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OKBits File The Indian Citizen-Democrat, Atoka County

July 29, 1897

Died at his home in Stringtown on the 22nd n st., Louis VAUGHAN, a prominent young business man of that place and we believe postmaster at the time of his death. The deceased had been a resident of Stringtown, with his family and mothers family, for several years and was highly esteemed by all who knew him, as a reliable business man and a trustworthy gentleman in every respect. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge at this place and several members of the lodge including S.B. SCRATCH, Rev. J.S. MURROW, G.A. PATE and J.C. DOWNING attended his burial at Stringtown on the 23rd.
The deceased leaves a wife and two small children to mourn his untimely death. We sympathize greatly with them in their sad bereavement and commend them to an all wise and just God. He and His promises only can give them comfort.
Submitted by Barbara Cook Holman

January 4, 1904

Austin: W.E. BRIDGES, a western union lineman was killed almost instantly when he fail. He was from Brandsville, Missouri.

July 4, 1904

Belton: Harry MAYER, 17, son of prominent citizen of this county, was killed by machinery at the power house.

Texarkana, Texas: Sam EASLEY, a farmer and cattle trader was shot to death Tuesday while sleeping in his bed.

July 14, 1904

Mrs. Susan J. ROGERS, died Monday afternoon. She was born in Newton, Jasper Co. IL. in 1848. In 1871 she married John Edward ROGERS.
She is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Darrell of Republic, MO., Misses Jennie and Mary ROGERS. She was widow when her daughters were small.
Burial at Atoka Cemetery.

Vinita, I.T.: Jim ROBINSON, while trying to cross Pryor Creek, south of Chelsea, his wagon bed floated down stream and three children were drowned.

W.L. BROWNING, of Atoka, known as Bud, died Thursday afternoon at age 52.
He is survived by his brothers, Hon. J.N. BROWNING of Amarillo and J.R. BROWNING of Weatherford.

July 8, 1920

Thirty-Five Killed And Injured
E.B. Reed's Greater Show Circus Train Demolished And Burned At Atoka.

On last Sunday evening there occurred in the railroads yards of Atoka, the greatest wreck and smash-up of cars and human life that ever occurred on the Katy Railway during it's fifty years. The coroners' inquest was held Monday and the verdict was that the accident was due to negligence on the part of the following railroad employees: Train Dispatcher at Muskogee and Engineer Patrick.
(The article, which is very long, describes in detail how the accident happen and the way the people died and or injured)
List of the dead were:
Mrs. Anna WILSON, age 24, of San Bernarndina, CA
Mrs. Ethel McCLANAHAN, age 18, of Dallas, TX
Mrs. Maude WOEHLER, age 45, of Miama, Arizona
George HUNT, age 22, of Belton, Texas
Mrs. Myrtle DUKE, age 21, Greenville Texas
Note - Myrtle ELLIOTT DUKE Researched by Dave LAMM -
Laura DUKE, an infant about 3 years old, Greenville, Texas
Mrs. Hattie DANVILLE, age 28, Miama, Oklahoma
List of the injured:
Mrs. Bettie ALLEN, Cincinnati, Ohio
Mrs. Gladys POWERS, Atichison, Kansas
Mrs. C.A. LaDARA, Cincinnati, Ohio
Mrs. James DWYER, Cincinnati, Ohio
Mrs.G.W. McCRARY, Waco, Texas
W.S.RANKIN, Cincinnati, Ohio
W.O. DOWNS, unknown
Wm. WOEHLER, Miami, Arizona
Mrs. Anna REDDINGTON Cincinnati, Ohio
Mrs. Will DWYER, Cincinnati, Ohio
Jimmy SWEETEN, Cincinnati, Ohio
Willie T. SNELL, Hamilton, Texas
Pauline McCLANABAN, infant daughter of Mr.&Mrs. Buck McClanahan
Miss Alma BOONE, Cincinnati, Ohio
Mrs. Julia ROGERS, Cincinnati, Ohio
Mr. P.J. SNELL, known as "Texas Bud" Hamilton, Texas
Miss Zora MILLS , McKinney, Texas
Mr. John HULSE, Tyler, Texas
Mrs. May ALLEMANGE, Cincinnati, Ohio
Mr. Albert ROGERS, Cincinnati, Ohio
Miss Marie SPENCER, Sherman, Texas
Mr. Woods NEAL, San Antonio, Texas
Mr. Howard HILL, Waco, Texas
Mr. Clyde HILL, Waco, Texas
J.H. WRIGHT,(colored) Waco, Texas

