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This Newspaper is now named the Guthrie News Leader

October 12, 1893

They Beat As One
Several Hearts Tangled Up by Judge Lawrence Yesterday

Probate Judge LAWRENCE ground out another grist of marriages yesterday.
Joseph G. BURNETT, son of "Dad" BURNETT, and Miss Amanda KNIGHT of Guthrie were united in matrimonial bonds yesterday.
Elmer E. LUN and Miss Lona TOURNEAR, both of Mulhall, were made one.
Frank W. KECK and Maggie E. CROW of Oakville township were united in wedlock.

V.C. GARDNER was yesterday appointed a notary public for county O.

Ornville RAYMOND of Sedalla, MO is in the city looking for investments.

Miss Temple SEE of Vinita, I.T. is visiting relatives in the city.

Joe HART was a visitor from Perry yesterday.

A.E. MIZO of Atchison is a visitor to the metropolis.

H. FIELD of St. Louis and W.M. SQUERS of Dallas are in the city.

The Ladies Guild will meet at Mrs. BAENES at 2:30 o'clock Thursday afternoon.

Harry LAFORCE, a professional billiardist from Des Moines, Iowa, is in the city.

Hon. Talcot ORMABY of Beaver was a prominent visitor to the capital yesterday.

H.M. MCCRADLE of Edmond was a visitor yesterday to the "head" of the territory.

Mrs. Henry FREEDIANDER is ill. Mr. F. has been called from Perry in consequence.

Attorney COTTERAL was in Perry yesterday eating dust and doing legal business.

W.H. MCDONALD, a St. Louis commercial traveler, is here interviewing his customers.

J.Roy WILLIAMS came down from Perry yesterday and went to OK City last night.

E.J. BAILEY of Coon Rapids, Iowa and H. HANLEY, of Harrison, Neb. are in the metropolis viewing the sights.

"Old Joe" CONWAY, drummer for Gille hardware company of Kansas City is in town and getting some good orders from our hardware merchants.

D.J. MORRIS of Oakaloos is a new comer to Guthrie. He has formed a co-partnership in the law business with ex.Mayor DOOLEY.

Asphyxiated A sad accident in which John GREENWAY loses his life At 11 oclock today John GREENWAY, one of the State Capitol press boys, was in the gasoline house of the State Capitol. One of the other press boys saw him sitting on the lower steps of the stairway leading to the basement, dipping up gasoline. John had charge of the tank which feeds the gasoline engine and kept the key to the gasoline house. He had opened the top tank to fill the lower one. He left the faucet open too long and the gasoline overflowed. He went down to dip it up off the ground. He was seen no more until about 3:40 oclock, when Frank FREELAND, foreman of the news room, in hunting for a quart oil cup, went to the gas house and found John. He was brought out of the basement dead. He had been asphyxiated. The door was just ajar and evidently the wind had blown the door shut leaving slow escape for the gas fumes.
John was going to Perry today to put up a press, and his absence from the office was thought he had gone to get ready to take the 3:20 train. No one had thought of there being any danger in the gas house, as the boys who at various times had charge of it, and went in and out daily. The large overflow and the door blowing shut is what did it. The gas house is on the alley, 25 feet from the building, and it is built over a hole 6 feet deep, and 8 feet square. The tank is on a level with the engine it feeds, and is in the hole; and a stairway leads to it from the 10x12 sheet-iron house covering it.
John was 20 years old, and as good a boy as the State Capitol ever had in its employ. He worked for us two years ago, and until a week ago, he was night engineer at the ice-plant, which ceased night runs, and he returned to the State Capitol. He was a natural machinist. He was honest, energetic, and good natured. And his sudden death is deeply deplored by every body in the office. His folks live 8 miles in the country, and will be notified at once.
(The paper and date are unknown. John Albert GREENWAY, son of George Washington GREENWAY and Sarah GRIFFEN SMITH, was born 15 Jan 1875 and died 12 Oct 1893.John and his parents are buried at the Lear Cemetery in Logan County, OK)
Submitted by: Betty Jo Scott

March 1, 1901

Killed Father and Mother
Atrocious Tragedy Near Orlando
Adelbert Johnson, Insane Over A Love Affair, Shoots Parents

