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February 19, 1957
Certificate #12427
Minnie May ADKINS
Place of Death: At Home Usual Residence: Wetumka, Hughes Co. For 50 years
Date of Death: Feb 19, 1957
Sex: Female Race: White 7. Marital Status: Divorced
Date of Birth: Feb 19, 1882 , Missouri Age at last birthday: 75
Occupation: Housewife
Father's Name: Jack GEORGE
Mother's Maiden Name: Mary HOPKINS
Informant: Lowell ADKINS, Purcell, OK
Cause of Death: Cancer of Uterus
Burial: Feb 20, 1957, City Cemetery, Wetumka, OK
Funeral Director: Spiller Funeral Home, Wetumka
Submitted by:Melinda Pennington [email protected]

Name: Judson B. ALLSUP, Single
Born: 12 Aug 1884
Died 21 Sep 1924 Greer Co. OK
Occupation: Cement Finisher
Place of birth: (Llano Co,) Texas
Father: Henry P.ALLSUP, born in Tenn.
Mother: Sarilda J. HINES, born in Missouri.
Cause of death: Mitral incompetency caused by Heat exhaustion.
Place of burial or removal: Willow, Okla.
Submitted by Phyllis Hill [email protected]

Name: Charlie ATTEBERRY
Born: 8 Nov. 1885, Johnston Co., TX
Died: 19 May 1931 Caddo Co. OK.
Burial: 20 May 1931 in Bethlam Cemetery, Caddo, OK.
Submitters Note: Charlie was the son of William and Sarah C. GOFORTH ATTEBERRY, and husband of Dovie ATTEBERRY. No children born to this union.
Submitted by: Ruth Adams OKGenWeb Atoka Co.

Certificate #00695
Name: Monroe Clarence Baggett
Died: Jan. 23, 1973, Hobart, Kiowa Co. male, white, age 90 yrs, 9 mos. 12 days
Born: April 11, 1882 in Texas
Residence: Kiowa Co., Roosevelt (near), RFD #3
Occupation: farmer
Father: William Allen Baggett
Mother: Mary GIBSON
Informant: Roy Baggett of Oklahoma City, OK.
Gish Funeral Home, Hobart
Buried Hobart Rose Cemetery, Hobart, OK
Submitted by: Diane Bender [email protected]

Certificate #104226
Male, White, Married
County: Stephens Co., outside city limits of Duncan, 3 mi South, 1 West, 1/4 North; had lived there all his life.
Date of birth: 12 Nov 1906 Birth Place: Stephens Co., OK
Occupation: Painter
Name of Father: Jack BAGGETT Birth Place of Father: NC
Name of Mother: Mary HOAGUE Birth Place of Mother: AR
The above is true to the best of my knowledge, Informant: Cecilia Baggett DUNCAN
Date of Death: 15 Sep 1953, age 47
Attending doctor: Dr. R. E. Wolff, Pace Building, Duncan
Cause of death: Liver cancer.
Place of Burial or removal: Duncan Cemetery, Duncan, OK
Guy W. Rangeley, funeral director.
Date of Burial: 16 Sep 1953
Submitted by: Diane Bender [email protected]

Louvinia Caroline SIMS DAVIS
Place of Death: Wynnewood, RR 3, Murray Co, Okla (according to death certificate)
Birth date: 26 Aug 1856 - South Carolina
Death date: 4 Jan 1943....She was 86 yrs, 4 mo, 8 days old Burial in Davis, Okla
Death certificate signed by Dr. M E Robinson Jr, Wynnewood, Okla Her husband was J W Sims of DAVIS, Okla
Submitted by Angie Smith [email protected]

Certificate #20258
Died: May 10, 1943
Age 77 years 2 months 26 days
Place of Death: Lincoln county, Prague, Oklahoma.
Lived in Community for 40 years
Male, white, married
Married to Frances Dostal at 73 years.
Born: Feb. 14, 1866 Place of Birth: Iowa
Occupation: Farmer
Father: Joseph Dostal Fathers Birthplace: Czechoslovakia
Residence of deceased: State: Okla. County: Lincoln
Immediate cause of death: Hifcetuilise, paralisis of right side 1 month.
Place burial: Bohemian Cemetery
Funeral Home: Parks Brothers Funeral Home, Prague, Oklahoma
Information reported by: Otto Dostal of Prague, Oklahoma Date Received by registrar: May 11, 1943
Submitted by: Terri Freeman [email protected]

Age: 73, Widow
Born:  January 20, 1866 AR
Died: May 2, 1939, Tushka, Atoka, OK
Burial Date:May 5, 1939
Burial Place: Graham, Carter Co.
Father: Ben Boles
Mother: Elizabeth Trimble
Undertaker: Gus Pool Funeral Home, Durant, OK
Informat: D. A. Fairchild, Fox, OK
Submitted by Jacque Reynolds [email protected]

