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Funeral Home Records

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Born: 19 Oct. 1889
Died: October 7, 1929 at her residence in Atoka County, OK.
Funeral services: October 8, 1929
Interment: Bethany Cemetery.
Funeral record is signed by Dr. GARDNER.
Submitted by: Ruth Atteberry Adams [email protected]m OKGenWeb Atoka Co.

Durant, Bryan County Funeral Home Records
Holmes Funeral Home, Durant, OK.

Sept. - Oct 1916  List

August 26, 1916 - Mrs. B. A. THOMAS wife of B. A. Thomas, Roberta, OK - cause of death typhoid - Interment Albany, OK. --

August 27, 1916 - J. A. WALLACE, widower - Maud, OK. -- August 29, 1916 Mrs. Mamie CLANCY (spelling may be incorrect) died Ubia, wife of Huber Clancy---

Sept, 3, 1916
J. W. WILEY ---

Sept 3, 1916 -
John REASOR interred Highland Cemetery, Durant --

Sept. 10, 1916 -
Bertha LEE, Daughter Frank Lee age 16 - interred Cox Chapel Cemetery --

Sept. 18, 1916 -
James OVERSTREET - 68 years old -School Teacher interred Cox Cemetery --

Sept. 24 1916 -
Lorine WILLIAMS dau of John Williams died 3 yrs of age of whooping cough.Robertson, OK ---

Sept. 25, 1916 -
David Russell WIDNER son of J. R. Widner - 2 months, 3 days, Typhoid fever/pneumonia - interred Highland Cemetery, Durant---

Sept. 29, 1916,
Mrs. W. T. BLANTON wife of W. T. Blanton, cause of death: T.B. interred Highland Cemetery, Durant,

Oct 3, 1916 -
M. T. FRYER, 79 years old, Grocery Merchant - interred Highland Cemetery --

Oct 9, 1916 -
Nora TEMPLETON - wife of E. L. Templeton, 24 years old, cause of death: black jaundice - interred Cox Cemetery.

Submitters Note: The Genealogy Dept. at the Calera Historical Society has records from 1916 to present day for Bryan County deaths. Some of the records are more complete than others. If you have any special ones you would like looked up, the next time I go to Calera I'll check the funeral home lists.
Contributed by Jacque Reynolds [email protected]

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