning for his home.

Prof. KENNON and wife returned from Bristow, New Year's day at noon.

Misses Corinne BISHOP, Olive VERMILLION and Ethyl JUDY, returned from their holiday vacations last Monday night and were found in their respective places at school on Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. D.P. TROXEL arrived Wednesday morning from Eagleville, Missouri, and are at home to their friends in Quay.

Albert and Verne STOCKER left Monday for Topeka, Kansas, to enter the Santa Fe railroad school of telegraphy. they hope to become proficient telegraph operators in six months.

Mrs. W.A. STOCKER and children left Saturday for Winthrop, Arkansas, where they will make their future home. Mr. STOCKER went ahead two or three days before with the household goods, etc.

Mrs. J.J. BEELER, who has been on the sick list for the past week, is reported better at this time.

Cleveland Clippings:

Miss Dola Mae EVANS arrived from Oklahoma City and is spending the holidays with her parents, Judge and Mrs. M. HANSON.

Mrs. W. MALARKEY, who has been visiting her step-son, W.H. MALARKEY, and family for the past two weeks, left Wednesday for her home in Hyde Park, Pennsylvania.

Dr. and Mrs. R.J. EDMISTON returned last week from a visit with friends and relatives in Nevada, Missouri.

Prof. J.H. ANDREWS, Superintendent of the Cleveland schools, left Tuesday for Oklahoma City, where he attended the state teachers meeting.

Mr. and Mrs. F.A. MCCORMICK came in Tuesday from Collinsville, Oklahoma, to visit a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. BILSON.

Mr. and Mrs. H. RATNER, of Blackwell, and Mr. and Mrs. T.D. STEVEN of Wichita, Kansas, arrived last Saturday to be guest at the RATNER home during the holidays.

Mr. and Mrs. J.M. SILVERNAIL and Mr. and Mrs. C.G. THOMAS spent Christmas with relatives in Fredonia, Kansas.

R.F.D. No. 1

Mr. CLARENCE and Miss Maud SHORT wee united in marriage on Monday night at the home of his father, Mr. A.A. HILL. Rev. CARRION conducted the ceremony. Mr. HILL gave an oyster supper for his many friends who were present, numbering 107 in all. All left at the hour of 12, wishing the newly married couple a long and happy life.

Mrs. SHORT and children left for their new home in Missouri, Tuesday.

Ernest SHORT went to Pawhuska, Tuesday for a visit with his friends.

Scott and Marion, Robert and Lillian ROWDEN spent Tuesday evening at Mr. CONRAD's.

Iva SLEAD spent Tuesday with Miss Lillian ROWDEN.

Miss Lillian ROWDEN, who has been on the sick list for the past two weeks, is some better.

Liza and Bob CALLISON made a short call at the AUREN home one day last week.

January 11, 1912

A Sunday Night Fire
Last Sunday night, shortly after 8 o'clock, an alarm of fire was sounded, and it was found that MCGEE's grocery, opposite the Times-Democrat office, was on fire. The fire department responded quickly, but when an attempt was made to couple on to the fire plug at the First National Bank, it was found that the extreme cold weather had got in its work. The water was frozen solid. The next nearest plug was immediately sought, and with better luck, and in a few minutes, water was pouring into a mass of flames that promised to destroy the entire row of frame buildings in that section. Before the fire could spread to the adjoining shops, the first fire plug had been thawed out, and two streams soon put an end to danger and further loss. The building occupied by Mr. McGee with his grocery and by Mr. SCHAFFER with a butcher shop, and the stocks of these two gentlemen were practically totally destroyed. Mr. CUNNINGHAM also suffered quite a loss on his harness stock. The rest of the damage to buildings can be repaired.
The McGee building is owned by the children of the late Mr. and Mrs. Charles BAIRD. The buildings occupied by the harness and butcher shops were owned by W.H. SOUSLEY. These buildings will probably have to be torn down, being beyond repair. Mr. McGee had $600 insurance on his stock and $250 on the fixtures. The fire started in the grocery, occasioned by coals falling from the stove. Mr. McGee had kept a fire going all day to prevent freezing, and had fixed the stove for the night about an hour before the alarm was given.

At the residence of the bride's mother, in this city, this afternoon, J.A. PETER, head of the firm of J.A. PETER & Co., was married to Mrs. Hazel C. MOSS, Rev. SHAFFER officiating. After the ceremony, the happy couple left on the Santa Fe for a short bridal trip, expecting to return next week, when they will be at home in the former NEWBY residence, which Mr. PETER recently purchased.
The bride has been a resident of this city during the past year, and had endeared herself to a large circle of friends, who are unanimous in congratulating the groom upon his choice. Mr. PETER is one of the progressive business men of Pawnee, having been identified with the interests of this city for many years. The wedding was distinctly a quiet, home affair, with none but relatives present. We join the host of friends in extending congratulations and best wishes.

Sunday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. JONSON, the wedding ceremony of Finley O. ELMORE and Miss Rae M. JOHNSON was performed by Rev. MOATS in the presence of only a few friends. Each one of this young couple is well known to the people of the town. They will reside in the FOREMAN property in the south side of town. The congratulations of numerous friends are extended to them as they start out on the journey of life together.

A Long Tramp
A young man by the name of Warren H. MYERS, aged 21, passed through Pawnee last Saturday en route to San Francisco, from Rochester, New York. He has undertaken to walk the entire distance in ninety days, and struck Pawnee on his forty-eighth day. He had been sick two weeks of his time; however, which may be taken from the count. He aims to make San Francisco by the 4th of February, which will be going some, considering a couple of hills to be encountered on the road.

Clerk Hire Denied
All clerical assistance required by the new county assessors must be paid for those officials themselves, according to an opinion given by Assistant Attorney General DAVENPORT last Thursday, to J. Robert RAY, the county attorney of Washington County.

A Former Citizen Gone
Henry SHELTON, who formerly resided in Pawnee and vicinity, and is remembered here by his many friends, died at the Sac and Fox Agency on Monday of this week, he having been chief clerk of the agency for some time. The body was brought up last night, passing through Pawnee to Skedee, accompanied by Mrs. Ellis WALLS, who is a sister of Mrs. SHELTON. Interment will be had today from the WALLS home, near Skedee.

Local News:

Dr. LEHEW returned from Lincoln, Nebraska last Saturday, where he and B.A. LEHEW had been called on account of the sickness of a sister. At the time Dr. LEHEW left for home, his sister was improving some, but he received word yesterday that complications had developed, which made her condition very serious and might necessitate another trip for him.

Frank HUDSON made a business trip to Tulsa, Tuesday.

Lost - a big brown button, flat, with eyes clear through. Reward for return to J.A. PETER & Co.

Plain sewing wanted, children garments a specialty - prices right. Mrs. C.A. BURDICK, phone 67.

Miss Elizabeth SHAPARD went to Norman last Friday, to spend the day with her brother, Charles, who is attending the State University.

Mrs. G. LOWNES, who has been visiting her mother in Nevada, Missouri, during the holidays, returned to her home in Skedee Friday.

Mrs. G.R. POWELL and Miss Mabel SEXTON, who have been visiting with their sister, Mrs. W.L. MARSHALL, returned to their home in Keystone, Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. C.E. HOSACK and son, Ralph, who have visiting at the home of Mrs. E.R. HOSACK, and Lorena WISWELL during the holidays, returned to their home in Brownington, Missouri, Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. W.A. MEEKS, who have been visiting with their daughter, near this city, returned to their home in Stillwater, Tuesday.

Mrs. Pauline MANN, who has been visiting with her children: Mrs. Day, Mrs. FRAME and Mr. PIXLEY of Fairfax, returned to her home near Jennings, Friday.

Mrs. Tom KELLEY, who has been visiting with relatives and friends in Kingman, Kansas, and Medford, Oklahoma, returned to her home in Skedee, Wednesday.

Mrs. Kate RUST was in the city last Thursday and on Friday left for her former home in Texas. She has given up the millinery business in Tulsa, owing to conditions in that city, and is seeking a new location.

An Accident - Last week, Miss Myra HALL fell on the sidewalk in front of the BELDEN bakery, dislocating her hip. It will be sometime before Miss HALL can be out among her friends, but we hope for her speedy recovery.

Sheriff MARSHALL took Virgil SMITH and C.M. MCMAHON, sentenced to five and two years respectively to McAlester last Friday night, where they will board at the expense of the state during the prescribed time.

J.W. CALLAHAN and son, Carl, left Wednesday, for Fayetteville, Arkansas, with a view of locating. Mr. CALLAHAN is one of Pawnee counties prosperous farmers, living on route four from Pawnee, and his friends will regret to lose him from their community.

L.V. ORTON and R.S. COLE went to Oklahoma City, Friday to argue the case of Ed WALTERS vs. State of Oklahoma, in the criminal court of appeals.

Mrs. L.H. CALKINS, who has been visiting in northern Kansas, was in this city over Sunday visiting with her brother, Mr. B.F. MEANS and family. She was en route to her home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Art CUNNINGHAM, wife and child, who have been making their home in the state of

Washington, returned to Pawnee, last Saturday, just to surprise Father and Mother CUNNINGHAM. Art speaks well of the West, but he made up his mind he wanted to see home once more.

Pawnee National Bank: C.E. VANDERVOORT, President; J.B. DAVIS, Vice-President; Frank HUDSON, Cashier; F.M. PHILLIPS, Asst. Cashier.

Charles FOIL, of Jennings, was a county seat visitor today.

G.H. SMITH made a business trip to Ralston, Tuesday.

Lee ROBINSON shipped a car of hay to Shawnee, Monday.

Hubert CRAIG is in Masham this week, visiting friends.

Max JAY made a trip to Yale Sunday, returning Monday.

Dr. R.W. WELLER made a business trip to Stillwater, Tuesday.

W.W. GREEN shipped a car of hogs to Kansas City, Friday.

C.C. WILSON shipped a car of hogs to Kansas City, Monday.

C.P. ROCK left Tuesday for Eureka, Kansas, to look after his ranch and visit with friends for a few days.

Mr. DUNBAR and daughter, of Los Angeles, California, came last week for a visit with his daughter, Mrs. KING.

Fran GASSERT, who has been in Kansas for the past few months, came home Saturday, for a visit with his parents.