Adelbert Johnson, aged 24, shot and killed both his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Johnson, last night about 3 o'clock, at his home, nine miles east and one mile south of Orlando.
Sheriff Carpenter was summoned early this morning and returned on the noon train with the double murderer.
A 38 calbre(sic) Winchester rifle was ysed(sic)by young Johnson in committing his ghastly work. Johnson was strapped down so he could not get away and was turned over to the sheriff at once, who staid(sic)but ten minutes owing to the crowd that was rapidly gathering and for fear of mob violence.
Johnson says he told his parent he would kill them. It appears that a love affair is a feature of the case. Johnson was to be married soon it is said, and the parents objected and the match broken up. Insanity is another claim made by Johnson's friends. Johnson is about 24 years of age and has been a school teacher.
The Johnson family was well known and respected. The preliminary hearing of Johnson will be held tomorrow afternoon.

March 2, 1901

"Guess That's About Right"
Answers Adelbert Johnson When Charge of Double Murder is Read

The preliminary hearing of Adelbert Johnson, who killed his father and mother, was had(sic) this afternoon before Probate Judge Goodrich and resulted in his being bound over to the grand jury.
The court room was crowded with friends and neighbors of the Johnson family. Only one witness out of ten that were summoned was required to testify. W. R. Bachman, who stated but little else than describe the manner of the rifle wounds on the persons of the murderer's victims.
When County Attorney Jones read the charge to the prisoner, charging him with murdering both of his parents, he sat with absent minded stare, seemingly unconscious of what was going on. When asked to plead guilty or not guilty, he studied about three minutes then said. "Well, I guess that's about right." He had no attorney to look after his case, and after the testimony was taken, the judge asked him if he desired to make a statement, as he had a privilege to do. This seemed to muddle his mind. He apparently did not understand and was told the same thing again, but made no response. Judge Goodrich then issued a commitment order and the prisoner was remanded to jail.
Johnson's condition if he is not insane, is a splendid feint at insanity. The impression that he is, is strong with the friends and neighbors, who stood by and discussed his appearance at trial.

February 28, 1913

Yesterday, at Lawn View Church, six miles north of Orlando, the remains of Hiram TUBBS, a Cherokee Strip pioneer, were laid to rest. Notwithstanding the bitter coldness of the day, the large church was crowded by sympathetic neighbors and loving friends, and the profusion of floral tributes bore mute testimony to the esteem in which the decreased was held.
Rev. C,G. MURPHY, of Oklahoma City, Superintendent of Congregational Church Work for Oklahoma, and a long-time friend of the deceased, delivered and impressive and eloquent oration, chosing for his text the beautiful words of the Psalmist: " A whitened head shall wear a crown of glory if found in the ways of righteousness." He paid feeling and fervid tribute to the quite, unassuming life of his departed friend, and told of a long life spent in the service of his Maker, and in the upbuilding of Christian sentiment in every sphere of activity where the deceased had lived, labored and loved. The peroration, in which the lasting effects of such a life on the community were told, was a gem of feeling, and the large audience, while mourning the departure of a neighbor and friend, found comfort in the earnest message which told of the rewards promised to those whose feet were found in the paths of righteousness. The kindness and sympathy of the neighbors softened the blow to the aged and beloved companion of the deceased.
Beautiful floral tributes were sent from Medford, Oklahoma City, Orlando and Guthrie, and many friends from abroad were present.
Submitted by jimmy

February 7, 1918

G.W. Webster Pioneer Business Man Dead

G.W. WEBSTER, well known local citizen and business man, passed away Wednesday afternoon at his home at 505 South Division.
Mr. Webster had been egged in the baker business in this city for 25 years. and was highly esteemed by all who knew him. He was a devoted father and husband.
The deceased leaves a wife and one daughter. Miss Cora Webster of this city.
The funeral will start from the Patterson undertaking parlors and services will be held at the Baptist church at 2: p.m. Friday afternoon. Interment will take place at Summit View cemetery. The deceased was 55 years of age.

