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Elsie HARKIN; Age 63 at time of death, d.December 10, 1915 Salem Church cemetary Atoka, Oklahoma;
Nancy Harkin Wife of Lonnie Harkin; d. May 7, 1924 Atoka, Ok.
Steven Harkin; d. March 3, 1918 Buried Harkin Family Cemetary Atoka Ok.
Alonzo Harkin b.1860 d. 1936, Buried Westview Cemetary Atoka, Ok.
Nancy Harkin; b.1849, d. 1924, Buried Westview Cemetary Atoka, Ok.
David F. Harkin d. 1879, Wife Isabell no dates
John S. Harkin Wife N.J. Harkin and son Lafayette.
All Buried in the Old Harkin Cemetary,(Backyard of 608 B St. Atoka Ok. )
Charlotte Z. Harkin Daughter of G.W. & S. Harkin,b. Feburary 26,1860 d. November15, 1862 Buried Old Boggy Cemetary Atoka Co. Ok.
Sophia C. Harkin; wife of G.W.Harkin b. Febuary 5,1843 d. March 15,1862 Buried Old Boggy Cemetary Atoka Co, Ok.
Willie G. Harkin; (Brother of G.W. Harkin b.August 26, 1843 d. January 6, 1866. Buried Old Boggy Cemetary Atoka Co. Ok.
Charlotte Harkin wife of , Giles Thompson b.October 18, 1818 d. January 16, 1866,
H.C. Harkin; b.December 1833 d. April 6, 1886 Buried Confederate Memorial Cemetary (aka, Harkin Family Cemetary) Atoka Ok.
Nancy Harkin b.November 16, 1837 d. December 1,1885 Buried Confederate Memorial Cemetary, Atoka, Ok.
Jo Ann Hobbs

Feb. 19, 1944

Sarah Elizabeth DODDS, age 89, died Friday Feb. 12, 1944 at her daughter's home at Bentley. Burial was at the Bentley Cemetery.
She was born Oct. 20, 1855 in Mississippi and married Samuel J. Dodds,Sr. in 1885 in Wise Co. TX. Samuel died in 1899 at Bromide and is buried at the Wells Valley Cemetery.
Submitted by Jerry Dodds

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