Age: 64
Born: April 22, 1864, Texas
Death Date: July 2, 1928
Death Place: El Reno
Burial: Admore, Carter Co. OK
Undertaker: Thos. Benson, El Reno
Informant: Alex Fairchild
Note: Seth BOWLES is a younger brother to my greatgrandfather, Thomas D.BOWLES.
Susan BOWLES FAIRCHILD is an older sister to my greatgrandfather Thomas D. BOWLES.
I believe that John A. and Francis FAIRCHILD are probably brother   and sister. (that's not a proven)
Submitted by Jacque Reynolds [email protected]

State file #08911
Fred Alford Gilchrist
Date of Death 5-14-1973
Death Place: Elk City, Beckham county, Oklahoma
Burial: Fairvirlawn Cemetery, Elk City, Beckham county, Oklahoma
Submitted by Fred [email protected]

File #76
Lois D. Jones Gilchrist
Date of Death: 2-23-1995
Burial: Fairlawn cemetery, Elk City, Beckham county, Oklahoma
Submitted by Fred [email protected]

Certificate #026380
Alfred Jones Gilchrist
Date of Death: 10-21-1999
Burial: Fairlawn cemetery, Elk City, Beckham county, Oklahoma
Submitted by Fred [email protected]

Certificate #11638
Eunice Cooper Gilchrist
Date of death: 7-5-1967
Burial: Carter cemetery, Carter,Beckham county, Oklahoma
Submitted by Fred [email protected]

Certificate of Death State File No. 014519
Place of Death: Love County, Oklahoma
City or Township: Oswalt
Name: James Edward Hembree
Age: 78
Sex: Male
Color: White
Date of Birth: June 16, 1977 in Mississippi
Father name: Andrew C. Hembree
Mother Name: Emiline unknown
Occupation: Farmer
Kind of Business: Own Farm
Informant: Mrs. Vida Hembree Jackson of Oswalt
Disease or Condition: Hemopligia
Antecedent Cause: HypertensTion
Signature Dr. Looney
Bruial Date 9-10-1955
Funeral Director: Goodrich Funeral Home of Marietta

Certificate of Death OKLAHOMA State File No. 017498
Place of Death: Love County, Oklahoma
City: Marietta
Years in State: 66
Name: Willie Cassandra White Hembree
Date of Death: Nov. 3, 1956
Sex: Female
Color: White
Date of Birth: July 11, 1884
Age at last Birthday: 72
Occupation: Housewife
Business: Own Home
Birthplace: Denton County, Texas U.S.A.
Fathers Name: William B. White
Mother Name: Cassandra A. Todd
Informant: Mrs. Vida Hembree Jackson of Marietta
Cause of Death: Chronic Congestive Heart Failure
Due to: Congestive Phenomonia
Signature: Dr. Don Wilson M.D. of Marietta, Oklahoma
Burial Date: 11-4-1956
Cemetery Name; Simon
Location: Marietta, Love, Oklahoma
Funeral Director: Goodrich Funeral Home in Marietta

Death Certificate File No. D 3401
Full Name: Kitty HOWARD
Age: about 72 years
Place of Death:Rush Springs City:Rush Springs County:Grady
Date of Death: 29 January 1917
Sex:Female Color:Indian Birth Place:Ok Marital Status: Widowed
Name of Father: Sam ALLEN
Occupation of deceased: Housekeeping
Place of Burial:Rush Springs,Ok Date of Burial: Jan 29 1917
Informant: John M. MILLER,Rush Springs Okla
Cause of Death: Lagrippe; Duration 10 days
Submitted by: Carin Van Vooren [email protected]

Full Name: Henry HUGO
Date of Death: January 6, 1926 Tulsa Co. OK
Sex: Male Color: White Age: 69 years, 9 months, 1 day
Born: April 5, 1866, Birthplace:Germany
Cause of Death: Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Place of death: Morning Side Hospital, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Attending Doctor: H.D. Murdock, M.D.
Place of Burial: Bixby Cemetery, Date of Burial 1-7-1926
Informant: Minnie Hugo, Jenks, Oklahoma
Submitted by: Phyllis Stager [email protected]

Estes David LAIRD
Residents: Pruett, OK
Wife: Sarah Pauline Sheppard
Birth: June 19, 1863
Burial: Pruett Cemetery, Bettes Funeral Home
Death: April 22, 1937  Ardmore, Carter Co. OK
Informant: Jeff Laird (son)
Submitted by: Wendy Garcia [email protected]
The Tennison Family Page http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Acres/5692/