Mrs. A.G. MCCLAIN, who has been visiting with her brother, Dick MCCLAIN, returned to her home in Cleveland, today.

Mrs. COMPTON, of Perry, was in the city Tuesday, en route to Stillwater, where she will visit with her son for some time.

Impersonator and Lecturer
On next Tuesday night, January 16, there will be a lecture given at the Presbyterian Church, by T. Marion CRAWFORD under the auspices of the local Christian Endeavor Society. He is an impersonator and lecturer, the subject of that night being, "In Peaceful Valley." Admission for adults is 25 cents and children 15 cents.

The WELCH Suicide
Adam WELCH, who committed suicide last Thursday morning, was buried on Saturday. Inquiry developed that he had been despondent for some time, worrying over his debts and other things, until he finally made up his mind to take his life. The weapon used was a rifle, against the muzzle of which he leaned his head, discharging the gun by means of a long stick. The entire top of his head was blown away, death resulting instantly. There was no need for the act, his disposition to worry simply unbalancing him mentally for the time.

Neighborhood News Notes:

Skedee Items:

On account of the cold weather there were not many at church last Sunday. Rev. CRIDLIN being absent, Rev. R.R. RICHEY conducted the service.

A few of the young people visited Miss Gracy LYONS, Sunday afternoon.

The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otto SEWELL has been very sick for the past week, but is reported better at present writing.

Clarence WATSON visited with home folks in the Osage County, the first of the week.

Mrs. Jessie THOMAS is visiting in Arkansas City this week.

A crowd of young folks went skating on Mr. PERRY's lake last Thursday evening. One young lady thought the ice was too slick.

Mr. Fred SHARP visited home folks, Sunday evening.

Misses Myrtle SEWELL, Violena WATSON, Gracy LYONS, and Lottie SHARP visited Mrs. W. BRANSON, Sunday evening.

Mr. Willie LYONS made a successful drive to Cleveland, last Tuesday.

Mr. Lawn PECKENPAUGH took dinner with Miss Gracy LYONS, Sunday.

A few of the young ladies met at the home of Waneeta BONFY, Monday night for a taffy pull. All report a fine time.

The ARNETT's have moved back to their old home in Skedee, and everyone is glad to welcome them home.

Hell Roaring Items:

The stork visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. O.E. MUCK, last week, and left a big girl. Both mother and child are doing well.

Socialist local next Sunday at the school house.

Plenty of good skating about Hell Roaring Creek now.

Maramec Musings:

Lydia REDDING returned to her school last Monday morning, after a two weeks vacation.

Joe JOHNSON died last Friday night and was buried Sunday in the I.O.O.F. cemetery at Maramec.

L.E. STROUD and wife returned to their home in Ralston, last Tuesday.

Mrs. May MASHAM, of Arkansas City, is visiting her parents, C.C. WALTERS and wife.

Geo. LESHER was threshing kafi corn for Andy MILLER last Tuesday.

Quay Quibbles:

F.W. LONG had a narrow escape from serious injury Monday afternoon. He had gone out southwest of town a few miles to look after some business pertaining to Indian leases, and when driving home, his team became frightened at a tin sign which was tacked to a post. He was unable to hold them and they ran into the yard of John BOKINS, into the clothes line, trees, etc., throwing Mr. LONG out and completely demolishing the buggy. They came running into town and as soon as the citizens found out whose team it was, some of them went in search of Mr. LONG. they found him at the home of John HOSKINS, but he was unable to be brought home for two or three hours. His injuries were slight - a small cut above the right eye and a fracture of the hip - but sufficient to confine him to his room for several days. The team ran through several wire fences and had a few scratches on them, but nothing serious. Dr. BACON, of Yale, was called and dressed the wounds of Mr. LONG.

W.W. TROXEL is on the sick list this week.

Mrs. W. CRAVEN and daughter, Miss Ona, went to Fairfax last Friday, and were guests of her sister, Mrs. Maggie HOLLIDAY till Monday noon.

Word was received from Mrs. W.J. BERRY, this week, saying they had moved to Tulsa, and Mr. BERRY is now engaged in the real estate business.

Wesley COLLINS and wife are moving to Kansas, this week.

Mr. BLACK of San Antonio, Texas, left last Thursday for home, after a two weeks' visit at the home of J.P. HOKE.

The Patron's Club gave quite an interesting little program at the school house, last Monday night. Next Monday night, the evening will be devoted to spelling. Everybody is invited to take part in the spelling.

At the request of several of the patrons of the district, Miss Ethyl JUDY repeated her Christmas entertainment at the school house Wednesday night.

January 18, 1912

A Rape Case
Last Tuesday morning while the little thirteen-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. HALL, who reside near Meeker, was on her way to school, she was attacked and criminally assaulted by a rough-looking, young white man. Weeping and terrified nearly to death, the little girl returned and informed her mother of what had happened. The neighborhood was at once arouse, a number of the A.H.T.A.'s notified, and search for the perpetrator of the crime started. Toward evening, a suspect who gave his name as JOHNSON, was taken in charge and brought to a country school house and the little victim was brought in to identify him. Owing to the darkness, the girl was unable to pick out the man from the crowd, and he was turned loose.
Wednesday morning, in daylight, the girl identified him and he was again taken into custody by the Antis, but later, for some unaccountable reason was again turned loose. About this time the county attorney's office was notified, and word was phoned to officers at Meeker to arrest the man immediately and to bring both he and the girl to Chandler. When the officer went to get the man, he had disappeared, and at this writing, Thursday afternoon, he had been traced to an adjoining county and report of his apprehension is hourly expected. Chandler News Publicist.

Paul HOPE is home from West Pont, taking a vacation. He laughs at the talk of cold weather here, and says the fellows ought to see what can be done in the way of weather down in New York.

Little Walter, son of Mr. and Mrs. T.S. BULMAN, was born November 26, 1901 and died January 13, 1912. He was in the third grade in school and was loved by his teacher and playmates. He leaves a father, mother, two sisters, two brothers and scores of friends to mourn his loss. His body was laid to rest in Highland Cemetery.
A precious one from us has gone,
A voice we loved is stilled.
A place is vacant in our home,
That never can be filled.

A Good Woman Gone
The funeral of Mrs. Ida B. COOPER, wife of Garland COOPER was held at their home about three miles southeast of Pawnee, on Tuesday afternoon, Rev. J.W. MOATS officiating. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James JONES, now residents of Stillwater. She was born in Butler County, Kansas, November 15, 1877. She was joined in marriage with Garland COOPER, June 19, 1898, to them were born six children, two of whom died in infancy. She joined the United Brethren Church in Pawnee, in 1909, and lived a consistent Christian life. She leaves a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn her departure.

For Good Eating
Everything you want in the meat line can be found at SWALLEY's market. The stock we kill has been on full fee for ninety days, and everything is the best. Our aim is to merit and give the best service.


Take Notice
Hereafter, the city will not connect with any more water pipes. Parties desiring to connect with the city water will govern themselves accordingly. M.H. BRETZ, City Clerk.

A Generous Offer
The KATZ department store is making a generous offer in agreeing to supply articles of children's clothing, including underwear and outer garments, free to those in need. Both boys and girls will be the beneficiaries of this offer, Mr. KATZ simply desiring that the applicants are in real need and are deserving.

January 25, 1912

Mrs. C.T. WEAR Passes Away
Thursday night, shortly before midnight, Mrs. Sarah E. WEAR, wife of C.T. WEAR, quietly passed to her eternal rest, surrounded by all the member of her family, save one, whose arrival was delayed by the snowbound trains of the west. Mrs. WEAR had been afflicted with tuberculosis for the past few years, but had cheerfully gone about her work, doing all that lay within her power to ward off the certain end. The approach of death had no terror for her. She realized that she had traveled almost the entire span of life allotted to mortals, and was content her work was done, and had done cheerfully and well, memories of the bright home life remaining with the family as a monument to the wife and mother, whom they loved so devotedly.
Funeral services were held at the Presbyterian Church Saturday afternoon, Mrs. E.E. BICKHAM, a close friend of the deceased, officiating. The services were impressive and affecting. at the grave the coffin was again opened, that the family might gaze once more on the face so dear to them, and Mr. WEAR, in a few touching words, thanked the many friends who had given so freely of their sympathy during the last days of the deceased on earth.
Mrs. WEAR was past 69 years of age, having been born in Polk County, Missouri, July 2, 1842. She leaves a husband and six children to mourn her loss, to whom are extended the sympathy of the entire community. The children are Horace G. WEAR, Samuel WEAR, Judson T. WEAR, and W.V. WEAR, all of this city, and Mrs. Ella SERGEANT, of Pueblo, Colorado; and Mrs. Mildred BOOTH, of Sapulpa.

Card of Thanks
We wish to express our heartfelt thanks to the many friends whose sympathy and help were so freely extended in the bereavement that has called from as the loved wife and mother. C.T. WEAR and Children

Good Livery
I desire to inform the public that I have, at my residence, a few good livery teams and rigs, which may be hired by responsible parties. Call up phone 228. Lee MUNSON

Tombstones and Monuments
Parties wishing tombstones or monument work before Decoration Day, should see or write J.T. CRAIG, Pawnee, Oklahoma at once. He has a contract with the United States Marble Company, thereby getting his goods direct from quarry to purchaser, cutting out wholesale an retail men's profit. No job to large or too small for him. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Christian Church - Rev. A.J. BRADSHAW, of Waco, Texas, has accepted a call as pastor of the Christian Church of this city.

Baptist Church - E.C. SLOAN, Pastor

Indian Dead
Word was received here last week that Sam TOWNSEND, one of the members of the Pawnee tribe of Indians, died Tuesday, at Muskogee. His body will be shipped here for internment.

Local Items of Interest

J.T. ROE attended a teachers meeting at Hallett, Saturday.

Mrs. Nettie KING, of Ralston, was in this city on business Friday.

Ethel JUDY, who is teaching in Quay, spent Sunday with her parents in this city.

Miss Babel SLAUGHTER attended the teachers meeting at Hallett, Saturday.

County Clerk SHOEMAKER made a business trip to Blackburn, the first of the week.

Keep warm while the weather is cool by drinking hot chocolate at Geo. DAY's drug store.

H.T. ANDERSON, Santa Fe agent at this point, made a business trip to Guthrie last Saturday.