Sorry Cut the first part off, so here is where it starts)
Was deemed necessary because of the fact that the women are now entitled to vote. Any candidate finding a material error in the list published below will please report the same to me.
Respectfully submitted,
Sec'y Atoka Elec'n Board

For County Judge:
For County Attorney:
For Sheriff:
Jesse W. PHILLIPS "Memories of Jesse Phillips"
For Court Clerk:
Floyd LACK
For County Treasurer:
Henry J. BOND
For County Clerk:
For County Assessor:
For County Superintendent:
For County Weigher:
For County Surveyor:
For State Committeeman:
For County Commissioner, Dist. 1:
For County Commissioner, Dist. 2:
For County Commissioner , Dist. 3:

For County Judge:
For County Attorney:
For Sheriff:
For Court Clerk:
For County Superintendent:
Elizabeth B. TUTT
For Commissioner, Dist. 1:
For Commissioner, Dist. 2:
Kelly FAIN
For Commissioner, Dist. 3:

Miss MILLER of Muskogee is the guest of Mrs. J. A. BONHAM

January 3, 1929

Mrs. Bettie HOSMER NORWOOD, died December 28th, 1928, at the University Hospital at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and was buried at West View Cemetery, Atoka, Oklahoma on Sunday, December 30th, 1928.
She was born July 28th, 1861, at Tuscalosa, Alabama, where she grew to womanhood and was married to T.M NORWOOD, November 26th, 1879. their oldest child T.S. NORWOOD, was born at Tuscaloosa, Alabama, after which time Mr. and Mrs. NORWOOD moved to Seymour, Texas, where their second child, Theopilus F. NORWOOD was born, who died when he was about one year of age. Their youngest son, M.C. NORWOOD, was born at Seymour, Texas, May 19, 1888 and the NORWOOD family came to Atoka, Indian Territory, in November, 1896 and Atoka has been their home since that date.
Two sons, T.S. NORWOOD and M.C. NORWOOD, attended school at the Baptist Murrow Indian Academy and the tuition schools at Atoka, Indian Territory, and Atoka is still the home of the two sons who are known to their friends as Tom NORWOOD and Marshall NORWOOD. Their father, T.M. NORWOOD died at Atoka. Indian Territory, November 19th, 1905; he is well remembered by all the old time citizens of Atoka; he was a citizen of high character and loved by all who knew him.
Her only living brother, T.J. HOSMER, has lived at Atoka since 1895. Since the death of her husband, Mrs. Bettie HOSMER NORWOOD, has made her way with her two faithful sons, Tom and Marshall. She lead a very active life and was always interested in public affairs and in anything which was for the upbuilding of the community and especially the welfare of its young people.
An expression of the live and kind feeling held for her, by her many friend would cover a volume, however as a friend to the deceased and her family, I wish to express the sentiments of one of her sincere friends when I say that on Friday, December 28th, "The Black Camel , Death, stood suddenly at her door and she mounted at once to return nevermore." The silver cord was loosed, the golden bowl was broken, the pitcher was broken at the Fountain and the wheel broken at the Cistern and the dust returned to the earth as it was and the spirit to God who gave it. It was with profound sorrow that the death of Mrs. Bettie HOSMER NORWOOD, was reported to the people of Atoka County, Oklahoma. Mrs. NORWOOD possessed the attributes of a noble woman, a kind citizen, a devoted wife and an affectionate mother and these attributes are the crowning glory of her useful life. Let it be sincerely expressed that she is not dead, but still lives, lives in her efficient services and in the live and admiration of her associates.