Name: Lawrence Woodrow Lowe
Date of Death: March 14, 1987
Burial: March 18, 1987, White Rose Cemetery
Funeral Hm: Stumpff-Bartlesville, Washington Co. OK
White - Male - Laborer, Manufacturing Co.
Place of Death: Jane Phillips Medical Center, Bartlesville
Surviving Spouse: Geraldine DITTMAN
Father: John Lowe
Mother: Frances A. WADDELL
Submitted by
[email protected]

Louisa M. LOY
Female, White, Widowed
County: Pottawatomie City: Shawnee 322 N. Phil
Date of birth: December 27,1846
Age:78 yrs 4 mos 28 days
Death: May 25, 1924
Occupation: (blank)
Birth Place: Indiana
Name of Father: Thomas HILL Birth Place of Father: KY
Name of Mother: Louisa CLARK Birth Place of Mother: TN
The above is true to the best of my knowledge. Informant: H. F. LOY address: Sparks, Oklahoma
Filed: 6-9 1924, Mrs. J. E.Walker Date of Death: May 25, 1924
Place of Burial or removal: Meeker Cemetary Undertaker: Gaskill Und. Co. Date of Burial: May 27, 1924
Submitted by: L. Mulford [email protected]

John Fletcher MCDONALD
Born June 18, 1880 in Bryan Co., OK
Died Sep. 13, 1941 in Haworth, McCurtain Co., OK. of Tuberculosis.
Burial: Harris cemetery near Tom, OK
Wilson Funeral Home of Idabel, OK on 9-14-1941.
Spouse: Sophie KIRBY
Submitters Note: They had 3 children, Hubert, Lena, and Clarence Earl MCDONALD, and lived 3 mi. W. and 2 1/2mi. S. of Haworth. His parents were Frank MCDONALD of Mississippi and Nancy CARNES of Mississippi.
Submitted by Scott Elliott: [email protected]

Christopher Columbus NAPIER
Died: 17 Nov 1930, Banner Twp., Caddo Co. OK
Age: 75 years 6 months 12 days
Male, White Married
Birth: May 5, 1855
Name of Father: Isaac NAPIER Birthplace of Father...Arkansas
Maiden Name of Mother: Elizabeth CARTER Birthplace of Mother...Arkansas
Informant .Mrs. C. C. NAPIER (Amanda VAUGHAN-NAPIER
The cause of death..Labor Pneumonia* Duration..7 days.
Burial: Carnegie Cemetery November 18, 1930
Undertaker: C.A. PITCHER, Carnegie, Oklahoma
Submitters Note: My great grandfather picked cotten in freezing weather and contracted pneumonia.
Submitted by: Barbara Bishop Stovall [email protected]

Name: Martha UNDERWOOD
Widow Age: 84 years, 8 months, and 24 days.
Father's name: J.M. JOHNSON
Born: Jan.8, 1857
Died: Sept. 25, 1941 Pontotoc Co. OK
Burial: Hart Cemetery, Pontotoc Co. Oklahoma
Submitted by Sharon Crawford

Born: May 03,1889 in Madill,Oklahoma.
Died: October 31, 1981 Carter Co. OK
Entered into rest on October 31,1981 in Ardmore, Oklahoma.
Parents: Jack B. JOHNSON and Ester Beatrice BURTON.
Submitters Note: Sarah married Sam Jones Watkins on June 27,1916 in Ardmore, Oklahoma and had ten children all born in Ardmore. Haskell, Hershell(Odell), Herman(Cooney), Warren(Neal) Norman, John, Andrew, Hans(Buddy), Bessie(Peggy) and Alice.
Submitted by: Peggy Perkins Cross [email protected]

Mary Elizabeth White
Residence: 1022 ½ N. Dewy, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Occupation: Housewife
Date of Birth: November 15, 1879
Age:75 years 2months 26 days
Birthplace: Williamson County, Texas
Date of Death: February 11th 1955
Date of Funeral: February 15th, 1955 Tuesday at 2:00pm
Services at: Chapel, Baggerley Funeral Home, Edmond,Oklahoma
Resided in State: 59 years
Place of Death: Faith Hospital, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Name of Father: Tom ADKINS His birthplace: Unknown
Maiden Name of Mother: Molly Unknown Her Birthplace: Unknown
Burial: Gracelawn Cemetery
Submitted by: Leona Kollman García [email protected]

PontotocCounty:Death Record Saturday, July 18, 1936
Oklahoma Death Certificate
Age: 77 years, 3 months, and 14 days Born: April 4, 1859 Died: July 18, 1936
Buried: Hart Cemetery, Pontotoc Co. Oklahoma
Note: A.J. = Andrew Jackson
Submitted by Sharon Crawford

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