Miss Ethel SILER went to Cleveland last week, to spend a few days with her sister, Mrs. Clyde PULSE.

Vic WEAR and family moved into the house owned by C.T. WEAR, on the west side of town, yesterday.

Miss Lola WILLIAMS, who has been visiting with friends in Alva and Enid, returned to her home in Cushing, Monday.

Dale HOPE spent Sunday with friends in Edmond.

Lee TAULBEE, of Skedee, was in Pawnee Saturday.

Mrs. Nettie KING was in the city on business, Tuesday.

Mrs. R.E. PIXLEY of Skedee, was shopping in the city Tuesday.

Henry D.C. POOS of Blackburn, was a county seat visitor Monday.

To rent Furnished rooms for general housekeeping, apply at GRIFFIN's grocery.

Mrs. M. HICKMAN and daughter, Miss Florence, of Kaw City, were shopping in this city, Friday.

Mrs. E.G. MORRISON and Miss MORRISON of Stillwater, were in this city on business, Friday.

Mrs. A.J. HAINEY and baby left Saturday for Shawnee, for a visit with her sister and other relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. L.W. MCGEE and children went to Glencoe, Saturday to spend a few days with relatives.

Mrs. Nora WYKO, of Tulsa, was in this city Monday, en route to Stillwater, where she will visit with relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Art CUNNINGHAM returned last week from a short visit with his brother, Bert CUNNINGHAM and family in Morrison.

W.W. PRESSEY of Terlton, was a Pawnee visitor Monday.

Mrs. M.P. MCGEE went to Glencoe, Tuesday for a visit.

J. Martin HAYDEN of Terlton, was a Pawnee visitor Monday.

Mrs. R.R. TRACEY of Hominy, was shopping in this city Monday.

Mrs. Catherine STONE of Glencoe, was shopping in this city Tuesday.

Miss May CROSBY, of Skedee, was shopping in this city Tuesday.

J.V. WALKUP of Terlton, was a county seat visitor Tuesday.

A.F. WARNER of Blackburn, was transacting business in Pawnee Monday.

S.B. HUCKSTEP of Blackburn, was transacting business in this city Tuesday.

Miss Carrie LOUCKS spent Sunday in Ralston with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.W. LOUCKS.

Mrs. BOYD of Kill County, Missouri, arrived Tuesday morning for a visit with Mrs. THOMPSON of this city.

Frank LAKE, who holds a position in the state school land department, was in the city the fore part of this week.

Mrs. Mary C. MOORE of Skedee was shopping in Pawnee Tuesday.

J.H. KERNS made a trip to Glencoe, Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. L.D. BALL came in Tuesday from Mulvane, Kansas, for a short visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.R. THOMPSON.

Miss Lola WILLIAMS, who has been visiting with friends in Alva and Enid, returned to her home in Cushing Monday.

Mrs. J.W. STRAWN, of Tulsa, came Friday, for a few days visit with her sister, Mrs. Joe HARRIS, who lives near this city.

Mrs. C. WATKINS, who has been visiting with her daughter, Mrs. Carl HARBISON, in Jennings, returned to her home in Stillwater Monday.

Mrs. E.C. BICKBURN, who has been here during the sickness and death of her friend, Mrs. WEAR, returned to her home in Dixie, Oklahoma Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Art CUNINGHAM returned last week from a short visit with his brother, Bert CUNNINGHAM and family in Morrison.

Miss Ethel WHITTER was in this City Monday on her way home from Stillwater, where she has been attending the Farmer's short course.

Mrs. C. RAPPIER returned on Monday from St. Louis, where she was called several days ago on account of the illness of her mother.

Mr. and Mrs. W.E. HAYS, formerly of Glencoe, were in this city Monday, en route to Cleveland, where they expect to make their future home.

Mrs. J.O. CALES, who has been in the Buffalo Park Sanatorium for about two weeks, returned to her home in Ralston, Friday. She is feeling much better.

Mrs. MEEKS and Mrs. BRADBURY, who have been attending the funeral of their sister, Mrs. COOPER, returned to their home in Stillwater, Friday.

Mrs. BRUCEHUNT, who has been in this city visiting her husband, went to Guthrie, Monday, on a short business trip before returning to her home in Osage City.

Mr. and Mrs. RISELING purchased the house directly west of the KATZ residence on Tuesday of this week, and will move into their new home as soon as possession can be obtained.

Mrs. J.W. MYERS is a patient at the Buffalo Park Sanatorium, suffering from a complication of diseases. During her absence, J.W. is "baching" with the best grace possible.

Mrs. Mary C. MOORE of Skedee, was shopping in Pawnee Tuesday.

Mrs. Effie HUNT, who has been visiting her mother, Mrs. A. WRIGHT of this city, returned to her home in North Des Moines, New Mexico, Wednesday.

Last Saturday, as a result of an altercation with Joe LIZAR, Earnest BELTON went before Police Judge STERLING and plead guilty to fighting. He was fined $15 and ordered committed until the same was paid.

Lost - Gold watch - between Lone Jack and A.C. TANSEY's Tuesday - W.W. LADY, R.F.D. No. 1.

John SCHIEHUNG, of Blackburn, was in the city on Tuesday of this week, coming over just to pay his taxes, which amounted to $199.68 - Mr. SCHIEHUNG says he thinks he is paying his share on a whole lot of good roads, good schools, and good bridges, with two or three extra sessions of the legislature thrown in.

J.M. MCGEE made a business trip to Morrison today.

Swan O. WILLIAMS, of Glencoe, was in this city last Saturday.

W.R. SLY, of Oklahoma City, the special contract agent for the Pioneer Telephone Company, was in the city the first of the week.

Misses Estella, Nettie and Ethel BUZAN, who have been in the city for several weeks visiting with home folks and friends, returned to Clinton, Oklahoma, Tuesday.

Mrs. H.B. MUCK, who has been a patient in the Buffalo Park Sanatorium for about five weeks, returned to her home in Hallett, Monday, feeling much improved in health.

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne ROBINS and children, who have been visiting in this city with Mr. and Mrs. Leslie KERNS and Bert SMITH, returned to their home in Prosser, Washington, Tuesday. They will go by way of California, and visit with relatives before going on home.

J.D. NEAL left yesterday for Pawhuska. Before returning he will go to Iola, Kansas, for a short business trip.

Mrs. Minnie B. GREEN, and daughters, Mabel, Okie, and Wave; and niece, Miss Rae HECKENDORN, spent Sunday with Mrs. GREEN's sister, Mrs. J.W. HECKENDORN, in Skedee.

Dr. J.L. LEHEW returned on Tuesday, from his trip to Lincoln, Nebraska, occasioned by the death of his sister, Mrs. I.F. ROACH. Funeral services were held there on Sunday, after which the body was shipped to Baldwin, Kansas for interment. B.A. LEHEW and Mrs. J.L. LEHEW attended the services at Baldwin.

The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Milt TRONE will be glad to learn their little son, who has had a severe attack of diphtheria, has recovered, and will soon be himself again.

Mrs. S.J. WILLIAMS and daughter, of Coyle, Oklahoma, were in this city Tuesday, en route to their home in Pettigrew, Arkansas.

Mrs. David GILLINGHAM of this city, left Tuesday, for Kansas City, where she will visit with her nephew for some time.

February 01, 1912 Times-Democrat

Quay Quibbles:

Mr. MCCONVILLE, from near Kansas City, is in Quay this week, looking for a farm to rent. He is a brother of Geroge MCCONVILLE.

Mrs. John HUMPRHEY was on the sick list the forepart of this week.

Mrs. Gene SHEPARD is critically ill with dropsy at her home southwest of Quay.

Creed BOOTHE left Tuesday for Oklahoma City, to dispose of a load of hay.

Ransom CONNICK has been out in the country for the past week, picking cotton for his uncle, D.C. HORN.

J.W. HOLLOWAY, formerly of this place, but now a merchant of Prague, Oklahoma, was in town a few days this week.

C.M. PROWANT spent a couple of days in Oklahoma City, the forepart of this week, looking after some business matters.

Mrs. E.W. CRAVEN went to Pawnee last Saturday to do some shopping.

Mrs. KELLEY, of Pawnee, spent Sunday with her brother, E.W. CRAVEN of this place.

Mrs. H.E. ROOT was a Pawnee shopper last Saturday.

Misses VERMILLION and Bishop went to Stillwater last Saturday to visit with home folks.

Mrs. W.T. BEELER and daughters left Saturday for Eufaula, where they will reside in the future.

Mr. and Mrs. D.P. TROXEL entertained last Sunday with a kin dinner at their home in Quay. There were 25 guests to dinner.

Mr. and Mrs. George MCCONVILLE are rejoicing over the arrival of an eight pound boy, who came to make his home with them last Wednesday afternoon.

Misses Linnie and Minnie BARRET, who live two miles west of town, entertained with a party at their home last Wednesday night. all report a very enjoyable time.

Hellroaring Items:

All the schools around in this neighborhood are closed, owing to the scare of spinal meningitis, but old Pleasant Mound is still jogging on.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray BOWKER left last week for Arkansas, where they will make their future home. They will be greatly missed by the people of this community.

Mrs. WELSH and daughter visited at the TATRO home Sunday.

C.W. CHILCOTE is on the sick list this week.

Jim BROCK arrested a bootlegger here one day last week, and after going through his "grip" found twenty pints of sure enough "red liquor." He turned in nineteen pints of the goods, keeping one pint as evidence. He took his man to Pawnee and turned him over to the authorities. He represented himself as a mule buyer, and he possibly might have had "white mule" in his grip.

E.A. BULLOCK and family left Monday for California. He goes for his health, and will make his home on the coast. He was one of the old landmarks of Ralston, and will be missed by a host of friends.

Jennings Jottings:

State Enforcement Officer Jesse CARNEY captured one C.E. RICHARDSON, a gentleman of color, with two gallons of whiskey Thursday, and escorted the gent to Pawnee, where he will await results at the county's expense.

Jack WALKUP, the popular hog buyer of Terlton, shipped a car of fat hogs from here, via the Katy, to Oklahoma City this week.

Edmund TODD visited friends down the road, toward Oklahoma City, last Sunday.

G.H. MCELROY was called to Tulsa this week, by the illness of his sister, R.Y. BYNUM.

Wm. HINTON was up from his farm near Mannford last Sunday, greeting old time friends.