"Death's but a path that must be trod, If man would ever pass to God"

As a particular mark of respect and as a tribute to the memory of Mrs. Bettie HOSMER NORWOOD, the above is contributed by a friend of the family who has been intimately acquainted with them for a quarter of a century.

Judge Refuses Request For New Trial
District Judge GASSAWAY Permits Verdict of $50,000 In Favor Of Justice J.W. CLARK To Stand; Defendants Appeal
After an all day hearing before District Judge GASSAWAY yesterday upon the motion of counsel for the defendants O.O. OWENS and The Tulsa World Publishing company for a new trial following the rendition of a judgment for the sum of $50,000 by a district court jury last November in the case where Justice CLARK sued the defendants for the sum of $200,000 aledging libel and slander, the defendant's motion for a new trial was overruled. The supersedes bond in the case was fixed at $100,000 which the defendants were allowed sixty days to make. They were also given ninety day in which to prepare and serve a case-make, ten days in which amendments may be suggested and five days to settle the issues. This will make it about the middle of the spring before the case reaches the supreme court. The defendants were represented by former Senator Joe BAILEY of Dallas, Texas, M.A. BRECKENRIDGE and Christy RUSSELL of Tulsa. Justice CLARK was represented by Attorneys, D.H. LINEBAUGH of Muskogee, LINEBAUGH & BEAM of Atoka and John S. BARRY of Oklahoma City.

Deputy List Made Public By C.G. MAXWELL
Charles MAXWELL, sheriff-elect of Atoka, County, has announced the following appointments of deputies:
O.C. ELKINS, undersheriff
W.C. TURNER, Field Deputy
Mr. MAXWELL will have only one other place to fill, that of Night Jailer, and he has not definitely decided upon whom he will appoint to that place as he has a number of applications.
(O. P. RAY, Jr. was the retiring sheriff)

We, the undersigned, from the depths of our hearts wish to publicly express our sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone who so generously offered help and consolation during the sickness and death of our mother, sister, and aunt, Mrs. Bettie HOSMER NORWOOD, who was buried at West View Cemetery, Atoka, Oklahoma, on December 30th, 1928.
T.J. HOSMER & Family
Mrs. Mabel HAAS & Family

Funeral services in Oklahoma City, Nine a.m. , Tuesday for Mrs. Martha HARDIN KENNY, wife of Paul T. KENNY, 904 West 32nd St. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Munsey HUNKAPILLER says she will be remembered by older residents here as Dottie HARDIN.

W.A. FURR, Stringtown justice of the peace was a business visitor in Atoka today.

Jake COSPER is reported to be seriously ill with an attack of influenza.

Charles Wallace SURRELL was born October 8, 1890, the son of Mr. and Mrs. A.M. SURRELL, pioneer settlers of this section. He died on January 1, 1929, at the home of his sister, Mrs. Lewis H. GARRETT in the eastern part of Atoka. Funeral services were held at the GARRETT residence at 2 p.m. after which he was laid away in the cemetery here beside his father and mother who preceded him.
He is survived by his brother, A.M. SURRELL, superintendent of the State Game Preserve at Smithville and by his sister, Mrs. GARRETT, as well as a number of more distant relatives and a large number of friends, who mourn his passing.

Word was received yesterday that Charles LOCKE, formerly of Atoka, but who had been living at points in Texas for the past several years had died suddenly while visiting at Durant.
Mr. LOCKE and family were in Atoka for a portion of the holiday period, leaving here on Tuesday, intending to stop a short time in Durant on their return trip home. He was apparently in good health and his death is said to have been similar to that of his brother, Horace in Atoka almost three years ago. Another splendid citizen has answered the call of his Maker.

Sam MENTON, who lived just east of Atoka committed suicide on Friday of last week by shooting himself through the head. The tragedy happened shortly after noon on Friday. He is survived by seven children and a wife who had just commenced divorce proceedings against him. In a note to his wife he declared, "This is the only way to settle our trouble. Even love in death is preferable."

