Hooker, Texas County
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OKBits FilesHooker, Texas Co. Oklahoma

Military Personnel Surnames
Abstracted from the Hooker History 1983 Edition
Published by The Hooker Advance

Permission To Post Index by
ArVel White of the Olive Warner Memorial Library

Volume I, 1981 copyright, $25.00
Volume II, 1987 copyright, $25.00
Volume III, 1994 copyright $25.00
All three volumes for only $50.00 plus $7.50 s&h
All proceeds benefit Friends of the Library.
Checks may be sent to "Olive Warner Memorial Library
P.O. Box 576, Hooker, OK 73945"

There is more information listed such as what branch, how years in services and ect..

Index Of "Photos Not Available
Index Of
Photos Shown In Book
Dale B. Abel
Earnie A. Allen
Bernice M. Anderson
Earl L. Anderson
Rev. James B. Ansley
Limuel Charles Ansley
Wilson Ansley
James M. Arnold
Orban Ray Arnold
Guy Bailey
Larry D. Balzer
Wryte Barnes
Roger Albert Behne
Tia Nona Behne
C.E. Bollinger
C.J. Bollinger
James Donald Bostwick
Buddy A Brixey
Bobby A. Buchanan
Bobby L. Buchanan
A.J. Shorty Burdge, WWI
John T. Burdge
Lawrence L. Burdge
Lloyd H Burdge
R.C. Burdge
Edwin C. Carstens
Herman Carstens
Gary Wayne Carter
Lou Ellen Carter
David Christopher
C.J. Craft
Alva Lee Daniels
Guy M. Daniels
Orville Daniels
Frank Davis
Lester Davis
Merle Rodney Davis
Chauncey M. Depuy
Chauncey Ray Depuy
Howard Depuy
Richard Depuy
Alexander Dorsch
Daniel Dorsch
Henry Dorsch
Jack Dorsch
Dale Duer
Bob Edwards
Buster Farley
Karl Ray Fast
FeRoy Fast
Marlin G. Fell
Robert C. Fintrock
Allan L Fischer
Donal Lee Fischer
James Lloyd Foglesong
Donald L. Fritzier
George Firtzier
Jack Goosen
Clarence Alophus Grounds
D.J. Grounds
Denver Grounds, Jr.
Don Grounds
Duane Grounds
Gene Grounds
Glenn Grounds
Larry Grounds
Larry G. Grounds
Levene Gustin
Terry J. Hale
Harry E. Hamby
Calvin James Hammack
Calvin Jame Hammack
Lester Hampsten
Raymond V. Hansen
Douglas Hanson
Lisle Hatfield
Alfred C. Hearne
Albert R. Herbel
George M. Herbel
Helen Hoeme Herbel
Wilburt R. Herbel
Clarence Hershey
Eugene Dale Hillman
Bill R. Hitchcock
Cecil Hitchcock
Dale Herman Hitchcock
Franklin Hitchcock
Hilliard P. Hitchcock
Hubert G. Hitchcock
John Leland Hitchcock
Leslie A. Hitchcock
Lloyd Lee Hitchcock
Parker William Hitchcock
Roscoe R. Hitchcock
Clarence D. Hoeme
Mike Hofferber
Euguen Holland
Maurice Hotland
Agnes Hotzrichter
Jake L. Hotzichter
Raymond Chester Holzichter
Douglas Honeman
Raymond C. Honeman
Willard "Bill" Howell
F.L. Humble
John M. Humble
Gary Jacobs
Arvel Jones
Alvin Edward Judd
Donal C. Judd
Reuben Kraft
Roy Krieger
Don W. Krug
Vern L. Lambert
Billy C. Longest
Emmett Loring
Alexander Leroy Lundgrin
Hank McDonald
William Charles Marcum
Gene Martens
Richard Dean Mathis
William E. Mathis
John P. Maynard
Earl Dean Meng
John Robert Metcalf
Robert L. Metcalf
Thomas Wilson Metcalf
Clyde D. Montandon
Merel Everett Moore
C.J. Mouser
Earl L Noell
I. Herndon Noell
William Glenn Noell
John E. Norman
Clarence P. O'Leary
Dean L. Olinger
Ronald P. Olinger
Lloyd Oliver
Herold Phillips
Howard Phillips
Floyd Raff
Dale L. Roberts
Ray L. Roberts
Leo Schmidt
Terryl K. Schmidt
Theophile Schmidt
Waldo Schroeder
Hugh Seawright
Donald E. Skillings
Herbert A. Skillings
Vivian Margery Skillings
Clarence Edward Stanford
Leo and Norman Steinie
Billy Oliver Stout
Bob Stout
Bob E. Stout
Owen Dale Strait
Warren Leo Strait
Richard Susong
Charles Swenson
Terry Tarrant
Jerry W. Teel
Pete D. Teel
William H. Teel
C. David Thompson
Conley C. Thompson
Edgar B. Venable
Merle S. Venable
Ted Voiles
Travis John Voth
Weldon Wadley
Robert Lee Webb
Steve D. Welch
Donald J. White
Ira J. White
Leslie M. White
Lisie C. White
Lester Wiggains
Roy Wiggains
Kay Wilson
Manuel W. Windecker
Robert Dean Windecker
Larry Witt
Albert Ray Zabel
Clyde Zediker