February 08, 1912 Times-Democrat

A Tragedy In Life
At Hallett on Sunday, January 28, the wife of L.M. JOHNSON died from typhoid fever. The body was shipped to her former home in Texas, the seven month old baby girl being sent on the same train to the care of the little one's grandparents. The father, L.T.(?) JOHNSON, himself very low with the same disease, was sent to a hospital at Guthrie for treatment, where he died late last Wednesday night. It is understood he leaves about $1,100 life insurance, which will be turned over to the grandparents, to be held in trust for the little orphan girl. Mr. JOHNSON was the secretary of the Hallett Fair, and was an active, go-ahead citizen, who, with his excellent wife, will be sincerely mourned by those with whom they lived and worked.

Pawnee Boy To Washington
James INGRAHAM, of this city, son of Rev. M.F. INGRAHAM, has been appointed to a position as clerk in the adjutant general's office in Washington, and leaves this week to begin his new duties. The position carried with it a salary of $1,000 and is the result of the excellent record made by James in his civil service examination, he standing second on the list of eligibles from Oklahoma. We congratulate the young man on his success, and the best wishes of a host of friends accompany him to his eastern home.

Behaved Themselves
Drs. MOORE and PHILLIPS went to Stillwater last week to attend the meeting of the Payne County Medical Society. Quite an interesting program had been arranged, but all of the physicians down for addresses failed to come, and Drs. MOORE and PHILLIPS were called upon to supply the vacancies. Dr. MOORE's address was the principal one of the evening. From the fact that the Stillwater papers made no mention of the occasion or the visitors, we feel sure the Pawnee doctors managed to keep out of the police court.

Dr. HOPE of Pawnee
The Northeastern Oklahoma Dental Association met in Tulsa last Saturday, and held a very interesting session. The clinics wee especially interesting and were closely watched and participated in. A banquet at the Elks' Club was followed by a business meeting and the election of officers. The following officers were elected for the following year: President, Dr. HOPE of Pawnee; Vice-President, Dr. HARRISON of Tulsa; Secretary and Treasurer, Dr. HAYS of Pawhuska.

Court Proceedings
Court convened last Thursday, as per adjournment in January. Judge POE presiding, the case of the State of Oklahoma, the United States, and various citizens against Larry NOLEGS, an Osage Indian, for the possession of Turkey Island, in the Arkansas River, has taken up practically all of the court's time, all parties in interest being represented by an imposing array of counsel. The importance of the case becomes apparent when one realizes that oil is presumed to flow underneath the wealth of sand and shrub exposed to the naked eye. Larry NOLEGS, the individual, is simply a minor incident to the complications surrounding the case, which will be carried to the Supreme Court of the United States, and by the time a final decision is reached, other parts of Larry's anatomy will be minus also.
Other cases have been disposed of as follows:
WOOD vs. FRALEY, continued as per stipulation.
SPENCER vs. Pawnee National Bank; election held for special judge to try the case.
Noyes-Harmon Shoe Co., vs. KILMAN; judgement by default.
HIGHFILL vs. RAY; judgement by default.
First National bank vs. KILMAN; judgement by default.
GASSERT vs. MARTIN; judgement for plaintiff.

In Bankruptcy
The citizens of Pawnee were surprised last Saturday morning to learn that Joe LIEBENHEIM had voluntarily declared himself as bankrupt, as a result of which, is his is closed for the adjudication of his assets and liabilities in court. Mr. LIEBENHEIM said some of his creditors pressed him so insistently that, in order to protect all alike, he took this step. It is thought he has sufficient assets to pay all claims.

The McNemee Barn Burns
Pawnee Celebrates Early Mass by Reducing This Stable to a Mass of Ruins
Another Sunday fire has occurred in Pawnee, the old MCNEMEE barn, west of the Times-Democrat office, being the latest victim of the flames. It seems that some movers had run their wagon into the stable last Saturday evening to spend the night, and in order to keep warm, a lighted lantern had been placed under the covering at the foot of an improvised bed in the wagon. In the morning, as one of the parties was getting up, he kicked the lantern over, with the result that the wagon sheet immediately caught fire. An attempt was made to run the wagon out of the front door, but it was locked, and then they attempted to run it out of the back door, which was also fastened. By this time, the fire had caught the hay in the mows, and there was nothing to do but give the alarm and try to save what could be got out of the barn.
The fire boys responded quickly, considering the fact that it was barely daylight and on Sunday morning, and by their splendid work, the damage was contained to the barn and contents. All the horses were saved, except two belonging to N.A. THOMPSON, who lives in the Osage country near Ralston. Mr. MUSGROVE, who is working the THOMPSON place, had used the team to haul some wood to Pawnee for his father, and had put the team in the barn over night. Mr. POWELL, the young man who was running the stable, personally looked after saving the horses that had been left to his care, and got out ten of them, losing all his personal effects thereby, but it seems that he did not understand that the THOMPSON team was there.
G.W. HUGHES' building, occupied by the Pawnee Produce Company, was damaged somewhat but is being repaired, and will soon be as good as new. The produce company succeeded in getting all their poultry out without loss.
About the heaviest loser by the fire is Jap LIZAR, who is distributor in this county for the Watkins remedies. Mr. Lizar's wagon, fully stocked, was in the barn and it is a total loss, all of it falling upon Mr. LIZAR. His horses and harness happened to be out home, or they would likely have burned also.
There was no insurance, the risk being so great as to make the rate prohibitive. While all sympathize with the owner's loss, it is felt that it is a good thing the building is gone, as it was a menace to adjoining property.

Local News:

Mr. and Mrs. C.M. PROWANT of Quay, were county seat visitors yesterday.

C.C. BURKHOLDER of Delphi, Indiana, was in this city visiting with friends last week.

For Rent: Two good farms near Jennings. G.S. VANEMAN

Mrs. T.B. NEWTON, of Skedee, was a Pawnee visitor Monday.

Ida May COLLINS of Lela, is in this city on court business.

C.H. NIXON of Ralston, was in this city Tuesday, on business.

Miss Florence CLARK made a business trip to Perry last Wednesday.

Mrs. J.B. DAVIS went to Stillwater this morning to spend the day with friends.

Ralph WEBB, who is attending school at Norman, was home for a few days last week.

Blaine JUDY, who attends school at Norman, was home this week for a few days vacation.

J.P. LITTLE and wife of Hallett, were business visitors in this city Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mrs. Dan MABES and daughter, Miss Della, of Ralston, are in this city today, attending court.

Miss Eva FLEMMINGS of Garden City, Kansas, came today for a visit with friends in this city.

Mrs. Jud WEAR left Wednesday for California, where she will visit with relatives and friends indefinitely.

Mrs. Cha. WILLIS of Stillwater, came in Wednesday for a few days visit with Price M. WILLIS and family.

Mrs. M. WILL of Terlton, is a Pawnee visitor today.

J.H. STERLING made a business trip to Perkins, Tuesday.

J.H. KERNS made a business trip to Stillwater, Sunday.

Mr. E. GANZ of Terlton, is in the city shopping today.

Mrs. Ike KATZ spent Sunday in Stillwater, visiting relatives.

Mrs. S.E. BLAIRE of Keystone, is here this week attending court.

Mrs. Z. LITTLE of Hallett, is in this city today on business.

Mr. and Mrs. J.C. ROSE from Terlton, was in Pawnee, Tuesday.

Mrs. M. OHLS of Maramec, was shopping in this city Wednesday.

C.D. ARMSTRONG of Hallett, was a business visitor in Pawnee, Monday.

Mrs. WHIT of Skedee, was a business visitor in this city, Saturday.

E.G. SCOTT went to Ralston Wednesday, for a few days business stay.

Mr. and Mrs. C.D. BRITT, of Terlton, were Pawnee shoppers yesterday and today.

Mrs. J.W. WYKOFF, who has been visiting with friends in Stillwater, returned home yesterday.

Mrs. John LANDES, who has been visiting with Mrs. E.G. GRAY for a few days, returned to her home in Blackburn, Friday.

Mrs. Flossie WARD and little daughter, Genevieve, were called to Blackburn Tuesday, by the illness of her mother, Mrs. TURNER.

Mr. and Mrs. C.B. GIBSON came this morning from New Castle, Pennsylvania, for an extended visit at the home of J.H. HARRIS.

Mrs. E.B. SMITH and children of Emporia, Virginia, were in this city Friday, en route to Stillwater, where she will make her future home.

Leonard BAKER, lineman for the Pioneer Telephone Company, is on the sick list this week. Harry SCHROEDER, of Perry, is here taking his place.

Mr. and Mrs. Herman POSTER, who have been visiting with relatives and friends in Kansas City and Topeka, returned to their home near this city Wednesday.

R.L. LUNSFORD, of Cleveland, has been a county seat visitor this week, he also being connected with that Turkey Island suit. It is next to impossible to keep Bob out of a good thing.

Mr. and Mrs. L.E. WELCH, who have been visiting with relatives in Marion, Kansas, came in Monday for a visit with their mother, Mrs. Mary WELCH, who lives near this city.

Stacey MATLOCK left for Washington, D.C., last Sunday, where he goes to take up some matters with the department that are of interest to the Pawnees. It is understood that some of the tribe wish to discontinue certain employees at the Agency, preferring that the money so expended be added to their regular annuity funds.

G.S. VANEMAN, of Jennings, was transacting business in this city, Wednesday.

Miss M. POOS, of Edwardsville, Illinois, came Wednesday for a visit with Henry BRENSING.

Misses Marie BAIRD and STRAIGHT, of Fairfax, were in the city Saturday, the guests of Miss Lois BAIRD.

Miss Rena BURGMAN, a teacher in the Fairfax city schools, spent Sunday with her parents in this city.

Miss Susie WOOD, of Oklahoma City, came yesterday for a visit with Miss Prudence HARRIS, who lives near Masham.

Miss Ethel JUDY, who is teaching school at Quay, spent Sunday in this city with her mother, Mrs. E.N. JUDY.

Mrs. P.D. SERGANT, who has been visiting the WEAR brothers for some time, returned to her home in Beulah, Colorado, Wednesday.

J.M. HUTCHISON left Wednesday for New Salem, Kansas, where he was called on account of the illness of his father, G.W. HUTCHISON.