December 16, 1920

Isaac BURTON, born Portland, New York on July 25, 1833. Mr. BURTON married Nancy ?DAUGHTER of El?hu Root in 1853. He died Dec. 11, 1920, age 97 yrs. 4 mos. 15 days. There were three children, Ada J., Ida M., and Harry E.
Mr. BURTON is survived by one daughter, Ida M. and his son, Harry M. BURTON., a granddaughter, L.M. BELT and three great grandchildren, Mildred, Helen, Robert BELT. December 16, 1920 Isaac BURTON, born Portland, New York on July 25, 1833. Mr. BURTON married Nancy ?DAUGHTER of El?hu Root in 1853. He died Dec. 11, 1920, age 97 yrs. 4 mos. 15 days. There were three children, Ada J., Ida M., and Harry E. Mr. BURTON is survived by one daughter, Ida M. and his son, Harry M. BURTON., a granddaughter, L.M. BELT and three great grandchildren, Mildred, Helen, Robert BELT.

Services for MARY A. HIGGINS Widow of Thomas HIGGINS, were held Thursday afternoon at Matchett Chapel. John A. CALLAN, pastor of the First Methodist officiated. Burial at Summit.

Mrs. Christ BARRICA, Dead:
Mrs. BARRICA who resided on a farm one mile south of the city, died this morning at 7:00 a.m after a long illness.

Mrs. Jane CONCANNON, born Dec. 19, 1842, died Dec. 14, 1920. She married W.H. Concannon on April 21, 1864 in Westville, Indiana. One son, O.G. CONCANNON and one daughter, Mrs. Jennie E. STILIES survive. Mrs. CONCANNON with her family moved to Ulyases, Neb. in 1883 and in 1894 moved to Guthrie. Her husband died in 1901 and in 1919 she moved to Tulsa with her two children.

Dec. 15, 1923, Saturday

News of the death of Mrs. Cora Fernandez, Former Guthrie woman was received by friends in the city today. The remains will be brought to the city Sunday and buried in Summit View cemetery. The body will be taken directly to the cemetery by her daughter, Miss Grace Fernandez, a former Guthrie school teacher.
Submitted by Lawrence E. Powell Jr.

January 30, 1924

Guthrie Pioneer to Have Masonic Funeral
Enoch Moulton Banister died at his home 01/28/1924.
Mr.BAMFORD was born August 22, 1845 in St. Stevens Parish,Oak Bay,New Brunswick Canada,the son of Enoch BAMFORD and Jane MUNDIE. He served as Grand Master in 1897 and Deputy Grang Master in 1897.
Survivors include his sons Enoch Perry BAMFORD,Thomas Leonidas Bamford, and daughter Annie Ruth SNYDER.
He was preceded in death by wife and one daughter.
Submitted by Leona Guthrie

June 18, 1924

Date Unknown
Married June 18 1924
Mr Harry LOY MArried To Miss Esther GRISWOLD
Miss Esther GRISWOLD daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.S. GRISWOLD and Mr. Harry LOY, son of Mr. R.L. LOY were married at the home of the bride in the presence of a few friends and relatives last week.
The Rev. J.W. KILBORN preformed the marriage ceremony.
Immediately following Mr. and Mrs. LOY left for a trip to Galveston, Texas.

Miss Esther GRISWOLD daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.S. GRISWOLD and Mr. Harry LOY son of Mr. R.L. LOY were married last evening in the presence of a few friends and relatives.
The bride was attired in a honey-dew colored georgette and was attended by her sister Miss Betty GRISWOLD. The groom was attired in the conventional black and attended by Mr. Ernest MORITZ. The reverend J.W. Kilborn performed the marriage ceremony before an altar flanked with baskets of gladiola .
Following the ceremony the bride cut and served her own wedding cake with the ice course. Immediately following, Mr. and Mrs. LOY left for a trip to Galveston,Texas.
The guests included Mr. and Mrs. James LONG Mrs Marie JOHNSON of West Frankfort, Illinois, Mrs Stella E. PARHAM, Mrs.Levi GRISWOLD of Cushing, Miss Frances SCOVIL and Miss Nell J. DILLBERG of Oklahoma City, Mrs.W.S. GRISWOLD ,Miss Betty GRISWOLD and Mr. Ernest MORITZ.