To the many friends and the Masonic Order who assisted us during our recent bereavement - the loss of our dear father, T.C. SANFORD - we extend sincere heartfelt thanks. The beautiful floral offerings were also highly appreciated.

J.A. FREDERICK, 25, Atoka and Miss Bellie Gene REID, Caddo.

The funeral of Roy BRITTS of the Bruno community was held in the New Zion Methodist Church last Sunday afternoon. The pastor of the Atoka Methodist Church conducted the services.

Attorney Ira J. BANTA of Wewoka was an Atoka visitor yesterday.

The Atoka Fire Department will hold their annual meeting on Friday evening of this week, at which time they will elect officers for the coming year.
Harry I. MADARY has been Fire Chief the past year and has had a very successful administration. Numerous calls have been answered but the total fire loss for the year in the entire city has been held down to $1500.

The Atoka Lions Club held an interesting meeting at the Atoka Presbyterian church on yesterday at noon. The entertainment program, under the direction of Lion J..E. MILLER consisted of two songs by the Atoka High school puartette of last year.
Visitors included
Harold J. FISHER, assistant county attorney;
Ira J. BANTA, of Wewoka, formerly of Atoka;
Justice J.W. CLARK of the State Supreme Court;
Attorney M.A. BRECKENRIDGE, of Tulsa;
Attorney Christy RUSSELL, of Tulsa;
O.O. OWENS of Tulsa county;
Joseph W. BAILEY of Dallas, Texas, former U.S. Senator
The Lions Club will undertake a number of projects for the betterment of Atoka and Atoka county during 1929.

Grady Monroe ATKINS was born in Surry County, N.C., February 18, 1902. Departed this life December 28, 1928. The cause of his death being "flu" developing Pneumonia. Grady was an industrious good Christian man. He leaves a father, three sisters, two brothers, wife and baby. After a short but very impressive sermon preached by Rev. PARKS at the cemetery, the body was laid to rest in the ATKINS' family lot, in the Atoka Cemetery. Grady has a host of friends who regret to hear of his death in early manhood.

Mrs. Edna DEAN left today for Davis, Oklahoma, where she has accepted a position as Instructor in the Davis Public Schools.

Rev. Thos. W. BOWEN will preach at the Presbyterian Church Sunday, January 6th, 11:00 a.m. Everybody welcome.

Mrs. Effie NEOMA SWAFFAR passed away at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J.T. LOWRY on Sunday, December 30, after an illness of a few days. Mrs. SWAFFAR was born May 28, 1841 and passed away at the age of 87 years, 8 months, and 2 days. She was married to Larkin F. SWAFFAR on June 15, 1856. To them were born eight boys and one girl, of whom five boys and one girl survive.
The deceased professed faith in Christ in 1869 and united with the Baptist Church of which she was a faithful and devoted member until her death. After services conducted at the Baptist church by Reverend H.O. MORRIS, she was laid to rest in West View cemetery.
The surviving children and aged husband have the sincere sympathy of the entire community in their bereavement.

Thomas C. SANFORD, pioneer citizen of Atoka county passed away on Thursday night of last week at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Walter CHITWOOD near Atoka. Mr. SANFORD came to what was then Indian Territory in 1883 and has resided here since that time. He is survived by four children. Funeral services were conducted by the Masonic Lodge of which he was a long and faithful member.

Dr. J.W. ROLLINS is reported to be dangerously ill with influenza at his home here.

We desire to express our sincere thanks to the people of Atoka and vicinity who so kindly assisted us during the recent illness and death of our dear brother, C.W. SURRELL.
Mr. and Mrs. L.H. GARRETT and son, Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. A.M. SURRELL

County Assessor, A.L. HANKINS on Wednesday, January 2, delivered the 1928 Tax Rolls to County Treasurer, Henry J. BOND.