Frank CANTON and wife arrived in the city from Oklahoma City this week. Mr. CANTON is taking treatment at Buffalo Park Sanatorium.

Mrs. H.E. SANDERS of Masham, and Miss Ethel RAMSEY, who is visiting her from Ripley, were shopping in this city Wednesday.

Mrs. E.J. CHAMPION went to St. Louis and other points in the east this week, where she will buy her stock of millinery goods and will open a millinery shop soon, in the MANNING building, west of the Pawnee National Bank.

Mr. and Mrs. A.V. HARRISON went to Oklahoma City, Sunday for a short visit with friends.

Louis BROWN returned to his home in Ralston, Monday after a visit with friends in this city.

Mrs. C.C. COCHRAN and father, M. KIRKENDOFF, of Keystone, are in Pawnee this week, attending court.

Mr. and Mrs. G.F. ROBERTSON came this morning for a visit with her brother, W.H. JONES, of this city.

Will WATERS, cashier of the First State Bank of Maramec, was transacting business in this city yesterday.

Miss Fern WEBBER went to Glencoe Friday, for a short visit with her sister, Maud, who is teaching there.

Mrs. M.C. LANCASTER of Skedee, was in this city Tuesday, en route to Springfield, Missouri, where she will visit for several weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. R.C. SCOTT and children came Tuesday from Leota, Kansas, and will make their future home in Glencoe.

Miss MCELROY, a nurse at the Buffalo Park Sanatorium, spent a few days the first of the week with friends in Oklahoma City.

Miss Ethel BERRY, who has been home for several weeks, on account of illness, returned to Columbia, Missouri, last week.

Mrs. J.C. BYERS returned to her home in Guthrie Monday, after a visit with her son, J.A. BYERS, northwest of this city.

Mrs. Florence L. SMITH returned last week from Garber, Oklahoma, where she has been visiting her niece, Mrs. MORGAN. She left Tuesday for Cleveland, where she will visit with her brother, E.A. SHIRLEY and family.

L.V. ORTON made a night trip to Perry and returned Sunday, going over on the 5:47 and returning on the 11:33.

White House Hotel - North Side Square - Opposite Court House - Good Rooms and Good Meals - J.T. FROST, Proprietor

To My Patrons
Those knowing themselves indebted to the Watkins Remedy Company will do me a favor by paying as much as they are able to at once. Your credit is good, and I don't want to crowd anyone, but my loss by fire makes it necessary for me to get in as much as possible. Remember, every little bit helps. J.N. LIZAR.

Last Thursday Rev. G.C. SHAFFER united in marriage at the Methodist parsonage, Ralph JESTER of West Plains, Missouri, and Miss Florence Hickman of Kaw, Oklahoma. This is a most worthy young couple and their friends wish for them a happy journey through life. They will reside in West Plain, Missouri.

Preacher Pounded
Last Monday evening, the pastor of the Christian Church was surprised by a crowd of people from his church, who seemed to think he needed a good old-fashioned pounding. They made their way into his home and were soon busy attending to the wants of the pastor and his wife. After the excite had subsided Brother INGRAHAM obtained the floor and said he had come prepared to make a speech, but he had lost it on his way from home. He succeeded, however, in entertaining the company with a few good stories and a most enjoyable talk. The pastor then expressed himself as well as he could under the circumstances, thanking the people for their kind visit. Everybody appears to have had a good time. The pastor and his wife may sustain internal injuries or complications by reason of their generous pounding, but the smile that lasts was upon their faces as the company left, with the best wishes and thanks of the recipients.

Sued For Damages
The people of Cleveland were startled last Saturday by the report which was freely circulated on the streets to the effect that J.P. MARTIN, Cleveland's pioneer merchant and president of the new Fidelity State Bank had been sued for $20,000 damages by C.A. WILEY, formerly of Cleveland, but later of Tishomingo, Oklahoma. The report was persistently circulated but it was not until Monday morning that it was confirmed by the serving of the papers upon Mr. MARTIN by the deputy sheriff.
The alleged grounds for damages is the alienation of the affections of Mrs. WILEY, the wife of the plaintiff. Mr. WILEY lived here for several years and was employed during that time in Mr. Martin's store as a clerk. Something over a year ago, WILEY and his wife separated and recently she brought suit for divorce.
Mr. MARTIN came to Cleveland at the opening, and has been in business here ever since that time. Recently, he with other parties, began the work of organizing a state bank here, and they now have the building almost completed. He has always stood well in the community and has a host of friends who will never believe that there is anything in the suit except attempted blackmail or a knock on the proposed bank.
The fact that at the same time that this suit was instituted, a protest was filed against the issuance of a charter to the new bank would indicate that there was a "nigger in the wood pile" somewhere.
In conversation with the editor of the Enterprise, Mr. MARTIN said that he was going to the bottom of the whole matter and show who was responsible for it. If he carries out his intention, there is likely to be some lively times ahead in Cleveland. - Enterprise

Neighborhood News Notes:

Quay Quibbles:

M.B. MATTOCKS, representing the Richard Dry Goods Company of St. Josper, Missouri, was in town this week calling on the trade.

Oscar CONNICK came in from Winfield, Kansas, last Saturday, and is the guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred CONNICK, this week.

Mr. and Mrs. C.M. PROWANT spent last Thursday in Pawnee, looking after business matters.

Creed BOOTHS went to Pawnee, Tuesday, to attend to a land transaction.

Miss Mary HOKE, who has been home since last July on vacation, left last Wednesday, where she accepted a position as stenographer in the office of an oil company.

Mrs. Fred SENFT and children are moving into the lower building of the I.O.O.F. building this week, and will make it her home for an indefinite time. Mr. SENFT is working in El Paso, Texas for a railroad company.

Miss JUDY spent Saturday and Sunday with her folks in Pawnee.

Mr. and Mrs. C.N. LUTHER returned to Yale, last Saturday, after having lived in Quay for six months. LUTHER was the manager of the Quay Ginning Company at this place, and gave splendid satisfaction.

C.B. HOSKINS was at Riverside school house Saturday evening, for the purpose of organizing a singing class.

Miss Kate SIMON and Richard LEACH were married in Stillwater last week. They are making their home at the home of the groom's father, A.B. LEACH, for present.


J.M. MCCOLLUM passed through Keystone on Friday, bound for Pawnee.

There are lots of different kinds of people, who have different kinds of views, but a whole lot of them down here seem to think alike on the liquor question, or there wouldn't be so much booze peddled openly in these diggings. I verily believe we have more whiskey and beer to the square inch in Keystone, than in any other part of the Lord's vineyard. We seem to all believe in it. The citizens believe in it, else it wouldn't happen, and it certainly happens right along. Laws are enforced everywhere, more or less, and it is the case in Keystone.

Lone Jack:

Nathan and Ethel NELSON and Henry and Ada ROGERS were recent guests of Bert and Nellie LADY.

F.M. PORTER called on Alex NELSON and family Friday night and Saturday.

Last Saturday was too cold for the usual number of neighbors to go to the city.

Hell Roaring Items:

Harry BINGAMAN of Hallett, is spending a few days at the KENLEY home.

Mr. CARVER and Fred REEVES made a flying trip to Pawnee, Monday.

R. JOHNSON and family moved to their new home on the FRY place this week.

Eli TATRO and wife visited at the WHITE home Sunday.

George WHITE, wife and son, Vance, were in Pawnee, Monday.

Bessie BROWN is on the sick list this week.

C.W. and H.L. CHILCOTE were in the county seat Monday. Lynne CHILCOTE spent Sunday with home folks.

Ralston Rumblings:

Harry Bros. bought out C.C. Red's interest in the dry goods business last week. Mr. RED is figuring on leaving for California before long. His health is not good in this locality and he will make the change, in hopes of bettering his physical condition.

Rev. CLARK is holding meetings at Skedee, this week, and is meeting with good results. He will commence a revival meeting here next Sunday at the Methodist Church.

Since the death of Mark RUTTER, the Pawnee Indian, work on his new house just south of town, has been discontinued by order of the Indian agent. Mr. Boyd YOUNG has the contract to complete the building, and has made bond to that effect. Just what will be the result, we are unable to state, but at any rate, the men should be paid for the work they have already done.

Mrs. Will KING had a sale last Saturday and disposed of a lot of household goods and other property. She will leave in a few days for California, where she will spend the summer.

Audrey A. ROBE, of Amiot, Kansas, is visiting her parents here this week.

J.C. HOLMES resigned his position at the power house last week, and a man from Newkirk, now has the job.

Fred LEVICK is reported on the sick list this week.

Last Sunday it was reported that the depot agent's wife had spinal meningitis, and the people were considerably alarmed at first, but when the county health officer came up from Pawnee, he pronounced the patient suffering from sore throat, headache, and a severe cold, the citizens of the town became reconciled. The sick woman is well and the meningitis scare is over.

Cleveland Clippings:

Miss Mae BALDWIN, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. R.E. BRIDWWELL, in Blackburn, returned home Saturday afternoon.

H.W. WILLIAMS, one of Cleveland's best old timers, was here this week from Clovis, New Mexico. Bert is known out in that country as Judge WILLIAMS and is prospering.

Rev. MORGAN, of Mannford, formerly pastor of the Methodist Church here, was in town Wednesday and conducted the funeral services of "Grandma" ANNETT.

Mrs. Geo. REYNOLDS and son left Monday for a visit in Jennings, with a sister, and also in Pawnee, with her parents.

Frank MINTER and wife are rejoicing the arrival of another boy at their home. It arrived last Friday morning.

Miss RAINER, who has been spending her vacation in Oklahoma City, returned home Saturday.

Miss Lora BRADLEY left Wednesday for Bartlesville, where she will enter Foster's Business College.

Mrs. Ivan REED left Monday for a weeks visit in Yale with her daughter, Mr. P. MCBRINKER.

Jennings Jottings:

Miss Olga NEWELL, who has been teaching school at Gaswell, the past winter, has been secured by our school board to teach the room recently made vacant by Prof. INGRAHAM.

A girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Will CROWE, Wednesday.

Lon CLARK was at Mannford last Saturday on township business.

Prof. James F. INGRAHAM of our city schools, has been appointed to a position in the war department at Washington, D.C., at a salary of $1,000 per year. He is ordered to report there for duty on the 19th of this month.

Wm. BLAIR is home from a short trip to Tulsa and other points.