Shower For Recent Bride
Misses Frances and Mary SCOVIL entertained with a miscellaneous shower Saturday evening in honor of Mrs. Harry LOY a recent bride.
Mrs LOY received many beautiful gifts. The evening was spent in playing Five Hundred when high score was made by Mrs. MITCHELL and low by Miss HARRIS.
Latter in the evening an ice course was served to the following guests, Mrs. Wayne HADLEY of Dallas ,Texas, Miss Grace DeMOTTE of Norman, Mrs. Kenneth MITCHELL of Oklahoma City, Mrs.Swain AUSTIN, Mrs. Paul FIELDING, Mrs. Arthur, Mrs. James LONG the Misses Lillie and Opal JOHNSON, May McGOLDRICK, Betty GRISWOLD and Virgil HARRIS.

Shower For Recent Bride A group of friends gathered at the home of Mrs.W.S.GRISWOLD last evening and gave a miscellaneous shower for Mrs Harry LOY a recent bride.
Many lovely gifts were presented Mrs.LOY. The evening was spent informally.
An ice course was served to Mesdames W.J. BURNS, James LONG, H.B. MOORE, H.J. BRYAN, Chester MICHAELS, C.L. PARHAM, M. GLOVER, EDMUNDSON, J.NELSON, BLANCH, WALTON, C.F. COTTERAL, Frank LOY, and the Misses Betty GRISWOLD and Vivan PARHAM
Submitted by: Newlyweds Treated To A Joy Ride Friends of Mr. and Mrs. Harry LOY newlyweds gave them an impromptu party last night which culminated in a grand parade over the main thoroughfares of the city. Twenty car loads of young folks headed and followed the mule-propelled cart upon whose rickety seat were projected the disconsolate couple. The charivari party was gay and the bells attached to the mule cart gave forth load, if not melodious jazz. It was a ride the newlyweds will always remember.

August 4, 1925

Pioneer Woman Dies at Her Home Here, Mrs. WEBSTER Came To Guthrie in 1892
Mrs.Amelia L. Webster. pioneer business woman of Guthrie, died at her home, 119 W. Noble Ave. at 2. p.m. Monday after a week's illness. Mrs. Webster was born at Booneville MO, Jun 4, 1866 and moved to Guthrie in March 1892 In 1897 she was married to Gilbert Webster, who was engaged in the bakery business here. At the death of her husband in 1918, Mrs. Webster took over the bakery and ran it until two years ago at which time she rented her baking at 103 n. second and retired. Mrs. Webster was stricken with paralysis last Thursday and never regained consciousness before death. Her daughter, Mrs. Frank MARTIN, her brother, J.G. LIEBHART, and two of her sisters, Mrs. J.W. HACK and Mrs. H.E. MILLER were at the bedside at the time of her death.
Funeral services will be held at the Davis Funeral Home at 2 p.m. Wednesday. Rev. R. Coleman will have charge of the services. Burial will be in Summit View Cemetery.

July 8, 1929

Guthrie Woman Succumbs At Home Of Her Daughter Here - Service At Davis Funeral Home

Funeral services for Mrs. Martha Ellen Van Wy who died here Sunday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Bertie SIMPSON, were held at 3 p.m. Monday at the Davis funeral home.
Mrs. Van Wy is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Simpson, Mrs. Ray KRAFT, Miss Alta VAN WY, and one sister, Mrs. CHRISMAN, of Brookfield, MO.
Rev. Charles T. ALEXANDER of the First Baptist church is to conduct the services.
This family researched by Robin Nelson

Stillwater Boy Drowns
Inmate At State Institution At Enid Goes Down While Companions Vainly Cry For Help
Unable to swim, Russell COPPAGE, 18, inmate at the Oklahoma Institution for feeble minded was drowned yesterday at a lake near the institution where he had stop with two companions without the permission of officials.
Coppage stepped into the water and went down. neither of his companions, Lawrence MEECH, 16, and William DRAKE, 17, could swim and their cries for help were unheard.
The body was recovered about an hour after Meech and Drake had reported the drowning to authorities at the school.
Officials at the institution said the drowning was the first tragedy of its kind at the school. Students who cannot swim are not permitted to go near the water they pointed out.
Coppage was the son of Mr. and Mrs. W.C. COPPAGE of Stillwater. He had been at the school since December 1918.