January 10, 1929

Mrs. Emeline BETTS was born near Ripley, Mississippi in 1838, died at her home in the Ward's Chapel community on December 29, 1928 at the age of ninety years.
Mrs. BETTS was converted and united with the church when just a girl of which institution she has been a faithful member for seventy years, 32 years of which she was a member of the Baptist church at Ward's Chapel.
She was laid to rest in the Ward's Chapel Cemetery on Sunday, December 30, the funeral services being conducted by Reverend L.B. SMITH of Atoka.
Thus another useful life has been brought to a close at a ripe old age.

Note- Emeline was the daughter of Andrew and Liza Lattin and the wife of Ramsey D. Betts. Researched by Carl Phillips

John DORSET to Milton LEE

Mortgage Considerations
Atoka County to Irvin FEATHERSTON
Diva CLARK to Ila Shuler KREIDER (certain lands in Bryan and Choctaw)

Of little Willie TOMLINSON, daughter of Mrs. Lizzie TOMLINSON, departed this life January 1st, 1929, of pneumonia. We cannot understand why one so young and full of promise was taken, but we know that our God knows best, and that he doeth all things well; while we can no more see the face of dear Willie and long for the foot steps we cannot hear and pray for the hand we so often clasped with a heart burdened with grief and sorrow; we pray to our Heavenly Father for grace to say thy will be done. Dead yes, dead; the pulse is gone. The heart has ceased to beat. The gentle Savior has called home a precious child so sweet.
Fourteen summers she stayed; This lovely bud called by early doom; just came to show how sweet a flower, in paradise could bloom; A silence fell upon the room, where death was coming fast and many a tear and sorrow flowed when life went out at last. Ere sin could harm or sorrow fade; Death came with friendly care; The opening bud to heaven conveyed, and bade it bloom there. The Savior said suffer her to come; He said of such was his own, and now in the Shepherd's bosom safe, was the little Lamb we missed on morn, and mother, now why do we weep when blessed assurance is so sweet that if we trust in Jesus here we'll meet Willie over there; Yes over there beyond the tide, where Pearly Gates are open wide; Yes open wide on that Crystal shore, where sad good byes will come no more.
Heaven prosper you, good Christian souls, who waited by her side; till death released her from her pain and she passed o'er the tide.
Mrs. W.E. WOOD, Farris, Okla.

The death of A.E. FUGATE of Atoka occurred about midnight Sunday last at the hospital at Durant where he had been taken earlier in the day for surgical attention to a gangrenous condition that had set up in a foot. Amputation of the affected member failed to check the progress of the gangrene and death resulted a few hours later.
Mr. FUGATE was an old time resident of Atoka county, having lived east of Stringtown for many years. About a year ago he moved to Atoka and has been engaged in running a red ball freight line between Atoka and Durant. The case of his death was a bruise received when a box of freight fell on his foot.
His passing will be mourned by his numerous friends and acquaintances throughout the county.

Reverend Calvin J. RALSTON, for many years a Presbyterian minister, living at Caney, but working throughout the state, died at Oklahoma City the first of the week after a short illness. Reverend RALSTON did perhaps as much toward civilizing and Advancing the cause of religion in this section as any man who has lived in it.
He was brought back to Caney yesterday for burial besides(sic) his wife who passed on several years ago.
One by one the pioneers of this section are passing and at the present rate only a few years will any of them remain with us.

Dr. J.W. ROLLINS passed away at his home in Atoka on Friday night of last week following an attack of pneumonia from which he had been suffering for several days.
After funeral services at the residence on Sunday afternoon he was laid to rest in the cemetery here.
Dr. ROLLINS at the time of his death was sixty-six years of age and had been a practicing physician in what is now Atoka county since coming here when yet a very young man. In his work as a physician, he traveled far and wide over this section at all hours and in all kinds of weather, He was never known to fail to do his utmost to relieve pain and suffering wherever he found it. He will be sorely missed by hundreds of citizens of this county who relied upon him for assistance when sick or afflicted.
His wife and small daughters have the sympathy of the community in their bereavement.