Geo. H. MCELROY is home from a trip to Tulsa and other points on the east side.

J.C. MURPHY is in the city from Tulsa. He is having his building here on Main Street repaired and painted.

R.F.D. No. 1

Mr. and Mrs. Tom REESE are entertaining a beautiful baby girl, which made its appearance at their home, January 28.

Mrs. STROSNIDER and sister, Grace FRANKLIN, spent Sunday evening at the HILL home.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence HILL and sister, Margery, spent Sunday with William SCHILDBURG and wife.

The boy party at Scott ROWDEN's Sunday night was well attended. All report an extra good time. Those present were: James GANN, Arthur HUMPHREY, Herman WELENCIAK, Ray and Paul CONRAD, Watterdale and Corless HOWELL, Robt. and Marion ROWDEN...

Mrs. AMEN, who has been very seriously ill for the past week, is slowing improving.

Lillian ROWDEN spent Friday with Mary and Nora RIDDLE.

James GANN made a business trip to Blackburn Wednesday.

February 12, 1912 Times-Democrat

R.F.D. No. 1

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence HILL, who recently moved on the Marion BYBEE farm, were pleasantly surprised Monday night with a fine supper from neighbors.

Mr. James GANN, who made a business trip to Blackburn, one day last week, returned home Saturday, accompanied by Arthur LEE, of that place.

William HOWELL, who resided on the Elmer LAMB farm for the past year, has rented the Jim HARDY farm and is moving this week.

Nell and Margery HILL spent Saturday with Rosie and Gladys MACK.

Mr. and Mrs. Willie SHAW spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. D.R. WEBBERT.

Mrs. AMEN is still recuperating at this writing.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom ROWDEN and daughter, Mary, of Blackburn, made a business trip to Pawnee, Saturday.

Mr. Tom ROWDEN is spending this week with his mother, Grandma ROWDEN.


George STAPLETON is as busy as a bee these lovely days, plowing.

Stalk cutting is the order of the day. We mean banana stalks, of course.

Cleveland Clippings:

Mrs. JENKINS of Butler, Pennsylvania, stopped in Cleveland for a few days visit with her son, Homer JENKINS and brothers, Chas. and J.B. MASON, whom she had not seen for 20 years. Mrs. JENKINS will go to California and visit another son.

Chas. BEGGY, who has been employed as telegraph operator at the depot for the past eight months, has been transferred to Hominy and M.B. RICHARDSON will take his place here.

A.B. RUSHING was up from Tulsa last week and spent a few days with his family.

Local News:

Mr. and Mrs. T.M. BLACKNEY visited with Mr. and Mrs. JOHNSON of Pawnee, Sunday.

Miss Daisy DUFF attended the Lincoln exercises at the M.E. Church in Pawnee, Monday.

Strayed - One black Poland china sow and six shoats. If any one knows anything about said property, please notify Mr. A.L. SIKES at his farm, three miles south and one half mile west of Pawnee, and receive reward.

Mr. and Mrs. HICKS and family visited with his father last Sunday.

Mr. Z. GADDIS moved on one of Mr. DUFF's farms last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford MOORE, of Pittsburg, Kansas, have been visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. MCPHADEN, for the past two weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. BLACKNEY visited at the SIKES home, Monday evening.

Dewey BISHOP is on the sick list at this writing.

John BEVINS moved up from Ripley, the first of the week and is now at home on his place east of town. John thinks this is going to be a good crop and he is going to get all he can out of the home place by farming it himself.

George WALLS, who left here last fall and has been sojourning in Canada since that time, dropped into town this morning and is renewing old acquaintances here.

Wm. HENSON, Willis WARNER, Herb TURNER and S.A. MILBURN made a trip up in the Ponca City neighborhood this week to buy corn. They found what they were looking for and came back loaded with corn.

February 22, 1912

Bank Burglary - Blackburn
Last Wednesday night between the hours of 12 and 1 o'clock Mr. LITTEN was startled by a noise in the bank. He hurried to the O. WELLS' residence and stated that some one was trying to rob the bank. Messrs. WELLS and LITTEN armed themselves to watch the bank while Felix HILL hastened to the hotel to raise a posse. After the arrival of the posse, they guarded the bank while J.O. WELLS, Mr. LITTEN and Felix HILL entered in search of the robber. After a few minutes of close searching, they discovered that the robber was a cat trying to make it's escape.

A Measure Of Safety
In justice to adjoining and nearby property, the shell of the building formerly occupied by Mr. MCGEE as a general store, which was destroyed a few weeks ago by fire, should be torn down and the debris cleared away. It is damaged beyond the possibility of repair, according to the city ordinance, and is nothing but a menace to other property.

District Clerk KELLY and wife ahve moved to the STEWART house in the fourth ward. Under Sheriff LOUTHAN and wife will this week move to the house recently vacated by Judge LISEUNT in the same ward, thus maintaining the political parity of this ward.

John STOCKER of Quay, was in Pawnee on business Monday.

Quite a number of the Pawnee people went to Tulsa this week to attend the Shriner's carnival which is in progress there. Among those who went: Mr. and Mrs. John BADGER, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil JAY, Mr. and Mrs. F. HUDSON, Misses Pearl CATLETT, Tan BADGER, Ed CATLETT, George REED and Charly GRAHAM.

Mrs. J.N. GOFF left Monday for Joplin, Missouri, where she will join Mr. GOFF and visit with friends for some time.

Stephen HOLROYD made a flying trip to Ralston, Friday evening, the time for the trip being one hour and forty minutes.

William BLAKE, one of the prominent attorneys of this county, has concluded to move from Cleveland to Tulsa, where he has made partnership arrangements with Judge DILLARD. We regret to lose Mr. BLAKE from Pawnee county, but wish him every success in his new field. He has developed into one of the strong lawyers at the Pawnee County Bar.

Miss Kate RUST returned this morning from St. Louis and Kansas City, where she purchased her spring stock of millinery goods.

Dave HAM of Jennings, transacted business in the city last Monday and was also a guest at the home of Lorena WISWELL.

Mr. W.C. GROVES and Mrs. Lula MCKENZIE, who have been visiting with George HOWELL of this city, returned to their home in Hominy, Oklahoma, Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. E.F. ROBERTSON returned to their home in Republic, Missouri, after spending a few weeks in this city with their sister, Mrs. A.D. TOMPKINS and brother, Will JONAS.

Mr. and Mrs. O.E. EBY, of Masham, were in the city Monday en route to Kansas, where they will visit with relatives. From there they will go to Los Angeles, California, to make their home.

Miss Gussie CREED went to Maramec Sunday, for a few days visit with her sister, Mrs. Louis DEMISVILLE.

Mr. J.B. WOOD and son, left the first of this week for Carmen, Oklahoma, where she will visit with her parents for a few days.

J.H. KERNS went to Oklahoma City, Monday evening, to attend the funeral of his sister, Mrs. O. T. SHEPHERD, of Oklahoma City, Tuesday, returning Tuesday evening.

Last Friday the 16th, Mr. A. M. TAYLOR of Buffalo, Oklahoma and Miss Minnie CROOK of Cleveland, were united in marriage by Rev. M.F. INGRAHAM at his home. They drove overland from Cleveland and after the ceremony, returned immediately.

A lot of beer and whiskey captured last week at Keystone or Terlton, has been returned to Joplin, from whence it came to this county. All costs were paid by the shippers, and a pledge was given to County Attorney COLE, Judge LISEUM and Sheriff MARSHALL that no more would be shipped into this county by this same firm. By this step the consignees, who live at Sapulpa, were saved quite a bill of expense in paying for something they didn't get.


Robert HOGGATT, the 19 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. D.M. HOGGATT of Ralston, died in this city last Saturday morning. He had been suffering for some time, the exact cause of his trouble not being determined. He was finally brought here for treatment, but it was too late for medical aid to be of any service. The body was taken to Ralston, Saturday, and funeral services were held Sunday. The bereaved parents have the sincere sympathy of a host of friends.


On last Sunday afternoon, at five o'clock at the home of the groom's brother, M.L. HAYS, occurred the marriage of Earl HAYS, of this city, to Miss Bertha VAUGHAN, of Glencoe. Rev. A.J. BRADSHAW officiated. After the ceremony, a delicious six o'clock dinner was served. On Monday afternoon, the young couple left for western Canada, where they will make their future home.

Miss Flora HADDOCK entertained a number of her friends at the home of Mrs. John DONAGHY on last Saturday evening. The evening was spent in playing flinch and other games, after which a delightful lunch was served to the following guests: Misses Lois ROCK, Grace LONG, L. MERRILL, Gladys LONG, Frances MURDEN, Messrs. Roy SLOEMN, Simpson HURST, Fred ROCK, Alvin BESHEARS, Frank BROWN, and Loy FURREY. Submitted by MURDEN researcher - Rita F. BUFORD -

On last Saturday evening Miss Alpha STICH was surprised by a few of her friends, the occasion being her eighteenth birthday. Games were played throughout the evening, after which dainty refreshments were served to the following guests: Misses Flossie SWALLEY, Vera ROE, Lois CAIRD, Clara HICKMAN, Edna MCKEE, Ruth COFFEY, Pearl LEEK, Hazel MALLORY, Millie BROWN, Goldie STICH, Messrs. Earl DOVE, Arthur WALKER, Owen HUGHES, Harold MCCARTHY, James ROGERS, Myron MARX, Ralph HAVILAND, Floyd TEEGAREEN and Roy SILOCUM.

School Notes: The Juniors were sorry to lose Ruth SHRINER from their class this week. Letters from Miss Lula REED say she is well pleased with her school work at Claremore. Simpson HURST was absent two days this week, on account of the weather. Miss DANCEY was not able to meet her classes Monday and Tuesday, on account of illness.

A Blackburn Wedding

Last Sunday the 18th, Miss Bessie SPECK of Blackburn, was married to W.W. THOMAS of Cache, Oklahoma. The ceremony was pronounced by Rev. INGRAHAM in the Christian church at precises 12 noon. The Church had been beautifully decorated for the occasion, and evergreen bell covered with tinsel hanging over the heads of the contracting parties. None but invited guests were present.
A bountiful wedding dinner was served at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.O. OWSLEY. In the afternoon, the bride and groom left for their home in Cache, where the groom is in the dry goods business. The good wishes of all go with them. The bride is commonly known as Bessie BROCAW, she having made her home with J.W. BROCAW and wife since early childhood.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. CHADWICK, of Stillwater, were in the city this morning en route to Tusa, where they will make their home in the future.