April 18, 1930

Services were held here Friday at 2:30 p.m. at the Davis Funeral Home conducted  by Rev. Walter McCrory. Mr. STRATTON was taken to Oxford, Iowa for interment in the Oxford Cemetery Saturday.
Mr. STRATTON is survived by his wife, five sons, two daughters, and 41 grandchildren.
This Family Researched by Leslie

June 29, 1915

FERNANDES Dies After Brief Illness
Publisher Of Oklahoma Law Journal Succumbs To Stomach Complaint

D. (Daniel) H. Fernandes died at 8 o'clock, Monday night at home, 502 East Cleveland, after a brief illness.
The deceased complained of stomach trouble, but continued his work. Last night, after retiring he called to his wife. A few minutes later he was dead.
Mr. Fernandes was known to every jurist and lawyer in Oklahoma. He made frequent trips over the state in the interests of the "Oklahoma Law Journal," of which he was the publisher. His office was in the Soward building on West Harrison avenue. The "Law Journal" gave summaries of court decisions and was an authority among lawyers.
With his wife and daughter he had resided in Oklahoma for thirteen years. He came to Guthrie nine years ago.
His daughter, Miss Grace Fernandes, is a teacher in the high school of this city.
At the time of his death Mr. Fernandes was in the 60th years of his age. He had just completed the thirteenth year of the Oklahoma Law Journal. He was a member of the Knights of Pythias and Masonic orders.
The funeral services will be held at the residence Thursday morning at ten o'clock conducted by Rev. Geo. O. Nichols, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of which Mr. Fernandes was a member at the time of his death.
Mr. Fernandes was a quiet, modest, unassuming man. He was prominent in democratic politics before coming to this state. He had legions of friends and acquaintances.
Submitted by Lawrence E. Powell Jr

August 18, 1970

Former Guthrie Resident Dies Guthrie friends have received word of the death of a former resident, Miss Grace Fernandes, 88, who died in Stillwater nursing home on August 10.
Services were held Wednesday, August 12, in Strode Funeral Home Chapel with Rev. James Struthers of the First Presbyterian Church officiating, Burial was at 4 p.m. in Summit View cemetery.
Miss Fernandes lived in Guthrie 60 years ago and taught at Banner School when Miss Marguerite Byrne was the principal.
Submitted by Lawrence E. Powell Jr.

June 18, 1984

Services for Mildred Rachel SIMPSON, 76 of Guthrie, will be held at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, June 19 at the First Christian Church in Guthrie. The Rev. Dennis Clark will officiate. Burial following will be in Summit View Cemetery under the direction of Smith Funeral Home, Guthrie.
She was born Nov. 6, 1907 in Marshall, OK, and died Saturday, June 16 in the Baptist Medical Center, Okla. City.
She was a member of the First Christian Church of Guthrie, the Order of the Eastern Star, DAR, Rose Garden Club and the Farm Women's Club.
Survivors include one son, Earnest; one Daughter, Ramona Lea HADLOCK; two brothers, Euclid WARD, and Charles WARD; two sisters, Bernice PURVIANCE and Juanita PHILLIPS; eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.
She was preceded in death by her parents, husband and one son.

Funeral services are pending for William Nichols Arney, Sr. 61 of Crescent, who died Sunday, June 17 at the Logan County Health Center. The services are under the direction of the McCurry-Berry Funeral Home of Brunswick, MO. Local arrangements are under the direction of Abernathy Funeral Home of Crescent.
He was born Jan. 8, 1923, in Higbee, MO., the son of Arthur and Flossie Arney. He was a Crescent policeman and had lived in Crescent the past two and one half years, coming here from Leeton, Miss. He was a veteran of WWII, serving in the US Army.
He married Flossie Marie GRAVITT on Sept. 2, 1948, in Huntsville, MO. She survives .
Survivors also include tow sons, William N Arney, Jr.; Ron Arney; two daughters, Nona Elaine MOSER and Nancy Jo CORNISH; eight grandchildren.
He was preceded in death by his parents and one sister.

Services will be held Wednesday in Watsonville, Cal. for Allen Dewart, who died there June 17. Guthrie survivors include a brother, Bob Dewart and a sister, Hazel KELSO.

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