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Note from submitter

These letters are transcribed from original written 1896 by Charles H. OSBORNE, living in Halltown, MO to his parents, William Joseph and Betsey Eudemia OSBORNE who were living in TN.  I am posting it here because it mentions John and Mollie WHETSEL COBBLE, his first cousin.  I have just discovered John and Mollie moved to Eagle, Payne Co, OK in 1899.  I am hoping some of Mollie's g.grandchildren might see this and have information to share about Mollie's grandmother, Esther OSBORNE MURDUCK from Tennessee.  My email address is [email protected]


                                                                    Hall Town, Mo
                                                                    Apr. 26, 1896
Mr. W. J. Osborne,
                            Lancing, Tenn.
Dear father Mother and brothers and sisters
I find myself this good sabath morning trying to answer your kind letter of some time ago.  It is raining this morning.  We have been having so much wet weather for the last week that there can't be anything done.  Last night was a fine night; I went over to Lawrenceburg to the lodge it is about 8 miles from where John Cobble lives.  I met up with an old Tennesseean over there by the name of "Ginn"  he came here from Knox Co, Tenn.  He is a brother to that preacher I used to hear you and mother talk about.
Note: (read more info about Mr. Ginn submitted by Jackie Ginn [email protected] )
I enjoyed myself fine last night it was the 1st time since I came to Mo that I had the opportunity to visit my brethren.  I was examined found to be all O.K. took in and treated with the respect of a brother mason.  I was at a baptizing last Sunday and saw and baptized 2 men 1 woman.  Work seems to be scarce in this part just now.  I have not lost a whole day since I came that was fit to work.  I have made about $15.00 up to this time.  I have ten dollars stuck away in my old clothes.  If I can stick it through till harvest and threshing I will get $1 per day.  I had a letter from W. A. Osborne asking about this country and for advice.  I would not advise him to com untill fall any way and then he can do just as he sees fit in regards to the matter.  Well Frank I recon you and father are done planting corn.  People in this country are 1 month behind.
Well Father how does your wheat look?  Wheat out here is looking fair.  Well Mother I recon you are still wanting to get off from the Tenn Mountains.  if you were off you wouldn't want to stay off.  I wonder if Ellen would know "Tarles" now?
Mary I guess you are not flirting with the boys this spring are you?  I would like to see you all and have a long chat with you.  I think I have learned something by coming out here.  Well Father have you petitioned the lodge yet?  Recollect that note comes due the 13th of next month.  I would like for you to get it if you can.  Though if you get to needing that money too bad let me know.  Maybe I can scrape it up for you.  I was at a republican primary at Plano yesterday.  There are a good many Populatise out here; but I don't think they amount to much.
I saw in the St. Louis Globe Democrat that Henry R. Gidson was nominated for Congress and Will D. Wright for Elector.  Hurah for Morgan.  Louisiana gave 40 thousand Rep. Hurah! for McKinley.
Well I guess I had as well close for this time. write soon give me all the news.  I ask one request of you father and Mother and sister  and that is you pray for me.  I am still trying to live a christian and by the Grace of God I think I will triumph at last.
                        Yours as ever
                                    C. H. Osborne
Letter # 2   
                                                        Hall Town, Mo
                                                                        June 2, 1896
Dear father and Mother -----
                I will now try to ans. your letter of some time ago.  I was glad to hear that you were all well.  I am well at the present.  The wet weather still continues out here. 
Harvest will soon be here and the corn in the weeds.  There will be lots of wheat to cut next week.  I have worked 3 days on the road.  John Cobble and I cut sprouts yesterday.  Corn is looking well if it could only be cleaned.
Well Mother I ate green beans for dinner last Sunday at my girls house.  My girl is about 30 or 32 years old.  Well Father I guess you are done with the corn the 1st time.
I was at church last Sunday (May 24) at Hall Town.  The night before I was at Lawrenceburg to a masonic festival.  We had Strawberries and Ice Cream cake and Lemonade.  Well Father you might imagine that the people here are above the common people but they are not. 
There is a great field in this section for the preacher of the gospel.  This country is poorly supplied with preachers.  Tenn is a more religious country than this.  The people here are kind hearted and all that.
I don't want you to understand though that Jesus is without witness in this country.  He has some here as well as elsewhere.  I guess you have heard about Uncle Martin Whetsel being dead he died the 29th of Apr at his home in Ill.  He left 5 children and a wife.  None of his 1st children were permitted to see him die.
Amanda was staying at a hotel.  Albert was away from home and Charley was in Iowa and Mollie in Mo.  He died with the Pneumonia fever.  I understand he was a Mason.  If he was it will be some help to his wife and orphas children.  I was not expecting to hear from Bob McCartt's folks being dead.
When did you hear from Grandma?  I heard from her once since I came to Mo.  Well I will close for this time by asking you to still continue to pray for me.
John and Mollie says they send their bes wishes.
                                            Your son
                                                            C. H. Osborne
P.S.  We have been having hard storms in this country fro the past 2 weeks.  Mills barns and houses blown over all around us.
I guess you heard about St. Louis being tore all to peices by the storm there were 400 people killed and a train blown off the bridge into the river.  This is the wettes season I ever saw.  it rains every day here lately.  I didn't get to see the sun yesterday all day it was so foggy and today is no better.
                    C. H. Osborne

Note from viewer
I believe that "old Tennesseean" (in the letter above) would be John Randall Ginn, born in 1840 in Knox Co, TN. He had a brother, Rev. James B. Ginn who died 31 Mar 1896, just days before Mr. Osborne wrote this letter.

My husband's ancestor, Christopher C. Ginn, was a brother to John and James Ginn.

Jackie Ginn [email protected]

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