On last Friday evening the "Willing Workers" class of the U.B. Church were entertained at the home of their teacher, Mrs. J.W. MOATS, the occasion being a Leap Year Valentine party. The evening was spent playing games suitable to the occasion. Also a number of musical numbers were rendered.
A delightful two-course luncheon was served at a late hour to the following: Misses Hazel MALLORY, Alta GARRET, Buelah WHEELER, Florence WHEELER, Mabel JOHNSON, Gussie CREED, May HARRIS, India REEVES, Ruth MAXIE, Lois ROCK, Edna MCKEE, Loreana WISWELL, Jewell BAUSELL, Alice ROGERS, Esther MALLORY, Ruby SMITH, Messrs. Earl DOVE, Fred ROCK, John HEDGES, Stephen HOLYROYD, E. A. JOHNDRAW, Luther SMITH, Arthur LAKE, Ralph HARRIS, Wilber BARBER, Mr. and Mrs. Finley ELMORE and Mrs. Purl BARTHOLEMEW.

Mrs. J.P. TALBOT, of Stillwater, was a Pawnee visitor this morning, en route to Nowata, to visit with her daughter, Miss Nora TALBOT, who is a teacher in the Domestic Science Department of the high school in Nowata.

Mr. and Mrs. F.S. LISCUM went to Tulsa this morning to attend the Alumni of the K.U.

Neighborhood News Notes

Quay Quibbles

Mr. and Mrs. C.M. PROWANT drove to Agra last Saturday with the intention of returning Monday, but on account of being detained in Ripley, with business matters that day, did not get back till Tuesday noon. They seldom fail to bring a storm when they drive a long way from home and this time was no exception to the rule. Driving through the blinding snow last Tuesday for about eighteen miles was anything else but pleasant.

Mr. and Mrs. E.W. CRAVEN spent last Sunday in the country up at the home of H.R. WITTICH.

Friends of Mr. and Mrs. F.E. CULLISON, who formerly lived here but now live in Cushing, will be interested in knowing that they are the proud parents of a baby girl, born February 3rd.

Miss Kattie BUBB entertained at her home north of town last Saturday night by giving a party. A large number of young people from town went out and all report a very delightful evening.

John VOGLER, Harry BELL and Ransom CONNICK, went to Pawnee Wednesday morning in response to a call from Capt. GRIMSLEY to have his company inspected.

Dr. E.L. SENFT was pleasantly surprised last Saturday evening with a six o'clock dinner a the home of his daughter-in-law, Mrs. Fred SENFT, the occasion being his 65th birthday. Just the immediate family was present.

C.A. RING and Henry BEELER made a business trip to Oklahoma City, one day last week.

R.J. WARNOCK and family left on Monday for Chapman, Kansas, where they will reside in the future.

John HESTAND and family left last week for Deepwater, Missouri, where he hopes for find employment in the mines.

E.J. STOCKER was unable to find a place that suited him, consequently he has moved in with his father, J.M. STOCKER, for the present.

Mrs. E.L. SENFT was on the sick list the latter part of last week.

Miss Ruth WITTICH spent Sunday with her aunt, Mrs. E.W. CRAVEN.

Masham Items:

Lucy BENNETT and Misses Dessie and Alice GARNER, were callers at Grandpa GARNER's Sunday.

Miss Elva BARBER, of Valley, who was visiting Miss Stella GARNER last week, returned home Saturday.

Mr. Otis ROBBINS and Mr. Alva PLATZ were visitors at Dan GARNER's Saturday and Sunday.

Miss Elva BARBER was shopping in Pawnee Saturday.

On February 14th, Mr. and Mrs. D. GARNER gave a party in honor of Clark GARNER's birthday. Those present were: Albert REESE and family, Grover HEGA and family, Mrs. Ora CURTIS, Vernie JONES, Lillie SANDERS, Elva BARBER, Sarah ROBBINS, Nellie CAPSTICK, Faye LOCKWOOD, Olive KELSO, Otis and Clarence ROBBINS, Alva PLATT, Lee JANETT, Anell MINER, Elmer JONES, Art BRIEN, Harry WILLARD, Herman ROBBINS, Lorn EDWARDS, Lovel BRIEN, Manerd SANDERS, Victor JACKSON, Dlaney CAPSTICK, Floyd LOCKWOOD, and Christie HARMON.

Pleasant Valley Items:

Mrs. Clara PRYOR made a business trip to Ralston, Saturday and Sunday. Charley ANDERSON made a business trip to Pawnee, Monday. Jesse NIXON returned to Jennings Tuesday.

Attending church in Ralston Sunday night Lee FAIR, Sadie BATES, Ervin FREEMAN, Grace LAWSON, Leonard HINES, Eva RIDDLE, Little Alvin BATES and wife.

Blackburn News:

Clarence LANKARO left Friday morning for Kansas City, where he expects to find work.

Mrs. Lelia CABEL and twin daughters, June and Joyce, who have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. H.C. CANFIELD, Mrs. CABEL's parents, for the past two months left Thursday for their home in South Dakota.

Col. WALTERS will leave on February 29, for Kansas City, where he will be engaged in instruction work in the Missouri Auction School, which has been removed from Oklahoma City to Kansas City. His work in OKC will terminate March 15.

E. WYNN and wife, who have been visiting relatives in Blackburn and vicinity, left on Friday for Tuolumnen, California, where Mr. WYNN will resume his work as an engineer.

Henry FOFF and wife took possession of the hotel this week.

W.W. THOMAS of Cache, Oklahoma is here on important business this week. A.F. MYERS, of Skedee, was in town, Thursday afternoon.

J.W. WYNN, brother to Mrs. Fred TURNER, left Friday for Little Rock, Arkansas, where he will join his wife who has been visiting her sister in Kansas.

Maramec Musings:

Mrs. HEDGES of Washunga, came in Monday to visit her parents, Dr. and Mrs. DUNLAVY.

W.F. GREEN has rented the Joe O'BRIEN farm north of town for the coming season.

Walter MOSER of Yale, was in Maramec the first of the week on business.

Little Orval LITCHENBERGER is having a siege with chicken pox this week.

Judge WILES and wife of Ralston are the guests of W.A. WATERS and wife this week.

Mrs. E. CULBERTSON left Monday for Palacios, Texas, where she goes to join her husband, who has located there and will farm for the coming season.

I.M. KENNY returned Tuesday from Russelville, Arkansas, where he has a farm and where he has been spending his vacation.

Charles YOUNG and family are expecting to leave the latter part of the week for their new home in Osage County.

Lone Jack:

Mr. W.L. FENT and family are enjoying a visit from relatives this week.

Sam HELMS has moved away from his home in Mound Center District.

Mr. SEDALACK has moved to the GOING place.

Mr. Levi BALLARD has moved to the Elmer LAMB farm, west of Masham.

Grandpa BOWLS is better at this writing.

Jennings Jottings:

D.E. CANFIELD was in the city today from Yale. Mrs. W.B. HUDSON of Yale, was in the city Sunday visiting friends. Mr. Peter RENCH, of the Oklahoma State Bank, is out of the city this week on business.

Albert TREESE was at Cushing this week and we noticed that he "swapped" automobiles while there.

Mr. and Mrs. TIFFANY entertained the teachers of our city school Wednesday, at a five o'clock luncheon.

Mrs. Roy HARPER, of Collinsville, who has been here for the past week visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo SCHROEDER, returned home.

Dr. YOUNG, who has been wrestling with a siege of pneumonia for the past few weeks, is again able to be out and look after the sick once more.

Geo. MCDONALD has purchased the Horn residence property of G.S. VANEMAN and Sons, and he will move from his farm east of the city to it at once.

Cleveland Clippings:

Miss Emma MANN left Friday night for Kansas City, where she will purchase her new spring stock of millinery.

H.H. BAILEY from Mart, Texas, was the guest of Miss Anna JOHNSTON, the latter part of last week.

T.E. COFFIN of Polk County, Missouri, stopped in the city last Friday. He was on his way to Parsons, Kansas.

M.H. FITZGIBBONS was here the first of the week from Pittsburg, PA. He is a brother to "Billy" FITZGIBBONS.

Mr. and Mrs. W.H. MALARKEY left Wednesday for Oakland, California, where Mr. MALARKEY will play with the ball team this season.

Mrs. Geo. EDWARDS passed through Cleveland Wednesday, on her way to Tulsa. She was formerly in the millinery business here.

Mr. and Mrs. J.B. BISSEL arrived Wednesday from Pittsburg, Kansas, for an extended visit with their daughter, Mrs. A.A. KUEN.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben PATTEN. living on the Turner place north of the city, are the happy parents of a boy, who arrived early Monday morning.

Simple Neighborhood:

The infant baby of Mrs. Berthan GANNS has been very sick for the past few days with grip.

Scott ROWDEN is snowbound at Blackburn at this writing, although he isn't worrying.

Willie HILL, who has been suffering with a severe rising in his ears, is better at this writing.

Mrs. A.A. HILL and daughters, Nell and Madge, are staying at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L.C. HILL.

Miss Nellie HUMPHREY, who has been sick for some time with typhoid, is able to be up and around again.

Miss Rose MACK spent Monday night at the ROWDEN home.

Miss Lillie ROWDEN gave a party last Thursday night in honor of her sister, Miss Mary. Those present were: Mrs. A.A. HILL, Mrs. ROWDEN, Mrs. GANN, Mrs. STROSNIDER, Misses Nellie and Margery HILL, Rosie MACK, Gladys MACK, Grace FRANKLIN, Tura, Ople and Pearl REESE, and Mary and Lillian ROWDEN; Messrs. Arthur HUMPHREY, Kenneth MACK, Willie HILL, Jessie SMITH, Mr. HILL, Marion and Robert ROWDEN, James GANN, and Tom and Scott ROWDEN. All report a good time.

Mr. John STROANIDER is on the sick list this week.