One of the features of the new Model A Ford car which is typical of the care that has been devoted to details of design, is the theft-proof ignition lock with which it is equipped. Many automobiles ignition locks, designed to lock the switch against theft of the car, have been little or no safeguard against the clever thief with some knowledge of automobile ignition systems. The thief could simply reach behind the instrument board, cut the wires back of the switch and make a new circuit on which the ignition system would operate perfectly.
This cannot be done on the new Ford, because the wires run direct from the switch into an armored conduit which is integral with the dash. In order to tamper with the switch the thief would either have to take the instrument board to pieces or cut the steel dash or armored conduit. Except under the most extraordinary circumstances, no thief would have the tools, the time or the freedom from possible interruption necessary to the completion of such a difficult and tedious task.
This new Ford lock performs two operations at once. It opens the ignition circuit and grounds the distributor at the same time. Another advantage is that being concerned entirely with the ignition system, it provides protection against theft without in any manner interfering with the mechanical car controls, such as transmission or steering.

Ada, Okla., Jan. 9 -
George CARTER, employed on the Oklahoma City, Ada and Atoka railroad, was killed, his cousin, John TINNER, was believed dying, and four other employes were injured slightly when an engine ran into a boxcar near here Tuesday night.
Two of the employes injured were R.A. CARTER, father of the dead man, and another son. All are in a hospital here. TINNER'S hips and pelvis were crushed.
The injured, with the exception of CARTER'S father, were riding on the cow-catcher of a work train when it ran into a boxcar of a working crew that was previously believed to have cleared the track. The workmen on the cow-catcher were crushed between the engine and the boxcar.

Dr. J.H. CROCKETT of Durant was an Atoka visitor yesterday.

W.H. BOATMAN, who retired as under-sheriff on January 7, , has accepted a position with E.E. COLE.

Whereas, an allwise Father has removed from our midst, our beloved sister, Mrs Betty HOSMER NORWOOD; Resolved the Ohoyohoma Chapter No. 1 O.E.S has lost a valuable member.
Resolved, that while we mourn the absence of one we prized we know she has passed from labor to reward, that we will renew our fidelity to our O.E.S Chapter that she loved, that her vacant chair will remind us that another link has dropped from our chain. Resolved that our Chapter teaches the hope of immortality, that it assures us the Golden Chain that binds us in life cannot be severed in death.
Resolved, that our hearts go out in sympathy to the beloved sons and brother, and while we shall ever hold dear the memory of Sister NORWOOD, we will not forget those she loved.
Resolved that a copy of these resolutions be sent to her sons, and to the Indian Citizen-Democrat and the Gazette for publication and a copy be spread upon the records of our Chapter. Myrtle DOWNING, Emma MAHAKER, John MAHAKER-Committee

Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth SHERIDAN was born September 11, 1839 in Franklin County, Ohio and died on January 3, 1929 at Atoka, Oklahoma; aged 89 years, 3 months, and 23 days. On August 22, 1859, she was united in marriage to John MCAFEE, to which union one child was born, Mrs. W.M. MOORE of Atoka. Mr. McAFEE died on January 6, 1903.
Mrs .McAFEE came to Atoka in 1883 and has resided here since that time. She professed faith in Christ in early life and joined the Methodist church but later , on moving to Atoka, she united with the Christian Church of which she was a member until her death.
Mrs. McAFEE leaves besides her daughter and son-in-law, Mrs. and Mrs. W.M. MOORE, seven grandchildren and thirteen grandchildren(sic) , including Mr. and Mrs. Henry EVANS and family and Mr. and Mrs. John MOORE and family of Ravia, in addition to a host of friends and neighbors who mourn her departure.
Owing to her advanced age, death was not unexpected, and Mrs. McAFEE had made plain to loved ones just the manner in which she desired to be buried and her wishes were carried out in every detail.
After services at the Christian Church on Sunday afternoon, she was laid to rest in the cemetery here.

Messers. R.B. PENICK of Boggy Depot, Tom GANTT of Wardville and John WYLIE, who were appointed by District Judge. P.L. GASSAWAY as Jury Commissioners for the year, met at the court house Monday under instructions from Judge GASSAWAY and prepared a list of three hundred jurors from which list the juries for this year will be drawn in both county and district courts.

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