Photos Not Available
Edward Ackers
Bertie Adcock
Albert Akers
Melvin D. Akers
Neil W. Akers
Roscoe Akers
Jimmie Albright
Medford Atherton
Melvin Atherton
Wayne Atherton
Lalah Bailey
Hilory Bishop
J.B. Bishop
L. D. Bishop
Virgil Blehm
Clarence Doyle Bostwick
William A. Bridge
William Edward Burdge
W.L. Clapham
D. C. Clemans
James Howard Clemans
Robert LeRoy Clemans
Manis Cline
Johnny Clutter
Owen W. Criss
Arel Curtis
Robert C. Daugherty
Eugene E. Davis
Frank Davis
O'Dwyer Davis
R.C. Davis
Richard Davis
T.J. Davis
W.C. Davis
Wendell L. Decker
Donald C. DeWolfe
Forrest M. Divine
Edgar Duncon William C. Dysinger
Lonzo Eaton
Robert D. Eaton
John L. Ebisch
Lloyd England
Nick B. Enns
Homer Ewert
Norbett Fast
William G. Finicum
Orris Darl Fulton
Marcos S. Garcia
Clyde "Hoot" Gibson
Harold Gill
James W. Gobin
Raymond Gobin
Myron W. "Buzzy" Goodman
James O. Grant
Eugene Gustin
Fred Hagaman
Robert L. Hamby
Alvin B. Hamm
Merline E. Harr
Warren Harris
Henry Harwood
Ralph Hershey
Ruby Hershey
Cecil O. Hoeme
Maurice J. Hollman
Emmit Harley Hughey
Robert Rex Johnston
Virgil Jones
William V. "Bud" Jones
Raymond L. Judd
Lawrence W. Judd
Arthur "PeeWee" Krieger
George Edward "Speck" Krieger
Ralph L. Lawler
Garland Lees
Max Libich
Eugene Lyles
Donal MacLeod
Clyde L. McCord
Ray Massa
Fred A. Martin
Guy Mercer
Richard Mercer
James A. Mendenhall
Marlin J. Metcalf
George Mitchell
Bennie Montoya
Eldon Morehouse
Cleo Mouser
Leo Mouser
Marion Mouser
Edwin F. Neill
William "Bud" Osborn
Charles William Packebush
Verdie Presley
Jerry B. Powell
Jean T. Purcell
Phillip Paul Purcell
Robert M. Rahm
Clarence T. Raines
Paul Raines
Jay Randolph
Lloyd N. Reccius
Eugene Leon Reiswig
George Loren Remling
Earl H. Remmel
Alice R. Robey
Clayton Rowley
Frank Ross
John D. Ross
David Charles Schnell
George R. Schnell
Junior Seawright
Dale Sears
Edward Elmer Sellers
Charles Hl. Serfoss
Robert C. Shaw
David Keith Shepherd
Milburn Simer
Edner E. Smith
Paul O. Smith
Perry R. Smith
Ralph W. Smith
L.J. "Buss" Snyner
Leonard W. Spady
Bill Stell
Edward Stell
Ruth Stell
Leonard E. Stults
George Swenson
John Swenson
John W. Swenson
Dale Thompson
John W. "Jack" Thruman
Melvin Dwain Towner
Emil H. Ukens
Roland Voth
Tom W. Waller
Menno Walls
Kurt Wiegel
Guy Wilson
Ira E. Wilson
Max R. Windross
Leo C. Winters
Emer Witzke
Orval R. Young

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