Notice To Creditors

In the matter of the estate of Jane DUFF, late of the city of Pawnee, county of Pawnee, State of Oklahoma, deceased. All persons having claims against said Jane DUFF, deceased, are to present the same with the necessary vouchers, to the undersigned, duly appointed and qualified administer of said deceased at the office of J.A. MCCOLLUM, at Pawnee, and that four months after the first publication of this notice has been limited by order of the county court of Pawnee the time for creditors of said deceased to present their claims against said estate, or the same will be forever barred. John DUFF, Administrator.

Notice by Publication

To J.W. LONG, Ulysses LONG, Alfred LONG, Jane LOWE and the heirs, known and unknown of Susan TRAMMELL, deceased, the same being so far as known Sarah CRANE, deceased, whose heirs are unknown. Mamie CRANE, May WEIF, Mahala TRAMMELL, deceased, whose name after marriage is unknown and whose heirs are unknown. Cera LOWE and Susan TRAMMELL, whose name after marriage is unknown.

You and each of you will take notice that Ulysses LONG has on this 5th day of February 1912, filed in this court an instrument purporting to be the last will and testament of Mahala LONG, deceased, with a petition that the same be admitted to probate as and for the last will and testament of Mahala LONG.

Notice For Publication

Department of the Interior - U.S. Land Office at Guthrie, Oklahoma, February 5, 1912. Notice is hereby given that Winfield E. MURDEN, of Skedee, Oklahoma, who on October 22nd, 1907, made homestead entry serial No. 2143, for the N-1-2 SW 1-4, section 24, township 22, N. range 5, east Indian meridian, has filed notice of intention to make final five year proof, to establish claim to the land above described, before C.G. GRAY, United States Commissioner at his office, at Pawnee, Oklahoma on the 20th day of March, 1912. Claimant names as witnesses: Constine MERKLE, of Skedee, Oklahoma; James WINGO, Skedee, Oklahoma; Joseph D. HARRIS Skedee, Oklahoma; Alvinizle O. SMITH of Skedee, Oklahoma.

submitted by Winfield MURDEN's great great granddaughter, Rita BUFORD,

February 29, 1912

Some Reflections on the Sad Ending of Dr. Moore
He came among us about three years ago, and by his professional skill and kindly ministration had endeared himself to hundreds who may truly say that to him they owe their lives today. And for one so gifted, and so endowed as to be a blessing to the world, and yet so cumbered that he prefers death to life, we ask why must every life have sorrow mingled In it? Why must every bright day see some shadow trail across the landscape? Why must every draught we get from the deep fountains of experience be mixed with some bitter dreg? We can only stand in the black shadows and ask why, and wait and wonder.
And that unfinished building, and the unfinished enterprise, stand before me as one of the tragedies of life, one of the ironies of fate. It was his dream by day and by night, but his hand was caught midway of the gigantic effort and it remains unfinished. A fitting symbol of human frailties and unfulfilled ambitions; a monument to the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death; a mute messenger pointing to the unsatisfying nature of all things here below. It seems to me that the grind of the crusher and ring of the workman's hammer were appropriate music to toll out the life of one that had been spent in ceaseless activity!
His burden was a secret, but nevertheless he had a burden, and this perhaps is true of every one we meet. Can't we help them bear it? Speak leniently and lovingly one to another, and add not a feather's weight to the load they may have.
"Let me live in a house by the side of the road
Where the race of men go by:
The men who are good, the men who are bad,
As good and as bad as I.
Then why should I sit in the scorner's seat
Or hurt the cynic's ban?
Let me live in a house by the side of the road
And be a friend to man."
As a balm for all our ills an ancient writer said, "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee." Isiah 26:3. And this, too, has been the experience of thousands since the days of the prophet. Of Dr. Moore I may say, a monument of loving remembrance more lasting than the marble shaft is his. When the concrete building atop of the hill in Buffalo park shall have been dissolved in the crucible, the good work he accomplished will still be held in loving remembrance. Pale, patient, silent sufferer, farewell. M.F. INGRAHAM

A Card of Thanks
In saying farewell to Pawnee, amid incidents I can never forget, I desire to ay that among the memories that will remain with me always is that of the universal kindness shown me by the citizens whose friendship was broad and generous enough to include me in their love for the institution and work so tragically ended. I never was in a community that contained so many whole-hearted people. Lela MCELROY, R.N.

Add Two
Two papas and two mammas in Pawnee are at the zenith of family bliss this week, owing to the arrival of a baby girl at each home. The first to announce her coming was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. SOULSBY, who came on Wednesday night of last week, and on Sunday morning Miss Thornton, the first and only daughter and child of Mr. and Mrs. Shap THORNTON, registered herself as a permanent citizen of Pawnee. May each succeeding day, month and year be the brighter for their coming.

Miss Zula THOMAS arrived in the city last Thursday for a visit with the family of her sister, Mrs. George SOULSBY. The principal object of her visit being that newest of new little girls who succeeded Miss Thomas' arrival.

Miss Clara CANFIELD and her brother, Don, of Jennings, were in this city Saturday, attending the teacher's meeting. From here they went to Yale, where they will visit with relatives before returning home.

A Final Swipe
For the third time within a few weeks, fire has taken a whack at the frame buildings across from the Times-Democrat office, this time making the destruction complete from the old MCGEE grocery east to the Model theatre. The fire originated in the room occupied by the colored clothes cleaners, and the alarm was turned in shortly before 1 o'clock Tuesday morning. The cause is reported to be an explosion of gasoline. The losers are Stookey & Folkes, barbers, Shaver, the butcher, the colored tailors, and Buck Harvey, the restaurateur.
Practically nothing was saved for any of these gentlemen, and the buildings are past repair. We regret the financial loss to the owners and occupants of the buildings, but in the interest of adjoining property we renew our suggestion that the debris be removed as soon as possible.

The Latest and The Limit
This morning we received a letter from J.S. MCMURTRY saying that if we did not publish his communication according to his directions, he would quit the paper and use his influence with others to do likewise...

Newspaper Change
W.R. BREWINGTON, who for some time has published the Monitor at Maramec, was in Pawnee on Tuesday of this week on business. He says he has sold the presses and material of the Monitor to P.B. VANANMENT, of Glencoe, and the name and subscription list to L.E. WATKINS. Mr. BREWINGTON will continue to live in Maramec, simply getting rid of a business venture that proved unprofitable.

Killed by Train
Yesterday morning as a belated Frisco train was nearing Terlton, it ran over an old gentleman named ROBINSON, who was walking on the track. The accident occurred at the trestle north of the section house. Mr. ROBINSON was quite deaf, it is said, and thus was unable to hear the approaching train. He was the father-in-law of Frank BAKER, and was well and favorable known throughout the community.

Local News:

A.J. HAINEY made a business trip to Glencoe, Tuesday.

E.K. MOSS, of Keystone, was here this week on business.

Captain H. VEATCH, made a business trip to Glencoe, Tuesday.

C.C. MARSHALL made a business trip to Terlton, Tuesday.

Bob Parker, of Fairfax, was a business visitor in this city Monday.

H. RATCLIFF, of Skedee, was a business visitor in Pawnee Monday.

G.S. VANEMAN of Jennings, is in the city courting this week.

J.T. ALLEN of this city, went to Hardy, Oklahoma, Monday on business.

H.L. GOFF of Blackburn, was transacting business in this city Monday.

Allen ADAMS, of Yale, was transacting business in Pawnee Tuesday.

Mrs. H.T. POLSON went to Kaw City Monday for a few days visit with relatives.

Miss Hattie SHIPPEY went to Skedee, yesterday, for a short visit with John COLCLAZIER.

Miss Jessie HOSTEINE, of Kansas, is here this week visiting at the home of her brother, John HOSTEINE and family.

John TANNER, of Lela, was attending court here this week.

C.N. TEFERTILLER went to Glencoe this morning on business.

Mrs. Ann HEADLEY of Valley, was shopping in Pawnee, Tuesday.

C.E. GIVIN of Terlton, was in this city on business, Wednesday.

J.L. NASH, of Mannford, was a business visitor in Pawnee Wednesday.

Mrs. J.W. MCCASKEY, of Skedee, was shopping in Pawnee yesterday.

Mrs. M.E. REED went to Terlton this morning for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. M.C. WARDEN.

Socially Speaking

The ladies aid of the Presbyterian church met at the home of Mrs. George SMITH last Tuesday afternoon.

The Art Circle will meet at the home of Mrs. J.L. LEHEW next Wednesday afternoon.

The Nevin Music Club will meet at the home of Mrs. V.H. BIDDDISON next Tuesday evening.

On last Tuesday evening, the young ladies Guild of the Presbyterian Church met at the home of Miss Lorena WISWELL.

The Five-Hundred Club met at the home of Miss Garnet LILLIE, last Monday night. Miss Tan BADGER won the prize for highest score. Dainty refreshments were served at the close of the game. The club will meet with Miss Mayme BURFORD next Monday evening.

Last night about nine o'clock, occurred the marriage of Mr. Elmer G. SCOTT, manager of the local telephone company, and Mis Della BARNETTE of this city, at the county court room, Judge F.S. LISEUM officiating. It is said the happy couple tried to steal a march on their friends, but the news leaked out as such items always will. They will make this city their home. Congratulations are extended.

Marriage Licenses
M.M. THOMASON, Cleveland
Mrs. Lavina COX, Cleveland
Miss Kate WEST, Dixie
Mrs. Sue J. MARTIN, Stillwater
Homer O. PORTER, Pawnee
Sylvia E. TISDALE, Pawnee
Charles LONG, Yale
Mrs. Lizzie CLEVELAND, Yale
Frank E. MILLER, Cleveland
Bertha M. PECK, Cleveland

A Card
We desire to thank those who interested themselves in saving what they could of our property in the fire last Tuesday morning. We furthermore thank our customers for their patronage, and wish to say we will hereafter be found at Frank WALSH's basement barber ship, where we hope to see all of you. STOOKEY & FOLKES

Chicken Notice
All parties keeping chickens within the corporate limits of Pawnee are hereby notified that on and after March 1, it is a violation of the city ordinance to allow chickens to run at large within said limits. B.L. BARNES, City Marshall.

School News:
The highest averages for the month of February: Freshman class - Myron MARX, Hazel MALLORY and Jewell BAUSELL. Sophomore class - Isabel LEHEW, Maud MCCASKEY. Junior Class - Stanley MOORE, Fannie BIDDISON. Senior class - Minnie MOORE, Ruth MANHEIMER.

Rita Buford

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