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Discharges Are At Flood Level
Deputies at the county clerk's office indicated this week that they will welcome volunteers to help in filing discharges of county men if they start coming in much faster.
Nearing a full-time occupation for the two, they have recorded the following releases since Friday:
John B. DARBY, Broken Bow.
Roy A. HUNT, Valliant
Cas TASSEY, Haworth
George Ward TYLER, Millerton
V.V. STORY, Valliant
Otto D. TAYLOR, Idabel
Alton ABNER, Hochatown
Hershal SMITH, Valliant
Roscoe O. GILBERT, Idabel
Carson BOX, Valliant
Dewitt SCOTT
Henry L. SWIFT, Broken Bow
Hulit Arlin HILL, Haworth
Herbert NOWELL, Wright City
Cleaburn NOWELL, Wright City
Luther SANDERS, Bethel
Hartford COMPTON, Broken Bow
James M. PERRIN, JR., Ringold
Leonard B. TUCK, Ringold
Joe WALKER, Golden
George W. HAMIL, Idabel route 1
William A. ROEBUCK, Valliant
Marion L. WRIGHT, Idabel
Jole C. GAMBLE, Broken Bow
Joel L. CLAMPET, Idabel
Russell E. HARRIS, Idabel
Jay N. RUSSELL, Idabel
James H. GINN, Idabel
Eual HILL, Idabel
Able T. AMOS, Eagletown
Archie Lee GLOVER, Idabel
Truman L. JOHNSON, Idabel
Wingo E. BINGHAM, Broken Bow
Robert B. JONES, Idabel
Gilbert R. MERRY, Valliant
Sam BELL,  Idabel, Negro
George NUNLEY, Idabel, Negro
Vester MOSLEY, Harris, Negro
Lonnie CROCKETT, Idabel, Negro

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